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Connecting with Soul Edge alumni and friends from around the world
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Missional Community- An interview with Ollie Jeffs

Soul Edge

Saying yes to Jesus - Interview with the Founders of Altitude Mission
In this interview, you will hear Will and Lara's story of coming to faith and their incredible bravery in starting Altitude mission.  We wanted to highlight the ministry and work that Altitude does as we consider them valuable Kingdom partners and are so excited about what they are doing. Their story is inspirational and challenging in the best of ways.  Will & Lara oversee Altitude Mission and the pastoral care of our Altituders each season. When they’re not skiing or running a church plant in the mountains, they live by the sea on the Isle of Wight. They have 4 children – who are now much faster than them on skis – and Lily, a golden retriever.  For more information, please visit their website:
July 30, 2021
The Importance of Risk and Challenge
In this Podcast, Josh Erb interviews Seb Gray our Soul Edge New Zealand Base Director. They talk about the need for Risk and challenge and why it is so important right now. We desperately need men and women of faith who live courageously. You will find out the connection between, challenge, risk and courage.   Over the past year, Seb has been working hard to establish XCC (extreme character challenge) in New Zealand.  You will get to hear that story and why Soul Edge is so excited to partner with XCC
July 9, 2021
Missional Community- An interview with Ollie Jeffs
Josh chats to Ollie, 2010 Soul Edge Alumnus, about his journey as the Project Manager of the Pelham. "The Pelham is a 100 year old railway hotel turned Community Center. Starting life in the early 1900s, it ceased trading in 2009 and the Victorian building, left empty for a number of years fell into considerable disrepair. The charity was formed to purchase the property in 2012 with a vision to renovate the building and create a community hub in an area which is officially one of the 10 per cent most deprived areas of the country." 
May 30, 2021
The Path Less Taken
In this interview, Josh and Kiri talk with Emily and Peter who are two of our incredible Soul Edge Alumni. They share with us their unique story, complete with the sort of joys and disappointments we can all associate with. They also happen to live on a boat- which coincided with both COVID and their first year of marriage! Emily and Pete are creatives, share big Kingdom vision and are willing to take the path less taken.  If you want to follow Pete and Emily on Instagram, check out @littlefloartinghome 
May 11, 2021
Risk and Childlike Wonder
This week I have the privilege of having Justin Wiesinger with me a former Soul Edger who did the course back in 2011. Justin runs his own media company, creates amazing videos. He is also a published writer and a singer-songwriter In this podcast we talk about his journey in taking risks and what it looks like to recover childlike wonder.  We talk in-depth about what stops us from taking risks and being creative. 
October 19, 2020
Interview with Rich and Lydia Di Castiglione - Worship and Justice
In this interview, Josh talks with Rich and Lydia Dicas. Rich is a Soul Ege Alumni and currently the Director of Davids Tent in the UK. You will get to hear Rich and Lydia's story, how they met and starting doing ministry together. We also talk about how David's tent started and the heart behind why they do what they do. Finally, we finish off by talking about the things they feel Jesus is teaching his Church about worship during this current season. 
September 25, 2020
Gear Up!!
In this episode, Kiri and I talk about why running and fitness are such an important part of the Soul Edge program. We unpack how our theological lens informs the way that we interact with the physical world. We dive into the importance of having a theology that does not just divide the physical and the spiritual. We explain how running and movement is not only healthy but can be a powerful way to engage in worship and communion with God from this place of a sacramental understanding. We also let you in on some practical tips that we have learned over the years of doing life and keeping fitness and health a priority.
August 2, 2020
Friends from Atlanta
This week Josh and Kiri connect with Luke and Dana in Atlanta from our Soul Edge Plus Community. Since many of us in the Prairies and the UK are removed from what is happening in the States, we asked Luke and Dana to share their insights and help us shed light on these critical issues. This is just one piece of the puzzle to help us learn how we can best love our neighbours wherever we are. Dana teaches Church history as well as US history in a school in Atlanta as well as holding an Mdiv from Candler School of Theology and Luke (a 2016 Alumnus) now works for Camp all American (connected to Pinnacle Church) as head of leadership development and discipleship. 
June 15, 2020
Interview with Stephen Backhouse
This week Josh & Kiri talk to Stephen Backhouse; an international speaker, Oxford theologian and friend of Soul Edge. Stephen is the director and primary teacher at Tent Theology, which aims to bring theology back to the local church and make it easily accessible to everyone. They discuss his personal theological journey, why bringing theology back to the local church is so important, and much more!
June 9, 2020
Discerning Your Calling
This week Josh and Kiri sit down to discuss how to go about discerning your calling. They look at Paul’s life as an example, talk about some famous revival leaders, and give practical tools for discernment.
May 26, 2020
Breaking Consumerism
This week is all about the cycle of consumerism that is prevalent in the western church; how to break the cycle in your own life, and how to call others into maturity. We challenge you to be the change you want to see. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen) and send us any questions for a response in a future episode!
May 12, 2020
Lessons from the past 10 Years
This week Josh and Kiri sit down to discuss what they have learned from the past 10 years of ministry. Send in any questions you have via the Facebook Group or email, for a response in a future episode!
May 4, 2020
Navigating Life's Big Decisions
Ever wondered if there was a better way to navigate life's big decisions? Well, wonder no more! On this weeks episode, Josh and Kiri share a tried-and-tested framework to help you work through decisions in your life. They chat through doing it with Jesus, seeking wise counsel and ultimately moving into action. Send in any questions you have via the Facebook Group or over email, for a response in a future episode!
April 27, 2020
The Recovery of Masculinity
This week Josh and Kiri are joined by special guests from the Soul Edge Canada 2020 cohort, for a discussion on the recovery of masculinity. They chat through how society has informed our understanding of masculinity, and how that contrasts with what we see in Jesus, where true masculinity is found. Send in any questions you have via the Facebook Group or email, for a response in a future episode!
April 20, 2020
How it all began
This week Josh and Kiri sit down with a cup of tea to discuss where Soul Edge began, the journey so far, and the values that run deep. Send in any questions you have via the Facebook Group or email, for a response in a future episode. Stay tuned for next weeks episode where we sit down with Josh, Kiri and Naomi, a Soul Edge leader, to discuss personal journeys and lessons learned regarding eating disorders and physical health. Until next time Soul Edgers!
April 4, 2020