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Sorav Jain's Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Talk Show

Sorav Jain's Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Talk Show

By Sorav Jain
Welcome to my podcast show, to get some fantastic industry insights and stay updated in Digital Marketing, listen to some digital marketer's lifestyle issues and how to solve them, subscribe to this channel.
You shall get daily motivation, tips, digital marketing agency, advice, strategies and I shall answer questions related to digital marekting.
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E61: Let Go, Love Yourself
sometimes we are stuck and we are stuck there forever! The only way you can get away from there is when you Let Go! 
February 12, 2021
E60: How to start a Digital Marketing agency and run it successfully
'Should I start my own Digital Marketing agency?'. I come across this question from my audience every now and then. Starting a successful digital marketing agency is not a cakewalk. It involves a lot of market research, a clear & definite goal and clarity. Here's a podcast on everything you should know on why & how to start a successful Digital Marketing agency. 
August 11, 2020
E59: How to create kickass Instagram post designs to drive more engagement & followers - Interview with Chris Do
Creative designs play an integral part as one of the 4 C's of success in the journey of an influencer. Here is a quarantine special interview with Chris Do, an award-winning designer and the founder of Futur.  Listen to this episode till the end to get valuable insights on how to make your designs pop from the master Chris Do himself!
August 9, 2020
E58: Future of Digital Marketing after COVID19 lockdown - Interview with Neil Patel
The one question that is lingering in the minds of every Digital Marketer around the world right now is - 'What would be the future of Digital Marketing after COVID19?'. So I got in touch with the Digital Marketing Guru, Neil Patel, with the same question, and here's what he had to say about it. Listen to the full episode to know his insights.
August 8, 2020
E57: How to master Instagram growth strategy and increase followers - Interview with David Talas
In my next episode of #DigitalTalksWithSorav, I have with me the Instagram Doctor, Dave Talas. He has shared his secrets on how to increase your Instagram followers. He has figured how the Instagram algorithm works and has helped a lot of well-known Instagrammers in the quest to double their followers count in a matter of a few days. We have ventured into this journey where shared his experience as to how his online journey began, and what are his thoughts on the field of teaching, consulting, and on different trends on Instagram, and other Social media platforms. 
August 7, 2020
E56: Secrets of ranking no.1 on Google - Interview with SEO Guru, Neil Patel
Many FAQs are still like an unsolvable puzzle related to SEO. Wouldn't it be great to crack the answers for them? Here I am featuring Neil Patel, in an exclusive interview on cracking many FAQs related to SEO to make your lockdown more informative and special. Take the time out to listen to the full episode and get answers for many tricky questions in this interview.
August 6, 2020
E55: Interview with Mac Attram on how to sell | Millionaire mindset
In my next episode of #DigitalTalksWithSorav, I had the privilege to interview Mac Attram. Mac Attram is a World Class Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur, a Best Selling Author, and UK’s No. 1 Executive Coach. Listen to the full episode to learn how to overcome the fear of rejection, things to consider while driving sales, and so much more. 
August 5, 2020
E54: How To Grow 100,000 Instagram Followers
Recently my Instagram followers count successfully reached 100k and a lot of you had asked me how I did it! This podcast exclusively covers all my strategies and tips that I have practiced in the past few years to increase my Instagram followers.
May 6, 2020
E53: Interview with Avi Arya on Micro Video Mastery | Digital Talks with Sorav
Avi Arya is the Master of Videos, extremely active on Social Networking sites, and known for his Hero Introductions. A street car racer turned hotelier now social media marketer and founder of Internet Moguls who also runs the AskAviArya university online and trains on MVM the micro-video mastery programme. Here we talk about topics ranging from strategies in promoting videos, what hero introduction is, how important videos are in personal branding and more.
April 5, 2020
E52: Insights on the future of Digital Marketing in India with Karan Shah | Digital Talks With Sorav
In this special talk session, I interact with Karan Shah, the Director of IIDE and a pioneer for digital marketing education in the country. This podcast is an insightful Q&A session with Karan, touching upon topics such as the scope of digital marketing in India and the career prospects it brings.  We also discuss trending topics such as the significance of digital marketing as a career in today's business world. Stay tuned till the end, where Karan and I field some interesting questions from our audience. 
April 4, 2020
E51: Who Are You? Who is An Influencer? ('EP01 of Influencer season')
Everybody wants to be an Influencer. But not many know who is an Influencer and what they are supposed to do as one. Is it a person with thousands of followers? Or just a mini online celebrity.  Listen to the full podcast to know what defines an Influencer!
