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Spoken Thoughts Podcast

Spoken Thoughts Podcast

By Emmanuel Oladele
This is where issues we encounter on a daily basis are discussed and guidelines to the ways we can positively respond to those issues when we face them.
We make use of what philosophy employs us to do "asking questions" and also in depth analytical reasoning.
Business and Financial issues and ideas will be discussed as well.
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The Online Business with Danielle Cecil
Om this episode, i spoke with Danielle Cecil, an online business owner about everything it takes to run a business online, the challenges, how productive and effective it is and how to maximize the tools provided by the Internet for ones business growth. Click the 'play' icon to listen
October 03, 2022
TBMS - Compilation of Business Nuggets (Part 2)
And just like that, we've come to the end of TBMS. We are so grateful for staying tuned to the podcast so far. On this episode, we bring to you, the final compilation of business nuggets from different business owners which they've gained from their years of experience in business. Click on play to learn more
September 29, 2022
TBMS - Compilation of Business Nuggets (Part 1)
Welcome to the last part of TBMS. We are so grateful for staying tuned to the podcast so far. On this episode, we bring to you, a compilation of business nuggets from different business owners which they've gained from their years of experience in business. Click on play to learn more
September 22, 2022
TBMS - Business and Social Media
Social media is becoming a fast paced tool that is becoming parts of our lives and businesses too. I spoke with Ibukun Akinkuotu on how businesses can maiximize this tool in driving sales traffic to their businesses. We also talked a little bit about influencer marketing. Click on play now to gain more insight into this topic. Thank you
September 08, 2022
TBMS - Balancing Business and Life
Here, Mrs Shade Adetoyinbo and I, who just got married, looked into the topic of a work life balance. We explored how she was able to manage her business time and wedding preparation. And we spoke about some benefits of balancing business and life. Click on play to learn more and send me your feedbacks. Thank you
September 01, 2022
TBMS - Business Organization (Part 2)
Welcome to the second part of business organization. I talked about some of the ways you can organize your business and the benefits of organizing it. Click on play to listen now and send me your feedbacks.
August 31, 2022
TBMS - Business Organization (part 1)
This is another topic under The Business Management Series (TBMS); Business organization. This is about how organizing a business. Do you want to know how to best organize your business, regardless of the size? Click on play to learn more now.
August 26, 2022
TBMS - Business Ethics and Principles
After we have explained what business ethics and what business principles are, we want to then know whether there is a similarity between these two or whether they are totally different. Click on the link to know more on this topic with me
August 23, 2022
TBMS - Business Ethics and Principles (Part 3)
Now, what are business principles? What are the types of business principles that we have? Click on the link to learn more now
August 22, 2022
TBMS - Business Ethics and Principles (Part 2)
Still on business ethics, Mrs Oluwamurewa and I continued our conversation and we spoke more about the benefits of business ethics and how to implement them
August 19, 2022
TBMS - Business Ethics and Principles (Part 1)
Welcome to the another part of The business Management Series. And on this episode, i started my discussion with Mrs Oluwakemi Olumurewa on a topic that is now being forgotten in business which is business ethics and principles. Here we discussed what business ethics really mean and the types of business ethics we have. Click on the link to listen now.
August 18, 2022
TBMS - Business Laws and Taxataion (Taxation part 2)
This is the conclusion of my discussion with Clinton on what taxes ate and how a business can navigate the tax law in Nigeria especially Company Income Tax Act (CITA). Click to listen
August 11, 2022
TBMS - Business Law and Taxation (Taxation part 1)
Here, Clinton and I continued our discussion on business laws and taxation and we focused more on taxation for businesses
August 08, 2022
TBMS - Business Laws And Taxation (Overview of the business laws in Nigeria)
Welcome back dear listener. On this episode, Clinton and i will be starting our 3-episode discussion on what business laws and taxation are in details and how useful are all these for a business. We will be telling you, for free, how to register your business legally by yourself. Click on the link to listen
August 04, 2022
TBMS - Scaling A Business (Part 2)
Here, Yinka and I will continue our discussion on how to scale a Business. Click on the play to listen
August 01, 2022
TBMS - Scaling My Business (Part 1)
Weve started our business, what is the next thing to do? This is the third part of the business management series. And here I have with me Oyeniyi Oluyinka Hannah to talk to us, frm her experience on how to scale a business and what mindsets are need to scale one
July 28, 2022
TBMS - Starting A Business (What are some challenges one can face in starting a busi
After answering those questions we asked in the last episode, we are up next for the deep insight as to some of the challenges we might face as business owners
July 25, 2022
TBMS - Starting A Business (what are the questions to ask before starting a business)
Here on this episode, the last of starting a business, a part of the Business Management series. We spoke at length, some questions to ask yourself to start a business to make sure that you are starting the right business
July 25, 2022
TBMS - Starting A Business (What are the questions to ask before starting a business)
So now, we have learnt what a business is, how to start a business and what to start a business with. We are now ready to start our businesses, but first, before we start, we need to ask ourselves some questions to know that, yes! We are sure of that business. Click on play to listen now
July 24, 2022
TBMS - Starting A Business (What To Start A Business with)
In continuing our discussion on starting a business, Nifemi and I spoke about the things needed to start a business. Let me give you a sneak peek, one of the things we talked about was your skill. Do you want to learn more? Click on the link to listen
July 23, 2022
TBMS - Starting a Business (how do i start a business)
After we've learnt what a business is actually. We will then be going into how to start a business. We will be giving you pointers to things to note when you are about to start your business, so that you can start it correctly. Click on play to listen now
July 23, 2022
TBMS - Starting A Business (What Is A Business?)
