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Souls and Stardust

Souls and Stardust

By Shannon and Meo
We're two soul sisters navigating our human experience on a journey toward healing. Join us (Shannon + Meo) for candid and fun discussions about all things spiritual, intuitive, soulful, and magical!

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Gracefully Surrendering to the Divine
You can resist it or allow it, but either way that wave of Divine energy is going to wash over and take you on a ride.  We start off with a helpful guided meditation to help you visualize letting go of the things you're holding onto and trying to control in your life. Find a quiet space and get into this practice as often as you can you surrender to the best and highest good in your life. What have you got to lose?  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
August 01, 2021
The Benefits of Creating Your Own Divination Tools
Meo and Shannon talk about following the nudges from the Universe to create intuitive tools that would help people expand their own intuitive abilities but would also be straight-forward and useful. Follow us to stay up to date on when this launches as a mini course for our Patreon  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
August 01, 2021
WTF Am I Supposed to Be Doing?! A Discussion on Finding Life Purpose
Yeah, you know you've felt it before...that pull you feel in your bones, your cells, your very soul. But you just don't quite understand what's calling you or why? You don't have a tangible thing that fills the longing, and you don't know where to begin searching...yet you still feel the pull that there's got to be something more. At some point in our journeys, we inevitably wonder "what am I meant to be doing with my life? Why am I here? What am I meant to bring to this world? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?" It's normal in this human experience to have these questions. As we evolve and gain experiences in life, we very naturally begin to wonder what it is that we've come here to do and what we are meant to contribute to the world. It's also very natural to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, something meaningful, and ultimately the work or passion that deeply fulfills us. In this episode, Shannon and Meo talk about the process of discovering your life purpose and finding those passions, that work, those people that help to bring the pieces of your purpose into clear view! They begin with a brief, but beautiful meditation for clearing any blockages or limiting beliefs around finding personal passion and purpose, and continue the discussion of soul's purpose, how to follow a path to discovering it, learning to listen to the nudges from the Universe and your intuition, and why no one else can tell you what you're meant to do in this life (because it's not their business, it's YOUR journey)! These ladies give some step by step advice on how to begin this journey of discovery and the tools that can assist you along the way!
August 01, 2021
Wait, we've done this before? An intro discussion to past life journeys as souls!
A very candid discussion about the phenomenon of past lives and the journeys our souls undertake over numerous iterations, all the for the sake of learning and growing, and then helping others to do the same. What are past lives? How is this even possible? Is there evidence of this? How do you learn about your own past life experiences? How do you use those experiences and information for your current life, and is that even important to do so? Recalling past life experiences can be exciting, interesting, overwhelming, and everything in between. Meo and Shannon discuss some of their own personal experiences with recall and how it has helped them in their current journeys, and how this is just another piece of the bigger puzzle of who we are as souls and what we're trying to accomplish on our greatest journey of soul growth across many lifetimes.  Some amazing resources for learning more about past life phenomenon and experiences include: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Five Lives Remembered by Delores Cannon (really most books by her encompasses past life experiences), and many more!
August 01, 2021
Shadow Work: Exploring Our Hidden Darkness
Ever hear people say things like "only love and light" or "positive vibes only"? We can certainly try to be all "love and light" all the time, but it would require us to deny an essential part of who we are that is the opposite of this. Let's face it, we are both light and dark; there cannot be one without the other. Our Shadow is equally important to us as is our light! First termed by Carl Jung, our shadow is the unconscious and disowned parts of our personalities that the ego fails to see, acknowledge, and accept. It's any aspect that we haven't yet brought to conscious awareness for understanding, learning, healing, and growing. It is part of what makes us who we are, and we carry it in our soul fabric, meaning...we've traversed many lives with sets of challenges as shadows all in the name of discovering, working through them, and growing from them.  In this episode, Meo and Shannon dive deep into the discussion of shadow work. What is shadow work? Why is it important for our self-discovery, healing, and growth? How do you go about doing it? What does shadow work entail? We're talking ALL of the good stuff here. They even discuss how the process is not easy; in fact, it's hard as f*ck. But doing this deep, self-healing inner work, and loving the f*ck out of ourselves as we do, carries immense benefits.
