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Soul Sister Conversations

Soul Sister Conversations

By Dana Lloyd
Welcome to Soul Sister Conversations where host Dana Lloyd has conversations that inspire and empower you to connect more deeply to yourself. Each Sunday morning a new episode is released covering topics of personal development, leadership and spirituality.

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Episode 1-56 is with co-host Elaine Shannon. Episode #57 onward Dana solo hosts the conversations.

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EP 105: How to Move Through BIG Life Changes with Stephenie Zamora

Soul Sister Conversations

EP 105: How to Move Through BIG Life Changes with Stephenie Zamora

Soul Sister Conversations

EP 133: Healing From Cancer with Survivor Chris Wark
“You have to believe you can get well.”  -- In 2003 at age 26, Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. After surgery he made a decision to go against his doctor’s advice opting out of chemotherapy choosing to use nutrition and natural therapies to heal. It has been 17 years since his diagnosis. He talks with me about his decision to make radical health changes, his journey, outcomes and what we can all do to help ourselves stay health. -- On the episode today he shares his experience with cancer and what he did to radically change his life to influence his own healing. You can read about his healing journey in detail in his best selling book Chris Beat Cancer.  -- He also has 2 other books Chris Beat Cancer Daily and coming November 2021 is Beat Cancer Kitchen. -- (*Please note this episode is not to influence or convince you to replace your medical advice if you are currently seeking or undergoing cancer treatment. It is simply one man’s story of becoming an active participant in influencing his own healing by radically changing his lifestyle and he shares the outcomes that he experienced by doing that while under care of a physician.) -- We also chat about: -- ✔️ how your health choices impact your outcomes ✔️ the fear and stress created by his loved ones who tried to pressure him into chemotherapy. ✔️ his mindset to make his alternative decision ✔️ the small team of support he built ✔️ when he felt was healed ✔️ the beat cancer mindset ✔️ the role you play in your healing ✔️ overcoming fear -- CONNECT with Chris Wark: Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: : Podcast Chris Beat Cancer Podcast on iTunes and Spotify #healing #beatcancer #chrisbeatcancer #healthyliving #healingfromdisease
September 19, 2021
EP: 132: Becoming an Exceptional Leader with Capt. Michael Abrashoff
What a conversation with NY Times Best Selling Author, Captain Mike Abrashoff! He wrote “It’s Your Ship!”. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to be a better leader in their life or workplace. -- Mike Abrashoff became the most junior commanding officer in the Pacific fleet responsible for the U.S. Navy Destroyer ship (USS Benfold) at 36 years of age. -- The challenges of this ship were many and few believed it could be turned around. One year later they were “The best damn ship in the Navy!” using the exact same crew. How did he do it? This naval commander shares some of his most important leadership ideas that impacted his ship’s journey to being the best. -- These are the exact same ideas you can use to win in life! We chat about: ✔️Creating culture ✔️Learning to manage up ✔️Building confidence ✔️Importance of trust ✔️Leading by example ✔️Creating legacy -- CONNECT with Mike Abrashoff: Website: -- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 2:04  LEADERSHIP:What Mike believed about leadership as he took command of the ship. 4:00 CULTURE: Mike knew he needed to do things differently from the traditional Navy culture. He realized that there was nothing from stopping him from changing it. 5:00  CONFIDENCE: Mike shares his point of view on the importance of having it in being a leader. 7:38  MANAGING UP: How do you do it well? He shares a great story of how to help your boss. 12:36 CONNECTION: Mike shares how interviews with his crew began as a way to know names turned into serving a higher leadership purpose. 17:20 TRUST : If there is no trust , you will never have a high performing organization. 21:10 LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Mike shares the powerful story of officers eating last. 24:45 EGO: How did Mike get out of his own way to lead his ship? 25:28 INTUITION: What role does it play in leadership? 27:08 LEGACY: True legacy is determined a year later dependent on whether what you built is sustainable. 29:00 Mike’s parting message for leaders.
September 12, 2021
EP 131: Resetting the Energy of Our Homes with Feng Shui Designer Jess Neary
Jess Neary, Feng Shui Designer, shares how we can shift/ reset the energy of our home as kids return to school and people move back into traditional offices. Our conversation moves beyond tips and explores some of the deeper ideas our homes can teach us.  -- Our homes are a place that reflect our lives. Why not live live mindfully and with intention in this space? -- We chat about: -- ✔️ setting intentions ✔️ creating boundaries ✔️ letting go ✔️ uncomfortable conversations ✔️ creating transition places to evaluate items -- Connect with Jess Neary: -- As a Certified Feng Shui Designer, Jess Neary’s mission is to inspire, empower, educate, and create spaces that encourage a healthy energy flow. Jess combines Interior Design with energy healing to offer consultations that provide clients with practical solutions to shift the energy in their space. Located in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada, consultations are provided locally and worldwide virtually. Jess is a mother of 3 children and is passionate about creating a homestead that serves her entire family. An avid gardener (indoors and outdoors), she also cares for 8 laying hens, Luna (the family dog), and fish Elmo.  -- Social Media Links: -- Facebook:  Instagram:  TikTok:  Website:
September 5, 2021
EP 130: Searching For Meaning in our Lives with Amy McLennan
Are you searching for meaning in your life? Grab a coffee and eavesdrop on my conversation with Amy McLennan of Infoquench podcast as we discuss Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.” You don’t have to have read the book in order to enjoy the conversation on finding meaning. Books and meaningful conversations are two of my favourite things. I get to indulge in both in this episode. We also chat about: ✔️ how the book impacted us. ✔️ how major life experiences force us to look at meaning. ✔️ meaning: are we just telling ourself stories? ✔️ other book recommendations ✔️ our identities and answering “who am I?” CONNECT with Amy McLennan and the Infoquench Podcast: FB IG Twitter: @infoquench Website:
August 29, 2021
EP 129: Becoming the Best Version of You with Phil Gorman
Phil Gorman encourages us to live the best version of ourselves. As a massage therapist, posture and ergonomics expert and nature therapist, he helps us re-focus on our health. We talk about awareness, trauma and sitting disease. Phil gives us tips on interrupting our current health patterns that overtime will give us a different work/ life experiences and he says it is easier than you think. -- He is co-founder of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio in St. Martin’s, NB. In his practice, he is seeing an increase in anxiety, depression and weight gain. -- We talk about importance of self-awareness, trauma and sitting disease. Phil gives us tips on interrupting our current health patterns that overtime will give us a different work/ life experiences and he says it is easier than you think. -- We also chat about: -- ✔️ self-love which is says was not taught to him as a young man ✔️ how to dissolve trauma ✔️ sitting disease and the problems it is causing ✔️ digital dementia ✔️ his 20/20/20 formula for movement  --  About Phil Gorman  - - Phil Gorman, B.A., RMT, Certified Posture and Ergonomics Expert, is a passionate massage and nature therapist with over 20 years' experience supporting hundreds of clients in maximizing their human performance and potential. Phil is a lifelong learner whose "Passion for Posture" has led him to travel the world in search of Truth, Wisdom and Healing. It has also led him to train with some of the world's best Doctors, Therapists and Healers in the Wellness Industry. These experiences have led him to a deeper understanding of our complex human design and how to support others in generating balance, harmony and health. Phil believes that no single approach is the right one for every individual and so over the past 20 years, Phil has studied a variety of techniques, approaches and modalities, so he can "dial in" specific, individualized assessment and treatment for his clients. Using his best, tips, tools and strategies, Phil can help you access and heal your body so you can feel, move and be your very best! --  Connect with Phil Gorman  --  He is co-founder of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio in St. Martin’s, NB. In his practice, he is seeing an increase in anxiety, depression and weight gain. We talk about importance of self-awareness, trauma and sitting disease. Phil gives us tips on interrupting our current health patterns that overtime will give us a different work/ life experiences and he says it is easier than you think. We also chat about: ✔️ self-love which is says was not taught to him as a young man ✔️ how to dissolve trauma ✔️ sitting disease and the problems it is causing ✔️ digital dementia ✔️ his 20/20/20 formula for movement -- Connect with Phil Gorman: FB @cranialwavestherapy IG @cranialwaves
August 22, 2021
EP 128: How Children Help Us Achieve Our Potential with Jules Hare
Jules Hare is a Cranialsacral Therapist who specializes in pediatrics. We talk raising kids and how that relationship serves us to address our own growth. We talk about the power of the parent child relationship: how to improve it and how your child can help you. We also talk about your own childhood traumas that get triggered during parenting and how we move through that. This conversation is very empowering and Jules gives us the encouragement to not be so tough on ourselves as parents. -- About Jules Hare: -- Jules is a therapist, parent, author, illustrator and speaker. She is the Co-founder with her husband of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio in St. Martins, NB, Canada. As a Craniosacral Therapist Jules specializes in Pediatrics, with over 30 years of hands-on experience working with families and children of all ages. -- Jules’ unique approach to addressing the body’s innate wisdom in her professional practice as well as her ongoing ‘parenting practice’ lead to the creation of her latest book set published in June of 2020 ‘Raise Future Leaders- 3 Simple Steps to Transformational Parenting’ and its accompanying ‘Parenting Pocket Guide’. -- “When we truly and deeply honour ourselves AND our kids, the growth that results is transformational AND impacts future generations.” - Jules Hare Available for speaking engagements, book signings, podcasts and transformational sessions in person and on the phone.  -- Connect with Jules Hare:  IG and FB @juleshareshares  FB @cranialwavestherapy  IG @cranialwaves
August 15, 2021
EP 127: Believe in Yourself with Ashton Rhodenhiser
About the Show: -- Today I speak with Ashton Rhodenhiser. She has built a terrific business as a Graphic Recorder. She uses her experience of starting a creative business to give you the encouragement you need to believe in yourself. She addresses mindset, imposter syndrome doing the inner work like forgiveness and accepting rejection. There so many good nuggets in this episode that you can use in life and business. -- About Ashton Rhodenhiser: -- Ashton Rodenhiser is passionate about lifting the creative spirit in everyone that she meets. For the past seven years, she has followed her passion for helping people communicate their ideas and combined that with creativity by founding Mind's Eye Creative Consulting. You’ll often find her with markers in hand as she’s helping bring ideas to life through graphic recording and graphic facilitation practices. She’s worked with diverse groups, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. It may appear as if she’s the silent illustrator in the room. In fact, she’s helping to break down complex concepts and notions into an easily understandable visual language, helping others retain more information while inspiring people to continue practicing her techniques in the world. Over the years, she has brought over 1200 presentations and conversations to life either on paper or digitally. When she’s not working with clients, she’s being silly with her three young kids and husband in rural Canada. -- Connect with Ashton Rhodenhiser: Twitter:  @mindseyeccf Instagram: @ashtonmindseye
July 25, 2021
EP 126: Becoming Unmessable with Karen Pohlman
Karen Pohlman shares her family’s story of losing everything in order to find everything. In her book called Be Unmessable she shares their story of how they found themselves homeless in 2008 and how they turned their lives around including a pivotal point where they received a surprise financial gift from The Ellen Degenerous Show. Underneath their family’s story of loss, however, was Karen’s own story of finding her authentic self. We talk about that journey and the lessons she has learned to Become Unmessable. -- About Karen Pohlman -- Karen Pohlman is the unmessable mindset mentor for female leaders everywhere and the author of her new book, Be Unmessable-Navigate Any Stressful Situation, Conversation, or Crisis. She is an avid entrepreneur, mom to three amazing humans, and lives with her talented husband along with their two beautiful dogs in sunny New Mexico. -- Connect with Karen Pohlman --  Website: Facebook: @liveanotherway Instagram: @beunmessable Email: Buy the Book:
July 18, 2021
EP 125: How to Draw in the Magic with Kim Standeven
Today we learn to draw in the magic with Kim Standeven who is an International Speaker, Mentor, Messenger and Interpreter. She dedicates her life to creating spaces for people to slow down, be present and draw in the magical messages from our Core Four which she outlines for us in the conversation. We chat about her journey with spirituality, how we can access greater wisdom and to have fun while we build, connect & trust our intuition. -- About Kim Standeven: -- Kim Standeven walks a path with many peaks and valleys just like you. What has kept her grounded and resilient is her connection to a new spiritual paradigm she calls Your Core Four ® Spiritual Team. Kim is an International Spiritual Mentor, Messenger, and Interpreter. She is the Founder of Draw in the Magic with Your Core Four ® and she has dedicated her life to creating spaces for us to slow down, be present, draw in magical messages from our Core Four® so that we remember we are never alone. Connect with Kim Standeven: -- Instagram: @drawinthemagic Website: Email: hello@drawinthemagic
July 11, 2021
EP 124: One Woman's Story of Navigating Grief with Donna Jones
About the Show Donna Jones lost her husband suddenly on February 14th, 2017. She tells her very personal story of processing her deep grief. She shares what she has learned about doing the inner work, how she has learned to ride the wave of grief, what grief has taught her, how it helps growth and evolution of the soul and how it has strengthened her. There is so much depth and warmth to this conversation about loss and recovery. -- About Donna Jones: -- Following a life-long dream of working as a professional in the health-care field, Donna studied Reflexology and began her career in 2009 as a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, working at various clinics in the Annapolis Valley and Halifax. While steadily building her practice, she is continually upgrading her education, and currently specializes in Thai Foot Reflexology and Reflexology for the Management of Chronic Foot Pain. In February 2015, Donna certified as a Foot Reflexology Teacher with Reflexology Association of Canada, and is one of only three RAC teachers in Atlantic Canada. -- In her first year of teaching, she taught 20 students and realized that there was a need for a community for RAC Reflexology Therapists and students to unite for their professional growth and development. In July 2016, Donna initiated the start-up of RAC Nova Scotia Chapter, and has served as President from the implementation of the Chapter to the present day. -- Donna’s passion is to build a strong, vibrant community of highly qualified Reflexology Therapists in Nova Scotia, and her dream would be to see Reflexology become an integrative part of our health care system. Connect with Donna Jones: Website:  Facebook:
July 4, 2021
EP 123: Listen to the Quiet Urges of the Soul with SajeDyer
About the Show: Today I speak with Saje Dyer, the youngest daughter of Dr. Wayne Dyer who recentedly co-authored a book with her sister Serena called The Knowing: Eleven Lessons to Understand the quiet Urges of your Soul.  -- We talk about what it was like to have Wayne Dyer as a father growing up. She shares some of her favourite and most helpful teachings from him. She also shares a very personal story of healing herself and how she did that. We chat signs and divine guidance. It is such delightful, warm episode. I hope you enjoy it. -- About  Saje Dyer: -- Saje Dyer is a 31 year-old woman from New York City. Saje grew up in Boca Raton, FL and moved to New York where she graduated from NYU with a master's degree in psychology. She is the co-author of the new book, The Knowing, which explores how she was able to return to her the teachings of her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer after he passed away. She has published a children’s book titled “Goodbye Bumps!” that tells the true story of how she was able to heal herself as a child through the power of the mind. Saje often traveled with her Dad, to speak to his audiences and she recently appeared on his PBS special.  Saje is a mother to her little boy Julian and she enjoys traveling, learning, and spending time with loved ones. Being the youngest of 8 children, family is and always has been an important part of her life. -- Connect with Saje Dyer: -- Website: Instagram:
June 27, 2021
EP 122: Overcoming Your Inner Critic with Coach Dana Lloyd
Everyone has an Inner Critic. We also have dreams, want better relationships, want to rise up in our lives, achieve goals or become better in some way. When we do a loud voice within rises up and tells us all the reasons why we shouldn't. As your Coach, I am going to teach on the subject of the Inner Critic today, so that you can step more powerfully into your life without that nagging voice that scares you from getting what you want and becoming who you want.  -- I explore: -- What is the Inner Critic? How did we get it? What names does it go by? How do we overcome it? -- Connect with Dana Lloyd: Best way:  Get on my email list ....Website: Instagram: Twitter: @CoachDana_Lloyd LinkedIN: Dana Lloyd
