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Lunch Club #13: Calum Rodger's PORTS (SPAM Press, 2019) (featuring guest Aaron Kent)
In this episode of lunch club, Maria and Kirsty were joined in the ZOOM studio by Aaron Kent, poet and publisher of the brilliant Broken Sleep Books. We discussed Calum Rodger's PORTS, which came out with SPAM in 2019, in which classic twentieth century poems are reimagined as videogame texts. The episode also includes a reading from Calum.  Listen on to hear our thoughts on the generosity and pedagogical potential of Calum’s work. We ask what does it mean to score points in a poem? , and unravel the pamphlets connection to a kind of  maze poetics and Choose Your Own Adventure. We discuss the nostalgia of early video games and their connection with folklore, our gaming memories of accessing ports and the ongoingness of  play and desire in the pamphlet, with an omniprescent feeling of unlocking treats in the language. Also, stick around to hear some wonderful new writing from Aaron, which we felt very lucky to hear. Aaron Kent is a working class poet and publisher from Cornwall, though he currently lives in Wales with his wife, Emma and their two young children. He runs the Michael Marks Publishing Award winning poetry press Broken Sleep Books and has recently finished his debut novel, Council. He had several poetry pamphlets published, and his debut collection,  Angels the Size of Houses, is out in July with Shearsman. He has had work published by Blackbox Manifold, Butchers Dog, 3:AM, BAX (2020), Wild Court, Prototype, The Scores, and Prelude among others. Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell Physical copies of PORTS are back in stock on for £4!
May 2, 2021
URL Sonata #9: Readings from SPAM002
Readings from our sophomore issue of the magazine, SPAM002. Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop and Max Parnell Curated by Kirsty Dunlop Produced by Max Parnell All readers, in order of appearance: Meredith Grace Thompson Fred Carter Natalie Cortez-Klossner Cassandra Troyan Alex Grafen Astrid Alben Ezra Mars Ian McCartney Sam Weselowski Caitlyn Main Naomi Morris Raian Oliveira Abelomai Luncheon reading works by Emer McGinnity William Gee Rachel Cleverly Ollie Tong Alex MacDonald gentian rhosa meikleham Tom Betteridge Imogen Free etaïn zwer Alex Noble Read the magazine at
April 29, 2021
SPAM URL Sonata Presents 5 Year Anniversary Interview with Special Guest!
What better way to kick off the 5 year celebrations than by welcoming on SPAM’s favourite anthropologist, C, to explain what SPAM means to them. Having made it along to so many of our Zoom launches over the last year, we were thrilled to invite C on to read from their dossier. Tune in to hear what happens when the narrating curser catches up with the rendering one, C’s musings on time and memory and the experience of being jammed in limbo.
April 21, 2021
Lunch Club #12: SPAM #4 Astral Projections and Talismanic Persuasions (SPAM Press, 2017) (featuring guest Livvy Bryant)
In this strange and special episode, recorded on the 17th June 2020 and recently unearthed from our audio archive, we invited the artist Livvy Bryant to talk about a ‘poem’ from issue #4 -- Astral Projections and Talismanic Persuasions. This poem is in fact an untitled essay by Matthew Nosal, which performs a close reading of Ed Sheeran’s chart hit, ‘Shape of You’.  Listen on to hear more about situationist sloganeering, imperative modes in disco, the poetics of WhatsApp critique, embodied art criticism, how MSN taught millennials to type fast, the struggles of music journalism, why aquarians are often successful artists and the ironies and sincerities of ‘a brilliant poetic choice’. What is the  link between John Constable and the ginger pop star, Suffolk’s ‘primary cultural export’, that problematically cut his teeth in the grime open nights of the late noughties? Livvy Bryant is an artist and writer from London and Suffolk. She currently writes for the magCulture journal, reviewing magazines, journals and occasionally the odd book. In her visual art practise she is a self-described post-internet artist, creating biodegradable 3D prints using a combination of traditional and novel techniques, including (but not limited) to iPhone photography and videography, watercolour paintings and calligraphy.  Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell Digital copies of Astral Projections and Talismanic Persuasions are available from
