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The Soul Diggers Podcast

The Soul Diggers Podcast

By Amber
How do I start my own business? How do I make more money? How to be an entrepreneur? How to build a side hustle? What's their story??! Hey beautiful soul! Welcome to the Soul Diggers podcast, a place where you will hear all things from how to start your own business, find your passion, and scale your side hustle. You will hear the stories of the real everyday person who chased their dreams to success and all the real talk, insider tips & more so that you can build a life by your design! So, come listen in to the stories from the soul, the ups downs and wins so you have the upper edge!
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Ep: 15 How To Build Your Personal Brand with Britney Gardner

The Soul Diggers Podcast

Ep: 15 How To Build Your Personal Brand with Britney Gardner

The Soul Diggers Podcast

Ep: 28 3 Steps To Get Your Groove Back with your Online biz
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Welcome back to Tune In Tuesday & a place where real AF people dig deep to chasing a dream & making an income doing it. You are in the right place. Today's episode: Feeling overwhelmed and/or stressed about all the content out there, maybe your biz isn't making money, it seems like everyone is making progress but you are not.. you are questioning if following your passion is really worth it... Maybe you hit a slump and everything feels hard or you just don't feel like showing up these days for that spark that used to light you up - this one is for you! Let's chat today about the realness that we all experience when we are questioning everything we are doing and can this dream really be possible? If you noticed I have not posted an episode for a while and I talk about what the heck was going on * besides the craziness of 2020 and how I was able to get my groove back It's time to get your soul feeling on fire again! *if you have little one's ears nearby, put on the earmuffs or listen alone with some wine as there are a few adult words because I got my fire back ;) Tag me on Instagram so I can reshare your ah-ha moments @soulonfireofficial
May 4, 2021
Ep 27: 6 Steps to Making Decisions Effortlessly with Andreea Tamas
Struggling with making decisions? Maybe there is something on your soul you have been thinking about doing, buuut you just have not pulled the trigger yet because you just cannot decide if you should. The blog you want to start, the city you want to move to, the biz you want to create, the relationship you want to leave, whatever it is, how can you make the right decision in your life and biz once and for all? As entrepreneurs, and those chasing dreams, we constantly have to make decisions and we can find ourselves really struggling with doing so which can hold us back for a LONG time.  So, how can we stop looking for validation on what calls to us and finally pull the trigger without second guessing  it ...for wayyyy to long? Find out today with my guest Andreea Tamas who is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer who not only shares how you can easily make decisions in your life and your biz, but she also shares how she left her country to come to the US led to a near death experience and changed her life. This led her to go from never being able to make a decision herself, to owning her own life and business and helping others do the same.  Now stop questioning yourself and go listen to the episode right now! Connect with Andreea on Instagram at  and her amazing FB group for hearth centered entrepreneurs  HERE
November 3, 2020
Ep:26 Why I'm Glad I Almost Died...
Why am I glad I almost died? Hear me out.   In episode 1, I told you the story of what happened, but today we talk about why I am grateful now for what happened & how it changed my life and is now changing others There 4 things you will hear today that will change your life & be your motto forever too *Note: I do get pretty passionate on this episode and one 'bad word' is said in case you have littles around Don't forget to get your message out into the world too and never wonder what to post on social again to hold you back with these done for you Viral Templates I use! Linked below: CLICKHERE If this message resonates with you, share it on social media and tag me @soulonfireofficial so I can share it!
