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Spill The OT: Real Talk Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology

Spill The OT: Real Talk Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology

By Spill The OT
Spill the OT Podcast is a judgement-free zone to spill all of the tea about OT, PT, and SLP. We talk to REAL therapists out in the field to learn about the ups, downs, and everything in between. No topics are off limits! Let's chat salary, medicare, student loans, the good, the bad, all things therapy.
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OT - Interview Tips (Part 2)
Hi friends! Today we are talking to a lovely therapist named Angelika and she is sharing about her experiences being on an interview panel and taking a course on interviewing. If you are a new graduate, student, or therapist looking to switch jobs or career then you DO NOT want to miss this interview!! Angelika shares SO MANY helpful tips for interviewing that we decided to split the interview in half so you can fully absorb and digest all of these great suggestions. To follow Angelika and her journey you can find her: on IG @WanderlustLika and on YouTube @
November 6, 2020
OT - Interview Tips (Part 1)
Hi friends! Today we are talking to a lovely therapist named Angelika and she is sharing about her experiences being on an interview panel and taking a course on interviewing. If you are a new graduate, student, or therapist looking to switch jobs or career than you DO NOT want to miss this interview!! Angelika shares SO MANY helpful tips for interviewing that we decided to split the interview in half so you can fully absorb and digest all of these great suggestions. To follow Angelika and her journey you can find her: on IG @WanderlustLika and on YouTube @
October 23, 2020
OT - Menstruation, Reproduction, Pediatrics, Oh My
Welcome to season 3 friends! Today we are interviewing with an amazing therapist who shares about her passion for starting conversations around the historically (but fortunately changing!) "taboo" topic of menstruation. This therapist is choosing to remain anonymous and currently works in pediatrics where she found a lack of conversation and education for her clients. We shared an honest discussion about her aims with continuing the conversation and hopefully presenting at AOTA to continue this conversation to a much wider scope.  IG - TheBleedinOT
October 9, 2020
OT with "Spill the OT"
Hi everyone! Today is a little different - I am being interviewed! Katie, our interviewer today is an innovative and enthusiastic prospective OT student who has a myriad of experience in marketing and website design. Her positivity and kindness is infectious AND she has such high quality interviewing skills! This will be the last episode of season 2, please join us for season 3 premiering the first week of September! IG: @Spill_The_OT YouTube:
July 6, 2020
OTA - Entrepreneurship with Purpose Therapy Box
Hi everyone! Today we are talking with Ali and Holly, the CEOs and founders of Purpose Therapy Box. These amazing OTAs created a dynamic company to promote occupational therapy and wellness (and to bring cheer!) through boxes for seniors ("birthday" boxes, "thinking of you" boxes, and "sponsor a senior" boxes) as well as boxes for OT professionals/students. These wonderful women are driven, creative, and have a zest for life that is evident via all of the positivity they put into this world. Tune into this episode to learn more about their journey through entrepreneurship! Website: IG: @PurposeTherapyBox
June 29, 2020
OT - Community work with Homeless Population
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to a fantastic OT, Andrea LeFlore. She is an occupational therapist in the Chicagoland area and recently graduated with her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is a Research Specialist at UIC where she supports community-based participatory research, clinical peer mentor projects for people with disabilities, and performance-based assessments for Williams Consent Decree class members. She is the Director of Community Education on the Chicago Street Medicine team and a 2018-2019 Schweitzer Fellow. She contributes to various homeless workgroups including the MacNeal Medical Respite team for the homeless and the Alliance for Health Equity among Chicago Hospitals to address Housing and Health initiatives. Her experience in developing and conducting Participatory Community Assessments involved academic and community partnership formations with permanent supportive housing organizations in Chicago.
June 22, 2020
*Bonus Episode* Are you an Empath?
Hi everyone! Are you an empath? Me too! I am NO expert, but trust me I know that feeling of being told you are "too sensitive" and I'm here to help!
