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The Bad-Ass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Series

The Bad-Ass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Series

By Annie M. Fonte
Join host Annie M. Fonte as she has an open and honest conversation with an inspiring Everyday Hero.
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Career Transition, becoming an author, and an honest conversation about grief with Shelley F. Knight

The Bad-Ass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Series

Career Transition, becoming an author, and an honest conversation about grief with Shelley F. Knight

The Bad-Ass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Series

The Hollywood Approach with Kristina Paider
As a story strategist and screenwriter, Kristina Paider has analyzed tens of thousands of movie scenes, asking, “How does this character and this action legitimately move the plot forward?” In The Hollywood Approach, she takes the same principles used to create heroes and heroines for the big screen and shows you how to apply them to real life to live your next wildest dream. This book is a gutsy guide.  You will learn how to channel all your resources—your character DNA, your strengths and flaws, your allies, mentors, and even your antagonists—to achieve great things. Practical, soulful, and inspired, The Hollywood Approach will show you how to level up in life, say yes to yourself, and perform feats of badassery. Kristina is a world-class marketer and storyteller. Her company, The Hollywood Approach, is a platform that leverages the art and neuroscience of story to help people accelerate results in their business and life. KP’s executive track record includes overseeing the marketing and research for a $10 billion global hotel advisory company and prior to that, two hotel tech companies, all while moonlighting as a screenwriter. Her crime-thriller script is in the works. Her book is out. She travels by motorcycle, jumps into waterfalls, and is a guest chocolate chef. In this podcast, we have a delightful conversation about how to be your own hero, overcoming your fears, why having allies is so important, and how to make your wildest dreams come true.  The Hollywood Approach is a call to examine your life in a fun way, to name what you want and go after what makes you feel alive. Facebook Instagram
June 1, 2021
The True Power of Manifestation with Daniel Mangena
After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger's and experiencing life-shattering trauma at age 20, Daniel spent seven years struggling to keep the effects of these events from spilling into every aspect of his life. Daniel initially developed Beyond Intention as a lifeline while he grappled with suicidal thoughts and ideation. This simple, four-step process transformed his life from misery to celebration. Daniel realized he could help others do the same, and thus Beyond Intention was born. Daniel discovered a path to lasting joy and purpose in his life, and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement: "Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their Unique Role already encoded within. This deep and often ignored or undervalued passion is defined as their Dream." Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy globally through public speaking, workshops, books he has authored, blogging, and his "Do it With Dan" podcast series. In addition, Daniel offers individual and group coaching and consultations. Daniel is also a voracious reader, publicly documenting his challenge to read a book every week. He loves to travel, writes, and performs as a singer-songwriter, practices Kundalini yoga, meditation and stays active with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, as well as an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation. He works with several charities across the globe and considers himself a patron of many. To contact Daniel, visit He can also be found on most major social media platforms with the handle @dreamerCEO.
April 23, 2021
Finding Your Life Purpose with Erica Carrico
Erica Carrico is an Award-Winning Life Purpose & Business Coach for women who are ready to transform their lives by creating six-figure businesses, while lucratively expressing their own soul purpose. Through coaching services and speaking, Erica helps soulful entrepreneurs build & up-level their businesses, ditch their 9-5's, and make fabulous money on their spiritual path so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love... what they were put on earth to do. Erica has a BS in Psychology, a Masters in Business Management, and 12+ years in international business leadership experience. She built a multi-six-figure coaching business (with two kids in tow!) in just over 2 years and is obsessed with helping her clients all around the world transform their lives by creating six-figure + businesses, while lucratively expressing their own soul purpose. Awaken Your Purpose with Erica Carrico | Facebook Erica Carrico - Life Purpose & Business Coach | Speaker - Carrico Ventures, LLC | LinkedIn Erica✨Spiritual Business Coach (@ericalynncarrico) • Instagram photos and videos
March 22, 2021
Embracing Your True Identity with David Trotter