September 29, 2020
Ep 25: Wake The Warrior Within with Megan Nolan
Tune In Tuesday is here!  From overwhelmed to overworked, we are entrepreneurs, moms, teachers at home, and so much more! So how can we actually get ahead of all the things on the to-lists? How do we really take care of ourselves in order to take care of everything on our plate? Today I am chatting with Megan Nolan who shares her approach on how to keep our minds and bodies strong as we venture through all the things in our busy worlds. Megan helps entrepreneurs wake the warrior within and embody their most vibrant and empowered selves so they can show up better in their businesses and lives. In order to speed up, we need to slow down and listen to what's in our soul, but how do we do all that with so much to do? Check out the episode and find out how and the most important question I asked Megan at the end of the show. Grab her FREE 15 min yoga session that will have you feeling grounded, vibrant and strong HERE Connect with Megan at @wakethewarriorwithin on Instagram & FB
September 22, 2020
Ep 23:Why You should Hire as a Solopreneur & How to Win The Day with Kris Ward
Build your team, build your business! Such true words spoken by our guest today who is the host of the Win the Hour, Win the Day podcast, & the amazing book! Kris helps entrepreneurs scratch off the long hours, working weekends and the rush of the entrepreneur life, and helps you take back your time, business and day! Feeling flustered trying to do ALL the things on your own as a solopreneur and you feel like you are not making the progress you want because there is just SO much to do? And maybe you know your could hire a VA but should you? How to hire a VA? Where to even start hiring as a new business owner? These questions and more talked about in today's episode with our guest Kris! ** FREE training from Kris to our listeners! **  Get The Secrets To Having Affordable, And High Quality Help Today! 7 Part Series! Follow Kris at kriswardxx on Instagram! Win the hour, day and your biz back with this episode. Enjoy!
September 1, 2020
Your Passion To a Biz You Love Part 3
How do I start my own business? How to be my own boss? What do I need to start a business online? What not to do when starting your own business.. What These questions and more answered on part 3 of the Your Passion To a Biz You Love series! What if you could take your passion to a biz and life you love without spending money or time you don't have and doing what sets your soul on fire? Listen, it's possible now more than ever and I am giving you a series of episodes on HOW to get started from scratch.  Today I am talking about the myths of starting your own online business, mistakes I made and how to start. >>>>> GRAB YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD FOR THIS SESSION>>>> THE PASSION TO PROFITS BLUPRINT: Building a biz from scratch in 4 easy steps DOWNLOAD HERE
July 21, 2020
Your Passion To a Biz You Love Part 2
     What if you could take your passion to a biz and life you love without spending money or time you don't have and doing what sets your soul on fire? Listen, it's possible now more than ever and I am giving you a series of episodes on HOW to get started from scratch. Check out the last episode to listen to how it all started for me and what/didn't work. Next up is today's episode on 3 things to do when you are just starting out even if you have no idea what your passion is. Have a breakthrough or more questions about taking your passion to a biz? Let me know and I will answer those on the next episode!  Follow me on Soulonfireofficial and message me directly!
July 14, 2020
Ep:21 From A Message In Your Soul to a Business
How do you even start your own business? How do I find my passion? How can I take my passion to profits? How do I live the life I love?  All of these questions and so many more I had asked myself when I knew I was meant for more but I had ZERO clues on how or where to start. Today kicks off a series of episodes that will open the doors to my journey and how I got started with taking my passion to a biz, like the why? who? what? where? and future episodes on how you can too from ground zero. On this first episode, I talk about how many years ago I had a cubicle job I dreaded, always staring out the window wanting more to what I thought my dream was... climbing the corporate ladder. Well once I did that I realize, wait my soul is still seeking more?!  But what? and how? This lead to my journey of my business Soul On Fire. Dive in to see how it all happened because you may be feeling the same way too... And stay tuned for more episodes on how you can follow your passion to a biz and life you design! *Want even more in between episodes? Head over to hang out with me on Instagram here
July 7, 2020
Nailing Your Niche! How Chrissy took her love of Math and made it a business
Not sure how to pick a niche to start your side business? Are you thinking you don't have any special skills to create into a business? And what is this niche thing anyhow? Whether you heard it once or a million times, the riches are in the niches! But, what if you are not sure what your superpower or skill is that you could make into a business? Today we talk with Chrissy, who has nailed her niche when it was right under her nose the whole time, and it may be for you too! Chrissy is a mama of two who began in the teaching field and always had a passion for teaching math. Yet she knew she was meant for more but was not sure where to start that journey or how to build a business out of her passion. Listen to how Chrissy took what she already knew, and built a business doing it! Be sure to tune in if you are struggling with homeschooling, especially the Math section!