June 15, 2020
OT - Australia Community Mental Health Therapist
Hello! Today we are interviewing with a fantastic OT who lives and works in Sydney, Australia and she shares about her experiences working as a community-based occupational therapist. Tune in to hear about her work experience so far as an OT!  Instagram: larasworld__
June 15, 2020
OT - Lactation & Development Resources
Bio: Marissa is an occupational therapist who specializes in lactation and infant feeding. She owns and operates a private practice called Lactation & Development Resources which serves mothers perinatally and infants ages 0-6 months. Prenatally, she educates and empowers clients with evidence-based information about lactation, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding so that they can go into their birth as prepared as possible. Postpartum, Marissa offers a holistic and integrated approach to lactation support and feeding therapy in order to help her clients achieve their individual goals. Marissa is also passionate about helping other OTs as well as SLPs and PTs transition to specialize in this unique area of practice. She offers business consulting and mentorship for other therapists starting a Lactation practice. She is also one of the Co-Founders of The Lactation OT. Website: Instagram: @lactdev @lactation_ot Facebook: Lactation & Development Resources The Lactation OT community The Lactation OT Summit details: coupon code for 15% off The Lactation OT Summit All Access Pass: SPILLTHEOT Acuity Online Scheduler (affiliate link): Website builder: (Marissa is available for business consultation to help OTs learn how to design their own website or to do some/all of it for them, she has limited availability due to her caseload of breastfeeding dyads, so it is first come first serve with a waitlist option) Flodesk Email marketing (affiliate link): Spruce Health (secure messaging with a 2nd phone line): Thinkific online course hosting: Marissa's online prenatal course for moms:
June 8, 2020
OT - Mental Health, Health Writing, Telehealth & More!
Hi Everyone! Today we are talking to Brittany Ferri. Brittany is an occupational therapist and founder/owner of Simplicity of Health, LLC. While the majority of her clinical experience is in mental health and cognitive rehab, she also has experience as a telehealth specialist, adjunct professor, consultant, and health literacy specialist. She has been quoted as a health expert in numerous publications, including NBC News, Creaky Joints, MyFitnessPal, Parade Magazine, and Brittany has also authored several books: a therapy textbook entitled "Effective Occupational Therapy Documentation" and an Amazon children's book called "Why is there a person in my computer?" helps kids understand how teletherapy can help a range of health concerns. For more information, visit Books:
June 1, 2020
OT - Working in Northern Canada
Hello! Today we are talking to an amazing OT who works in a Northern Province in Canada. Jean-François has already accomplished so much in his career since graduation in 2017.  He is a true visionary with a mission to unite occupational therapists across the globe and he and two fellow OTs have created an Instagram page to help build community. Please tune in to learn all about his journey! Instagram: Over_The_Top_OT
May 25, 2020
OT - Comparing School System to Acute Care
   Hi! Today we are talking to a lovely OT who has experiences working in both acute care hospital and a school system. Tune in to find out what her experiences have been like and where she has found the most success for her work-life balance!
May 23, 2020
OT - Redefining Gender Identity
Hello! Today we are talking to a fantastic occupational therapy doctoral student who is an ally and advocate for redefining gender identity. She shares about her own experiences and gives information and research to help therapists better support patients in the transgender community. Her infograph that she shares will be listed on my IG account: Spill_The_OT. Have a great day!
May 11, 2020
OT Doctoral Student - Oncology and Mindfullness/Yoga
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to a fabulous OT doctoral student who completed her capstone on oncology and an at-home program for newly diagnosed patients. She found a gap in our current profession and eloquently shares her research and how OTs can be a great fit for helping newly diagnosed individuals cope early on in their treatment through alternative measures (mindfulness, yoga, etc.) This was a really interesting interview and if you'd like to learn more about her research please check out the link below. Have a great day! Poster: Instagram: @ot_yogii
May 4, 2020
OT - Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to a fantastic OT who works as a certified hand therapist in the outpatient setting. She shares about her experiences and perspective working this setting along with what an average day looks like and who she helps treat. She also shares some insight into how a seasoned OT or new grad can begin working in this niche setting. 
April 27, 2020
OT - Sexuality
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to an occupational therapy doctorate student who researched a gap in our profession surrounding OT and sexuality. She shares about some of the stigmas surrounding this area and ways OTs can integrate this topic into our daily interactions with patients/clients. She also shares about a few assistive devices that can help clients. To follow her journey please check out her instagram @ots_letstalkaboutsex and her website: I hope you enjoy this episode!
April 20, 2020
OT - University Fieldwork Supevisor
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to an awesome occupational therapist who has worked in many settings across the country and now works as a university fieldwork supervisor for level I fieldwork students. She started her own LLC and 4+ years of pediatric OT experience as well as telehealth and yoga therapy. 
April 13, 2020
OT - Mentorship for New Grads
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to a wonderful therapist with over 20 years pediatric experience and she shares her passion for mentoring new grads. Angela Bender is a pediatric OT with over 20 years of experience. She owns a small pediatric therapy practice in southern Oregon, and her passion is mentoring clinicians newly entering the world of pediatric OT. She helps clinicians make the transition to a seasoned pediatric OT in less time, with less risk of burn out. Her goal is to create a community to that provides mentoring resources and products that solve the problem of limited time and resources for collaboration, job training and mentoring in healthcare today. Free Facebook group: Peds OT Mentoring Community Book: Pediatric OT The Guide For The New Clinician Course: Mentoring For The New Grad Pediatric OT soon to be featured on my website You can reach her by email:
April 7, 2020
OT - Alternative Health (Reiki) in Home Health and Hospice
Hello! Today we are talking to an occupational therapist who incorporates aspects of alternative and holistic health into her practice as a home health therapist. She also shares how she created memory books and used reiki on patients during palliative/hospice care. She created an amazing porject called "Project Om" - check out their website to learn more to see how you can support or incorporate it into your own practice.
