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Soulfully Aligned You - Inner Healing | Brand Strategy | Money Mindset | Exposing New Age Deception

Soulfully Aligned You - Inner Healing | Brand Strategy | Money Mindset | Exposing New Age Deception

By Justina Ford
Where high-achieving multi-passionate mompreneurs come to bring their beliefs in alignment with God's plan for their life, career and business. If you want to grow in a kingdom mindset to manifest God's plan for your life you've come to the right place! We help you to heal your subconscious emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, and monetize your God-given talents all for the glory of God. Branded for His Glory (BFHG) is segway from Soulfully Aligned You, where we interview successful Christian Professionals and Business owners who are giving God glory in all that they do.

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S2E3: BFHG w/ Deryn, How to be Visible and Confident with Your Gifts Despite Spiritual Wounding

Soulfully Aligned You - Inner Healing | Brand Strategy | Money Mindset | Exposing New Age Deception

S2E3: BFHG w/ Deryn, How to be Visible and Confident with Your Gifts Despite Spiritual Wounding

Soulfully Aligned You - Inner Healing | Brand Strategy | Money Mindset | Exposing New Age Deception

Ep. 45 Caroline Johansson is Branded For His Glory
Swedish Caroline Johansson launched ZOE HOOP in March 2020. She wants to spread faith, hope, and encouragement through jewelry. The name, ZOE HOOP, expresses these virtues. ZOE means life and HOOP or ring symbolizes love and devotion. Our hope and prayer is that those who wear the jewelry as well as the crafters who make it will experience these virtues! Her pieces were featured in VOGUE several times during 2021 and discovered by a talent scout from the USA and chosen to show ZOE HOOP's jewelry at the fashion weeks in New York and Paris on the show "The Ones To Watch". She has also been mentioned in British VOGUE as the "Star of tomorrow" for designing unique silver jewelry. The code GLORY10 gives our listenersat Soulfully Aligned You 10% off. Get access to the 2022 Soul-Brand Alignment Guide
May 09, 2022
Ep. 44 Real Time Planning Meeting on How I clarify a one-off launch goal using smart goals!
We are hosting the Vision Re-Alignment Mind-Body Retreat (20 spots available Deadline to join May 6th) We'd love for you to join us! Want to get certified as a Soul-Aligned Practitioner: Do you find yourself setting goals but struggling to reach them? Sometimes the missing puzzle piece is the inability to clarify your goals, especially so you know when you’ll reach them. In this podcast episode, we’re going to chat about the SMART goals method and how it can be a game-changer for launch strategies and your business as a whole. It’s one thing to set goals; however, it is important to clarify your goals so you know when you will reach them. In this podcast episode we’re going to look at several practical tips for helping you go beyond simply setting goals for a small launch. You'll walk away with the confidence and clarity to set goals that build momentum and purpose in your business and an upcoming launch. I'll be walking you through how I go about clarifying my launch goal that I'm actually in the middle of trying to meet when you listen to this recording. At the time of the recording, I was still in planning mode! Where I've been trained in mind-body protocols that honor Jesus:
April 27, 2022
Ep. 43 Pamela Bautista is Branded For His Glory
As a strategic visionary and transformational leader, she empowers dreamers and visionaries to thrive as business owners and effective leaders in their God-given assignments. She enjoys empowering business leaders to not only optimize business performance but maintain a focus on faith, emotional intelligence, core values, and life balance. Pamela has coached professionals and entrepreneurs from entry-level to executives, with significant results across industries. Prior to launching her own coaching and consulting agency, Pam led operations and business development in highly competitive, merger-intensive cultures in both public and private sectors. She is blessed that she now gets to live out her calling to serve, lead and empower others to live out their purpose and lead courageously. When she is not serving in her business, she is a mother to three beautiful girls. She is a beach lover, all things coffee, and great laughs.  Download her free resource!  Instagram: @leadpamelabautista Follow Soulfully Aligned You on Instagram at Read our blog at
April 21, 2022
Ep. 42 5 Ways to Create Impact and Influence Through Your Business
Creating an impact and influence through your business is often at the top of most entrepreneurs' goal list. But how do you do that exactly? In this podcast episode I talk about several ways you can create an impactful influence in practical, productive ways. Mentions: Ep 40. Instagram: @soulfullyalignedyou & @makeupbyjford for the beauty agency. Practitioner Certification Details: Contact: Website:
March 31, 2022
Ep. 41 Help! I'm Multi-Passionate - Do I Have to Pick Just 1 Thing to Be Known For?
