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The Sportageous Cast

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The Sportageous Cast brings you the most insightful and in-depth discussion on sports with athletes, sports personalities and sports professionals.
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Luis Ferreira on Portugal Squash, his European Squash Federation bid and sports marketing
Luis Ferreira the President of the National Squash Federation - Portugal, catches up with Zushan on growing the game, the work federations need to do to enhance the game's reputation, his candidacy for the European Squash Federation and the opportunities for marketing in squash. 
October 28, 2021
Paraclimbing and the Special Olympics: Anita Aggarwal
Anita Aggarwal is a Paraclimber from the UK living with Multiple Sclerosis (meaning Multiple Scars) since 2009. She recently won her first ever competition which led her to being asked to climb for Great Britain.  She now focuses on coaching youngsters on the spectrum or with down syndrome, and other ailments. Anita is focused on bringing paraclimbing to the next level.
October 21, 2021
Markos Kern, Founder: Fun With Balls
The Founder of Fun With Balls, Markos Kern shares his insights into the gamification of sport, the successes of their products, including the new Limbic Active, Multiball and of course, InteractiveSquash, which he will be talking about at TheSquashSummit.
October 14, 2021
Sarah-Jane Perry: Women's squash and her journey
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the Professional Squash player, Sarah-Jane Perry.  
October 07, 2021
Ally Salama: Sports & mental health in the Middle East
The founder of SportsMENTA Conference, the first sports and mental health conference in the Middle East and North Africa region, Ally Salama, features on the Sportageous Videocast to talk about mental health awareness in sports and its future in the MENA region.
September 30, 2021
Clint Vojdinoski, Founder of Bullpen
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the Founder of Bullpen, Clint Vojdinoski. Bullpen is a sports technology publisher that dives deep into sports business, startups, technology, data and intelligence. The mission is to spotlight who and what is shaping the future of the sporting industry. In this quick cast, Clint takes a look back at Sports Tech in 2020, the future of Sports Tech, the Bullpen - Sportageous partnership and more.
September 23, 2021
Rahmat Khan talks Pakistan squash, Jahangir Khan & being the best
Our guest on The Sportageous Cast is none other than the legendary squash coach and arguably one of the most successful coaches in any sport globally, Rahmat Khan! Hailing from the legendary Pakistani squash family, upon his cousin, Torsam Khan's sudden passing during a tournament match in Australia, Rehmat, himself a top-level squash player, decided to coach Torsam's younger brother and his cousin, Jahangir Khan. The. Rest. Is. History. Hear Rahmat Khan's insights into the winning mentality, the future of Squash in Pakistan and coaching Jahangir Khan.
September 23, 2021
Sa'ad Mohamed: Climbing the Mount Everest
Sa’ad Mohamed is an explorer by passion, a trainer by profession and a content creator by accident with an  MBA-Marketing degree from GC University and dabbles into photography and film making. He not only climbs mountains but documents his expeditions and has Reached Camp III (7,080m) of Mt. Everest in 2017, up to 6,100m on Gasherbrum II in 2019 and Reached 6,630m on Gasherbrum I in 2018.
September 16, 2021
Dutch Cricket's rising star - Sterre Kalis
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with rising start from Dutch Cricket, Sterre Kalis.  Being just 21 years old she already has a T20 century and is aiming to be a professional cricketer by improving her skills. Sterre has been nominated for ICC Women's Associate Cricketer of the Decade award.
September 09, 2021
Where XR meets sports and events: Better Events
Better Events VR is an Australia-based event management company that specialises in extended reality (XR) applications such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D and 4D design for the events, sporting and tourism industries. Here, their three founders, Dan Barr, Ingrid Arkessteijn and Ingrid Proud catch up with Sportageous to share their insights into sports, events, XR, VR and the future of the industry.
September 02, 2021
Limor Pelleg on an App that connects coaches and athletes globally.
Limor is a former professional basketball player has over 15 years of experience playing in the Israeli League.   Currently the CEO of STRIV3, a Sport-Tech Startup. Striv3 is a digital platform that connects coaches and athletes globally for remote personalized basketball training.
September 02, 2021
Carly Post, on educating athletes in harnessing social media
Carly Post is a communications expert and the founder of The Digital Athlete, a consultancy which aims to educate and empower athletes in harnessing social media to build a resilient online profile, manage reputation and protect mental health.
August 26, 2021
ATP former world #2 - Oliver Marach on his Doubles Career
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Oliver Marach, Austrian Professional Tennis Player.  Oliver shares his  - Tennis career 🎾; - Tennis in Austria; - Specializing in Doubles; and - Much more! Austrian Tennis Player and 2018 Australian Open Doubles champion, Oliver Marach shares the story of his career, challenges, life as a tennis player, the doubles game and much more. 
