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Speaking In Church with Spencer Rose Taylor & Josephine Jael Jimenez

Speaking In Church with Spencer Rose Taylor & Josephine Jael Jimenez

By Speaking In Church
We are the women that 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 warned you about. This is a podcast about Christianity then, now, and the future. We will be talking about everything from current events and how your theology informs your responses to them to other hot topics in the church. Just some more deconstructionist trash.
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15 - Why are Evangelicals Obsessed with the Republican Party? with Ryan Berry
Some of us grew up believing that you had to be Republican if you were a Christian, some of us definitely did not. On this week's episode, we talk to creative, Ryan Berry, about growing up in the South and in a conservative context and how his beliefs changed since moving out of his hometown, both politically and spiritually. It's a riveting and fun conversation between three people who are trying to make since of how American politics can shape Christian beliefs. For more of Ryan, follow him on Instagram: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
January 20, 2021
14 - Queer & Christian with Laura Lacombe
This week, we talked to the incredible Laura Lacombe all about her life leading up to this episode, where she comes out as Queer to the world. We take it back to growing up in the church and how it contributed to her not realizing her sexuality and how it affected her coming out. This episode is near and dear to our hearts and inspiring beyond all belief. You do not want to miss this one. For more of Laura, follow her on Instagram: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
January 13, 2021
13 - Speaking in 2021
New year, same us. In this week's episode, we reflect on our years and take some pretty long tangents in between. We know, you're tired of all this new year crap, and so are we, but closure is closure. Also, "planning" and dreaming for this new year while podcasting seems to really work out. Have a church related topic you're passionate about and want to talk to us about it on the podcast? Get in touch with us anywhere via the links below. We don't bite, we promise. Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
January 6, 2021
12 - Loving/Hating Christmas
As the title would suggest, in this episode Spencer and Josie talk about the reasons why they love and/or hate Christmas. You can probably already guess who loves Christmas and who hates it, but in case you're new here: Josie hates Christmas a lot. They talk about the subtle childhood traumas, fond memories, slight cultural differences, and how creating new traditions during a pandemic Christmas is incredibly important for them. The real question is: Can Spencer convince Josie to believe in the magic of Christmas?! Don't get your hopes up. Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
December 16, 2020
11 - Growing Up Mormon with Ryan Jimenez
This week we sit down with Ryan Jimenez, where he gives us a brief overview of his time growing up Mormon. He answers all of our questions, leaving room for deeper dives in the future. This episode is for all of those who are like us, the insatiably curious about all things Mormon. Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
December 9, 2020
10 - Human Trafficking with Josh Holm
Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence and Abuse Human trafficking has made its way into the minds of many mainstream evangelicals, but do they actually know what they're talking about? They may not, but Josh Holm sure does. This week, we talk to human trafficking activist Josh Holm about what he's doing to bring awareness to the issue and how his art project/clothing line is influenced by the many stories he's heard from survivors and experts. Spoiler: Yes, there are people who are on the ground doing the work to fight human trafficking and you can too! Software engineer programs are a dime a dozen. You can find Josh and his line, Castles & Queens on Instagram ( and ( Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
December 2, 2020
9 - Women in Ministry with Hannah Geraci
The episode that was always meant to be with a badass pastor who doesn't care about your crooked theology. This week, we talk to the amazing Hannah Geraci, pastor at Fellowship Church in Southern California, all about the nitty gritty theology and why people get it so so wrong. We cover all things from why those Timothy and Corinthian passages don't apply to you to how Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, so we really need you to stop saying that was. You can find Hannah on Instagram ( and on her website ( Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
November 18, 2020
8 - Is It Worth It? with Bekah Hoogerwerf
On this week's episode, we welcome the woman who brought the two of together, Bekah Hoogerwerf! Bekah was a committed Youth Pastor until she had had enough with the church she was working for and decided to part ways with working in ministry. She tells us all about the specific reasons why she left and all the straws that were heaved on the camels back. What it all worth it? Guess you'll have to listen to find out. You can follow Bekah on Twitter: Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
November 11, 2020
7 - Prayers and Lamentations
This election season is heavy for many. On this week's episode, Spencer and Josie offer up a space to process grief and anxiety. They talk honestly about how they're feeling and the anxieties and fears they are holding for the people they love who they feel will be greatly affected by the outcome of the United States 2020 election. Warning: If you don't already know, Spencer and Josie lean heavily on the liberal side of things. Find us on Instagram: Email us: Find us on Twitter: For more of Josie: | For more of Spencer: |
November 4, 2020
6 - Modest Is Hottest with Bethany Geringer
TRIGGER WARNING - Sexual and Spiritual Abuse When you're a woman growing up in the Church, shame becomes your best friend. This week, Josie and Spencer talk to Bethany Geringer all about a few of the ways Evangelical culture shamed young girls and women into misogynistic rituals and lifestyles that left little room for self-love. Purity culture has definitely gone too far and we bring up ways to fix it (or get rid of it). From modesty classes to dress codes that only applied to the girls in youth group and purity ring revivals, we leave very few stones unturned. Catch Bethany on Twitter and Instagram: Find the Podcast on Instagram: You can find Josie and Spencer all over the internet:
October 28, 2020
5 - Transracial Adoption with Sarah Williams
You know how Evangelicals like to go to different countries in Africa to volunteer at orphanages and some of them end up adopting a child or two? Yeah, that's not cool. In this episode, we tackled the topic of transracial adoption with transracial adoptee Sarah Williams. She tells us all about how the Church has helped create the vision of the "rainbow family" and how adopting children outside of your race can have lasting effects on their sense of identity. You can find more of her advocacy work on transracial adoption on her Instagram: To stay up to date with the world of theology, follow her project re.coalition: As always, you can find Spencer and Josie on social media and through email:
October 21, 2020
4 - Worship with Kimberly Ramos
This week, we chat with Kimberly Ramos all about the current climate of worship. Have you seen these huge traveling worship revivals on the news? Well, we talk about those and so much more. Listen as we reminisce on our universities chapel bands and how our cultures have shaped how we view all kinds of worship. You can follow Kim on Instagram where she may or may not accept your follow request or follow her project re.coalition, a coalition of women reclaiming and reimagining the biblical narrative to call everyone to Christ's work of liberation. We're obsessed.
October 14, 2020
3 - Youth Group Lock-Ins
This week, the two of us sat down and talked about the good, the bad and the straight up weird parts about youth group lock-ins. We've both been on either side of the events, leaders and attendees. Everything comes up, from activities to how different we would do things now. Kids are gross, dude.
September 30, 2020
2 - The Non-Binary Jesus with Joey Reyes
This week, we are joined by the amazing Joey Reyes! They are a producer on The Sol Project, which raises the visibility of Latinx playwrights in the American Theater. We start of talking about the way Evangelicals view the Gospel and how it does not include those of us who are in the "margins." Joey tells us all about their faith journey and we end up where we probably always should: being intersectional means everyone should be invited to the communion table.  You can find Joey on Instagram: The Sol Project:
September 23, 2020
1 - Introducing Speaking in Church
Welcome to the Speaking in Church podcast! In this introductory episode we tell you who we are and why we're doing this podcast. We go into the faiths we grew up with and how they evolved into what they are today, as well as our vision for this podcast. Check back in with us weekly as we invite guests to dialogue with us about all things faith related. Have a topic you want us to cover? Let us know. Email us: Instagram: @speakinginchurch Twitter: @speakingchurch
September 15, 2020