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By Leigh Ann Porter, MA, CCC-SLP
The Speech Uncensored Podcast is your one-stop shop to dig into the world of medical Speech and Language Pathology. We unpack therapy techniques, critique assessment protocols, and discuss resources to enhance your practice. You’ll hear from passionate SLPs in the field, eager to share their knowledge and experience. We also sit down with neurologists, radiologists, ENTs, rehab physicians, patients, and caregivers. Each episode of Speech Uncensored is worth .1 ASHA CEU when you complete the accompanying podcourse available from SpeechTherapyPD.com visit SpeechTherapyPD.com/SUP to learn more.
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The Speech Uncensored Podcast is your one-stop shop to dig into the world of medical Speech and Language Pathology. We unpack therapy techniques, critique assessment protocols, and discuss resources to enhance your practice. You’ll hear from passionate SLPs in the field, eager to share their knowledge and experience. We also sit down with neurologists, radiologists, ENTs, rehab physicians, patients, and caregivers. Each episode of Speech Uncensored is worth .1 ASHA CEU when you complete the accompanying podcourse available from SpeechTherapyPD.com visit SpeechTherapyPD.com/SUP to learn more.

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Understanding Resonance Disorders & Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in Children and Adults with Ann Kummer, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Ann Kummer is a leading practitioner and educator in the specialization of cleft palate, craniofacial conditions, resonance disorders, and VPI for the past 40 years. Dr. Kummer’s textbook on this topic is now in the 4th edition and is an incredible resource. Ann seamlessly weaves her way through simple and effective evaluation procedures and amazing artic hacks she’s picked up along the way. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between velopharyngeal insufficiency and incompetence, Ann will clarify the terms quickly and concisely. If you’ve ever wondered what pharyngeal cul-de-sac resonance sounds like, tune in. If you’ve ever wondered if there was another use for straws, tune in.
December 3, 2019
Managing SLP Stress with Mindfulness with Jessi Andricks, MS, CCC-SLP
Feeling stressed out about work stuff and life? We're gonna detox your brain with mindfulness!  Join Jessi and Leigh Ann as they discuss how to manage stress with mindfulness so that you can find balance again. The unique stressors of our work can make for a bumpy ride, but Jessi is here with tips and tools to help you regain control of your calm. Catch and handle stress before it turns chronic and nosedives into burnout. Jessi is here to equip you and provide ongoing support through her website, free membership tools (SLP toolbox), and Facebook group. Join the community and get back to thriving! Show notes available at speechuncensored.com
November 26, 2019
From Podcast to Practice: Implementing Person-Centered Therapy with Melissa Kurrle, MA, CCC-SLP
Join Melissa & Leigh Ann for the inaugural episode of the “from podcast to practice” series where we look back on a formative listening experience from a previous episode and discuss how we’ve implemented the material we learned. We’re going to go all in on the successes, the failures, and what we still need to learn to get this right. Plus, Melissa has cultivated a list of resources to jump-start your transition from workbook reliance to patient-driven therapy. Melissa and Leigh Ann are reviewing the episode featuring Sarah Baar from season 1, episode 12 (Meaningful Aphasia Therapy) with some tidbits from Megan Sutton’s episodes (season 1, episode 17 & season 2, episode 7) thrown in on the side. Check out the show notes on speechuncensored.com
November 19, 2019
Past, Present and Future of Aphasia Therapy with Audrey Holland, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA-F
Dr. Audrey Holland has made substantial contributions to our field and joins Leigh Ann to discuss the past, present, and future of Aphasia therapy with a special focus on person centered care. In today’s talk, we cover select aphasia assessments and therapy protocols that focus on what a person with Aphasia can do, rather than focusing on the deficits. Dr. Holland has had a prolific career and even attempting to cover a fraction of her work during today’s talk was challenging. There’s just so much! So dive into the show notes for access to more of Dr. Holland’s work.
November 12, 2019
Transition From Medical to School Setting with Marisha McGrorty, MS, CCC-SLP
Marisha and Leigh Ann join forces to provide a guide for SLPs wishing to transition from the medical setting to the school-based setting. Marisha is an organizational wizard and brings her knowledge of the unique skills necessary to flourish in the schools to today’s episode. If you’ve ever contemplated making the leap, then this discussion is a great place to start to learn skills that will keep you ahead of the curve.