August 26, 2021
Nathan Hauritz, Former Aussie Cricketer & Founder 1st Class Cricket Academy
Today we had a pleasure to chat with Australia's former Off Spinner, Nathan Hauritz. Nathan shares his best memories and his experience throughout his career.  Nathan also shares information about his 1st Class Cricket Academy, on how the coaches there have been working on the young talent coming into Cricket.
August 20, 2021
Uri Levy, Founder BabaGol
BabaGol is all about #KeepingFootballReal, covering stories of football in the Middle East and North Africa, from South Korea to Burundi, they bring you football analysis and perspective that matters. We catch up with BabaGol founder, Uri Levy, in this episode, and hear his insights into a range of topics, including how the strengthening of Israeli-Gulf Arab ties impacts the sport in the region, an overview of the BabaGol journey and much more.
August 19, 2021
Paul Price, Former Head Coach - Squash Australia
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the Former Head Coach of Squash Australia, Paul Price. Paul exclusively talks about Inspired Peak Performance, how they have been inspiring people and having live coaching sessions.  Paul being an experienced Squash player talks about how his experience has helped him throughout his career as a National Coach at Squash Australia.
August 12, 2021
Shahid Zaman Khan, professional squash coach and former pro player
Shahid Zaman Khan is a professional squash coach and former pro player. Reaching a World ranking of #14, Shahid has spent the last two decades training some of the world’s best players, including World #7 Amanda Sobhy and World #20 Sabrina Sobhy. Over the last 10 years, Shahid has headed up the squash program atThe Tennis & Racquet Club in downtown Boston. He has also traveled the world as a visiting squash coach for thePakistan Squash Federation and the Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia.
August 12, 2021
Matthew Barrett, Co-Founder Goal Click
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the Co-Founder & CEO of Goal Click, Matthew Barrett. Matthew exclusively talks about Goal Click, a global football storytelling platform, how Goal Click has been telling interesting football stories from all around the world.
August 05, 2021
Heidi Gan, dual Olympian turned Lawyer
Heidi is an Associate in the Regulatory and Investigations team within the litigation and dispute resolution practice at Clifford Chance. Heidi is also a two-time Olympian in the sport of open water swimming and a decorated sportsperson.
August 05, 2021
Ross McConnell, Co-Founder & CEO, Blinder
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the Co-Founder & CEO of Blinder, Ross McConnell. Ross exclusively talks about Blinder, a web-based application that connects instantly with anyone through any device to create secured and HD video and audio content. He further talks about how Blinder is being used by many renowned media channels & what are the plans to improve it in future.
July 29, 2021
Romain Thevenot, Director Sport Climbing Australia
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Romain Thevenot, Director and acting CEO of Sport Climbing Australia.  Romain is an avid climber himself, also one of the early administrators of Sport Climbing Victoria and a key player in developing sport climbing in Australia. In this episode, Romain shares his insights into the growth of climbing in Australia, the 2020 Oceania Championships, the Olympic spot and much more on climbing.
July 22, 2021
Barry Coffey
Barry Coffey
July 20, 2021
Tim Cutler, Founder of Emerging Cricket
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Former CEO Hong Kong & Founder Emerging Cricket, Tim Cutler.  Tim talks about how funding can impact on associate cricketing nations, and how the ICC can play a better role to highlight associate cricket. He also shares his journey as Former CEO Hong Kong Cricket and how this role led to his idea behind Emerging Cricket. Emerging Cricket is a volunteer-run associate cricket-focused media platform that shares stories and updates on cricket from around the associate world.
July 15, 2021
Lucky Mlilo, on his journey for President of Squash Federation Africa
In this podcast we have Lucky Mlilo, President of Squash Federation Africa
July 13, 2021
Aqsa Mushtaq, Napoli FC Footballer
In this episode of Sportageous Cast, we bring you an insightful conversation with Napoli FC Footballer, Aqsa Mushtaq. Aqsa shares her journey, starting out playing high school football to playing at a professional level. She also shares the challenges and struggles involved with being a female footballer raised in a Pakistani community in the UK and finally touches on how she went global with her career.
July 08, 2021
Padel Mates: Josef Badro & Daniel Dawood revolutionising padel matchmaking
Daniel Dawood & Josef Badro, founders of Padel Mates join us on The Sportageous Cast to talk about their new padel matchmaking app and how it's making waves in Sweden!
July 06, 2021
Omer Qadri, Mindset and Success Coach
In this episode of the Sportageous Videocast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Omer Qadri, a mindset and success coach.  Omer shares his insights into mental health, cricket non-cognitive capabilities and more.
