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Deeper with Sophie Josephina

Deeper with Sophie Josephina

By Sophie Josephina
In the Deeper Podcast, Sophie has raw and open conversations with mostly men to deeply bridge the conversation between masculine and feminine

If you want to learn more about Sophie's work, check out or
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35- men as sexual healers with Federico
In this podcast episode, sexual healer Federico opens up about his unique work that he has been doing for more than 2 decades now. In this conversation with Sophie, they will talk about various topics: intimacy, sex, pleasure and much more! 3:25 Who is Frederico, his background and what is it that he does 4:05 Reason why now he is ready to share more about his work 13:05 Types of clients he works with and who search for his work 24:30 How his work transform relationships of his clients and why it should be normalised in today's society 26:15 His story and how and when he started with his work 30:15 Women’s pleasure can nourish men  38:30 How to be a better listener in your relationship 44:00 Sex drive in women vs. men 49:20 His view on men expressing their love only through sex 57:30 His exploration with working with men Federico is a sexual healer who spent over 2 decades in service of women. He works with both individuals and couples, and currently focuses on introducing husbands to the Secret Realm of their Wife's Sexuality. If you want to work with Federico, you can send a request to For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
October 03, 2022
34 - relating with the human, the polarity and the sacred with Igor Vasilevitsky
In this episode, Sophie is joined by Igor Vasilevitsky who is a a spiritual maturity mentor, writer and speaker, and focuses a lot of his work on sacred intimacy and relationship. In this episode they will cover both of these topics but also talk about polarity, masculine energy, father & mother wound and much more. Listen in! 5:00 Who is Igor Vasilevitsky, what he does and his field of expertise 4:52 Biggest misconceptions about polarity in our society 10:06 What is gaslighting and how it looks like in real life 13:26 The stigma surrounding men and vulnerability 21:21 What is spiritual bypassing and how it is used in a relationship 25:15 Masculinity: A feminist's perspective 29:59 Letting go of the shame of who we really are 32:26 Father and mother wound in men how it translates into a relationship 40:15 Archetypes of sacred relationships 45:30 Quote: “The woman that loses herself in a relationship is not held firmly and safely enough by a man.” 50:52 More about his work and his offerings Igor is a psychotherapist, a spiritual maturity mentor, writer and speaker, and focuses a lot of his work on sacred intimacy and relationship.    You can find out more on: or contact Igor directly on   For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
September 21, 2022
33 - the lover vs mothering with Monica Yates
In this week episode, Sophie interviews a trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment coach, Monica Yates and they talk about the difference between being a lover vs a mother in a relationship. 3:00 Who is Monica Yates, what it is that she does and how she got to where she is today 5:06 The biggest pain the feminine has toward masculine 9:05 How women emasculate their men without even realizing it 17:15 Difference between entitlement vs letting men to lead 23:05 What it's really like to make more money than your partner 29:15 Signs and how to stop mothering in a relationship 43:00 Codependency and the difference between caretaking and caregiving Monica is a trauma healer, period whisperer and embodiment coach. She's a double Sagittarius and a rising Gemini, an enneagram 8 and a generator. Monica helps women get into their magnetic as fuck feminine energy, and men feel ecstasy and intimacy. Monica’s work is commonly described as ‘unlike anything else’ and ‘indescribable.’ Over the years, Monica has become an expert in helping women step out of their masculine amour, tap into their core feminine desires and live a life in alignment. Through the use of trauma healing, inner child healing, womb clearing, womb activation, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment, somatic work and a shit ton of other modalities, she has helped thousands of women heal their cycle, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past. You can learn more about Monica here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
July 21, 2022
32 - breaking free and the importance of purpose with Nic Warner
In this podcast, certified coach, and facilitator of men’s work, breath work, plant medicine and sacred intimacy, Nic Warner talks about the importance of finding your life purpose in order to unlock your best life and also other topics like healing your father’s wounds, toxic masculinity and more. 3:00 Who is Nic Warner and his story of how he got to where he is today 9:05 How to know if you are living your life or the one society wants you to live 11:45 What to do if you've lost your sense of purpose 15:05 How to heal from a 'father wound' 19:45 Heal your wounds and find your true self 23:45 His thoughts about the recent supreme court ruling event 28:00 The real problem with toxic masculinity is that it assumes there is only one way of being a man 34:05 Women’s expectation for a man to ejaculate 41:10 His journey with porn addiction recovery 47:10 Finding your purpose in life Nic is an architect of transformative experiences. A certified coach, and facilitator of men’s work, breath work, plant medicine and sacred intimacy. After discovering he didn’t fit society’s version of the dream life, he gave up his architect career and marriage to create his own. For three years he traveled the world, learning in jungles, darkness, ashrams and silence. Nic spent the past 6 years helping guide and hold space for those willing to step into their own darkness. To release, heal, integrate, and reconnect with their deepest truth. You can find his work here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
July 01, 2022
31 - the nuance of feminine testing with Michael Angelo
In this podcast, teacher of trauma-informed embodiment Coach, Michael Angelo and Sophie dive into a topic of feminine testing what it is and why it's so important, healthy vs toxic feminine testing and MUCH more.   5:00 Who is michael angelo and what it is that he does 7:12 What is feminine testing? 12:30 Toxic feminine testing and what happen when women cross the line 19:30 Masculine entitlement in a relationship 25:05 He shares his personal experience with toxic feminine testing 30:45 The impact of unresolved trauma on relationships 42:30 When your heart isn’t in it anymore 45:45 Giving your man a space vs feminine testing - where is the line? 55:55 Opening up emotionally in a relationship Michael Angelo is a teacher of trauma-informed embodiment Coach. His mission is to assist in ushering in a body-based, relationally grounded, heart centered spirituality that does not bypass our Humanity, nor forget our Divine Origins.  You can find his work here:  For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