Episode:  41 Help! I'm Multi-Passionate - Do I have to pick just 1 thing to be known for? When it comes to our overarching brand, most multi-passionate women believe they have to pick just one thing to be known for. I wholeheartedly believe you do not have to leave any one piece of yourself on the table. I don’t believe you have to set things down and discard them from being part of your brand. Here’s how to make your multi-passionism work for you. By the way, we are on episode 41! Please excuse me saying episode 40 lol.  Don't forget to scoop up the Soul-Brand Alignment Guide: We are in open enrollment for our Soul-Aligned Institute Weekend Intensive. If you are an established coach who desires to do deeper mindset work with your clients then you want to join us! Email me with the subject: Soul-Aligned Instutute to justina at justinaford dot come and I'll get you over the registration details  and my calendar link to book a 10 minute call with me.
March 09, 2022
Ep.40 4 Tips and a Mindset Shift for promoting yourself without feeling prideful/sounding arrogant
Learning how to promote yourself without sounding arrogant is an entrepreneurial skill rarely talked about. Instead, it comes in the form of being told that you need to learn how to brand yourself and market your business. After all, until you gain traction, your ability to talk about yourself and your business is the only way to make what you do known. Here are my top tips for knowing how to talk about what you do in a confident, non-prideful way. Email: with subject-line: Soul Aligned Institute
March 03, 2022
Ep. 39 Lauren Bretz is Branded For His Glory: Money Mindset, Provision, Identity, Trust in God
Lauren Bretz is a Branded for His Glory. She is a Health Coach, Young Living Crown Diamond Brand Partner, Master Certified Splankna Practitioner, Premier Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). She is also a Single mom of 5. Jesus-follower. Smoothie lover. People helper. In this episode we chat a bit about the enneagram personalities, our paths to entrepreneurship, following the call over your life, recognizing and honoring the call over your children's lives.  We also talk more about: Judgment around sales Untangling money mindset for women of faith What you do vs. Who you are What you do is a reflection of who you are Fear & desperation vs heart & soul Enjoyment in Business Identity, Knowing who you are so you then know what to do New Age Deception in the industry Resources:  Moonclerk: 2022 Soul-Brand Alignment Guide:
February 28, 2022
Ep. 38 Why Pivoting in Business is Safe and how not pivoting sooner is costing you money
Pivoting in business sounds somewhat cliche, especially when there are people who tell you that it can be damaging. The truth of the matter is it can be 100% necessary when done the correct way. In this episode, we’ll talk about when to do it, why it’s safe, and how not doing so could be costing you money. Click Link Here: Episode mentioned Kaela Prays Click Linke Here: 2022 Soul-Brand Alignment Guide
February 22, 2022
Ep. 37 Are you in God's way? 3 Ways You May be Blocking Your Blessings regarding your calling
Are you standing in God’s way and His will for your life? It may be difficult to notice at first, but there are ways to check. And chances are what you find may be blocking the blessings He wants to pour into your life. In this podcast episode, we’re going to look at 3 ways you could be standing in God’s way and 3 ways you may be blocking your blessings.  Read the Blog Request Access to the Soul-Brand Alignment Guide Check out the books I recommend
February 14, 2022
Ep. 36 Branded For His Glory Segment with Kaela McKaig of Kaela Prays
Kaela Prays Podcast Episode Kaela is the owner of Kaela Prays and she helps women of faith to develop, grow, and maintain their relationship with God. Just like you desire to be healthy & fit, are you fit in your relationship with Jesus? Are you upholding your end of the bargain in order to foster your relationship with Jesus? Are you dating God? She helps you build the habit of being in God’s word every day! She Shares: How she got started in your business as the “Christian Health Girl” When she felt the call to pivot in her business from solving problems around fitness to solving problems around growing your relationship with God How time about God is not the same as time with God Provision from God vs. Our Businesses She answers: How to pivot in your business How she rests in being who God has called her to be in her business How does she confidently charge for her services when her services are rooted in developing a relationship with Jesus? How to recognize what God is taking care of 2022 Soul-Brand Alignment Guide Books to Read: Biznistry Hey! I’m Kaela. I