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By Host: Kelly-Jo
Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. These casts will circle around, spirit orbs, the seen, unseen and the in-between of the supernatural, paranormal realms and ways in which they might connect to each other and to our consciousness. This cast manifested due to ongoing spirit orb visitations, past paranormal, UFO, OBE, interests in NDE.
If you have had experiences or encounters and would like to be on the cast, or have your encounter read, send me an email at
Monthly episodes to follow. All show notes and episodes available at

Paranormal Collective Encounters - Interview with Chloe
This episode circles around my interview with my daughter Chloe, as we discuss our shared UFO sighting and other collective paranormal events. The idea of having Chloe on as a guest was due, in part, to finding myself making mention of her when I would talk about some of my paranormal encounters. The interview begins with us talking about the orbs in this home and then one of Chloe's early paranormal events which includes the story of the spirit who would visit her in a previous home when she was only 4 years old - although he was fond of her that spirit did not like her parents very much.  I hope you enjoy some of Chloe's, what she considers, mild paranormal encounters.
July 01, 2022
UFO Encounters - Higher Intelligence or Hooligan Hijinks? + My UFO Sightings
This episode circles around UFO's.  Should some of these encounters be considered higher intelligence and if so then why, in some cases, the "bag and tag" mentality? or are those just the case of "there is one in every crowd" Plus I discuss my 2 UFO sightings, which took place near my home.  The first was with my daughter and the second was with Molly the dog.
June 13, 2022
Episode 2: Orbology 101 - Spirit Orbs and more
This episode circles around orb-ology, spirit orbs and more. We explore some of the hypotheses that circle around orbs, such as; who might they be, why are they here, their different colours and shapes. I also dust off some of the theories surrounding orbs in photos versus backscatter and a brief explanation about wavelengths and light. If you would like to see my photos/images and videos of orbs please visit my website www.orbicletime.comor consider subscribing to my YouTube channel spirit orb sightings. Contact Email: REFERENCES: Britannica Learn about Thomas Young's double-slit experiment, which contradicted Newton's theory of light Orb in photos debunked .” Photography, Aldred John, Mar 9, 2020; ISO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EXPOSURE – HERE’S HOW DIGITAL ISO REALLY WORKS Canada under the stars
May 26, 2022
Episode 1: Backstory of Spirit Orb Visitations plus paranormal encounters
This episode circles around the front-end of my backstory surrounding ongoing spirit orb visitations, paranormal and UFO sightings.  Here, I briefly explain why I started this cast - plus spirit orbs encounters since 2020 and some of my paranormal experiences that have occurred in my/our current home. If you have a story or a theory that circles around the supernatural, paranormal or UFOs and want to be on this cast send me an email to or  For some of my orb photos/video plus show notes and episodes, please visit:   For all my orb videos visit Spirit Orb Sightings - YouTube  Can access my orb videos on YouTube by clicking on icon in any of the videos.  This cast is a commercial free zone.  Please consider then subscribing to my YouTube channel.  Thank you.
April 02, 2022
Orbicle Times Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the launch of The Orbicle Times Podcast.  This is a brief overview of what I hope to be a monthly installment.  If you have had an encounter with orbs or other such phenomenon and want to be part of a future episode then send me an email at Please visit for episodes, videos, photos and articles pertaining to...for the most part...and for now...orbs.
March 04, 2022