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Speak Up Sis

Speak Up Sis

By Angel Charmaine
The place where everyday people have the opportunity and permission to share their stories to inspire yours. We all have something of value to say. This is the premiere space to share your experiences, ideas, and lessons learned to help another person open their mouth, overcome and speak up.

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Can I get that old thing back?

Speak Up Sis

Can I get that old thing back?

Speak Up Sis

One-on-One w/Angel: Live Freely
Angel Charmaine has a one-on-one conversation with entrepreneur, authoress, philanthropist, scientist, and global citizen, Sapphire Starr Wilder aka Coach Starr. She is a qualified financial life coach, on a mission to bridge the inequality wealth gap in America by teaching others how to live FREELY! Sapphire Starr is chief executive officer at Organize Kaos Enterprise LLC, an organization that promotes economic empowerment and financial literacy. In her debut book. Live Freely: Freedom to Work Whenever, Wherever she shares her journey from teen mom living in the projects of Savannah, GA to globetrotting debt-free scientist and CEO. In this guide you will learn how she: ✅ Paid off $33k debt. ✅ Boost her credit score from 600 to 750. ✅ Saved 20k in one year ✅ Fired her boss and began traveling the world. ✅ Created passive income to invest in the stock market.
January 19, 2021
Walk in Purpose and Not Your Feelings
On this segment of CUTM&SOTB, Speak up Sis Podcast host Angel Charmaine shares six areas to focus on by anyone who is walking in purpose. Many people say they are walking in purpose, but they often end up walking in their feelings. Listen to this 15 minute segment that is sure to help you refocus and get back to the business of pursuing purpose. Join the after party in the Speak up Sis Podcast group on Facebook at
January 11, 2021
Blue Flame: Am I Really NOT my hair?
This video is the 1st Anniversary episode of Speak up Sis Podcast and the premiere of our new segment called Blue Flame.   Blue Flame: Am I really NOT my hair?  Host: Angel Charmaine  Panelist: Nappy Pat - Salon owner of Karissma Kontour Body Spa & Salon, Augusta, GA 706-731-0041 Shlonda Brown-Smith - Lactation Consultant - Ketrice Keys - RN/Evangelist - website: Email:   This is a conversation with black woman about black women, black hair and self-image. The women watched a video about a woman who sued a stylist after a style caused severe hair loss. The discussion is educational, dope and definitely fiyah.💙🔥  Join our community to join the conversations.  To learn more about Speak Up Sis™LLC, visit
January 5, 2021
Why don't they support me?
Do you find yourself wondering why others seem to be lackluster when you share your ideas with them. Are you frustrated because family and friends seem dismissive when you excitedly share your dreams with them? Angel Charmaine shares a major reason some people don't, won't and can't support you while you pursue purpose. ​ Chew-up the Meat & Spit-out the Bones is a new Speak up Sis Podcast segment where host Angel Charmaine shares raw and uncut advice about life based on her 40+ years of screwing-up and learning from mistakes...hindsight is always 20/20. ​ If you have a topic you'd like some seasoned advice for, please send your topic and questions to You can contact Angel Charmaine at
December 8, 2020
During the Rain
Dr. Tiffanie Williams joins me to share her and her son Liam's story. I connected with Tiffanie to discuss her experience with the LA Great Flood of 2016, but we ended up discussing the tragedy during a tragedy.
November 30, 2020
Can I get that old thing back?
When you're single, being alone may sometimes feel lonely and send you back-stepping into relationships that weren't good for you and still aren't. In this segment of Chew up the Meat & Spit out the Bone, Angel Charmaine gives 5 reasons we want to go back as well as 5 reasons you need to let that old thing go. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @speakupsispodcast and on Twitter @speakupsis.
November 27, 2020
Chew up the Meat and Spit out the Bone
I have decided to fully stand up and unapologetically speak truth about difficult situations. This episode is the intro and explanation to the brand new segment of Speak up Sis Podcast called "Chew up the Meat & Spit out the Bone." Join me hear every Thursday evening. I'd love to hear from you, so send your topics, comments, questions to
November 19, 2020
Whatever It Takes
Reggie Lowe, CEO of R&L Advising, LLC joins me to discuss his journey from living in a homeless shelter in Atlanta, GA to owning his own credit advising company and ultimately resigning from his 9-5 job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. Reggie is an awesome storyteller and is sure to draw you in and captivate you while teaching you a few things along the way. Contact Reggie Lowe with R & L Advising by phone at (770) 807-9781 or email at Make sure to leave a voice message, email a comment, and/or rate and review this episode.
November 2, 2020
I've Got A Lot to Tell
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so I could not allow the month to pass without sharing a DV Survivor story. Renee Jackson is an amazing woman who survived 16+ years of physical abuse from her husband. Now, she is free and healing and has a lot to tell and share with others who may be in a similar situation. You can contact Renee via email at
October 26, 2020
I Am Here
I had the opportunity to meet this woman and hear her sing live on numerous occasions in Portland, Oregon. She is referred to as the "1st Daughter of Funk and R&B" as well as the “Rip City Soul Funk Diva,”Arietta Ward, aka Mz. Etta is definitely a force to be recognized. Based in Portland, Oregon, Arietta is the daughter of NW Music Royalty, the late, legendary singer/pianist Janice Marie Scroggins. This is a beautifully vulnerable episode where this amazing songstress shares how she has learned to overcome stage fright and find her voice in the world after losing her mom. Connect with Arietta and find her music at OR