help busy Christian women find the time and discipline to consistently grow their relationship with God. You might know me as the former Personal Trainer and fitness girl turned Christian Lifestyle Mentor - and Best Auntie Ever! But like so many other Believers, God’s journey to get me here has been… a journey. I am proud to come from an athletic family and background, playing basketball on a National Championship college team and newly Class of 2021 Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame inductees. It was my life as an athlete, then business woman working in the National Basketball Association that fostered the drive and discipline in me to push, to work hard, and to create consistency toward growth in every area of my life. And even though I loved the fast-paced professional sports world, I found myself living in Texas, getting involved in a church, traveling to Africa, and eventually earning a second degree from Arizona Christian University in all things Bible. I became known as the ‘health girl’. I spent years speaking at conferences, creating plans, and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals with a foundation of a relationship with Christ. But eventually even THAT wasn’t filling me up! I was able to use all the skills, education, experiences, and expertise as an athlete and trainer, and use those same determination factors to build up and create consistency in my own relationship with God. And my life has changed! So, here you have it, Kaela Prays - Christian Lifestyle Mentor. I am the host of the His Word My Walk podcast where I weekly share insight from my own life about how God’s Word and my daily walk go together. I also host a weekly Christian Women’s book club online. My How to Consistently Build Your Bible Time online course has taken Believers from questions and insecurity to confidently spending consistent and intentional time with God, in His Word, every day. And I am honored to also mentor women one-on-one. My deep desire is to help others in their own relationship with God. I have a passion to uplift and encourage, to teach and to speak truth, God’s truth into every situation. Website: Instagram: @kaelaprays Facebook: Kaela McKaig Podcast: Also available on every listening app FREE Masterclass:
February 09, 2022
Ep. 35 How to Go Beyond Demographics to Reach Your Ideal Clients
As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of being able to reach your ideal clients. Thing is, very few know how to go beyond the demographics to reach them. Business 101 involves building an avatar that would help identify who your business will help. It’s time to step into Business 201 and learn how to take your avatar up a notch. Here’s how to do just that. You can also, Read the blog: Resources Mentioned: Book: You're Invited Finally, Don't forget:  join us for a LIVE Masterclass on Zoom: Mindset to Manifest 2022 on Sunday Jan 30th at 8:30pm  MANIFEST: getting your mind, body, and spirit in alignment to co-partner with His word so you can fully walk into what God already has planned for you! You can use this link to join us at the date and time above no email required:   or Register here for reminders:
January 25, 2022
Ep. 34 Meet Stephanie Hill Nchege - Branded For His Glory Segment
In this episode I meet with Stephanie Hill Nchege, a business mindset coach. We talk about how she got started in the industry, our similarities in our pathway & callings, and two areas of healing that are absolutely so relevant to successful business! Stephanie is the founder of the Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs Facebook Group. You can find her on Instagram as Stephanie Kingdom Coach. Stephanie Hill Nchege is a unique and refreshing blend of therapist, writer, coach, motivational speaker, and cheerleader. She is a wife of over 25 years and has two wonderful sons, 10 years apart. She is a master’s level clinical therapist, certified life coach, and published author. Stephanie has spoken at conferences throughout the United States with keynotes on wellness and building successful businesses with biblical business principles. She stands firmly on the premise that in this world, we can make a difference, one life at a time. Stephanie is the Co-owner of Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur where she helps clients create a healthy thought life and build profitable businesses that glorify God. Stephanie graduated Tuskegee University with a BS in Occupational Therapy and she graduated from Jacksonville State University with a MS in Clinical Psychology. Contact Stephanie at And here is a free gift she has for you! The Content Solver Another free gift: 28 Day Free Daily Devotion to help kingdom entrepreneurs cultivate better money habits.