April 10, 2021
POEM: 'Am I to be nowhere, gently?' by Scott Morrison and Maria Sledmere
A collaboration between Scott Morrison and Maria Sledmere, in response to Lana Del Rey's poetry collection/album, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. You can read the full accompanying essay and poem at Composition and production: Scott Morrison Artwork: Douglas Pattison Words: Maria Sledmere
March 5, 2021
URL Sonata #10: Each Sharper Halo
Toasting the end of grim January, join Kyle Lovell and Maria Sledmere for a joyously belated double launch of their pamphlets Each Sharper Complication (Legitimate Snack) and neutral milky halo (Guillemot Press). In this episode, you’ll hear readings from: Kirsty Dunlop fred spoliar Mauricio Baiocco Nell Osborne Maria Sledmere Kyle Lovell ~ Kyle Lovell is based in Birmingham and is the editor of Fathomsun Press. They were named a Foyle Young Poet in 2014, and their poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Magma, Blackbox Manifold, Pamenar Press, woe eroa, and other publications. Their debut pamphlet, 'Each Sharper Complication', is published by legitimate snack/Broken Sleep Books. Maria Sledmere is editor-in-chief at SPAM Press, a member of A+E Collective and very occasional music journalist. Recent publications include infra•structure – with Katy Lewis Hood (Broken Sleep), Chlorophyllia (OrangeApple Press) and neutral milky halo (Guillemot Press). With Rhian Williams, she co-edited the anthology the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe. She's currently finishing a DFA in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. fred spoliar is an education worker in london. recent poems can be found in -algia, amberflora, Pigs Zine, Tentacular and Erotoplasty. their first pamphlet will be available in 2021. follow @debt_bubblebath on twitter. Kirsty Dunlop lives in Glasgow and writes poems, short stories, electronic literature and collaborative work. She is a DFA candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow and is the poetry and nonfiction editor at SPAM Press. Most recent work is a broadside collaboration with nicky melville, THE FACT THAT, out with GONG FARM. Mau Baiocco is a poet and occasional essayist and translator, ordinarily living in Leeds but now exiled to southwest London. Nell Osborne is based in Manchester. Recent work has appeared in places such as Manchester Review of Books and Bath Magg. She co-runs No Matter, an experimental reading and commission series based in Manchester, and co-edits the zine Academics Against Networking. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Production and original theme: Max Parnell Please consider donating, if you feel able, to Poets Hardship Fund UK over at Each Sharper Complication is available here: & neutral milky halo here: If you liked this episode, share and subscribe! Stay well, SPAM HQ xoxo
February 2, 2021
URL Sonata #9: glitterbawl launch
