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Speak Environment Podcast

Speak Environment Podcast

By Cierra Dawson
Speak Environment is a podcast hosted by Cierra Dawson, an undergraduate Environmental Sciences student at Oregon State University. The podcast explores a variety of environmental topics ranging from interviews with environmental students and professionals to conversations on environmental policy and disasters, the SE Podcast is for you if you like learning about All Things Environment.
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Interview with Dr. Shahir Masri: Environmental Pollution Scientist on Climate Change, Activism, and Outreach

Speak Environment Podcast

Defining Environmental Sustainability
Hi everyone! In today's episode, we explore the academic realm of environmental sustainability. What is it actually? Who coined that term? What is the global community doing to implement it? This podcast was recorded as a final project for an Environmental Writing course I completed this past spring term at Oregon State University (WR 462 in OSU language). My hope is that you learn something about sustainability as I did! Academic sources cited during this podcast: Constanza & Patten, Commentary, Defining and predicting sustainability (1994) ( Robert Goodland, Commentary, The Concept of Environmental Sustainability (1995). (Published in JSTOR Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, Volume 26 1995 Moldan et al., How to understand and measure environmental sustainability: Indicators and targets (2012) (Published in Elsevier Ecological Indicators Volume 17
June 30, 2021
Interview with Dr. Shahir Masri: Environmental Pollution Scientist on Climate Change, Activism, and Outreach
In today's episode, we spend an hour speaking with Dr. Shahir Masri, an Environmental Pollution Scientist at the University of California Irvine. Dr. Masri's work involves air pollution exposure modeling and climate change communication research.  We spoke about his long road of academia, field experiences, and what it means to be a science communicator in the age of social media. He takes us through his fascinating grassroots project called "On the Road For Climate Action," as well as his work as an author of his book, Beyond Debate: Answers to 50 Misconceptions on Climate Change.  He also gives hints as to what his next book entails in the episode! Find Dr. Masri on his website and Instagram page. 
June 20, 2020
Welcome to the Speak Environment Podcast!
Introducing the Speak Environment Podcast! SE is a biweekly podcast dedicated to creating a community for fellow environmentalists and science fans. It was dreamed up by the host, Cierra Dawson, as a result of her ceaseless hunt for new and ambitious projects.  Join her every other Tuesday at 12 PM PST to Speak about all things Environment. Follow SE Podcast elsewhere! Instagram || Twitter || Wordpress Introduction music is 'Hopeful Journey' and is courtesy of Scott Holmes. Find the song at 
January 1, 2020