October 12, 2020
Unexpected Arrival
James Lampkin, host of Conversations with Lamp, returns to Speak up Sis Podcast to share his experience as a parent of a daughter born prematurely. We often hear the voice of mom. This conversation gives us a glimpse into what goes through the mind of a dad as his child fights to live after an unexpected, early arrival into the world.
October 5, 2020
Never in 100 Years
Bernard Brown joins me on the Speak up Sis Podcast to share his road to redemption. He candidly and honestly discusses what led him to prison with a 100 year sentence, his experience while incarcerated and his journey back home. This story has lots of twists and turns and moments of surprise that you do NOT want to miss. Make sure to follow Speak up Sis Podcast on your fave podcasting platform, so you don't miss any of these powerful stories of triumph.
September 28, 2020
Soul Cry
Host Angel Charmaine shares her personal testimony of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and a life of sexual promiscuity and finding freedom in the process.
September 21, 2020
Waking up on Purpose
Regina Hicks joins me to discuss her story of triumph over childhood sexual abuse and drug/alcohol addiction. If you or a child you know has been sexually abused contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.
September 7, 2020
The Man With Immeasurable Heart
To jumpstart Speak up Sis Season 3: Voices of Triumph Eric Jones, Jr.  joins me to share his story of triumph to inspire your story. Eric was born with a physical disability which made his arms short. As a result, he had to undergo 16 surgeries while dealing with kid bullies to the point of attempting suicide at a very early age. However, that is not how his story ends! Eric is now an author, global mentor, basketball coach, motivational speaker and father.   Connect with Eric online at: Youtube - Twitter- Instagram - personal- Podcast - Facebook - zM4tiztz8STMekIa3LTp
August 31, 2020
Jump into Something New
This is the 24th episode of Speak up Sis Podcast, and it is the last episode of season 2! I am excited about this podcasting journey and want to encourage you to shift the trajectory of your life by doing something new. As I look back on the 12 episodes of season 2, a common thread was the idea of conquering fears and doing what you didn't think you could or should do; therefore, I thought I'd wrap up the season with a bit of encouragement to get outside your box and inside your destiny.
August 4, 2020
Going Where Vision Leads & Merging Cultures w/ Tacos
Aishah Animashaun and Orlandria "Hafsa" Bonkano are the owners of Tasty GH Tacos in Accra, Ghana. They visit Speak up Sis Podcast to share their story of following their vision from America to Ghana to start a business to create legacy for their families and give back to the country that has given so much to them. To contact them, email
July 13, 2020
Finding Fit Again
Almost 5 years ago, I was introduced to an online, Instagram fitness community called Fitgirlsguide, and it helped change my life, but two years ago, I had some major life changes that caused me to put fitness, health and wellness on "the back burner." However, I decided to reclaim this part of my life. My guest on this episode, Angy, joined Fitgirlsguide about a month after me and life's stuff took her off track too. Angy joins me to share her journey back to fitness, health and wellness through the Fitgirlsguide community. To learn more about the community, visit To share your fit journey with me, send me a message at
July 6, 2020
Is your hate stronger than your love?
As black people in America seek justice for the many black people who have been killed by police as well as change of laws in this country, there is been much talk about supporting black owned businesses. This episode seeks to encourage black people to do a heart check to determine if they are willing to be inconvenienced enough, willing to suffer alongside other black people until demands are met and change begins to happen. Feel free to contact Angel Charmaine at and share your thoughts about this subject.
June 8, 2020
Push Past Fear
I left the United States in 2010 to live and work in the United Arab Emirates. In this episode, I share just a little about the experience and why I decided to go, what was happening in my life at the time and how that decision has impacted my life now as an author and entrepreneur. For more information about Angel Charmaine and Speak up Sis Podcast and to join our mailing list visit and SUBSCRIBE.
May 29, 2020
Do It Scared
Have you ever had a desire to do something, but you were petrified to do it? Maybe you felt unqualified so you didn't apply. Maybe you didn't feel pretty enough, so you declined to go. This episode is for everyone who has a heart's desire to do something, but who has not because of fear.
May 19, 2020
Who is in your tribe?
Bonus episode where I share a nugget of wisdom through storytelling. It is always important to know the intentions of those within your inner and outer circles. Please, leave a message and let me know if you'd like more of these bonus episodes. Contact me at
May 12, 2020
The Emotional Rollercoaster of Love
First-time collaboration between Speak up Sis Podcast and Dope Discussions with Erica Live. We invited Alvino Bell, author of Catch 23, back into the space to talk about how and why women and men end up in relationships with people who keep them on an emotional rollercoaster. Visit Author Erica Warren on Facebook at Follow Author Alvino Bell on Instagram at @alvinobell. Visit Angel Charmaine at and subscribe for updates all things Speak up Sis and Angel Charmaine.