We're delighted to bring you the recordings from our glitterbawl launch party, in celebration of Lizzie McC's debut pamphlet. Alas this was another Zoom affair, when really it should've been a sweaty Broadcast basement stomp, but nevertheless we were blessed by brilliant readings and the warmest audience! The lineup: Asta Kinch Chris Timmins Al Anderson Lizzie McC Asta Kinch is a Danish poet living in Glasgow. Her passions include fat liberation, skin care, collages, and photos of raccoons. This summer she graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and Theology & Religious Studies. She is now studying for an MLitt in Creative Writing. chris timmins is a queer poet & artist from glasgow. his work deals with queerness, bodies, glitter, the importance of the cowboy emoji and the relationship between poetry and visual art. he runs his own small press, plantbot publishing, which publishes ‘unicorn zine’, a small zine for young lgbtq+ creatives in scotland. you can find him on instagram @plantbot/@plantbotart, and on twitter @_plantbot. ✨🍊🤠 Al Anderson is a poet and artist from Birmingham. His chapbook ’Tenderloin’ will be published by Blush in 2021. Recent poems can be found in Blush lit, SPAM ( four quid! < at
December 9, 2020
Lunch Club #11: Daddy Poem, by Helen Charman (SPAM Press 2019) (With special guest Sophie Collins)
In this lucky #11 episode of Lunch Club, editors Kirsty Dunlop and Maria Sledmere join poet Sophie Collins to discuss Helen Charman's 'Daddy Poem' (SPAM Press 2019), alongside a reading from Helen. Sophie Collins grew up in Bergen, North Holland, and now lives in Glasgow. She is the author of Who Is Mary Sue? (Faber, 2018) and small white monkeys (Book Works, 2017), and the editor of Currently & Emotion (Test Centre, 2016), an anthology of contemporary poetry translations; a sequel, Intimacy, is forthcoming. She is a Lecturer in Creative Writing (Creative Non-Fiction) at the University of Glasgow. She is also the translator, from the Dutch, of Lieke Marsman’s The Following Scan Will Last Five Minutes (Pavilion, 2019). She is currently translating Marsman’s novel, The Opposite of a Person (Daunt Books, 2022), as well as working on new poetry and prose. Listen on to hear our thoughts on clouds and poetic metaphor, our motivation to write pathetic poems, and reflections on Legacy Russels’s recently released Glitch Feminism. We discuss how Daddy Poem functions as a writerly text, engages with Veronica Forrest-Thompson’s notion of ‘bad naturalisation’, and can be read through the lens of Sianne Ngai’s ‘the gimmick’. We also touch upon intention, reception and the ambiguity of utterance in the poem, the work's sticky emotions and engagement with citation and collage, a form that is often denigrated. Also stick around to hear some exclusive new work from Sophie! Content notice: this episode includes discussion of sexual violence and rape culture. ~ Intro: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ Copies of Daddy Poem are still available from for £4.
December 6, 2020
Lunch Club #10: Time Zone by Dom Hale (SPAM Press, 2018) (featuring guest Kyle Lovell)
In our happy return to Lunch Club, Denise and Maria are in the Zoom studio for a tenth episode with special guest Kyle Lovell, discussing Dom Hale's Time Zone from 2018. Kyle Lovell is a writer based in Birmingham, and they are the editor of Fathomsun Press. Their debut pamphlet, 'Each Sharper Complication', is published by legitimate snack. It's a collection of poems about debt, ghosts, and the lyric reflux. In this episode, we explore everything from anime to fully automated luxury communism: the Trumpocene, the caress of tragic hamsters, poetry and advertising (that old chestnut!), the poet as a lyre for hire, finding poetry’s grooves, the economics of language, fraud, poetic confetti, the twitter poetics of aphorism, poetry that is ‘as zany as it gets’, poetry as hack, sugar rush, seeding and speedrunning, and how Dom’s prosody is all over Denise’s cupboards. Derrida’s hedgehog rolls headfirst into the Sonic the Hedgehog, and you get to witness Kyle elegently sidestepping the question of lyric, as all good poets must. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ Time Zone is out of print, however digital downloads are available at Proceeds are split between SPAM, the author and Black Lives Matter. If you like this episode, please share it with your friends. : )
