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Hey ya'll!

Since 2016, Spiritual Homegirl has been about bettering self and spirit,from a homegirl perspective; somebody going through the journey day-by-day, just like you!I never push a particular religion or ideology, only that you give each day your best and recognize your power of choice! Why look to a guru, when you can unlock the one that lives within?I talk about virtually any topic that we experience while on the journey of the unknown, and I sometimes bring my Tribe and other special guests on the show to provide different perspectives. I hope the show inspires you, Happy Listening!
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Hey ya'll!

Since 2016, Spiritual Homegirl has been about bettering self and spirit,from a homegirl perspective; somebody going through the journey day-by-day, just like you!I never push a particular religion or ideology, only that you give each day your best and recognize your power of choice! Why look to a guru, when you can unlock the one that lives within?I talk about virtually any topic that we experience while on the journey of the unknown, and I sometimes bring my Tribe and other special guests on the show to provide different perspectives. I hope the show inspires you, Happy Listening!

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88- Be Safe Out Here...
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with another episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast! This is another episode in her “Bootleg Series”, a series where she is guided to speak on things before she can get the audio to her producers for polishing and editing. LOL. This episode, Maria the Spiritual Homegirl has been concerned about the protection of women. And with the recent updates with the Alexis Crawford case, and more women being missing or almost being abducted, Maria had to speak on it. Don’t forget to tap in for Tribe Texts by texting “Scorpio” to 323-765-3996 Maria also talks about possibly taking a social media break as well as Tribe Letter members shopping the online pop-up early on 11/28! Don’t forget to verify your account to complete your signup! http://eepurl.com/duKMn9 Maria also mentioned an episode with the amazing Alexyss K. Tylor with respect to spirituality and sexuality. As promised, here is the link to the episode : https://anchor.fm/spiritualhomegirl/episodes/018---A-Phoenix-Rising-from-the-Ashes-A-Conversation-with-Alexyss-K--Tylor-Part-1-e31857
November 14, 2019
Episode 087-Mercury Retrograde Half-Time Check-In!
Hey y’all! Maria The Spiritual Homegirl noted that we are a little over halfway through the entire Mercury Retrograde (counting both pre-and post shadow phases)! She wanted to check in to make sure that it’s not kicking our ass, and how to quickly pivot if it is. Her free monthly Tribe Letter comes out TOMORROW, sign up here: https://spiritualhomegirl.us15.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=18641d8ba093f3a86b479a182&id=b1cfa212eb
November 10, 2019
086- The Art of the Disconnect/Cut off
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with another episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast! Things happen and sometimes you have to disconnect, and that’s completely fine! But there are many ways to get this done. Maria goes over more than 5 ways that she has studied on the Art of Disconnection. And as always, you can take what resonates and leave what doesn’t! Don’t forget to tap in for Tribe Texts by texting “Scorpio” to 323-765-3996 Sign up below to get a special Thursday Edition of Tribe Letter on 10/31/2019, to get Part 2 of this Episode, an easy Step-By-Step process to disconnect as authentic as possible! Don’t forge to verify your account to complete your signup! https://spiritualhomegirl.us15.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=18641d8ba093f3a86b479a182&id=b1cfa212eb
October 24, 2019
085- Surrender to Align (the bootleg episode)
Signup for Tribe Letter (going out Monday), as well as to get a sneak peek of the PopUp shop once it launches: https://mailchi.mp/92f2a1887746/spiritualhomegirlpopup Maria the Spiritual Homegirl has snuck to do an episode without production (hence it being the “bootleg episode”) on a very special day, listen to find out why it is so special! She also talks about how surrendering is crucial for her alignment and how you can apply that to your own journey, if you choose to do so. :-). Subscribe to Spiritual Homegirl’s YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClfzaF9Vr-xEPh9WBaEBhww
October 10, 2019
084- The Epidemic of Clout Chasing Disease
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with another episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast, produced by Trackademicks  and this week’s topic is about a growing epidemic in our society: CCD, also known as Clout-Chasing Disease. Clout-Chasing Disease is dangerous and highly contagious, and Maria will be discussing symptoms, causes, and cures. Maria is also launching a new t-shirt in honor of this episode, so make sure you that you follow her on Instagram and on the email list in order to be the first to pre-order it!  Instagram http://www.instagram.com/spiritualhomegirl  and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/spiritualhomegirl  Signup for Virgo Season’s Tribe Letter and to stay in touch: http://eepurl.com/duKMn9  Check out my previous episode about Spiritual Elitism here: https://anchor.fm/spiritualhomegirl/episodes/078---The-Problem-of-Spiritual-Elitism-e397t8  Check out the Breakfast Club Interview with Cal Newport here: https://youtu.be/XeNNYMJwZtI  Want the book? Get it on Amazon: Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World https://www.amazon.com/dp/0525536515/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_USUzDbQFYJ9BD
August 29, 2019
083 7 Lessons from Moving Cross Country
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is ready to share some of the things that moving across the country has taught her! This episode has a bit of duality as there’s different sides of the coin to consider when uprooting yourself and planting yourself in new soil. Do you have enough money? How do you navigate new territority? Tune in and find out. Also check out Maria’s feature in VoyageLA Magazine: http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-maria-gates-spiritual-homegirl/
August 8, 2019
82- Everybody Can’t Go
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is settled and satisfied on this week’s episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast! This episode is raw and unfiltered, so it’s not for little ears or those who are sensitive to strong language. In true Retrograde fashion , there are a few technical difficulties that you may be able to hear, but at the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast we push through, period! We will chop about how we may want to take certain people with us on the journey of success and ascension, and how that isn’t always the best course of action. We also are talking about how sacrifice is something is the consequence of our own tongue. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!   Sign up for Leo Season’s Tribe Letter: http://eepurl.com/duKMn9  Text “Homegirl” to 323-765-3996 for some inspiration straight to your inbox ! 
July 25, 2019
But we back with the tea tho...
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with a mini-episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast! Listen in as she provides a quick update on her move, (good, bad, ugly, and productive) and what is in store for the rest of the year... starting with next week’s episode.
July 18, 2019
081- Reclaim Your Dopeness
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with a motivational kick in the pants! After returning from an ancestral trip to St Thomas, she is ready to commence with her Spring Cleaning and hopes that you are geared up to do the same. This includes getting rid of clutter, from clothes and other possessions, to assessing the people in your life. Sometimes we give our dopeness away, this is the perfect season to call your power back to you. If you are ready to sweep away the bs, click play! This episode is raw, live, and direct and isn’t safe for little ears!
May 9, 2019
080-Nipsey Hussle, thank you for your service
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with a tribute episode of the Spiritual Homegirl podcast. She discusses the transition of Nipsey Hussle, and the lessons that she’s taken from his example with respect to community involvement, personal development, and cooperative economics. She also discusses some self care tips while grieving, in hopes that it can help someone in need. She also talks about being of service and the importance of sharing your gifts with others.
April 6, 2019
079- A lesson from the Butterflies
SHHHHH, don’t-tell-NOOOOO-BODY! Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is sneaking to put out an episode of the Podcast while mobbing on the 405 freeway. She reflects on why the weather changes have affected the podcast, changes to Spiritual Homegirl, and what the current Butterly Migration in Los Angeles means to her. Don’t forget to review and subscribe the podcast and tell your Homeboys and Homegirls!
March 15, 2019
078 - The Problem of Spiritual Elitism
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl decided to veer off her episode schedule to address a growing issue in the social media age of spirituality: Spiritual Elitism. As she is never above her own advice, she gives a very raw, NSFW take on what is going on when people use their spirituality for the wrong reasons, social media influencer manipulation, and how a respectful inquiry about the curious case of Audrey Kitching got her blocked on social media, and how accountability is absolutely necessary. Buckle up, this episode isn't for the faint-hearted, easily offended, or those who hate to see their faves be scrutinized, even if for good reason. 