November 15, 2019
OT - Comparing Acute Care vs. Inpatient Rehab
Hi! Today we are talking to a wonderful OT who has been practicing for 7 years. She began in inpatient rehab and has since transitioned to acute care in a hospital. Listen as she shares her story about the two different settings including productivity standards, scheduling, treatments, salary, and more!
November 8, 2019
OT - Holistic Occupational Therapist
Today we are talking to the wonderful Emmy Vadnais the co-founder of and holistic occupational therapist. She has over 20 years of experience and was kind enough to grace us with her wisdom and knowledge about what holistic OT is and how it can be used in practice. Tune in to learn more!
November 1, 2019
OT - Hippotherapy
Hi! Today we are talking to an OT who recently traded her role in the skilled nursing facility for early intervention and hippotherapy! Tune in as we learn about her experiences working with horses and young children at this non-profit facility
October 26, 2019
OT - Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)
Hi! Today we are talking to an NDT certified OT who shares her experiences earning the NDT certificate and its impact on her daily life as a practitioner. She shares a variety of ways NDT has influenced her clinical judgement and she is an excellent resource to learn more about this amazing technique!
October 18, 2019
SLP - Teletherapy & Telehealth
Hi Everyone! Today we are talking to Marissa Rocheleau and Marissa is a licensed SLP and the owner of Linguabilities, a private company focusing on quality telepractice. In the past year, they have expanded to over five states including SLP, psychology, and school counseling services. When not providing business coaching, growing her business, or waxing poetic about telepractice, she loves spending time with her husband, Gabriel, and two whippets, Petri and Bunsen. Her website is: to find out more information. Thanks, Marissa!
October 11, 2019
OT - Burnout with Erika del Pozo from "The Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast"
Welcome to season 2 of Spill the OT Podcast! Today we are talking about burnout with Erika del Pozo from "The Burnt out to Lit Up" Podcast Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L holds a BA in Dance and Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. Erika has practiced in outpatient pediatrics for five years and also has experience working with older adults with progressive neurological conditions. Erika created a modified-dance curriculum for adults with Parkinson’s Disease in Boca Raton, FL in 2016. Erika’s special interests include work well-being and burnout prevention in healthcare. She is CEO and founder of Joy Energy Time, a business dedicated to helping healthcare professionals and organizations address the ongoing challenges of burnout. She is also the creator and co-host of the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast, a holistic wellness show for healthcare professionals. Erika served as an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University for three semesters, collaborating with Dr. Lambdin-Pattavina to teach Occupational Analysis and Human Interactions. Erika has worked with several distinguished continuing education agencies, creating short and long evidence-based courses around holistic and multi-level approaches to address burnout and mental health in healthcare. Employee engagement survey:
October 5, 2019
PT - Pelvic Floor Therapy
Hi everyone! Today we are talking to a physical therapist who worked as a pelvic floor therapist/specialist. She shares her experiences including the basics of what pelvic floor therapy is as well as descriptive stories of specific dysfunctions that may present in this area. Did you know that OTs can work as pelvic floor therapists as well? Tune in to learn about pelvic floor therapy and see if it may be a good option for you to look into :-) 
May 19, 2019
Q & A Level II Fieldwork
Hi everyone! Todays episode is good for students going into their level I or II fieldworks or those therapists curious to hear some questions/concerns students have before going into their fieldworks. It's a low key Q & A with yours truly. Please understand these are ONLY my opinions! If you ask another therapist he/she may give you completely different feedback. If you are listening and thinking WHAT?! Please shoot me an e-mail and come on here to share your own advice and experiences -- I'd love to have you! 
May 6, 2019
OT - Naturalistic Setting Ages 0-21
Hi Everyone! Today we are talking to a therapist who works as an independent contractor in the naturalist setting. This may mean schools, homes, day cares, doctors appointments, etc. depending on the individual client. The clients are billed through an outpatient services, but the services rarely take place in a clinic. Tune in to learn more!
April 28, 2019
OT - Children with ADHD
Hi everyone! This week is our second episode in the diagnoses series and this week it is all about ADHD and OT.  This school-based OT has TONS of excellent content to share with lots of tips you can borrow! 