March 12, 2020
E50: 3 awesome tips for a successful client pitch
Client pitches can be tricky. It is those few minutes or hours with them that decides if you can get a long-term deal or not. So how to make the most of the time? How should you structure your pitch? What are the key things to include? Listen to this podcast and find out 3 tips for a successful client pitch.
January 4, 2020
E49: Top 20 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020
It is the beginning of a new year and as Digital Marketers we are all eager to see what the new year has for us! So here it is, my analysis of what can you expect in 2020 in the digital world! Take some time out and explore the top 20 Digital Marketing trends for 2020. Listen to the full podcast to learn what is going to trend and rule the Digital Marketing world in 2020!
December 31, 2019
E48: A complete guide to your journey into the Podcast industry. ft. Pat Flynn
Recently I had this fantastic opportunity of interviewing Pat Flynn, who holds the future of podcasts and has uploaded more than 15,000 podcasts in 3 different sections. The trend of the podcast is growing immensely, where the number of podcasters is still moderate. Listen to the podcast for an introduction into the world of the podcast and grasp a few essential tips to sustain and grow in this industry.
December 21, 2019
E47: How to notch up your Social Media branding and designing game? ft. Michael Janda
Michael Janda is a very popular name in the designing world, he is also an agency veteran and author of the best-selling book, ‘Burn Your Portfolio’.  Tune in for witnessing a penetrative interview with Michael Janda on creating a cohesive social media presence with a strategic social media branding and designing tips.  Listen to podcast till the end to get all your doubts cleared with Michael Janda.
December 20, 2019
E46: Will Digital Marketing career see the downfall in the upcoming years?
Digital marketing is one of the top-notch career options in the present, and everyone seems to join the crew of digital marketing.  A lot of you must have wondered how long this industry boom in the market? Is Digital marketing likely to see a downfall in the upcoming years or its gonna boom like never before?  Listen to the podcast to reveal the mystery behind the future of careers in digital marketing.
December 6, 2019
E45: Will Artificial Intelligence take over Digital Marketing jobs?
Artificial Intelligence is a booming industry in the market, making the jobs of humans much easier and systematic. Will Artificial Intelligence act as a hindrance to digital marketing or will it help the marketers work quickly and efficiently?  Listen to this podcast to know my viewpoints on this paradox between AI and DM.
December 5, 2019
E44: Ways to become a brand when you are a student
When you hear the word "Brand", does your brain immediately think about a company with its esteemed identity? That stereotype can be changed as you can create your very own personal brand when you are a student and create a leveraging advantage in the coming future.  Listen to the entire podcast to get ideas on how to become a brand when you are a student.  Stay tuned till the end.
December 4, 2019
E43: Sources of learning Digital Marketing professionally for FREE
Being in the field of Digital Marketing for a long run made me realise that education and learning don't necessarily have to cost you a hefty sum of money. But it does take determination and passion for learning to make it big.  So are you an enthusiastic learner who wants to take forward the trends of digital marketing?  Listen to the podcast to find out ways to learn Digital marketing for free.
December 3, 2019
E42: A day in the life of a Digital Marketing Trainer- My daily routine
It doesn't matter how many hours you work in a day to become successful; it's how you utilize the time you work. Being a digital marketing trainer, I try to allocate my time to have a balance between my work and personal life. Do you wanna know how my day looks like from the start till the end?  Listen keenly to the podcast to get insights on my daily routine.
December 2, 2019
E41: My journey towards becoming a Digital Marketing Training
I am known in the online world for being a Digital Marketer, but recently I finally set up Digital Scholar, a Digital Marketing Institute, which I was planning to open for a long time. Often during my agency life, I did get invites to train a few corporate organizations and conducted a few boot camps. But Digital Scholar gave me an opportunity to become a full time, in-house trainer, and that was quite a journey. Listen to the podcast and find out how I became a Digital Marketing Trainer.
November 26, 2019
E40: An analysis on what is the future of Social Media channels
This generation is marked by the presence of Social Media on the Internet and the presence of people on Social Media platforms. When this culture began almost a decade back, many Social Media platforms tried their luck and failed, while a few caught on and stayed to last. So what is the future of the Social Media Platforms that we so dearly love?  Listen to the entire podcast and get the insights!
November 25, 2019
E39: How an HIV positive Raif Derrazi uses social media to save lives
HIV is not the end of life. If you are strong-willed, you can make an impact in your life, and many others. It was great fun and inspiration to talk to Raif Derrazi, where he speaks about his journey from being diagnosed with HIV and how he is now out strong and making a strong impact in the online world. Listen to the full podcast for this amazing interview.