June 20, 2021
EP 121: Be an Intentional Connector with Bernice Williams
Do you want to grow? Grow your life? Grow your business? Today I am chatting with Bernice Williams on how to do that through the power of intentional connection. Bernice is a natural collector of people and their stories and she loves making introductions and connecting people to help them. She shares how connecting people began, the importance of it, how it has paid her back many times over in life and business and how you can start being a natural connector too. About Bernice Williams: -- Bernice Williams is a consultant and facilitator who specializes business growth, by providing project management and facilitation services for community and economic development initiatives. Her services include coaching, facilitation, business connections, program support and more. -- Connect with Bernice Williams -- LinkedIn - Website - Youtube Channel for the Inner Wisdom Project -
June 13, 2021
EP 120: Living with Heart with Angela Harris
Angela Harris is a business and mindset coach who founded Work of Heart. And that is what we are talking about today.... Following our heart, our gut, our intuition. Angela shares her story of moving from Athletic Trainer in the CFL to where she is today and the signs she has learned to pay attention to along the way. She learned about working with heart in sports, but what does it mean to live with heart? -- Angela Harris is an award-winning entrepreneur, championship coach, motivational speaker, business mentor, and sought after advisor to heart-centered high achievers. She is the creator and founder of Work of Heart, a business and movement created to empower and inspire people to live their best life. Angela started her career as an Athletic Trainer in the Canadian Football League, because of her passion for sports, her dedication to helping people and because so many people told her she couldn’t do it. After a 17-year corporate career in sales and marketing, Angela decided to pursue her own work of heart in becoming a full time entrepreneur, business and mindset coach. As an athlete, rugby and sports coach for the past 30 years, Angela has had the privilege to impact hundreds of athletes in pursuing their goals and dreams. This competitive edge translates into everything she does, and has a significant influence on her clients and the tools they use. Angela’s mission in life is simply to make a difference ... every single day. Angela lives in New Brunswick Canada with her husband and two boys. She makes it a habit to laugh at her own jokes every single day. -- Connect with Angela Harris: -- FACEBOOK – PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE – WORK OF HEART FACEBOOK PAGE – ANGELA HARRIS (COACHING) INSTAGRAM – @WORKOFHEART.ME LINKEDIN
June 6, 2021
EP 119: From Foster Care to Financial Freedom with Ungenita Prevost
About the Show: Ungenita Prevost aged out of the foster care system at the age of 18. Resourceful and ambitious with a drive for success, she shares her amazing story as well as the qualities, skills and mindset she tapped into to leverage her network to get to who she is today which is a feminine leadership expert. She teaches others about the power of building social capital to get what you want. You will be inspired by her infectious energy and simple ideas to build great connections. -- About Ungenita Prevost -- “Don’t let the glitz and glam fool you.” Ungenita Prevost was aged out of the foster care system at 18 years old and has experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine (homeless, jobless, careless, cashless and parentless). She went on to working on Hollywood as a  body double and music video dancer.  Today she is an award winning feminine leadership expert. She is the founder of SellingINStilettos®, Billion Dollar Rolodex, LinkedIn IN STILETTOS and FEMME 500. She is the creator of the #1 business networking event for women, Networking IN STILETTOS. In 2021, she’s  personally helped over 1000 women build SOCIAL CAPITAL + monetize their networks. Her LinkedIn community boasts over 8000 women. “Networking can open doors degrees CANNOT.” -- Connect with Ungenita:
May 30, 2021
EP 118: Creating Impact with Amira Gill
Amira Gill and her sister Nadya are inspiring young women who started a business called the Kanata Trade Co as a way to give back so that more indigenous students can have the opportunity to attend colleges and universities. As a recent graduate of a Masters in Civil Engineering and as co-founder of her organization, Amira shares her insight about what she has learned around leadership, giving back, stepping into your confidence and owning your voice.  --  About Kanata Trade Co  --  We are twin Inuit sisters both attending Queen's University.  Our journey has been made possible thanks to the help of Indspire. Like many indigenous students,  Indspire supported us through their bursary program and also through their mentorship.  We were able to have a much fulfilled college experience as a result of their assistance. Now that we are nearing the end of our studies, we would like to give back to Indspire so that more indigenous students can also have the opportunity to attend colleges and universities. Indspire is an Indigenous national charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long-term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. All profits from the sale of the masks will be going to Indspire (  Our supplier will also pay royalties to the artists for the use of their artwork on the masks.  -- Connect with Kanata Trade Co  --  Website: Instagram: Facebook:
May 26, 2021
EP 117: Understanding the Power of Your Birth Date with Ann Perry, Numerologist
Today I speak with numerologist Ann Perry about how our birth date holds information that can guide us in our life. Ann breaks down how you use your birth date to find your personal year number. She then takes us through the 9 year cycle explaining what each year means and how this knowledge helps us.  Ann Perry also shares: ✔️ her perspective on 2020 ✔️shares about what a Life Path number is and how to calculate it properly. ✔️what energies are available to us and how we can use them. ✔️ Each year we get a new Personal Year Number and she teaches us how to calculate it. ✔️ importance of your birth date and name. -- Connect with Ann Perry:  -- Website:  FB page:  Twitter:  My School:  JUST DO YOU Business Coaching  This is a really unique coaching program because I use a person's Soul Contract to guide me in the coaching process. I know their strengths, weaknesses, gifts etc. just by examining their Numerology chart. How to Calculate Your Life Path Number Correctly? Understanding Which Personal Year You are in. 3 Things Your Birth Date Can Reveal About You
May 16, 2021
EP 116: Forced Into Stillness with Raina Krangle
Raina Krangle is a teacher who got a concussion while on duty at recess. She shares how her life was and still is impacted by this concussion. Forced into stillness, she soon discovered that she had to take healing into her own hands. As a singer songwriter for decades, music was an avenue that proved to be helpful in her recovery process. This story is all about facing mindfulness, our authenticity and taking good care of yourself. Raina Krangle also shares: ✔️activists that helped her in her healing. ✔️how she became more connected to her creativity. ✔️pursuit molecule theory - pursuing goals changes neuroplasicity. ✔️how being forced to slow down isn’t a bad thing. ✔️ what Raina wants you to know about people have a concussion. CONNECT with Raina Krangle: Website : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter: You Tube:
May 9, 2021
EP 115: Becoming Enough: Beyond the Scale with Kim Basler
Have you struggled with your self worth because of a number on a scale? Kim Basler shares her story of a life in the fitness industry that started with dieting and exercising at 12. She takes us through her journey of lack of self-acceptance, chronic dieting and an eating disorder that lead to a breaking point in her health 2016. She also shares her very relatable healing journey that involves making peace with her body and ultimately learning to love herself. -- About Kim: -- Kim Basler is Food Freedom & Mindset Coach, Speaker, and co-author of the best-selling book “Owning Your Choices”, stories of courage from inspirational women around the world. Her global reach has allowed her to support 1000s of women with self-love, finding peace with food & their bodies, and igniting the fire within to go after their dreams After being named “Group Fitness Instructor of the Year” and sharing her passion for Health & Wellbeing at Canada’s largest fitness company chain, her secret 30-year long battle with disordered eating, body image, overexercising & burnout required her to surrender to her inner struggles and begin to heal from the inside out. Through her certification in eating psychology & mind body nutrition and 100s of hours she has devoted to self-development, she exists to empower women around the world to go deeper than another diet, learn to love the woman they see in the mirror, and cultivate their intuition to take care of themselves unapologetically -- Website : Facebook : Instagram :
May 2, 2021
EP 114: Becoming An Optimal Being with Kathleen Bulger
Kathleen Bulger became a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Coach, Creator and Author after surviving a life-changing accident, a stroke, and a heart attack. Those events transformed her life forever turning it in a new and positive direction. She now has a passion supporting women in defining and designing their ideal lives through the art of nutrition, connection and creativity. By sharing her life lessons, she empowers woman to embrace what speaks to them on the journey of becoming their optimal being.  -- On a path to help women pay attention to their lives, Kathleen Bulger shares the 3 components to becoming an Optimal Being:  Nutrition, Connection, Creativity. -- Kathleen shares: ✔️ the details of her near death experience. ✔️ how she learned to slow down. ✔️ that you need to be heard and speak your voice. ✔️ shares how to embrace the 3 components of an Optimal Being. -- Connect with Kathleen Bulger: 
April 25, 2021
EP 113: Finding Bliss in the Suffering with Lisa Morissette
There is bliss in the midst of suffering. This is the message that Lisa Morissette wants you to know. She shares her journey of giving birth to, caring for and parenting her daughter Sophie who was born with with complex health challenges. Caring for Sophie has lead Lisa to find healing modalities to help her daughter. She saw such a profound difference in her that she began adopting them to help herself and other. -- What she found is the healing modalities were a way to communicate with her non-verbal daughter…. As if they were in another realm. Sophie is leading Lisa through her own healing and spiritual journey. -- This amazing 13 year girl who Lisa refers to as “Soul Spark” is an instrument of peace bringing families and communities together. This experience has taught Lisa so much about life and healing and she shares her experience today. You will live this episode with the feeling that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -- Lisa also shares: ✔️ how the various healing modalities such as Reiki helped Sophie lead Lisa to use them on her own healing journey. ✔️ how this experience is a spiritual one. ✔️ how Reiki there is dance of souls when you are with her. ✔️ reflects on why Sophie came into her life. ✔️ she shares the reality of feeling burned out especially during Covid. ✔️There are others ways/ modes/ senses that we cannot see that we can tap into to help ourselves and others. ✔️The higher reason/ role for Sophie life. ✔️She also shares how we can help caregivers as they are under tremendous strain as they deal with caring for loved ones. -- CONNECT with Lisa Morissette: Instagram: Diamond Energy Therapy Facebook: Supporting Sophie Facebook:
April 18, 2021
EP 112: The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl Richardson
Cheryl Richardson is my guest today. I am absolutely thrilled to speak to her about her New York Times Best Selling book The Art of Extreme Self-Care. We chat about being sensitive, disappointing people and how extreme self care relates to business and so much more. This episode re-focuses your attention on your what parts of your life you have been neglecting and how that is holding you back from all that you want. -- Cheryl also shares: ✔️Why you would should embrace your sensitivity. ✔️Why you should get accustomed to disappointing people ✔️Anytime you take care of your self you are moving toward your authentic self. ✔️People have too much on their plates. ✔️Signs of when a self-care upgrade is in need. …and so much more. -- Connect with Cheryl Richardson: -- Website: Facebook: Twitter and Instagram @coachoncall
April 11, 2021
EP 111: How to Be a No Limit Person with Dana Lloyd
Today’s episode is all about being a No Limit Person. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile. The reason that I have is that it is something that I struggle with, in that, I put limits on myself quite unintentionally and unconsciously. I am thinking maybe you can relate to this. There are things I want to get done in this life. Dreams that I have. A quality of life that I want to live, and by that, I am referring my inner quality of life. I want to live in a state of peace and joy despite what is going on around me. And I feel from that peace and joy, I can move through the world unchained and then I will have more motivation to achieve if I am not anchored by limits that I intentionally or unintentionally set. Today I explore: ✅what does is it mean to be a no limit person. ✅ I share my 6 six ways on how to be a no limit person.  Interested in The Soul Prescription Club? If you love deep conversations about who you are being and/or personal development of mind, body and spirit, this group is for you.  Each month I will lead the group through a topic and you will have access to the recorded session plus lots of other personal growth resources. Click on this link for more details: Connect with Dana Lloyd:
April 4, 2021
EP 110: Life Lessons from An Artist with Sasha French
We are getting an artist’s perspective on life this week. I speak with Fredericton artist Sasha French known as Bird Girl Arts. This concert pianist, dance choreographer and artist started down the nursing path and realized she was focusing in the wrong place. Her resilience and dedication paid off as she now gets to earn a living as an artist. -- She shares her artist’s perspective on many relatable life topics such as: making mistakes, chasing dreams, handling rejections, and how curiosity helps you succeed.  -- Sasha also shares:  ✔️ about not allowing herself to be an artist when she was practicing other disciplines.  ✔️ how life doesn’t wait and neither should we.  ✔️ why she tracks her rejections  ✔️ why all art is valuable.  ✔️ why it is important to expose children to art.  --  Connect with Sasha French:  -- Instagram: @BirdGirlArts
March 28, 2021
EP 109: The Art of Slow Living with Angela Wooden
We are going to be slowing down in today’s episode. You are going to meet Angela Wooden, a homesteader, textile artisan and a student of nature. We explore the art of slow living.  -- This episode is less about homesteading and more about mindfulness, slowing down and connection. Perhaps it will do for you as it did for me…. Stir up great memories from childhood and reminders about living your most authentic life.   --  About Angela Wooden   --  Practicing the art of slow living and herbalism in southern NB. She is the face and textile artisan behind Angela's Stitches of "A Stitched Homestead." Through her work Angela hopes to connect her community to traditions, local fibers, foods and remedies.   --   Connect with Angela Wooden   Website:   Shop:   Instagram: @astitchedhomestead
March 21, 2021
EP 108: A Dying Experience that Accelerated Grief and Re-birth with Leanne Cochrane
Leanne Cochrane shares her story of death, grief and re-birth. Her husband Will, facing a terminal diagnosis, chose to enroll in MAID program which stands for - the Medical Assistance in Dying- to have control over his final days. -- Leanne takes us through what she calls their 7 month long “incredible journey to death.” She shares details of the MAID program and the tough conversations they shared which helped accelerate her grief. She shares her experience with grief in the time of Covid and how it has transformed her. -- Leanne shares: ✔️ what the early days of her husband’ diagnosis looked like. ✔️ her advocacy for the MAID she says it is not suicide. It is about love and compassion. ✔️ how her husband helped counsel her through her grief and how having the heavy hearted conversations accelerated her grief. ✔️ how to not make death a taboo subject. ✔️ what she has learned about grief. -- CONNECT with Leanne Cochrane:
March 14, 2021
EP 107: Rise Up From the feeling of Not Good Enough with Cindy Stradling
Cindy Stradling is founder of Courage In Action, an organization that helps women coming from difficult circumstances move forward in their lives. Cindy is passionate about this because the circumstances of her early childhood led her to make choices in her life including living in an abusive relationship. She talks about what was happening at the time that enabled her the courage to leave her abusive situation and what she continued doing to create a new and amazing life for herself. She now helps other women do the same. Today is all about rising up from the feeling of not good enough. -- Today we talk about Rising up from not feeling good enough. She has so many great lessons to share. -- Cindy shares: ✔️ how her early childhood put her on a path of feeling not good enough. ✔️ she shares what her abusive relationship looked like and how she got out of it. ✔️ the turning point that shifted her life in a different direction. ✔️ education is key for helping people overcome their circumstances. ✔️ strategies for overcoming yourself. -- About Cindy Stradling Facilitator, entrepreneur and resilience coach. I truly believe each and everyone one of us has untapped potential! I am passionate about working with a team of powerful women on the Courage in Action Board and Committees to support the women we serve to move forward confidently in their lives. Honoured to provide the women we serve access to resources that can provide them with the inspiration, tools and build the skills to live THEIR best life. -- Social media links:
March 7, 2021
EP 106: Living Successfully with High Functioning Depression & Anxiety with Emmy Rousseau