April 21, 2019
OT - Children with Autism
Hey everyone! We are switching it up this week and talking about a specific diagnosis instead of a setting. Today we are learning about Autism. We have a school OT who shares tons of insight into working with students with autism in a public school setting. Tune in to learn about how some students with autism present, treatment ideas, and so much more!
April 14, 2019
OT - Working in Philippines vs USA
Hi Everyone! Today we are talking to Kelvin who shares his experiences of attending school and working in the Philippines compared to moving to the United States. He shares the differences in culture not only among the workplace but overall culture of families. Tune in to learn more about how another country experiences OT!
April 6, 2019
OT - Feeding Issues in the Public School System
Hey everyone! Today we are learning about OT's role for feeding in the school system. Usually feeding issues are addressed in an outpatient setting or medical setting; however, today we are learning about one amazing OT who created a feeding curriculum to help her kiddos in the public school setting. If you're curious about schools, OT, or feeding then this episode is for you - enjoy!
March 31, 2019
OT - Telehealth (Remote work from home position)
Hey everyone! Today we are chatting with Linda who works as a tele-therapist (Telehealth) for virtual schools. She shares what this looks like and how it all works. She also shares my favorite topic, money! Have you ever thought about doing tele therapy? Check it out to learn what it may look like for you.
March 17, 2019
OT - PRN and Stay at Home Mom
Hey Guys! Today we are talking about something a bit more controversial, putting the degree on the back burner and being a stay at home. I always want this to be inclusive, and this is just one avenue that I am interested in learning more about and opening the communication. There are many routes in life and this is just to discuss one possible route in the ever challenging work/life balance 
March 4, 2019
OT - Travel Therapist
Hey everyone! Today is all about travel therapy. Our guest has worked as a contract travel therapist for school systems. Have you ever thought about doing travel therapy? Do you have any experiences to share? Tell me all about it at
February 24, 2019
Q & A with a hint of Assistive Technology
Hi all! Today is all about your Q & A's. Tune in to listen to your questions on fieldworks, school, and assistive technology 
February 17, 2019
PT - in a Prison
Hey all! Yes you read that correctly, today we are talking about working as  therapist in a prison. Our guest today worked unexpectedly at an outpatient center as a contractor to the prison in the mid 1990s. She candidly shares her experience and highlights what work life looked like for her in this particular setting. 
February 10, 2019
Exploring Entrepreneurship and Women's Health with Melissa LaPointe
Today's episode we have Melissa LaPointe. Melissa is an OT turned consult and mindset coach based out of British Columbia, Canada. With over 13 years experience in both pediatrics and women's health, she's now a full-time virtual business owner that supports OTs around the globe with a special interest in women's health and entrepreneurship. 
February 5, 2019
OT - Early Intervention and Pediatric Outpatient
Today we talk to Jennie who has worked in peds the majority of her career and has so much insight into our profession. I love how openly she talks about the "real" issues and she also created her own website! Enjoy the show!
January 25, 2019
PTA - Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
Today I spoke to Anke, a PT assistant who works in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). She speaks candidly about salary/hour wage as a therapist, productivity, and expectations at a SNF
January 22, 2019
School-Based OT and Fieldwork Supervisor
Today we are talking to an OT who has worked in a Peds Outpatient, SNF, and now in a school as a contract therapist. She shares her tips and tricks as a level I and II fieldwork supervisor
January 11, 2019
OT Fails and Wins for the Week & PT turned Entrepreneur
Today let's chat about some therapy highs and lows this week. We also had the luxury to talk to Dr. Cori Campbell, a physical therapist turned entrepreneur for holistic health and wellness. 
January 4, 2019
OT -Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Inpatient Rehab
Today's guest is a relatively-new graduate from a combined BS/MS Occupational Therapy program. She starting out working as a travel occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and now works in inpatient rehab. Tobi shares her advice to students and new grads as well as shares salary, negotiation tips. Welcome Tobi!
December 21, 2018
OT - Director of Rehab
Let's chat with an OT who recently took a role as manager in the outpatient neurology setting. She shares her experiences both as an occupational therapist and the transition into a director of rehabilitation role.
December 11, 2018
Dual OT and PT degree
Today we welcome Dr. Racine Johnson, she is a PTA who returned to school for her dual OT and PT degree. She has 30 years of experience and tons of insight into the profession
December 11, 2018
OT - Acute Care Setting
Hi! Welcome to Episode 1 of Spill the OT where we spill all of the tea about therapy. Today we talk with Rachel, an OT who has been in the field about 6 years. She shares salary, routine, highs and lows about acute care hospital.
December 11, 2018