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Spain To Go

Spain To Go

By Daniel Welsch
Everything you ever wanted to know about life in Spain, from a longtime expat and travel writer in Madrid and Barcelona.
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17 - Why don't you just integrate?
Some of my thoughts on integrating, or assimilating, into Spanish society. Is it really possible to integrate? Is it something you "should" be doing? How would you go about actually doing it? All questions I try to answer... Donate to the podcast here:
May 11, 2022
16 - Top 5 questions people ask Americans abroad
Living in Spain, I get a lot of questions about the US. Is it just like the movies? What's up with all the guns? You know, things like that. Check out the article on the blog for more:
April 07, 2022
15 - Expats and Immigrants and Guiris, oh my!
Do you consider yourself to be an expat? Or more of an immigrant? Are you a guiri? You just might be all three... in today's episode, we talk about the differences (and similarities) between the words. More on the blog:
April 05, 2022
14 - Working in Spain
An episode about work visas, salaries, getting a job, work culture and more. Check out the article on the blog:
February 16, 2022
13 - Pros and Cons of living in Madrid
I love Madrid, but let's face it... it's got some negatives, too. Here are 10 pros and cons of living in Spain's capital city.
February 06, 2022
12 - Spanish words that "don't exist" in English
Some Spanish words are difficult or awkward to translate into English... sobremesa, anteayer, tutear and much much more. Check out the web for the spellings and more examples:
January 30, 2022
11 - Spanish Christmas Vocabulary
A bit of Christmas vocabulary in Spanish... everything you need to know about Christmas, Epiphany, the New Year and more. Check out the web for more info:
December 17, 2021
10 - Why you DON'T want to be a digital nomad
Lots of people try to make the life of a digital nomad look pretty glamorous. But is it? Well, maybe...
December 13, 2021
09 - Holiday Traditions in Spain
Everything you need to know about Spanish traditions around Christmas, Epiphany, the New Year and more...
December 07, 2021
08 - Dating Spanish Girls
Here's my take on the 7 things you should know about dating Spanish girls... or women. Or men, technically. Let's just say "dating Spanish". Anyway, the original article has been read like half a million times, so I guess it's struck a chord somehow:
October 05, 2021
07 - Spanish Profanity! (NSFW)
Here's a bit of Spanish profanity, all the obscene expressions they won't teach you in class. Read the examples on the blog:
August 09, 2021
06 - Barcelona like a Local
Some suggestions on how to experience the "real Barcelona" like the locals do. Here's the article:
August 05, 2021
05 - Spanish Vocab: words and gender
A bit of a vocabulary lesson today. Here are some words that change meaning according to their grammatical gender. Read the examples on line if you'd like:
April 26, 2021
04 - Madrid: Spain's Free City
I just got back from Madrid, where everything is open and life is good. Here are some of my thoughts.
April 19, 2021
03 - I Got Coronavirus
Well folks, I got the coronavirus. Here's my story of 'rona and of Spanish healthcare in these trying times.
October 26, 2020
02 - Spanish Stereotypes
Some of the most common stereotypes about Spanish people and life in Spain. What do you think?
September 02, 2020
01 – Spain to Go: Introduction
All the who, what, where, when and why about the Spain to Go podcast, with your host, Daniel Welsch. More on the web:
August 27, 2020