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Take A Deep Breath

Take A Deep Breath

By Sophie Garner
Creativity is within all of us. It's how we express ourselves, through singing, dancing, drawing and many other pursuits. The desire for self-expression is a human need. Creativity provides us with a pathway to self-understanding, happiness, improves our wellbeing and for many, supports building confidence. Keeping connected to ourselves and the child within all of us that should remain free and untamed. I explore the positive impact of creatively through discussion and conversation with people that I promise will inspire you to discover your own connection to your inner creative.
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Episode 1: Zee Battersby
In this very first episode, I talk to Zee Battersby,  a very dear friend and someone I have known since I was 10. Here we talk openly and honestly about dressing for yourself,  Life-changing surgery, the creation of Zee's own magazine and how reaching your 30's is a turning point. 
January 22, 2021
The UN Power of Now
2020 has been a very difficult year filled with total uncertainty. A small shift into creativity can transform our focus and sense of control, or complete lack of this past year. I am ending this unforgettable year with the start of my own podcast.
December 27, 2020