January 20, 2022
Ep. 33 Four Reasons Why You Haven’t Launched Your Business Idea and What you can do to get started
What are the reasons why you haven’t launched your business idea? I’m sure you had a variety of things come to mind when reading that question, but can I be honest with you? Whatever your answers were, they were most likely rooted in limiting beliefs that turned into excuses. And that’s okay. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the top reasons and what you can start doing to get past them.  Read the blog Join our free Facebook group: Soulfully Aligned You: Mindset & Strategy for Multipassionate Moms in Biz Use this link to join us for a Free 1-day workshop Mindset to Manifest 2022 on Jan 30th at 8:30 pm est Enroll in the Mindset Mastery Inner Circle & Brand Visibility Training Vault for just $197 a month Want to get certified as a Christian Mindset Coach through our Soul-Aligned institute Self Study Program with a LIVE weekend intensive? 
January 17, 2022
Ep: 32 Coaching Question: How can I merge my Love for Writing with my new coaching certification?
How can I merge my Love for Writing along with my new coaching certification? A Mindset to Manifest 5 Day Challenge Q/A review, multipassionate writers, coaching company, content is king, 5 styles of writing to your audience, educate your audience, inform your audience, entertain your audience, sell to your audience, psychographics, demographics, Write out your signature system/blueprint with purpose, write a book to align with your brand story, write a book that aligns with your coaching blueprint, make your book a lead generator. Write emails. Write blogs, monetize your blog, write curriculum, write masterclasses, Tips to writing workbooks from recorded coaching sessions. Holy-Spirit Led strategy.   Join our free Facebook group: Soulfully Aligned You: Mindset & Strategy for Multipassionate Moms in Biz   Use this link to join us for a Free 1-day workshop Mindset to Manifest 2022 on Jan 30th at 8:30 pm est  Enroll in the Mindset Mastery Inner Circle & Brand Visibility Training Vault for just $197 a month  Fill out the survey and Get on the waitlist for our next Anthology Project in 2022  Read the blog: What is an Anthology Project  Try Skillshare for free: Shout out to skillshare for masterclasses on copywriting!  Want to get certified as a Christian Mindset Coach through our Soul-Aligned institute Self Study Program with a LIVE weekend intensive?  
January 13, 2022
Ep. 31 Quick Update on the move, business, and ways to connect
Freedom to restart, loose and general recap! Holding myself accountable! encouragements, trusting God, recapping on our last quarter of 2022. 16 years of marriage, trusting and believing in God, respecting your husband, building up your faith, a recap of all the moving pieces in my 2 businesses. Fusing Faith and science Get coached Become a coach Brand strategy, Brand Messaging, Launch Strategy, Visibility, Content strategy, Limiting beliefs, Institute Training Vault Private clients Makeup Artistry Inner Circle, Private Clients, Coach Certification Join our Free Facebook group:
January 05, 2022
Ep. 30 Revelations after Covid, After Losses, God’s Word & a SAI Student Reflections
Revelations after Covid & Losses. God’s Word & a SAI Student Reflections.  We talk about where your why is rooted. Obedience over Feelings and a past student’s reflections. How to handle pushback around mind-body psychology. Understand the science. What energy means, physiology, neuroscience, molecules of emotion. Grace in letting go of triggering words. Ideal client language and having a servant’s heart. Application to Join SAI
October 13, 2021
Ep. 29 5 Clues to know when you are out of alignment with the will of God and your natural calling
HOW OFTEN DO YOU STRESS ABOUT… What you should do? What action you should take next? Should you leave that soul-sucking job? Should you launch that particular program? Or, should you be operating the business you’re running as of now (or be doing something else)? These questions may seem taxing; however, they are perfectly fine to ask. When you find yourself at the crossroads of answering each one, they actually give you very much-needed clues about your next steps. The biggest hindrance is when you get stuck in the answers. Once you’ve answered them, it’s time to take action. Let’s answer those questions now!