Here, on the second part of the business management series, we will be discussing in depth, what a business is and how to start a business. But first, we have to understand what a business is. Click on play to hear Nifemi and me discuss the meaning of a business
July 22, 2022
TBMS - Introduction To The Business Management Series
Welcome dear listeners to the business management series. Here i introduced the series, the topics and the guests we will be having. After listening, you'll know that we mean business!
July 14, 2022
The Pain That Comes With Growth (part two)
This episode is the second and last part of the 'the pain the comes with growth' topic. And here I spoke on how to evaluate the pain you experience, ways to manage the pain properly, some effects of it and the benefits that come after scaling through the Pain that comes with growth. Do click on the play button to listen. Thank you so much
July 11, 2022
The Pain That Comes With Growth (part one)
This episode is the first part of the 'the pain the comes with growth' topic. And here I gave some examples of that pain, how they affect us and the two forms pain can take in the growth process. Do click on the play button and listen
July 08, 2022
You And Your Money: Toxic Thoughts About Money
Here, i continue the you and your money series and i spoke about some toxic thoughts about money and how you can correct them
June 24, 2022
You And Your Money: How Do I Manage My Money?
On this part of the You and Your Money Series, I talked about the toolkits necessary for you to sustain your business in the simplest terms for easy understanding. Click play to listen now. Thank you so much.
June 17, 2022
You And Your Money: You Are Rich If You Think You Are
On this part of the You And Your Money, i spoke about how your thought can shape your mentality regarding your money
June 03, 2022
You And Your Money: What are Riches And Wealth
On this part of You And Your Money: What Is Riches And Wealth, I spoke about the difference of Riches and wealth. And how thinking about them can tell you about how you think about your money
May 26, 2022
You And Your Money: Introduction
This is the introduction to the you and your money series where we'll get a answer the question, how do I manage my money. And also having a basic understand of having the right mentality about money. And lastly, we will be helping you to change your mindset about money.
May 19, 2022
Basic Business Principles 2
Here,i continued the basic business principles which we started a while back. Click play to listen to and understand some principles you can use in your business to spur it's growth
May 13, 2022
Starting Point
There comes a time in a man's life where starting a process or journey is not enough. There comes a time when he thirsts for more, he desires more! On this episode of Spoken Thoughts, we are celebrating spoken thoughts at one. And that's why we are telling our story so far and learn what the inner thoughts are from the story.
April 28, 2022
Beware; Lest You Fall
This is about the way we may feel when elevated to a position of authority. We might tend to misbehave. But this episode is about cautioning us to not misbehave with places of power and/or authority
March 25, 2022
You Are Owed Nothing
This is a wake up call. We are owed nothing by the haves or rich. We are to work and earn our places. Do not expect something to miraculously fall on your laps while doing nothing. Stand up and work. You are owed nothing
March 25, 2022
Fear - part 2
Here, i spoke about some things to look out for whenever we are scared of anything and how to overcome fear
February 03, 2022
Fear - part 1
I spoke about what fear is and how we might be facing some things we are scared of which are stopping us from experiencing difficulty to progress
February 03, 2022
Don't Stop
The feelings after failure might be so depressing, frustrating and sad but you need to find a will to try again because if you don't stop, you have a shot at winning eventually. So Don't Stop
December 24, 2021
Have A Seat
On this episode, I talked about how we need to sometimes have a sit and look at the situation we are going through from another perspective. How we need to sit down, talk to and listen to ourselves sometimes. Maybe all we need to do is to have a seat
December 03, 2021
We are constantly faced with situations and challenges that are meant to test our characters, principles, and faith in God. Few things about tests; tests are not meant to be simple or easy. They happen every day. Etc. Join me to learn one or two things on tests and trials.
November 26, 2021
Making a Way For Yourself With Kindness
In a world where you could do anything be kind. It's not eye service it is being wise
October 29, 2021
Come Again
So, I'm making a change to the content of the podcast. From now, ill be reading poems and adding short discussions and analysis of the poems on each episode. Can't wait to try this out with you guys. But firstly, ill love to post another episode before the poems start
October 10, 2021
Accept the Change
Do you feel like there is a big change happening in your life and you are finding it difficult to align with the change or wrap your head around it? Listen to this episode to gain one or two insights
September 30, 2021
Values (Part 2) - Value As The Worth of a Person
Value as the worth of a man shows the valuation and estimation of a man. It is the difference between an ordinary man and a sought after man. It is that thing that people makes them run after certain set of people like political leaders, religious leaders, celebrities and so on.