David Trotter is a business growth consultant and the founder of Inspiration Rising. Through the Rise Up Business Academy, he helps struggling business owners break through their biggest barriers to reach their greatest goals - all without the paralyzing overwhelm, feeling all alone, or wondering what-the-heck to do next. He's the author of nine books including “Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Your Inspiration to the World.” In this podcast, you will hear David's powerful story about helping to start a thriving church at age 25, founding his own church, traveling to India, starting a furniture store, directing and producing feather-length films, and then hitting rock bottom.  He courageously took responsibility for some bad choices that he made and put his life back together.  For the past 12 years, he has dedicated his time to helping female entrepreneurs (and men), attain their greatest business and personal goals.  We also talk about his latest book, Empowered to Rise, and what inspired him to write it. As a gift to our listeners, David has generously offered a 7-Day Free Trial of his Rise Up Creative resources.  Start your trial today by going to:
March 10, 2021
Designing For Wellness with Susie Frazier
Susie Frazier is an award-winning artist and author known for a biophilic approach to her work. Using a deep understanding of the healing effects of nature’s patterns, Susie has developed wellness art solutions for health care, hospitality, corporate, and residential settings across the U.S. and abroad. She also sells her own handcrafted accessories and curated goods to consumers through her online store and retail showroom located inside Cleveland's 78th Street Studios. By leveraging her own sensory experiences with ADHD and generalized anxiety, Susie specializes in freeform installations that bring ease to the overstimulated mind. Susie is the author of Designing For Wellness, an inspirational book of practical tips for improving mental health through the decorative choices we make in our built environments. Available through Amazon and Apple Books, this independently-published title was the winner of a 2020 International Book Award,  a 2020 Living Now Book Award,  a 2020 Global eBook Award, and two Best Book Award recognitions as a finalist in the Home & Garden and Health/Psychology Mental Health Categories. Susie and her ideas have been featured in media outlets across the country including CBS San Diego, Fox News Houston, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Organic Spa Magazine, Interiors & Sources, and more. She was the recipient of a 2018 regional Emmy® award for her NBC TV pilot “Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier,” which aired locally in Northeast Ohio. In response to COVID-19's negative impact on small business maker economies, Susie invented Maker Town™, a mobile app directory that helps consumers find hundreds of nearby makers so they can more easily determine where they want to shop local, shop handmade and shop small. Currently featuring 600 makers in the Northeast Ohio region, the Maker Town™ app will eventually expand into other markets with Columbus, Ohio being next. No stranger to establishing local directories, Susie launched Cleveland’s very first gallery guide in 2005, producing and printing it for three years in partnership with Cleveland Magazine, who continued distributing it through 2012. Susie was also the founder of Sparx City Hop, a nationally recognized program that showcases artists, arts retailers and arts festivals in order to drive more commerce in the Downtown Cleveland area. The program is now in its 18th year and is run by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. For over 24 years, Susie has created design solutions for some of the most prominent organizations in the world.
March 8, 2021
Amber Tichenor, Author of Behind Frenemy Lines, Rising Above Female Rivalry
Meet Amber Tichenor Loyal. Passionate. Adventurous. I want you to feel empowered and strong to make the choice to be fully YOU. As a coach and speaker focused on women who are ready for transformative change, I bring passion and purpose to my work to help clients move their obstacles and create full, successful lives. With a history in change management, organizational leadership and bucking the corporate system to venture forth into international jobs and projects, I combine strategic talents with grounded experience to help clients determine their path to passion and purpose. I help women break out of their comfort zones and tackle big topics like workplace rivalry and how to sustain holistic balance in their life and careers. And I don’t tolerate mean girls…or boys. I have a PhD in Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology and specialize in “a-ha” moments. I love having fun with my husband, two kids and Stella the dog.
February 17, 2021
Employee to Entrepreneur with Jeannie Andresen
From being stagnant as a corporate-employed 30-year-old to self-employed at 31, Jeannie’s an example of what you can accomplish by investing in hiring a coach and believing in yourself. She proves that with resiliency, an abundance mindset, and courage, you can make big moves towards creating a successful career you love.
