005. Celebrate Success

An episode of Soulmatter

By Dominic DiMaria
Conversations on entertainment, art, life, careers, creativity, and meaning. Welcome to the Soulmatter podcast.
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007. Invest In Yourself
Stop explaining yourself and start growing. In this episode: HOSTS: Dominic DiMaria Damaly Shepherd TOPICS: -Building courage to invest in yourself -Spending big on your own growth -Converting ideas into action -Creating your own brand and business -Loving people when they don’t understand your trajectory -Listening to the voice inside 
August 5, 2019
006. Financial Trauma
Heal your mental wounds to heal your financial trauma. In this episode: HOSTS: Dominic DiMaria Alexander McPherson (AMC’s TURN) TOPICS: -How to recover from financial disaster -Reinventing your mindset about money and resources -Adding value to yourself -Investing in you -How to choose the right environment for your best ideas
July 21, 2019
005. Celebrate Success
Eliminate social hierarchy and celebrate successes. In this episode: HOSTS: Dominic DiMaria Alexander McPherson (AMC’s TURN) Steven Taylor (THE ORIGINALS, INSURGENT) West Leclay (HOBBS AND SHAW) TOPICS: -Getting uncomfortable -Celebrating things we’re good at -Supporting friends in their strengths -Being vulnerable enough to learn -Psychedelics -Power Rangers and delivery pizza
July 14, 2019
004. Stop Trying
“Do or do not. There is no try. ” -Yoda In this episode: Dominic DiMaria and Lindsley Register (THE WALKING DEAD, SIX, HOUSE OF CARDS) discuss: -Oneness and individuality -Fostering growth mindset -How to stop apologizing -Ego and self expression
July 6, 2019
003. Gamify Everything
Business, the economy, life — it’s all a giant sandbox for big kids in weird clothes to play around.  In this episode: Dominic and Xander discuss:  -How to gamify your life -What Games Have: -Rules -Goals -Strategy -Obstacles -Losing -Levels -Points (metrics) -An ending -No meaning that we don’t assign -Cheat codes -The internet -California -Math and visual learning -Influence and compliance
April 30, 2019
002. Fear and Excitement
Dominic, Xander, and Derrick discuss fear and excitement.
April 16, 2019
001. Entrepreneur Fatigue
Dominic + Xander discuss entrepreneur fatigue and stand close to trains. 4/3/19
April 4, 2019
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