February 21, 2019
077-The Dating Episode
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with her take on all things dating! Communication, ghosting,  toxic bonds soldified by anger, and why sex doesn't equal feelings! This episode is NSFW! Listen with caution! Listen to Episode 76 about Dating with my ex-boyfriend: https://anchor.fm/spiritualhomegirl/episodes/076---The-Breakup-Episode-ft--My-Ex-e3183c Here's the episode with OG Alexyss K. Tylor that I mentioned during this episode: https://anchor.fm/spiritualhomegirl/episodes/018---A-Phoenix-Rising-from-the-Ashes-A-Conversation-with-Alexyss-K--Tylor-Part-1-e31857
February 20, 2019
076 - The Breakup Episode ft. My Ex
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is talking all things breakups with her ex-boyfriend, Yee! They talk about why they broke up and how their lives have been affected since then. They also answer your questions about breakups as well! Maria is also back to doing Meditation Medicine, Medicine Card readings with a twist! To book time with Maria, please send an email to maria@spiritualhomegirl.com!
January 24, 2019
075 - Energy Vampires
Maria is back from a quick social media and podcast hiatus just in time for the Gregorian New Year, and as usual she has a lot to say! We are talking Energy Vampires for the next hour, have you encountered any of them on your own journey? Have you exhibited Energy Vampire behavior as well? Note: This episode is NSFW!
January 3, 2019
074 - The Transformation: An Inspiring Conversation With Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to feature Charlie Rocket on this week's episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast. Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley worked his way up the ranks in the music industry to become co-founder and executive at Street Execs and managing rapper 2Chainz; and now he is an author, podcaster, and NIKE Athlete! You might have seen him in Colin Kapernick's "Dream Crazy" commercial, on CNN.com, documenting his own journey while biking across America, or helping people achieve their dreams! His mission is to transform 1 million lives, and Maria is honored to have him as a guest of the show! This episode, Charlie tells us about: *Being diagnosed with a brain tumor, reversing it, and how diet affected his frequency and vibration *Remaining focused while dealing with multiple adversities *Social media and food addictions *The importance of attuning the heart AND the mind, and heart intelligence *The correlation between strip clubs and motivational speaking events *His mindset that keeps him able to transmute and transform *His new podcast Also, Charlie was kind enough to show me his personal journals and share his secret to manifesting his heart's desires! Grab a friend and a piece of paper and get these gems! Find Charlie Rocket here: www.instagram.com/charlie Theme Music created by Jason "Trackademicks" Valerio Audio Production by Brandon McFarland
November 30, 2018
073 - Beach Wisdom Vol.3
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back on the beach and is ready to roll! This episode is full of fire, live and direct from Santa Monica Beach. *Filming without consent and the minor, respectful confrontation that was captured on-air *Discernment being a form of judgment, and the slight contradiction that comes with this *Why all opportunity isn't good opportunity *6 Lessons that she learned from a visit to a labyrinth and meditation garden *The consequences of ignoring your lower self when it comes to sexual energy *And, a challenge for herself as well as you! This is not NSFW, so wait until the little ones are gone, or plug in your headphones!
November 16, 2018
072 - Spirit, Sex, Conspiracies and Hood Science with Justin Shaifer
072 - Spirit, Sex, Conspiracies and Hood Science with Justin Shaifer by Spiritual Homegirl
November 9, 2018
071 - Broken Silence Vol. 1
071 - Broken Silence Vol. 1 by Spiritual Homegirl
October 19, 2018
070 - La Bruja: A Conversation with @TheMexicanWitch
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to talk to Valeria, the Mexican Witch! They discuss her journey from Mexico to New Orleans (with a few stops in between), what made her go on the path to help others, starting over in a new place, the trendiness and lack of representation in Spirituality, and how to protect yourself from bad energy!
August 30, 2018
069 - Should Healers Charge to Heal?
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is BACK and ready to chat! It's a been a while since we've talked and it's time to catch up! We are discussing her upcoming move to California, whether healers should charge for their services, service-shaming in the community and the difference between genuine support, reciprocity, and how this impacts our bonds.
August 23, 2018
068 - Sexual Energy & Success with Mindsex Mentor Delora Guignion
068 - Sexual Energy & Success with Mindsex Mentor Delora Guignion by Spiritual Homegirl
August 3, 2018
067 - Goddess Power Wisdom with Inga "Nandi" Willis
067 - Goddess Power Wisdom with Inga "Nandi" Willis by Spiritual Homegirl
July 26, 2018
066 - Raising Vegan Children" with Lynda from Raise Vegan Magazine
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to interview Lynda (www.instagram.com/theplantbasedmommy) from Raise Vegan Magazine! She is a new vegan Momma to a baby boy. Lynda became vegan pre-pregnancy and she, her husband and her son are all vegan! She talks about dealing with the differences of "tradition" with respect to food choices for her son, being vegan during pregnancy, and what she feeds her son. In addition to being a Yoga & Pilates instructor, Lynda is also Senior Editor for Raise Vegan Magazine. Raise Vegan is the world's first ever Vegan pregnancy and parenting magazine! It's ran by passionate vegan moms who want to help the world raise compassionate, vegan children and families. Raise Vegan is full of recipes, parenting tips, pregnancy tips and even vegan fashion! Lynda mentions a Facebook Group for vegan mothers and expecting mothers, check it out here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/168346079916067 Check out Raise Vegan Magazine here: www.raisevegan.com www.instagram.com/raisevegan www.instagram.com/veganpregnancyandparenting
July 19, 2018
065 - Beach Wisdom Reloaded
065 - Beach Wisdom Reloaded by Spiritual Homegirl
July 12, 2018
064 - The ‘Christian Conversation’, ft. @1oakallday
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl has a spirited discussion about Christianity with her friend as well as show producer, Brandon McFarland, aka 1-O.A.K.! Brandon is a devout Christian and the next hour or so is a respectful discussion about their differences and even similarities regarding Christianity. They discuss each other’s journeys growing up in religious household, and what caused one to eventually leave and what made the other choose to stay committed to the faith. They also discuss the current issues with Christianity and why it has the reputation that it does, for better or for worse, and what could be done to make positive change.
June 28, 2018
063 - Mental Matters Reloaded with Shanaya Hansford
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is honored to bring back her Homegirl, Shanaya Hansford of Miss Hansford’s Studio! Shanaya is a mental health advocate, as well as entrepreneur and celebrity esthetician. Shanaya was also a previous Mental Matters guest, and discussed her diagnosis and mental health from a first person point of view for understanding. We will reshare her story this episode with a special update at the end. Also, with the recent suicide deaths of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams, we also get some good perspective from Shanaya about dealing with our loved ones who are suicidal.
June 14, 2018
062 - Non-violent parenting with Author Krischa Esquivel
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to interview author Krischa Esquivel about a topic that has yet to be covered on the show; they are discussing non-violent parenting! This episode is perfect for parents and non-parents as this provides an alternative perspective on raising happy children, as well as reflect on our own upbringing. They discuss the following: *Bullying *Punishment vs discipline *The art of communication with children *Why creating “good” children in schools may not necessarily mean happy, healthy productive members of society later Whether you have children of your own or interact with children in any capacity, we all can learn from this episode. Here’s a quick bio about Krischa: Krischa Esquivel, the author of Losing Control, a Guide to Successful Non-Violent Parenting, has worked in the field of early education for 22 years in a variety of capacities including training and technical assistance, curriculum development, safe environments for early education settings, and various State and Federally Funded grants. Krischa guest lectures at colleges and universities on parenting, attachment parenting and overall best practices in Early Education. She has trained at regional and national conferences and presented workshops for school districts, Head Start agencies and private non-profit agencies. Krischa does consulting work in the areas of early education environments, assessments, teaming, parenting, effective supervision and coaching, caregiver-child interactions and numerous other topics related to working with adults, families, staff and children. She is sought after for her work and training on non-traditional parenting, and has been a guest on a number of podcasts, presented key note addresses Krischa has most recently been asked to be a featured speaker at a local TEDx production. Krischa’s driving force and deep advocacy for children is grounded in her most important role as the mother of 2 children. Get the book here: www.losingcontrolbook.com
June 8, 2018
061 - Environmental Racism, Activism and Self-Care with @BrownGirl_Green
Maria is excited to interview Kristy from BrownGirl_Green! Kristy is a young activist who has a passion for environmental issues and making our world better. She talks about finding her voice as a woman and POC, the unspoken side of activism and burn-out, and why self-care is important. Kristy even talks about how she used dating app Tinder in her activism, and the spiritual connection to Mother Nature. Listen in for some tips on how to be more environmentally conscious, as well as information that we should know about the changes that we are experiencing in the world. Find Kristy here: Www.instagram.com/BrownGirl_Green Homegirl Meetup Atlanta is June 3! Sign up for the mailing list to get the details, tomorrow evening!(Friday) : www.spiritualhomegirl.com There will be a popup fitness event the week after, so stay tuned!