May 4, 2020
Is He A Catch 23?
Alvino Bell wraps up Speak up Sis Podcast's "Month of Men's Voices" by sharing some characteristics of men that women should be aware of while dating. Alvino is the author of the book Catch 23 where he lists and explores 23 different types of men that women meet and shares words of wisdom about how to recognize these traits and how to handle yourself as a women when meeting any of these types of men.
April 27, 2020
Parenting His Way
Kess Kesiena host of AskdPros Podcast joins me to discuss being a girl dad and parenting from a man's perspective. Follow Kess on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @AskdPros.
April 20, 2020
Men Need Self Care Too
Raphael Tommie joins me in the Speak up Sis space to discuss what self care means and what it looks line from a man's perspective. Raphael is the host of Can You Blame Me Podcast. You can checkout his podcast anywhere podcasts are played. He is also on IG @canyoublame_me
April 13, 2020
From the Hearts of Men
I invited the four male guests from Season One to join me for a Speak up Sis Podcast Reunion episode to kickoff my "Month of Men's Voices" where we planned to discuss the highlights of their respective episodes from Season One; however, the conversation took on a beautiful life of its own. I am honored to reintroduce you all to Author Jermaine Reaves, Omar Liles-founder of Agape Love Network, LLC, Aaron Smith-host of Escaping the Odds Podcast, and James Lampkin-host of Conversations with Lamp Podcast. Visit me online at for social media links for each guest.
April 6, 2020
Are you special to him?
James Lampkin, host of Conversations with Lamp Podcast, joins me to share nuggets of wisdom from his 17 years experience as a man who married the only woman he's ever loved besides his mother.
March 16, 2020
Unmasking Epilepsy
Ms. Christina Lucas-Jackson joins me to share her journey as an adult diagnosed with epilepsy. We have a conversation to help unmask and destigmatize the disorder.
March 9, 2020
Unlikely Leader
Aaron Smith enters the Speak up Sis space to share his journey from prison inmate to entrepreneurial trailblazer who gives voice to the voiceless. Contact with Aaron on Facebook and Instagram at Escaping The Odds Podcast.
March 2, 2020
From Under a Bridge
Author Blossom Rogers join me to discuss her spiral downward into drug addiction, her introduction to lesbianism and ultimately her journey upwards to recovery, triumph and redemption. Visit Blossom online at On social media at Blossom Rogers on Facebook. Contact her via email at
February 24, 2020
Unlimited Freedom
Sapphire Starr, creator of Organize Kaos and Freedom 2 Travel Network, joins me to discuss the idea of being free to live the type of life you want to live. Sapphire shares her journey of becoming financially free which allows her to travel the globe. Connect with Sapphire Starr at
February 17, 2020
Dating on Purpose
I invited Omar Liles, founder of Agape Love Network, LLC into the Speak up Sis space to share some wisdom about dating with a purpose. Connect with Omar online at He is also on social media on Facebook at Agape Love Networking and Instagram @agapelovenetwork. Leave us a message right here in the app and share some of your dating stories. Become a Speak up Sis Podcast sponsor today with as little as 0.99/month. Visit me online at
February 10, 2020
Change thru Pain
Sherri Williams, author/singer/song writer/playwright, shares her journey off change through the pain of losing two children to early deaths. You can connect with Sherri via her website and on Instagram at @solswritehouse.
February 3, 2020
Good Mom Bad Mom: What does it even mean?
I invite a good friend and former colleague, Sonya Mitchell, into the Speak up Sis space to share some wisdom from her journey as a mom and an educator. I believe all moms at some point ask themselves the question, "Am I a bad mom?" As both mothers and educators, Sonya and I have a candid discussion to tackle this very difficult but real question that everyday moms ask themselves at least once while on their motherhood journey. Visit for more information about being a guest on Speak up Sis Podcast and to learn more about me, Angel Charmaine, and the Speak up Sis platform.
January 27, 2020
Confined Relationships
I invited Author Jermaine Reaves to have a candid conversation about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships with an individual who is incarcerated. When Jermaine spent eight years in a federal penitentiary, he left two daughters, a mother and a girlfriend on the outside. In this episode of Speak up Sis Podcast, Jermaine shares wisdom from his journey about knowing when to hold on to a relationship with someone who is in prison and when to let the relationship go. To contact Author Jermaine Reaves visit his website at on Instagram @reaves12 and Facebook as Jermaine Reaves. Email Jermaine at
January 20, 2020
Risky Business
Business owner Pamela Hall joins me to talk about her experiences with entrepreneurship. She shares her journey of risks and rewards of owning a night club to owning a restaurant.
January 13, 2020
Time to Cleanup
My guest Kijafa James and I talk about the need for spiritual decluttering. Oftentimes, when we think of decluttering, we think of our closets, home, or our office space. However, this conversation is about getting rid of the clutter in our heart and soul.
January 6, 2020
Sharing Our Stories to Inspire Yours
I have so much to say about so many things, but who in the world wants to hear what I have say? This thought has kept me silent for 40 years. No longer. I am here, and I've got lots to say, so I'm going to open my mouth, speak up and give other women the space and opportunity to do the same.
December 24, 2019