April 27, 2022
30 - being with all her flavours with Allan McGrath Isbell
In this week's episode, we welcome Men's Embodiment Coach Allan Isbell. In this conversation, Sophie and Allan talks about feminine energy, how to keep love alive at different levels of consciousness, leadership and discernment in relationships and much more. 3:00 Who is Alan McGrath Isbell 4:55 His journey with feminine energy 8:13 Men and emotions: why guys struggle with expressing emotions 13:11 When a woman criticizes a man 21:30 Why women criticize men 22:30 The Importance of Boundaries in Romantic Relationships 25:05 3 Stages in a relationship 30:30 Is self-sacrifice ruining your relationship? 34:43 When a woman closes in relationship 39:05 Quote: The masculine is the most attractive when it needs nothing 44:15  Mediation is access to masculine 47:35 Dismantling the parent-child relationship 55:30 Leadership and discernment in relationships 58:05 What he likes about the feminine 1:30:00 Where to learn more about Alan’s work Allan is a Men's Embodiment Coach that specializes in Masculine Training and Polarity Mentorship. With 7 years in the trenches of men’s work and 13 years of meditation practice, he has committed himself to the art of living as a fearless and authentic man and walking the talk that he has shared with countless men and women. His work lies in helping his clients bring their depth, heart, and consciousness to their life and relationships in the most liberating and loving ways possible. You can find his work here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
March 30, 2022
29 - crypto, money, and polarity with Devin Fredericksen
In this episode, Devin Fredericksen returns to the podcast to talk about the relationship between money and polarity, and the significant shifts crypto is creating in the world. 02:26 - Who is Devin Fredrickson 04:44 - Sophie’s first crypto conversation with Devin 05:54 - Devin’s journey in crypto 08:53 - the connections between crypto and polarity 10:41 - the main contractions people have when it relates to crypto 14:57 - sitting in the volatility of crypto and the feminine 19:18 - The concept of “green” and “red” in the market 26:41 - How to deal with investing in the “wrong” project 35:35 - what is the moon with crypto 40:43 - what crypto is showing us about power 44:38 - the idea of fear, greed, invest 49:45 - where do you start with crypto? 56:54 - how crypto gives everyone the opportunity to gain wealth 59:30 - where to learn more about Devin’s work Devin Fredericksen helps people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth in a heart centered path. He supports the Regeneration of the Masculine, with the intention to reunite the global brotherhood. He specializes in sacred sexuality, conscious intimacy, permaculture, and is an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer. By weaving these elements together, Devin facilitates the process of living in harmonious relationship with ourselves. Devin embraces life with gratitude for every day because of the gift of this opportunity to live life NOW! You can find his work here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
January 24, 2022
28 - when polyvagal theory meets polarity with Will de Roode
In this first episode of 2022, Will de Roode, a Trauma Informed Coach comes onto the podcast to talk about the science of the nervous system and polyvagal theory as it relates to the way we interact and have relationships with others. 3:46 - Who is Will de Roode 6:18 - What is polyvagal theory? 11:14 How your nervous system gets encoded when you are young 14:02 What is happening when men shut down in relationship 17:17 What can women do to support their partner emotionally 22:40 Creating safety when shutting down emotionally 25:59 What to do when you’re shutting down 30:30 What to do when you’re drowning in your emotions 38:13 The importance of taking time and space from your partner after an “activation” 42:09 The phenomenon of fawning and people pleasing 51:08 How do you know if you are in a fawning state 56:45 When you want to do something, but you feel shut down emotionally 58:17 Everyone’s nervous system is unique and different 1:01:16 The importance of conscious rest 1:08:27 How focusing on regulating your nervous system can help your career/business 1:14:40 How to heal your nervous system 1:19:14 Where to learn more about Will de Roode Will is a Trauma Informed Coach who offers Nervous System Support & Coaching. He helps his clients heal at the nervous system level without digging into their past using an approach which involves Applied Polyvagal Theory, Neuroplasticity, HeartMath tools and daily HRV biometrics tracking. Will emphasizes proactive nervous system education, regulation practice, somatic-work & daily resonance frequency breathing to help his clients operate from safety, trust, intimacy, play & Self-Leadership. You can reach out to Will on Instagram: @Will.deroode For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
January 14, 2022
27 - polarity when the feminine makes more money than the masculine with Max Trombly
In this week's discussion, relationship coach Max Trombly comes on the podcast to discuss the simplicity and power of polarity. Sophie and Max talk about situations in which women make more money than men in relationship, and what the solution might be to keep excitement and polarity. 02:21 Who is Max Trombly? 05:11 What is polarity? 07:45 Why resentment comes up in a relationship 11:09 The dance and flavors of polarity 13:03 How to keep polarity when SHE makes more money than HIM 16:28 What is the role of the masculine if it isn’t financial 21:23 What is the feminine responsibility when she makes more money  24:56 What can we do to create polarity? 26:56 What he should do if she is paying for an expensive date 32:49 The embodiment work for the masculine 35:13 Energetic atunement  37:23 Find the guy who is not too much for you 39:23 What is the provider energy 42:24 Resistance is often just a test 45:38 The true gift of the masculine  47:44 How he can bring her back to her femininity  50:00 Where to learn more about Max Trombly’s work I help couples and individuals find and cultivate deeply conscious and sustainably passionate (as in Hot AF) relationships. I lead men toward lives of clear purpose, mission and capacity in pursuit of the life are meant to have. Max Tromby is a Men's Work facilitator and Conscious Relationship Coach based in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can learn more about Max Trombly at or on his instagram at @maxtrombly For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
November 27, 2021
26 - why even when you're right, you're wrong with Bryan Reeves