June 9, 2020
Ep:19 Selling Secrets with Michelle Anne Hagen
So you are an entrepreneur, or you want to be, buuut that whole selling thing seems 'sleazy' or difficult so how do you actually sell something without it feeling icky? Or how can you sell down in the DMs the RIGHT way? Found out today! My guest today is Michelle Anne Hagen who is a profitability & sales strategist whos superpower is selling! She's an amazing mama of two, hangs with her littles and hubby in Nebraska and shows you her life and business in a beautiful way. Michelle talks to us today about how to actually go about selling your courses, programs, and all of the things so you feel GOOD about it! No more questioning how to sell as an entrepreneur, this episode has got you covered! Don't miss this one! Check out more about Michelle on IG @michelleannhagen Enjoy!
May 26, 2020
Sharing My Soul & Speaking Gig notes*Bonus Raw Film
Wonder how you could follow your passion and be a mom too? How about juggling all the things as a mom-preneur, the 9-5 with a side hustle, and where is that balance? Well, today is a bit of a special episode as there is no guest, no agenda, or to-do list. Just me, in my creative spot speaking from my soul and how I deal with it all with success and tips that you can too. It's unedited, raw, and us just having a conversation about all the things! Grab a blanket and a drink let's sit outside and dream I also mention the Ignite Your Passion Virtual Summit that I am a speaker for this week and it is FREE to join and so many amazing speakers! Join at ! Check out more on Instagram @soulonfireofficial
May 5, 2020
Ep: 17 The Secret Formula to Making Your Dreams A Reality with CEO Alon David
Oh, do I have a treat for you today! Are you stuck creating that course? Are you building that brand without a plan? Maybe you have big dreams of being the CEO of your vision but are not sure how to get started.   This is one you are going to want to dive in deep because my guest today is amazing Alon David, CEO of the 90x Goal Planner! But, Alon didn't just start as a CEO of his own business, he shares the real and inspiring story of how he came to the US with nothing and started his journey by picking up trash. But he had a goal, & a dream of something more for his life and he was not going to stop until he owned his life and the journey he was on. He takes us through what that journey looked like and also the magic formula on how you can make your dreams, that biz, and that goal of yours a reality! This episode is JAM packed with so much value from Alon that you want to make sure to have you planner, pen, and a full cup of coffee taking notes! This is one of my favorite episodes to share with you so tune in and be SURE to listen to the end when Alon gives just our listeners a SPECIAL bonus!!! ***So be sure to listen until the end for the bonus Alon gives (hint discount only for the soul diggers!!!) Check out the 90x Goal Planner on Instagram HERE and the website HERE Get your 90x planner and start making that vision a reality! Be your own boss. Live beautifully untamed. Be a digital CEO.