July 01, 2021
Laura Massaro on squash, her book and a post-athletic career
Former World #1 Laura Massaro joins us to share insights into her book "All In: Becoming World Champion" From her personal life to her incredible career to fighting for equal pay, Laura opens up about her internal battles, staying fit and a lot more. You can buy her book here:
June 29, 2021
Naveed Nawaz, Head Coach, Bangladesh U19 cricket team (U19 World Cup Champions)
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Bangladesh's Cricket coach from Sri Lanka, Naveed Nawaz.  Naveed Nawaz talks about his team's victory in the recent U-19 World Cup, the future of the youth in Bangladesh and coaching in his home country, Sri Lanka.
June 24, 2021
Campbell Harrison on Australian climbing
Campbell Harrison is a 23 year old Sport Climber from Melbourne, Australia. Since beginning his international career in 2012, he's been National Champion, a World Cup semi-finalist, and this year will be heading over to Europe for the first time since the pandemic began to compete on the World Cup Circuit!
June 22, 2021
Fizza Abid, Sports Manager and Researcher
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with the team manager of Pakistan's women's emerging squad, Fizza Abid.  Fizza shares her story of being one of the first female sports management professionals in Pakistan, her time at Loughborough University and women in sports in Pakistan. 
June 17, 2021
Michael Woods: Inclusivity & Diversity in Sport
Michael Woods is the founder of Inclusive Sport Design, an organisation that helps sports organisation make inclusion happen! Michael shares his insights into Australian sport including diversity in sports, inclusive sports marketing & promotion, clothing for all Swimming Australia and more.
June 15, 2021
Matt Short, Cricket Australia Batting All-rounder
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Australian cricketer, Matt Short.  Matt Short has played for the Australia A Team, the Big Bash League (Adelaide Strikers) & the Victorian cricket team. He shares his journey in cricket and his experiences as a batting all-rounder.  Matt also discussed the challenges faced by most players while playing First-Class cricket & how mental health awareness is now been taking as a serious matter in Cricket. 
June 10, 2021
Carlos Schonenberg: Squash for the Masses
In this exciting conversation, Carlos Schonenberg, Founder of Squash Para Todos takes us through short wall squash and building a grassroots squash community in El Salvador
June 08, 2021
Alison Forman on the ANZ 2023 FIFA World Cup
In this episode of Sportageous Cast, we bring you a conversation with former Matildas star, Alison Forman. Alison Forman played 2 World Cups for the Matildas in the 90s and represented her country at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. She has also played over 75 games for the Matildas. Now working with the Dana Cup in Hjorring, Denmark, Alison shares her insights into the 2023 Women's FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.
June 03, 2021
Ingy Ali: First certified Female Padel coach in Egypt
Ingy Ali joins us as the first certified female Egyptian Padel coach to talk about the sport itself, her journey from squash to tennis to padel, and her predictions on the future of padel.
June 01, 2021
Shahrukh Sohail, Pakistani football analyst
In this episode of Sportageous Cast, we bring you a conversation with Pakistan's pre-eminent football journalist, Shahrukh Sohail. From working for Football Pakistan to bringing renowned footballers to play the first international football event in Pakistan, Shahrukh has done it all. Shahrukh reveals the major problems football in Pakistan has been facing and how the Government can play its role to take the game to the next level. 
May 27, 2021
Pere Valdivieso, introducing Padel in Australia
Pere Valdivieso, founder of Padel in One, shares his insights into launching some of the first padel courts in Australia, supporting the founding of the Australian Padel Federation and bringing the sport across the seas from Barcelona. Prefer watching this conversation? Head on over to our YouTube channel:
May 25, 2021
Casey Lake on amateur climbing & how she fell in love with the sport
In this episode of the Sportageous Cast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Casey Lake, the winner of our Climbageous (Instagram) Giveaway. Casey shares the story of how she started climbing, why she loves the sport and what she does outside of the sport.
May 20, 2021
Chris Hanebury of Serious Squash
Chris Hanebury is renowned as a squash coach, having coached in places like the Turks and Caicos Islands and Canada. More recently, Chris has joined the University of Western Ontario, to assist in developing some of the finest squash players in the country. Chris also runs one of the most popular online squash platforms today, Serious Squash. Having amassed over 15 thousand followers across its socials, and 1000s of hits per day on the website, Chris shares the story of squash coaching, the state of the game itself, in a global context, and of course, squash and social media.