May 31, 2018
060 - Beach Wisdom
A few weeks ago, Maria the Spiritual Homegirl brought her microphone down to St Thomas and recorded on the beaches of the Virgin Islands! This is Maria’s most opinionated episode to date. Also, this is was two episodes in one, and they represent both polarities of who Maria is. One episode was hella lit, the other was very calm, but both are very introspective. There’s some cameos from some family members as well. From how to deal with character attacks and conflict, heartbreak, intuition and grand theft auto, what a childhood idol taught her about family, dealing with professional misery and failed timelines, celebrating and finding your own tribe, support truly being a verb, and why we should live like pelicans. As promised, here are some links referenced in this week’s episode: “The Effects of Social Media with Dr. Giselle Cunningham” https://soundcloud.com/spiritualhomegirl/mentalmatters-drcunningham Find Make Peace With The Day here: Www.instagram.com/makepeacewiththeday Sign up for Spiritual Homegirl/Make Peace With the Day’s Mailing List here: http://eepurl.com/duKMn9 Virgin Island Soca: https://soundcloud.com/poizon-band/bang-bang-by-poizon-band-2k18
May 24, 2018
059 - Elder’s Wisdom with Momma Homegirl
This episode, Maria chops it up with her Momma! Momma Homegirl reminds us that sometimes things are simpler than we make it. Maria picks Momma Homegirl’s brain on various topics, such as love, life, purpose, perseverance, and the power of choice.
May 17, 2018
058 - Millennial Masculinity with Josh of @FreeNegroUniversity
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl interviews Josh from Free Negro University on his mission and why it’s bigger than just t-shirts! They discuss the Times Up Movement ,R.Kelly, whether men are truly trash, Bill Cosby, Kanye, and the argument of “kinfolk vs skinfolk”, and hypocrisy. Find Josh here: www.instagram.com/freenegrouniversity Get your ticket to Yoga 101 in Atlanta here: http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/yoga-101-tickets/
May 11, 2018
057 - Yoga 101 Reloaded with Dre from Miniature Yogi
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl chats with her Homegirl Dre from Miniature Yogi! Dre explains the history of Yoga, how it saved her life and the benefits of a moving meditation! Maria also shares a life changing update at the end of this episode. This episode initially aired during the very first Yoga 101 event in January. Maria and Dre will team up again for another Yoga 101 Session on 5/12/2018 from 2-4pm at Cosmic Energy Fitness Studio in Atlanta, Georgia! Get your tickets here: http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/yoga-101-tickets/
April 27, 2018
056 - Africa is Now with Young Paris
Spiritual Homegirl caught up with Cultural Ambassador and RocNation Artist Young Paris while on a trip to New York! They discuss Afrobeats, why Africa is not just a "trend", the symbolism of his face paint, his mission beyond entertainment, cultural appropriation, and love. Young Paris' also has a new project coming out on May 16 entitled "My Tribe", check out a snippet of his song "Runaway": audiomack.com/song/afrobeats-1/runaway-snippet
April 19, 2018
055 - Rome Reloaded
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with one of her loved ones, Rome Green Jr, aka Spiritual Romeboy! They catch up on what Rome has been up to since Episode 30, and how much he has grown energetically. From uncertainty, parents, staying consistent, relationships, never giving up, favorite books and even sex magic, they discuss it all. This is definitely one episode you want to tune into! To view the first half of the interview on YouTube, go here: https://youtu.be/b4oKRMmLMoo Listen to the Episode 30 here: https://soundcloud.com/spiritualhomegirl/friendship-faith-funny-a-conversation-with-rome-from-dormtainment
April 12, 2018
054 - What is a Black Minimalist? With Kenya Cecilia Rose
This week, Maria the Spiritual Homegirl Talks with Kenya Cecilia Rose of Black Minimalists about what being a minimalist is and how their group formed. It goes beyond giving away tangible material things, and Kenya explains their mission with respect to minimalism and helping others live more intentionally. They also discuss a fun, introductory course that Black Minimalists is offering about Minimalism and the importance of representation in what people consider a “niche” community. Sign up for the course here: https://blackminimalists.net/shop/black-minimalist-mini-course Find Black Minimalists here: https://blackminimalists.net Find Kenya here: https://kenyaceceliarose.com/
April 5, 2018
053 - Retrograde Reloaded
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with another episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast to talk about Mercury Retrograde! This episode was requested by a special listener in Florida, shout out to you! Maria talks about what Mercury is, what a Retrograde is, and how it all comes together in Aries. She goes into a beginner’s explanation of the stages of Retrograde, her opinion on the debates and generalizations of astrology, and her take on this current Mercury Retrograde. Also, shoutout to everyone who came to Homegirl Supper Club with Chef Babette Davis of Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, California and Vegan Enthusiast Silvia Mathis-Manning! Chef Babette gave Maria her recipe for quick and easy vegan mac&cheese! It’s in this episode as well. :-) Also, due to demand, the Spiritual Homegirl and Homeboy hoodies are back on sale for a limited run! Yoga 101 with Miniature Yogi is also going down as well on May 12, 2018! Both sold out last time, get your tickets and hoodies sooner than later.
March 29, 2018
052 - Hater 101 Reloaded
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is so excited to begin a new cycle as it is indeed Aries Season! She brings back one of her first episodes of the podcast to help you with Spring Cleaning and getting your energy right. Sometimes we have to assess those around us to determine who is beneficial or just energy vampires. Haters are Professional Vampers and gotta go! We’re talking Maria’s Five Types of Haters, universal laws, gratitude, and how to handle the low vibrations on Part 1 of the Two Part Hater 101 series! Heads-up, this episode is PG-13! Don’t forget to get your tickets to Yoga 101 with Dre from Miniature Yogi! The first 20 to sign up receive a free Yoga 101 t-shirt and a complimentary Sun/Moon/Ascendant analysis! http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/yoga-101-tickets/
March 22, 2018
051 - Goddess Boss with Kiwi the Beauty
Happy Homegirl Thursday! Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is excited to share another one of her Homegirls’ stories with you this episode, the story of Kiwi The Beauty! If you ever wanted to know someone can make a concept and build it from the ground up, this is the episode to listen to! Kiwi and Spiritual Homegirl talk about Kiwi’s journey, how they met in high school, the important of consistent drive, dedication and hard work with respect to manifesting, and how Kiwi was able to meet Oprah based on her hard work thru an awesome opportunity. KiSheyna Durham is the free spirited writer and content creator of KiwiTheBeauty.com. Affectionately known as "Kiwi", she considers herself a quirky media, beauty and lifestyle blogger in which she blogs life beautifully via her perspective and camera lens. She is more than an online personality as she is a photographer, freelance writer, hostess, beauty editor, curly girl advocate, friend, lover but most importantly attempting to be your favorite blogger! Accolades include hair spokemodel for Miss Jessie's, previous beauty influencer for Family Dollar and Dollar General, current Carnival Cruise Partner, present Disney Blogger and more. Don’t forget to check out the updated website and Maria’s 31 Day Video Diary at www.spiritualhomegirl.com
March 16, 2018
050 - Elder Wisdom with Chef Babette Davis
Maria Spiritual Homegirl is grateful for your support and to present the 50th episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast! She is also honored to feature a special elder for such a milestone: Chef Babette Davis! Chef Babette is a mother, grandmother, wife, author, vegan, fitness enthusiast, and proud owner of the “Stuff I Eat” restaurant in Inglewood, California! This episode is about all things life, love, business and health! Chef Babette brings her lovely energy and Elder Wisdom to the show and discusses aging gracefully (and why it’s not all about “looking good”), finding veganism at the age of 40, how to talk to family members about transitioning to healthy lifestyles, staying inspired, launching a business in the middle of a recession, and relationships. She is also launching a dessert cookbook entitled “Cash-in-on Cashews”, you can pre-order and learn more about it here: www.Chefbabette.com Find her on Instagram here : www.instagram.com/chefbabette Catch Maria the Spiritual Homegirl at the following events: 3/10 Co-host at Veggie Connection Nights 7pm-10pm www.theveggieconnection.com 3/24 Spiritual Homegirl Presents “Yoga 101” With Dre from Miniature Yogi! One hour yoga session, light plant-based snacks afterward and FREE “Yoga 101” shirt for the first 20 who signs up! www.spiritualhomegirl.com/products/yoga-101-tickets