April 21, 2020
Ep: 16 Finding your Authentic self: The easy way to build a 6 figure Biz W Danica Pierce
I hear you,  you are feeling stuck down that entrepreneurial road you went down, finding yourself lost in that rabbit hole of creating but not actually feeling like you are making progress on that side hustle 🙋‍♀️ You probably have pivoted multiple times on ideas, offerings, and all the things. Listen, you are not alone! In fact, this is where most entrepreneurs get stuck. Trying to figure out what passion to focus on, what tasks are important, and getting clarity. Join me today with guest host Danica Norton. Pierce is an abundance coach who helps high achievers find that clarity and pursue their passion to make a bigger impact and income.  Danica shares her story about how she started at her 9-5 she thought she would love, to finding herself down that rabbit hole of entrepreneurship. From there she pivoted, pivoted aaaand maybe some more pivot to finding out what was on her soul and once she stepped into it, how everything changed. Listen in on how you can once and for all get clarity on what you want to do and that biz you have been working tirelessly on! Check out Danica Norton at or here on IG
April 14, 2020
Ep: 15 How To Build Your Personal Brand with Britney Gardner
Bringing one of my fav topics to you because I know how lost I was, and heck can still be, when you are trying to figure out what Branding means when you are a new entrepreneur!   Does branding mean you pick a color and that's enough? What if you pick a cute logo is that branding? Or maybe you are starting to figure out your message, the fonts, the colors, but is that enough? What does brand yourself mean?! Let's dive in and figure all of that out with my guest Britney Gardner. She is a mom, a business owner and she went from being a photographer that she loved, to a brand strategist! She is going to share so much goodness on branding as a newbie entrepreneur and how to get started and what to do & not to do! She is the when it comes to branding! Still feeling lost on this whole branding thing, don't worry she has you covered! Check out her epic NEW course I mean this one is SOOO good and a heck of a deal (for now!) so go get your hands on it and show up in the world like never before! ---> Click HERE for her system Find out more about Britney below Soul Diggers Podcast
March 31, 2020
Ep: 14 How To Chase Your Dreams While Being An Introvert With Andreea Sandu
I know things may be a bit crazy right now, but this why you need this now more than ever! Grab an iced coffee and bring some normalcy to your life with a new episode that will set your soul on fire! How to chase your dreams as an introvert? How to leave corporate?  Can you live off of blogging? All these questions and more are talked about with my guest Andreea Sandu, she is a fellow introvert and host of The Introvert that Could Podcast & creator of Coach Me Amazing. She talks about how she started with blogging, because hello introvert, and went from her corporate job to chasing what set her soul on fire and now living in a boat! Check out her amazing story, how to chase a dream while being an introvert in more in this great episode! Connect with Andreea in her newsletter here and on IG at @coachmeamazing The Soul Diggers Podcast
March 24, 2020
Ep:13 Taking Control of Your Health with Alisha Jensen
Today we are dialing back down to the #1 topic on everyone's mind ... health. If we have don't have our health, we don't have anything and we are learning that as the time we are in and the world has seem to shut down do to a virus taking over.  This was recorded a couple of months ago as it was TBD when the best time would be to share it and wow what a time we are in to talk HEALTH! I have Alisha Jensen as the guest today she is a mom, wife, entrepreneur and incredibly conscious woman who is dedicated to helping you achieve the toxin free life you deserve. Listen in on how you can live a more why it's important to live a toxic free life, how to do it even when you feel too busy and my story of what changed it all for me. Need more advice from Alisha: Connect with Alisha on her site ---->  HERE
March 17, 2020
Ep:12 *Bonus!* Building A New Business & Life With Erica Steeves
What happens when you are starting from zero, decide to take a leap of faith and invest in yourself and your future to a program you have never heard of? Listen to Erica Steeves story today and how her life, personal & business, changed quickly from one decision she made less than a year ago! She was not sure what life held for her but she knew she wanted more than where she was and believed in herself and enrolled in the KBB program. I can't wait to share her story how everything changed as KBB was her pivotal moment that changed it all.. Connect with Erica on IG HERE and her NEW YouTube channel here! LAST CALL TO ENROLL IN THIS LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM! STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? CHECK OUT THE NEWEST VIDEO BELOW, BUT HURRY DOORS CLOSE FOR GOOD IN JUST A FEW HOURS!!!! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO & ENROLL HERE!!!
March 10, 2020
EP: 11 *Bonus* How this one gift changed her life with guest Jenny Infante-Reyes
What if you have a dream, something in your heart & soul but are not sure of HOW to put it together? Listen to Jenny's story of how she moved from the Philippines to the US, with her kids and husband and knew she wanted to start a business that she loved. Luckily, Jenny's husband bought her one AMAZING gift that changed her life, her business and even her relationships with the kids and her spouse! Found out what that gift was and how her life changed! Follow Jenny on IG HERE *** This is your last chance ever to enroll in the life changing KBB program and the doors close! Don't miss your chance to change your life with this one decision! Believe in yourself, believe there is more to the world than your current reality, believe that this is your chance at a better life*** Enroll today (ps don't forget to check out the most amazing 7 bonuses you are getting when you enroll!!!) ENROLL NOW!