August 01, 2021
Your Cosmic Blueprint: An intro to the magic of astrological birth charts
In this episode, Meo breaks down the basics of an astrological birth chart, including the houses, what they represent, how it's all a journey for us from birth to death, and what each of the planets represent when they show up in the houses of your chart. Join us for a casual tour through the magic of the zodiac and the energies of the planets that all work together to create the blueprint of YOU in this life. Meo uses several friends' charts (including Shannon's eeek) to give examples of how the planetary placements in the houses and alignments with each other create fascinatingly accurate descriptions of personality, interests, and life experiences. Easy astrology apps to use include: Co-Star Astrology, Astro Futures, and Time Passages. To access a free natal birth chart, check out and use the "Free Reports and Calculations" feature. You'll need your birthdate, birth time to the minute, and location of birth for an accurate birth report. This is a great place to start understanding your astrological blueprint, but keep in mind, it's just a framework to start from. Since it's computer generated, there will be some contradictions that occur - it's always a more thorough and accurate experience to have a trained astrologist run and interpret your chart for you! Make sure you find one that you connect with and let the magic unfold!
August 01, 2021
Soulmates, whaaat?!?
In honor of Valentine's Day, Meo and Shannon wade into the deep waters of...wait for it...soulmates. Yes, soulmates. Now these ladies definitely don't have all the answers, but they are attuned to the soul connection energy (hey, we all are if we just slow down and listen), they have done some research on it, talk to each other endlessly about this sh*t, and have personal and client experiences that help to provide clues to how this all works. Settle in for an introduction to what soulmates are, how do you know if someone is a soulmate, why we even have them (it's not just rainbows and puppies romance, it's actually for deep, intense, and what you may need to keep in mind if you want to track yours down and get on with the nookie! Have fun and be sure to let them know what your take is on soulmates!  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
February 12, 2021
Is a picture worth a thousand words? Let's find out! Using random image generators as an oracle tool
Meo and Shannon continue the discussion on ways to spark and stretch your intuition, this time using a random image generator paired with focused intention on a specific question or topic. Meo discusses how she frequently uses this technique in readings for clients with remarkable accuracy. Similar to using oracle cards and shuffling a deck until a random card is drawn, the process of having a computer generate an image from a bank of thousands of stock photos should work just as well, right? Meo and Shannon wanted to test out this theory and record the process to share. (Recording date was August 9th). Covering topics such as messages from their higher selves (which could be immediately validated), the energy behind the Covid-19 pandemic, predictions for the remaining months of 2020, and the current energy of the divine feminine and divine masculine, Meo and Shannon were just as curious as you all to find out what the Universe had to say through images. All of the results were very interesting, and some of them were nothing short of mind-blowing! Seriously, you'll want to listen to the Covid-19 part at the very least! As always, when using a tool like this for divination work or intuitive guidance, it's crucial to have a clear question in mind or focused intention. You can watch the video version of the podcast complete with images on our Souls and Stardust YouTube channel here .  You can try your hand at intuiting and interpreting the messages delivered in the images. Be sure to leave us comments about what you think/feel! Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
September 18, 2020
WTF is going on?!? The energetic and spiritual significance of a global pandemic
COVID-19, Corona, "the Virus"... it goes by many names these days, none of which we speak lovingly with rainbows and butterflies coming from our lips! Pandemics...they stick around for a while and this situation is here for the foreseeable future. So how do we cope with or adapt to the energies of our circumstances when it all feels so overwhelming and looks chaotic AF on the outside? Even further, could we go as far as to embrace the world situation as a catalyst for our own individual spiritual evolution, and maybe a humongous leap for humanity toward collective awakening of compassion and leveling up? Meo and Shannon discuss their personal perspectives and experiences of navigating these wild times as highly sensitive empaths, as well as what they both have been doing to process all the intensity and fear that hangs heavy around the world. Because let's be honest...everyone is feeling the energy of this global situation in one way or another, some much more intensely than others. And people around the world are facing tragic personal scenarios. Meo and Shannon dip into the possibility that all of this happening right now is part of a bigger plan to catalyze growth and the collective soul level, and how what we see others going through and what we experience in the midst of this worldwide pandemic gives us an opportunity to crack our hearts open wide and consider how we each get to reorient ourselves to a life path full of purpose, passion, and potential to create a better, more vibrant world. Highlighted are ways to engage self-care that is supportive and nurturing during such intense times. As always, take what resonates with you, leave the rest. One breath at a time, each day, everyday.   Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
August 14, 2020
Pick a card, any card: Using oracle and tarot decks to develop your intuition!