May 13, 2021
Sian Kelly: The rise of cricket in Argentina
Sian Kelly is the Women and Girl's Development Officer and National Coach at Cricket Argentina. Sian shares her insights into: Women's cricket in Argentina,  The passion for the sport in Argentina,  The challenges of coaching during the pandemic and; The future of the game in the region. Prefer watching this conversation? Head on over to our YouTube channel:
May 11, 2021
Amjad Javed on UAE cricket
 In this episode of the Sportageous Videocast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with former UAE cricketer, Amjad Javed.  Amjad Javed represented the UAE at the highest level as an allrounder. He shares his thoughts on expatriate players representing the UAE cricket team, the impact of Pakistan's adopted home games in the UAE on his cricket development, the influence of the ICC HQ in the UAE and the future of the game in the country.  A must watch for associate cricket fans!
May 06, 2021
Harbir Guram on Data and SportsTech
SportsX Consulting Technology Practice Lead, Harbir Guram, shares his thoughts on the role of sports technology, how it can be utilised to generate business revenue, and how technology can help to improve an athletes' performance. Learn more about SportsX Consulting here: Connect with Harbir here:
May 04, 2021
Greg Sturge: GameDay & SportsBiz solutions
Greg Sturge is the director of strategy at GameDay. In this episode, he takes a deep dive into GameDay, its rebranding, the sports solutions they offer and their next-gen ticketing platform.  GameDay is a Stack Sports company that delivers market-leading SaaS sports management technology platforms including Membership Management; Competition and League Management; Data Insights & Reporting; Event & Ticketing Management; Websites and eCommerce.   Greg has been involved in various sports organisations over the past few years including Sport England, Snowsport England and more! Tune in for more from The Sportageous Cast here.
March 29, 2021
Kanzy El Dafrawy, Founder - Flying Daf Academy
Join us in hearing about Dubai's newest squash academy - Flying Daf Academy with founder, Kanzy El Defrawy! Kanzy El Defrawy is a former professional squash player with a highest ranking of #25, an entrepreneur, and the founder & head coach of the UAE's newest squash academy - The Flying Daf Academy.
March 22, 2021
Mahin Qureshi, Pakistani Tennis Star
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Mahin Qureshi, a rising tennis player from Pakistan. At the age of just 18 she has represented her country in many International Tennis Federation(ITF) events. In this episode, Mahin talks about her journey towards International events and why most of the youth don't adopt tennis.  She shares some great ideas how Tennis can be promoted among young girls in Pakistan.
November 01, 2020
PCB CEO, Wasim Khan on tours to Pakistan, womens cricket and his journey to the top
We bring you an exclusive conversation with the CEO of the PCB, Wasim Khan. Wasim shares the story of his journey from playing county cricket for Warwickshire to becoming CEO of Leicestershire CCC to currently the PCB. Emphasising the importance of his current regimes strategic plan, Wasim takes us through disabilities cricket, the women's game and the ICC Future Tours Programme, including an English Tour. Cricket fans this is one you don't want to miss!
October 28, 2020
Shaun Martyn on FairBreak and the future of women's cricket
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Shaun Martyn, founder of Fairbreak Global. FairBreak Global aims for a world where people have fair and equal access to opportunities that enable them to succeed in their chosen endeavour, independent of gender or geographical location through cricket. Their mission is to create opportunities in sport, business, media, arts and education to achieve gender equality on a truly global scale.  In this episode, Shaun shares his insights into the progress of the women's game, the ICC Women's T20 World cup, the Blackwell-Mir Trophy and more!   Get involved with FairBreak here:
October 11, 2020
Sue Strachan - President of Cricket Scotland
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you our conversation with none other than the President-elect of Cricket Scotland, Sue Strachan. Sue Strachan is a kidney doctor by-day, a masters squash champion, and now the president of Cricket Scotland.  In this episode, she shares her story of everything from mental health and wellbeing in sports, gender pay parity in squash versus cricket, and joining the leadership team at Cricket Scotland.
October 03, 2020
Neil Klerck on founding Tifo Football
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you an insightful conversation with the founder of Tifo Football, Neil Klerck.   Neil shares the long journey of how he founded TIFO on YouTube, created consistent high-quality and engaging content until its recent sale to The Athletic.   To get in touch with Neil Klerck follow him on LinkedIn:
September 26, 2020
Richard Pybus: Coaching Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies Cricket (Part 2)
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you part 2 of our conversation with cricket coach extraordinaire, Richard Pybus.  In part 1 Richard Pybus, shared the story of his own cricket career and his role in developing cricket at the domestic level in South Africa. This time around he talks about his time with Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies cricket as a coach and as the director of the West Indies Cricket Board. We then talk about his new coaching platform, Cricketlab, which you can visit here: This is part two of our three-part series on Richard Pybus with our partners at Bullpen:
September 17, 2020
MAAT SPORTS : Football from Africa to Europe
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you a conversation with the founders of MAAT SPORTS, a football management company in Finland. Musa Thompson and Adeolu Adediran founded MAAT sports to provide footballers, initially from Nigeria, but now across Africa and Europe with a support system to enable them to succeed in their careers during and after football.