October 09, 2021
Ep 28: Celebrating your wins and staying in the energy of being enough.
In this episode, you get a sneak peak of how we celebrate our wins in the SBA & MM Community & Training Vault and the benefit of doing so for yourself. In the training vault you also get to network with other women, their are business spotlight and affiliate opportunities as well! Check out the program here: Email
October 04, 2021
Ep. 27 Training Vault Live Coaching: Sneak Peak into Hotseat Coaching
The SBA Members were going through module 3 timeline work in the training vault and we were shaping the connection back to their signature services, their value, emotions effecting their decisions, and stepping out of their comfort zone. Some tips on how to choose which online program you want to promote as a multipassionate woman of faith. You can join us in the Soulful Business Alignment and Mindset Mastery Training Vault this week!! We have a special 50% discount on the vault. Just $99 Offer ends 10/4.
September 30, 2021
Ep.26 5 Reasons Why you should get certified as a Mindset Coach & Soul-Aligned Practitioner
Check out the blog!!
September 26, 2021
Ep.25 How do I know my desires are not just me?
I share with you: - 3 questions that you need to ask yourself - 2 book that I’ve read that really help me in this process of dividing my own desires from that of God, then I’m gonna share with you about how God responds if you make a mistake even after trying your best. Books: Born to Create Discerning the voice of God
August 04, 2021
Ep. 24 True Beauty Unleashed Interview w/Asma Yousif-Walker
Breakdown of the 6-Step Soulful Business Blueprint to help you Monetize Your Skillset Online
July 22, 2021
Ep 23: Mindset to Manifest 5 Day Challenge Recap!
Recap of the Mindset to Manifest Your Soulful Business 5 Day Challenge Recap!! And allowing yourself to be supported 🎊 Joing the FB group
July 15, 2021
Ep. 22 Get visible with your marketing by shifting your beliefs
The Boost your Visibility Course give you not only the strategies, but the permission and shift in your beliefs to promote and market yourself online! Listen to a testimonial of one of our participants!
June 03, 2021
S2E4: BFHG w/ Zoe Dee Speaks-Sexual Purity, Divine Intimacy and Manifesting by His Word
Zoe Dee Speaks, Prophetic Speaker, Teacher, Author, Singer, and Christian Book Publisher, hits us with a POW! Her testimony is powerful. If you ever questioned spiritual warfare, she understands and she has gone into battle for her deliverance in sexual purity! She shares her story of dealing with bi-sexuality to having a Godly Marriage that brings glory to God! She also shares with us about her publishing company that markets Christian stories that bring glory to God. In this episode, we also talk about manifesting and witchcraft. You can find Zoe here: ZoeDeeSpeaks on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.  Topics we covered: Divine Provision, Sexual Purity, Independence and Trusting God, Deliverance and Fire Experience, Manifestation, Witchcraft, I believe in you but I'm not going back to church Zoe means: Life   References & Resources:  Mentioned by Zoe: Top 5 Fears around Mind Body Soul Work Boost Your Visibility Course  Mindset Mastery Training Vault
May 19, 2021
Ep. 20 Clarity Confidence & Conviction
This episode I share 3 C’s to help you close more sales in your business. Mindset really is everything! Checkout the mindset mastery vault
May 16, 2021
S2E3: BFHG w/ Deryn, How to be Visible and Confident with Your Gifts Despite Spiritual Wounding
