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SpeakEZ: Black Renaissance Podcast

SpeakEZ: Black Renaissance Podcast

By Qadry Harris
A Podcast exploring race, religion, & politics through classic jazz and vintage hip hop. A celebration of Black flourishing. The Renaissance lives...
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Episode 12: Going Way Back
RIP Earl (DMX) Simmons! Chris JB and Qadry are Going Way Back with Donavan Tracey and Myles Mabry - professional educators and members of Alpha Phi Alpha. After praising the lyrical ability of Rakim and Kool G Rap, these Ice Cold Brothers imagine what it would look like to educate our kids as if we are on the Underground Railroad. Join us for an honest discussion on the Mis-Education of the Negro, the role of the Talented Tenth, and so much more. The Renaissance Lives...  
April 15, 2021
Episode 11: The Black Messiah (Harlem Edition)
John 1:46. While honoring the legendary Harlem emcee Big L, Qadry And Chris JB discuss what L has in common with Fred Hampton and Jesus. The two also interrogate how one can be a Christian and not believe what the Bible says about Christ. (***Mild Spoiler ALERT for Judas and the Black Messiah***). The Renaissance Lives...   
March 25, 2021
On the Mic with Mike - A SpeakEZ Short
Following another white terrorist attack, a survivor of American Slavery and a survivor of American Colonialism (in the Philippines) come together for a candid conversation about solidarity amongst Black and Asian/Pacific Islander communities.   
March 19, 2021
Episode 10: Content Queens
10 out of 10! In celebration of BLACK Woman’s History Month, SpeakEZ welcomes Ugo, Carlee, and Kris—the hosts of We Are That Podcast. In ways only Black women can, this dynamic trio gives Qadry and Chris JB a Master’s Class in podcasting while emphasizing the importance of Black men shutting the f**k up! Join us for discussions on WAP, Racism vs. Sexism, and John Coltrane being the sexiest jazz musician of ALL TIME. The Renaissance Lives...
March 5, 2021
Episode 9: The White Devil
“Lekòl, Legliz, La kay!” While exploring the theme of “the Devil” in Jay-Z’s music, Qadry and Chris JB get caught up debating Jay vs Nas as lyricist and rapper. Additionally, the duo discusses in detail the question if white people are devils and how this relates to Trump’s Acquittal. The Renaissance Lives...
February 14, 2021
Conversation with Meg Adler - A SpeakEZ Short
In our first SpeakEZ Short, Meg Adler, a Jewish artist, poet, and educator has a question for Qadry: What should white people be doing during Black History Month? Tune in to find out. The Renaissance Lives... 
February 2, 2021
Episode 8: Liberated.
“WHAT TIME BIDEN CROSS TOMORROW?!” Qadry and Chris JB are joined by friend of the show, Ms. Ashanté Josey – Visual Artist and Entrepreneur. Following a tribute to the genius of Pharrell Williams, the trio discusses the nature of true artistry vs. entertainment, spirituality vs. conditioning, and the role of the artist in the revolution. The Renaissance Lives...
January 20, 2021
Episode 7: (DIS)Respectfully... N*gga!
The FORCE Awakens! Ms. Dijonée Talley (Criminology Ph.D. Candidate, Temple), joins the SpeakEZ Cast again, to discuss being DISRESPECTFUL in Black Greek Life, Black Religion, and Black Politics. The Cast also responds to the terrorist attack at the Capitol and Qadry's beef with Facebook. The Renaissance Lives... 
January 11, 2021
Episode 6: Faith in the Darkness
Job 38:17. As WE anticipate the end of 2020, the Original SpeakEZ team comes together for a discussion on philosophy in Hip Hop, church hurt in secular culture, and how a Christian minister can be an Atheist. Happy New Year ALL!! The Renaissance Lives... 
January 1, 2021
Episode 5: Black Consciousness is Our Super Power!
As Black people all over the world eagerly await the arrival of our Super Powers... Qadry and Chris JB are joined by friend of the show, Ms. Imani Lawrence (a.k.a. The Hotep Slayer) to discuss Black Consciousness in Hip Hop, Religion, and Politics. The Renaissance Lives... 
December 21, 2020
Episode 4: A New Hope
The REBELLION! On this Episode, Ms. Dijonée Talley, friend of the show and soon to be Ph.D., joins the FULL SpeakEZ cast for a RAW discussion on our HOPE for a Dipset V G-Unit Verzuz, gentrification of Chicken spots in Harlem, decriminalization of Marijuana, and so much more. The Renaissance Lives…
December 7, 2020
Episode 3: "N*gga Please..."
"3rd time's a charm." In this episode of SpeakEZ: Black Renaissance Podcast, Qadry and Chris JB are joined by friend of the show, the Rev. Landon Moore. These 3 distinguished Black men chop up who's the real hip hop "King of New York" and our long anticipated conversation on the 'N' Word. Who gets to use it? And when is it appropriate?
November 21, 2020
Episode 2: U.N.I.T.Y.
Another one! In this episode of #SpeakEZblkpod, Q. Harris is again  joined by Sharnae and Chris JB to discuss Black UNITY in the year 2020  and beyond. Is Lauryn Hill a Top 10 lyricist of all time? And can Black  people unify around VP Elect - Kamala Harris. This Episode is Dedicated to All the Black women of the Divine 9. Special Shout out to the Women of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. - celebrated their 98th Founders Day before we recorded this episode. 
November 14, 2020
Episode 1: For the Philly Jawns!
On our pilot Episode of SpeakEZ: Black Renaissance Podcast, Qadry,  Sharnae, and Chris JB give Philly their Flowers for saving whatever is  left of Democracy. Also, what the HELL does Star Wars have to do with  American Politics? Where do we go from here now that Biden will win? And  so much more.
November 7, 2020