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Spine & Rehab Specialists

Spine & Rehab Specialists

By Harry Koster PT, Cert. MDT
Spine & Rehab Specialists is the practice of choice in Physical Therapy because of exceptional quality of rehab within our community with the highest standard of care delivered by skilled and caring professionals. We wanted to bring that exceptional quality and high standard to the Podcast community! Tune into our episodes as we talk about anything and everything Physical Therapy and don't forget to leave some feedback and tell us what you want to hear about next!
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24. Aliviane & Their Mission to Help El Pasoans Live Drug Free
Aliviane is the primary provider of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services in West Texas for men, women and adolescents. It also coordinates a strong network of community support and an array of interagency agreements to provide a continuum of care. In addition, the organization operates several steering committees and planning groups in the areas of substance use and behavioral health. The organization also provides training and professional development for partnering organizations, health workers, interns, volunteers and members of the community involved with public service. At Spine & Rehab Specialists we share the belief with the people at Aliviane that everyone deserves to live a better life, be healthy, and learn to love taking care of themselves no matter what they are going through. Over 21 million Americans suffer from addiction and we commend everything Aliviane is doing to combat that for the people in our community. If you are interested in joining Aliviane in their journey to helping the people of El Paso be drug free check out some of the links below for ways you can get involved! find different ways to donate by going to or donate your time by becoming a volunteer, or applying for an internship by going to
April 29, 2022
23. Throwing Mechanics & Preventing Unnecessary Injuries in Little League Players
Today we have two guests on our podcast, Neil Shaw, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, and Benny Molina, a local Little League coach from here in the El Paso area! Today we are here to talk about Baseball! Baseball pitchers are prone to injuries in their shoulders and elbows when not practicing the correct throwing mechanics or when throwing too many pitches without the proper rest and recovery. This issue is being seen more often in younger players as Benny explains, due to the lack of rules in Little League around pitch count and things of that nature, but there are things that can be done and precautions that can be taken to prevent these injuries Fromm happening at such a young age! Tune in to hear Neil share his research on throwing mechanics in baseball and Benny share his experiences as a former high school and college baseball player and a Little League Coach in El Paso as they talk to Harry about what can be done to prevent elbow and other injuries in baseball. find our podcast on one of these 10 platforms under "Spine & Rehab Specialists" : Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Anchor, YouTube
March 25, 2022
22. Walking Challenges offered by TTUHSC and How Walking is Good for Our Health and Preventing Cancer
Today we have two very special guest on the podcast, Sandra Cobos and Eric Cisneros from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of El Paso (TTUHSC)! Sandra is with Pasos Para Prevenir Cancer and Eric is with the Border Coalition for Fitness, both programs aimed at improving the health of the people in El Paso at TTUHSC. Tune in to hear Harry talk to Sandra and Eric about the different walking challenges the Border Coalition will be having throughout the year, how the Pasos Para Prevenir Cancer program is providing information to our community about preventing cancer, and how walking in general is good for our health and can even help prevent some cancers later on in life. Register for the Walk the Walk walking challenge coming up this April at : And find more information on this and other challenges at: ELPASOWALKINGCHALLENGE@TTUHSC.EDU 915-215-5372
February 25, 2022
21. Trevor Vittatoe, His Athletic Career, and Life After Football
Today we have a very special guest on the podcast, Trevor Vittatoe! Trevor was a football player at UTEP who went on to join the roster of 2 NFL teams! This UTEP alum shattered school records for passing yards (12,439) touchdown passes (97), total offense (12,291 yards) and TDs responsible for (98) and rates second in school annals with 14 games throwing for 300 yards or more. Following his senior campaign he ranked 14th in NCAA history in passing yards and 15th in passing TDs and total offense! A starter in every game (49 total), through his college career, Vittatoe is the only player in school history to throw for 400 yards on four occasions, and to pass for five TDs four times, he also owns school records of passing yards in a game (517 versus Marshall in 2009) and TD passes in a single (33 in 2008). Trevor accomplished a lot on the field but his success didn’t stop there! Tune in to this episode to hear Harry talk to Trevor about his athletic career, the different paths he pursued after, and even get some advice for football players that aspire to play at a higher level! Find it on one of these 10 platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Anchor, YouTube
February 19, 2022
20. The Importance of Exercise for Cancer Patients
Today we have a very special guest on the podcast, Jennifer Armendariz, NP! Jennifer is a Nurse Practitioner in an oncology setting here in El Paso and is passionate about health and fitness. She has joined us this episode to talk about the difficulties that cancer patients go through while undergoing treatment, and how physical therapy and exercising on a regular basis can help!
February 11, 2022
19. Our Sitting Strong Program
Sitting Strong is a wellness program intended for anyone that is looking for a low- impact exercise program that is done from the comfort of their seat. This 1-hour class is performed in groups twice a week focusing on arm, leg, and core strengthening. Sitting Strong is a hybrid program that can be done in the clinic or you can join in virtually via zoom. The focus is to provide an opportunity for our community to live an active and healthy lifestyle no matter your level of fitness. We understand that it may be hard to do it on your own; sometimes we need support to move forward. Let us help push you in the right direction! Tune in to this episode to hear Harry talk to Chris, one of our techs, about how he runs the Sitting Strong Program and the benefits it can have for anyone who participates.
