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Spiritual Curiosity 🧘🏻

Spiritual Curiosity 🧘🏻

By Spiritual Curiosity

meditation • yoga • philosophy

We talk about spiritual scriptures (through shlokas) and spiritual concepts (eg. nirvana, chakras, Ojas, tantra, brahman)
using authentic and scholarly sources.

Listen to us at all available podcast platforms and nurture your own curiosity.

About Us
We are a team of inquisitive seekers aiming to decentralize spiritual knowledge to make it accessible for everyone. We aim to shed light on esoteric practices and ancient teaching so that our modern generation can understand these concepts better.

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Namaste _/\_
Namaste _/\_
This is the first episode on our podcast. It introduces listeners to our blog. Spiritual Curiosity publishes articles on yoga, lifestyle, spirituality, philosophy, etc. Check us out at :
December 17, 2021