November 22, 2020
URL Sonata #8: Readings from SPAM001
>> SPAM001 HAS LANDED < In this first iteration of our online magazine, enter the expansive poem-capsule with readings and works from: Ed Luker fred spoliar Hannah Macdonald Rory Cook Craig Santos Perez Hannah Levene nicky melville Lizzie McCreadie Amy De’Ath Imogen Cassells Al Anderson Will Harris Alex Marsh Charlotte Knight Shehzar Doja Sameeya Maqbool Charlotte Geater Ali Znaidi Fintan Calpin Flo Goodliffe Ryan Ormonde Eduardo R de Siquiera Nina Ward Betsy Porritt Luca Bevacqua ~ Introduction by Max Parnell and Maria Sledmere Outro by Max Parnell Editing, production and music by Max Parnell (Voice recordings sampled from NASA's audio highlights from the first day of the Apollo 11 mission) To read SPAM001 in full for free, head over to
November 8, 2020
URL Sonata #7 Readings from Season Four Pamphlet Launch with Oli Hazzard and Samantha Walton
In this episode, we bring to you SPAM’s season four pamphlet launch with poets Oli Hazzard and Samantha Walton. There are readings from both poets with introductions from SPAM editors Maria, Kirsty and Denise. The event was held on Zoom on 7th October 2020. Oli Hazzard has published two books of poems, Between Two Windows (Carcanet, 2012) and Blotter (Carcanet, 2018). He lives in Glasgow and teaches at the University of St Andrews. Samantha Walton is a poet, editor and academic based in Bristol. Her first collection, Self Heal, was published by Boiler House Press in 2018, and Everybody Needs Beauty: In Search of the Nature Cure, and The Living World, an ecocritical study of Nan Shepherd, are both coming out from Bloomsbury in 2021. She co-edits Sad Press, a small poetry press, and is interested in omens, sigils, and the end of the world. You can order copies of PROGRESS: REAL AND IMAGINED and Bad Moon from Produced by Max Parnell Introduction by Maria Sledmere Link to Samantha Walton’s BAD MOON playlist here:
October 25, 2020
URL Sonata #6 Readings from ASP Fair 2020
In this episode of URL Sonata, we're stoked to bring you five readings from what was a sunny day on the plaza, where we camped out with a virtual stall for ASP Fair, on the 27th September 2020. Our poets are: Anna Danielewicz Alex Marsh Anjeli Caderamanpulle Dom Hale Loll Jung Introduction: Maria Sledmere Music, production: Max Parnell All of the readers have work published with SPAM, which you can check out at our web store at
October 11, 2020
URL Sonata #5: Millennium Megabus Final Stop
Hop on the Millennium Megabus one last time in episode five of URL SONATA, featuring readings from seven poets in our final Double Issue #10 of the zine. Phoebe Eccles Katy Lewis Hood David Linklater Andrew Spragg Lizzy Yarwood Barney Ashton-Bullock Maria Sledmere ~ Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell You can order a copy of Issue #10, Millennium Mega(bus) for £5.50 from our webstore: Thanks for listening!
September 16, 2020
Rosie Roberts 'portals' Launch - A reading from Lotte L.S.
Coming to you from rainy Glasgow, Maria Sledmere introduces Lotte L.S., who performed a reading for us at the recent launch of Rosie Roberts' 'portals', which took place on 6th August, 2020. Lotte L.S. is a poet living in Great Yarmouth. Her work is forthcoming or published with A) Glimpse) Of), Fathomsun Press, Tripwire, Chicago Review and Blackbox Manifold. She keeps an infrequent tinyletter, Shedonism. In her portals performance, Lotte reads from a poetry sequence composed over lockdown, exploring as she puts it ‘How time weighs on gender and how gender weighs on time’. It’s an incredible movement and poetic slippage through history, ‘the present’, learning, surveillance, solidarity, dreams, survival, loss, attention and sound. As she writes ‘It is a practice of regard’. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can find out more about SPAM and order a copy of 'portals' at Thanks for listening!