Emmy Rousseau is a transformational coach and speaker who shares her story of navigating life with high functioning depression and anxiety. She shares what life with that diagnosis looks like and as well as what tools she has learned to manage her mental health to go from surviving to thriving.  Emmy shares: -- ✔️ what is high functioning depression and what does it look like ✔️shame and guilt of struggling with mental health ✔️tools that worked her for to navigate mental health. ✔️how a growth mindset was a game changer -- About Maria-Elena “Emmy” Rousseau Emmy is the founder of Trinity Transformations, a company devoted to helping the anxious overachiever release the shame and guilt they’ve been hanging onto surrounding their high-functioning depression and/or anxiety. Emmy struggled with high-functioning depression for years, and developed a robust toolbox that allowed her to stop feeling like she was treading water and, eventually, truly thrive. What began that journey for her was growth mindset, something she found as a teacher, to help her elementary students. In so doing, she found it was key to beginning her own healing. She now brings all the tools and strategies she has learned to adults in her speaking and coaching. Emmy is passionate about helping others realize that there need be no stigma in having mental health issues and that it doesn’t define them. She created Trinity Transformations to offer connection through joy, gratitude, and love.  -- Website:  IG:  Linked In:  FB:
February 28, 2021
EP 105: How to Move Through BIG Life Changes with Stephenie Zamora
"You have to make a choice to come back after you hit rock bottom." - Stephenie Zamora -- Have you been through a big life change and not sure how to come back from it? Or perhaps you are sensing there is a big life change you need to make. Stephenie Zamora shares how you can make the impossible (meaning whatever it is you want to happen in your life) possible. She demonstrates this by sharing her own difficult personal traumatic experience that cracked her open to her true self and purpose. She also shares the journey mapping guide she uses to help people move through difficult life transitions such as the one she experienced.  --  About Stephanie Zamora:  --  Stephenie Zamora is an author and coach, business and marketing strategist, and founder of Stephenie Zamora Media—a digital media and production company, publishing house, and a full-service life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Her company has been merging the worlds of personal development, digital media, and online marketing to help individuals build purpose-driven lives and businesses for nearly a decade. Stephenie's work helps catalyze individuals on their healing and growth journeys so they can uncover the purpose of their path, step into who they're here to be, and do the work they're here to do. She does this through several distinct brand verticals that follow a proven five-phase process and house various digital media content, educational programs, inspirational and motivational products, and services to support their growth at any scale.   -- Learn more at -- Or connect with Stephenie on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube  --  --  --
February 21, 2021
EP 104: Loving the New Version of Yourself with Desiree Ford
In 2018, Desiree Ford was involved in tragic car crash. Dying 7 times, she amazed doctors and survived after spending over 200 days in a coma with multiple injuries and surgeries. She shares her powerful story of coming to terms with her new reality. As a former professional dancer, she now faced the long road of nursing her physical injuries including brain trauma, but more importantly, she had to learn to love the new version of Desiree. (You can also listen to Episode 99 where I interview Desiree’s mother on the healing power of positivity. She shares a mother’s perspective. So good!) Desiree shares: -- ✔️how she went from hating herself to loving herself so much. -- ✔️her struggle with mental health before the accident and how that shifted post accident. -- ✔️the darkest times when she realized that couldn’t return to her old self. -- ✔️when she began accepting herself. -- ✔️the spiritual impact -- ✔️ what she has learned about resiliency -- CONNECT with Desiree Ford: Website: Instagram:
February 14, 2021
EP 103: One Woman's Story of Making Peace with Weight Loss, Food & Self-Love with Roni Davis
Be kind to yourself. Food and weight loss is the basis of this conversation, however, my guest, Roni Davis, shows us that it is so much more than that. We are talking self-love, good self-talk and unhealed traumas. -- Roni Davis, a former personal trainer and national athlete shares her very raw story of coming to love herself. For 3 decades she struggled with food including battling bulimia and depression. She is open and honest about her journey and how she finally healed herself. Now she is on a mission to help others by bundling everything she used to heal herself to create her own Cognitive Eating Academy. -- Roni shares: ✔️ her turning point and a-has. ✔️ how our culture’s focus on equating worth with size is hurting us. ✔️ we have to get real about the damage being done by judging our bodies so harshly. ✔️ what is cognitive eating -- About Roni Davis: Cognitive Eating founder, Roni Davis is on a mission to cancel diet culture and change the way the world views weight, healthy eating and healthy living. She spent over a decade in the fitness industry - gaining education, research and professional experience as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, and a nationally qualified champion figure athlete. -- She also spent almost 3 decades struggling with weight, food, negative body (and self) image, really mean self-talk  and even binge eating, bulimia, clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. -- Roni’s own decades-long healing journey combined with over a decade of professional knowledge, education and experience lead to her mission and the creation of Cognitive Eating & the Cognitive Eating Academy. -- Roni’s work with Cognitive Eating allows her to guide others through the process of uncovering and changing the thought and behavior patterns that cause weight and food struggles. She guides them to a much greater understanding of themselves and their own needs. Her clients develop deeper connections to themselves and more balanced & present ways of living so they can improve their overall health and well-being in ways that are grounded in connection & self-trust - self-compassion and love. -- Freebie:
February 7, 2021
EP 102: How We Abandon Ourselves with Laura Gatien
“You abandon yourself when you stop trusting your intuition, your inner knowing.” I chat with Laura Gatien, a social worker and clinical therapist, about the ways that we abandon ourselves. She says there are rules that are handed down to us that we are expected to follow if we are to be liked, accepted and fit in. She helps people examine that rule book so that people can begin editing their story so they can start living freely and with authenticity. -- Laura shares: ✔️ The BIGGEST rule that affects people’s lives. -- ✔️ Taking responsibility to get your needs met. -- ✔️ The ways we abandon ourselves -- ✔️ What holds people back from moving toward their authentic self. -- CONNECT with Laura Gatien: -- Website: Instagram: Facebook:
January 31, 2021
EP 101: Screw Expectations with Dr. Agnes Wainman
About the Show: Today I speak with Dr. Agnes Wainman, a clinical psychologist that helps overwhelmed and worried women overcome unrealistic expectations that are making them sick and miserable. She coined a term called Expectation Discrepancy Syndrome.  We talk about: - what causes unrealistic expectations - why they are making you miserable and  - how to overcome them. About Dr. Agnes Wainman: -- I understand what it's like to feel overwhelmed, to face unexpected life stressors and to struggle with finding balance between self-care and the care of everyone else.  I know what it's like to feel like you're doing everything that you "should" do, yet it still never feels like it's enough.  It is exhausting, both physically and emotionally.  I want to help you silence that nagging voice in your head that says that you're not good enough or that you're not doing enough.  I want you to be able to enjoy your life without having to imagine all the possible worst case scenarios and feeling like you need a contingency plan for all of them.  My passion is to help you put you back on your own priority list, without guilty or worry. I decided to pursue my PhD in clinical psychology because I have always been intrigued by people, their stories, their relationships, their responses to stressful situations and their resilience. During my studies at Western University in London, Ontario, I was incredibly lucky to have trained in a number of different settings including working with university students at the Student Development Centre, patients with spinal cord injuries at Parkwood Hospital, patients living with chronic pain and other medical conditions at London Health Sciences Centre.  I received training in a number of different theoretical orientations including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation training. During my residency at the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium, I continued my training within programs such as the Fertility Clinic and received specialized training in the relationship between physical health and emotional well-being.  Following the completion of my Doctoral Degree, I began working in private practice and then founded London Psychological Services.  I am so privileged to be invited into your life. -- Connect with Dr. Agnes Wainman: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
January 24, 2021
EP: 100 Opting Out is Intentional Living with Cait Flanders
About the Show: -- Do people see you as “flaky” because you’re always changing paths or your mind? OR perhaps you’d like to change your mind and don’t yet have the courage to opt out of the things that you’re currently in. — Opting out is actually intentional living. It takes you closer to your most authentic life. — Cait Flanders, Best Selling Author of A YEAR OF LESS has is back to talk about recently released book #2 called ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT: A field guide to intentional living. — We chat about all aspects of opting out: fear, mindset, getting lost, trusting people. — We also talk about: — ✔️ The difference between opting out and quitting. ✔️ How opting out relates to intentional living. ✔️ What kind of MINDSET do you need to opt out of something. ✔️ You are not flaky if you change your mind. ✔️ Overcoming fear you can live your most authentic life ✔️ It is hard to self-soothe without numbing. ✔️ How to identify your own voice versus the inner critic. ✔️ How to trust other people ✔️ How do you know you are on the right path — About Cait Flanders: -- Cait Flanders is a Canadian Author of two books: A Year of Less and The Adventures in Opting Out.  -- Connect with Cait Flanders: Website: Instagram:
January 17, 2021
EP 99: Healing with the Power of Positivity with Betty Ford
About the Show: “I didn’t panic. I knew I had a job to do...invite the Universe to help.” -- Meet Betty Ford, a woman who provides incredible insight into one mother’s unbending love for her daughter after she suffered a horrific car crash. You will be inspired by her mindset, motivation, and the healing power of positivity. She held a vision of her healed daughter overcoming such suggestions from the top surgeon that taking her daughter off life support was a possibility...”You have to be realistic,” she was told -- We talk: ✔️ how she held the vision of healing for her daughter ✔️ what she learned about having a resilient spirit ✔️ what did positivity look like ✔️ what she taught the doctors that they don’t teach in medical school. ✔️ taking nearly dying to want to live -- Connect with Betty Ford or Book her to Speak: -- Website: Facebook:
January 10, 2021
EP 98: Books Accelerate Your Personal Growth with Melissa Doucet
About the Show: Melissa Doucet is a serial entrepreneur and real estate agent who is a life long learner. She is book obsessed and acquires a lot of knowledge through leadership books. So I wanted to chat with her about her book obsession. Melissa shares the system she uses to consume a great quantity of books, what are some of her favourite book recommendations and what are some of her favourite ideas that she has learned from books that has impacted her life and business. Melissa shares: ✔️ favourite ideas that she has learned from books that has impacted her life and business. ✔️ the big secret for consuming 25 books a year ✔️ how to accept criticism ✔️ her 7 pillars for measuring success ✔️ And the # book she recommended most this year. ✔️ How does reading help her as a leader in her business
January 3, 2021
EP 97: Leading a Life of Meaning
About the Show: -- If you are like me, I Iike to talk about the big topics in life. Deep soulful conversations such as “What does it mean to lead a life of meaning?” That is what I am exploring today. I break it down into 3 parts: 1) what is meaning -- 2) how to create meaning in your life -- 3) and what impact does leading a meaningful have on you. -- If you like these kinds of conversations, join me on my email community at -- You can go straight to the contact page or grab 10 minute free coaching audio on 3 ways to start living joyfully.  You’ll start receive weekly email on topics of personal growth and self-discovery. OR Grab this freebie now: 7 Soul Prescriptions for Common Fears:
December 20, 2020
EP 96: Finding Yourself Through Intentional Creativity with Natalie Moyes
About the Show: -- Natalie Moyes shares her authentic story from 29 years in broadcast television including Director/ Producer of Atlantic Canada’s #1 morning show turned certified Intentional Creativity Coach. -- As she began to explore art, Natalie began to heal. She now helps women release unhelpful internal stories through this incredible tool. Natalie shares her authentic path to art, what healing looked for her and how she helps others discover and explore who they were intended to be. -- We talk: ✔️Losing & finding yourself ✔️Everyone is inherently creative ✔️Creativity can silence the Inner Critic ✔️Healing through creativity ✔️ You can create new realities through art -- CONNECT with Natalie Moyes: Website: Natalie has a Intentional Creativity course running in early January.  Go her website to register.
December 13, 2020
EP 95: How Gratitude Will Change Your Life with Megan Stephens
About the Show -- This week I speak with Megan Stephens of Be Grateful., a company she started to help people express gratitude to the special people in their lives by creating gratitude boxes. We dive deep on what is gratitude and how it impacts others. Megan shares how her gratitude practice has shifted and how it has impacted the way she shows up in life. As Megan says, "The magic is all around us if we just look for it." -- About Megan Stephens: -- Have you ever met someone who looks after the lives of everyone around them but is barely present in their own? Well, that was me.I had a collection of moments where I felt like an imposter. I was constantly saying, “Yes,” to everyone but wasn't genuinely capturing real memories. The realization of how precious these real memories are struck me when we lost my grandmother to dementia. In one fell swoop, a lifetime of amazing stories was washed away and replaced with feelings of grief, anger, and guilt. This was the moment I felt my grandmother nudging me forward. It started as a gift for my mom to help her remember all the incredible moments we had shared. With a simple ask, friends and family came forward with memories of my grandmother and our family. I curated them all and placed them in a small box. When my mother opened it on Christmas morning, the love that poured out of that very first Gratitude Box was incredible. I saw pure gratitude radiate from her. It was the gift I had always wanted to give her but didn’t know how. In that moment, I committed to stop running through life, only capturing moments to put up on social media. I recognized that meaning is made from the everyday moments in our lives, both "perfect" and "imperfect." These fragments weave together to create the unique and wondrous story that is our life. From then on, I would be grateful for them all. The beauty in discovering Be Grateful Inc was realizing it wasn’t just my pieces that made my story; it was the moments contributed by my loved ones around me as well. I can’t wait for you to share in my experience of the immense power of gratitude. Social links: Facebook: Instagram:
December 6, 2020
EP 94: Seeing the Good In Yourself with Marianne Fischtner
About the Show:  --  Marion Fischtner  experienced a devastating divorce where she lost everything including herself in the process. She shares how she heard the little whispers all along, but ultimately did not trust herself until she was faced with reality. Marianne shares her insight on how she finally put herself first, learn to see the good in herself and how she slowly, but surely moved onto her authentic path.  --  About the Show:   --  Founder of Spark the Future, Marianne is a skilled facilitator and speaker with experience in coaching individuals in managing change with confidence. Specializing in Personality Dimension she is able to teach people to communicate and work effectively with leaders, staff, and --stakeholders. She has facilitated small to large groups with a focus on supporting transitions, seeing strengths, and fostering positive goal setting.  Social Media Links:
November 29, 2020
EP 93: The Power of Going Inward with Dana Lloyd
About The Show: -- Today I go solo on the podcast exploring the power of going inward...building the relationship with the inner you...your Highest Self. I explore what does it means to go inward, the purpose of it, the ways in which you can go inward to build that relationship and the benefits of doing so. I share my own personal stories and a provide a few book recommendations that I have enjoyed if you are looking for books to help you on your spiritual path. If you are a seeker, this episode is for you. -- About Dana Lloyd: I help people reconnect with their joy, meaning  & fulfillment through speaking, coaching, authorship and podcasting. I am author of Soul Prescription: 101 Ways to Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment. I am almost finished Soul Prescription for Women: Awakening the Woman Within. -- Connect with Dana Lloyd: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: -- Connect with Soul Sister Conversations: Facebook: Instagram:  Twitter: -- Dana's 1st book: Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment on Amazon and available on Kindle.