November 16, 2020
126 Days, 11 Minutes Our Love Story, with author Larry Indiviglia
Larry Indiviglia wrote 126 Days, 11 Minutes: Our Love Story to honor the life of Gayle and their love for each other. Although brief, Larry considers his relationship with Gayle as one of the most profound experiences of his life. He also hopes 126 Days, 11 Minutes inspires others to say “yes” to love even when logic says, “no.” Larry believes there are many beautiful souls who are looking to discover and experience unconditional love. His book shows it is possible. Larry Indiviglia is President of INDsightsForLife, Inc., a fitness professional, presenter, and author as well as a business and life coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Program. Larry is also a retired naval reserve officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He holds a MA in Corporate Fitness Administration and an MBA from the University of San Diego. Larry has authored articles in Coronado Lifestyles Magazine, Shipmate, The Coronado Eagle, The Gratitude Book, and Balanced Body, Balanced Life. Additionally, he was extensively quoted in Runner’s World and The New York Times His work over a 30-year fitness career has inspired motivated and encouraged people to grow and do their best. His powerful ability to connect with people helps them transform their lives and businesses. His goal for 126 Days, 11 Minutes is to help you transform your relationships by learning to love unconditionally. Larry lives and works in San Diego, has two children: Joe and Lauren, and one grandson, Luca. Larry’s first book INDsights for Life: Rising Up - Reaching Higher – Together, is an inspirational guide containing daily messages of hope, belief, caring, and love. It is available on Kindle and Audible. Email Larry at You can find the book here:
November 10, 2020
Girls4Greatness with Delia Perry
Delia was born and raised in a tiny town in rural Iowa.  She admits that she was blessed with a great upbringing and a relatively normal childhood.  However, when she left her small world of familiarity and headed to college, she had to endure some tough experiences that wreaked havoc on her self-esteem and left her confused about who she really was. Those experiences left her wondering for years why she struggled so much with her self-esteem, habits, and thought process.  She has since been on an amazing journey of self-discovery and self-improvement for what seems like most of her adult life.  And somewhere along the line, she created Girls4Greatness.  The mission of her organization is to inspire you to ROCK a life empowered by your own greatness. Suggested book:  The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo
October 21, 2020
Vital Blends CBD products with Kelly Fanale, Founder
Our story dates back to 2014 when my daughter Courtney started experiencing debilitating, nearly paralyzing hip pain. She was misdiagnosed with Sciatica for 5 months. By mid-March of 2015, she could not walk, so her doctor ordered an X-Ray, MRI, and CT Scan, which revealed she had Avascular Necrosis of the right hip. This condition required her to have multiple hip-preservation surgeries throughout the next 2 years, as well as hydrotherapy, hyperbaric chamber treatments, physical and occupational therapy, and Exogen™ bone stimulation. It was a nightmare, as one can imagine! This is where our journey began. I searched for a variety of CBD products effective for pain management. I vetted 15 different companies’ products to identify the formulas that worked best. Through this process, I learned that not all CBD products are created equally in terms of quality, efficacy, lab testing, and affordability. Then I met my manufacturer. After one application of CBD-infused Celadrin™ Cream (a pain balm), Courtney felt nearly instant relief. We didn’t know it then, but that cream ended up saving her life. Within just ten days, she was able to discontinue taking her pain medication, replacing it with a steady regimen of CBD-infused tinctures and pain balms. Her mind was clear again; she was excited about her recovery, and we both felt like she had been given a completely new lease on life. This led us to conduct further research. We quickly discovered how effective CBD products could be and how much they were helping others with different ailments/conditions, most notably, neurological conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s, in addition to arthritis, nerve, and joint pain. We knew we had stumbled upon something incredible and couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Courtney and I decided to turn this into our life’s work. We wanted to help other people find the same kind of life-altering relief that she had experienced, which led us to the creation of Vital Blends.
October 19, 2020
Rockin the Ages with Anita Mahaffey, Founder of Cool-Jams
Anita Mahaffey is a wife, mother, and serial entrepreneur.  She founded Cool-jams in 2007 at the age of 50.  Her goal is to help people sleep better.  As a three-time survivor of cancer, she speaks about inner beauty versus outer beauty and the importance of accepting oneself and other as they are.  Listen to what she has to say about Rockin the Ages. "My motivation to start Cool-jams in 2007 was because I was having terrible sleep problems. I tried so many brands of sleepwear and couldn’t find anything to help me to stay cool, dry, and temperature regulated. The more I talked to other men and women with the same issues, the more I understood that I was on to something. As a textile expert, I knew there had to be a better way to sleep if I could just develop some fabrics that would help wick moisture, eliminate temperature swings, and dry rapidly. It was a tall order because I was not only concerned about developing a smart fabric to help me sleep better, but I wanted great looking products as well. After several years of research & development, I found the Cool-jams solution and was ready to launch."  -Anita Mahaffey
October 7, 2020
Win The First Quarter of Your Day, with Coach Cam
Cameron Campbell, affectionately known as Coach Cam, is a servant, sports enthusiast, and social entrepreneur who has spoken more than a thousand times for various sports and philanthropic organizations including the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball League(NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB). He is a former division one (D1) football athlete and graduate of the University of Houston who transformed his passion for sports into a career serving students as an Athletic Director and Head Coach where he was recognized as the all-time winningest coach. He is currently empowering others as a business consultant and owner of Texas Athletics Construction and will be releasing his highly anticipated online course, Win the 1st Quarter of Your Day: Playbook For Wealth, Health, & Success
October 1, 2020
Janis Carmena, eCommerce Queen Bee
Janis has been a full-time police officer for 15 years until she was injured and could not work on the road anymore. Not being able to work as a patrol officer anymore was a life-changing moment and Janis decided that she needed to reinvent herself and start another that she was in control of. With this challenge in mind, Janis discovered eCommerce. Janis began her eCommerce journey with retail Arbitrage then she has launched two private label brands on Amazon, Shopify, and by using Clickfunnels. The difference between Janis and all the other Amazon sellers is that she is proud to tell people about her brands and the products she sells. Her first brand is #nostrawchallenge and her second is No Trace Bags. As a trained teacher before becoming a police officer, Janis has now gone full circle and returned to her roots. She wants to help other women become Ecommerce Queen Bees and take control of their own income. She is a true believer that your journey is yours alone and she is here to help everyone who chooses to take on the eCommerce Journey. Janis walks us through how to get your products on Amazon and start making money.  Have a listen and go to her website to learn more about her boot camp classes and other offerings.