November 7, 2019
Preparing Voice Clinicians to Support Speakers Along the Gender Spectrum with Voice Therapy Roundtable
In this podcast we will be discussing the development and evolution of a three day course on Transgender voice and communication taught by the presenters Christie Block, Leah Helou and Sandy Hirsch. They will be discussing course content and development as well as the changes that they make annually to the course in order to meet the needs of a rapidly changing gender environment. The podcast will underscore the importance of anyone serving the gender diverse community to not only hone and maintain their clinical skills in voice, but to develop and be sensitive to not just cultural competence, but the broader meaning of cultural humility.
October 30, 2019
Demystifying Voice Banking with Michelle Wheeler, MS, CCC-SLP
Michelle Wheeler returns to demystify voice banking on episode 12 of season 2! Michelle took my rudimentary understanding of voice banking and expanded it to include message banking. With the tools in the show notes on www.speechuncensored.com, you can learn how to get your patients started in preserving their voice before becoming lost to progressive neurodegenerative disease processes. Our voice carries so much of our personality, it becomes crucial to preserve what we can to keep our identity strong. Message banking can be a very rewarding process for the patient and their loved ones. Knowing when to present the information and encourage your patient towards this endeavor is a fine balance. It helps if you, the clinician, dive into message and voice banking on your own! So check out the resources and make some recordings of your own! You can even donate your voice for others to use with their SGD. Check out the show notes on speechuncensored.com 
October 22, 2019
Become a Traveling Medical SLP with Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP
Ever thought about hitting the road and taking travel assignments? Wondering how to make the travel lifestyle a full-time gig? Julia Kuhn of “The Traveling Traveler” fame is joining Leigh Ann to discuss the nuts and bolts of short-term travel assignments. Julia will reveal how to get a job as a traveling therapist and how to determine if the travel opportunity is lucrative. Julia also discusses the characteristics and skills that make a good traveler and if traveling is a good decision for your career. Check out the show notes at www.speechuncensored.com for links to Julia’s resources.
October 15, 2019
“Meta-Therapy:” How Conversation Shapes Therapeutic Response with Leah Helou, PhD, CCC-SLP
Join Dr. Leah Helou as she presents the concept of “meta-therapy” as a fourth dimension of voice therapy. There is direct therapy, indirect therapy, and counseling - “meta-therapy” is the conversation that shapes therapeutic outcomes. As Dr. Helou is a voice-specialized SLP, our conversation centers mostly on how meta-therapy can shape voice therapy outcomes. However, wouldn’t this concept be applicable in all areas of our field? Shouldn’t we be empowering patients in aphasia therapy, motor speech therapy, and cognitive-linguistic therapy to take control and ownership of the therapy process? Listen and learn how to apply the principles of meta-therapy to improve patient outcomes in therapy.
October 8, 2019
Essential Skills to Overcome Burnout in Rehab with TaVona Denise Boggs, PT & Life Coach
TaVona provides tips and techniques to overcome burnout and thrive in the healthcare industry. What is Burnout?  I mean, do we even need to define it? Aren’t we all pretty intimate with what it feels like? Burnout is more than just dissatisfaction with your work - it’s emotional exhaustion, detachment, and feelings of decreased personal achievement. This episode moves beyond describing the effects of burnout to skills and techniques you can implement to increase career engagement and establish work/life boundaries. Turn the table on needless suffering at the hands of burnout and become empowered! TaVona is our guide to learn how in this episode of the Speech Uncensored Podcast.
October 1, 2019
Pathway to a Medical Clinical Fellowship with Lindsey Heidrick, CCC-SLPD, Courtney Heitz, MA CCC-SLP, Caitlin Dunbar, MA, CCC-SLP, & Jacob McKinley, MHS, CCC-SLP
This episode will provide the unique opportunity for listeners to hear from Dr. Lindsey Heidrick and a round table discussion with Jacob McKinley, Caitlin Dunbar, and Courtney Heitz on obtaining a medical clinical fellowship.  Lindsey starts off the episode describing the advice she provides graduate students who are interested in beginning their careers in the medical speech and language pathology setting. We discuss the relevant coursework a student would need, and the benefit of taking certifications while still a student (save some money and get an edge on your competition). Lindsey discusses dedicated CF positions (something I didn’t really know existed) as an option to aim for after graduate school.  The roundtable with Jacob, Caitlin, and Courtney offers real life examples of how these three SLPs obtained CFs in a competitive level 1 trauma hospital. The trio describes their experiences applying for jobs and what they did to set themselves apart from the competition and stand out to the hiring manager.