November 6, 2019
E38: How to say NO to your clients
If you are running an agency, you will come across many clients, both good and bad. Just for the sake of an offer, you really can not go saying Yes to everyone. You should learn which client should be the Full Stop and which should be the Title for a new story. Listen to the podcast and find out why you should say No to some of your clients.
October 23, 2019
E37: What should you master first in your journey of Digital Marketing?
Many people want to jump into the promising career of Digital Marketing, but it is a broad umbrella term with many specialties under it. So where do you start? Listen to the podcast and find out what should you master first in your Digital Marketing Journey.
October 22, 2019
E36: Learn to say NO
Are you skilled at something? Do people come to you for suggestions? Do people value your advice seriously? Then stop giving away stuff for free! It has taken you years to master your art. You have practised, made mistakes and reached to the level you are at now. So listen to the whole podcast and find out the importance of saying, 'NO'.
October 21, 2019
E35: 9 practical tips to grow your Instagram Follower base
Instagram has been the talk of the Digital Ecosphere in the last couple of years and has grown tremendously. Every celebrity, influencer, sportsperson, and even ministers have taken over this platform to leverage their influence. But to be categorized as an influencer, one should not just have a big follower base, but also a relevant follower base. So how do you do that? Listen to the entire podcast and know it yourself.
October 10, 2019
E34: Hacks to get quality Backlinks for improving your SEO game
You are doing your keyword research and all other right SEO boxes, but your blog is still not showing any improvement in the Google Search result page? Apart from the usual practices, I follow a few other hacks that give me quality backlinks. This gives me enough leverage to boost my page on the first page of search engines. Listen to the podcast to know the secret sauce that has worked wonders for me.
October 9, 2019
E33: 5 Factors that determine your Personal Branding
Creating a Personal Brand is the first thing an entrepreneur should take care of while trying to go Digital. It gives him the flexibility to be the face of his own brand and influence people in his way. After years of strategies and smart work, I created a personal brand for myself, where I help people understand the Digital ecosphere. In this journey, I faced and learned a lot of stuff that changed my life. Listen to the podcast where I list down the things that changed my life in this journey.
September 28, 2019
E32: How much should you invest in building your Personal Brand
You have to spend money to make money. That is a golden rule followed by many successful brands everywhere, invest in yourself. I personally invest heavily every month in many things that help me reach greater heights day after day. Listen to the podcast to find out what my monthly investments are and why is it essential to spend for yourself.
September 27, 2019
E31: Why should you practice what you preach?
People love sharing Gyaan on the Internet. But do they practice what they ask other people to do? Don't be labelled as a hypocrite, and walk your talk. This will not only make you genuine in your communication but also increase your self-confidence that no one can question your actions. Listen to the podcast and know how and why it is important to practice what you preach.
September 26, 2019
E30: What is 'One Nine Ninety' rule?
The Internet is filled with different people. Some create content, some share content and some consume. All these combined form the ecosystem of Social Media. This concept on Social Media is referred to as the 1-9-90 rule, which categorizes the users based on their type. What exactly is this? Listen to the entire podcast and find that out now.
September 25, 2019
E29: Digital Marketing Agency Owners Should Stop Playing Victim To Grow & Succeed
Are you someone running an agency and having trouble continuing it? Well, here are a few things you try to bring it back life and succeed
September 24, 2019
E28: How To Scale a Digital Marketing Agency | An Interview with Rajiv Dingra
Running an agency is not a cakewalk; it requires the right skills and gameplan to scale it to new heights. Winning clients, hiring the right candidates, managing a team, there are many things to take care of. Catch my latest podcast where Rajiv Dingra, the CEO of WATconsult talk about his experience in running an agency.
September 21, 2019
E27: How Online Courses Can Win You Big Clients | An Interview with Isaac Rudansky
Online courses are a great way to learn Digital Marketing from any Digital Guru from any part of the world. Isaac Rudansky has decoded this formula and now earns millions through his courses on Udemy. Listen to my podcast, where Isaac Rudansky gives some valuable tips on training, online teaching and talks about his agency.
September 20, 2019
E26: Guided Meditation for Digital Marketers at Digital Scholar to Calm their Mind
Guided Meditation can have a significant impact on your mind and body. It will make you refreshed for the day, calm you down, and fill you with positivity.  This is something I use before my sessions and find more attentive and enthusiastic participation from the attendees. Start your day with this Guided Meditation, and feel the change within.