In this episode, I talk with the lovely Deryn Van Der Tang, one of my past coaching clients. Deryn is a Prophetic Artist and #1 Amazon Best Selling Co-Author of How 7 Women of Faith Manifest Godly Success Through Spiritual Intimacy. She is the epitome of a creative. She's an artist, an author, and a coach. In this episode, she shares her story of how spiritual wounding affected her creativity, her voice, and the self-expression of her passion and art. Deryn shares how she was living in a clamshell and how she had to go through healing in order to find her true self. The clamshell opened and she has climbed out and now she sees how her current brand reflects her God-given childhood passions. You can find Deryn here: Her work can be found on the Amazing Gaze Gallery. Other topics we cover: Negative patriarchial voices Finding your voice through your passions and creativity Abuse from church, parents, partners, layers of abuse.  Soul-parts/compartmentalization, not trusting your emotions, believing the stories in our hearts are all evil and that all emotions are bad The woman with the condition of blood Books Mentioned: Sozo, Called to create ----> Find it on my amazon bookstore suggestions! Emotional health, serving with your gifts in a way that is pleasing to God. spiritual wounded and creatively suffering... Serving & Walking confidently in your gifting despite spiritual wounding Spiritual wounding and diversity
April 30, 2021
Ep. 18 (Live Coaching) Fears Around Money, Sales, & Selling it Before You Create It
This is why I talk about money mindset and I do the coaching around it because when we have blocks around asking for the sale, charging our desired rates, and even receiving compensation for our god-given signature services, because it truly affects your visibility. It’s hard to show up with confidence and be visible in your industry if you struggle with the money piece. Charlena is going to share with you how being in the visibility group coaching program has helped her with these things and her own conclusion and breakthroughs around fear of money. We talk about removing the blocks around sales and selling first before you create the full-fledge thing! Get on the waitlist for the Boost Your Visibility Course release! I can't wait to have you join the course and get access to these bonus Q/A sections throughout the course!
April 26, 2021
Ep 17 Live Coaching Part 2: Intuitively Tracking Your Formula when giving value for coaches!!
When it comes to being visible you have to be really clear about about your purpose and your mission. Who is your mission geared toward and what strategic formula do you have to implement the mission and purpose. In this episode we talk about how the mission, the gift, the lessons learned are all inside of you. Unfortunately, when we try to strategize the heartfelt things we want to express, like titling a blog, a podcast, creating a coaching program or mini course, then we sometimes draw a block. This episode will help you think from a reverse engineering prospective! Links
April 17, 2021
Ep 16 Live Coaching Part 1: Communicating Your Value, Mindset & A Practical Pricing Tip
This episode is so awesome! When I get to coach other moms in business I get so excited. Without you and your trust in me my job wouldn't exist! So we enrollment for the Boost Your Visibility Group Coaching Program is open and we start that 4 week group coaching program again in May! For this episode I share a sneak peek into a live coaching session. This was our last call for the boost your visibility program and I am so honored to have served 10 beautiful amazing women of God who are stepping fully into being visible with their gifts! So stay tuned because we talk all about value and pricing in this episode! Links mentioned: Visibility Challenge: Sponsor:
April 12, 2021
Ep 15 Testimonial: Soulfully Aligned Christian Coaching Certification
Meet Maria! Graduate of the Soulfully Aligned Institute for Christian Coaches. Become a certified Christian Mindset Coach & Certified Soul-Aligned Practitioner.