September 24, 2019
Delivering Evidence-Based Treatment Using Tactus Therapy Apps with Megan Sutton, MS, RSLP, CCC-SLP (C)
Megan Sutton joins us for an in depth look at a few of her Tactus Therapy apps. Megan is passionate about connecting clinicians with evidence-based tools to treat aphasia. Over the past 9 years, Megan has built and refined some of the best tools on the digital market to address expressive and receptive language needs. In today’s talk, Megan highlights the specific evidence-based techniques that support each app. For example, in the Naming Therapy app, Megan consulted the literature regarding PCA (Phonological components analysis), SFA (Semantic Feature Analysis), and RET (Response Elaboration Training). Join us as Megan reveals that including evidence-based treatment and patient-centered care are achievable in everyday practice.
September 17, 2019
More Than Pitch: A Holistic Approach to Voice Feminization with Joy Musser, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Joy Musser has spent her SLP career focused on providing high quality voice therapy services. Within the last few years, Joy has been focused on reaching an under-served population in our field - transgender voice therapy. In this episode, Joy discusses the evolution of her private practice from providing all types of voice therapy to focusing solely on transgender voice therapy and now, having a waitlist for these services. Joy outlines the indirect communication techniques that are part of her therapy and recognizes that transgender voice therapy is more than just matching a pitch. Join us to learn more about this unique and under-served population and how the specialized training Speech & Language Pathologists complete makes us excellent candidates to provide quality transgender voice therapy. Show notes on speechuncensored.com 
September 10, 2019
Respiratory Muscle Training for Dysphagia with Brooke Richardson MS, CCC-SLP
Brooke introduces Leigh Ann to RMT - Respiratory Muscle Training through a lively discussion covering the basics of expiratory muscle training (EMT) and its applications on improving deficits in cough and dysphagia. Brooke is passionate about providing quality education on RMT and this is palpable across the topics covered in the course. Brooke guides the conversation through an introduction to RMT, illustrating the principles of strength training, and application of RMT to the cough and dysphagia. At each stage of the talk, Brooke references high-quality evidence in the literature which can be accessed via the show notes on www.speechuncensored.com.
August 27, 2019
Assessing Functional Needs in the Adult Neurologic Population with Sarah Baar MS, CCC-SLP
Sarah Baar is here to revolutionize your evaluation procedure. If you want to know how to dynamically assess the functional needs of your patients to identify deficits to target in therapy and develop measurable goals for therapy, then Sarah has the inside scoop for you. Sarah will guide you through real-life examples of how to implement a functional needs interview, get the best out of patients with motivational interview techniques, and create measurable goals for therapy via Person-Centered Outcomes questionnaires. Something I’ve been lacking in my practice has been this critical piece of the puzzle. I’ve been relying solely on static, standardized assessments and a few brief open-ended questions along the lines of “so, what’s important for you to achieve in therapy?” Sarah’s recommendations go so far beyond that to really capture a patient’s functional needs/deficits that many standardized assessments can often miss. For example, a patient may test “WFL” on an assessment, but have impairments in the home environment. Nonstandardized, dynamic assessments can fill in the gaps and show us how we can help the patient return to a level of participation in their daily life that is achievable and desirable. 
August 20, 2019
Access Tech for Adults & AAC with Susan Koch Fager, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Fager specializes in research connecting AAC with persons with severe physical and/or cognitive impairments. In today’s episode, Dr. Fager discusses her research on assistive technology and how the work she is completing translates to clinical practice. We also cover the progression from low tech AAC to high tech AAC a patient may experience across their recovery stages. Dr. Fager provides case studies to illustrate creative problem solving and overcoming obstacles to provide patients with a means to express themselves.