August 23, 2020
Rosie Robert's 'portals' Launch Reading
Coming to you from Berlin, editor Max Parnell introduces Rosie Roberts, whose lyric adventure in poetry, prose, image and song, 'portals', was recently published by SPAM Press. Max meditates on the generous, rich and beautiful readings from Daisy Lafarge and Lotte L.S., plus a 16mm film from Alex Hetherington, which were screened and performed at the 'portals' launch on Zoom, 6th August 2020. This podcast features words from Max Parnell, Rhian Williams and a recording of Rosie's own reading from the launch. ~ Production, introduction and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can order a copy of 'portals' from and find out more about Rosie's recommended charity, FIVEXMORE, here:
August 16, 2020
Lunch Club #9: SPAM #6 Notes from the Watercooler (SPAM Press, 2017) (featuring guest Aoiffe Walsh)
Special guest Aoiffe Walsh joins the whole SPAM team in this episode (Kirsty, Maria, Denise and Max) to discuss two poems she selected from Issue #5 of the SPAM Zine, Notes from the Watercooler: an untitled poem by Patrick Blake and ‘Cold Soma Yawn’ by Michael Rennie. Aoiffe Walsh is a second year PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research is concerned with the intellectual foundations of British Surrealism, examining the intersection between empiricist and poetic practices and the way that modernist poetry corrodes disciplinary boundaries. She has contributed writing to such projects as Avant-Garde Studies and Decorating Dissidence and regular publications of her work can be found in The Modernist Review Listen on for our reflections on office vibes as lockdown escapism, micro environments nestled within industrial landscapes, cats as the antithesis of office culture, slinking out of meetings, and the emotional labour of customer service. You will hear Denise share her love for chairs with Aoiffe as they discuss the role of the chair in Sartre’s ‘Nausea’, you can try and count how many times we bring up blueberries, which links to Kirsty's recent online work training experiences, we come up with a new yoghurt brand name: Delicious Deleuze and you can find out who came up with the iconic phrase ‘your da sells cloud storage'. You also won’t want to miss the many Easter eggs that are revealed about the making of this issue and our various ridiculous office experiences. ~ Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the poets by purchasing a digital pay-what-you-want download of 'Notes from the Watercooler' from our online shop at Thanks for listening!
July 26, 2020
Lunch Club #8: SPAM #7 Prom Date (SPAM Press, 2018)(featuring guest Mike Bellis)
Our guest on this episode is musician and avid poetry reader, Mike Bellis who joins Kirsty, Maria and Denise in the SPAM virtual study to discuss poems from issue #7 of the zine, Prom Date. We chat about several poems chosen by Mike from the zine: ‘Sonnet: Sappho in a Post-Globalised World’ by Ali Znaidi, 'cummerbund’ by Ari Nielsson, 'Teenage Affair' by Polina Riabova and ‘I Left my Corsage in the Rain For You and All I Got was this Stupid poem’ by SPAM’s own Maria Sledmere. Mike Bellis is best known for his work with the independent rock band Clearance, based in Chicago. He’s here in Glasgow for the year on a Fulbright scholarship studying Scottish politics at the University of Strathclyde. His favourite poet is John Ashbery. Amidst our discussion you can hear: everyone get real nerdy about our quarantine listening habits (everything from Jazz Harp to the Fall), we’ll reveal which SPAM editor is the romantic gemini, what the spice boy/fuckboy and vegetal nickname continuum is, what it was like for Mike and his band Clearance to play with Slowdive, which trendy poets were Fulbright Scholars, who has Sappho fresh on the brain, why Denise thinks American Prom is PG-13 and Italian prom on another level of edge. You’ll also experience Kirsty excitedly asking Mike about John Ashbery’s influence on his writing, who they both love and you will listen to Mike read Maria’s poem to her, it’s v cute promise…as a bonus witness the SPAM gals attempt for our listeners a cheeky 'ekphrastic description of [Mike's] visage'. ~ Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the poets by purchasing a copy of 'Prom Date' for £3.00 from or download a digital copy and pay what you want. Thanks for listening!
July 12, 2020
Lunch Club #7: 'capriccio' by Daisy Lafarge (SPAM Press, 2019) (featuring guest Rhian Williams)
In this extended episode of Lunch Club, we are joined by special guest Rhian Williams in the SPAM virtual studio, alongside Kirsty Dunlop, Maria Sledmere and Max Parnell, to discuss Daisy Lafarge's pamphlet 'capriccio' which we published last autumn and launched at Good Press in Glasgow. Alongside our discussion, this episode opens with a beautiful reading by Daisy Lafarge from 'capriccio'. Rhian Williams is a writer and stay-at-home mother who lives in Glasgow. She writes on poetry, ecopoetics, theopoetics, and the everyday. The third edition of her Poetry Toolkit book came out in 2019 and she and SPAM's own Maria Sledmere have co-edited an anthology of new poetry, titled The Weird Folds: Everyday Poems from the Anthropocene that’s due out in August with Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Given Daisy’s interest in air, microbiology and zoonoses (i.e. diseases passed between humans and nonhuman animals), it felt apt in times of corona to turn attention to her work again. Listen on for our hungover lowdown on the Millennium Megabus launch, plus reflections on pine pollen in Scotland, rave in the classroom, ethnomusicology and musical appropriation, Derrida’s hedgehog, Instagram affect, how 'capriccio' oscillates between vaporwave and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and why we should all go to orchid school. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and Daisy Lafarge by purchasing a copy of 'capriccio' for £5.00 from Thanks for listening!