In this podcast, life & relationship coach, Bryan Reeves and Sophie Joesphina discuss the nuances between the many approaches that men have towards love. They explore what the internal work looks like for both men and women to reach a certain functionality in their relationships. 02:25 Who is Bryan Reeves 06:15 Bryan's journey in relationships 12:33 The self-serving approach of love 15:52 How you can be ‘wrong’ even when you’re ‘right’ 19:30 The path of emotional mastery for men 25:48 What is the male check-out system 30:55 How men contrasts in experiencing emotions with women 38:20 Your partner will never give enthusiastically what you selfishly demand from them 43:09 The fear of being uncared for 47:20 How to get a man to choose his partner everyday 55:51The realities of having a highly emotionally and spiritually conscious partner 1:03:46 How getting into relationship is a spiritual relationship  1:08:38 Where to find Bryan Reeves on Social Media A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan is now an internationally renowned Author and Life/Relationship Coach, and host of the podcast, “Men, This Way.” His viral blog has been read by over 30 million people in every country on the planet (except North Korea). His newest book, Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her), is now available on Amazon and other retailers, and also at You can find Bryan's social media here: Home - Facebook - Instagram - TikTok - For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
September 18, 2021
25 - emotional intelligence, heartbreak & brotherhood with Brandon Archer
In this podcast episode, Men's Coach, Brandon Archer and Sophie Josephina dive deep into the emotional journey that men have the opportunity to embark on in order to better themselves in their relationship with the feminine. They go over the importance of having guidance from other men, and how to navigate turbulent emotional landscapes. 02:30 Who is Brandon Archer 07:10 What is the main struggle men have when it comes to communicating with the feminine 13:18 Why men need to take care of themselves first 15:18 The journey of masculinity 16:45 The importance of a men’s group 20:57 Brandon’s journey with the feminine 27:07 How the masculine and feminine call each other to their highest selves 31:20 Women needs men to navigate their emotional landscape 33:42 How men deal with heartbreak 40:55 How can men be vulnerable in an honorable way 46:38 The importance of holding space for your partner 52:05 How much space does a woman give to a man to see his potential? 53:28 Many people want to heal before they have the tools to do so 57:07 How heartbreak inspires a rebirth 58:41 The importance of knowing yourself emotionally as a man 1:02:36 What Brandon loves about the feminine  1:03:52 Where to find Brandon online Brandon's life has been one of learning, observing, growing on his own path and helping support others' journeys. In his quest to discover his deeper self, he discovered his buried masculine and feminine traits while striving to have a healthy romantic relationship. Now, he is on his life's mission to help other men discover the glowing embers of their higher self, a balance of masculine and feminine, and fan them into the fire every man can feel scratching at them to ignite into the most passionate, fulfilling relationships they have always wanted. He works 1:1 and with groups of men to tap into their true desires and power. For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
August 06, 2021
24 - fake positive is negative AF with Mike Campbell
In this podcast, men's coach and author, Mike Campbell shares his perspective around masculinity and what it means to be a strong, emotionally aware, capable, and effective man; especially in the context of a relationship.  02:28 Who is Mike Campbell 07:58 How men fail by living the life they “should” 11:10 How men who can’t feel, start feeling? 13:03 How to build up your man? 15:48 What to do if your man is shutting down? 18:42 Why fake positivity is actually negative 20:38 How men are uncomfortable with the pain of others 24:22 Nice guys vs good men 30:58 Men, don’t wait for her to lead 33:06 What should men do if they find they’re partners emotionally “too much” 40:22 How men can set boundaries with the feminine 44:47 What Mike Campbell loves about the feminine 45:28 Where to learn more about Mike Campbell’s work Men’s Coach, author, and avid stonefruit eater, Mike Campbell works with everyday men in building legendary relationships; with themselves, their partners, and their world. Mike’s skills and passion align in making personal development easy to understand, simple to implement, and motivating to execute so everyday men can live better lives. He does this with a lovingly caring heart, and a firm strong hand - a flowing balance between supporting men with compassion and calling them forward to integrity and the edge of their potential. For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
July 19, 2021
23 - being fully met by the masculine with Nadia Munla
In this episode, womxn's Embodiment & Intimacy Coach, Nadia Munla introduces an embodied framework that helps both men and women expand their consciousness in relationship and to be fully nourished.  02:34 who is Nadia Munla 07:00 How to trust men again 11:05 The importance of embodying multiple archetypes 25:19 How taking up space as the feminine can nourish the masculine 30:02 Why you need to give your body time to expand 31:40 Going beyond checklists 35:17 What it feels to be fully met by the masculine 41:51 What good sex actually feels like 47:34 What is the embodied power framework 1:02:17 Where to find Nadia's work Nadia is an Embodiment & Intimacy Coach and the creator of Embody by Nadia™. Through private coaching and her Embody Certification, she helps visionaries reach embodied expression in their love & leadership. Embody has been featured at the the Health Coach Institute, Soul Camp (East & West), Goddess-on-the-Go, World Domination Summit, and many other events/retreats in Bali, Peru, Tulum and Hawaii. Embody has been taught at a UK Womxn’s Prison, at an Eating Disorder Clinic and will soon teach classes to teens and WOC fighting depression. Nadia’s core belief is that embracing our full range is the way we access our deepest potential and create space for an Embodied Union that heals the planet. You can find her at,, and on Instagram @nadiamunla. For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
July 02, 2021
22 - falling in love with the storm with Rainier Wylde