August 13, 2019
Introduction to AAC for Adults with Michelle Wheeler, MS, CCC-SLP
Michelle Wheeler has spent the last 13+ years providing AAC resources to children and adults.  Michelle unravels the mystery of providing AAC options for patients by dispelling myths, describing her day-to-day work, and pointing us to online resources to learn more. Learn from a clinician, in the trenches who works directly with patients and school teams to connect people with modalities to enhance their communication.
August 6, 2019
Building a Transgender Voice Therapy Clinic with Lynn Hawk, MA, CCC-SLP
The first episode of season 2 has us sitting down with Lynn Hawk, MA, CCC-SLP to discuss all things transgender voice therapy clinics. Lynn Hawk’s Voice and Swallow Clinic was approached by an OB-GYN to build a program that would provide high quality transgender voice therapy. Lynn outlines the steps she and her SLP colleagues undertook to build a program from scratch to meet a rising need in our scope of practice. Lynn discusses the CEUs and expert providers her clinic relied on to learn foundational skills, such as the concept of meta-therapy, prior to rolling out the new program.
July 30, 2019
Season 1 Finale
Check out learn.speechtherapypd.com/sup to learn more about obtaining CEUs for listening to the podcast. 
July 19, 2019
Integrating Technology in Aphasia Therapy with Megan Sutton MS, CCC-SLP (C)
Megan Sutton joins us for episode 17 to discuss how we can integrate technology when working with persons with aphasia (PWA). Megan is a fountain of information and knowledge on aphasia therapy and gives great tips and resources in our talk. Megan is the creator of the Tactus therapy apps (tactustherapy.com) for adult rehab. Learn about her apps and other fabulous resources such as SCA - supported conversations for adults. As always - links for the literature and resources discussed in the episode can be found in the show notes at www.speechuncensored.com Music: The Engagement by Silent Partner
July 10, 2019
Close the Game Closet: Better Cognitive Therapy with Sarah Baar MA, CCC-SLP
Episode 16 finds us checking in with Sarah Baar from Honeycomb Speech Therapy to make that sought after connection of linking research with functional therapy outcomes. Sarah guides us through the INCOG article with real-world examples of how she has implemented Metacognitive Strategy Training with functional activities for her patients. The show notes on speechuncensored.com contain no less than 8 links to resources for SLPs to dig deeper and get crackin’.  Music: Romantic Funk by Twisterium
June 26, 2019
Positive Approach to Care for People with Dementia by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
In Episode 15, Teepa Snow introduces us to the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) for people with a changing brain. It was a delight to discuss Teepa’s model of care that focuses on the person’s intact abilities to promote increased quality of life and participation. Based on the Allen Cognitive Disability Model, Teepa developed the GEMS model to understand the dynamic nature of the human brain. “Rather than focusing on a person’s loss when there is brain change, seeing individuals as precious, unique, and capable encourages a care partnership…” Teepa's approach to care partner education and clinician training is accessible to everyone. Like, seriously, everyone. Check out links to articles and free resources in the show notes on www.speechuncensored.com. Music: Look around by Twisterium 
June 19, 2019
Understanding Chronic Cough & Vocal Cord Disorder with Anne Vertigan, B. App. Sc. (Sp Path), MBA, PhD
When you want to learn more about treating chronic cough - you go to the woman who wrote the first textbook on the topic: Dr. Anne Vertigan. Episode 14 is jam-packed with descriptions of chronic cough, assessment protocols, and treatment options. Somehow, Dr. Vertigan compressed the knowledge of a 257-page resource manual into an eloquent one-hour discussion. I am still a bit star-struck from the whole affair. But seriously, Dr. Vertigan brings the REALNESS with this talk. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here fan-girling…  Visit www.speechuncensored.com for the show notes. Get Dr. Vertigan’s textbook: Speech Pathology Management of Chronic Refractory Cough and Related Disorders.  Music: Sweet Life by Twisterium
June 12, 2019
Medication Management & Memes with Joshua Reyes MS, CCC-SLP
On episode 13, Joshua Reyes sits down to talk about the creative process of making memes and therapy materials. If you’re on instagram then it’s highly likely you follow @slpmemes. With a following of over 34.4 thousand people and over 900 posts (as of May 2019), I think it’s safe to say that Josh owns the SLP internet. His brand of memes are an uncensored look at our profession and an unapologetic stab at the status quo.  Music: Aspire by Twisterium