September 13, 2020
Richard Pybus: Cricket from the UK to South Africa (Part 1)
In this episode of Sportageous Podcast, we bring you a conversation with none other than cricket coach extraordinaire, Richard Pybus.  He has coached international teams such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and the West Indies, he was formerly the director of the West Indies Cricket Board and arguably one of the most influential coaches in South African domestic cricket.
September 10, 2020
Mina Markovic: Winning the IFSC lead World Cup and climbing in Slovenia
Mina Markovic is a professional Slovenian climber and also a 3-time combined World Cup winner, former European Lead champion and one of the finest athletes of the sport. In this SPECIAL episode of the Sportageous Podcast, we catch up with Mina to hear about her career, climbing during the COVID-19 Pandemic and much more.
September 03, 2020
Marcus Dunn: Academia and Sports Engineering with FIFA and the ITF
Marcus Dunn is a research fellow of Sports Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. He has worked with various organisations to develop and grow movement analysis in sports. His groundbreaking research has enabled the growth of the VAR and Goal-line technologies in FIFA. He is also one of the Directors of the International Sports Engineering Association. In this episode, we caught up with him to talk about his work in human movement analysis, his travels around the world testing Goal-line technology with FIFA, working with the ITF and engaging women in sports engineering. 
June 10, 2020
Drew Lilley - English and French sports journalist, commentator, host and presenter
Drew Lilley is a sports journalist with years of experience in  broadcasting and commentary. Currently working with Tennis Australia,  Drew has a breadth of knowledge on the sport. In this episode we caught  up to talk about  tennis in the UK, gender pay parity, the role of  commentary in sport, mental health and much more
June 03, 2020
Jenny Duncalf on battling with Nicol David, Squash Australia and the future of the game
Jenny Duncalf is a retired professional squash player with a career-high ranking of 2. She is currently a PSA presenter and the performance pathway coach for Squash Australia. Having represented England in over 100 games, won the Qatar Classic in 2010 and now coaching the game, Jenny shares her breadth and depth of knowledge on the game from working with squash players in Australia, her own battles with Nicol David during her career and the future of English and Australian Squash. You can follow Jenny on Instagram here.
May 27, 2020
Tom Scollay: Coaching with Cricket Mentoring
Tom Scollay is a professional cricketer and the Founder of Cricket Mentoring, a coaching platform that is taking social media by storm and helping develop young cricketers across Australia and beyond. In this episode, Tom shares his motivations on developing Cricket Mentoring, their rapid growth on social media, his own journey in cricket and sport, as an athlete and what he aspires to achieve moving forward with Cricket Mentoring.
May 20, 2020
Liting Xu: Bouldering in Singapore, climbing in the region and her journey as an athlete
We catch up with one South East Asia's finest climbers. Liting Xu is a bouldering fanatic, and one of the veterans of the climbing scene in Singapore. In this episode, she shares her personal climbing story, how and why she prefers bouldering over other disciplines, what goes into her sport and passion and much more!
May 13, 2020
Kaveh Arya: Coaching, mental health advocacy & sports entrepreneurship
Kaveh Arya may be known as the Unlikely Poet, after this conversation, we learn why this name makes so much sense. Kaveh, is anything but ordinary, a former pro-kickboxer, martial arts coach, academic, cafe owner, refugee, mental health advocate and poet, Kaveh is many things, but over the course of this podcast, you learn, he is a passionate individual who has spent a lot of time working with the youth and marginalised. He shares his insights into the toll that it takes to be a sports coach, the flaws and misgivings of the fitness industry in Australia, and his life as a man of many talents and passions.
May 06, 2020
Bhavi Devchand: Cricket, her life and playing WBBL for the Perth scorchers.
Bhavi Devhchand moved to Australia from Zimbabwe when she was 8 years old. She hails from an Indian background so cricket has always been a part of her childhood. In this episode, she talks about her career as a cricketer, her journey in coaching, playing for the Perth Scorchers in the WBBL, women's cricket and being a woman in the sport. One, not to be missed by cricket lovers worldwide!
April 23, 2020
Jennifer Madu: Why an American opted to represent Nigeria in professional sprinting
Jennifer Madu is an American-Nigerian sprinter, who has represented Nigeria at Rio 2016 in the 100m sprint and the 4x100m relay. She grew up in the US, where her immigrant family instilled values into her life that has enabled her to achieve her dreams. Jennifer shares insights into her career from College track at Texas A&M to picking a country to represent all the way to preparing for Tokyo 2020. Her story as a woman of colour who has excelled at her sport is intriguing, exciting and fascinating. She also talks about the evening she hung out with Usain Bolt, and her experiences meeting a range of other athletes. Definitely one not to be missed!