Anything you wanted to know (well, a lot of stuff anyway) about how to use oracle and tarot cards to develop your intuition! Shannon and Meo explain what oracle and tarot cards are, their purpose, and how you can use them as an amazing tool for knowing yourself better, listening more deeply to your inner guidance, and validating your gut instincts (intuition). "Wait, I thought tarot was evil or some shit?" The soul sisters talk candidly about common misconceptions regarding card decks (especially tarot), and how your intention for using them (as with anything in your life) sets the stage and energetic boundaries for beautiful, soulful, high vibration exploration of your inner landscape and communication with your Higher Self, your guides, and the Universe. Plain and simple, they are a fantastic, fun tool for growing your own soul and learning how to read the energy of situations and others, and most important...validating your own intuitive hits on these things! Shannon describes the very simple process of finding a deck that vibes with you and how to begin practicing with it, some of the challenges and myths associated with using (there's no wrong way to use them) and caring for them, but mostly all the fun that goes along with incorporating them into your daily practice of knowing yourself as Spirit in human form. Head on over to the Souls and Stardust Podcast Instagram page (and/or our Souls and Startdust Podcast Facebook private group) to learn more about oracle and tarot decks, ask questions, and to find out about our favorite decks to use for divining wisdom from the Universe!  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
July 21, 2020
Dear Universe Part 2: Ask and you shall receive!
Shannon and Meo start off Season 2 by revisiting their Dear Universe intention challenge and digging into the concept of why it matters to be deliberate with your thoughts and feelings when trying to see your path forward clearly and manifest the life you dream of. In this episode, Meo describes her experience with writing her "Dear Universe" letter and how things unfolded with synchronicity after putting hand on heart and pen to paper to create her order with the Universe. They discuss how, when you become fixated on a certain outcome (or how YOU think things need to look rather than letting the Universe work it's magic), or obsessing about what you still don't have (impatience and getting caught in the lack mindset), we can actually work against our own process of magnetizing to us what we dream of. Creating magic takes deliberate intention and a whole lot of surrender to what will unfold...always for your best and highest good. "Universe, bring me this or something better, please. I'm so ready! Show me the magic." If you'd like to learn more about how the energy of manifestation works, check out E-squared by Pam Grout, Ask and It Is Given by Abraham HIcks, or The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scoville Shinn.  Join us in the Souls and Stardust Podcast Facebook group to share your own stories of what you've manifested or to drop us some ideas of what you'd like to hear about in future episodes!  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck 
June 23, 2020
High vibe-ing: Ways to raise your vibration!
We're back after a hot minute away to catch up on our human life stuff. In this episode, Meo and Shannon discuss vibration and frequency - and why it's important to understand where "you're vibe-ing" so you can work on getting into the higher frequencies more often and consistently. We are energetic beings first and foremost, and all of what we think and feel carries a specific vibration. The more we can hang out in the higher vibrations, the easier it is to do life in general, to heal our shadows, to find contentment, to find your soul tribe, and to manifest your dreams. Plus, it just feels good to vibe high. What are the ways we can raise our vibration? How do they work? This episode details a number of activities you can take to start feeling better today! Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
December 30, 2019
"Dear Universe": What to do when you feel lost AF!