November 22, 2020
EP 92: Discovering Your Divine Path Through Akashic Records with Sandra Akl
About the Show:  -- Ever wonder why you can’t just be happy? Feel like you have blocks? Sandra Akl felt this way too which eventually led to her taking herself on a  journey of self-discovery. What was waiting for her on that path was spectacular, supernatural and life changing. She now uses her gifts to help others as a Soul Realignment Practitioner. Through Akashic readings, she helps people learn their purpose, release blocks and remember their gifts and talents. She helps you get back to your original divine blueprint.  —  About Sandra Akl:  I am a Soul Realignment® Practitioner and a Reiki Healer. My journey with spirituality started after the birth of my son in 2011. I found myself in a deep depression, which prompted me to find alternative ways of healing myself. Meditation and Reiki became my go-to methods of treatment, which assisted me on my awakening process. As a result, I set out on a quest to seek the meaning of my life beyond my physical reality. Five years later, I found myself leaving my ten year marriage and embarking on a path of self-discovery. This involved having an akashic awakening, connecting to my intuition and embodying my powers of manifestation while creating the life I desired. I was guided to the akashic records course, given online by Andrrea Hess, in 2017, not knowing exactly what they meant or how they would impact my life. After doing a few readings, I experienced the joy it brought to my heart, and the positive impact it had on others in how it helped them manifest their desires. I knew this was part of my life's purpose and that I needed to pursue it. Today, through my practice, I assist others by accessing and reading their akashic records. This helps each person learn about their soul essence and heal blocks by restructuring the soul back to its original Divine blueprint. People who understand that they are the creators of their own experience will benefit the most from the work I do. They will learn to make choices that are aligned with their soul, thereby being better able to manifest the life that they desire. When we are listening to the voice of our soul, we will never be mislead. —  Connect with Sandra Akl:
November 15, 2020
EP 91: Creating Meaningful Change through Authentic Leadership with Nicole Paquet
About the Show:  -- Nicole Paquet has a passion for authentic leadership. Showing up authentically begins with owning your own purpose, superpower and vulnerabilities. When we are on a path of authentic leadership we are on our way to creating true and meaningful change whether it is in our lives or workplaces. Nicole helps define what it means to be authentic and how to become an authentic leader. --  About Nicole Paquet: -- Nicole is a Change Leadership and Culture Transformation Consultant with over 20 years of experience working in large global organizations both as a consultant and as an employee. Her focus has been providing advice and support to clients as they navigate strategic change programs and strategic planning efforts.    Through her professional and personal journey, and experiencing first hand the effects of leadership behaviour on culture, her interest and passion has shifted to connected and authentic leadership as the path to true and meaningful change.  Nicole believes that through authentic conversation, connection, transparency and accountability, leaders can create better workplaces, where people and ideas can thrive.  -- Connect with Nicole:  --  Blog: LinkedIn:  Instagram: @NicolePaquetSJ  Twitter: @NicolePaquetSJ
November 8, 2020
EP 90: Dream BIG Be BOLD with Paula Morand
About the Show:  -- Paula Morand is an award winning entrepreneur and eternal optimist who has been helping people dream big and be bold for a long time. In this episode, we explore how to dream big, how to override what is holding you back and Paula provides concrete ideas on how to take action. There are many encouraging, positive messages to inspire you as well. If you have been feeling stuck, uninspired, scared to act or unsure about how to get going, this episode is for you.  --  About Paula:  -- Paula Morand is a 14x multi-award-winning entrepreneur and professional speaker who is passionate about helping speakers and experts be seen, be heard and grow their impact. She is the founder of Silver Street Studios, a boutique branding agency and production studio catering to speakers, coaches and professionals with state-of-the-art stage, sound, photography and video capabilities. Featured on Lifetime Television, Success Magazine, Profit Magazine and the Financial Post, Paula is recognized as a global change maker. She is a respected leadership expert and brand strategist who has contributed to initiatives focused on economic development, community building, women out of poverty and the entrepreneurial landscape.  She is one of Canada’s Top 10 Mentor Rock Stars. Paula’s motto is to help others dream big and be bold  --  Connect with Paula:  -- Website:  Email:  Instagram:  @paulamorand
November 1, 2020
EP 89: Empowering Women & Girls Through Sport with Kyla Lane of Her Soul Shot
About the Show: Kyla Lane is passionate about advocating for women and girls in sport. She shares her experience of being a young girl in sports and the road bumps along the way and of course the lessons. She is doing everything she can to highlight, celebrate and empower women to own who they are. This episode is loaded with Universal positive messages of empowerment such as your voice is needed in this world, don’t fight who you are meant to be and being you is good enough. Connect with Kyla Lane: Twitter & Instagram: @kylajlane Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @hersoulshot
October 25, 2020
EP 88: Coming Awake at Any Age with Brittany Cormier, Conscious Living Enthusiast
About the Show -- Brittany Cormier calls herself a Conscious Living Enthusiast. She is a young woman who shares her story of coming awake in her 20’s. She talks about the the experience of becoming a new mom which cracked her wide open to a new spiritual world. Brittany shares how she stays conscious in her every day life and we discuss the impact conscious living has had on her parenting and the relationships in her life. This episode has lessons for anyone who is coming awake at any age. -- About Brittany -- Her mission: “Encouraging conscious living through mindfulness, self awareness, and introspection to improve our quality of life and embrace the journey that we are on.” Connect with Brittany
October 18, 2020
EP 87: Helping One Another To Have Better Mental Health with Elizabeth Eldridge
About the Show: -- Fuelled by a desire to fight the stigma of mental health, improve understanding and empower members of the public to provide support to persons in stress, Elizabeth Eldridge founded Arpejjio Health Services which provides mental health training. We talk about the common mental health illnesses, red flags and strategies to help yourself and others. We also talk about mental health in the workplace and how leaders and employees can recognize signs of stress and what they can do to help. About Elizabeth Eldridge: -- Elizabeth Eldridge helps people help people.  As a psychological health and safety consultant, Elizabeth is passionate about supporting organizations in adopting mentally healthy policies and practices to make the workplace a better place to be for all.  She is also the founder and director of Arpeggio (pronounced “ahr-PEJ-ee-oh”) Health Services which, since the company’s birth in 2012, has grown into Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of standardized trainings like the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid program.  A big believer in the importance of self care for staying mentally resilient, you’ll find Elizabeth exploring New Brunswick’s beautiful trails with her Weimaraner pup (pronounced “WHY-muh-ran-er”) Ruby in her downtime. Social media links:
October 11, 2020
EP 86: Creating Inner Peace with Anne-Marie Collette, Intuitive Coach
About the Show:  --  Anne Marie Collette is an INTUITIVE COACH who shares about finding inner peace. She is co-founder of Peace Leaders Collaborative. We talk about peace education which is learning the skills, attitudes and behaviours that assist us to live in a more conscious and harmonious way with self, others and Mother Earth. Being an educator for over 25 years, Anne- Marie is passionate about instilling peace at a young age. What I loved most about this conversation? It is about tuning into our inner being. Anne-Marie says when we foster our gifts and discover who we are and honour that… we are on our own personal journey to peace.  About Anne-Marie Collette:  -- Anne-Marie Collette is a co-founder of Peace Leaders Collaborative. -- As a former public school teacher, facilitator and educational leader for over 25 years, her innovative programs and teaching methods have earned local, provincial and national recognition. In 2004, her exceptional holistic and heart-centered programs earned her a nomination for the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Excellence in Education Award in Manitoba, Canada.  --  Anne-Marie believes that peace education needs to become the backdrop to all that transpires in a school system and cannot be an add-on: it needs to become the soul of the schools.   --  Global thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit, she is the creator of the Awake and Advance System which was highlighted in a co-authored book called Dreaming BIG Being BOLD. She now teaches women leaders how to achieve greater success by connecting with their spiritual selves. Her specialty is helping professionals to reclaim their own voice by creating an authentic shift of power. As a result, her clients experience a greater peace of mind, a healthier body and a more balanced and harmonious life aligned to their divine genius. Known for her wisdom, Anne-Marie offers customized workshops, retreats and life coaching. Anne-Marie believes that peace education needs to become the backdrop to all that transpires in a school system and cannot be an add-on: it needs to become the soul of the schools.   --  Connect with Anne-Marie  Tel: (506) 312-3303  Email: 
October 4, 2020
EP 85: Helping Women Heal from Alcohol Addiction with Johnena Kennedy, Addiction Counsellor
About the Show:  Johnena Kennedy has worked in the field of addictions for 35 years helping women heal. We discuss what it means to be an addict or alcoholic.  This was an eye opening conversation on many topics relating to women and alcohol including: ✔️how the alcohol industry grooms women ✔️the fastest growing segment of women drinkers ✔️how traumas and shame relate to addictions ✔️how you know when you are an alcoholic/ addict ✔️how alcohol interferes with your authentic self. ✔️the joy and freedom of begin sober. -- About Johnena Kennedy: -- Johnena has worked for 35 years in the field of Addictions. She has been sober 42 years. Most of her work has been with Women with Addictions. She has  4 wonderful grown kids and partners that have taught her so much about love and life. She is the Nana of two darling grand babies. --
September 27, 2020
EP 84: Lessons From the Dying with Sandy Maxwell, CEO Hospice Greater Saint John
About the Show: Sandy Maxwell is CEO of Hospice Greater Saint John. Working in palliative/ hospice care for the past 20 years, she has seen death and dying up close. She shares the powerful lessons she has learned about "the art of living in the midst of dying."  This episode is inspiring as it prompts one to ask "what does it mean to truly live?" -- Sandy also shares what a hospice is like and how does one know if they are ready for this kind of service. She shares many wonderful stories that will warm your heart and have you view this part of life through a new lens. -- Social Media Links: Facebook: Website: Hospice Fundraiser: -- About Sandy Maxwell: Sandy Maxwell  is a former registered nurse and an experienced non-profit business professional. She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Hospice Greater Saint John for 20 years, managing a $2.5M budget and leading a team of 40 paid staff and 150 volunteers. Prior to moving to New Brunswick and her employment with Hospice, Sandy worked in Ottawa in national sport and aquatic lifesaving, including the Canadian Sport Council, the Royal Life Saving Society and Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association. She originates from Wilmington, Massachusetts and holds both American and Canadian citizenship. For six years, Sandy served as a member of Health Canada’s Canadian Strategy on Palliative and End-of-Life Care, working with our nation’s experts to change public policy and enhance healthcare services to the dying. A dedicated and passionate social entrepreneur, Sandy and her leadership team established two new social enterprises in Saint John that has one business supporting the other while serving as a model for healthcare innovation in Atlantic Canada. Today, Hospice Greater Saint John is the parent company of both Bobby’s Hospice, a 10-bed community palliative care home and The Hospice Shoppe, an upscale second-hand retail store that helps to fund care at Bobby’s Hospice. Her leadership has earned Hospice multiple national awards, including being named one of Canada’s Top 100 Charities for giving by Charities Intellegence Canada and Maclean’s Magazine for both 2019 and 2020. Sandy is a passionate and driven healthcare and non-profit business professional who believes strongly in palliative care and grief support to enhance the quality of living and dying.. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jim, and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren
September 20, 2020
EP 83: One Mother’s Story of Finding Meaning In Her Suffering with Scarlett Lewis
About the show: -- Scarlett Lewis is a on a mission of Nurturing Healing and Love. It is a message her son left on her kitchen chalkboard the morning he died in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in December 2012.  With this message, she found a new purpose in life. A purpose that focuses on teaching social and emotional skills through her Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. She provides free resources for schools to teach students so that people can begin to learn to turn angry thoughts into loving ones. And this could make all the difference.  About Scarlett: Scarlett Lewis founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her son was murdered during the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. After his death, Scarlett became part of the solution to the issues in today’s society. Through Choose Love, Scarlett became an advocate for social and emotional learning (SEL) and character development that teaches children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy relationships. Choose Love offers a no cost, comprehensive SEL program that empowers educators and teaches children how to handle adversity, have courageous conversations and respond with love. The program has been downloaded in all 50 states and nearly 100 countries, serving nearly 2 million children. Since the tragedy, Scarlett has spoken all across the US and internationally to diverse audiences urging everyone to become part of the solution to the issues we’re experiencing today. Scarlett has the insight and knowledge to speak about turning tragedy into triumph; how to cope with stress and grief; ways to strengthen mental awareness; the importance of self care; post traumatic growth; and more. To help children and adults deal with the stress and challenges of the Coronavirus, Choose Love created a variety of new, free resources; and specifically, to support students and educators as they navigate the new normal of hybrid learning, Choose Love created Choosing Love in Our Brave New World, a back-to-school reintegration unit for Pre-K through 12th grade. -- Social Media Links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIN: Website for FREE Resources on learning social & emotional skills:
September 13, 2020
EP 82: What Makes You Come Alive? with Margot Gaudet, Maven Hill Farms
About the Show Margot Gaudet suffered a heart attack from undiagnosed Addison's disease. Three months later she had congestive heart failure then she was diagnosed with MS, Lyme disease and also endured thyroid cancer all within 22 months and in her early to mid thirties. Imagine having suffered several major illnesses in a short amount of time. What would you do? Would you shut down or find a way to heal?  -- Margot Gaudet shares her powerful story of overcoming her illnesses, but what she discovered about herself was the key to healing. Here is a sneak peek ...Margot says, “Closing myself off to the pain, closed me off from feeling everything. And in order for me to truly heal, I needed to feel it all.” This woman is resilient and she offers up her healing path and the insights she gained along the way in this week’s episode. -- You will be inspired to ask yourself "What makes me come alive?" -- About Margot Gaudet: Margot founded Maven Hill Farm in 2018. She has added a guest house for workshop participants, as well as working on adding gardens and a small orchard on the property, to share her love of fresh homegrown food with others. She is extremely proud of the energy she has infused on her small farm. -- Having studied in Hospitality & Tourism, biodynamic farming, permaculture design course and getting certified as an Autopoetic Facilitator has helped shape her vision for a healing and gathering space. -- Margot has decided to dedicate herself to her self development, as well as her physical and emotional healing. Margot has the ability to savour life at its core, she loves deeply and dreams big. Margot contributed to the anthology of amazing women's stories in The Great Canadian Woman. You can read her powerful story in more detail here. -- Connect with Margot here: -- IG FB Website
September 6, 2020
EP 81: Writing A New Script for Aging with Carole MacInnis, Psychologist & Educator
About the Show -- Today’s episode is all about the power of your third act. Carole MacInnis shares with us the power in growing older, the need to redefine what it means to age, finally finding your true path, and connecting deeply with ourselves. She tells her story of moving into her third act something that didn’t happen until she found herself in illness. Now she helps others ignite their third she says “to unleash the boundless self in women who don’t take “old” for answer.” If you have been thinking about what’s next for you no matter your age, this episode will inspire you to ask “what else is possible for me?” About Carole My career spans decades as a psychologist, educator and business owner.  I have experienced personally many life transitions and supported others through counselling or business consulting on making changes.   Like many, my career is punctuated with achievements, trials, and tribulations.  All of which have deepened my understanding and love of supporting others. -- I am a mother, grandmother and a woman who has been part of the feminist movement for many years. That matters considerably because the way I lived my life was political, whether I liked it or not.  My generation, like many before and after, challenged gender norms and attempted to redefine the place of women in society. -- As I entered the third act of my life, I realized yet again I needed to challenge what others have accepted the norm at this stage of life.  I began to realize that the world’s new expectation of me was that I should just fade away: find a hobby to keep myself busy.  After years of gaining wisdom, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a mind as sharp as ever, this was not the life I wanted.  So "Igniting the Third" was born.   Now my work is helping others make the third act their best act. Connect with Carole: -- Facebook: website:
August 30, 2020
EP 80: Listening to Your Soul Whispers to Guide & Heal with EagleSpirit
About EagleSpirit -- EagleSpirit is a Soul Seer, Contemporary Shaman & Visual Artist. We had such a terrific conversation in Episode 73 that we thought we would do it again. In this episode, we continue exploring the four energetic bodies...the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical bodies and the wisdom they hold. -- EagleSpirit shares more details of her own journey with cancer in her early thirties and how she used the wisdom of her energetic bodies to resolve it. This leads to a juicy conversation around radiating your most authentic self and slowing down to pay attention to our soul whispers. -- In this episode, we talk about: ✔️ listening to our Soul do we hear them ✔️ identifying our energetic blocks ✔️ getting into alignment so we can radiate our most authentic selves. -- Please note that EagleSpirit shares her own personal story of healing and it is not intended to replace what you are doing if you are facing a health challenge. -- CONNECT with EagleSpirit at: -- ▪️Website: ▪️Facebook: ▪️Instagram: and ▪️Email: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 2:24 EagleSpirit explains her perspective of how dis-ease comes into our four bodies moving through the four energetic bodies as she herself had cancer. 4:06 EagleSpirit shares that she has figured out to decode her body’s cues. 6:00 We are not passive in our lives. 6:5 1 EagleSpirit tells how she found out how she had cancer in her early thirties. 9:01 She encourages people to listen to what is right for them. 10:00 She shares all of the things that she did to remove cancer from her body. 11:30 We carry in our energetic fields a blueprint of wellness. 12:38  How do we identify our energetic blocks? 15:35 How do we get in touch with our most authentic self? Book Recommendation: “Loving What Is “- Byron Katie 19:39 The more you are in alignment, it slows yourself down to allow you to receive soul whispers. 25:25 How does one hear their soul whispers? Book Recommendation: “Animal Speaks” by Ted Andrews 33:15 We get what we are expecting (including your soul whispers). 34:10 Soul Attunement/ Soul Retrieval - What is it and how does one know they need it. 39:44 EagleSpirit explains past lives in relation to energetic blocks. 46:30 She sheds light on the soul’s journey. 51:45 The most important thing she wants people to remember is that they are always at choice. Even when someone is going through a difficulty, there are blessings in it if they are willing to meet it with faith and a gentle curiosity, so they can see what it has come to bring them. And in that way, they reclaim their power. And when you are in your power, beautiful things can happen.