April 06, 2020
Elana Withnall: Pro Rugby 7's player, bobsledder, heptathlete, fitness coach & more
Elana Withnall may be from a small town in New South Wales, Australia (Old Bar), but her sporting career has been anything but small. She is a former professional heptathlete and bobsledder, fitness coach, model, sports journalist and now vying for a place in the Olympics, with the Australian women’s Rugby 7s team. The story of her passion for sport and her love for fitness is not to be missed! In this episode she shares her injury struggles, how she continues to work towards representing her country in the Olympics and how sport takes up various aspects of her life. Tokyo is not out of her radar, and she’s working away, this time at a team sport, to make this happen! Tune in to the Sportageous Podcast, to hear all about her incredible story as a strong, proud and fearless woman in sport!
April 02, 2020
Zeeshan Ahmad on all things Pakistan cricket
Zeeshan Ahmad, by profession, is Doctor, but his first love is cricket. In this episode, he discusses what it was like to play cricket in Canada, where the local populace is not familiar with the game. Later on, the discussion includes his experiences of watching cricket in Australia after moving here. He expresses his feelings about being a Pakistani cricket fan and also discusses the issues facing the cricketing nation and makes suggestions on how to resolve them.
March 25, 2020
Genevieve Gregson: The steeplechase to Tokyo and everything in between!
Genevieve Gregson holds the Australian record in the women's steeplechase and has represented her country in London and Rio. In this episode, she talks to us about overcoming injuries and getting ready for Tokyo 2020. She goes into detail about how she started running, and what it was like to study for college in the US, where all her sports needs were taken care of. Not to mention, her final race at University was days before qualifying for London, which almost didn't happen. Her story is one not to miss, and her story of persistence and dedication is as inspiring as you could imagine!
March 18, 2020
Tatenda Taibu : His time as a cricketer and the future of Zimbabwe Cricket
Tatenda was the youngest ever captain to lead a test team, but it was not exactly a smooth ride. He discusses his troubles while playing cricket in Zimbabwe and enjoying his time on the field, despite the struggle.  In this episodes, he puts the rumors to rest on why he retired at the age of 29 from international cricket in 2012. Furthermore, he discusses his book 'Keeper of Faith' and covers the different incidents in his life candidly. He also discusses what the future of Zimbabwe cricket looks like and makes predictions for world cricket in the new decade. 
March 11, 2020
Mary Konstantopoulos (Ladies Who League): The growth of women in sports
Mary Konstantopoulos may be a lawyer by day, but she has made it her mission to support, grow and enable women in sports across Australia. Having launched Ladies who League, Mary now runs more passion projects that have become far more than just a passion, including Ladies who Legspin, Ladies Who Lineout and Ladies who Leap! In this episode, Mary chats to us about how women’s sport has changed in Australia, what needs to be done for it to grow further and how she is doing her [BIG] part in making all of this happen!
March 04, 2020
Shehzar Mohammad - 1st class cricketer, grandson of Hanif Mohammad, leading cricketers to fitness
Shehzar Mohammed is leading the trend of fitness in Pakistan. Coming from a rich cricketing background, being the grandson of Hanif Mohammad and son of Shoaib Mohammad, Shehzar is carrying the torch of cricket development in Pakistan. Shehzar also plays cricket himself, he is a batsman and 3rd generation cricketer from his family to score a double century in first-class cricket. He attributes his resurgence in the form to his newfound approach and fitness, of course. Shehzar is currently playing for Sindh under the revamped structure of Pakistan first class. He is the man behind the fitness transformations of Sarfraz Ahmad, Asad Shafiq, Shan Masood Anwar Ali, and Azam Khan.
February 26, 2020
Anti Ordinary: Rob Joseph on the beanie that becomes a helmet!
When it comes to snow sports, there are many innovations that we have seen over the past few years. With the advance of technology, many will argue that the difference Anti Ordinary will be bringing to skiing and snowboarding is second to none! Rob Joseph is the co-founder of a company that does exactly as the title says. Helmets can be frustrating to wear when you're trying to get your best out on the snow, and with this new invention, a slick Kickstarter campaign, and solid leaders, Anti Ordinary's beanie is changing all of that.
February 19, 2020
Simon Taufel: the man, the cricket umpire and the author
Simon Taufel may have been voted ICC Umpire of the year, a record 5 times, but in this candid podcast, you come to learn about his life after cricket, life away from cricket and much more! He tells us about who he is as a person, a family man and a human being. We discuss everything about what he’s been up to since he called it quits on his umpiring career, and also the launch of his new book, ‘Finding the Gaps’, which is now available in Australia, the UK and New Zealand!