March 8, 2018
049 - Crew Love: A conversation with the World-Famous Honor Roll Crew
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is honored to interview Whiz Ward, Trackademicks, and 1-O.A.K. of the World-Famous Honor Roll Crew! (All pun intended!) Also known as HNRL Crew, this 9 member collective has been a strong fixture in the Bay Area Music scene (and the music scene at large) for over ten years. We discuss how the crew was formed, roles/group dynamics, dealing with challenges, and the importance of mentorship, partnership, and seeing the vision to fruition! If you are interested in starting your own collective in any field, this is the episode for you! Find them here: Www.instagram.com/hnrlcrew Www.instagram.com/1oakallday Www.instagram.com/trackademicks Www.instagram.com/itswhiz Also, if you have not gotten your ticket for the Make Peace With The Day Workshop about all things stress management with Dr. Giselle Cunningham LPC NCC ACS, get yours here: www.spiritualhomegirl.com/shop If you live outside of the Atlanta area and would like to view a live-stream of the event, send an email at www.spiritualhomegirl.com
March 1, 2018
048 - Mental Health with Dr. Giselle Cunningham”
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with her Mental Health Homegirl, Dr. Giselle Cunningham, PhD! Dr. Giselle (or as Maria calls her, “Dr. G”) is also a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), NCC (Nationally Certified Counselor) and an ACS (Approved Clinical Supervisor). She obtained her bachelor degree from Georgia Southern, and her master & doctorate degrees from Mercer University. So if anyone knows what they are talking about with mental health, it’s Dr. G! She talks about her journey to becoming Dr. G as a child growing up in Jamaica and the United States, her view with respect to the state of mental health in schools, whether the dialogue surrounding mental health is truly productive, how to be an advocate, and advice for aspiring Mental Health Professionals. Dr. G will also be partnering with Spiritual Homegirl for an interactive workshop entitled “Make Peace With The Day”! Tickets are limited to 20 people and is designed to help understand all things related to stress, anxiety, coping mechanisms and any other issues regarding mental health. Dr. G will bring her knowledge and expert advice, and Spiritual Homegirl will also be providing gifts to everyone who attends, so get your tickets ASAP! www.spiritualhomegirl.com/shop
February 22, 2018
047 - The World According to Dr. Supreme Understanding
Spiritual Homegirl catches up with Dr. Supreme Understanding before he embarks on his nationwide tour for a no-holds-barred conversation about his understanding of history and the modern world. They also discuss his upbringing as an immigrant, his views on relationships, his mission as an accomplished author, and his upcoming nationwide tour. This conversation is raw and unfiltered, so this episode may not be suitable for young ears or sensitive listeners. Find Dr. Supreme Understanding here: Www.supremeunderstanding.com Also, there’s ten hoodies left! Purchase a Spiritual Homegirl or Spiritual Homeboy Hoodie here: http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/hoodies/
February 16, 2018
046 - Homegirl Spotlight with Community Advocate Evonna Christmon
Hey y’all! Spiritual Homegirl is honored to be the first to share the story of Evonna Christmon of Blossoming Brown Girls! We talk about the importance of positive presence in our communities, her upcoming inaugural event in Atlanta, when Evonna decided to become a community advocate, and the moment she decided to stop waiting and just do what she was called to do! Find Evonna here: Www.instagram.com/blossomingbrowngirls Spiritual Homegirl is taking pre-orders for her limited edition Spiritual Homegirl and Spiritual Homeboy hoodies! There’s only a pre-set amount of inventory, so purchase yours before midnight on 2/17/2018! Buy one here: http://spiritualhomegirl.com/product/hoodies/
February 8, 2018
045 - The Toxic People Episode
Spiritual Homegirl has received a lot of messages about different situations that you all go through. The common denominator appeared to be people who were showing behaviors that appeared to be “toxic”, so Spiritual Homegirl decided to share her perspective about toxic people! She goes over what she has experienced that has led her to classify certain behaviors as toxic, and why examples of these behaviors can’t be allowed to distract, deter, or defeat us as we grow along the journey. Also there are a couple of pops for the first 6 minutes of this episode. Spiritual Homegirl was so excited to talk about this that she moved the mic a few times while explaining things in her usual, animated, "over-the-top" way. We apologize if it causes any issues!
February 2, 2018
044 - Plant Based Turnup
Spiritual Homegirl is back with Sahsha and Lateefah from The Veggie Connection based out of California as to their nationwide party called Veggie Connection Nights. They discuss the need for plant based friendly turn-ups, why this event is friendly for all types of people, and what Veggie Connection has in the works in the near future. Maria will also be co-hosting Veggie Connection Nights along with Sahsha and Lateefah! Get tickets to Veggie Connection Nights and find out more about the Veggie Connection here: Www.theveggieconnection.com Instagram.com/theveggieconnection
January 25, 2018
043 - Self Love and Wellness: Tiana Allen of The Wellness Sanctuary
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl talks with Tiana Allen, owner of The Wellness Sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia. They discuss self love,  entrepreneurship, as well as the upcoming “Hey Lovely: A Self-Love Event”, in which she and Maria will be speaking at 1/27/2018! Find Tiana here: thewellnesssanctuaryinc.com instagram.com/thewellnesssanctuaryinc Get tickets to Hey Lovely Here: HeyLovely.Eventbrite.com
January 18, 2018
042 - Yoga 101 with @MiniatureYogi
Spiritual Homegirl is excited to host her very first event, Yoga 101, on January 20th with her friend, Registered Yoga Teacher (200 Hour), and this week's guest, Dre of @MiniatureYogi ! They talk about the origins of yoga, how yoga isn't exclusive to a particular body type, fitness level, or aesthetic, how Dre was introduced to yoga, how yoga is a way of life vs. just a workout, yoga for children, and their upcoming event, Yoga 101! Find Dre here: www.instagram.com/miniatureyogi Buy tickets to Yoga 101: www.yoga101atl.eventbrite.com, only 15 slots left!
January 11, 2018
041 - OG Wisdom with HipHop Legend Tajai Massey of Hieroglyphics
Spiritual Homegirl invites you to listen to a conversation between she and one of her favorite OGs, Tajai Massey! They have a spirited discussion about Tajai growing up in East Oakland, California, how he found music, the need to be present in the community, the importance of having a forward thinking tribe, “oldheads vs OGs”, adaptability through a flawed system, and finding multiple passions throughout his journey. Find Tajai here: www.twitter.com/tajaimassey www.instagram.com/prointelcompany (Instagram) www.twitter.com/rapnoir (Upcoming project) www.hibiscusgarden.com (Tajai's hotel's website) www.hieroglyphics.com (Hiero's website)
January 4, 2018
040 - Paychecks to Power and Financial Detoxing with Shannaan Dawda, CPA
Spiritual Homegirl talks with certified public accountant and author Shannaan Dawda, who has helped his clients pay over a million dollars in debt. He talks about his journey through finance, including paying 26,000 dollars of personal debt in less than a year, and how he is using his knowledge to educate others. To purchase his book, “Paychecks to Power” or get involved with his free 31 day financial detox, visit frompaycheckstopower.com
December 21, 2017
039 - Why 2017 Can Still Be Your Year
Get your pen and paper ready! Spiritual Homegirl will be your accountability partner this episode! We will determine why we rush into the new year without giving our best effort while living through the current year. She gives tips to live more mindfully and hold ourselves accountable, day by day , and written exercises to help us make peace with 2017. Together, we can give a productive, strong finish for the remainder of 2017!
December 14, 2017
038 - #BlackGirlMagic Linkup: A conversation with @SaraMakeba
Spiritual Homegirl meets cultural history interpreter and afro-futurist enthusiast Sara Makeba at Stone Mountain Park, America’s largest confederate memorial and previous home of the Ku Klux Klan. They discuss afro-futurist theory, the nation-wide critique on blackness and Makeba shares some of her research of black women throughout history. Find Sara here: Www.saramakeba.com Real Black Grandmothers project: www.Realblackgrandmothers.com
December 7, 2017
037 - What Death is Teaching Me About Living
Spiritual Homegirl comes back from a brief hiatus after a death in the family to explain some quick lessons she has learned about living and being more present for ourselves and our loved ones. She also answers a listener submitted question from London, England.
