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The Six Figure Salonpreneur Talk

The Six Figure Salonpreneur Talk

By Specidy Boone
Welcome to the Salonpreneur Talk where we not just talk about the beauty industry but the journey of enterpreneurs. We are here to bring you strategies, tactics and hope that you can use to be successful in business. Be sure to tune in every week for Salonpreneur tips!!
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It's About The Experience!!
**Beauticians** Are you giving your customers an experience when they come to you for an appointment? Are they being greeted when they come in the door? Are you educating them about taking care of there hair? Are you having a conversation with your customers? The goal should be about there EXPERIENCE. ARE YOU GIVING THEM AN EXPERIENCE? That's the big Question It's more to the beauty industry then just standing behind the chair styling hair.. Stay tune. I will be coming on with more gems 💎 🙌 I will be coming back soon
August 09, 2022
What It Take To Become Successful In The Beauty Industry
What It Take To Become Successful In The Beauty Industry.  It take tactics & strategies in place to become successful in business and for the customers get the extraordinary experience coming in and leaving the as establishment.  *Are you willing to invest in the best version of yourself? *Are you looking to become successful? *Is it important to you that your customers have a the best experience when coming to you? If your answer is yes, then "YOU ROCK"! Be Great, Be Great On Purpose!! If you would like I need some guidance!  I would love to see what I need to adjust for myself and my business. You can schedule a FREE 30 min discovery call with me to see if we can help you. Also check out my website at to find out all I have to help you in your business.
February 07, 2022
Daily Affirmations
Why having daily Affirmations can help jump start your day in a positive way. The impact that it can have on your day. How you think makes a difference in your outcome for the day. Whether you thinking positive or negative.
December 08, 2021
Why would customers choose you?
In this episode we talk about how some customers choose the right Stylist to do business with.
July 28, 2021
Know Your Why!
Knowing Why plays an important part in your business. It brings clarity to understand your purpose. (This is the audio from a video 2 years old)
July 10, 2021
Meet Specidy
Here from Specidy, who she is and what she do.
July 08, 2021