June 28, 2020
Lunch Club #6: SPAM #9 Astroturf (featuring guest Aaron Skates)
In this episode of Lunch Club, we welcome Aaron Skates on to the podcast to discuss Aea Varfis-van Warmelo's 'Flatpack Pastoral' from SPAM's ninth issue, Astroturf. Aaron Skates is a former graduate student of Criticism and Culture. He now lives in North London and works for a record label, while writing and performing music. His poetry was once described by poet laureate Simon Armitage as ‘horrible in the mouth and in the mind’.
June 14, 2020
URL SONATA #4: SPAM #10, Millennium Mega(bus)
In our fourth episode of URL SONATA, we feature readings from five talented poets in our latest (and final!) Double Issue #10 of the zine: Millennium Mega(bus). We launched this issue virtually in ZOOMLAND on Friday 29th May 2020: Eloise Birtwhistle Rosa Jones Sam Riviere Torkel Tennberg Kat Sinclair ~ Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell You can order a copy of Issue #10, Millennium Mega(bus) from our webstore: Thanks for listening!
June 7, 2020
URL Sonata #3: SPAM #6, Chips & Cheese
In our third episode of URL SONATA, building on last week's episode of Lunch Club, we feature tasty readings from five exceptional poets published in SPAM's Chips & Cheese themed issue of the zine, which was launched at our beloved Poetry Club in Glasgow in February 2018: Michael Crowe Livia Franchini William Fuller Alex Rushfirth Ruthie Kennedy ~ Introduction: Denise Bonetti Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell You can order a digital copy of Issue 6, Chips & Cheese from our webstore here: Thanks for listening!
May 31, 2020
Lunch Club #5: SPAM Chips n Cheese, selected readings (featuring guest Scott Morrison)
Today’s episode of Lunch Club is one of clarity, longing and many culinary comforts. With special guest Scott Morrison, Maria Sledmere, Max Parnell, Kirsty Dunlop and Denise Bonetti, we discuss two poems taken from SPAM’s issue 6, Chips & Cheese. These poems are ‘A Day in the Yorkshire Dales’ by Alex Rushfirth and an untitled poem by Michael Crowe. Scott Crawford Morrison is a writer, composer and performer from Glasgow. His writing is interested in experiences of time and memory; musically, he mixes classical training with experimental interests. He performs with Neuro Trash, Instruction Manual, Allowed Noise, and is a co-founder of the Più cafe-concert series. He is Development & Projects Manager at Scottish Ensemble, and an active member of the Green Arts Network, exploring the role of creativity in individual and societal responses to the climate crisis. When he's in a chippy, he will order chips and cheese. You can find him at Listen on to hear us reminiscing about our first encounter with Scott at our darkwave inspired issue #3 launch, Vape or Dream, to find out why the price of SPAM might be a convincing economic indicator, why there’s a fine line between poetry and advertising, what famous post-internet poet Denise reads while cooking super noodles and how we might ‘taste the future’. Taking a jaunt around the calorific dystopias of award-winning pie shops, we explore the imperative precision of fast food vernacular, poetry that makes you wince and the question of whether you can ever be a ‘local’ at McDonalds. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and our poets by purchasing an electronic version of Issue 6: Chips & Cheese for just a couple of quid from Thanks for listening!