November 30, 2017
Gratitude&A quick show update
Hey y’all! This is completely unplanned and off schedule (my producer doesn’t even know LOL)...but I wanted to quickly explain why I took two weeks off of the show. I wanted to regroup and give myself the opportunity to grieve before returning. Also, I think that I have the perfect episode to come back with;I want to share with y’all what death has taught me about living. We’ll talk more about it this Thursday. :)
November 27, 2017
036 - Energy and Artwork: A conversation with Artist Keenan Chapman
Spiritual Homegirl has a conversation with her friend Keenan Chapman about his journey as an artist and energetic being. They discuss his upbringing in South Central, Los Angeles, finding his gift as a small child, what God means to him, and how he loves his people and community so much, he vowed to use his talents to celebrate and uplift them.
November 9, 2017
035 - Passport Required: A Conversation with World Traveler Darnell L. Walker
Spiritual Homegirl interviews an intellectual, activist, visionary, and world traveler; Darnell Lamont Walker. We discuss his beginnings in Charlottesville, Virginia, and whether present day Charlottesville is different than it was when he was growing up. We also discuss how he found his creative voice, merged that with his activism, and how his journey brought into the world of filmmaking. Darnell also tells us how he began traveling the world and how he started his company, Passport Required to help others travel as well. For those who are curious about how to travel on a budget, or how to stop overthinking about taking the trip that they have always wanted, listen in as Darnell answers some of your listener-submitted travel questions! www.darnellLwalker.com www.passportrequired.com
November 2, 2017
034 - The Yoni Episodes with @Vagesteem (Part 2)
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl is back with part two of her 'collab episode' with Sexual Health Educator Vanessa from @Vagesteem (www.vagesteem.com). The "Girl Talk" continues as they discuss why 'putting coconut oil on everything' may not be the best option, the downside of sex toys that is rarely discussed and alternative options, and listener submitted questions about orgasm issues, the relevancy (or lack thereof) of adult films, whether size really matters and hair removal.
October 26, 2017
033 - The Yoni Episode with @Vagesteem (Part 1)
The Spiritual Homegirl teams up with fellow podcaster Vanessa from @Vagesteem about all things pertaining to "down there". This is the first of a two week series where Vanessa and Maria have Girl Talk about the breakdown of the female anatomy, why men and women should know this, and having healthy conversations to remove the stigma surrounding sex. Vanessa also talks about her passion for educating and empowering women and how she started her company Vagesteem and her own podcast, embarrassing stories, why "faking it" isn't smart, as well as some listener submitted questions. Check out Vanessa at www.vagesteem.com Www.instagram.com/vagesteem Www.soundcloud.com/vagesteem
October 19, 2017
032 - For the Culture: Filmmaker Jasmine Leyva of "The Invisible Vegan"
Actress and filmmaker Jasmine Leyva talks about her journey to becoming vegan, the disproportionate representation of vegans in mainstream media and why class and race play a role in this. She her upcoming documentary film, "The Invisible Vegan", interviews notable black vegans such as John Salley and Russell Simmons.
October 12, 2017
031 - Mental Matters: A Conversation with Celebrity Esthetician Shanaya Hansford
On this episode of SHP Maria talks with celebrity esthetician Shanaya Hansford about her life long battle with depression, attempts at suicide and how she deals with all this while being an entrepreneur.
October 5, 2017
030 - Friendship, Faith & Funny: A Conversation with Rome from Dormtainment
On this episode of SHP, Maria talks to Dormtainment's Stevie "Rome" Green Jr.
September 28, 2017
029 - The Birds&The Bees with Holistic Health Practitioner Robin LaCross
On this weeks episode, I have a candid talk to holistic sexual educator Robin LaCross. We cover a range of topics including having "the talk" with our children, HPV, STI disclosure, and listener questions about sex and sexual health. Find Robin LaCross @: www.raisingempowereddaughters.com www.HPVedu.com www.fertilitydeva.com
September 21, 2017
028 - Purpose, Profit & Inspiration: Financial Advisor, Curtis J. Williams (@AWealthMovement)
Curtis J merged his passions of music and money and made a career out of it. On this episode of SHP, Curtis ​names two things you can't fake in business and in life, putting on Drake's first concert as a college student, how to overcome the many obstacles we experience on life's journey.
August 24, 2017
027 - A Conversation with Lateefah, Founder of The Veggie Connection
On this episode of the Spiritual Homegirl Podcast, Maria talks to the founder and curator of The Veggie Connection, an Atlanta based event created to educated and connect people in a plant based lifestyle.
August 17, 2017
026 - Passion and Paychecks: A conversation with Monique Meertens of @Qualitarian.Life
On this episode of Spiritual Homegirl Podcast, we talk with holistic health coach , personal trainer and brand strategist Monique Meertens about finding fulfillment in multiple passions. Vist her website: Qualitarian.Life
August 10, 2017
025 - For the Culture: A Conversation with Artist and Storyteller, Natalie Daise
Visual artist and storyteller, Natalie Daise integrated culture and creativity with the 90s children's television series Gullah Gullah Island. Hear the story of her journey in her words on this episode of Spiritual Homegirl Podcast.
August 3, 2017
024 - Grow Your Own: A Conversation with Chris Edwards From Mayflor Farms
Spiritual Homegirl talks to Chris from Mayflor Farms about all things farming and gardening! He talks why millenials aren't into farming or gardening and how to start, GMOs, his own journey into farming, herbal medicine and his time studying this in Ghana. www.instagram.com/mayflorfarms www.mayflorfarms.com
July 27, 2017
023 - Mental Matters: The Social Media Matrix: A Talk with Dr. Giselle Cunningham PhD LPC NCC ACS
On this episode of SHP, Maria talks with mental health professional Dr. Giselle Cunningham about the potential dangers on social media.
July 20, 2017
022 - Mental Matters: A Talk Between Friends
On this mental matters episode of SHP, Maria talks with a good friend of hers who shares his story of living with depression, and anxiety.
July 13, 2017
021 - The World of Braxton Cook
On this episode of SHP I talk with artist/musician Braxton Cook about leaving college for life on the road, the transition from musician to artist and more. His new album 'Somewhere In Between' is available now on all digital platforms.