September 19, 2019
E25: Skills Required to Become Digital Marketer | Interview with Neil Patel
In this interview, Neil Patel answered about career growth in Digital Marketing and what are some of the crucial metrics to look at. Here are some of the key questions I asked Neil Patel with respect to skills required, jobs, education etc. in Digital Marketing domain: - Do certificates really matter? - Should AI be learnt? - Digital marketing to be learnt by everyone - agree or disagree? - Agency or freelancer - what's important to learn digital marketing? - What are some of the biggest mistakes digital marketer generally do? - What are 3 questions you generally ask people when they are recruiting Social Media Marketers? - Is 'Personal Brand' crucial for getting recruited inside a digital marketing company?
September 18, 2019
E24: Content Marketing tips from the Digital Marketing guru Neil Patel
This is my first interview with Neil Patel on content marketing. Listen to the full podcast to find out how he has managed to build a successful place for himself in the Digital Marketing world.
September 17, 2019
E23: How To Do Facebook Messenger Marketing The Right Way with Chatbot | Interview with Larry Kim
Larry is the CEO and founder of Mobile Monkey Inc., world’s best Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool and CTO and founder at Wordstream, a tool that is the leading provider of AdWords, Facebook, and keywords. The entire interview revolved around the idea of Messenger Marketing and Larry gave some very useful tips and insights into his world and how this medium has evolved and how will this continue to help many brands in the long run.
September 16, 2019
E22: Tips on blogging and affiliate strategies | Interview with Harsh Agarwal
Harsh Agarwal is an award-winning Indian Blogger and Affiliate Marketer who runs the popular blog called With his 11 years of strong experience, he earns close to $250,000 per year through his blogging activities. The Interview was an informative one with many insights provided in the world of blogging, digital marketing and even, meditation!
September 15, 2019
E21: Interview with Rohan Mehta & Shrenik Gandhi on Hiring Social Media Marketer
This I had a chance to interview two very popular Digital Marketers, Shrenik Gandhi, CEO of White Rivers Media and Rohan Mehta, CEO of Social Kinnect. We discussed some very valuable topics, i.e. to understand the agency business, and what are the Digital Marketers looking for while hiring a Social Media Marketer. This yielded results that can be very useful for people trying to venture into this field.
September 14, 2019
E20: SEO success tips for 2019 | Interview with Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi, the Fatehabad Blogger who is set to become a Millionaire through Affiliate Marketing.  His blogging story is very inspirational where he goes from being a normal guy next door, to a millionaire blogger. He now earns from various sources like affiliate marketing, his new content delivery business where he earned $10,000 in just first month, and by providing many other Digital Marketing services! In this interview, Kulwant shares amazing SEO strategies that you can adapt for your website's search engine success. 
September 13, 2019
E19: Which Social Media Platform Can Be Explored To Build Your Personal Brand [Recorded Consulting Call]
Personal Branding is an arsenal that every Digital Marketer should possess. It gives you the ability to build your very own base on any platform of your choice. So if you are someone trying to build your Personal Brand but confused as to where exactly to begin, listen to the entire podcast to gain some valuable insights on the same.
September 12, 2019
E18: 5 tried and tested mantras that will win you clients
Pitching to clients is a tricky business. Till date, I have made 1000+ proposals and have successfully won most of the clients. There is a lot of background research and many other factors that go into it. And this is the most serious aspect of any business module. After all, clients are the reason you run your business. So if you are a digital marketer, freelancer, into business development or run an agency, listen to this podcast to some secret mantras on the best ways to win clients.
September 11, 2019
E17: My journey towards becoming a successful Digital Marketer
I didn't have a great backstory to begin with. Just like every marwadi teenager, I was sent to a college, was expected to take up dad's business later and grow it in my own way. But at the right time, my education and career took a turn in the right direction. The entire journey started at Loyola College, Chennai, where I did my B.Sc in Bio Technology. Listen to the full podcast and find out how I went on from there to one of the top Digital Marketers of the country.
September 10, 2019
E16: What's your Personal Brand?
There is a thin line between being 'inspired' and 'plagiarizing'. This is something that makes you stand out of the crowd, for the most special thing about you, is your ability to be You. Many people are in the race of being like someone and in that process they forget themselves. Check out my latest podcast and find out what is personal branding all about and why being 'YOU' can be your biggest strength.
September 9, 2019
E15: The key to Master Digital Marketing
Have you ever wondered how to become a master at Digital Marketing? You might have all the skills required to be good at it but have you mastered it? I will give you the key required to open the lock to master Digital Marketing and unlock your full potential in this field.
September 8, 2019
E14: 5 Reasons why you should make your own podcast
Before it was blogs, then it was vlogs and now the next biggest thing are podcasts. If you are looking to start your own podcast or expand your marketing outlets this will convince you to start your own podcast. I will elaborate on the 5 main reasons on why I created my own podcast and why you should too.