November 12, 2021
18. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Rehabilitation
The TMJ is a bi-arthroidal hinge joint that allows complex movements during eating and talking. The TMJ is between the condylar head of the mandible and the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone. This TMJ complex is made up of the TMJ, teeth and soft tissue. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions or Disorders are conditions that affect the jaw joints negatively and can be caused by many different things. Although dealing with the TMJ seems like it would mean a trip to the dentist, this is not the case. Physical therapy works with all the joints of the body, even those inside the jaw/ mouth so we are happy and able to help at Spine & Rehab Specialists! Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to Jose, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy about the TMJ, the different injuries that can occur, and what the rehab would consist of.
October 29, 2021
17. Our Partnership with Live Active El Paso
Today we have a very special guest on the podcast, Diana Cepeda from Live Active El Paso! Live Active was started as a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s goal is to keep El Paso active and healthy. We have worked with Live Active in the past and we will continue to work with them to help bring the power of movement to our community. We are proud partners with Live Active El Paso and today we will be discussing our partnership and all the things Live Active does for our community! Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to Diana, a representative from Live Active El Paso about the things they are working on and the things we are working with them on to help El Paso live active!
October 15, 2021
16. Common Misconceptions About Physical Therapy
October is National Physical Therapy Month and to kick it off, this episode is on common misconceptions about physical therapy we often hear in and out of the clinic! One of our biggest focuses with our podcast is to spread knowledge and more awareness about the amazing things we can do with physical therapy so in this episode we want to address some things that we’ve seen some confusion about. Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to Marlene, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about some of the things people generally get wrong about physical therapy.
October 01, 2021
15. Returning to pre Covid-19 Activities
Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2019 people all over the world have had no choice but to change their daily routines in order to stay safe. As lockdowns ensued, more and more people started to do everything from home; from work to school to even working out all routines were adjusted to fit the new normal. Now that we are slowly starting to transition back to normal, we might not be able to do the same things required by our old routines due to the amount of inactivity, but that’s where we come in! Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to Earl, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about the safest ways to get back into the swing of things and how we can help you over at Spine & Rehab Specialists!
August 27, 2021
14. Posture
Posture is defined as the position in which someone holds their body while standing or sitting. Although most people probably don’t think about their posture too much through out the day, it’s actually super important to monitor it when it comes to preventing pain. Having bad posture can cause all kinds of different pains in the body if someone is not careful, but it is easier to manage than you may think! Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to Anthony, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy about posture, how the quarantine has affected people’s posture, and the different things that we can do here at Spine & Rehab Specialists to help rehab those postural pains and teach you better ways to maintain good posture!
August 13, 2021
13. Arthritis and Physical Therapy
Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the joints which results in pain and stiffness for the person suffering from it. Many people suffer from arthritis and different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear, infections, and underlying diseases; there are over 3 million new cases per year! Tune into our newest podcast episode to hear Harry talk to Marlene, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy about Arthritis, the different kinds, and what we do in the clinic to help rehab Arthritis in our patients.
July 16, 2021
12. EMG & NCS/NCV Testing
EMG (Electromyography), NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies), and NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity), are tests that measure how fast an electrical impulse moves through your nerve. These forms of testing can be used to help figure out the best course of action when treating patients that are suffering from things like Carpal tunnel syndrome and more! Tune in to this episode to hear Harry talk to Anthony, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, and go more in depth about EMG/NCS/NCV testing and how we plan to use it in our clinic!
July 02, 2021
11. Foot & Ankle Pain/ Rehab
Foot and ankle injuries are often underestimated; leaving a foot/ ankle injury to heal on it's own or "walking it off" is usually the first response but never the correct answer. Without the proper, care some simple foot pain can start to cause pain in other areas of the body such as the back and other areas. The feet and ankles are the foundation of your body and your body relies on them to perform your every day movements which is what makes getting the proper care so important! If you are experiencing pain in your feet or ankles listen in on this episode to hear what we can do for you! Tune in to this episode to hear Harry talk to Lukas, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about foot and ankle injuries and how they can be treated.
June 18, 2021
10. Work Conditioning
Work conditioning is a work related, intensive, goal-oriented treatment program designed for people suffering from an injury that occurred in their place of work. At Spine & Rehab Specialists our Work Conditioning program is tailored to each individual and the job that they are preparing to go back to. Listen in on this episode to hear Harry talk to Jose, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about our Work Conditioning program and what we can do to get you feeling better and ready to go back to work.
May 28, 2021
9. Whiplash
Whiplash is described as an injury caused by a severe or sudden jerk or jolt of the head. Most whiplash cases are due to car accidents but there are numerous different ways you can get whiplash. At Spine & Rehab Specialists we see and rehab whiplash quite often and successfully using a combination of manual therapy, our advanced equipment, exercises tailored to each patient, and more. On this episode of the Spine & Rehab Specialists Podcast Series, we have Harry talking to two different guests, Andrea Goche, PT, DPT, and Earl Hayden, PT, DPT, CSCS. Listen in to hear them talk about Whiplash and the different steps we take to treat and rehab it here at Spine & Rehab Specialists!
