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Antics of The Speech Chick

Antics of The Speech Chick

By Antics of The Speech Chick
One redhead’s journey through speech therapy, business, TpT, social media and everything in between!
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Ch. 11: Getting Back to Real Life for the Traveling SLP
This episode is about my thoughts and concerns as I head back to face to face therapy starting next week.  The world has changed since I turned into a teletherapist in April.  While I realize my decision may be a controversial one, I will not tolerate negative comments on either this podcast episode or any social media associated with it.  Texas has started the process of opening back up.  I will have masks to provide a safety layer for me and my client.  As much research and conversations with health care professionals in my area, I have decided it is at least worth a try to get back to some normalcy! Show Notes for this episode can be found at or click the link!
May 28, 2020
Chapter 10: 6 Tips for the Struggling Teletherapist
Girl, I see you!  Teletherapy is not your jam but you're plugging away.  You are giving your best and it still doesn't feel like enough.  I feel you because I am in your same shoes, hon!  But today, I am sharing 6 tips to ease the frustration and mental negativity.  They have helped me tremendously through this entire situation.  I am hoping they can help you too! Click here for the show notes.  All links mentioned in this podcast can be found here!
May 21, 2020
Ch. 9: Confessions of a Traveling SLP turned Teletherapist
The last 6-7 weeks have been tough for classroom teachers, SLPs, parents...let's go ahead and include ANYONE working with children!  I have had my ups and downs...more ups than downs.  But it has been a tough time and I am missing my clients!  I miss actually driving up to their house/daycare, unloading my stuff, ringing the doorbell and going into their house.  Strange, I know.  But COVID-19 has given me the opportunity to try some new things and stray from my "normalcy."  So here are my 6 confessions on turning to a teletherapist. You can check out the blog post here.   You can also sign up for my weekly newsletter that also includes access to my free resource library!
May 12, 2020
Chapter 8: My Journey to Private Practice
In this episode, I am sharing my journey to becoming a private practice SLP.  Hear how it all started back in 2010! Here's the blog post to go with it!
February 08, 2019
Ch 7: Books for Motivation
Needing some motivation to start that new speech therapy biz?  I have found that books motivate me!  I am sharing FOUR great books for motivating you to put your dream to work! Show Notes
February 01, 2019
Ch. 6: Do I Need A Blog?
"Do I need a blog?" asked the fabulous SLPreneur.  My answer?  You'll have to listen to find out. Find the show blog post here!
January 25, 2019
Ch. 5: Logo Design for the SLP
Whether you DIY your logo or outsource the gig, it's overwhelming!  You are already super overwhelmed with starting your new biz.  Just breathe and listen to this episode for help!  I'm giving tips I learned along the way while designing my own logos. Want the blog post with all the links?  Click here.
January 18, 2019
Chapter 4: New Year, New Speech Chick
New year means new goals! Hear what I have planned out to make 2019 better!  You can find show notes with links to the mentioned blog posts here.
January 11, 2019
Chapter 3: I have a M.S. Degree, Not an MBA!!!!
Wait a minute!  You have no experience or knowledge about running a business but you want to do WHAT???!!  I did not have a clue about running a business.  But I did it.  I started one and you can too!  Just listen. Show Notes and Links
January 04, 2019
Chapter 2: What’s in a Name?
We are talking business today! That is naming your speech therapy business. I’ve come up with a list of 5 tips to help you name your new adventure!!!
November 19, 2018
Chapter 1: The Intro
Who am I and why I started this the most basic form!
October 26, 2018