June 5, 2019
Meaningful Aphasia Therapy with Sarah Baar MA, CCC-SLP
In this episode, Sarah Baar lays the foundation to revolutionize your aphasia therapy. Calling upon the framework described in Kagan’s 2011 article (link at speechuncensored.com),  Sarah brings tried and true methods to make language therapy functional for your patient’s communication needs. It’s more than naming opposites and listing words that begin with ‘b.’ Meaningful aphasia therapy is about understanding your patient’s personal interests, environmental needs/limitations, and participation in relationships, roles, and activities of choice. Once you know those things, you can have an impact on your patient’s communication abilities.  Sarah welcomes any SLPs with questions to reach out and contact her via her webpage: Honeycomb Speech Therapy.  And because Sarah is so awesome, she’s offering a coupon for materials on her website: SUP10 (10% off total cart). You can hear more from Sarah Baar on Medbridge! Click the link for a discount on a MedBridge subscription. You can also use code: Honeycomb.  Music: Way Up by Twisterium
May 29, 2019
Multidisciplinary Teams for Neurodegenerative Diseases & the SLP's Role with Lindsey Heidrick, SLPD
Dr. Lindsey Heidrick works on multidisciplinary teams for ALS, Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and MD (muscular dystrophy). In this episode, Lindsey describes the services she provides in each of these three separate clinics, who she collaborates with, and the benefits to the patient when they are seen as part of a multidisciplinary team.  It’s a truly eye opening perspective on a very different service delivery model that we, as SLPs, can provide and be a valuable tool within a neurologist’s outpatient office. Lindsey also covers emerging research regarding these populations. Other important topics: active listening, voice banking, collaboration with a dietician, and group voice therapy for PD. Music:  Romantic Folk Loop by Twisterium
May 22, 2019
Replacing a language of fear for facts when discussing dysphagia management with Will Farnham, MS, CCC-SLP
You likely know Will better by his social media handle @hardtoswallowslp. But he’s got so much more to share than hilariously relevant medical SLP memes. Will’s got a bit of a soapbox moment that he needs to broadcast. Okay, I asked him to broadcast it because I 100% agree with his sentiments and I want to learn more.   So check out the episode as Will breaks down how replace a language of fear with one of facts when discussing dysphagia management with your patients.  Links to articles mentioned in this episode and Will's favorite dysphagia articles are at www.speechuncensored.com Music: Follow Your Dreams by Twisterium
May 16, 2019
How neuroplasticity influences treatment with Lauren Ball, MS, CCC-SLP
In this episode, I sit down with Lauren Ball to discuss how she weaves the 10 principles of neuroplasticity into her treatment plan. When developing a treatment plan and creating therapy materials for a session, Lauren asks herself: is this task intense enough? Are we repeating this important skill/task enough times? Is it salient? Does it have potential to transfer to another task or neural circuits?  Understanding the ten principles of neuroplasticity can help you develop treatment plans and create therapy tasks that benefit the patient and result in cognitive remediation.  Check out speechuncensored.com for links to the articles. Music:  Happy Morning by Twisterium 
May 9, 2019
Cough Assist with Sydney Parriott, MS, CCC-SLP
What is cough assist? Who is it for? Who can perform a cough assist? Why do a cough assist? What’s the purpose of the cough assist? Manual or mechanical? How do you get trained in it? Why would you want to get trained? How often would you use this technique? Sydney answers all these questions and more in her enlightening discussion on cough assist with patients who experience respiratory complications.  Sydney is a big believer in the use of cough assist for patients who have such severe dysphagia they struggle with secretion management. Check out the show  notes on speechuncensored.com for access to more information. Music: Funky Background by Twisterium
May 1, 2019
Living that PRN Life with Jen Hurst, MS, CCC-SLP
PRN: Abbreviation meaning "when necessary" (from the Latin "pro re nata", for an occasion that has arisen, as circumstances require, as needed (source: MedicineNet). Jen is BACK! You may recall Jen from her terrific talk about the vent and trach population in LTACs (episodes 1 & 2).  In this episode, we dive deep into how Jen makes a career out of strictly PRN coverage as an SLP. I’ve heard of people doing this before and I was like whaaaaa? That sounds stressful and like it would contain too many unknowns. So it was fun for me to sit down with Jen and learn how she makes it work (pro tip: set a budget and know the minimum you need to work each month to achieve the income goals you established). Music:  Happy Sunny Mood by Twisterium
