Southwest Barrels Report

Southwest Barrels Report #5

An episode of Southwest Barrels Report

By Vinny O'Hare
Information and tips about barrel racing in the Southwest. All the links can be seen on
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More places to listen

Southwest Barrels Report #6
This week is a travel week for us as we are flying to Arizona to take a load back to NY and empty one of the 2 storage units we have. Wednesday there is a jackpot at Marana Heritage Arena. Usually starts around 6 or 7 Friday night is QCBRA at Horsehoe park. Saturday is Sabra buckle series at Schulz arena Contest to fill the forum with post $100 amazon gift card. Podcast is being uploaded to YouTube automatically
July 8, 2019
Southwest Barrels Report #5
This week we have a new intro. I really wanted a female voice as mine was horrible. It made me laugh every time I heard it. Last week I went out to a barrel race on Long Island. It was different then I am use to.  There isn't too many barrel races near NYC so if you are having one let me know. You can see pics here. This weeks events are a pop up race at Schultz arena on Friday the 5th. Missionview Gymkhana on Saturday July 6 (Saturday)     Books 5:00 pm     Barrel Time Only 5:00-6:30 pm     4D Barrels 7:00 pm     Gymkhana 7:30 pm    Wednesday there is a jackpot at Marana Heritage Arena. We will be having a new barrel racing forum in a few days. I mention the name in the podcast. Too early to link to it. I am getting a Platypod delivered today. If you have no idea what that is you can click here. 
July 5, 2019
Southwest Barrels Episode 4
This is the 4th episode. While we are still working out the kind of the audio this week is better. Show links at
June 20, 2019
Southwest Barrels Episode 3
How I became a barrel racing photographer • Events
June 7, 2019
Southwest Barrels Episode 2
In this episode I share a funny story about one of the first times I set up the live stream in Southern Arizona. I also mention the next events in Queen Creek, Marana, and Tucson. Feel free to leave me a voice message. It could be included in an upcoming podcast. 
June 5, 2019
Southwest Barrels Episode 1
Brief description about our barrel racing podcast and events coming up.
June 4, 2019
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