May 14, 2021
8. Lower Extremity Rehab & the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
According to the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill website, AlterG’s patented Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology was originally developed for NASA. An ingenious NASA engineer sought a solution to help astronauts maintain their strength and bone density while in space by using a pressurized air chamber to simulate gravitational load. We utilize this amazing technology to help rehab issues in the lower extremities every day in our clinic! Tune into this episode to hear Harry talk to John, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy,  about how we use the AlterG to help our patients with lower extremity issues, athletes who want to work on their running, people who want to lose weight, or anyone who is interested in all the benefits this amazing piece of equipment has to offer!
April 23, 2021
7. Parkinson's Awareness
Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination. Parkinson's symptoms usually begin gradually and get worse over time. What can someone with Parkinson's do to slow or reverse that progression of symptoms? Listen in on this episode of our podcast to hear Harry talk to Anthony about the LSVT program and other possible treatment options we offer here at Spine & Rehab Specialists to help rehab Parkinson's in our patients.
April 09, 2021
6. Motivation
Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. We may be a Physical Therapy clinic but motivation is more important to us than you think! We try to motivate our patients to want to get better every day, in and out of the clinic.  Listen in on this episode to hear Harry talk to Lukas, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about the different kinds of motivation, the science behind it, and what you can do to stay motivated in any activity.
March 26, 2021
5. Balance and Vestibular Rehab
Many people brush off having bad balance or vestibular issues due to the fact that they don't know that there can be something done about it. There are many different reasons someone can struggle with bad balance or vestibular issues and we at Spine & Rehab Specialists have many different methods of helping someone improve and rehab those issues! Listen in on this episode to hear Harry talk to Marlene, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about balance and vestibular issues and how we can help you start rehabilitating those issues right here in the clinic.
March 13, 2021
4. Our Wellness Program
What is wellness? The Global Wellness Institute defines it as "the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of 'holistic health'." We can help you get started on your journey to "holistic health" here at Spine & Rehab specialists with our very own Wellness Program! We started this program to create a place for individuals who may not be comfortable going to a gym, who don't know much about working out or where to start, who want professional supervision and advice, and anyone who thinks they would benefit from the professional one on one training in a non threatening and clean environment. You don't have to be a patient to join, we welcome anyone who wants to work on themselves and their health goals in a controlled, more personal environment that you can't get at a gym. Listen in on this episode to hear Harry talk to Joey, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about the ins and outs of our Wellness Program and how it can help you achieve a healthier you.
February 26, 2021
3. Obesity and How Physical Therapy Can Help
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 74 % of people in the United States are overweight. That is three quarters of the population. And according to the CDC, from 1999 to 2018 the rate of obesity had increased from 30.5 % to 42.4 % with 9.2 % considered severely obese. So not only is this a big problem in this country, but it also seems to be getting worse and worse. Listen in on this episode to hear Harry talk to Andrea, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, about the effects of obesity and the resources and programs we have here at Spine & Rehab Specialists that can help you get down to a healthy weight.
February 12, 2021
2. Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging (MSK Ultrasound) is a noninvasive, safe, and cost effective tool used to assist clinicians when differentiating between two or more similar conditions, and obtaining a more accurate and effective evaluation and solution. Ultrasound is effective for examination of the extremities for musculoskeletal diseases affecting all soft tissue structures. It can be used as a complementary or alternative technique to MRI and can be utilized for every patient, there are no restrictions. MSK can be utilized for gathering information in instances of pain or dysfunction, soft tissue injury or bone injury, tendon or ligament pathology, arthritis, synovitis, crystal deposition disease, Joint effusion, evaluating of soft tissue masses, swelling, fluid collections, detecting foreign bodies in superficial soft tissue, and more! Tune into this episode as Harry has Anthony explain what MSK Ultrasound really is and how we utilize it here in the clinic to better help our patients at Spine & Rehab Specialists.
January 29, 2021
1. Covid-19 Physical Therapy Rehab Program
COVID-19 has impacted everyone in some way throughout 2020 and 2021. At this time, over 100,000 El Pasoans have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. Generally, those who had COVID-19 will struggle with residual symptoms. Many times impairments linger such as fatigue, joint pain, chest pain, muscle pain, headaches, and irregularities in cardiovascular wellness. Physical Therapists have a unique position, as we are trained both in the assessment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and musculoskeletal conditions with manifestations like that of the residual effects of COVID-19. Thats is one of the biggest reasons we have put together our new COVID-19 rehab program here at Spine & Rehab Specialists and we are excited to finally put it into use and hopefully help El Pasoans heal and rehabilitate themselves from those nasty COVID-19 after effects. Listen in on this episode as Harry asks Joe about our new program and how his own experience with the virus has helped him get a better understanding of how to help his patients recover and get back to normal.
January 15, 2021