August 23, 2020
EP 79: Deepening Our Spiritual Journey with Dr. Anne Berube, Spiritual Coach
About the Show  -- Dr, Anne Berube is a powerful teacher with an uncommon ability to share her story and insights in a way that awakens the inner wisdom in others. She helps people free themselves from the societal and parental conditioning that is holding them back from realizing the highest calling of their soul. -- She began her career as an intellectual, but her life was interrupted by a car accident that set her on her own path of awakening.   -- We have an in-depth conversation around:  ▪️ identifying our soul’s calling  ▪️soul reliance and  ▪️how to deepen our spiritual journey.  -- Anne had a unique relationship with Dr. Wayne Dyer - one of her heroes and mine. We chat about their relationship and I finally hear the story that Wayne Dyer referred to in one of his last talks - which I had the pleasure of attending - just two months before he died. It was a supernatural story where he did not share the details on stage, but Anne shares that story today.  ==  About Anne Berube.  Her book Be Feel Think Do was published by Hay House in May 2017. -- Anne leads transformational seminars and workshops around the world. Through these, she has helped thousands of individuals discover inner freedom and a connection to their own unique source of sustainable happiness. Signature workshops include Embodied Leadership, Come Home To Your Soul, Revelations: Lemurian Huna, The Celestial Sessions, and The Happy Sessions. -- In 2007, driven to share her experience with others, Anne co-founded Soul Tribe Live: a social enterprise that aims to amplify the voices of inspiring emerging and accomplished thought-leaders, creatives, and healers, and support healing and transformation by gathering people to share inspiring content through live experiences. -- Her work has also allowed her to share the stage with many of her heroes, including bestselling authors Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Julie Daniluk, James Van Praagh, Anita Moorjani, Gabrielle Bernstein, Neal Donald Walsh, Dr. William Davis MD, and Gregg Braden. -- A lifelong seeker of wisdom, her hunger for learning has led her to earn a Bachelor of Education (Leadership Focus), a Master of Arts (Literature) from Queens University, and a Ph.D. in Comparative French and Francophone Literatures from the Université Bordeaux 3 in France. In addition to her formal education, Anne has studied Vedic wisdom with Dr. David Simon and Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre in Carlsbad, California; was initiated into Huna by Hawaiian Kahuna Laura Kealoha Yardley; received certification from Louise LeBrun as a certified WEL-Systems Institute facilitator; and completed a course in NeuroPsychoidiology Life Coaching under Dr. Amanda Wintink at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience.   She lives with her husband and two children in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Quotes: -- "We have a choice moment to moment to say yes to love or fear. The invitation to say yes to fear is growing. Awakening to this moment is looking at what else is there but my worries, concerns or my fears. What is guiding this incredible happening right now in the world? The answer is life itself. Life is guiding and pushing us through the human experience to show us its power and beauty and its love, but we have been so used to controlling and managing our lives. We don’t know how to let life happen through us. We don’t know how to invite and allow as opposed to manage and control." -- "To deepen your journey, ask yourself...”What is pulling you out of yourself right now?” Deal with the discomfort. It is a pathway to a more deepening experience of your soul." "All life is spiritual. If you see things as spiritual, you will see the beauty and the grace in life."
August 16, 2020
EP 78: Leadership Skills from Stage To Real Life with Suzanne Doyle Yerxa
Suzanne Doyle Yerxa is a life long educator of theatre arts. We talk about the importance of creativity and the impact theatre arts can have on our everyday lives. Suzanne teaches us that the skills learned on the stage translate into leadership skills in our lives and workplaces. Suzanne reminds that we are aways selling ourselves and the stage skills give us an edge.  -- We explore the various ways people can express their creativity. As Suzanne says, "We are all incredibly creative souls." -- Her long running theatre company, KV Players, has seen many performers go on to pursue a professional career in the arts, but she reveals that the biggest success stories are the ones where the skills learned on the stage translate into practical, real life skills like building confidence, developing superior presentation skills and finding courage. -- Connect with Suzanne Doyle Yerxa: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1:50 How Suzanne got into theatre and the arts. 4:45 When drama became a part of her life as a teacher. 5:15 Suzanne what she believes is that what one learns on stage are really life skills and she explains what that means. 6:10 Dana shares her son’s experience with theatre arts and what the exposure to creativity did for him. 7:15 Suzanne believes that the SUCCESS stories that have emerged from the theatre programs are the ones where people have translated their skills into real life. 8:46 Suzanne shares how a dynamic theatre arts program was built to create inclusivity and a cross section of the school population which she attributes to her predecessor Bob Doherty that she calls a gift. 12:20 We are all being asked to present ourselves all the time. 13:30  Suzanne shares a story of how she was able to draw in people to the theatre program. 15:35 There is a whole host of people who work behind the scenes to make a show together. 17:30 People who work behind the scenes and create props, costumes and lighting is another creative outlet. 18:10 “We are all incredibly creative souls.” 20:57 Why Suzanne continues to be involved in theatre productions. 24:33 How does seeing a show get us in touch with our lives. 29:09 Suzanne addresses the involvement of boys in theatre how Bob Doherty was so instrumental in getting boys involved in theatre. 31:41 How do we get in touch with our creativity? 32:50 How does someone get involved if they want to explore their creativity. 36:19 “Because of the intensity of the theatrical experience, people bond very quickly.” 37:15 When did KV Players come into existence? 38:08 Suzanne shares the impact of the pandemic on her production company and theatre life and how they pivoted to keep the continuation of the production company. 44:14 Suzanne explains the 20 for 20 fundraising campaign. 46:00 We will get a sneak peek into the 2021 season on their next August 20th virtual show. 49:53 If you feel compelled to donate to help this awesome production company, go to 50:33 Businesses can donate as well. They have been tremendously supportive through the years. Suzanne ensures that sponsors are well promoted. 51:40 Suzanne describes the impact the arts has had on her life. 54:15 Suzanne answers Dana’s rapid fire SOUL questions.
August 9, 2020
EP 77: Interpreting Your Dreams with Michael Sheridan, Dream Analyst
Michael Sheridan is Ireland's #1 dream analyst, regularly featured on the Ireland AM TV show. He has appeared on the BBC and countless other premier media outlets. He also hosts, “So, You Think You're Awake?" on KKNW in Seattle.  -- Using the power of dreams, Michael puts people in touch with the life they are meant to be living.  He says you can use the power of your dreams to: discover your life purpose and spiritual gifts, improve your relationships, and restore health.  . He shares how we can interpret our dreams and unlock what they are trying to tell us. -- CONNECT with Michael Sheridan: ▪️URL: ▪️Show Archives: ▪️YouTube: ▪️Facebook: ▪️To Download Michael’s dream symbols dictionary, click here -- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1:21 How Michael got involved in dream work? 3:43 Michael shares what his spiritual awakening was. 5:31 He started seeing spirits. 7:16 He just started sharing what he was learning with others. He says he became the person he shunned. 8:46 What is a dream? 9:42 Dreams come in an important language...symbols. 10:00 Our Higher Self has everything to gain and everything to lose by what we do in our lives. 12:29 Everyone dreams except people who are in a coma. 13:13 Why have we come here? 13:40 Obstacles are actually our path. We are meant to work through our limitations. 15:03 What is the difference between a nightmare and dream? 16:24 We dream every night even if we don’t remember it. 16:50 Michael gives you techniques to remember dreams. 17:30 Dreams will comment on what happened during that day. 18:53 Do we leave our bodies at night? 20:26 Why do dreams seem so disjointed? 22:28 Once you have dreams and remember them then comes interpreting them. Michael explains how to go about interpreting our dreams. Download Michael’s dictionary of symbols. 24:33 A lot of dreams are warnings... they tell us what we need to change. Dreams don’t give up on us. 25:40 Everyone has a gift. Dreams will tell us exactly what your gifts are and how you are going to use them. 25:08 We have obligations...things we have agreed to before coming here. 26:23 By using your gifts you are repaying your karmic debts. 26:33 If we don’t use our gifts, when we pass and have our life review, we will realize all the things we didn’t do. 27:43 Michael explains the dreams he had that helped him find his gifts. 30:27 Dreams will even tell you to get out of relationships. 30:46 How can we have a dialogue with our dreams? Michael gives tips on how to do this. 33:13 If we see loved ones in our dreams, Michael explains what that means. 34:36 Michael explains some of the typical dreams we have. 39:20 Michael explains kids dreams. They are often horrific and he explains why that is. 44:25 Your children picked you for all the traits that you have...good and bad. 46:35 There is one entry point into this world...through a woman’s body. A woman is the doorway between this spirit world and the physical world. 47:44 Using dreams to heal health problems. Michael talks about digestive, heart & stroke issues.
August 2, 2020
EP 76: Becoming A Transgender Woman at 60 with Penny Catterick
In this episode, I speak with Penny Catterick, a Transgender Woman who transitioned at the age of 60. She shares an inside of view of what it is like to be transgender. She speaks openly about her authentic journey and the cost to becoming who she has always meant to be. She shares the mental health challenges to hiding secrets as well as sharing stories of supernatural experiences related to her authentic journey and how her faith is still present in her life. With a warm, positive outlook on life, Penny she continues to navigate this journey with love and courage. -- We talk about: ✔️ gender dysphoria and when she became conscious of the disconnect she felt. ✔️ how shame and fear create mental and physical health challenges ✔️ how she continued in her marriage for many decades. ✔️ how women should show up in the workplace. ✔️ supernatural experience that has kept her connected to the church. ✔️ repairing the relationships with people in her past including a relationship with her mother. ✔️ what is next for her including transgender advocacy. -- CONNECT with Penny Catterick: -- ▪️You Tube Channel:  This channel is to help the transgender community. -- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1:31 What is gender dysphoria and does what it mean to Penny Catterick. She knew she was transgender when he was 5. 6:04 Shame, fear, anxiety begins to set in when what you see in the mirror does not reflect how you feel internally. 8:11 Penny explains what shame and fear did to her, ie, medical manifestations. 11:37 What did Penny do to hide her authentic self? And she describes the point where she felt her facade was crumbling. She tells a beautiful story of Buddha and the golden. 15:45 Penny explains how his wife found out about him. 17:03 As a devout Roman Catholic, he went through a 9 month intensive treatment to “treat” him to help his marriage. 19:33 Penny explains how his marriage was held together through the years. 21:22 Did he ever imagine that she could live as a woman in her lifetime? 22:56 Penny has attempted suicide a few times. 23:40 What was it like to walk into the world as a transgender woman for the first time? 29:00 Penny explains the death of his former self, Ian. 30:54 What is her relationship with her former self? 33:51 When did her authentic voice get really loud? 37:54 Penny uses her experience from the C-Suite to give about women in the workplace. 39:20 Penny provides leadership advice from her experience in a male dominated workplace. 40:47 Penny shares an idea from Brene Brown’s “Braving the Wilderness” from that spoke to her about stepping into your authentic. self. 42:49 Advice for people who are transitioning or thinking about it. 47:37 The reason she found the courage to transition came from Catholic mass. She shares how she feels she gets visitations from Mary. It was not a conscious choice, it was spiritual choice that got him through. 49:58 Penny looks at her life through a spiritual lens. 53:40 She shares a recent experience where he had a supernatural intervention that saved his life. 58:32 What role does faith in Penny’s life now? 1:02:14  She describes his strained and now wonderful relationship with her mother and she describes the compassion he now feels for her. 1:09:00 Penny shares how she is mending past relationships. 1:10:10  Penny talks about what’s next for her including what she wants to do for the transgender community.