July 6, 2017
020 - The Game: A Conversation with Living Legend Dick Gregory
Maria the Spiritual Homegirl kicks off the second season of SHP with a candid conversation with legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory. Gregory flows (with little interruption) about politics, sex & relationships, fighting sickness and everything in between. Theme Music: "Affirmation" by Trackademicks https://soundcloud.com/trackademicks/affirmation-no-limits Subscribe on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spiritual-homegirl/id1205350497?mt=2
June 29, 2017
019 - A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: A Conversation with Alexyss K. Tylor (Part 2)
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! We are on Episode #18, for those familiar with Numerology, 1+8=9. 9 is the number of completion and I feel this is the perfect number to end my first season of Spiritual Homegirl! I will be back very soon, locked and loaded, with another season of thought-provoking topics and people! I am so thankful for you all listening over these past 18 episodes, from all over the globe! From South Africa, to Jamaica, to London, to India and Canada, to Stateside love from Oakland, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and all towns in between, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I GIVE NOTHING BUT SINCERE GRATITUDE FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF MY BEING! *e-hugs* This last episode for my first season definitely went out with a "BANG!", with me interviewing the human dynamo herself, Alexyss K. Tylor, pioneer of the Spirituality&Sexuality Movement, author, singer and host of "Vagina Power" ! I first saw Alexyss on Youtube about ten years ago, I was shocked yet in awe of how direct, raw and "in-your-face" her approach was to sexuality and self empowerment! She went viral before the term "Going Viral" was even coined. I was honored that she agreed to interview with me, and we talk about EVERYTHING. Sexuality, Vagina Power, Penis Power, abuse, claiming our personal power, and she also answers your questions in this two-part series! You all asked some bomb questions, so thank you in advance! In the meantime, get into this bio: Alexyss K. Tylor is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a ordained minister, motivational speaker, tarot card and intuitive reader. She also has a nutritional supplement line as well as custom blended natural hair and skin care line. She is also the daughter of the late, great Jackie Wilson. She has been featured on BET, Tru-Tv, Playboy Radio, the Maury Povich Show, Tosh.O, Sirius Radio, and has done voiceover work for the movie "Precious".Alexyss was also the creator and producer of "The Alexyss K. Tylor Vagina Power Show" which aired on Public Access TV in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has been featured as a speaker at Spelman College and Howard University Medical School. Alexyss also is the author of the following books and audiobooks: Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, Penis Power, Vagina Healing with Your Man, Sci-Fi Sex Thriller "Khemortal Warscience". Alexyss has also created the Sci-Fi Sex Cartoon "Adventures of Dr. MyLong Wood (with co-author Hip-Hop Artist Dinero Red), as well as managing and producing Dinero Red, who is also her son. She is prominently featured on his latest mixtape. You can also find Alexyss on her website, Facebook, and Twitter , just click on these links! (found on spiritualhomegirl.com) If you are familiar with Ms Alexyss K. Tylor you already know that this interview is NFSW, unless you have headphones. This interview is truly for mature, grown , audiences only. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
January 20, 2017
018 - A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: A Conversation with Alexyss K. Tylor (Part 1)
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! We are on Episode #18, for those familiar with Numerology, 1+8=9. 9 is the number of completion and I feel this is the perfect number to end my first season of Spiritual Homegirl! I will be back very soon, locked and loaded, with another season of thought-provoking topics and people! I am so thankful for you all listening over these past 18 episodes, from all over the globe! From South Africa, to Jamaica, to London, to India and Canada, to Stateside love from Oakland, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and all towns in between, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I GIVE NOTHING BUT SINCERE GRATITUDE FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF MY BEING! *e-hugs* This last episode for my first season definitely went out with a "BANG!", with me interviewing the human dynamo herself, Alexyss K. Tylor, pioneer of the Spirituality&Sexuality Movement, author, singer and host of "Vagina Power" ! I first saw Alexyss on Youtube about ten years ago, I was shocked yet in awe of how direct, raw and "in-your-face" her approach was to sexuality and self empowerment! She went viral before the term "Going Viral" was even coined. I was honored that she agreed to interview with me, and we talk about EVERYTHING. Sexuality, Vagina Power, Penis Power, abuse, claiming our personal power, and she also answers your questions in this two-part series! You all asked some bomb questions, so thank you in advance! In the meantime, get into this bio: Alexyss K. Tylor is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a ordained minister, motivational speaker, tarot card and intuitive reader. She also has a nutritional supplement line as well as custom blended natural hair and skin care line. She is also the daughter of the late, great Jackie Wilson. She has been featured on BET, Tru-Tv, Playboy Radio, the Maury Povich Show, Tosh.O, Sirius Radio, and has done vpiceover work for the movie "Precious".Alexyss was also the creator and producer of "The Alexyss K. Tylor Vagina Power Show" which aired on Public Access TV in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has been featured as a speaker at Spelman College and Howard University Medical School. Alexyss also is the author of the following books and audiobooks: Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, Penis Power, Vagina Healing with Your Man, Sci-Fi Sex Thriller "Khemortal Warscience". Alexyss has also created the Sci-Fi Sex Cartoon "Adventures of Dr. MyLong Wood (with co-author Hip-Hop Artist Dinero Red), as well as managing and producing Dinero Red, who is also her son. She is prominently featured on his latest mixtape. You can also find Alexyss on her website, Facebook, and Twitter , just click on these links! (found on spiritualhomegirl.com) If you are familiar with Ms Alexyss K. Tylor you already know that this interview is NFSW, unless you have headphones. This interview is truly for mature, grown , audiences only. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
January 13, 2017
017 - Spiritual Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Dr. Sherry Henderson of The Inner Space
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! For those who have talents and are not sure how to make use of them, I have just the episode for you! Dr. Sherry is my Astrology teacher and is also the owner of Inner Space Atlanta and the corresponding bookstore, Hoot Owl Attic, (which is one of my Spiritual Homes) :-) She was finding ways to make money out of doing things that she loved since she was a little girl, and has had several businesses throughout her journey. If anybody knows about Entrepreneurship, it's her! Get into her bio: drsherryDr. Sherry Henderson is a metaphysician and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Atlantian Mystery Schools, founded in 1995, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, Tarot, world religion and spiritual business classes. She is a practicing Tarot reader & astrologer. Dr. Henderson is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia. She also is the Editor of the The Oracle 20-20 Magazine which is distributed throughout the entire Southeast. If you go to any places are spiritually friendly, you will see The Oracle 20-20! We talk about the Inner Space and Hoot Owl Attic her business philosophy, her definition of success and happiness, what motivates her, how to stay inspired and in motion during tough financial times, things to keep in mind on the entrepreneurial journey, as well as what integrity and value means to her! We also talk but networking and the importance of genuine compliments, as well as some positive changes with the Inner Space, including a Holistic Health Spa as well as Raw Food Programs! By the way, she is a Sagittarius. :-) The Inner Space also hosts a Psychic Fair every 3rd weekend of the month as well! If you want to check out their programs, go to www.theinnerspace.com ! Happy Listening, Spiritual Homegirl
January 6, 2017
016 Money Talks: A conversation with Jarim Person-Lynn
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! This is the last episode of 2016 and I am excited to have it be about Finances! For those that have New Year's Resolutions and intend on starting fresh for 2017, you're in for a real treat! Here is a quick rundown on who I interviewed today, Jarim Person-Lynn from Brass Knuckle Finance ! Jarim Person-Lynn, is the Author of Brass Knuckle Finance & This is Why You're Broke. Founder and Wealth Coach for The Winner's Circle LLC. Jarim Person-Lynn knows all too well how the trappings of debt and poverty can derail the dreams of the inner city youth. Growing up submerged in the flossy and flashy L.A. culture through the late 90s/early 2000s and taught to buy first then think about how to pay for it later, he found himself ultimately working day and night to pay off someone else’s life. By 2007 he had found himself in $550k worth of mortgage, credit card and car loan debt. After a few false starts and partial escapes from old ways of thinking, Jarim got completely fed up with his situation in 2009 and vowed to eliminate the “Keeping up with the Joneses” status quo that had tried to claim him and so many of his friends both financially and emotionally. Beginning with free in-person one-on-one financial consultations with thousands of blacks and latinos in L.A., he would go on to also use social media to build a client base of over 1,800 for The Winner's Circle. He would also put together 5 informative books filled with everything he had learned working with so many Blacks & Latinos in getting out of debt. Now with a clothing line called "Ekonomics" that supports his signature message of “Buy Less, Live More. Screw the Joneses” along with the introduction of free weekly financial classes in community centers in and around Los Angeles, the only thing standing in his way is the very mentality of every person he is attempting to save. This time, however, its war. Further info on the various BKF programs as well as The Winner’s Circle Group can be found on www.BKFUniversity.com. He can also be found on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook We talk about EVERYTHING. from rental properties, when to hire an Accountant, leveraging student loans to get a mortgage, whether credit repair companies are legit, how to be a hybrid entrepreneur and starting a business, andddddd Polygamy with respect to finances. LOL Yes. Polygamy. I am also giving away 2 copies of Jarim's E-Book, "Brass Knuckle Finance" and how to win is in this episode as well! This is a longer episode so feel free to take notes, or you can brew some hot cocoa or hot tea, and kick back, relax, and listen! Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