September 24, 2020
Nate Peo, Creator of The All In Podcast
Nate Peo has a B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska and an MBA from Pepperdine University.  He has spent the last twenty years in the construction industry and just recently left to work on his podcast and online courses full-time.  Join me as we talk about Nate's journey in creating THE ALL-IN PODCAST.  It is his desire to explore the power of personal relationships and show what happens when you chase your dreams and realize your true passions.  His goal with the show is to make connections with people from all walks of life that will change the way you show up in your personal and professional life. We discuss his journey of on again-off again entrepreneurship, claiming his fear and overcoming it and what is next for him. You can follow Nate or contact him via the following links:
September 15, 2020
Jacqueline Maddison, Founder & Editor-in-Chief or Beverly Hills Magazine
An innovative and strong-willed entrepreneur, Jacqueline Maddison, has forged business relationships along the way that have allowed full development of each of her professional visions. With a streamlined plan of action and relentless focus, her business plans flourish. She is an impeccable businesswoman, with excellent communication skills and a sharp intuition that guides her way. She is taking the business world by storm, and at such a young age!     Keep a close watch on this young lady; she is going places. Originally from South Africa, born-again Christian entrepreneur, Jacqueline Maddison, tells her unique story of how she lost everything and rebuilt her life by her influential relationship with God becoming Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine with NO MONEY! Her message of one of faith, hope, and charity. As a Spiritual Success Coach, you will learn the Spiritual Secrets of Success in her new book, the 7 Oracles of Success, where you can apply them to your own life to pursue your own impossible dream, step into your destiny, and live your dream life. She’s living proof, that if she can do it, so can you! What are you waiting for? God’s got a good plan for your life…Go for it! Believe in your dreams! LINKS: Facebook: @RealJacquelineMaddison @OfficialBeverlyHillsMagazine Instagram: @Jacqueline.Maddison @beverlyhillsmagazine Twitter: @MissJMaddison @BevHillsMag
September 10, 2020
Tracey Ferrin, Author of Upstruggle and Cancer Thriver
Tracey and I have an open, honest, and raw conversation about her journey as a teenage Mom, wife, and cancer patient.  She states that cancer added value beyond measure to her life.  Tracey shares her Struggle Formula along with tips and reminders to help any of us when we are faced with challenging times in our lives.   Tracey Ferrin is the Best Selling author of Up Struggle, motivational speaker, and cancer Thriver. She is a contributing writer for the website Love What Matters which has over 8 million followers on social media. When she isn’t writing or speaking, she can be found teaching group fitness classes. Tracey belongs to a community of speaker sisters and a global personal development community of multi-passionate women. She is a personal development junkie who is always seeking growth opportunities so she can turn around and share her knowledge with others. For over 10 years, Tracey has served her community through volunteer work with MD Anderson Cancer Center and CanCare. She is already working on her next book which will be released next year. Tracey is married to her best friend Ryan, and together they have four children.  Houston, TX is where she calls home. Shortened Link for the book: Link to website: Link for Facebook Link for Instagram: Link for TikTok Link for LinkedIn Love What Matters website: ( Story below is my most popular story. Can type in my name in the search bar on the website and all my stories will pop up)
August 25, 2020
Master Talk with Brenden Kumarasamy
Communicate to Inspire. As an experienced speaker and facilitator, Brenden understands that audience members need to walk away captivated, and above all, inspired to master the art of communication. It should be seen as something to look forward to rather than a burden that must be overcome. Brenden started coaching speakers at the young age of 19 with the desire to become the best speaking coach in the world.   It is his theory that most people are afraid of public speaking for three reasons: 1.  In school, we are required to give a speech, but we don't get to pick the topic. 2.  The other students that we are going to speak to, don't care what we have to say.  3.  Teachers are too stressed to help us because they have too many students and too much to teach. We have a stimulating conversation about how we can learn to speak with greater ease and some important things about life in general.