July 26, 2020
EP 75: Using Channeling, Astral Travel & Past Life Regression to Heal & Awaken with Elizabeth Rose
In this episode, I speak with Elizabeth Rose, International Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor and Deep Trance Channel. She shares insight on what is channelling, astral travel, and past life regressions and how these experiences can heal and awaken you. She answers my most curious questions about life beyond the physical. She also channels at the end of the podcast. -- ELIZABETH ROSE is the Author of Diamond Lantern, Waking-up to Who You Really Are, she’s an International Speaker, Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor and Deep Trance Channel.  She’s a member of The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) plus the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. (“NGH”).  Elizabeth uses metaphysical hypnosis techniques to unblock, inspire and enable clients to heal spiritually, move forward and change their lives for the better. Through Elizabeth’s channeled protocol, Full Immersion into Spirit, she combines channeled hypnosis, channeled healing, channeled Yoga and channeled messages to provide clients, students and groups with spiritual healing and close encounters of the spiritual kind. Many of her clients surface spiritual gifts and become deep trance channels themselves. — Elizabeth teaches hypnosis, healing  and channeling at The Rose Cottage in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She also offers channeling sessions via Skype, Zoom and telephone through her website, — Website: — Channeled readings: — Facebook: -- Blog:
July 19, 2020
EP 74: Redefining Masculinity with Nasiyr McGill
This week I speak with Nasiyr McGill about the pressure of being a man. Based on a Tedx talk he gave, Nasyir shares the pressures and expectations of being a man and how that impacted him and his authentic journey including his story of growing up as a marginalized man in the Southern US and how racism affects his ability to be his true self. -- He shares what he ultimately learned what being a man really means. -- He is vulnerable in sharing his story including how racism impacts him and interferes with his authentic journey. -- We talk about: ✔️ the pressures of being a man. ✔️ how the expectations of being a man impacted him throughout his life as well as his authentic journey ✔️ growing up as a minority in the Southern US, he also had to deal with “marginalized masculinity. He explains this and its impact. -- CONNECT with Nasiyr McGill: ▪️TedX Talk ▪️Facebook: ▪️Instagram: ▪️Email ▪️Twitter:
July 12, 2020
EP 73: Living as an Empath/ Sensitive Soul with EagleSpirit
EagleSpirit is a Soul Seer, Contemporary Shaman & Visual Artist. She sheds insight on her early life when she knew her abilities, but did not embrace them instead numbing out until she herself became sick with cancer and made a deal with God. -- In this episode, we talk about becoming an EMPOWERED empath/ sensitive soul. Have people said this to you...Why don’t you just get a thick skin? You might be an empath. -- EagleSpirit celebrates sensitive souls and she reminds us to see this as a blessing rather than a curse. -- We talk about: -- ✔️ her abilities and what is a soul seer & contemporary shaman. -- ✔️ what is and isn’t an empath -- ✔️ how others can relate to empaths if you have them in your family/ workplace and how to recognize them. -- CONNECT with EagleSpirit at: -- ▪️Website: -- ▪️Facebook: -- ▪️Instagram: and -- ▪️Email:
July 5, 2020
EP 72: Becoming Whole: Overcoming Addiction, PTSD & Child Sexual Abuse with Nancy Legere
My guest this week, Nancy Legere, takes us through her emotional and psychological struggles of having suffered child sexual abuse after having been raped at the age of 7. Our conversation focuses on her powerful healing journey of becoming whole. It is a beautiful story of self-acceptance and re-connection to the greater world around her. -- We talk about: -- ✔️the effects physical and emotional effects of child sexual abuse including struggling with alcoholism, suicide and PTSD -- ✔️her journey to healing including trying to confess to a priest who called her a liar & her spiritual healing encounter with a 7 year old. -- ✔️how stopping the legal proceedings against her abuser freed her. Want her book? Or to CONNECT with Nancy Legere: ▪️Website: ▪️LinkedIn: Linkedin ▪️Facebook: ▪️Amazon:
June 28, 2020
EP 71: Amplify Your Voice with Eleanor Austin
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, a former CBC Producer, Eleanor Austin shares how she amplify other’s voices. As founder of New Marketing Today where she guides business leaders and career professionals on how to amplify their voice, leveraging the world’s largest professional online network, LinkedIn, to successfully build their brand, business, career and reputation. -- Our conversation goes deep as we dive into vulnerability, storytelling and how this fits into blending our personal and professional identities online. -- We talk about: -- ✔️ Where her love of storytelling got sparked. -- ✔️ The power of LinkedIn and how you leverage it. -- ✔️ Rocking your personal brand -- CONNECT with Eleanor Austin at: ▪️Website: ▪️LinkedIn: ▪️Twitter: ▪️Email: -- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ -- Where Eleanor’s Curiosity and Storytelling Began -- 1:55  Eleanor shares a story where her love of storytelling began…around her mom’s kitchen table. 6:37  How does her early storytelling beginnings inform what Eleanor does today? 14:23 What she has learned about the importance of storytelling? And how that impacts what how she helps people today. Tips for LinkedIN -- 19:45 What role does storytelling play on LinkedIn? And she explains LinkedIn and it’s importance. 28:01 How to use your LinkedIn networking more powerfully. -- Vulnerability and LinkedIn: Does it work on LinkedIN 29:13 Dana shares a story of how she met Eleanor and how that story links to vulnerability. 32:32 How vulnerable should we get on LinkedIn? 37:43 Brene Brown’s TedX talk on vulnerability shifted Eleanor’s own view on vulnerability on blending your personal and professional brand. 39:49 Eleanor shares a story on vulnerability when she was interviewing a politician. 41:16 Vulnerability and safety. 45:15 People love to tell their own story. 46:22 Our lives are enriched when we are learning. 50:00 Is the story of who we are connecting to the stories we tell on LinkedIN? -- Branding & More Tips on LinkedIN 51:24 Brand is the experience of you. What is it like to work with you ? 53:12 To help identify your brand, think about a compliment you’ve received? 55:15 Recap and share further tips to rock your brand on LinkedIN 59:09 Eleanor’s company is New Marketing Today 1:00:55 Rapid Fire Questions for Eleanor 1:03:30 Eleanor is so curious she turns the table on Dana to get her to answer the Rapid Fire Questions.
June 21, 2020
EP 70: Self-Awareness is linked to Personal & Professional Success with Terri-Ann Richards
Big Theme: Self-Awareness is key to success. Terri Ann Richards allows us to view her authentic journey as she navigated her way through entrepreneurship. She has owned, sold or partnered in 8 different businesses, so she has a lot of insight to share on the importance of self-awareness and how that relates to success. This life long learner and self-proclaimed rebel shares her philosophy on life and owns up to her mistakes. -- We talk about: -- ✔️ what drove her passion to start her own business at a young age. -- ✔️ how her Ego played a role in her mistakes. -- ✔️ the hardest lesson for her to learn. -- Connect with Terri-Ann Richards at: ▪️Website: -- ▪️Facebook: -- ▪️Instagram: -- ▪️Podcast: -- ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ -- 1:52 Where Terri-Ann’s drive to be in business comes from. She shares her backstory. 4:00 Describes her 1st business. 5:07 What she LIKED about being in business. 6:35 Who she was trying to prove wrong in her twenties. 8:28 What happened when she let her Ego get in the way. 8:42 The turning point. The mistakes built up and crashed around her. 14:00 Having the ability to be vulnerable is key. 15:06 How would she describe where she is on her journey right now. 17:54 Advice she would give to someone who wants to find direction in their life. 19:27 What advice she would give her younger self. 20:44 What correlation is there between knowing yourself and success in business. 22:00 Why is Terri-Ann is so adamant about kindness. 23:00 Show up as your authentic self, you will have stronger connections and more success and the world would be an easier place to live in . 23:55 What has been the hardest lesson for her to learn. 25:44 What have you learned about the power of being yourself. 27:44 How do you get over people not liking you. 29:39 Has business helped you not take things personally. 32:00 As a life longer, Terri-Ann provides some book recommendations 1) The Success Principles by Jack Canfield 2) Choice Theory by William Glasner 33:33 A philosophy that Terri Ann lives by 34:15 Talks about her bucket list 35:15 What drives Terri Ann now? 36:50 Terri-Ann describes her company....Balance Equation Coaching & Consulting 37:33 Terri-Ann is also an author of “Why I Divorced My Husband” 38:40 Terri-Ann runs a successful one day live event called Be The Balance Retreat. 40:14 Terri-Ann describes what she thinks her superpower is. 40:35 What has become abundantly clear to Terri-Ann. 40:47 What does the world need most? 41:00 Terri-Ann’s favourite quote.
June 14, 2020
EP 69: The Magic & Medicine of Horses with Francine Lebel, Certified Equine Wellness Instructor
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, I speak with Francine Lebel, Certified Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Instructor. Her company is called Balance with Hooves If you are an animal lover, you will appreciate this conversation. Francine Lebel is a Certified Equine Learning & Wellness Instructor. She shares with us the magic and medicine of horses. She relates how horses can help draw out the authentic self. Horses give instant feedback she says. Francine shows how that feedback can help someone grow in trust, set boundaries and remove limiting beliefs to help them achieve their true potential.  --- Use the MAGIC and MEDICINE of horses to draw out your authentic self. Francine Lebel, owner of Balance with Hooves teaches us about the divine power of horses. She is a Certified Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Instructor who works in human development and partners with horses to help people reach their full potential. Working with horses she reminds us is emotional work. ---- This was a fascinating conversation around energy, intuition, and our authentic selves. --- We talk about: --- ✔️ how horses made Francine humble and authentic. ✔️ how they have helped her trust her intuition. ✔️ how the presence of horses give instant feedback to help facilitate her sessions with clients. ✔️ how horses draw out the authentic self. …and so much more. --- CONNECT with Francine Lebel: --- ▪️Website: ▪️Facebook: ▪️Instagram:
June 7, 2020
EP 68: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt with TV Personality, Nancy Regan
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, I speak with former co-host of Live At 5, Nancy Regan about her authentic journey. She shares how her life on TV was different than what she was feeling inside. She shares her fears, insecurities and negative self-talk as a young TV personality. We talk about her life after television which is when her authentic journey deepened. We discuss some of the things that showed up on her path that helped her grow. She ends the podcast by turning the tables on the host, Dana Lloyd to inquire how she stays connected to her light. Nancy has been on a poetic journey. She shares some of her poems that she has written. You might see some yourself reflected in Nancy's story as she struggled to accept herself. CONNECT with Nancy Regan on her podcast called The Soul Booth ▪️Website: ▪️Facebook: ▪️Instagram: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 2:18 “Perfectionism is just a high end haute couture version of fear. Just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat pretending to be elegant when it’s actually terrified.” - Elizabeth Gilbert This is how Nancy Regan felt as she hosted Live at 5 many years ago. 3:47 Nancy shares how she stumbled into the co-host role of Live at 5 a very young education. 8:35 Imposter Syndrome was related to her lack of education in journalism. 9:00 Felt this imposter syndrome even as a teenager. 9:48 Nancy Regan recommends a book that impacted her to shift her mindset. It is called Mindset by Carol Dweck. 12:18 She had a running dialogue of negative self-talk. 13:51 Being a celebrity is a blessing and a strange experience. All on eyes are you. 18:43 Was she worried about what people thought of her. 20:21 How television plays with your ego and how that plays into deep insecurities. 21:11  The hunger for praise grew as she got older. 22:22 Nancy shares her philosophy that did not serve her and what she lives by now. 25:30 Nancy talks about why she left Live At 5 and did she know that her leaving would send her on the path of embarking on her authentic self. 27:27 Didn’t realize she was an empath which led her to feel drained. 28:45 Realized she had a lot of guilt as a result of leaving the show. 31:06 The experience where she began to awaken. 33:10 She shares the experience with Dr. Wayne Dyer that had on her life. 37:57 What Nancy has come to learn to about her own life. 44:05 Nancy talks about the work she does with young people. 46:08 Nancy’s BIG realization is true about us all. 49:20 Nancy shares a beautiful image she had during a recent guided meditation. 54:56 We have all been called to service in some way. 55:36 Nancy says that poetry has become an outlet for her. 1:01:27  Tree Vision then talking about Audrey Parker 1:04:21  What Nancy loves about her life now. 1:05:51  What does the world need most? 1:10:06  Nancy shares some of her POETRY. 1:14:14  Nancy encourages to be acknowledge our creativity. 1:15:55  Nancy gives us a healing exercise that she learned from Elizabeth Gilbert, author. 1:17:27  Nancy turns the tables on Dana to ask her what she does to nurture her own light.
May 31, 2020
EP 67: The Giving Power of Women with Debbie Rathwell, Co-Founder of 100 Women Who Care
This is a feel good episode that reminds us about the POWER of WOMEN who come together for a common goal. My guest this week, Debbie Rathwell, is Co-Founder of 100 Women Who Care of Greater Saint John, an organization that gathers together a group of local women four times a year to make an immediate, direct and positive effect on our community. It may be called 100 Women, but the organization includes over 248 women in the Greater Saint John area who have donated $678, 709 proving that if everyone gives a little, we can help a lot. There is room for more women on this runaway, giving train! We talk about: ✅ the power of giving ✅ how giving is equally transformational for the giver as it is the receiver. ✅ the power of women who come together for a common cause This episode is peppered with storytelling and feel good examples of WOMEN making a difference and the impact it has on the those who are in receipt of the generosity. If you have been thinking about giving back or wanting to do more during these challenging times, check out 100 Women Who Care. You will not be disappointed. Find our more about 100 Women Who Care: ▪️Facebook: ▪️Website:
May 24, 2020
EP 66: Get Real & Get Happy with Maureen McIntosh, Relationship Coach
Bottom Line of this episode: How to have happy relationships. In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, I speak with Maureen Craig McIntosh, a Relationship Coach who enlightens us on what is Choice Theory and how this concept helps individuals become more empowered in the relationship with themselves and with others in their lives and workplaces. She teaches the five basic needs we all seek and how that impacts our personal world. We explore the seven DEADLY habits and the seven CARING habits that change the way we show up in this world. We also explore: the importance of good, high quality conversations.  her life as a Seniorpreneur how Choice Theory relates to Covid 19 and what we are going through right now. Maureen McIntosh has a deep wealth of knowledge in relation to helping others. She has been a Registered Nurse, licensed Counsellor, Executive and Personal Coach as well as being grounded in the Concepts of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management based on the work of Dr. William Glasser. Maureen is owner of Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants. She is a published author of Musings by Mo. You can connect with Maureen at
May 17, 2020
EP 65: Growing Confident Young Women with firefighter Captain Andrea Speranza
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Andrea Speranza shares her life as a firefighter and her mission to encourage other women to consider this industry. Driven by her difficult upbringing, Andrea created Camp Courage to not only teach young women about being first responders, but she creates an experiential 8 day camp where they focus on increasing confidence, changing mindset, and facing failure successfully. She shares her philosophy on life, her personal mission, how she decides what projects to work in the face of wanting to execute many ideas and she takes us through her monthly review of personal goals. Connect with Themes in this episode: Confidence, Self-Awareness, Diversity, Women's Empowerment.
