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The Sound Wisdom Podcast

The Sound Wisdom Podcast

By Sound Wisdom
Insight and motivation for personal growth and business improvement. Sound Wisdom’s director of content strategy, Jennifer Janechek, talks with authors about their latest books and finds out what is inspiring them.
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Mindset Matters with Ricky Kalmon

The Sound Wisdom Podcast

Mindset Matters with Ricky Kalmon
Guest Ricky Kalmon, author of Leverage Your Mindset: Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life, joins us to discuss how we can harness the power of our mindset to eradicate the destructive self-talk that holds us back from achieving the results we want in life…whether it be better health, improved athletic performance, increased productivity, enhanced resilience, or something else!  Watch to learn more about: how your mindset is like software that requires periodic UPDATING to operate at maximum capacity—and today is the day you hit INSTALL UPDATES NOW how we’re holding ourselves back by running our default internal scripts without maintenance why “vegging out” in front of the TV, scrolling social media, and engaging in other “mindless” activities serve their purpose, but don’t entirely serve your mindset—you need active and intentional relaxation, which Ricky teaches you in his Leverage Your Mindset program! what high-performing individuals like professional athletes have that you might not…YET! one change we can make today that will boost our momentum toward changing the way we think and, by extension, changing our life AND MORE! Ricky’s book Leverage Your Mindset: Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life is published by Sound Wisdom and available to buy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Porchlight Books, and other fine retailers on September 15, 2020.
September 11, 2020
Finding Clarity During Chaos: In Dialogue with Jason Hewlett
Feeling unmoored during these chaotic times? Identifying, clarifying, and magnifying The Promise to The One will help give you the stability you need to create a life and legacy that you will be proud of. Jason Hewlett, author of The Promise to The One, joins us to discuss: who is ‘The One’ and why is The Promise to The One foundational why Promise-breaking is one of the greatest maladies of the modern world how Promise-keeping is the integral to our sense of self and our ability to achieve great things in life how we can boost our value through his powerful three-step system for discovering our Signature Moves the link between self-discovery, service, and leadership how to make BIG decisions that align with our core values how to be accountable in the little things that…well…aren’t really so little after all AND how we can THRIVE in our relationships (and love our spouses…even when we’re cooped up with them for an extended period of time)   Gain fresh perspective with this dialogue between Jason Hewlett and Jennifer Janechek, Sound Wisdom’s director of content strategy. And be sure to pick up a copy of Jason’s new book, The Promise to The One, available August 18, 2020. Paperback: Ebook: Audiobook:
August 17, 2020
Accountability under Pressure
Sam Silverstein, leading expert on accountability and organizational culture and author of several books on how accountability can drive engagement, productivity, and a more meaningful life, talks with Sound Wisdom’s director of content strategy, Jennifer Janechek, about how accountability is the touchpoint that can enable individuals and businesses to thrive during challenging times.  Topics covered include: What accountability REALLY means (hint: it’s not a stick to beat people into submission) How pivoting is actually an issue of accountability Practices leaders can engage in to create accountable workplace cultures How leaders can maintain alignment with their mission and values during tough times How leaders can foster open lines of communication with their teams about tough subjects Remote work and accountability and more!  Visit for more information about Sam’s new online community, PIVOT, which will help you discover your specific purpose, gain control over your life, make great decisions, and move forward to achieve at your greatest potential.
July 28, 2020
Overcoming Fear and Self-Limiting Beliefs During Challenging Times
Jennifer Janechek, director of content strategy for Sound Wisdom, talks with Letitia Frye about her new book, ‘No Reserve: Take Ownership and Live YOUR Life without Limitations,’ and how we can overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs that are preventing us from taking positive action in our lives, especially during challenging times.  Specific questions covered include: How do we maintain our perspective so we don’t let life’s “landmines” derail us from pursuing our passions and so we don’t miss the opportunities within adversity? What is the difference between an issue and a problem, and how does our ability to diagnose one or the other enable us to live with more freedom? What are ways we can more fully commit to living a life with no reserve on it—free of limitations and full of endless opportunity? How can we find value in brokenness? How can we build equity with our actions when we feel like we don’t have “enough” (resources, strength, etc.) to get us started? When we’re progressing toward our goals and encounter an obstacle that affects our mindset, how can we use SOS—“Sources of Strength”—to help us overcome it? Letitia’s book is available to purchase here:
July 21, 2020
Leveling Up Professionally in the COVID Era
In this episode of The Sound Wisdom Podcast, Alyson Van Hooser, speaker, trainer, host of STAKE: The Leadership Podcast, and author of the new book Level Up: Elevate Your Game & Crush Your Goals, brings her expertise in leadership, career advancement, and the millennial and Gen Z workforce to bear on a conversation about how to level up professionally in the COVID era. Questions covered include: How can we control our perspective during this chaotic time? Where might people find sources of grit to help them level up and make positive changes in their life? How can employees and leaders better understand each other during these tough times? How can we increase our emotional intelligence and use our emotions to fuel, rather than hinder, our success? How can recent grads land a job in this tight job market?  What can all professionals be doing—recent grads, those who have been laid off, and those who are still working but don’t want to plateau—to make use of this time in limbo? How should strategies for self-care shift in times of crisis so that we can avoid burnout?
July 14, 2020