February 12, 2020
Geoff Wilson: What is sports strategy?
Geoff Wilson talks about and discusses sports strategy. What it is, what goes on behind the scenes to engage fans and what is done to make their experience better.  He also expands on how digital growth is changing fan experience and the need of the hour is to develop new strategies to engage fans. Geoff expands upon his own sports consultancy firm and how he has had the opportunity to devise sports strategies for a range of sports including football, basketball and MMA. He also shares his experience on the social impacts of sports and how it can help the youth on the streets to stay away from crime. 
February 06, 2020
Owais Shah: From child prodigy to winning coach
Former English cricket international and recently the coach of the Rajshahi Royals, who were successful in winning the Bangladesh Premier League, Owais Shah features on this episode of the Sportageous Podcast. Owais tells us about his journey from being a kid who played on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, to showing his prowess to, and playing for, Middlesex, and eventually representing England in every single format from his youth to taking up a stint as the coach for the Rajshahi Royals. He covers a range of topics, such as being a British Asian in English cricket to the differences in playing the 3 formats of cricket and the advice given to him by Australian head coach, Justin Langer, in their early days as players.
January 29, 2020
Australia's Rosterfy: From the Super Bowl & Tough Mudder to EXPO 2020 Dubai (Shannon Gove)
In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Shannon Gove, Co-Founder of Event Workforce Group and Rosterfy chats with Sportageous about how two sports management students saw the lack of opportunities for other students in their field, and ended up creating a business. A few years down the line, and with a new sports platform, Shannon and his co-founder Bennett Merriman, are working with the likes of Tough Mudder, the Super Bowl, the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2020. More recently though, they have branched out to areas much broader than sports management such as the Dubai World Expo 2020. Shannon shares his struggles and successes with running not just one, but two large organisations, and having to manage startups that have grown rapidly while elaborating on the launch of Rosterfy 2.0. If you want to learn from some of the best in the business in Australia, who have branched out to 15 countries, including, but not limited to, the USA and the UAE, check out this episode!
January 22, 2020
Mohammed Arif: 3 Decades in cricket, from the ECB, to coaching & the growth of tape-ball cricket!
Mohammed Arif has been playing, promoting and driving the sport of cricket for over 3 decades. He has previously worked for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as their National Growth Manager for Diverse Communities. Arif is also a tape-ball cricket enthusiast and avidly promotes the game around the UK and also in other parts of the world. He works closely with an organisation called Chance to Shine as a Community Cricket Coach, inspiring the young generation on the streets to play the game. We sat down to chat with Mohammad Arif about his career, tape-ball cricket and his decades of work in the sport!
January 15, 2020
André Duarte: How AirCourts has changed the landscape of football, tennis and padel in Portugal
In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Andre Duarte, founder of AirCourts, chats with us about how his sports booking platform has made life easy for anybody and everybody interested in booking a court, field or pitch for numerous sports in Portugal. He tells us about his journey as a SportsTech founder, how his business requires two completely different streams to be functioning successfully at the same time, and what could happen if Cristiano Ronaldo got onboard for AirCourts. We cover everything in this incredible story about how technology can build bridges and enable professional and amateur athletes, along with local sporting clubs, to easily provide and find a means to easily book their evening football, tennis or padel game. And also chat about the European SportsTech market.
January 08, 2020
The past, present and future of Bangladesh Cricket - Tanzim Alam
In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, we chat with Tanzim Alam of Knightwatchmen Sports and the Boys in the Cave Podcast about a range of things cricket; cricket in Australia, Bangladesh Cricket (both domestic and international), domestic Bangladeshi-Australian cricketers, Shakib Al Hasan and his ban, and spirituality and sports, amongst several other things! Don't miss this episode if you like anything cricket, and in particular, Bangladesh cricket.
January 01, 2020
Mickey Malhotra: Brampton Premier League - How his love for Cricket led to the birth of a league in Canada
Mickey Malhotra has played senior-level cricket around the world, in places like Oman, India, Australia, New Zealand and of course, his home country, Canada. Despite the lack of opportunities, funding and support in Canada, Mickey's love, passion and dedication for the game led to the foundation of the Brampton Premier League. An Indoor tournament in the winter months in Canada that brings across the summer teams to play on astroturf and keep the game of cricket alive! Mickey chats to us about cricket around the world, how his experiences in playing the great game have enabled him to set up the Brampton Premier League, and the young talents that are found in the sport in Canada. This is a story of grit, determination and sheer passion for the sport!