March 9, 2020
Ep: 10 Bringing Back the Fire In Your Life - With Jeff Wickersham
**Special Tune-In Tuesday & Podcast Party Week!** It is an extra special week on the Soul Diggers Podcast! Not only will you be hearing episodes all week long, but you will hear real stories from real people who took a leap of faith last year, from all over the world, that joined the Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi program with me called KBB. I have shouted from the rooftops just how much this program changed my life, but don't just take my word for it. These are the stories of others who had their lives changed too.   These are guests I had never met before KBB, we were all new to what we had signed up for and have become friends, family, business partners, mentors and more. We had NO idea this would happen from one online program....     Let's listen to Jeff's story about where he was before KBB and where he is now. He even shares a very personal story that changed his life forever and how he decided to take that moment to where is now...  Jeff is an inspirational leader to those in the world looking to better their lives! He also has created the Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs Podcast that just launched!  If you need some inspiration, and especially a morning routine, he is your guy! Go check him out on the FB page!  It's time to transform YOUR life and live a life by your design and not someone else's. The Doors to KBB are now open, but only for a few more days! Join here and I cannot wait to see on the inside and see just how your life changes too! You are worth it! ENROLL IN KBB NOW! Amber Soul Diggers *Loved this episode? Write a review, share it on IG/FB, tag me, and be entered into a raffle!*
March 4, 2020
How One Decision Can Change Your Life Today - With David Adams
**Special Tune-In Tuesday & Podcast Party Week!** It is an extra special week on the Soul Diggers Podcast! Not only will you be hearing episodes all week long, you will be so inspired by what you hear from those who have so willingly wanted to share their story about how their lives changed last year all thanks to making a decision to enroll in KBB and saying YES to their future. These are guests I had never met before KBB, we were all new to what we had signed up for and have become friends, family, business partners, mentors and more. We had NO idea this would happen from one online program....  Today you will hear about David's story. He enrolled in KBB and had been in his leadership job for more than 11 years and was looking for more out of life. He didn't know how he was going to do this, but he took a leap of faith and his whole life changed after KBB! Is he still in his corporate job? Find out and listen to his transformation It's time to transform YOUR life and live a life by your design and not someone else's. The Doors to KBB are now open, but only for a few more days! Join here and I cannot wait to see on the inside and see just how your life changes too! You are worth it! Amber Soul Diggers *Loved this episode? Write a review, share it on IG/FB, tag me, and be entered in to a raffle!*
March 4, 2020
Ep:8 How She Took Her Messiness to her Message & How You Can Too With Jen Schneider
What a beautiful soul my guest is today!  She is so inspiring and shares some pretty deep stories from her past that she didn't want to speak about for a long time until she realized they were actually her messaging that would inspire so many other souls!  Listen to these stories, how they became her message, and what is her Overall Overhaul that might be what you need right now? Go listen in! Find Jen at Overall Overhaul FB Group Nutrition Intuition  **Register for the BIG announcement, the one time FREE LIVE Tony Robbins event happening 2/27/20 here:
February 25, 2020
Season 1 Ep:7 From Corporate Life to Blogging, Hear How Tabitha Cee Did it
She pictured a life at her corporate job, traveling the world with her husband, and no kids in her small town in Alaska.  But what happens when your soul changes?  One day she realized she did want more, she wanted kids and even wanted to leave her 9-5 and just blog for a living for moms. What did her husband think? What did she do next? Find out on today's episode!   PS Have you heard the term DINK? Me either. Let Tabitha explain! Tabitha is a busy mama of two littles! On her blog, she shares practical solutions to take moms from exhausted and frustrated to energized and organized in their everyday life. She’s passionate about focusing on the joy in motherhood by systematizing essential tasks. She also created Rise & Shine Mini-course that challenges moms to prioritize themselves so they can pour their best back into their families. So often as mothers, we put everyone and everything first but wonder why we’re stressed, overwhelmed, and joyless. Tabitha loves empowering moms to nourish their souls and increase their energy by being proactive in their daily routines, starting with the morning rise Connect with her here- Amber Soul Diggers Podcast 