In this episode, poet, writer, and teacher Rainier Wylde describes the art of worshipping a woman and finding peace within the uncertainties of relationship. We also discuss how the masculine and feminine relate to their shadows, and further develop the states of our archetypes.   0:00 Intro 2:41 Who is Rainier Wylde 12:56 Finding paradise in the mundane 16:55 The art of worshipping women 23:58 When it comes to love and relationship, find peace in the storm 35:55 The undeveloped state of masculinity 43:36 How men and women relate to the shadow 48:59 Our addictions to words 52:11 What Rainier loves about the feminine 53:41 Where to find Rainier's work  An experienced teacher, writer, and speaker, Rainier has embraced life for all that it is. He has celebrated its highs and learned from its lows. He has managed a Fortune 500 company and built businesses, he has also elegantly blown them up, burned them down, and started over from scratch. He holds a masters degree in psychology and has spent countless hours working with men and women in navigating the human soul. Through the various positions he has held, he has discovered that life must be claimed to hold any worth. His work is to inspire others to live, fully and deeply , in the here and now.  For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
June 18, 2021
21 - using movement to access feminine and masculine archetypes with Nemanja Sonero
In this podcast, dear friend, Nemanja Sonero comes on the podcast to discuss how movement can play an essential role in the development of both masculine and feminine polarities in an individual. We also explore the topics of what it means to create freedom within a relationship, magnifying love, and how to reclaim our power to ignite the energies of our partners. Timestamps 2:45 Who is Nemanja Sonero? 5:50 How movement can help access masculine and feminine archetypes 6:44 Nemanja Sonero's story 9:24 How to integrate the feminine as a man 14:32 How to create freedom in a relationship 18:35 What does it mean to be powerful as a man? 23:40 Things men can do to reclaim their power 28:07 How to express the dark masculine? 33:35 How our personal development affects others 35:08 Using penetration to magnify love 40:30 What is it like to have a “witch” as a partner 43:50 How the feminine can be inviting and ignite the masculine 46:36 What Nemanja Sonero loves about the feminine 48:28 Nemanja Sonero's course Nemanja Sonero A Lover Of Life. A Mentor. A Lover Of Movement. A Soul Essence Photographer. A Community Leader. A King. A Partner To A Queen.   My purpose is to invoke the conscious awakening and rise of Men & Women in this world. To serve as a vessel of love and inspiration for humanity. I grew up in an environment where I did not have a healthy example of the healthy Masculine or what does it truly mean to be a Man in this world. So, one day I decided to change all that by setting out into the world and find mentors & teachers who can support my emergence and help me in reclaiming my own life. From that moment I devoted 20+ years latter with endless trainings in martial arts, movement, yoga, psychology, personal development, living in the jungle in an Indian tribe and studying plant medicine, shamanism, tantra and so much more.] I strongly believe we are here on this planet to live fully every day of our lives, share our open and radiant hearts so we can create a better world for our children and every next generation to come. For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
June 09, 2021
20 - level up in men's circles with Samir Janjua
In this week's podcast guest, Samir Janjua describes the positive impact men's circles can have in helping men get in touch with their masculinity as well as express vulnerability. Samir and Sophie discuss the biggest challenges in the lives of modern men, and how to dance the line of challenging yourself to become better vs beating yourself up. Timestamps 02:40 Who is Samir Janua 06:24 Why don’t men naturally express vulnerability 10:36 How is it to have “elders” in men’s circles? 14:39 How to honor your fathers and ancestors 15:40 What makes men feel safe to express themselves 19:58 How do we get men to participate in men’s circles 23:18 What are men’s biggest pains and challenges? 26:30 How can a man start asking for help? 28:10 Advice for young men 32:40 The importance of accepting your family members for who they are 38:20 Challenging yourself vs beating yourself up 42:30 What is the tendency of men to disappear when doing personal development circles 47:24 What Samir appreciates about the masculine 49:15 Where to find more of Samir’s work and groups Samir Janjua is a co-founder of The Men's Circle & a commercial & personal brand photographer located in Los Angeles, CA You can learn more about his Men's Circles at and instagram page at For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
March 17, 2021
19 - integrating masculine and feminine polarities with Damien Bohler
From listening to your feedback, we have brought Damien Bohler back onto the podcast for a second time to expand on the ideas of polarity and integrated consciousness. In this episode, Damien and Sophie explore the value that exists in living out and integrating both masculine and feminine polarities so that you can be a more functional in your personal life and relationships.  Timestamps: 02:27 How to cultivate your opposite polarity 10:12 When women behave more masculine than men 16:35 The place criticism and nit-picking comes from the feminine 21:02 What is integrated consciousness  23:36 How a woman can live more in her feminine 26:57 When a woman has to be in her masculine 29:51 How radical trust can honor the masculine 34:07 The way the feminine and masculine are wired 38:27 How can the feminine help the him step more into his masculine 45:38 Realizing the infinite penetration of your polarity 53:50 What happens when men lose themselves in a relationship 1:04:10 More information on Damien's new course Damien is a regular human, flaws and all. He is also the head facilitator and founder of the work of Evolutionary Relating. He has been facilitating and teaching groups in intersubjective and relational practices for 10 years. He has a diverse educational background, a curious mind and seems to be a natural teacher and facilitator. He enjoys creating safe and transformational group containers, and imparting complex knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp. He is motivated to offer this work out of a love for planet earth and a deep, compelling desire to contribute to human evolution. You can find his work at: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
March 09, 2021
18 - the art of loving the feminine with Zan Perrion