May 10, 2020
EP 64: Creating Abundance by Using the Power of Your Home with Jess Neary, Feng Shui Practitioner
Have you ever assessed how you feel in your home or office environment? Is it possible that the energy of your surroundings is impacting all that you desire? This week I explore the practice of Feng Shui with Jess Neary, a Certified Feng Shui practitioner who sheds light on how the energy of our homes aid in manifesting what we want AND we explore how this ancient Chinese practice is related to your personal development. You will walk away from this conversation viewing your home in a new light. Connect with Jess Neary at
May 3, 2020
EP 63: I Am Enough: How Spending Less & Decluttering Reveals This with Cait Flanders, Author
On Soul Sister Conversations, Cait Flanders, best selling author of A Year of Less gives an intimate look at what finding your authentic self looks like. For Cait, going on a year long shopping ban while getting rid of stuff helped her discover who she really is. On her year long journey, she really peels back the layers of who she really is to discover her coping mechanisms and triggers. Shopping was no different than alcohol. At at the end of her journey she realized she was enough. This is a story about being enough. BIG Themes: Authenticity, Mindfulness, Finances, Coping Mechanisms.
April 26, 2020
EP 62: One Woman’s Story Of Physical Recovery & Spiritual Healing with Maggie Beukeveld
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Maggie Beukeveld shares her transformative story of healing. In 2005, Maggie was living a normal life. She was a Certified Counsellor with her own practice. Her life was changed in an instant when her family was hit by a logging truck. She was left physically incapacitated. Her road to recovery through traditional channels proved helpful, but did not advance her physical health. She dealt with a multitude of health challenges stemming from the accident. Two years later, she was introduced to a woman from India who took her through an ancient meditation that was life changing. Within the hour of participating in this meditation, Maggie could sit up which she previously could not do and she even did a little dance. This mobility had never happened before. She knew that what she was doing was different. She continued with this meditation which was the healing modality that turned her health challenges around, She continues to get stronger every day. Now she has taken the training in this healing modality called Himalayan Vedic Rebirthing so she can help others.
April 19, 2020
EP 61: Use the Wisdom of Your Body’s Energy to Heal with Cara Dawn Miller, Energy Shift Facilitator
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Cara Dawn Miller takes us through her own healing journey where she left her Structural Engineering life behind to help others as she herself found the key to unlocking her own power. As an Energy Shift Facilitator, she enlightens us about how we can heal ourselves using the power of our own energy. We already have access to everything we need. She gives us tools to tap into our power. Big Themes: Intuition, Energy, Healing.
April 12, 2020
EP 60: Our Choices are Linked to Health and Happiness with Kristine Ward
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations. I speak with Kristine Ward who reminds us that everything leads back to ourselves and the choices we make. Kristine shares her story of facing her health challenges having overcome cancer and living with an MS diagnosis. She shares how her health challenges have led her to something bigger. Slowly, but surely all the pieces of her life have come together. We talk about the the hardest lesson she had to learn, the greatest thing she has learned about herself, and what she would tell her 15 year old self. Big Themes:  Authenticity; Choices; Putting Yourself First; Health
April 5, 2020
EP 59: Building Healthy Relationships & Managing Conflict with Diane Wooden, HR Professional
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Diane Wooden HR Professional shares her perspective on healthy relationships. She defines what she considers to be the definition of a healthy relationship, the importance of navigating through conflict, and how to manage as both the initiator and the receiver of the difficult conversation. After listening to this conversation, you will have a greater awareness on your own ability to handle conflict, what is your the relationship with yourself and how that impacts the relationships around you. More importantly, how your healthy relationships connect you more deeply to yourself. Strong themes: healthy relationships; self-awareness; leadership; conflict; resolution Connect with Diane Wooden at Connect with Dana Lloyd at
March 29, 2020
EP 58: Feeling & Healing in Uncertain Times with Dhavita Filek, Meditation Teacher & Poet
Dhavita Filek is a Soul Sister Conversations favourite. She has profound insight in about how to heal as she told her story in Episode #50 about how she overcame her own debilitating anxiety and depression. In this episode, she helps us make sense of our fears in a world that is under siege from the Coronavirus. The conversation is both practical and spiritually profound as she reminds us not to play the victim and to use this as an opportunity to discover who we really are. She also gives practical guidance to help moves the denser, low vibration out of our bodies to make way for new emotions and beliefs.
March 22, 2020
EP 57: From Burnout to Bliss with Dr. Tom Lehnert
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dr. Tom Lehnert tells his story of burnout as an Emergency Room physician. He shares the physical and emotional symptoms he was experiencing in his life that brought him to burnout. These symptoms eventually caught up with him impacting his work and his family life. Although this occurred over a period of time, he recalls a point where he noticed himself not caring about a very special event in their family.  Seeking to feel better, Dr. Lehnert started listening to relaxation CD's he had in his home. He noticed a reprieve temporarily from how he was feeling. He then began seeking out information on meditation and mindfulness. Eventually he took meditation retreats and he now teaches meditation to patients, staff and the community. Dr. Lehnert reminds you in this episode to be compassionate with yourself. If you are interested in practicing meditation, he says do a meditation you enjoy. Start small, become more present in your life and befriend yourself. If you are interested in following along with Dr. Tom Lehnert, he has both a closed and open Facebook group called "Mindfulness Meditation Miramichi."
March 15, 2020
EP 56: Importance of Discussing Taboo Topics with Dana Lloyd& Elaine Shannon
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana & Elaine talk about taboo topics and how these can several as portals to personal growth and awakening.
March 1, 2020
EP 55: Communicating with Spirit with Maritime Medium Danielle D'Entremont
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Danielle D’Entremont who calls herself the Maritime Medium. We talk about communicating to loved ones that have passed on, the ways we can connect with them and how synchronicities are winks from the Universe.
February 23, 2020
EP 54: Asking The Universe for What You Want with Influencer Allie Beckwith
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Allie Beckwith - photographer, artist, influencer - about using the Universe to get what you want, where her determination for everything comes from and she shares her opinions on dating life and relationships (hint: this one is for your daughter.)
February 16, 2020
EP 53: Discovering Yourself through Outdoor Adventure with Nutrition Coach Nathalie Deveaux
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Nathalie Deveaux who is now a Certified Nutrition Coach and Outdoor guide as result of her own deteriorating health. We explore how she changed her life using nutrition and spending time outdoors. Now she helps women change their lives using the same techniques.
February 9, 2020
EP 52: Tuning Into Your Intuitive Abilities
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we talk about tuning into your intuitive abilities, paying attention to the world around you, recognizing signs and what the signs are telling you. How attentive are you? Do you believe you have incoming messages from the Universe or is everything a coincidence to you?
February 2, 2020
EP 51: Death and the Importance of Ceremony and Ritual with Linda Stuart
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Linda Stuart, a Life Cycle Celebrant who crafts transformational ceremonies like funerals and weddings. Through her family business, Linda grew up in the funeral profession and found her true calling after talking with a funeral director who was concerned that people weren’t having funerals anymore. Recognizing the importance of having a gathering when someone dies, Linda set out to create ceremonies with warmth, humour and storytelling giving the loved one’s meaning despite their religious or faith background. We talk about modern funerals, how funerals are for the living not the dead and the importance of ceremony and ritual.
January 26, 2020
EP 50: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression with Meditation with Dhavita Filek
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Dhavita Filek who talks about overcoming her decade long struggle with anxiety and depression as well as Post Partum Depression. The tools she used to overcome her obstacles were meditation and mindfulness. Dhavita is very forthcoming about her struggles in this conversation with the Soul Sisters. She is open and talks about the negative harmful thoughts she had only a year ago. Over the past year her spiritual awakening has allowed her to tap into her creativity unleashing the poet inside her. Dhavita's debut book, "Purification" is available worldwide on Amazon, "Wise Woman" to be released in Spring 2020
January 19, 2020
EP 49: Sex, Intimacy & Spirituality with Dr. Gayle Friend, Intimacy Expert
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd & Elaine Shannon speak with Dr. Gayle Friend, Intimacy Expert who helps people freely be themselves in and out of the bedroom. She talks to the Soul Sisters about sex and intimacy as it relates to mind, body, heart and spirit. Gayle recounts the problems in her own life that lead her to help others with their relationships. This episode will have you looking at your sex life in a new light. We talk about: ✅ what sex and intimacy have to do with spirituality. ✅ the ONE thing people are struggling with in their relationships. ✅ sex problems are just a symptom of something deeper going on.
January 12, 2020
EP 48: Living Intentionally with Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon
In this episode, Soul Sisters Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon dish on what it means to live intentionally in 2020. The Soul Sisters talk leadership, intuition, having confidence, knowing your values, their words for the year and so much more. Are you looking for advice to kick off 2020, this is the episode for you.  In Soul Sister style, Dana and Elaine bring their energetic, upbeat style and attitudes to tackle the topic of living intentionally. Episode Guide 1:00 Dana & Elaine share what they learned this past year. 2:00 Soul Sisters share a woo-woo story about a picture that fell to the floor shortly before turning the mic on. 3:00 Elaine talks about how she believes meditation impacted her health. 4:20 Dana shares about how she moved to 20 minutes of meditation a day. 5:25 Growth happens gradually then suddenly. 6:16 Dana talks about a realization she had in terms how meditation impacts her in relation to her relationship with her Highest Self. 7:47 There is a certain amount of vulnerability when you release something to the world. 9:05 Dana shares a story receiving a sign to release her story into the world. 10:00 Surround yourself with people who help you vibrate at a higher level. 13:00 Elaine shares her annual audit process. 17:00 Revisit your values. 20:13 The Soul Sisters chat about TAROT readings. Dana shares her experience with her first Tarot reading. 25:20  Learn to trust your intuition. 29:00 Using creativity to solve problems. 34:00 Knowing your values help answer “Who Am I?” 35:58 Your can get your VALUES sheet at 40:40 Coach yourself by challenging yourself with questions. 44:00 Questions you can ask yourself to make a better 2020. 46:00 Start something. Stop something. 52:00 Dana & Elaine talk about their word of the year.
January 5, 2020
EP 47: It's Cool To Be A Girl with Alaina Lockhart, former Member of Parliament
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Alaina Lockhart, first woman Member of Parliament representing the riding of Fundy Royal. She believes the real key to success is the ability to get up when you get knocked down. She spent the past four years as an MP testing out that theory. Not only has Alaina served in Parliament, but she has served her community as a business owner and municipal councillor. Alaina gives us insight about being a woman in politics, what she learned about herself during her time in Parliament, what more can be done to help promote women in the political arena and she tells us what the coolest thing is about being a girl.
December 15, 2019
EP 46: Walk It Off with Ruth Marshall, Author
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Ruth Marshall. Ruth has been a Canadian actor for over 20 years appearing in such shows as Degrassi Junior High, the second generation, Doc and Flashpoint. She does voiceover work now and she has written a recent memoir called “Walk It Off - the true hilarious story of how I learned to stand, walk, pee, run and have sex again after a nightmarish diagnosis turned my awesome life upside down.  In this conversation, Ruth shares insight into her journey back to health after having a tumour removed from her spine. She is warm, funny and vulnerable and tells us what this life altering experience has taught her.
December 8, 2019
EP 45: Feeding Your Soul with The Empowered Farmer, Aaron Law
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Aaron Law, the empowered farmer who feeds the minds, bodies and souls of Maritimers and people worldwide. We talk about his calling to share stories and insights and the use of social media to chronicle day to day happenings on his farm and his life. We talk how his love of travel and adventure gives him perspective, embracing changing passions and creativity. He shares his perspective on why we are disconnected from our food. This is episode is all about empowerment.
December 1, 2019
EP 44: Creative Aging with Anita Punamiya
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Anita Punamiya about Creative Aging. Creative Aging is a movement that recognizes the value of creative activities has on the lives and well beings of seniors. Anita talks about her research project which studies the connection between art and brain health as we age. She explains the three big factors seniors face: social isolation, loneliness and boredom. We cannot underestimate the negative impact these have on seniors lives. We talk benefits of being creative, slowing down dementia, and living with possibility as we age. This episode will inspire you to live well as you age and have a greater appreciation for the challenges facing seniors.
November 24, 2019
EP 43: Healing from Trauma with Laverne Stewart, Author
Trigger Warning: This episode references traumatic scenes and involves some language using murder, sexual assault and rape.)In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Laverne Stewart who was a former Investigative Reporter with CTV News. After experiencing many harrowing scenes as a reporter, she experienced cumulative trauma which forced her to seek her own healing. She became an author of both fiction and non-fiction books which explore the spiritual realm. In particular, one story that she covered in the mid-nineteen nineties, found her again. An experience with a psychic medium asked her to pass on a message to the mother of an 8 year old girl who was abducted and murdered. The mother was in need of healing and Laverne feels she was used as a vessel to write a book about the 8 year old girl so that others may heal that were involved in the case. As Laverne says, she did not intend to write the book, the book found her.  This conversation goes deep in conversation about spirituality, messages, the afterlife and using this realm to heal from trauma. This is a fascinating conversation where Laverne is vulnerable in sharing her stories and experiences from the other side.
November 17, 2019
EP 42: Be open to the Universe with Chef Michelle Hooton
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Michelle Hotten, a perennial entrepreneur, who speaks to us about being open to the Universe and how this has applied to her entrepreneurial journey.  We talk confidence, strength, life and leadership lessons.
November 10, 2019
EP 41: Creating a formula for Success in Life & Entrepreneurship with Rivers Corbett
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, the Soul Sisters speak with Rivers Corbett, a serial entrepreneur who is a mission to reduced the failure rate of entrepreneurs. He shares with us the key ingredients for entrepreneurship success while being upfront about the real challenges including sharing insight into his own battle with depression. Rivers Corbett is a super fun, upbeat, enthusiastic guy who keeps it real. He is vulnerable, funny and plays with the Soul Sisters in this episode. This is a must listen for anyone in business or contemplating jumping into the entrepreneurship arena. Rivers calls entrepreneurship a game. You can win if you know how to play. Rivers intends to show entrepreneurs how to play the game.
November 3, 2019
EP 40: Manifesting What You Want Using the Law of Attraction with artist Eliza Fayle
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, the Soul Sisters speak with Eliza Fayle whose purpose is to help others use the Law of Attraction to live a life of abundance. As Eliza says it is all about “Ordinary people manifesting ordinary things.” You haven’t heard about the Law of Attraction like this before. Simple, easy, pragmatic ways to get the life you want.
October 27, 2019
EP 39: Young Leadership & Helping Others by Building a Social Enterprise with Lily Lynch
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Lily Lynch, Co-founder of Sankara. She shares her story of creating a social enterprise to promote multiculturalism while building empathy for newcomers in our community. You will be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit using food as a way to tell cultural stories. Lily is a twenty five year old entrepreneur on a mission to have newcomers feel welcome and get embedded in their communities. Sankara is a tool to promote cultural cuisine so that you can learn about new cultures.
October 20, 2019
EP 38: Building a Company from Good to Great with Beth Hatt, Founder of Aquila Tours
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Beth Hatt founder of Aquila Tours who shares the story of taking her company from Good to Great using the principles from the book with the same name. She shares her true calling and we talk vision, culture, mentorship, and leadership philosophies. You will be wowed by this humble leader who loves to watch people grow.