February 18, 2020
**Wednesday Special!** The Message or Kick in The @$$ You May Need To Hear Today!
Yes, I said it, and you may be taken back but it also may be exactly what you need to hear and you will thank me later! Another episode was scheduled for today, but the universe, source, (whatever you want to call it) was telling me that I instead need to put out this message for those who need to hear it. It is coming from my soul to yours, in a best friend way! Listen to what was on my soul that you needed to hear today!  If it all of it or some resonates with you, then let me know (screen shot, DM,)! I cannot wait for you to hear it because I think this was meant for you today.... Love your soul-mate- Amber
February 12, 2020
From Broke To 10x her Money with Tina Suklje
Oh, this is a good one soul diggers!! On Today's episode, I have a firecracker of a guest & topic you are going to hear! Tina had been living her life feeling like she was broken, like no matter what she did, she had ZERO money, always stressed, couldn't figure out how others were so successful but not her, and HOW could she break free of the BROKE chains? Tina is now a successful Money Results Coach that had 10x in her $$ in ONE YEAR!!! Whoa!  So, what was her secret? We are going to tell you.... but make sure you listen to the ENTIRE episode so you get the FULL message. I promise it will all make sense by the end. And if you still need help fixing that bank account from broke to hope, get in touch with Tina -- And here is her most amazing course and HURRY before the doors close FEB 5! Enjoy the episode soul diggers!
February 4, 2020
How to beat the overwhelm & stress with Ceci Foltz
Whoa mama! Are you feeling a bit stressed and/or overwhelmed with LIFE?  Whether you are a mom, entrepreneur, in the corp gig, all of the above, you need to slow down in order to speed up. But, HOW?  There is always so much to do and never-ending tasks. How do we figure it all out? My guess Ceci Foltz is here to guide through this one and WHY it is imperative to your health!  So check it out and beat the overwhelm! Loved this episode? Check out more from Ceci below As always, if you love what we do please leave a review because it means the WORLD me!
January 28, 2020
The ONE episode that will change your life... The story I've NEVER EVER told....
I'm not crying, you're crying..... Ok it was me.  You may hear me tear up in this episode because it is a story that has lived in my heart and soul for some time but I have never ever shared these details. If you are close to me, you may have heard a tiny bit of it, but not this part that I am about to share. I share it because it will change your life... if you chose to let it change your life that is. This will be very deep and impactful but it may be exactly what you need. Share it for someone who also needs it. Now, grab your tissue box and get ready for this impromptu podcast episode that you must hear TODAY
January 27, 2020
The One Thing You Need To Ditch the 9-5 with Stacey Thury
Welcome to Episode Number 02, the one where I bring my first guest, Stacey Thurey!  Stacey was exactly where you may find yourself in this exact moment.. at a corporate job forever, 18 years in her case! And finally realizing that there had to be more to life, but as a mom to 3 boys and what seemed to be her life path at corporate, how did she make the change to becoming her own boss? Find out the ONE thing that changed everything for her and just might be the change for you too Check out Stacey's Virtual Book Club! Connect with Stacey at @transformationconsultingllc
January 21, 2020
Ep:1 My Story, The Time I almost Died..
Welcome to the very first episode of the Soul Diggers podcast!  This is a special episode because, well besides having a party that it is the first episode, you get to FINALLLY hear about the time I almost died... the one I get asked about THE most!  So get to know me, my story, and yeah that time...  Let's go!
January 14, 2020