April 08, 2021
S2E2 Branded For His Glory: Cheryl Dian - Marketplace Ministry
Cheryl Campbell Sue Wing is an Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Visionary Entrepreneur, Image Consultant, Women’s Advocate, Trainer and Author. She sits on the Board of the premier Association for Women in Trinidad and Tobago and is the Founder and CEO of With WOMEN in Mind (the movement) Cheryl is also a graduate of Motivating the masses with Lisa Nichols, holds a degree in Business Management, a Diploma in Public Relations, marketing and Advertising, as well as a Diploma in Aesthetics among others She is a successful conference host, having successfully hosted two conferences in 2016 “Stepping into your greatness” and 2018 “Becoming her” respectively. She is also a talented writer and Trainer writing for Trinidad’s first weekly magazine for women and training at the level of Community Development in underprivileged areas. Her acronym I. M. A. G. E stands for Invest, mindset, action, gratitude and expect. Focusing on Personal Branding and Beauty from the Inside Out and advising women about the importance of First Impressions. She has been a keynote Speaker at several local schools, as well as churches, and internationally as a digital presenter at the Black and Influential Conference February 2019 and the Success Women’s Conference in September of 2019, and a Keynote at the Be Beautiful conference in Atlanta August 2019. Her work in Social outreach is outstanding and she is dedicated to helping women and girls up level their life and live as God meant them too. She is the Author of two nook books, which are available on Amazon “Live your Style” and guide to finding your authentic style by Cheryl Dian “The Power of you” work life balance by Cheryl Dian  You can Cheryl in her facebook group:
April 01, 2021
Protecting Your Spiritual Gifts After Engaging in New Age Practices
Did you know that six-in-ten Adult Christians hold at least 1 New Age Believe? Coming out of New Age Practices and Beliefs can be confusing. This episode is one where I was literally in the moment serving, sharing, and ministering to a young lady who was struggling with trusting and marketing her gift. She was needing to rebrand the marketing language of her business but she was struggling with something deeper. Trusting her God-given gift. So I am giving you a sneak peek at some of the advice I gave her. So whether you were into new age practices or just simply adhering to new age beliefs without realizing it, this episode may be helpful to you! This is partly why I created the Soul-Aligned Institute for new Christians Coaches entering the coaching industry and for new Christians coming out of new-age practices. You can operate freely in your gifting and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit within your business without adhering to new age principles. We have an information night coming up on March 31st be sure to join us!! Zoom Meeting Invite: or go to Soul-Aligned Practitioner Training: Registration closes on April 7th Classes Start April 19th 
March 25, 2021
Perfectionism versus Powerfully Serving for Moms in Business
In this episode, I share with you how I dropped the ball in my business. I forgot to show up! I take this story a step further by showing you how I processed this screw-up and how you can process your own mistakes as a mom in business, as well. If you want to connect with other momma coaches and creatives of faith in business I invite you to join my Facebook group! 
March 18, 2021
S2E1. Branded For His Glory: Cassandra McKissack - Marketplace Ministry
Cassandra McKissack: Was a Messed up Girl From Michigan turned Prophetess, Honorary Ph.D. Graduate, and Life Transformation and Mindset Coach. She talks about the Holy Spirit coming and making an abode in her heart, her transition to marketplace ministry, and how she sees everything she does as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.  She is also a former Talk/Radio host of The Life Show. She has been seen on TBN, The Word Network, STL 10, TV 4, ‘Here & Now,’ show, and other TV networks across America and overseas. We love her curiosity and her heart to create platforms for all women in business. If you want to be featured on an episode of Branded For His Glory (BFHG) and interviewed by Justina Ford please book here:
March 11, 2021
How to Launch Your Services Even When Your Scared through Scripting & Visualizing with God
Justina is a Mindset and Brand Strategy Coach helping mompreneur coaches to overcome limiting beliefs, get more visible with their message, and build out their signature service so they can confidently launch into the marketplace. Check out my free training here
January 14, 2021
Soulfully Aligned Institute: Mindset Mastery Coaching Certification Testimonial w/ Maria
Soulfully Aligned Institute: Mindset Mastery Coaching Certification Testimonial w/ Maria  Book a consultation to learn more about the Soulfully Aligned Institute Next Session Starts in April
January 08, 2021
(Live Coaching Session) Selling vs. Serving: How to transition a current client into a repeat client
In this session, I talk with Coach Jaynel on Transitions. She asks two questions to gain clarity about how she can go about transitioning current clients from a low ticket offer to a high ticket offer. Transitioning your audience into clients. Conversations with current clients who you would like to continue working with you without being salesy. In the intro, I got cut off when trying to tell you about our facebook group!!! lol  So here I go again:  You can join us at Soulfully Aligned You: Mindset and Strategy for Multipassionate Women of Faith Join the Facebook Group: Get Your Free Heart and Soul Brand Strategy Webinar Training:
December 19, 2020
3 Keys to Lead with Purpose in Your Passion Based Business.
Passion Based Coaching Business, Create Your Signature Coaching Packages, Momprenuers, Women of Faith
December 16, 2020
Casandra McDonald-Austin
Casandra Austin-McDonald is from Springfield, IL, but now lives in Florida. After spending over a decade working in the criminal justice field by helping juvenile and adult offenders make better choices to change their lives, and also after experiencing transformation from the inside-out in her own life, Casandra entered the personal development field and started the Live Greater Institute. She is the author of Unclothed Memoir of a Naked Soul, a speaker, and a self-identity and purpose strategist. Using evidence-based practices, Casandra has overcome many obstacles and challenges in her life and is dedicated to helping others do the same so they can live greater.
December 15, 2020
Live Meet and Greet with Cable Wray
I'm interviewing past client Cable Wray, Author and Entrepreneur! 
December 15, 2020
Meet Darlene Hawley Personal Branding and Business Coach
Bridging the Gap between spirituality and business. Your Host: Justina Ford Soul-Brand Alignment Strategist. Mindset and Brand Strategy Coach Our Guest: Darlene Hawley is a mother, wife, connector and dream builder. She is also a Brand & Business Clarity Coach and the founder of She helps ambitious, heart-centered online entrepreneurs who are struggling with building a successful personal brand and business. They’re afraid to share their unique life story but know they need to stand out if they want to build an authentic, and profitable online business. She helps them build a solid brand foundation so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients and have the impact, freedom and flexibility they desire. Before starting her own business, she worked her way up in big box retail management, as a mortgage loan officer, and a financial coach. Darlene was trained by the largest business coaching franchise in the world and has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business since 2007. She now spends her time supporting women to reach their goals and live out their dream life, all while raising her family and creating memories each and every day. Darlene is available for speaking engagements, private workshops, and events. IG- FB-
February 13, 2020
Meet Caren Fern Money Mindset Coach
Caren Fern, Money Mindset Coach shares her story of starting business at 9 years old. She takes us on her journey of lessons learned with God and how it applies to welcoming, receiving and accepting more money into our lives!  As Christians we should not be afraid to earn money in our businesses but sometimes we let the story of our loved ones incite fear around money and success. It's time to release those stories, do the inner work and allow God to bless us the way he desires to. Host: Justina Ford - The Soul Brand Alignment Strategist Money Mindset Coach and Brand Strategist Be a guest by joining our FB group!!
January 22, 2020
Meet Heather Shriver Burns Success Coach for Women with God-Sized Dreams
SO honestly speaking this episode wasn't with someone I had just met on the fly!!! This episode was with a past client the lovely Heather Shriver Burns who I am forever honored to have had the opportunity to hold space. This episode was so powerful. Heather shares her why for starting her business (Motherhood), her journey of abiding in Christ and allowing him to bless her with the beginnings of what he has had for her all along! You can find her in her FB group: Soul Sisters with God-Sized Dreams Coaching Program: Bloom Your God-Sized Dream She lives out the verse Seek Ye the Kingdom of God through her life and business experience!! Looking for encouragement in your business from a Christian perspective!! Listen Now Host: Justina Ford - The Soul-Brand Alignment Coach Christian Energy Healer & Brand Strategist FB Group: Online Multipassionate Women Branded For His Glory
January 15, 2020
Live Meet and Greet with Marsha Zeigler owner of Connect with Your Creator.
Live Meet and Greet with Marsha Zeigler owner of Connect with Your Creator   Do you want to be on our LIVE Meet and Greet Show?  Join our FB group to participate!!   Get on the calendar to book!!  Host: Justina Ford Soul Brand Alignment Strategy  Money Mindset and Brand Strategist
January 08, 2020
January 7, 2020
January 07, 2020