In this week's podcast, Sophie interviews author and romance artist, Zan Perrion on his views on the lover, the feminine and seduction.  Timestamps: 02:30 Who is Zan Perrion 8:30 What is Zan's relationship with women and beauty 11:49 How to become the man that women adore 14:50 The societal expectations on men 16:13 The 2 traits of men that are needed for seduction 21:15 A man who loves women is loved by women 24:15 The power of beauty and appreciation 25:02 Developing your archetype and authenticity 27:50 What is seduction? 30:19 What if your man does not seduce you anymore? 35:55 The approach and devotion for seduction 38:40 How other men see Zan 45:00 How to deal with rejection 52:00 What Zan loves about women 57:37 Where to find Zan's work Zan Perrion is recognized as one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today. Zan Perrion has been talking and writing about beauty for decades. In his travels around the world, he has encountered a sublime myriad of people… some searching, some indifferent, some committed to changing their life, some just curious to see what he was going on about, some ordinary, some famous or people from the media. And over the years, he has been called many things. They called him a player, a beauty seeker, a relationship guru, a hopeless romantic, a pickup artist, a dating coach, a seducer… the media even at one time called him “the world’s greatest seducer”. But, according to him, it is far more simple than all that. You can learn more about him at, and join his coaching groups at For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
March 01, 2021
17 - authentic relating and resolving childhood misattunement with Damien Bohler
In this episode, Sophie and Damien explore the paths we can take to relate better with our partners. They go deep on attachment theories, and describe how we can truly be present and support our partners when they are triggered back into their child-like state. Timestamps: 2:40 Who is Damien Bohler 7:35 Damien’s relationship with community 8:37 The dogma that exists in the relating and new age field 13:31 Why the ways in which we relate is way more fluid than any definition or distinction we give it 17:50 The dynamic tension between agency and communion 22:11 How can we support our partners when they are triggered into a child-like state 27:43 The avoidant needs to learn to be more vulnerable, the anxious needs to listen better 29:59 Why do we attract someone that saves us 33:27 Methods to resolve our misattunement as a child 38:23 Why is the stable-secure not as sexy? 47:52 Why the man who wants to save you is not a conscious man 51:08How can the masculine express an inviting desire instead of pushiness 59:40 The more elegant she is with her no, the more likely he will ask 1:04:14 The sexiness and subtitles of boundaries 1:14:08 Creating an object of the experience of emotions 1:16:00 Where to find Damien Bohler’s work Damien is a regular human, flaws and all. He is also the head facilitator and founder of the work of Evolutionary Relating. ​He has been facilitating and teaching groups in intersubjective and relational practices for 10 years. He has a diverse educational background, a curious mind and seems to be a natural teacher and facilitator. He enjoys creating safe and transformational group containers, and imparting complex knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp. He is motivated to offer this work out of a love for planet earth and a deep, compelling desire to contribute to human evolution. You can find his work at: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
December 30, 2020
16 - unleash your inner mystic with David Lion
What does it mean to be a mystic? In this episode, Sophie explores the magician archetype of the masculine with David Lion. In this raw new age conversation, David shares the ethos and how-to when it comes to alchemizing a sexual relationship, and describes the role magic plays in our daily lives. Timestamps: 2:36 Who is David Lion 5:39 On creating a mystery school of spiritual embodiment 7:47 What is channeling 13:42 Spiritual bypassing in the masculine 20:40 What if my raw self hurts others? 21:46 Follow the act of greater love 25:21 What is happening spiritually to men  and women in the modern world 27:29 The importance of selfishness in owning yourself 30:48 Living life through being during the pandemic 32:09 How do spirituality and sexuality come together? 35:36 How sex opens portals of spirituality and alchemy? 42:56 How can men give their heart to sex and access the divine? 45:03 How can the feminine call men into their power 47:06 The nuance of expression and communication within a relationship 53:09 How men connect more with their mystic archetype 59:16  How does one invite their spirit guides/angels in? 1:07:30 How to navigate a settling relationship 1:10:05 Where to find more of David's work? David Lion is a pure-hearted master of magick and channel for the divine. He serves to awaken and ignite seekers on their path of ascension so as to inspire liberation, fulfillment and self-realization.  While many know him as an incarnation of THOTH, he is quite simply the embodiment of Love.  Through his mastery of the mind, and practical understanding of Spirit, his specialty is to reconnect those who walk the path of Light to their inner-magic, so that they may remember their divine birthrights with joy and ease. What we most appreciate about his giftedness is his "no fluff" approach to self-mastery, as well as his emphasis on the necessity of bringing fun to spiritual practice. This opens up new realms of possibility and potential where density and rigidity once lay in its place.  All who experience him are sure to receive a treat that is both magical and expansive.  May your hearts and lives be blessed with joy and laughter through the experience of David Lion, embodiment and messenger of Living Magic. You can find David's work at: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
December 14, 2020
15 - the african sexual tradition with Habeeb Akande
In this episode, Sophie interviews a historian and writer of sexuality, specifically in relation to African and Muslim traditions. With his background and experience, Habeeb shares the Rwandan sexual tradition called Kunyaza, and how it can revolutionize the way we relate and connect intimately with one another. This podcast is a must listen, especially for those who are interested in learning of the different takes people have on sexuality. Timestamps 0:00 Intro 2:50 Who is Habeeb Akande 5:15 The Lion womanizer vs. the Hyena womanizer 9:15 Why are most men Hyena womanizers 16:40 Realizing consent by men 22:48 What is Kunyaza 32:54 How the sexual male ego creates disconnect 37:28 The sacred art of squirting 44:20 Deriving pleasure from your partner's pleasure 46:40 The erotology of Islam 55:46 Closing Habeeb Akande is a British born writer and historian of Nigerian descent. He is the author of six published books on race, sex & relationships, and Islam. His research interest includes; Afro-Brazil, female sexuality, and African erotology. You can find him at: or on Instagram @habeeb_akande For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
December 06, 2020
14 - the warrior archetype with Traver Boehm