December 29, 2016
015 - The Chop Up: A Conversation with Celebrity Chef Afya Ibomu
Hey ya'll!! I am SUPER excited to share this interview with you all! As a woman on the journey, I love meeting other women with great energy, who are open to chop and share their journeys and knowledge. Everyone is a mentor to me, whether they know it or not. I am always grateful for the opportunity to learn! I met Afya at VegFest here in Atlanta about a month ago, and was over the moon to meet her! Her energy is so chill and I was honored to interview with her. She is a real Queen. :-) Get into this bio real quick and you will see why I was so amped to interview her: Afya Ibomu is a Holistic Nutritionist, author, the President of RBGFITCLUB.com and has been vegan since 1990. Afya is certified in Holistic Health and holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. Her fourth book, The Vegan Remix was released in 2015 and was named one of the best vegan cookbooks of 2015 by Vegetarian Times Magazine. Afya’s third book The Vegan Soul Food Guide to the Galaxy, was nominated for an African American Literary Award for cookbook of the year. She is also the author of the Get Your Crochet On! pattern book series, that have sold over 30,000 copies. Afya is a celebrity nutritionist and crochet designer working with hip hop artists such as Erykah Badu, Common, Dead Prez and Talib Kweli. Afya currently conducts cooking demos and classes, teaches nutrition workshops and counsels fitness competitors. She lives in Atlanta with her husband stic of dead prez and their teenage son Itwela and toddler Nkosua. To keep up with what afya is doing, check her out on all social media platforms @afyaibomu I have hella respect for Afya because she not only has the experience with being vegan, she has the training and education on this as well! She has the best of both worlds. She has been vegan for 26 years. YES. 26 YEARS. She is not new to this vegan life, she is TRUE to this vegan life! So she knows what she is talking about! We discuss her food philosophy, the difference between 'plant-based' and 'vegan', the benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables, and whether soy reallllly deserves the bad rap that it gets. Afya also answers some of your questions that you all have submitted for her to answer, so if you submitted, listen out for your answer! She also speaks on supplements, how to transition and remain consistent with eating vegan,and gives a gem for women wanting to incorporate a vegan diet while maintaining a cute figure. Shoutout to the Queen that submitted that question. LOL Also, I have a giveaway for a lucky listener and their Homegirl/Homeboy at the end of this podcast, I'll tell you how to answer after the interview. ;-) Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
December 15, 2016
014 - MentalMatters: A conversation with @DionnKatrina
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! After some hella technical difficulties, I'm here! LOL I thought long and hard about the direction that I wanted to take with this podcast. I wanted to speak on topics that we all can relate to on varying levels, from curiosity to first-hand experience. Mental Health is something that has always been important to me. I have had my own issues with temper (which I will discuss a bit more in a later episode), but I think sometimes we as members of society do not acknowledging mental health because we simply may not know how to approach the subject in general due to lack of knowledge. I can speak from personal experience wanting to talk to a person who dealing with a mental issue but talked myself out of it because I was worried about offending them by asking. Luckily, there's a few member of the tribe that were willing to tell their story. This episode features @DionnKatrina.http://instagram.com/dionnkatrina I will do more of these "MentalMatters" episodes and I want to be very clear that this is not to pity anyone that I interview. The people that have volunteered to share their story with the world are some really awesome, talented, intelligent, loving and caring people. This is NOT for pity, this is for UNDERSTANDING. Dionn is a college graduate and works in the fast paced world of entertainment. If you follow me on social media, you will also see Dionn's list of affirmations every month. I admire her for her own brand of transparency. Through this approach Dionn educates you (without making you feel ignorant or stupid) on what you don't know about what it is like to deal with depression and anxiety. So with that being said, sit back, relax and let Dionn learn you a thing or too. ;-) P.S. There were a couple of issues in this recording. LOL You may hear a siren or two toward the end of our interview. I was so salty during playback but I do apologize in advance. As a certain Cash Money rapper would say "...The Block Was Hot". LOL Happy Listening, Spiritual Homegirl
December 9, 2016
013 - Crown Chakra 101
Hey ya'll! Happy Homegirl Thursday! I hope you all are having an awesome, positive and productive week! I hope that you have set your intentions during the last bit of the Sagitarrian Moon Energy and are committed to manifesting what you want. :-) This is the last episode of our "Chakra 101" Series and I thank ya'll for rolling with me as we knock out the 7th major chakra, the Crown Chakra! This deals with our ability to transcend and experience "super consciousness", amongst other things. "The Chakra Bible" by Patricia Mercier is such an amazing, comprehensive guide to the Chakras! If you would like to purchase it, you can do so here: https://www.amazon.com/Chakra-Bible-Definitive-Working-Chakras/dp/1402752245 I also touch briefly on Meditation with respect to this chakra, two minor chakras, and 3D Aura Imaging. I share with you all what the experience is like to get this reading done, and which chakra was out of balance. LOL If you would like to get an aura image reading/report done, google or check your favorite metaphysical store in your area to find out where to get one! If you're in Atlanta, Larry Smith from the Nurturing Arts Center in Columbia, South Carolina comes up here to do them, and he is actually who did mine. :-) Also. with the next Mercury Retrograde coming up on December 19 until the 31st, I have decided to to my final giveaway for 2016 with a Smudge Kit so we can start off Retrograde and finish the remainder of this year RIGHT! The winner will only come from the mailing list from www.SpiritualHomegirl.com, so stay tuned for the winner to be announced on Monday, December 12, 2016! Happy Listening, Spiritual Homegirl
December 2, 2016
012 - Brow Chakra 101
Hey ya'll! We are allllmost done with our "Chakra 101" Series and today's episode is about the Ajna (Brow) Chakra! The Brow Chakra is associated with our psychic abilities. We all have this type of ability within us! Some of us , like OG Emerald Rose have always "been awake" (as she says), and some of us need practice with developing such ability. As Allen Iverson says, "YES. I'm talking bout PRACTICE." Patience, and having a strong, even sense of focus and concentration will help you on the journey here. Learning about and aligning and balancing your chakras is not a "microwave job" in any sense, don't pressure yourself as you journey along with this series! Some people have reached out to me because they want to be fully balanced, and as somebody who has been there, I totally get it. But this takes a lot of work. Digging and undigging what you thought you knew as truth, and sometimes ripping off scabs of past hurts and experiences to get them resolved. The process maybe slow, but please, Trust It. It's important to tell ya'll that having a "bomb Third Eye Chakra" is cool, but if your other Chakras below this one are out of wack or imbalanced, it's slightly counter productive. Almost like working out your butt, arms, and abs but forgetting leg day. LOL I try to steer away from "the spooky shit" (as one of my teachers says), but when it comes to herbal, energetic and crystal medicine, if you are trying to use them, (especially with respect to this particular chakra): Know what the hell you are doing. If you don't know what the hell you are doing, seek a pro who knows what the hell they are doing. Spirituality and Self development is a mostly DYI (Do-It-Yourself) job as it comes from within, but not always 100% of the time. Please don't be so gung-ho to handle your business to where you can't ask for help from people that are readily able to assist, whether fee or free-based, feel me? One thing that I wanted to mention in this episode but flat out forgot was how to decalcify our pineal gland. This means cutting out various things that we consume in our daily life that tend to block this particular gland. Flouride, tobacco, calcium, foods with pesticides, alcohol, and sugar. We can continue removing the existing calcification with raw chocolate, iodine, tamarind, distilled water, raw apple cider vinegar and oregano oil, amongst others! This episode also briefly touches on Sun-Gazing, and our usual crystals, herbs, and aromatherapy remedies for calming, activating or balancing this chakra. Click play to learn about the Ajna Chakra! Peace and Light, Spiritual Homegirl
November 25, 2016
011 - Throat Chakra 101
Happy Homegirl Thursday! We are over halfway through our "Chakra 101" series and we are now on the Throat Chakra, moving towards our higher self as we continue on the quest for spiritual enlightenment and balance! This is one of my favorite chakras, as I chop it up with ya'll almost everyday on social media and every Thursday with every episode, which I loveeee to do! The throat is so important because this is how we communicate the deepest desires of our heart. Life is so short and we only get one at a time (*wink wink*), so why not communicate to the highest degree that we can? I also talk about the quality of proper breathing (as taught to me by my teacher Unas, I'm literally doing an all weekend workshop about proper breathing and healing with him and I am HYPE about it!!) If: *You find yourself in an argument and you wish you would have popped off *You aren't being true to your desires to your heart *You have experienced the terms "overpromise and underdeliver" or "say what you mean and mean what you say"? Click play! Let's talk. My OG Emerald Rose is here for any questions you may have as well regarding clairvoyant abilities. She has been clairvoyant for over 60 years, and knows her stuff! If you have any for her, let me know. We'll be hanging over the weekend doing healing stuff. lol Peace, Spiritual Homegirl