August 10, 2020
Honest to Greatness with Peter Kozodoy
Peter Kozodoy is the author of Honest to Greatness, an Inc. 5000 serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and business coach who works with organizations and their leaders to help them overcome self-limiting bullsh*t and use brutal honesty to achieve massive success. But it didn’t start that way. At 17, he was an Olympic-hopeful figure skater who was sure he would achieve his childhood dream of attending Harvard University. By 18, he had missed both the Olympics and Harvard. He found his life spiraling out of control...until he finally discovered the power of brutal honesty, particularly when it comes to being honest with yourself. From the depths of 2008, Peter and his business partner built an Inc. 5000 marketing agency that would go on to work with startups to the Fortune 500, and local car dealers to Warren Buffett. Peter’s tough lessons learned — in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship — have appeared in Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post and more, He has shared his story at TEDx, CEO Clubs of America, Digital Book World, and many other conferences and corporations, spreading his mission to help leaders use brutal honesty to achieve massive success in business and life. He holds a BA in Economics from Brandeis University (Summa cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and an MBA from Columbia Business School. In this episode, Peter and I discuss his new book Honest to Greatness and the importance of individuals, business owners, and members of the C suite in organizations all over the world to simply tell the truth. Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:
July 16, 2020
Getting Your Financial World In Order with Kimberly Guha, CFP®, CIMA®
Is your financial world in good order?  It is no secret that unexpected and unplanned events can happen in our lives that can find us on rocky ground if we are not prepared.  I had an informative conversation with Kimberly Guha, a financial advisor with UBS.   We discussed the research that UBS has done on women and finances.  Kim reviewed what the research revealed and gave us some advice, especially to women on what to do to take charge of their finances and future.  And finally, Kim gave us some suggestions on how to deal with increased volatility that we are experiencing in the markets.   Kimberly is a financial advisor with UBS.  She has her CFP®, CIMA® certification, and focuses on providing tax-aware investment solutions tailored to each of her client's individual financial goals.  Prior to joining UBS, Kim was a Senior Tax Associate and CPA® at Lindsay and Brownell, LLP in San Diego, CA.  Kim specialized in tax planning and analysis for small business owners, successful families, and nonprofit organizations.   She is also the President of a local nonprofit called the Rwandan Orphans Project that focuses on providing education and emotional support to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity.  Kim earned her B.A. in Economics with an emphasis in Accounting at the University of California, Los Angeles.  In addition, she holds the Series 7 and 66 securities licenses and is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor.  In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, running, and practicing karate at a local studio where she lives in southern California.   Contact information:  Kimberly Guha, CFP®, CIMA® Financial Advisor Accredited Wealth Management Advisor℠ CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) 858-947-5982
July 13, 2020
Career Transition, becoming an author, and an honest conversation about grief with Shelley F. Knight
Shelley F. Knight is a once upon a time nurse turned writer who provides an eclectic blend of clinical, holistic, and spiritual expertise in her specialist subjects of Positive Changes, Spirituality, and Grief. She is author of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book (November 2018), host of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast, and is a freelance writer for international magazines. Shelley holds a first-class degree in adult nursing, and post-graduate studies in Palliative Care and Life-Limiting Illness, Pathophysiology of Cancer, Cytotoxic Chemotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Also, Shelley holds a plethora of holistic and spiritual qualifications, including Transformational Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Development Teacher, Holistic Diagnosis Skills, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Herbalism, and Dream Therapy. She is also an intuitive Tarot card reader, and intuitive Tarot coach, with gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, inherited from her ancestors. Shelley is passionate about encouraging individuals on a transformational journey towards positive changes, particularly following times of loss in their life, be it the loss of a known and trusted way of life, or loss of a loved one. She has set up the Good Grief Northampton Death Cafe to provide a safe space for people to share their experiences of grief with others, and an accompanying Facebook page to support others beyond her home county of Northamptonshire. Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
July 9, 2020
Healing Yourself Using Awareness and Intuition with Emily Dickson
A Seattle native, Emily is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, and healing consultant/coach for horses and people.  She is focused on optimizing whole body health through sustainable, simple strategies that fit into peoples’ lives.  Emily currently lives outside of Boise with her cocker spaniel and horse.  She has lived in 5 places in the last 10 years and is a personal development junkie, creator, and chronic optimist.  Emily shares her journey and wisdom as she traversed through the last 5 years battling Celiac Disease, acid reflux, several bouts of SIBO, Chronic Candida, and multiple infections related to toxins.  She shares her core believes about health and wellness and explains that living each day with joy is how she defines success.  I am sure you will appreciate her down to earth approach to taking personal responsibility for her life and health.   You can learn more about Emily at the following links: Website: Thought Catalog: Medium: Instagram: @emilyclairedickson (best place to connect!) Facebook: @primetimetherapies
July 7, 2020
The Creator Mindset with Nir Bashan
Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals around the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, and ultimately create more meaning in their work.   Nir has spent the last two decades working on a formula to codify creativity. That formula is found in Nir's new book, The Creator Mindset, which has been translated into two languages. He was one of the youngest professors ever selected to teach graduate courses at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Also, he taught undergraduate courses at the University of California at Los Angeles. He has worked on numerous albums, movies, and advertisements with famous actors and musicians ranging from Rod Stewart to Woody Harrelson.  His work on creativity has won a Clio Award and was nominated for an Emmy. Nir is the founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset LLC, a company that conducts workshops, consulting, coaching, and keynote speeches at conferences and corporate events. His clients include AT&T, Microsoft, Ace Hardware, NFL Network, EA Sports, Suzuki, Activision, and JetBlue.  Nir lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, young son, and two Bernedoodles named P-Paws and Waylon Jennings. You can learn more about Nir at  Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
July 3, 2020
Nourishment Vitality with Sheryl Puterman
Sheryl set out to make a difference. Self-study, formal certifications, seminars, and finally taking on the role of Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO Teacher, Coach, and International Speaker She works with some of the most common health challenges of our times dealing with stress, stress management, anxiety, mood & fatigue. Sheryl also works with food and body challenges, including weight management, wellness, binge eating, overeating, body image, stress relief, and various nutrition-related health concerns. Nourishment Vitality offers online courses, workshops, and coaching programs that bring together the science of nutrition and psychology. Sheryl and her team create sustainable, lasting healthy habits and lifestyles. Have a look at the links below to access free downloads and to learn about online courses. 1) Free guides - a) breathing through stress  b) living a better life one habit at a time c) power of gratitude link - 2) Online course - How to stop stress eating Landing page for the online course -
June 17, 2020
Creative Journal Expressive Arts with ST Rappaport
ST Rappaport is Relationship Photographer, Creative Journal Expressive Arts Coach, founder of Genius Relationships, and host of the LifePix Relationships Podcast. After observing, listening, and connecting with so many couples, ST is on a mission to find out what makes relationships work and how they can become extraordinary and is here to help as many people as possible. To get your free mini session go to Are you stuck in a challenging situation? Do you want to move forward in your life? Do you want your relationship to be in a better place? Take ST up on her complimentary 20-minute session by clicking on the link and scheduling a time to get some sound coaching. Instagram: LinkedIn: ST's Podcast:
June 16, 2020
Conflict Transformation with Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller has spent hundreds of hours in deliberate communication practice and stretching himself outside of his comfort zone. He is a former program leader at Landmark Worldwide and is a Certified Professional Coach through Erickson Coaching International. He has done extensive training in Nonviolent Communication and is also a dedicated Vipassana meditation practitioner, having spent well over 2,000 hours meditating in the past few years. His coaching style is rigorous, compassionate, and highly action-oriented. In this episode of the Badass Soul Seeking Warrior Podcast Jonathan talks about the causes of conflict, why people have such fear around conflict, and he offers tips to overcome any conflict challenge.   You can learn more about Jonathan at the following links: Website: Tough Talks Made Easy: Mindful Communication Podcast: LinkedIn: Instagram: Promo Code:  BADASS50 for a special discounted one-on-one session with Jonathan
June 10, 2020
Episode 4: Katie Mallinson, Functional Nutrition Expert - Great Advice on Nutritional Supplements
Common Questions around supplements: 1. Why is there so much confusion around supplements a. Conflicting, misquoted, or poor quality research– we must dig into the data! i. Vitamin E, alpha-d-tocopherol in isolation vs. in combination with d- gamma-tocopherol. ii. Beta-Carotene: smokers (accelerated DNA damage) vs. non-smokers, heavy alcohol drinkers (hepatotoxicity). b. Each person is unique, and we have to put the data into the context of the complex person in front of us! 2. My friend’s trainer/friend/family member recommended x, should I take it also? 3. How do I know if a supplement is working or I’m taking a supplement, and I don’t notice a change? a. DOSE and TYPE matter! E.g., Magnesium glycinate, threonate, citrate, oxide b. Loading period: glucosamine + Chondroitin – 6 months until we see results. 4. Can’t I get everything through my diet? a. Food-system and growing inconsistencies b. High toxic burden c. Inconsistent dietary patterns or limited diversity 5. Can I take X and eat what I want? NO! You cannot out-supplement a bad diet! a. Progressions: add Turmeric, Ginger, Black pepper for general anti-inflammatory properties. Dealing with acute or chronic inflammation? Consider supplemental curcumin + BioPerine (both are active ingredients of turmeric & black pepper) at therapeutic dose. Again, we must consider the unique individual. Curcumin has blood-sugar-lowering properties. High doses may be contraindicated in specific populations. Three main questions (and sub-questions) to ask yourself when thinking about supplements: 1. What is the goal/desired outcome you hope to gain from the supplement? a. Is this for general wellness or targeted nutritional therapy? b. What is the health status of the person, and are there any contraindications? 2. What is the appropriate type of supplement? a. Does the form of the supplement match the indicated use? Examples Magnesium, Curcumin, or zinc. b. Is this the most effective supplement to reach the desired outcome from question #1. c. Are there additional co-factors or considerations that need to be taken into account? 3. Is the dose and timeline for supplementation adequate to meet the desired outcome? a. E.g., fish oil, Glucosamine + Chondroitin, and Vitamin C. Guidelines for Supplementation: 1. Diet first! You cannot out supplement a bad diet.  2. Not all supplements are created equal  3. Dose matters  4. Consult a licensed professional
January 9, 2020
Episode 3: Katie Mallinson, Functional Nutrition Expert - What Eating Plan Is Best For You?