May 24, 2020
Lunch Club #4: Josie Rogers's 'a bouquet' (featuring guest Maebh Harper)
Today’s episode of Lunch Club features special guest Maebh Harper (co-founder and former co-editor-in-chief of SPAM!). Maebh picked Josie Rogers's poem ‘a bouquet’ published in SPAM Issue 9 (AstroTurf), to discuss with the SPAM editors, Denise Bonetti, Kirsty Dunlop, Max Parnell and Maria Sledmere. You can hear Josie’s reading in Episode 2 of URL SONATA. We discuss, among other things, the languid aesthetics of Josie’s poem, the sense of longing for touch and human breath in times of isolation, the craze around wild garlic, the strange intimacy of working via ZOOM, slicing up Brian Eno’s voice, branded ice cubes and rediscovering familiar surroundings via wandering. ~ Introduction: Max Parnell Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the poet by purchasing a copy of Issue 9: AstroTurf for £3 from Thanks for listening!
May 17, 2020
URL Sonata #2: SPAM #9, AstroTurf
In our second episode of URL SONATA, we feature readings from five poets published in SPAM's AstroTurf themed issue of the zine, which was launched at our beloved Poetry Club in Glasgow in April 2019: Josie Rogers Nasim Luczaj Patrick Romero McCafferty Dan Power fred spoliar ~ Introduction: Kirsty Dunlop Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell You can order a copy of Issue 9, AstroTurf from our webstore here: Thanks for listening!
May 10, 2020
Lunch Club #3: T. Person's 'Cymbalism & Lemonade'
Today's episode of Lunch Club, featuring Denise Bonetti, Kirsty Dunlop, Max Parnell and Maria Sledmere, takes an in-depth look at T. Person's new SPAMphlet, 'Cymbalism & Lemonade'. Listen on to find out more about lemons (but not necessarily literal lemons), which members of SPAM are having a serious Lil Peep phase right now, why Kirsty is a hipster for Ali Smith and why you should never lend copies of Tom McCarthy’s Remainder to boys. We’ll also do a close reading of T. Person’s work in reference to writers such as Jackson Mac Low, Charles Bernstein and Paul Celan, and find out why poets really love lemonade. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the author by purchasing a copy of the pamphlet for £5 from Thanks for listening!
May 3, 2020
Lunch Club #2: Anjeli Caderamanpulle's 'Boys'
Today's episode of Lunch Club, featuring Denise Bonetti, Kirsty Dunlop and Maria Sledmere, takes an in-depth look at Anjeli Caderamanpulle's new SPAMphlet, 'Boys'. Listen on to hear our musings on gender politics, performativity, celebrity culture in a post-internet age, the linguistic trends of beam_me_up_softboi, the laudable use of emojis by boomers, poetry and embarrassment, how Anjeli is 'rehemming the curtains of alt-lit' and why the internet makes us tired. ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the author by purchasing a copy of the pamphlet for £4 from Cover design by Frannie Wise. Thanks for listening!
April 26, 2020
Lunch Club #1: Hannah Read's 'Poems by my imaginary boyfriend...'
Welcome to Lunch Club, a spin-off of our podcast URL Sonata, where we discuss recent SPAM publications and share thoughts on what's been otherwise on our radar. Today's episode takes an in-depth look at Hannah Read's new pamphlet 'Poems by my imaginary boyfriend about his imaginary girlfriend'. Listen on to hear about flash food photography, weird viscosity, Coldplay, the Lacanian imaginary, Walkers crisps multiverse and the poetics of bonjela… ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell ~ You can support SPAM and the author by purchasing a copy of the pamphlet for £2.50 from Thanks for listening!
April 19, 2020
URL Sonata #1: Season 3 pamphleteers feat. Hannah Read, Anjeli Caderamanpulle and T. Person
In our inaugural episode of URL Sonata, we present to you readings from three poets whose work was recently published as season 3 of our single-author pamphlet series: Hannah Read Anjeli Caderamanpulle T. Person ~ Introduction: Maria Sledmere Editing, production and original theme: Max Parnell You can order all three pamphlets from our webstore, here: Thanks for listening!
April 12, 2020