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Soulful Connections

Soulful Connections

By Natalie Parsons
Intentional conversations that serve as medicine
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Once You're Healed
Within this episode, we dive into a very honest conversation about how the shame culture and other harmful aspects within the spiritual communities perpetuate the harm that folks are trying to heal from.   For more info on the work I do visit: Lots of love Natalie
September 08, 2022
Embodied Series, NATUES WISDOM
Within the embodied series Natalie shares experiences and stories that invite you deeper into your embodiment. In today's episode, she tells a mind-blowing tale of the lobster messenger that continued to guide her on the path of healing. Inviting you deeper into your connection to nature and the powerful messengers that guide you on the path.  Enjoy! Check out Natalie's work: Join the conversation on IG: Say hello and send an email: Thank you so much for sharing these special moments:) Natalie
August 18, 2022
Kundalini, Light Language and Wealth
Within this episode, we have fun as we dive into Mariah's experiences as an entrepreneur and wisdom around wealth.   We also explore light language and journey with Kundalini yoga.    Follow Soulful Connections Podcast   Instagram  Website  Subscribe to our channel, share and like!     Explore Mariah's work,
March 23, 2022
Unpacking the Convoy
This conversation is for those who are expanding their understanding of the impact of the convoy protest within BIPOC communities.   Please support the Water First program.   Share, like and subscribe to support our community.   THANK YOU!   Give us a follow on Instagram,   Thank you for keeping your comments respectful, this community is a safe space for open conversations.    with love, Natalie
February 02, 2022
Ethical Practices
Within this episode, your guide Natalie Parsons and Tzipporah Gerson-Miller, chat about ethical practices and the art of not giving an F! How we can become stuck or limit ourselves when we spin our wheels in trying to be someone we think we are supposed to be instead of in the fullness of our authentic expression. An hour with Tzippjorah was a true pleasure! She offers so much medicine within our conversation, we covered so many topics from her journey as a licensed psychotherapist, who incorporates a truly unique approach weaving all of her loves….. Yoga, art, creativity and invites these to support her as she guides others through the journey of healing complex trauma, attachment trauma, and religious trauma in adults. Thank you so much for being present here in the soulful connections community, we appreciate the conversations. We welcome your voice in the conversation and would love to hear your thoughts, visit our Instagram to share your words and thoughts on the episode. How did the episode land for you? Visit, To continue the conversation! Check out the work of Tzippjorah
May 12, 2021
Inner Child Healing & Shadow Work
Within this episode co hosts Natalie and Laura dive deep into their relationship and experiences with inner child healing with guest Victoria Hopkins. Grab your favourite tea and join the conversation! Soulful Connections Podcast is a sacred space where we are, supporting our spiritual path, wild alignment, embodiment, transformation & healing. We would love to hear from you, continue the conversation with us on Instagram or YouTube. If you enjoyed our connection here share the podcast with your friends. About our Guest Victoria is a quantum healing facilitator specializing in inner child and ancestral healing. This energy modality is all about bringing you back to your soul. Clearing out old programming, traumas, and stuck energies she helps you step back into your sovereignty. You can find her on Instagram
April 13, 2021
Meet Soulful Connections Podcast Host Natalie Parsons
Natalie Parsons and I decided to work on a podcast together and hold the intention to weave beautiful conversations into medicine for your soul. Natalie Parsons is as magical as they come and I am sure that those who have been listening back when this show was Your Cosmic Tour Guide will find that her presence only amplifies the conversations and brings us to a whole new level.  You can learn more about Natalie at or @iamnataliesoul
October 17, 2020