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Anchor Sponsorships

A new world for podcast advertising

Meet the first podcast advertising platform for everyone.

Anchor Sponsorships makes it easy for any podcaster to monetize their content as their audience grows.

Currently available in the U.S. and expanding to more countries soon. If you’re interested in using Anchor Sponsorships in your country, let us know.

Podcast monetization, simplified

Once you activate Sponsorships, all you have to do is record your ad, choose where it goes in your episode, and you’re set.

Your podcast, your ads

All your ads are read by you, so you can seamlessly blend promotions into your podcast.

You decide which ads to read, how many to include in your episodes, and the exact moments when they appear.

How it works


Meet your sponsor

Activate Sponsorships and we’ll match you right away with your first sponsor: Anchor.

Record your message

Read using your own voice and customize the message so it fits the tone of your podcast.

Get paid for your plays

Activate Sponsorships in any of your episodes, and you’ll get paid every time your ad is heard.
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Become a sponsor

Reach the right audience, at scale

Host-read podcast ads are more effective than any other form of digital advertising, and Anchor powers over 70% of all new podcasts created.

Easy podcast advertising on any budget

Take the pain out of podcast advertising: easily find shows that fit your brand, and run advertisements that match your budget and needs.

Set-up that’s easy, efficient and flexible

Submit a script for your sponsored message, which will be recorded by participating podcast hosts and programatically served to their audiences.
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