September 7, 2019
E13: A new approach to "What is Digital Marketing and its concepts?"
When you google Digital Marketing you get bombarded with a bunch of textbook definitions but to what extent do you actually understand digital marketing and all of its various concepts? Thus to understand it better I will explain what digital marketing is in a simple story form and touch upon all of its categories and concepts.
September 6, 2019
E12: How did I become a Digital Marketer and what is the future of Digital Marketing
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "Where do I see myself 10 years down the lane". Many people want to know the story of a successful Digital Marketer and their plans and goals. Let me take you through my journey in Digital Marketing, from my past experiences to 10 years in the future into a new age of Digital Marketing. I will show you a peek into the future of my empire and the culture of Digital Marketing.
September 4, 2019
E11: 13 skills required to start a Digital Marketing Agency
Many people dream of starting a Digital Marketing agency, but it's not for the weak-hearted. Thousands of people try their hand in starting their business every year, while some taste success, some fail. It's not an easy path; it requires patience, perseverance and many other qualities. So if you are planning to start one, then here's a list of skills that an agency owner must possess. These are the skills required to be the difference between scaling up and closing down.
September 3, 2019
E10: Is Starting A Digital Marketing Agency Now, A Good Idea?
Entrepreneurship is booming, and in a time where digital opportunities are immense, people are waiting to get on board and start their own Digital Marketing agencies. But just like starting any business, this is no easy task. It is filled with challenges and hurdles. Being an agency owner myself, I can assure you that this is not a piece of cake. So if you are looking for ways to start a Digital Marketing agency, listen to my podcast where I talk about the common challenges faced and how to overcome them.
September 2, 2019
E9: Become A Digital Marketing Master - 18 Secrets of Masters
Whatever domain or niche you pick, there is always a mentor you look up to. But what different things to those people do to be called as masters and have a massive following? Wouldn't it be great to know about those secret ingredients? So if you are tired of being a player and are waiting to be upgraded as a master, here are 18 characteristics of masters that will help you be one in your domain.
September 1, 2019
E8: How I Earned 50K YouTube Subscribers Organically [Growth Tips]
There are many tutorials out there claiming to show ways to increase your followers on YouTube. Even though they look good on the book, they aren't much effective practically. So if you are a YouTuber looking to increase your subscribers count, then you should hear this right now!  I have 8 amazing and practical ways through which you can up your game on YouTube Organically.
August 30, 2019
E7: Digital Marketing Agency Challenges - Adapting to Changing Landscape of Digital
Half of the agency gets washed because they are not able to cope up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. Facebook’s reach was organic, agencies offered a lot of posts then, 3 posts per day and those sorts. The deliverables looked fascinating, it worked back then and there are still agencies sticking on to same old thing whereas, the industry doesn’t want many posts anymore. It’s about minimalistic stuff which agency owners fail to understand. The changing landscape of digital demands for strategy first and creativity 2nd but the advertising agencies that got turned into digital agencies puts creativity first, failing to work towards strategy a strategy that defines ROI of the effort put in. The Digital landscape changes overnight and the client in India needs to be educated about it, half of them don’t understand the value of advertisements on Social Media or digital. They would give you a fixed retainer and wait for magic to happen, they should learn agencies are not magicians to get you likes, comments and shares for Free. This makes the agency gets into foul practices. I know of an agency that has hired people to like and comment on posts or write fake reviews for the brands. This doesn’t solve the purpose of using digital.
June 19, 2019
E6: Digital Marketing Agency Challenges (1st Episode) | client retention and client winning
In this podcast i set the context for challenges digital marketing agency owner generally face in india.
May 22, 2019
E5: Log kya kahenge? Daily motivation!
Agar aap yeh sochte hai log kya kahenge, tho isey suney!
May 22, 2019
E4: How to become a better leader in digital marketing agency?
A podcast in digital marjeting agency series! How to become a better leader! Grow. :)
May 17, 2019
E3: Digital Marketing Career Tip: Agency Vs. Client Side - Where Should I Join?
Answering the most frequently asked question should i join a digital marketibg agency?
May 15, 2019
E2: How to pick up your niche for personal branding?
Explore ideas on how to pick your topics of discussion on the internet.
September 27, 2018
E1: Sorav Jain's Podcast Show: Expectation Setting & Tip No. 1 (English-1)
This is just a trial podcast and your feedback is going to immensely help me in raising the bar! From here, you gonna hear me talk my marketing guts out.
August 12, 2018