In the first of the 4 archetype series of interviews, Sophie speaks to Traver Boehm of the UNcivilized men's movement to understand what it means to be a warrior, especially in the modern world. They speak of the role of responsibility within community, sourcing the strength from within, and the shadow every man must face to become a true warrior. If you are a man looking to step into a more active role of strength in your life, this podcast is for you.  Timestamps 02:48 Who is Traver Boehm? 05:16 Why the world needs more warriors 11:02 What makes a warrior, and its subtleties 14:21 Why the warrior must face his shadow 17:08 Why do we need the warrior during COVID-19 21:10 The role of responsibility within a community 24:01 Sourcing your strength within you 29:18 The journey of your own danger 33:05 How does the warrior show up to the feminine 41:58 His authenticity makes her feel safe 44:25How do you embody the warrior archetype? 51:06 Conclusion 52:44 Where to find Travar's work Traver Boehm is the author of Today I Rise, and Man UNcivilized. He’s a two time TEDx speaker, men’s coach and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. This movement is radically redefining the way men around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both primal elements of manhood with massive doses of consciousness.    Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguarding and Mixed Martial Arts to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver also teaches people to skillfully use the inevitable pain of their lives as fuel for growth and positive change.    For more information please visit his website  And find him on Instagram: @traverboehm  And all podcast platforms at The UNcivilized Podcast with Traver Boehm For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
December 01, 2020
13 - from hypersexual to the healthy dark with Steve Mayeda
In this episode, men's coach and addiction specialist, Steve Mayeda, explores the brutality that can exist in sex. He shares his exploration into the hyper-sexual, pain, and how he finds beauty through this entire process. Steve is very blunt in his descriptions, but it is that rawness that enabled an honest and accurate conversation on these dynamic dimensions that exist in sex. Timestamps 3:02 Who is Steve Mayeda 08:55 Trauma and finding healing in sex 12:13 Steve's hyper-sexual journey 17:42 What matters as a man when he is in front of a woman, and the common confusion in men 23:16 The importance of exploring the darkside of your sexuality and how to navigate it 27:50 Why unity is necessary when exploring aggressive sex 34:49 What do men actually want from women 42:18 The role of pain in our lives 49:35 What can the feminine do to call men into their masculine 54:06 What is Steve's favorite part of the feminine Steve Mayeda is a Men’s Coach that has been coaching for 15 years working in over 20 countries. He specializes in trauma, sexual trauma and addiction. He is a father of 4 young men. A 10th planet jiujitsu instructor and a world traveler. You can find out more about Steve at For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
November 22, 2020
12 - explore the feminine through nature with Devin Fredericksen
In this podcast, Devin Fredericksen reveals his story exploring the masculine and feminine energies through nature. This conversation calls both men and women into their own consciousness and enables a noticing of the deep senses to explore both pain and pleasure. This is the episode to listen to if you wish to savor more of the sensations experienced from exploring your sexual urge and being out in nature. Timestamps 0:00 Intro 3:00 Devin Fredericksen's story 8:51 What can you learn about the feminine through nature? 11:29 How to go from dogma to noticing what's in your body? 15:53 The energy of punishment in the experience of the masculine 20:30 How to respond to a woman's 'no' 27:10 What is the main challenge for conscious men when it comes to sexuality? 29:55 The importance of feeling pain to connect with and feel pleasure 34:00 The scarcity and fear that exists in the non-committal men 39:55 The importance of brotherhood in the process of healing 44:52 Creating shifts by trusting your partner's leadership 51:12 Where to find Devin's work Devin Fredericksen helps people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth in a heart centered path. He supports the Regeneration of the Masculine, with the intention to reunite the global brotherhood. He specializes in sacred sexuality, conscious intimacy, permaculture, and is an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer. By weaving these elements together, Devin facilitates the process of living in harmonious relationship with ourselves. Devin embraces life with gratitude for every day because of the gift of this opportunity to live life NOW! You can find his work here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
October 24, 2020
11 - explore the darker expressions of the masculine with GS Youngblood
In this episode, Sophie explores the darker expressions of the masculine with GS Youngblood. They talk about the necessary role it plays in long-term relationships and how the dark side, when combined with the heart, can create more powerful sexual experiences.  Timestamps 00:00 Intro 02:51 GS Youngblood's backstory 05:54 The trap of men when with strong women 07:26 The notion of shifting gears 08:37 What is the dark masculine? 13:03 Pushing the edge in the container of safety 16:39 What is attractive about the dark masculine? 18:15 Why it's hard to trust nice guys or new agey men 20:42 3 Parts of sexual leadership for men 27:55 A man must channel his primal through his heart 29:54 The how-to's to domination 35:44 How can the feminine call men to a place of dominance in the bedroom 38:23 How can we awaken primal sexual energy in long-term relationships 41:30 How to know if the dark energy is welcomed 50:52 Where to find GS Youngblood's work GS Youngblood is a men’s coach, former Silicon Valley executive, founder of a tech company that he eventually sold, and the author of two books, including the recently published The Masculine in Relationship. His teachings are based on 12 years as a student and creator in the realm of the masculine-feminine dynamic. You can find GS Youngblood's work at For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
September 12, 2020
On the Nice Guy & The Feminine - creating compassion, understanding and calling out BOTH sides
This live episode talks about the dynamic of the nice guy & the feminine, and why it matters so much in polarity. Bringing compassion, understanding and calling out to both sides of this story. The nice guy is one of the main wounded masculine archetypes we go in DEEP in the Initiation, our men's training led by the feminine starting end of September with Madam Biccum.  Apply for THE INITIATION - MEN:
September 11, 2020
10 - masculine leadership from the c*ck & heart with men’s coach Lorin Krenn
