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Speaking of Sex

Speaking of Sex

By Autumn Morris
Hey there! I’m Autumn Morris, the host and founder of Speaking of Sex the podcast. Speaking of Sex is a podcast based on sexuality education, exploring sex, love, and relationships in the hopes of happier, healthier, and juicier connections.
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How To Make ANYONE Fall In Love With You
In today's episode we discuss how the new movie 'The Sun Is Also A Star' makes some valid points on how formulaic love really is. List of priorities: Family Friends Reputation Education Religion Boyfriend/girlfriend Sex Fun/leisure time Health/safety Job/career path Check out ‘The Anatomy of Love’ by Helen Fisher here: Check out ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ here: Check out Shan Boodram’s ‘Do You Have Game?’ Quiz here: Follow SOS on Instagram here: @speakingofsex
May 20, 2019
We Matched On Tinder And He Showed Up At My House...
Today we deep dive into online dating and its affects on us. Make sure to leave a review and subscribe to Speaking of Sex so that you are ALWAYS notified about new episodes. Follow Speaking of Sex on Instagram: @speakingofsex Check out my other podcast:
April 8, 2019
Pissy Pussy
In today's episode we have a collection of women discussing their most horrifying experiences with their vaginas. Discussions like these are important to have so that we don't feel alone in our struggles and we can get the right information to help address our issues. If you have a vagina, make sure you go to the gynecologist annually and get tested for STDs every 3-6 months if you are sexually active. Make sure that you take all vaginal abnormalities seriously and seek help from a doctor if you are unsure about what may be causing your issues.  Pain, irritation, itchiness, and chunky discharge is NOT normal and you should make sure you use these symptoms as guides to assess your health.  EVERYONE with a vagina experiences abnormalities at some point so NEVER feel like you are dirty or inadequate just because you are dealing with them.  Follow Speaking of Sex on Instagram: @speakingofsex Read more about vaginal wellness:
April 1, 2019
He loves me AND his girlfriend???
This week we are getting ALL the tea on open relationships. What is an open relationship? An open relationship is nontraditional and non-monotonous. Rules and boundaries are set by the individuals in the relationship as opposed. What is monogamy? The practice of having/maintaining one partner at a time. Monogamy, by definition, is a term used to describe a marriage, but is commonly used to also describe relationship style. What is polygamy? The practice of having/maintaining more than one partner at a time. Polygamy, by definition, is a term used to describe a marriage, but is commonly used to also describe a relationship style. (not to be confused with Polygyny which refers to ONLY the masculine partner having other partners) Checkout my ORIGINAL show on Open Relationships here: Are you tuned into my other podcast?? Follow Speaking of Sex on Insta: @speakingofsex Show Notes: List of qualities: -Very agreeable -Emotionally Stable -Securely attached -High novelty seeking -Supportive/is happy for my good news -Intelligent -Physically attractive -Takes responsibility for self -Unlikely to withdraw -Has similar interests -Similar values -Speaks my love language -Possesses skills that make life easier (cook, clean, repair, maintain, organize) -Would make for a good parent -Sexually compatible -Financially independent -Extroverted -Trustworthy/Faithful
March 25, 2019
Why Relationships Are The Worst
In today's episode we discuss surviving toxic relationships and how relationships develop us as lovers.  Make sure you are following us on Instagram: @speakingofsex Are you tuned into my other podcast??
March 18, 2019
What is Speaking of Sex?
Thank you for joining me for the inaugural episode of Speaking of Sex (SOS). Today I just wanted to introduce myself and explain what SOS is.  Follow SOS on Instagram at: @speakingofsex Check out my writing at: or @funky_feminist on Instagram. Check out Shannon Boodram at: @ShanBoody on Instagram and Youtube Want to be a Sex Educator? Read how at: Want to hear more about my views on traditional sex education? Check out:
March 4, 2019