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Soul Deep

Soul Deep

By Sarah Jane O'Hare
Diving deep into the parts of ourselves where the body meets the soul. 100% real talk with feminine embodiment coach, poet and artist, Sarah Jane. Sharing stories of struggle and breakthrough with selected guests, to discover new paradigms for healing, happiness, and pleasure.
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11: Discover Your Relationship Attachment Style and How to Manifest Your Ideal Partner with Love Coach Taryn Newton-Gill
Meet Taryn, Love and Relationships Coach for Women, founder of Truer Love. In this episode, Taryn describes the different attachment styles, and explains how this is formed in early childhood. We discuss how to bring a conscious awareness to these attachment styles, to nourish a healthy relationship, both with others and with ourselves. Finally, we talk about how to manifest your ideal partner (grab a pen and paper!). Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at @oh_sarahjane and Taryn at @_truerlove_   Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  
June 07, 2021
10: Intuition, Fear, and Bringing Compassion to Moments of Despair with Casey Berglund
Casey Berglund is the creator of the let the body lead TedX Talk & Certification, and Founder of Worthy and Well Inc. In this episode Casey and I discuss telling the difference between your intuition talking and your fear talking, with some very personal examples. Casey gives us a script to use in those moments of total despair, when our nervous system is running of fear, to bring in compassion, love and acceptance. Casey also shares some of her own struggles when it comes to this rich inner work, and what it means to take imperfection action.  Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at @oh_sarahjane and Worthy and Well at @worthyandwell  Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  Watch Casey Burglund's TedX Talk 'Let the Body Lead' here: 
May 24, 2021
09: The Masculine, The Feminine, and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, with Rainier Wylde
In this episode, Rainier talks about the archetypes of the Masculine and Feminine, how menstruation was viewed as sacred in ancient cultures, and what it means to let go of self limiting narratives. I share a personal fear, a mistrust of men, and Rainier helps me unravel the bigger narrative behind this fear, to release the ownership of the story (truly incredible!). IG Handles: @oh_sarahjane @rainierwylde  Follow Rainier at:   Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here: 
May 17, 2021
08: A Journey of Self Love and Radical Acceptance with Cait Whytock
In the first half of this episode, Cait share's her journey of self love and radical acceptance over the past decade. From being a part of lad culture, to co-dependant relationships, and more, Cait shares the moment of disgust that made her leave everything behind and step into love and freedom. In the second half, we talk about the pressure and pleasures of social media, dealing with the anxiety of weight gain, and I share a story of 'ugly' embodiment on the pathway to self love.  IG Handles: @oh_sarahjane @why_cait   Follow Cait at:  Follow Bear Buttock Retreats: 
May 10, 2021
07: Leaving the Cult and Living your Most Authentic Life with Lindsey Lockett - Cancel Culture, Fundamentalist Veganism, and Toxic Wellness.
In this episode Lindsey shares her story of growing up in a cult religion Evangelical Christianity, and finding her true self after an identity crisis at 35 years old (Netflix did it again). We talk about stepping outside cult like ideologies from religion, to toxic wellness, veganism and more, and reconnecting with your most authentic self.   Follow Lindsey at:  Listen to the Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast:  Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:
May 03, 2021
Surprise Minisode: 'Repression of Expression causes Depression' with Harry Liddell
Follow Harry at: Follow Sarah Jane at:
April 30, 2021
06: Becoming a Witch and little 't' trauma with Lilibet Burrow from Witches on Wheels
Just a boil and a babble on becoming a witch with Lilibet Burrow, founder of witches on wheels, a brand spanking new modern witch store. We talk about all things becoming a witch and Lilibet shares her story on trauma with a little t. Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at  Follow Witches on Wheels at Witches on Wheels Youtube: Lots of love, Sarah Jane x   
April 26, 2021
05: Masculinity and Mental Health with Dr Chikezie E Uzuegbunam
Stepping out of fear and into love when it comes to Men's Mental Health. In this episode, Chikezie and Sarah Jane talk about why men need the language of emotion and experience of vulnerability.  Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at  Follow Selena at 
April 19, 2021
04: Embodiment & Body Love with Selena Coates
In this episode, Artist, Coach, & Tarot Reader Selena Coates talks about her journey from not being seen as a child, to her dharma in seeing others and creating resonance. We dive into de-conditioning the patterns learnt in childhood and alchemising tragic life experiences.   Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at Follow Selena at &   Watch Casey Burglund's Ted Talk 'Let the Body Lead' here:  Follow Worthy and Well at Lots of love, Sarah Jane x
April 12, 2021
03: From Corporate to Conscious with Men's Coach Adil Hussain
In this Episode, Adil shares his journey from the corporate world to the world of conscious masculinity, breaking through the pressure of cultural ideals and the inherited set of beliefs around what it means to be a man.  Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at: Follow Adil at Lots of love, Sarah Jane x
April 05, 2021
02: Creativity and Shadow Work with Creative and Tarot Reader, Jessica Sinclair
In this episode, Creative and Tarot Reader Jess talks about her dharma discovery in her late 20s, after pursuing a career in human rights since school. We talk about how the creative wound, manifestation and shadow work showed up in her life.   Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here:  Follow the Sarah Jane on Instagram at Follow Jess: &  Lots of love, Sarah Jane x
March 29, 2021
01: Sexual Trauma and The Healing Power of Conscious Relationships
Content Warning: Sexual Abuse and Bullying. This is a story of sexual trauma, and the healing found in conscious relationships.  Check out the Soul Deep Podcast Guest line up here: Follow the Soul Deep Podcast on Instagram at Lots of love, Sarah Jane x
March 22, 2021