September 17, 2021
Values (Part 1) - Value as a measurement
On this episode I introduced the topic values. I talked about values as a measuring tool and talked about the forms and stages of development of values.
September 09, 2021
Understanding and Realizing your Potentials
On this episode, I spoke about potentials as an indicator of purpose. Potentials, until realized, is the power and force required to drive you to your purpose
September 03, 2021
What happened?
Even a we may have come to understand what purpose is and the importance of living a life of purpose, a man may still be asked, what happened? How did you get here? Listen to this episode to understand what happens to a man for this question "what happened" to have been asked of him
August 26, 2021
There are some other things, other than the anchor, that holds down a ship at the port or harbour. Some including the moorings. They hold down a ship at the port. They are permanent structures that prevents the ship from drifting away. In our lives, we also have Moorings which serve as our support system. On this episode I spoke about the functions and importance of the moorings in our lives and what those moorings are
August 19, 2021
Internal Conflict
Sometimes we lose our inner peace. It seems like there's a war going on in us. Sometimes, they are battles of emotions, passions or personalities. Listen to Internal Conflict to understand what these conflicts mean and hear from Esther on how to manage these conflicts within us
August 13, 2021
Basic Financial Principles
On this episode on Spoken Thoughts, some basic financial principles were talked about. These are principles that are so basic especially for those who have been finding it difficult to be financially stable. These principles are so basic and effective that every body attests to their integrity
August 05, 2021
Made For This
Everything has been made for a particular purpose. We also as humans have been made to fulfill our purposes which collectively gives meaning to life. We are not just made to fill a void. Join me as we learn the essence of living a purposeful life and indicators of a life of purpose.
July 29, 2021
Time and Chance
There are swift men who don't win races. There are strong warriors who don't win battles. There are wise men who don't have enough to eat. On this episode, I talked about the logicality of this illogical statements. Nothing happens out of the blue. There is a chance that must met the right time for there to be that huge turn around
July 22, 2021
A Stitch In Time Saves Destruction
We most times find ourselves in some situations in which if we had taken steps ahead, we might not be in such situations. On this episode, I spoke about some factors that keep or stop most people from sowing that one stitch in time
July 08, 2021
Find The False Ceiling
At a point in our lives, careers, business etc, we feel like we have hit the ceiling. We feel that we have done our best and there's no more we can do. On this episode, i spoke about finding the false ceiling which represents the breaking point. The point of transcending from the present stage one is in into a better stage where one achieves more
July 02, 2021
If Not For Big Dreams - with Fowotade Aderonke
Miss Fowotade and I spoke about one of her poems, If not for big dreams. On this episode, we discussed what the poem means and the message it carries.
June 24, 2021
The wisdom of Elders (part 3)
This is the concluding episode to "The wisdom of Elders" series. Here i spoke the characteristics of the wisdom of elders, and the benefits of the wisdom of elders.
June 18, 2021
The Wisdom of Elders (part 2)
This is the continuation of the last episode, (The Wisdom of Elders series). On this episode, I spoke more about the what the wisdom of elders mean and those that we can refer to as elders.
June 11, 2021
The wisdom of Elders (part 1)
On this episode of Spoken Thoughts, I spoke about "what is the wisdom of elders?". How useful is the wisdom of an elder in one's journey in life? Listen and learn what the wisdom of elders mean and entail
June 04, 2021
Beating The Odds - with Danielle Cecil
This episode, I had a conversation with Danielle Cecil, and she spoke about her business, All Blings Danielle, and how she decided to turn her life around for good from the experiences of the past on my. Danielle Cecil is a woman of courage who stood up to life and took charge of things around her. She is a successful business woman with her business expanding on a daily basis. She did "BEAT THE ODDS." Share with your friends and family to listen to every episode of Spoken Thoughts podcast
May 28, 2021
Starting and thriving in a business
We most times have big idea about things but we do not know how to implement it. Sometimes we start out but the idea fades out as time goes by. On the episode of Spoken Thoughts, I spoke about the challenges in striving and thriving in a business and how to overcome them
May 20, 2021
Who treads the rough path?
In life, there have been people who fought for the rights we are enjoying today. What are we doing to honour their struggle? On this episode of Spoken Thoughts, I spoke about great men and women who did tread the rough path before us and who fought the good fight which we are enjoying the benefit today and i challenge us as to what we are doing on our parts.
May 13, 2021
"Who am I?" - What doesn't define you.
This is the concluding part to the series (who am I?). On this episode i talked about those things that you need to let go for you to identify whom you are.
May 11, 2021
"Who am I?" - individual uniqueness
On this episode of Spoken Thoughts, as individuals, we are different from another indvidual. We are unique in our own ways. On this episode, i talked about understanding ourselves, our neighbors/other people and understanding that we have our individual uniqueness
May 08, 2021
"Who am I?" - Identifying your potentials
We must have asked ourselves "who am I?" Or a related one at a point in our lives. This is a question which needs to be answered and not ignored even if we haven't asked ourselves yet. On this episode on Spoken Thoughts, i talked about how we can identify our potentials and personalities
April 30, 2021