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Sparrow Studios Podcast

Sparrow Studios Podcast

By Little Pixie Productions
One home for Podcast Talk Shows by Sparrow Studios. The online digital home for Little Pixie Productions.
Our first series is the For The Love Of...Podcast.
Little Pixie Productions normally create and tour theatre, taking it out to local communities. Something which has proven rather difficult due to the live performing restrictions surrounding Covid-19.
This Podcast is the result of our response to the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, creating pieces of new work but sharing it with an audience digitally instead of through live performance.
Produced by Little Pixie Productions.
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2. For The Love of...Pantomime
Join Becky, Darren and Jez in their virtual pub, “The Three Turns”, as they discuss their love of... Pantomime. With Pantomime legend, Mr Kenneth Alan Taylor, appearing as this episode’s special guest cockle seller and Becky’s Mum, Pauline, calling time as the pub Landlady! This Podcast was recorded during the third UK lockdown at the start of 2021, as pubs were not allowed to be open and we were not allowed to meet in certain indoor areas. So even though we all live a hundred or so miles apart, the three of us would grab a tipple of choice and have a chat over the internet thingy every week about things we love, pretending we were together in our local. The recording quality may not always be great, although it did improve! However, as it’s taken a year to edit together hours of waffle for episode one to be released at the start of 2022, you may not get to hear all the other topics we discussed and whether we got any better at producing a better Podcast episode, until about 2032!
January 18, 2022
For The Love Of...Podcast Trailer
Three theatrical pros who are old friends, having a good old ramble on about all the things we love within the entertainment industry and our passions to do with theatre, television and film. Sitting in our individual homes dotted around the UK with a nice drink, chatting from our armchair ‘virtual pubs’. We will definitely go off topic but somehow, it will have a theatrical connection! You name it, we’ll natter about it. Not because we’re experts about any of these things but just because we love ‘em! The, For the love of... Podcast, coming soon with Becky, Darren and Jez!
February 11, 2021