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By Cynthia Collins
SpeakHope podcast, Cynthia Collins, shares stories and testimonies of hope, healing, and redemptive beauty…living the transformed life. Each one of us uniquely made with the fingerprint of God on our heart. A new story where everything we've walked thru, the sorrow, the sin, the shame…and more…is turned into a story of Jesus Redemptive Beauty. Nothing is lost. No story is wasted. No life is unwanted or beyond repair or receiving love. Jesus wants us to heal, to learn, to live with the dream He's placed in our heart. (For more info on Redemptive Beauty, visit our website -
Redemptive Beauty (ep 3) - Receiving Jesus Love
Receiving the fullness of Jesus love often takes time…and in the process heals every wounded place. Sometimes we are not aware that we have “heart blocks” to receiving Jesus love…running in busyness, performance, need for acceptance, repeated destructive behaviors…covering the wounded places. In this episode, we how the Lord heals the hidden wounded places with His love…and redemptive beauty, (for the free eBook on Redemptive Beauty…information, help or to contact us - visit the website)
September 01, 2022
Redemptive Beauty (ep 7) - the Old has Passed Away
Sometimes we carry the old life into the new because of patterns, behavior, beliefs, fear of what others think, the influences of others, past traumas, destructive beliefs and behaviors. Sometimes lies will be spoken to us in our mind. But, God’s Word says differently and that’s how we change. In this episode…listen to how we know, “the old has passed away…” and we are truly a new person, in Jesus Christ. (For more information, resources or to contact visit:, including information on the Redemptive Beauty eBook (free). Additional Resources - healing songs: 🌻(Thank You Jesus - Crystal Gayle - ) 🌻(Shannon Wexelberg - Be Still and Know - ) - 🌻 SpeakhopeRadiant Blog) - - more resources available…upcoming episodes…”Moving Forward…”
August 28, 2022
Redemptive Beauty (ep 6) - Released from Shame
Sometimes we can feel a lingering feeling of shame. We know we’ve been forgiven through the Blood of Jesus, released from condemnation and guilt, but still feel a lingering “shadow of shame.” A feeling of being “less than” which may even affect our choices, relationships, including belief about our own worth…allowing or justifying remaining in abusive relationships. Be still…listen…and look back, in this episode to learn about how we can be released from “a shadow of shame”…. Also, consider listening to this: “ I Knew What I was Getting Into”… from the Lord through Misty Edwards - (for more information, to contact, or a link to the free eBook on Redemptive Beauty, go to the website).
August 28, 2022
Redemptive Beauty (ep 5) - Receiving and Releasing Jesus Forgiveness
Understanding Jesus forgiveness and love is freedom, both receiving and releasing forgiveness. Redemptive beauty brings healing. Jesus will never leave us in the process. He loves us as He brings His light to each layer and the roots of our pain. As we take time to be still, sit with Him…we actually become a reflection of the healing Jesus is doing in our lives and in our hearts. (For more information, to contact, for help or a link to the free eBook on Redemptive Beauty go to the website:
August 27, 2022
Redemptive Beauty (ep 4) - Living in Jesus Forgiving Love
It is time for us to bring our hearts to Jesus and to receive His forgiving love. We do not have to work for acceptance, be concerned that we are not good enough, keep words in our mind or spoken to us that have destroyed our heart, think that we are loved less because we may still be stumbling with past sins. Turn to Jesus…do not run away.
August 27, 2022
What is Redemptive Beauty? - part 2
Cynthia (Cindy) Collins, SpeakHope podcast host continues sharing about “Redemptive Beauty - healing the layers. “…the new person has come out of the grave clothes. We are a new person and we choose to receive Jesus love and follow Him into His plan for us…a redemptive life. But, in the healing and new life, our mind must be transformed and renewed. The wrong beliefs, the tender points of emotional hurt must be healed. Healing comes through the Word of God…changing the old patterns and thoughts that produced destructive lifestyles or relationships.” (For information on the free eBook or to contact us, visit This is a continuing journey with SpeakHope on Redemptive Beauty…healing the layers, reviving the healing love of Jesus…living the redemptive life…and who we are called and chosen to be…do not give up.
August 20, 2022
What is Redemptive Beauty - part 1
What if we could look back to look forward? We look back only to be healed and see our true calling, identity, purpose, a fire and passion to live again…the layers of past wounding are healed and used to produce a life beyond healing and transformed by our Creator for His original purposes…this is Redemptive Beauty. For more information or to order the soft cover book on Redemptive Beauty or download the free eBook (Redemptive Beauty - Hope After Abortion) visit the website or email:
August 18, 2022