April 25, 2019
Cognitive & Language Evaluations on Inpatient Rehab Unit with Lauren Ball, MS, CCC-SLP
Lauren wraps up her amazing talk about inpatient rehab life with a run-down of the cognitive and language assessments that she uses on her unit. Then, she gets all inspiring and drops beautiful words of wisdom.   Music in podcast: “freedom” by Twisterium 
April 17, 2019
SLP life on the Inpatient Rehab Unit with Lauren Ball, MS, CCC-SLP
In this episode, I sit down with Lauren Ball to discuss what life is like on an inpatient rehab unit for an SLP.  Because Lauren has also worked in Skilled Nursing (SNF), she’s able to compare the two settings and discuss how patients qualify for inpatient rehab vs. SNF when they are discharged from the hospital. Lauren covers all the facets of this unique setting and how she generates materials for therapy, "it depends on each patient, what’s important to them.” Lauren’s guiding principle for planning therapy sessions is to consider “what do they need to be able to do at home” and balances that with feedback from the patient about their priorities for recovery. Music: Toast - Outside
April 16, 2019
Swallow Evaluations and In-line Speaking Valves for Ventilation Patients with Sydney Parriott, MS, CCC-SLP
Part two of Sydney’s talk about in-line speaking valves concludes with her explanation of swallow evaluations with this population. Sydney also reveals the best and worst thing about working with critically ill patients in the acute setting. We wrap up by brainstorming Sydney’s plan to advocate for a protocol to incorporate in-line speaking valves in the weaning process for vent dependent patients in her acute care setting. Music: Hozgram - Trip
April 7, 2019
In-line Speaking Valves for Ventilator Patients with Sydney Parriott, MS CCC-SLP
Sydney discusses the importance of implementing in-line speaking valves for patients on a ventilator as part of the weaning process. In-line speaking valves also serve as an opportunity for chronically ventilated patients to use their voice. In part 1 of a two-part series, Sydney compares the implementation of in-line speaking valves in her experiences with an LTAC and an acute hospital. Sydney is a fount of information and your brain will feel 10x bigger after listening to her discuss the ins and outs of in-line speaking valves. Music:  Pipo Interludo by WOWA and Pipo
April 5, 2019
Eval & Treatment with the Trach & Vent Population in LTACs with Jen Hurst MS, CCC-SLP
The conclusion of our discussion on the trach and vent population takes us through typical evaluation and treatment steps. Throughout part 1 and 2 of our discussion, a theme emerged…. collaboration. It became apparent to me that when working with medically fragile patients, coordinating your efforts with stakeholders is paramount. Discuss your plan of care with the dietician, the pulmonologist, the respiratory therapist, the nurse. Everyone needs to be on the same page and the best way to do that is in front of that person - having a face to face discussion. Music:  Siren by Kuromaru
March 31, 2019
Finding Your Feet with the Trach & Vent Population in LTACs with Jen Hurst MS, CCC-SLP
In SUP’s inaugural episode, I sit down with Jen Hurst MS, CCC-SLP to discuss her experience working in an LTAC (long term acute care hospital) with trach and vent patients. We cover a wide range of topics including how she landed in this setting, who trained her to work with this population, and the nuances of LTAC. We also discuss the importance of being prepared to care for patients considering hospice care and are making that transition to end of life care.  What’s great about sitting down with Jen is that she doesn’t hold back, she’s honest, and will tell it like it is. We hope you enjoy listening along to our conversation that sheds some light on the LTAC setting, and the trach & vent population. Stay tuned for episode two - the conclusion of our discussion that focuses on the nuts and bolts of evaluation and treatment for trach and vent patients. Music: Pathway by Hozgram
March 28, 2019
What's Up with SUP?
Discover the delicious flavors of ear candy the Speech Uncensored Podcast will serve up on a regular basis.
March 16, 2019
The Origin Story of the Speech Uncensored Podcast
Find out how the Speech Uncensored Podcast came to be and what to expect in future episodes as we dive deeper into the world of medical Speech and Language Pathology.
March 16, 2019
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