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Spies When: Daily Blaseball Debriefs

Spies When: Daily Blaseball Debriefs

By Spies Debriefs
A recap of current Blaseball events, as told by the Houston Spies' Debriefings.
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Gift as Good as you Get: Season 18, Day 58

Spies When: Daily Blaseball Debriefs

In Stability: Season 21, Day 33
Spies win and lose and win and lose. See the full debreifing at
June 24, 2021
Repeat Feedback: Season 21, Day 7
By the time we get a parade, we'll have to invite every team individually to address our tangled mass of connections. See the full debrief at
June 22, 2021
Zero Percent: Season 20 Elections
Everyone knows it's Wimdy. Find the full debrief at
June 22, 2021
Sisyphus: Season 20 Post-season
12 highly-trained all-star Agents vs. one fishy boi. Find the original debrief at
June 20, 2021
On Top Of The World: Season 20, Day 99
Spies Winning. To see the full debrief, go to .
June 19, 2021
Wait, We're Winning?: Season 20, Day 78
Winning, but at what costs? About 19 Million coins apparently. Find the full debriefing at
June 18, 2021
Four-ensic Examiner: Season 20 Day 53
Spies win and win, and dangle our footsies close to the water. For the full debriefing, visit
June 16, 2021
Stuffed: Season 20 Day 32
Allergies, Faxes, and Football? Find the original debriefing at
June 16, 2021
Baked Alaska: Season 20 Day 7
The Universe burps and smiles. Immortalia Mortalia. Find the full debrief at
June 15, 2021
Double Vision: Season 20 Pre-Season
Odds, Ends, and Even more to set up for the new season. Find the original debriefing at
June 14, 2021
A Matter of Perspective: Season 19 Wrap-Up
A reminder of where we wrapped up before Season 20 begins tomorrow. The original debriefings can be found at and . 
June 14, 2021
Which Direction Is Winning?: Season 19, Day 99
Orientation, Nucleosynthesis, and other floccinaucinihilipilification. Find the full reading at
May 23, 2021
Another Day, Another Unwin: Season 19, Day 57
What do you get when you cross a shark and a duck? Shark aQuack! Read the debriefing for yourself at
May 20, 2021
Upside-Down: Season 19, Day 32
In plain prose, we try to make sense of unwins, reversed polarity, and Gods getting snitty. Read it for yourself at
May 19, 2021
Are you not Edutained? See the...lyrics? at
May 18, 2021
Spies....Unwin? Season 18 Elections
One shadowed player, one returning player, one roamin' player, four blessings, and a new team cheer for next season. Read this debriefing for yourself at 
May 17, 2021
Why Is BNN - Season 18 Championships
The Growth Industry finals comes to a dramatic finish. Read for yourself at
May 16, 2021
Okay, I Guess The Gods Just Hate Us Then: Season 18 Postseason
Tanking, Throwing, and Coming Home. Would be good things on the field, but bad on the scoreboard. To see the debriefings in full, visit ... *and* 
May 15, 2021
The Coin Makes A Mafia Boss Threat: Season 18, Day 80
Reverberation, Gifts, Violence Past and Future. Read the debrief at
May 14, 2021
Gift as Good as you Get: Season 18, Day 58
Spies Win, but not as much as the Pies. Gift shops and serial cannoning. Two more entries into the Hall. Find the original debrief online at
May 13, 2021
The Reader's Allegiances: Season 18, Day 29
Spies Winning! The Seasonal Reading is interrupted, the ballot gets bigger, renovations and the Gift Shop are revealed. This is the Spies Debrief for Season 18, day 29. Find it online at
May 12, 2021
The Plan Provides
Welcome to Season 18, Agents. We have won 7 games, lost 4, and Comfort Septemberish was Shelled. This is the Spies Debrief for Season 18, day 11. Find it online at
May 11, 2021
Pre-Season 18: Loose Ends
Some housekeeping and some Dangling Questions that needed answering. Get notified of new Debriefings by subscribing to this podcast, following @BlaseAgent0 on Twitter, or subscribing to the Houston Spies' Debriefing website RSS Feed at
May 10, 2021
Season 17 Siesta: Looking Forward
Blaseball election results for Season 17 and a few words of wisdom for the Off-season. Agent L records the Houston Spies' Debriefing for Sunday, April 26th. 
May 05, 2021
May 4, 2021
May 04, 2021