What Eating Plan is Best for You? Join Katie and me and learn about the various eating plans available and how to find out what is best for you. 1. 2020 Resolutions - reflect upon 2019 and any resolutions you may have set as asking yourself: what went well and why? What didn't and why? What can I do differently? 2. Diets: Before diving into specific diets, let's talk a little bit about how food serves us as individuals and why there is so much confusion about what to eat. 3. Now let's dive into specific diets Ketogenic Diet: High-fat diet, between 80-90% of calories coming from fat Intermittent Fasting: restricted periods of eating and fasting. Popular - time-restricted eating (16:8) or 5:2 diet Gluten-Free: complete elimination of gluten-containing foods like wheat, barley, rye. Plant-based: high consumption of plants based foods, e.g., vegetables, legumes, grains, etc. Diet may or may not contain animal products. Vegan: 100% plant-based diet. complete elimination of animal products. 4. Do you recommend or caution the use of any of these diets? 5. How does a person figure out what is the best diet for them, and what are some things that they should be looking out for? Any recommendation for specific age groups? What about weight loss? Key Takeaways: 1. Track your food and how it impacts your body. We need to create awareness about the choices we make and how they affect our bodies and our health. 2. You need to EAT to LOSE weight. If you starve your body, you will not build muscle. Your body will go into preservation mode and hold onto fat. 3. If something isn't working for you, STOP DOING it. Find something new. Be curious and ask questions. Be mindful of confirmation bias. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA is often stronger than science. Don't be afraid to follow the sources back to the original research.
January 9, 2020
Episode 2: Katie Mallinson, Functional Nutrition Expert - How To Managing Your Eating Through The Holidays or Special Occasions
Episode 2 - Functional Nutrition with Katie Mallison: In today's episode, Kate gives us some tips for the holidays. Have a look: Holiday Survival Guide: 1. What are your goals? Write out and check-in with them often. 2. Plan out your activities. Stay connected to how food makes you feel. Will the 3rd glass of wine leave you with a hangover, do you have a holiday run that you want to perform well on, etc. 3. Be as consistent as possible, but don’t over-stress. If you wake up and exercise, keep that routine. 4. Plan active time with family and friends. a. Run group – create an activity or challenge. b. Post dinner walk, morning yoga, flag football c. FRESH Air Dealing with Holiday Parties 1. Eat before you go 2. Bring a vegetable dish 3. Drink water, hot water, sparkling water with a splash of bitters 4. EAT Seated, EAT SLOW & Chew your food. 5. Be mindful of liquid calories and alcohol. How about some tips for people who are traveling during the holidays? 1. Do your research and know where to shop and look up some healthy restaurants. 2. Pack some snacks 3. When you get to your destination, you do the shopping. 4. Stay hydrated 5. Perfection is a myth. Do your best. 6. Remember, the “wagon” is all in your head. You’re not falling off anything; take it one meal at a time and move on. You can learn more about Katie at
January 9, 2020
Episode One: Katie Mallinson, Functional Nutrition Expert - Keeping a Food Journal
Episode 1 - Katie Mallison: Keeping a Food Journal. In today's episode, Katie talks about the first step in getting to the bottom of creating an eating plan that works for you is to keep a food journal. To learn more about Katie go to her website The food journal app that Katie recommends can be found here: If you want the 3-Day Food Journal DM me. If you have any questions for us, please leave them in the comments,, and we will be sure to respond to you.