This a powerful episode men must listen to!  Lorin offers wisdom on how men can step into their masculine cock and heart power to lead his woman, and how women can support this calling in an emotionally intelligent way.  From this episode alone, men will learn to own his role as a leader for the feminine. Women will not only learn how to be supportive, but express the wildest and fiercest parts of themself. Timestamps 00:00 Intro 04:45 Lorin Krenn's story 08:48 Why doesn't feminine like the spiritual light masculine? 13:06 How to lead from the cock in a healthy way? 17:04 How can men be truly okay with her no? 20:49 How can the feminine support a man's mission, and how can the masculine honor the relationship? 24:25 How can a man go into his heart when his woman is attacking him? 28:05 What is the masculine way to vulnerability? 35:10 How can men be called deeper into his power? 41:25 How can the feminine support the masculine when he shuts down? 46:59 What happens when the feminine gets agitated? 49:15 Why it is crucial for a man to own who he is 54:22 What does it mean when a man says 'you're too much for me' 55:49 Where to find Lorin's work My mission is to help men understand women better, experience deep and lasting intimacy and become the man they have always wanted to be. Next to training men throughout the globe, I coach women in attracting a conscious man and finding the juicy balance between kicking ass and dropping into the soft feminine heart. Next to my coaching practice I write day and night about the feminine, intimate relationships, warriorship and masculine/feminine dynamics.  You can find his work here: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
September 04, 2020
09 - embodying the sexual energy that exists within a man with coach and therapist Paal Buntz
In this episode, Sophie interviews sex coach and therapist Paal Buntz on the topics of how the masculine can be more expressive and communicate better with the feminine. Paal explains the importance of slowing down and being present when it comes to utilizing masculine energy to improve sexual performance. This episode will give guidance on how men can reclaim their power in a sexually healthy way. Timestamps 00:00 Intro 03:10 Paal's story 07:01 Why is it hard for men to be vulnerable? 11:44 How can men get in touch with their heart? 15:40 Why nice guys finish last 18:08 Men need as much foreplay as women, if not longer 21:12 The hastyness of the young masculine, and how to slow down 25:52 How men can keep their own sexual energy 29:27 Paal's 1,111 days of no ejaculation  34:34 Play with switching polarities in your relationship 35:48 What do multi-orgasms looks like for men? 39:24 How can women support the masculine into their power? 42:08 The difference between expressing vs complaining to your man 44:41 What does the 'new man' look like? 52:50 Paal's relationship with the feminine 55:13 Where to find Paal's work Paal Christian Buntz is an experienced workshop facilitator and coach. He is the founder of The Wildman Program, where he has guided men to find their Masculine Power and more profound confidence in bed, relationship, and in life. For over 20 years, Paal has passionately explored deeper levels of consciousness through tantra, shamanism and different healing modalities. Paal is a certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker. He is also an accredited coach/therapist (NLP/The Journey).  For more info about him and his work: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
August 28, 2020
08 - healing the wounded masculine and connecting with the feminine with relationship coach Stefanos Sifandos
In this eighth edition of Conversations with Men, Sophie is joined by  relationship coach, Stefanos Sifandos. They explore the the challenges and potential pitfalls when the wounded feminine and wounded masculines try to communicate with one another. Stefanos explains how the masculine can connect rather than shut down, and differentiate true expressions from one's pain.  This episode will inform you on how to better navigate emotionally with your partner. (3:22) Stefanos' personal journey with the feminine (7:50) the masculine way of connecting with the feminine (11:02) what makes it difficult for men to emote and express (17:02) how can women invite the masculine back into presence and respect (20:18) the masculine and feminine is within all of us (21:45) the wounded feminine stuck in the masculine (25:15) peter pan syndrome: how freedom combines with commitment (28:49) how Stefanos' navigates his relationship (33:08) neediness vs having needs (34:04) the third entity in a relationship (35:28) how to respond to your partner's child side of them (38:05) how do we differentiate our true expressions from our pain (41:30) what Stefanos loves most about the feminine (44:06) where to find Stefanos' work Stefanos is a trained educator and relationships expert with a background in behavioral science. He is passionate about leading people closer to their highest potential and each other. His philosophy merges the best of eastern and western methodologies to promote spiritual balance and empower people in life and love. From trauma release to navigating the murky waters of modern masculinity, to helping women understand the men in their lives, he helps people escape negative patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self. Stefanos has worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life; special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, elite fighters, and everyday people have relied on him to restructure and reframe their relationships with themselves and their loved ones. You can find out more and contact him at: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
August 14, 2020
07 - address your pain and communicate your emotions effectively with Love Coach Shaun Galanos
In this episode, Shaun Galanos explores the challenges that come with communicating emotions, especially those rooted in fear and shame. Shaun offers paths in letting go of those burdens through therapy or simply sharing with people you trust. Men and women will walk away understanding what it takes to have a clear and effective dialogue between partners. SHOWNOTES (3:28) Shaun Galanos’ story (9:30) ‘Not everyone likes pineapple pizza’ (13:01) Why men stay burdened (20:32) How to say ‘no’ with love (27:16) The unique ways in which people relate and communicate (31:12) The challenge of communicating emotions (32:55) The fear is worse than the actual expression (37:27) How speaking in absolutes can be dangerous (39:23) We demonize men as much as we demonize women (40:41) Instead of trying to ‘fix things,’ ask how you can help (42:30) A lot of work in relationships happen in therapy (46:22) The importance of sharing your experiences with others (50:43) Where are all the good men, I can’t find them (52:24)What to do if you are attracted to the ‘bad boy’ (56:10) What is the reason why people are emotionally unavailable? (58:14) How to connect with your feelings when you think you don’t know how to (1:01:44) Where to find Shaun’s work Shaun Galanos is a love coach, host of The Love Drive podcast, and an online course creator. He teaches people intimacy and communication tools for better relationships and more love. He holds certifications in coaching from Concordia University, Rape Crisis Counseling from BAWAR in Oakland, CA, and a Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal Communication from USCB. When he's not teaching courses or recording his podcast, he's learning to love his partner, playing with his dog, and building community in Montreal. Read more about him on: For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