November 18, 2016
010 - Heart Chakra 101
Hey ya'll! We are rolling through our "Chakra 101" series and we are on the 4th major Chakra, the Heart Chakra!Also known as the Anahata (and also has at least 8 other names and alternate colors!), this chakra deals with all things LOVE such as Unconditional love, familial and friend love, love for humanity/plants/animals/etc. I want to be very clear and acknowledge that the Heart Chakra is not solely synonymous with romantic love. There's so many different facets of Love that are worth experiencing! :-) It also represents love even for your "enemies" or those who may not like you so much. I was actually tested and had to use my Heart Chakra more to counterbalance the negative energy, I briefly touch on this in this episode as well, LOL. I also explain on how the death of a loved one inadvertently made this Chakra my favorite one. I know a lot of you see me as a "Love Being" and that is pretty accurate. I have love for everything and everybody. But, I wasn't always this loving... but through such a loss I was able to truly activate and use my Heart Chakra at it's highest potential. If you have lost someone and it has affected your ability to love, I highly suggest you listen to this episode as well. ;-) There are some tips on how to heal , activate and balance the Heart chakra through different methods and tools, as well as a BONUS CHAKRA included in tonight's episode! ;-) Happy Listening, Spiritual Homegirl
November 11, 2016
009 - Solar Plexus Chakra 101
Hey Ya'll! This has been my favorite Chakra episode to date! I believe that personal power is VERY important while embarking on the journey. I love the color Yellow/Gold and I always spend time under the Sun to gather my thoughts and recharge. I call it "Sun Therapy". :-) We are in Part 3 of our "Chakra 101" series and in this episode, we discuss why it is important to conquer our fears, "Yellow flags", how this chakra helps us spiritually grow...and to not have the "Itis" all of the time through knowledge about our Solar Plexus chakra. LOL Yes. Itis. At the end of the podcast I talk about upcoming features, from the Health and Holistic Wellness Fair about 10 days ago, my time in a Hyperbaric Chamber (I won some free sessions in a Hyperbaric Chamber and I think playing Crime Mobb's "Knuck If You're Buck" was good luck! LOL) and ...ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! :-) I also shout out a few of my own Spiritual Homegirls that are worth checking out! @curlsandcuisine @mathminded @riarouse_photos @idabellecooks. You'll be seeing more of them on this website sooner than later. ;-) Peace, love, and light, Spiritual Homegirl
November 4, 2016
008 - Sacral Chakra 101
Hey ya'll, happy Homegirl Thursday! We are in Week 2 of our "Chakra 101" Series! I got my Sandalwood incense lit and I'm ready to roll! (Sandalwood is associated with the Sacral Chakra,too!) I know you guys are probably thinking "Aww yea this is the sex chakra!" Welp, you might be right. LOL I also speak on how past experiences and holding hurt from them can negatively affect our ability to get this balanced as well as how celibacy can be related to this chakra as well! We also cover the ability to express ourselves in relation to this chakra and why we should truly live life and "dance like nobody's watching". I also speak on my instagram posts relating to the Sacral Chakra and how two-facedness, weird/ill intentions, jealousy and fake friends are associated as well. I even speak on a few experiences, when I tell ya'll that we going are going through this journey together? I totally mean that! LOL I also briefly talk about my photoshoot with the Visionary Maria Rouse (another Spiritual Homegirl!) and my 6 hour long journey at the Inner Space's Holistic Health and Wellness Fair that inadvertently took over my entire Sunday. I missed 3 other events hanging out in Hyperbaric Chambers and whatnot. *looks to the left, looks to the right and lowers her voice* I speak just a little bit on the ability to have great sex with a balanced sacral chakra and some red flags to look out for regarding sexual behavior when it isn't balanced. But shhhh, don't tell nobody. ;-) Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
October 28, 2016
007 - Root Chakra 101
Happy Homegirl Thursday in advance, I am super sleepy and would rather post early than late! I decided to tackle the wonderful, super extensive world of Chakras. I initially wanted to do an overview in one episode but there's so much to share (even briefly) about each other that I could not make this a 2 hour+ episode! So we're gonna ride this out for the next 6 weeks and go over each Chakra, one by one. Again, this is justttt a brief overview of Chakras so that the next time you see a picture, or hear a phrase about them, you'll have a general idea of what these are. This was actually my favorite Chakra when I decided to dive headfirst into the journey. I was so excited to just "BE" and stand firm in who I was, and I can attest that to having an open and balanced root chakra. I had no worries and was excited to get things moving, I knew that everything was going to work itself out the way it should, organically. I hope some of you out there that may be embracing your own journey feel that way too! I have also decided to post more on SpiritualHomegirl.com. Instagram is cool, but I can't have a website strictly for episodes! LOL I want to post more about what I go through on the day to day. Some posts may be linked to social media, but I definitely want to share some things with ya'll on here. I'll be out and about this weekend and I can't wait to tell ya'll what I did while running through these streets with my Woes. *laughs uncontrollably*
October 20, 2016
006 - Flower Power: A Conversation with My Spiritual OG
Hey Ya'll! With more and more people going on their own spiritual journey to liberate themselves, to be free in who they are as spirits having a human experience, we call ourselves many different things. Whether we know the meaning behind it, or just care to create our own meaning, I see the terms, "Hippie" and "Flower Child" describing those who are carefree in their pursuit of spiritual balance and all things positive. However, for those who may not understand the origins or what a "Hippie/Flower Child" is, or what that time was like (as most of us under the age of 55 may not have a real,cognizant grasp of what the "Hippie/Flower Power Movement" was), you're in luck today!... (Full blog post with more info on www.spiritualhomegirl.com)
October 13, 2016
005 - Crystals 101
Hey ya'll! This week's episode is about Crystals! They are beautiful, they are powerful...but ...how, exactly? In this episode, I go over a very basic overview of the wonderful world of Crystals and how they can affect us spiritually! This episode goes over how Crystals are formed, why they are used and how they are used. If you want to learn how to cleanse and program your crystals, press play! Also, shoutout to @Alotlikejazz for being the winner of our very first #1HomegirlGiveaway ! In "Hater 101" and "Hater 102"(and if you haven't listened to them yet, feel free to scroll down to catch up :), I mentioned the contest and that the winner would receive a bag of some of my favorite things, with two extra to share with her friends. That bag of my favorite things were actually crystals! I hand picked each one for Jazz and I hope she enjoys them! Happy Listening. :-) I also must clarify something:There are different shapes and forms of the crystals that can assist with the spread and transfer of energy, such as Geodes, Wands, Clusters, etc. Moreso on an intermediate and advanced level. Even though they have the same attributes, the form that they are in can give the energy a little "UMPH!" .I think I am going to do this as a multiple part series and will explain then, but I rather not confuse ya'll right now. Justtttt covering the basics, here. LOL Peace and Love, Spiritual Homegirl
October 6, 2016
004 - Hater 102
Hey ya'll, This was the hardest podcast I've done so far...It's an emotional one. In "Hater 101", we discussed what a hater is, and why they are the way they are. In this episode, we discuss how to deal with haters, and we identify how to check our own inner hater. And as always, I learn about myself through sharing with ya'll, so thank you all for the lesson. WARNING: There's definitely a lot of passion, if you aren't ready to fix some type of issue you have,if you aren't identify your inner hater, or you still want to live a negative lifestyle, or simply can't handle being given the real deal, you may not be ready for this episode. You may not even like this episode, and that's okay. I'm still your Spiritual Homegirl, but I can't sugarcoat such an important message. I do everything out of love, so please understand when I say that I want you and myself as well to do better. Our soul missions are too important to throw away and waste because of foolishness. There's also another chance to get the rules for my first #1HomegirlGiveaway, the winner will be chosen at random 9/27/2016. Another reason why I mentioned this episode being emotional is because the reason why I decided to do "Hater 101/102" is because the world pushes Hate on us in all forms. For exmaple, you turn on the news, there's all sorts of violence, senseless killing, disrespect and other forms of hatred rammed down our throats on a daily basis. We are spirits having a human experience and sometimes this can make us weary. I want everyone to rise above (and trust me, it's easier said than done), and operate out of a place of love. We have to stick together through such turbulent times. Peace and LOVE, -Spiritual Homegirl
September 23, 2016
003 - Hater 101
Hey ya'll! As I move through this journey I learned the importance of balance between the different extremes of vibes and feelings that we experience. With good there's bad, positive and negative, light and dark, love and...hate. The most important thing that I take from being able to feel and recognize these things is to stay balanced while riding the waves of the spiritual journey. This is the first of a Mini Series entitled "Hater 101".In this episode we talk about what a hater is and why they are so lame, I mean negative. LOL Justtt a lil jokey joke there. We get the root of their issues to better understand them and identify different types of haters! From the Law of Vibration to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, we talk about how these things can assist with identifying and addressing our haters. Do not dim your light for other people! Happy Listening. :-) Peace and Light, Spiritual Homegirl
September 15, 2016
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