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Spirits & Spaces

Spirits & Spaces

By Renee Longworth
An exploratory podcast into energetic realms, the in-between spaces, tales of hauntings and connections with higher beings. We’ll also be delving into environmental energies and their affects on us, of land and nature spirits and much more.
Renée will be sharing some of her personal experiences and inviting guests, including you, to share your stories of spirits, ghosts, weird places and spaces, including energetic clearings, Feng Shui and geomancy.
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8. Katina Benis - 'Clearing the Space'

Spirits & Spaces

9. Entranced by Trance with Glenn Wallace
Have you ever been curious about Trance? Many people have probably seen old Victorian photos of people in seances, ectoplasm and levitation and thought it was all performance. And from this era much in the world of Trance has been feared and vilified, even calling it quackery. But in this episode of Spirits & Spaces, Glenn Wallace (not pictured) takes us into the realms of trance and the connection to Spirit. He has been so generous to also share two recordings with us, one an audio of a message he recorded after a trance session, and the other an actual recording of Spirit speaking whilst in trance. Its special and a powerful episode. You can visit Glenn's website or write to him directly
August 04, 2021
8. Katina Benis - 'Clearing the Space'
Katina Benis is a Feng Shui consultant, Geomancer, Space Clearer and Ancient Egyptian Temple Healing practitioner and also the CEO and founder of Entelechy Institute. Katina has a wealth of knowledge regarding working with spaces, homes and lower energies. In this episode Katina shares many of her experiences with space clearing and tells us about her encounters with ghosts! She even has one visit her in the interview!! Come and join us and listen to the lovely Katina. You can also find her here Entelechy Institute and the facebook page 
July 01, 2021
7. Val Hood, professional Medium - 'Talking to dead people'
Have you ever wanted to understand how Mediums work? On episode #7 of Spirits & Spaces I got to chat to Val Hood, a professional Medium with over 30 years experience. We explore the joys and healing that mediumship can bring people, duty of care to clients and how Val's career has taken her to places far and abroad. Come join us and meet the lovely, passionate Val Hood. You can also find her at or Val Hood Evidential Medium facebook page.
June 16, 2021
6. Harry Aranda; special guest, 'When passed loved ones come to visit'
Have you ever had a visit in a dream from your passed loved one? Or have they surprised you by making noise in your house? In this episode, Spirits & Spaces welcomes it's first guest, Harry Aranda, who shares his personal stories of spirits, dreams and visitations.
June 08, 2021
5. Water. Water Spirits. Water curses. Water healings.
Have you ever heard whispers from the water? Or have you come across a water nymph, water sprite or the Spirit of Water. In they episode we dive into the watery depths of water. We explore the element of water and I share with you a curse that resides over a swamp. I finish this episode with my experience with a water blessing and how you too, can practice healing the waters.
June 04, 2021
4. Encounters with Tree Spirits
Have you ever heard of haunted trees? Or do you talk to trees? The belief in Trees Spirits has been threaded throughout time, different cultures and religions. In this episode we explore the energy of trees, Devil trees and how trees have helped with geomancy work and balancing a site.
May 26, 2021
3. Night terrors, Nightmares & Spirit visitations
Have you ever had night terrors or night mares and wonder how they differ from spirit visitations? Or does your child fear their room at night and tell you about the scary ghost that visit them? This episode we delve into sleep dysfunctions and how they differ from real spirit visitations and tips on what you can do to assist your child if they are fearful of their bedroom, nightmares and ghosts.
May 18, 2021
2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Have you ever felt like you were being watched by something in your mirror? This episode we explore the paranormal experience with mirrors, mirror gazing for grief and Feng Shui best practice tips for mirrors.
May 11, 2021
1. Spirits & Spaces Introduction and a story of how a client dealt with her problem neighbour.
Meet the host of Spirits & Spaces, Renée Longworth as she introduces her new podcast. Also she shares with you one of her passions, Geomancy and tells the story of a client who used this modality to help deal with her problem neighbour. If you would like to share a story for the podcast to air regarding spirits, ghosts, passed loved ones visitations, and other esoteric and mysterious events, please send your story or request to be a guest at
April 05, 2021