January 9, 2020
Marji Guyler-Alaniz, Founder of
It all started with a dream and a camera. In 2013, Marji Guyler-Alaniz had just left her job in corporate agriculture and started a photo project titled FarmHer, capturing women working on the farm. She wasn't the only one interested in updating the image of agriculture and others began to follow the movement. FarmHer quickly grew into a place where stories are shared and women are not only recognized but feel a sense of inspiration and community. Today the business consists of various entities, all shining a light on women in agriculture. Show Notes: Website: Super Bowl Commercial: Book Suggestion: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Blog Suggestion: The Lost Peacock Creamery RFD-TV Stream link: Barbara Mazurek Season 1:
December 17, 2018
Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan
Adrian “Buckaroogirl” is a 20 something firecracker who is equally at home in the branding pen, ranch bronc or stage, who burst onto the western music scene at just 14 years old. Join me as Adrian and I talk about everything from her childhood to her new album and first book.
September 26, 2018
Ariana Luterman Episode 6
Ariana Luterman is 18 years old and a powerhouse triathlon athlete and philanthropist. In this podcast we talk about her start in the sport of triathlon as well as her being the founder of Team Ariana. The organization has raised over $150,000 in the past six years benefitting over 5000 homeless children, while inspiring thousands of other kids and adults to follow the Team Ariana mission – to live a healthy lifestyle, find a passion, pursue it, and give back to others in a personally meaningful way. You will enjoy listening to this vibrant and inspiring young lady.
May 16, 2018
Brooklyn Boy Knits with Louis Boria
Ten years ago Louis Boria had a dream about knitting that changed his life. His story is proof that if you follow your passion, regardless of what others may think, you will find success. Louis feels that no one should have a fear of doing what they love because of fear of judgment from others, or what others may think. He says that one of the best ‘side-effects’ of his knitting is that he is helping to break down barriers and expectations around gender roles. In this podcast, Louis and I talk about living life with passion, purpose, and freedom.
May 9, 2018
Episode 003: Leslie Farhangi
I first learned of Peony Vodka in the August 2016 issue of O Magazine. Peonies are my favorite flower so I was intrigued. As I researched more about the vodka I learned that it was the brainchild of Leslie Farhangi, a Stanford educated attorney who no longer enjoyed being a lawyer so she packed up and moved with her family to a 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley. Peony Vodka is a subtly flavored spirit born in eastern Hudson Valley, New York. Drawing inspiration from Dutchess County’s varied landscape, sparkling meadows and rushing brooks, stone walls and inviting trails, Peony Vodka was created to celebrate country living. Three Meadows Spirits’ operations take place in a historic 18th-century house nestled on a 200-acre farm of hay fields, pastures, woods and luscious rows of peony flowers that burst into fragrant bloom each June. Show Notes:
March 15, 2018
Episode 002: Tara Butcher
Tara Butcher’s life changed forever on her drive home from a night out with her friends. Her story is a testament to her unflinching dedication and determination to live a life that she loves. A ten-day medically induced coma, hours of surgery, and the amputation of her left leg are only a few of the challenges that Tara had to overcome. This is Tara’s account of how she chose to view a life-threatening accident as a gift. This beautiful young woman generously shares sage advice about choosing happiness and the wisdom of living authentically. Tara Butcher take-aways: 1:00 Start 4:37 My life changing event 5:18 A car going 72 MPH hit me 5:56 My 10-day medically induced coma 6:45 My injuries 7:30 Waking up from the coma 8:45 My amazing medical team 10:10 The day I told my social worker to get out of my room 11:54 needs edited 12:22 8-weeks in the hospital… More at:
March 15, 2018
Episode 001: Amberley Snyder
I read about Amberley Snyder in Cowgirl Magazine in April of 2016. The introductory line of the article said, “Amberley Snyder is a badass barrel racer who is also paralyzed from the waist down.” As I continued to read the article I was inspired by Amberley’s story of triumph over tragedy and I liked her spunky attitude about getting back in the saddle after a life-changing truck accident. The Badass Warrior Podcast series was high on my list of things to create and Amberley’s story put that task into overdrive. A little over a year later I was thrilled to sit down with Amberley and learn more about her, her family, and what she felt made her a badass. You will be inspired by her story, so find a comfortable spot and sit down and listen to this young woman talk about her life and love of horses. And, when you think you are having a bad day, listen to this podcast again. Amberley Snyder take-aways 6:26 First big rodeo win 7:57 A life-changing day 10:02 Getting back in the saddle
February 26, 2018