So what do you do when you don’t know what to do? How do you move forward when you feel stuck AF in life? When you feel lost and without direction, how do you begin to find your way? Shannon talks about her process of putting in your order with the Universe to show the way. Different than manifesting, writing a letter to the Universe is the ultimate act of surrender to faith and trust in a higher source, and to being shown the next steps in your Divine soul journey for this life! Trust us, it’s big shit! Get a pen and paper and start that letter. Join us in the Souls and Stardust Podcast Facebook group to share stories on how it has worked for you. Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
November 18, 2019
Empaths and Highly Sensitive People: Super-sensing, super-feelers!
Do you often feel overwhelmed in crowds of people? Are you easily overstimulated from busy, loud, or chaotic environments? Do you have moments where you feel intense emotions out of nowhere with no explanation? You might just be a super-senser and/or an empath! Meo and Shannon discuss empathy, and the characteristics of highly sensitive people and empaths (or super-feelers), and why it happens. Being sensitive to the world around you doesn't have to be a burden! These SiStars talk about the gifts that come from being extra tuned into people, places, and situations, and round out the conversation with tips for managing your super-sensing energy, discerning what is yours versus what belongs to another, and avoiding absorbing all the stuff that doesn't belong to you. Empath Resources: The Empath's Survival Guide - by Judith Orloff; Dodging Energy Vampires - by Christiane Northrup Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
November 11, 2019
Our Favorite Resources
Meo and Shannon talk about the resources, books, podcasts, and YouTube teachers that helped them during the time of their own spiritual awakenings and those resources that continue to provide insight and guidance about energy, the afterlife, and soul purpose during a time in life when all can feel turned upside down. While they don't answer ALL the questions about our journey as souls in human bodies, they DO provide a nice place to start understanding this next beautiful phase of transformation! A "few" of our favorite books, podcasts or YouTube channels: Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss There's More to Life Than This, Theresa Caputo Only Love is Real, Dr Brian Weiss Between Two Worlds, Tyler Henry Same Soul, Many Bodies, Brian Weiss The Light Between Us, Laura Lynne Jackson Between Life + Death, Delores Cannon Mediums, Psychics + Channelers, Jenniffer Weigel Your Souls Plan, Robert Schwartz Stay Tuned, Conversations with Dad from the other side Dr Alba Weinman (Youtube) I'm Spiritual Damnit! Jenniffer Weigel Psychics, Healers + Mediums, Jenn Weigel, Journalist, Road Trip and Voices from the Other Side Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live, Lothar Schafer Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
November 04, 2019
You're not crazy, it's your spiritual awakening!
Enlightened. Illuminated. Spiritually awakened. Woke AF. Without a doubt you've heard these terms tossed around in recent times. So, what does it mean to be "woke"?  In this episode, we talk candidly about the life transition of "spiritual awakening." Why and when does it happen? What does it look and feel like as you're going through it? What are the common signs of a spiritual awakening? Can you survive it without feeling like you're going crazy or losing your identity? Meo and Shannon share their perspective on the different ways it all can unfold, including examples from their own lives. Don't worry, there's some advice at the end for staying grounded while you navigate your transformation. Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
October 28, 2019
Meet the Hosts: Shannon + Meo
Want to know what it's like being intuitive? Listen up and meet Shannon and Meo this week as they talk about life as an intuitive. It's pretty f*ckin magical.  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
October 11, 2019
Beyond the Five Senses: Our Natural Intuitive Abilities
Shannon and Meo discuss our extrasensory abilities with real life examples from their perspective.  We go over 8 different Clair senses, or ways of observing information about the world around you.  The 8 Clairs we touch on: Clairvoyance - clear seeing Claircognizance - clear knowing Clairaudience - clear hearing Clairempathy - clear emotional feeling Clairsentience - clear physical feeling  Clairtangency - clear touching  Clairsalience - clear smelling Clairgustance - clear tasting  *Not kid friendly language.  Leave us a love note on your favorite podcast platform or send us a DM @soulsandstardustpodcast @meobaaklini @gratitudemaven Order Your Girlfriend's No Bullsh*t Love Oracle Deck
October 10, 2019