October 13, 2019
EP 37: Empowering Women Beyond Fashion with Amanda Hanson, Personal Stylist
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Amanda Hanson, a personal stylist. She shares how she wants to use her voice to help women feel empowered and to feel confident in expressing themselves without fear of judgement. This episode is loaded with themes of building confidence, body image, loving yourself, finding your style and expressing yourself through your clothes.  And she gives the Soul Sisters a few tips on how to dress the bodies we have.
October 6, 2019
EP 36: Lessons from living through Breast Cancer with Kathy Kaufield
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Kathy Kaufield, who is a woman on a mission to inform women about the importance of knowing their breast density. As someone who is cancer free right now, she also shares her story of breast cancer and how that impacted her. You will be inspired by her perspective, philosophy, and hope for the future.
September 29, 2019
EP 35: Following Your Heart's Desire with Kelly Lawson, Photographer & Creative Entrepreneur
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Kelly Lawson who shares her story of leaving her career path in Occupational Therapy to pursue her photography passion. Kelly recalls the entrepreneurial voice she had in high school, but didn’t realize the significance of it so she pursued her university studies. Her entrepreneurial voice would rise up again during her career until she could no longer ignore it. She bought a $600 camera and her new entrepreneurial venture was born eventually leading her to leave her career full time. She hasn’t looked back. We talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, what she has learned along the way and she gives the Soul Sisters some tips on how to take better pictures.
September 22, 2019
EP 34: Reinventing Yourself & Living on Purpose with Janet Thompson-Price, Immigration Lawyer
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Janet Thompson-Price, an immigration lawyer who started her own law firm now known as Atlantic Fusion Law Group. She speaks of the turning point where she left a big, corporate Law firm to start her own firm fueled by living a life by design, better work-life balance, and helping newcomers feel a sense of belonging. This is a feel good episode of inclusion.
September 15, 2019
EP 33: The Impact of Personal Development of on Your Life & Business with Elizabeth Rowe
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Elizabeth Rowe, a lifelong learner and restaurant owner of Urban Deli and Italian by Night located in St. John, New Brunswick. Elizabeth shares how she got on a path of personal development early on in her life and how that has impacted her in her current business. She shares her leadership lessons that she learned from corporate that help her in her current restaurant business. We talk about self-awareness, investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with people who have dreams.
September 10, 2019
EP 32: Lessons from Our Summer Guests
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana & Elaine recap the lessons learned from our guests in the Summer Soul Series. There was so much insight delivered in the summer months that the Soul Sister broke it down into bite sized pieces. The guests were a comedian, a Benedictine Nun, a Spirit Medium, a heart and lung transplant recipient, a mediation and yoga teacher, a gardener, a grieving mother and a Counsellor. All wise, soulful teachers. The theme of going inward is very present.
September 1, 2019
EP 31: Living a Richer Life with Counsellor Patricia Donihee
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana & Elaine speak with Patricia Donihee, a Counsellor who teaches how to live a richer, fuller life despite layers of social conditioning. This episode is heavily themed with using energy and the philosophy that life happens for you, not to you. The conversation covers topics such as the problems people are dealing with today, anxiety, playing the victim and so much more. Patricia totes herself as an Information Broker for her clients. This is what she does for the Soul Sister Community introducing many practitioner’s ideas and book that she uses in her practice including the most recent The Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter. This is a jam packed episode of learning and getting what you want in life.
August 25, 2019
EP 30: Connecting With Nature with Heather Purcell, Health Coach & Certified Kripalu KMOG
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana & Elaine speak with Heather Purcell about connecting with nature. Both Heather and her husband endured cycling accidents that greatly changed the way they looked at life. She tells us what she learned about healing and how she and her family changed the way they lived. You will be inspired by the many avenues to wellness. In this episode, we go outward to go inward.
August 18, 2019
EP 29: Living Bravely with Tiffany Agnew, President of The Braedon Foundation
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Tiffany Agnew speaks to Dana Lloyd & Elaine Shannon about the loss of her son Braedon, how she dealt with that loss including the foundation she started in his name. You will be inspired to move outside your comfort zone and live more bravely.
August 11, 2019
EP 28: The Impact of Gardening on Your Life with Kim Osepchook of Axil Gardens
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we speak with Kim Osepchook of Axil Gardens about the power of gardening. She inspires us to return to the earth by making gardening simple. She reminds us that growing even a small amount of food has a great impact on your physical and mental well being as well as reducing  your  carbon footprint…gardening is easier than you think. 
August 4, 2019
EP 27: The Power of Meditation with Stephen Joyce
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with Stephen Joyce of Amana Yoga about the life changing practices of meditation and yoga. We learn how to make meditation easy, the many benefits of meditation and the impact meditation has had on his life and on the lives of others. You will have a new appreciation for meditation and what it can do for you. Stephen shares openly how mediation helped his anxiety. Stephen has us laughing when he shares the differences between men and women when it comes to the meditation and yoga.
July 28, 2019
EP 26: Live Today with Mark Black, Heart-Lung Transplant Recipient
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Mark Black, International Speaker talks about being a heart-lung transplant recipient. He shares with us his philosophy on life, what role faith plays and how he has outperformed the doctor’s expectations. You will be inspired by Mark’s outlook on life and his message is a universal one.
July 21, 2019
EP 25: Developing Your Spiritual Intuition with Spirit Medium Cindy O'Donnell
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with spirit medium Cindy O’Donnell about her gift of mediumship. She teaches us how to tune into our intuition, how to communicate with loved ones who have passed on and how to release beliefs. She recalls the specific accident where she realized she could communicate with the other side. She reminds us that, we too, can connect with loved ones if we just surrender. Cindy reminds us not to fear spirit. She also tells us that we have 4 bodies. All 4 need to be in alignment otherwise disease gets in. She remind us that spirituality is not about trying; it is about being, embodying and surrendering. In this episode, there is a bonus segment where Cindy uses her gift of mediumship to give a Soul Sister clarity on her life.
July 14, 2019
EP 24: The Time Is Now with Sister Joan Chittister
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon speak with Sister Joan Chittister about her most recent book The Time Is Now: A Call To Uncommon Courage. She makes a passionate appeal to be an everyday prophet. She reminds us that staying quiet creates a false sense of peace when we are witness to atrocities that are happening around us. She calls us out for people who say they are too busy or don’t know how to be prophet. She reminds us it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the topics that matter to us and then do something about it. Sister Joan also shares her thoughts on empowering women specifically addressing why women push back against other women. This episode will inspire you to do more. You will be changed by Sister Joan’s words, insight and courage. Perhaps the best advice she gives, “Don’t ask who the prophets are. Be one.”
July 7, 2019
EP 23: Laughing and Loving Life with James Mullinger
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we speak with James Mullinger about his life in comedy. He shares openly his difficulties as a child and what made him want to be a Stand Up Comedian. He sheds insight on his mindset to be in this business as well as his fears. He’s doing something that many would consider nerve racking. He tells us what makes him nervous. He also shares who is favourite comedian, how he is responsible to his audience and what he would like to do to become truly Canadian.  You don't want to miss the laughs and insight as we take a look at a comedian from the inside out.
June 30, 2019
EP 22: Ultimate Summer Staycation: Going Within
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, the soul sisters talk all things Summer. We talk about the summer of intention, growing in spirit and we are excited to introduce you to our Summer Soul Series lineup. Of course, the soul sisters talk about signs of grace: hearts & roses, being intentional this summer and we have a book giveaway. Check out the Soul Sister Conversations Facebook page.
June 23, 2019
EP 21: Designing Your Life on Purpose with Nathalie Godbout
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we chat with Nathalie Godbout, lawyer and co-founder of a boutique law firm called Godbout Fawcett in Saint John, NB. She talks to us about designing a life on purpose. She shares very openly the turning point in her life where she attended a retreat and came out a different person immediately changing everything about her life. She shares the one thing that really made a difference on the retreat that lead her down a new path. She also talks about forging a new path as a woman in law as well she shares a very poignant moment she and her family experienced in a hotel where they were subject to intimate partner violence.  This is a powerful episode for anyone wanting to change their life. Two themes run through this episode: 1) getting quiet 2) loving yourself. Get your pen ready for the nuggets in this episode.
June 16, 2019
EP 20: Finding Your Voice
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we are talking about finding your voice. We discover your voice IS your life. What message do you want to share with the world?
June 9, 2019
EP 19: Making A Contribution with Jim Kokocki
In this Episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon speak with Jim Kokocki a business consultant and dedicated volunteer who lives in Saint John, NB. Jim has a great discussion with the Soul Sisters about what he has learned from his 30 year participation as a Toastmaster, what he has learned a leader of a global organization and how both his Toastmaster life and his volunteer work with L’Arche has brought meaning to his life.
June 2, 2019
EP: 18 Figuring Life Out , Never underestimate the small things you have done in life.
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana& Elaine talk about the practical and spiritual side of figuring life out. They discuss how every experience leads you somewhere. Nothing is ever wasted.
May 25, 2019
EP: 17 Leading with Vulnerability, Authenticity & Courage with Don Darling
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we talk with Don Darling, mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick. This isn’t an episode about politics. It is an episode about one person leading their life with vulnerability, authenticity and courage. As a guest, Don is very open and vulnerable sharing his struggles including the breaking point where his life shifted for the better. He didn’t have a midlife crisis; he had a midlife awakening.
May 19, 2019
EP: 16 Overcoming Perfection
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana and Elaine talk about perfection and they explore our early programming to be perfect and ways to overcome perfection. Dana and Elaine share their experiences of wrestling with perfection and why they call themselves recovering “perfectionists.”
May 12, 2019
EP 15: Be brave. Be You with Cathy Simpson, CEO of Tech Impact
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we chat with Tech Impact, CEO Cathy Simpson who is also the founder of Up& Go. Cathy is creating a girls movement that builds amazing core skills for life.
May 5, 2019
EP 14: The Power of Aging
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, we celebrate Elaine's birthday. This celebration lead us to discuss the power of aging. We talk about clarity, accepting ourselves, building your own life and we leave you with an important question to ponder: Who Am I? 
April 27, 2019
Ep 13: Growing Yourself : Leadership Insight with Eric Lloyd
A conversation about leadership with President of Sunny Corner Enterprises, Eric Lloyd. Eric has been a been a senior leader for close to twenty years. Although very experienced in creating business results, his true leadership journey began only in the past eight years. Eric shares his insight about the importance of having a vision and connecting to  it daily; the need to develop your own leadership style and the importance of getting more help as you rise whether it is in the ranks of an organization or in your life by having an Executive Coach or someone who is a sounding board so you can keep growing as you lead your life or business. This episode will benefit you whether you are leading an organization or seeking to be a better leader in your life. You will learn that leadership development is personal development. You will be challenged to grow yourself and learn how to successfully break down big goals.
April 21, 2019
EP 12: Dial In Your Life, What do you want to do with your life!
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon talk about dialling in your life. They share personal stories of how they have come to realize life is short and they talk about how to encourage and love more.  
April 14, 2019
EP 11: Building Confidence & the Power of Being Yourself with Lorraine Peters
In this Episode, we speak to Lorraine Peters of NWH Modelling about building confidence and the power of being yourself. The conversation gets real with Lorraine's observations around the mother daughter relationship.
April 6, 2019
EP 10: Rebirth, Renew, Refresh by following Nature’s Lead
In this epiosde of Soul Sister Conversations Dana and Elaine chat about spring and how this season inspires new life in nature and in our own life.   What do you want to give birth to in your life?
March 30, 2019
EP 9: Leading with Empathy with Matt George
On this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we have a meaningful conversation with Matt George, a young community leader who believes in producing great work that generously serves the community. Matt George is the Founder of The Navi Group which ensures entrepreneurs, businesses and governments are able to navigate the intersection of culture, business and technology. In this episode, learn how Matt leads his life with empathy and uses it to contribute to his community. He shares how he uses his gift of empathy to serve the community for a higher purpose.  Highlights: 2:35 Why he settled in his hometown after years of travelling abroad. 3:00 Learn about Matt's quest to have great conversations with people in his community and how it related to his contribution to the community. 5:15 What were the two things that surprised him about the conversations he was having with people in his community. 9:40 Listen to see if you relate to Matt's "Chronic Empathy" problem and why it doesn't make him feel helpless anymore. 18:28 Where is his journey of having conversations taking him? 21:40  We talk about The End of Permission. You get to pick you. 24:38 Quality of life is based on series of good next best decisions. 29:16 Good ideas move us forward. 29:32 How his work brings meaning to his life. 32:00 Pay for great things to come into the world. #payforgreatwork  You can connect with Matt George:  Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @mattgeorgenavi
March 24, 2019
EP 8: Coincidences & Signs of Grace
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we talk about signs of grace. If you have ever wondered if these are more than just coincidences, this show is for you.
March 17, 2019
EP 7: Millennia Tea CEO Tracy Bell shares her unexpected journey to entrepreneurship
In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations we are chatting with Startup CEO Tracy Bell of Millennia Tea. She shares her unexpected journey to becoming an entrepreneur, how she keeps everything in perspective including mindfulness and what she has learned about leadership as a new CEO. To find out more about the tea, the story behind the tea and Tracy visit
March 9, 2019
EP 6: Word Themes vs. Resolutions
In the episode of Soul Sister Conversations Dana and Elaine are having a conversation about the importance of word themes and how they can bring focus to your life.  :46 Dana shares a story of how she found a video from 2012 while doing a search on herself on google. In the video Elaine approached (ambushed) Dana after a networking event and asked her about her word theme of the year.  Check out Soul Sister Conversations Facebook page to see the video. We will leave you with a question. What is your word of the year?  Please let us know what it is and make sure you like our Facebook Page. We would love it if you rated our podcast...thanks from the Soul Sisters,  Dana and Elaine   
March 3, 2019
EP 5: Self Discovery - Trisha Perry's journey to finding inner peace
In conversation with Trisha Perry about her journey of self-discovery shifting from lawyer to entrepreneur which led her to finding peace within herself. She co-founded a company called Resonance Inc. that allows her to be who she truly is.
February 23, 2019
EP 4: Reclaim Time with Elaine Shannon
In this episode, Dana and Elaine talk about reclaiming time. Dana Lloyd interviews Elaine Shannon about her relationship with time and what she has learned from helping others. Elaine says people don’t have a time problem, they have a focus problem.
February 16, 2019
EP 3: Finding Joy with Dana Lloyd
In this episode, Elaine Shannon interviews Dana Lloyd about her book Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning, & Fulfillment. Dana & Elaine explore the Inner Critic, the importance of developing an Inner Coach and finding joy. Listen too as they share a beautiful story of a Rose found on a beach and the meaning behind that Rose.
February 10, 2019
EP 2: Life Happens For You, Not To You
In this Episode Dana & Elaine explore the soul lesson “Life happens for you, not to you.”
February 2, 2019
EP 1: Introduction to Soul Sisters Dana Lloyd & Elaine Shannon
This episode you get introduced to Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon, the co-hosts of Soul Sister Conversations. Dana and Elaine talk about who they are, how they met and why they started this soulful podcast.
January 20, 2019
January 19, 2019
January 19, 2019