August 07, 2020
06 - the mature masculine/feminine with s*xual alchemist Chris Bale
This is one of the most powerful episodes Ive ever done.  There is gold in literally every minute of this conversation. If you want to deepen your understanding of masculine/feminine energies, this is THE episode you need to hear. Chris offers such deep wisdom for both men and women. Men, you will walk away from this like a King. Women, you will drop even deeper into your sacred longing for that powerful man.  SHOWNOTES (7:00) what is the healthy masculine? (9:00) the masculine practice of being around the woman that is too much (14:00) how to attract a powerful man (16:30) difference between nagging and expressing your pain (18:00) what men need to feel safe (22:00) the role of seduction for a King - she wants to reach for him (26:00) difference between king energy and playing hard to get (27:30) the demonisation of the male turnon (31:30) what women are missing from men (36:00) Chris’ advice for the strong independent woman (40:00) how to feel someones energy (43:30) the key to multi orgasmicness for men (46:30) horniness as a deficiency of sexual energy (50:30) boundaries from a man are sexy (53:00) where are all the good men (54:30) what Chris loves about the feminine Chris is a Internationally-known Spiritual Mentor, Sexual Alchemist, and Master Energy-Worker. Chris supports and activates deep transformations in the lives of others, and has been doing so for almost the last decade. Over the years Chris has gathered an extensive amount of experiential understanding on the masculine and feminine energies, and shares his knowledge in his own unique voice, to assist and guide others into deeper consciousness and embodiment - Offering potent mentoring for men, and transformative energywork sessions for women. Read more about him on fb or For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or
July 23, 2020
05 - the hard stuff & the sexiness of safety with men’s sex coach Taylor Johnson
For this fourth edition of Conversations with Men, I am joined by Taylor Johnson. Taylor is a sex educator and coach who helps men master their sexual energy so they can create the intimate lives of their dreams. Taylor and I have a deep and delicious conversation on the harder (pun intended) topics that can arise in intimacy and relating. We go into 👉 how to best support your man when there are performance issues or struggles in the bedroom 👉 how to communicate consciously with the masculine and call him into his masculine leadership 👉 on sexual fantasies, and when they are related to trauma 👉 on how to be with your turn on, sexual energy, desires, fantasies as a man 👉 on the sexiness of safety; and how to turn on your woman with safety as a man If you’d like to learn more about Taylor, make sure to visit If you’d like to learn more abut sophie, check out or for her latest course on healing the masculine for women
July 08, 2020
04 - the embodied masculine with Themer Abourayan & Nils Elzenga
For this third edition of Conversations with Men, I am joined by Nils & Themer, the founders of the Embodied Masculine training program. These are two deeply conscious men that share their perspective on relating, masculinity and the beauty of the feminine. You will want to hear this In this episode, we speak about 👉 not having healthy masculine role models as young men growing up and the effect that has on men today 👉 how men can start feeling again 👉 on being too much as a woman 👉  on carrying the burden of another man's misdoings 👉 + these two conscious men share everything they love about the feminine &  their views of men need in relationships Nils Elzenga is a writer, trainer and coach with fifteen years of experience in the realms of spirituality and personal development. He is a certified facilitator of Breathwork and of Circling, a powerful relational meditation. Themer Abourayan is a coach, bodyworker and facilitator. After ten years of working on his own growth, while working as an executive in a fast-paced commercial environment, he brings his experience of multiple personal and spiritual development disciplines together in his work. These two men are now offering The Embodied Masculine, a 6-week online training programme for men, is the outcome of a deeply felt need to bring men together and create a new healthy masculinity. check out their training here For more on Sophie Josephinas work:
June 30, 2020
03 - primal intelligence, consent & sovereignty with Philippe Lewis
For this episode, I am joined by Philippe Lewis - relationship educator and so much more. A deeply intelligent and wise human being, an episode filled with practical insights to feel safer and more empowered in both your feminine and your masculine. We speak about consent, primal intelligence, attachment theory and sovereign relating. He is the creater of Exquisite Love Coaching to work with men and women to support them in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become sovereign human beings through the practice of connection, trust, , consent, intimacy, love, and the exploration of attachment theory. He is also co-founder of ReMENber Brotherhood Journey, a coordinator with ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and a modern voice on morality and the integration of Masculine, Feminine, Dark, Light, and Shadow.  check out his work on For more on Sophie Josephina, check out
June 18, 2020
02 - Surrender of the strong independent woman with Nicole Costerus
In this transmission, Nicole Costerus (Women of ancient futures) interviews Sophie Josephina about moving from strong & independent to powerful & surrendered. As two strong independent women ourselves, they share their personal journey into surrendering and also their own practices that help them balance more and more their inner feminine and masculine energies. Let us know what you think of this beautiful transmission :) If you'd like to learn more about Nicole And, if you'd like to go deeper in exactly this work, Sophie will soon re-open her powerful course on Healing the Masculine for feminine beings 
June 15, 2020
01 - on Honour and Seduction with Hans Comyn
In this episode I am joined by Hans Comyn, master seducer, as we speak about honouring your man, honouring each other, the art of seduction, and the state of relating.  Hans Comyn is a modern Renaissance man. Artist, athlete, adventurer, seducer. He is founder of 'Los Conquistadores,' an alliance between the 300 most interesting men in the world. For more, For more of Sophie's work, check her out on or She has just opened the doors for her VIP mens group ( and will soon relaunch her very popular course on healing the masculine for women
June 10, 2020