December 25, 2019
Edward Van Gils: Streetkings - The Man who brought street football to the mainstream
Edward Van Gils is the man who took street football to the mainstream.  A tattooed street footballer, with a Hip-hop swagger about him, whose love for the game saved him from a life of crime. You can be forgiven for considering him to be an enigma. However, he is anything but! In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, we chat to Edward about his street footballing career, his experiences working with the likes of Ronaldinho, Gilberto Silva, Kevin Kuranyi and Juan Pablo, and what it's been like for him to feature in FIFA 2020s Volta. Edward Van Gils has dedicated his life to two things: street football, and empowering the marginalised youth. Streetkings was founded by Edward in 2010 and now consists of clinics in over 25 locations across the world. This candid discussion with Edward covers everything from street football, 11-a-side football, American hip-hop culture, critiques of the media industry, working with the youth, football skills and techniques and of course Edward's life from the streets to the mainstage.
December 18, 2019
Jalal Shaik: How GAMEFACE AI is changing the face of sport
Artificial intelligence and sports analysis? Machine learning is changing how we do medicine, art, and media. Sports is no exception to this rule. GAMEFACE.AI is bringing analytics to sport, as we’ve never seen it before! In this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, Jalal Shaik, founder of GAMEFACE.AI, talks about how his exciting and innovative startup is bringing accurate and efficient analysis to sports such as football and cricket. Next year, they will be announcing collaborations with several big sporting teams and clubs. However, you too can access GAMEFACE.AI And all you need is the software and a standard camera to solve all your sporting analytics.
December 11, 2019
Simon Hill: Fox Sports commentary, Manchester City & football in Australia/UK
This episode of the Sportageous Podcast features Fox Sports Australia commentator, Simon Hill. If you want to hear about football (soccer) in all its glory from a man who has spent his life in the game, this is the podcast for you! Simon is a Brit, who has lived in Australia for 16 years. He has covered football for the BBC and Fox Sports. With this, come many fascinating perspectives of Simon’s career as a sports presenter and commentator. A life-long Manchester City supporter and a huge advocate for the league that he loves, the A-League, Simon talks to us about the differences in footballing culture in Australia and the UK, the Socceroos rising stars, how the A-league needs more investment, and of course, various topics on the English Premier League (this podcast was recorded prior to the sacking of Unai Emery, from Arsenal, and only two games after Jose Mourinho took charge at Tottenham, but there are some fascinating insights into Emery’s potential successor and the Spurs under Mourinho).
December 04, 2019
William Ferguson: How Wylas Timing is revolutionising Swim Meets
Founder of Wylas Timing, William Ferguson sat down with us to talk about running a SportsTech business, the Sports industry in Australia and how his product has radically changed swimming around the world. He talks about the successes and struggles of running a start-up that now sells in 13 different countries on 4 different continents, and shares some of his personal experiences as a software engineer who ended up in the SportTech space.
November 11, 2019
Kyra Condie: Secrets to Success!
Pro-climber, Kyra Condie features in this episode of the  Sportageous Podcast, with host, Zushan Hashmi. Kyra is often called 'Reckless Abandon' by sport climbing commentators for her willingness to take risks while climbing. In this episode, Kyra talks about how she started her climbing journey in Minnesota, what her career has on the horizon, and how she is preparing to qualify for the Olympics. Kyra also tells us about her favourite Netflix show, and what she enjoys watching.
October 31, 2019
Sierra Blair-Coyle: All Things Climbing
Pro-climber, Sierra Blair-Coyle features in this episode of the Sportageous Podcast, with host, Zushan Hashmi. Sierra is a professional climber, who has represented the USA in various climbing tournaments, across the three competitive climbing disciplines of bouldering, lead climbing and speed climbing! Sierra tells us about her journey as a climber, how the sport has changed in the last few years, and what she has coming up on her climbing calendar. 
October 30, 2019
Ismail Saeed: The 'World's Toughest' Cycling Race - Tour De Khunjerab
Pro-cyclist, Ismail Saeed features in the first Sportageous Podcast with host, Zushan Hashmi.  Ismail is an architect by day, and a cyclist by 'early morning', morning, afternoon and night. His cycling journey has taken him from Islamabad to Brisbane and back to the highest border in the world, the Khunjerab Pass! In this podcast, Ismail discusses how he manages his life as a business owner, architect and cyclist, while elaborating on his cycling career, and his cycling aspirations in 2020, including Pakistan's new Annual cycling event - The Tour De Khunjareb. At an elevation of 4500m, this is no easy place to be, for a professional cyclist, let alone an ordinary person hiking up the hills! Tune in to hear about how Ismail hopes to bring his two beloved nations, Australia and Pakistan, together on a cycling spectacle filled with music, culture, dancing and most importantly, height!
October 23, 2019