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SonthiaSanctuary Podcast

SonthiaSanctuary Podcast

By Sonthia Coleman
Welcome to a fashionista🥻 that loves all things Woo! You learn about my journey with 💎crystal mediations,🕯 listen to advice from my astro coach @yourastrocoach 🌟and dive into all the mystical🌌 tips on bathing rituals 📿to chakra cleanse! Bring your sage 🌿and your herbal ☕tea! Find your inner sanctuary with me Sonthia!
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Pure Heart ❤
Changing the face of family karma !
December 26, 2020
Crystal Chaos !
Chatting about all things were have I been??
December 16, 2020
Lost episode
December 15, 2020
Saving Fashion Sustainability w/ Sarah Ro$e 🌹 of @RunoffClothing
♡Young Pioneer of Fashion with the New Orleans Vibe! This Nola native skate boards, designs a sustainable clothing line @runoffclothing! and does nails 💅Listen 🎶 to us chat about all things fashion!♡
April 24, 2020
Fresh Kitchen Chat @Chrisonality
Quarantine approved recipes!AirFyerTips!!! Things you need on your grocery list♡How to make a dope ass Margarita 🍹! What is Grande Patron? TAKE a shot are two with us as we reunite on all things in you kitchen! It's her Sanctuary!
April 17, 2020
Salty Clean Beauty Chat w/Crystal Moon 🌙 @_Haysalty
Listen to our first guest @_HaySalty chat #allbeauty ! Rituals are shared! We both love to fish 🐟 #saltwaterartisians Crystal shares Tips for Creatives,Diversity in Local Beauty Brands & and how we met at Fashion Week 2019!
April 16, 2020
Mantra Maven!🧿
This Episode is all about my journey with my @MoonJuice🌛 my adaptogens outlook! Money Mantras,🌈Herbal Cigs @allelementsapothecary,🌬New Altar,Goddess Channeling and Why and How I became a 🎋Natural Self-Care Specialist💕 Connect with my on Instagram @sonthiasanctuary 🔮
February 7, 2020
Tarot Card Tales and why I love the @Moondeck🌈🌬💎🕯📿
My empathetic journey! Owning my truth with being a clairvoyance and having intuition like nobody would believe! Share Like and Follow us IG @sonthiasanctuary
January 20, 2020
Moon Juice & Me!
Changing my lifestyle with Yoga,Mantras, and Adaptens such as Moon Juice & Dust! Working with Root Chakra Crystal's! Follow my journey on Instagram @sonthiasanctuary New Blog coming soon!
January 20, 2020
Hi ! I'm Sonthia from Sonthias Sanctuary chatting about all things woo!
January 15, 2020
Sonthia the Goddess of Sonthia Sanctuary
This episode tapped is all about goddess energy building your altar for goodness And selecting crystals that are just for you. Focus on my journey with my root chakra & vision board! Get your jewelry fix @letitbeyoursjewelry @sonthiasanctuary
December 16, 2019