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Spark Seeker

Spark Seeker

By Maida Pineda

Food and travel writer Maida Pineda has a bad sense of direction. But she has always relied on the spark in her eyes to direct her life. When that spark is there she is at peace, joyful, and creative. Join her in the adventure of finding spark in the everyday and celebrating people who have the spark in their eyes.
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Episode 1: Welcome to Spark Seeker
Episode 1: Welcome to Spark Seeker
Welcome to our first episode of Spark Seeker. I'm Maida Pineda, a food and travel writer. One thing that's guided me in life has always been that spark in my eye. When I do have that spark, I'm joyful, at peace,  creative, generous and kind. But I've had periods when I lost that spark.  I became anxious, uninspired, and lost myself. Together, let's celebrate and find our spark, with inspired creatives from around the world. 
November 07, 2020