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Raw and uncensored sports talk. Hosted by Sportsplug Russ (Cowboys/Mavs), Sterling (#BillsMafia/Mavs) and moderator DJ Slow Boogie. Listen or join the show live in the Gratwick discord server every Thursday night.

Presented by Gratwick.
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NBA Christmas
Presented by Gratwick. Sterling is back and it’s NBA draft night! UFC Austin Kevin Holland won again. Dude is like a real life superhero NFL Gronk retires, again RIP Goose NBA Warriors are champs Where does Steph rank? Klay’s parade day The Kyrie dominos Draft recap Best/worst dressed prospects Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
June 25, 2022
NBA Finals Do or Die(d) Time
Presented by Gratwick. A man down this week with Sterling on the Covid IR. Which 2 sport athlete had the best chance to excel at their 2nd sport? MLB Immaculate Innings in Houston Golden Tate going to play baseball NFL Does Baker have a home in Carolina? Robby Anderson retirement Marcus Davenport has the Ronnie Lott pinkie Tyreek talking up Tua too much Bruce Smith has a beef w/Boselli in HoF NBA Fake Klay gets lifetime ban, too much? Christian Woods traded to Mats Game 6 updates Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
June 18, 2022
A Man Down, But The Finals Roll On
Presented by Gratwick. A man down this week with Sterling on the Covid IR. Main topic NCAA college football hall of fame finalists, who deserves it, who’s getting by off name recognition? NBA Game 3 recap Is Steph Injured? GS shooting slump? Boston getting stronger? Draymond playing wrong sport? NCAA HoF finalists NFL Broncos on the market Deshaun Watson…smh Aaron and Coop get PAID Buffalo HEAVY SB favorite Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
June 11, 2022
Fantasy Football Is Life...Even on The Diamond
Presented by Gratwick. Main topic of the show is fantasy football creates conflict even on the diamond. Which begs the question, would you rather be slapped or spit on? MLB MLB Top 5 Power Rankings Fantasy Football is Life Slapped or Spit On? NFL Fitzpatrick Retires Gore Retires The Match Recap Madden Cover/Game 2022 Hot Takes NBA Finals/Game 1 Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
June 03, 2022
Kaep Or Is It Cap?
Presented by Gratwick. Main topic of the show is Colin Kaepernick got a tryout with the Raiders and looks to be returning to the NFL. Good for the league? Good for society? Good for black QBs? Are the Raiders the best fit? MLB Mike Trout 1000th hit. Don’t call me Jackie Joc Peterson 3 HR’s Superstitions in Sports NFL Kaepernick tryout Russ stans for Tua New #1 WR’s, who will do best? QB’s who beefed up The Match End of the Pro Bowl? Better ideas NBA Conference Finals Russ and Sterling accept defeat Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
May 27, 2022
Saban Stuck In The Past Snitching On NIL
Presented by Gratwick. A huge new deal in the MLB has a stupid clause given by the team. Matt Harvey was slinging more than fastballs and the Orioles got sick of getting shelled so they decide to change their park, fair or baseball is just weird? Further evidence for the latter, Astros most homeruns in an inning, a no-hitter ends in a loss and Albert tried to pitch?! Nick Saban is trying to snitch on things that aren’t even illegal anymore. He’s just salty he lost out on Hunter, Jr. Is the NIL already off the rails or working in a positive way? Who’s on the NFL chopping block and would Baker’s career have been spared if the Browns had benched him during the season? Could Tom Brady save Baker? NFL free agent bargains left somehow leads to a deep discussion on the player archetype that is Patrick Beverly. NBA playoffs march on. SportsPlug Russ is both happy to be here, but getting nervous about the Mavs chances against the Warriors. The Heat will play tough, but they just don't have enough to survive a long series with the Celtics. A glimpse of hope on the horizon for Rockets fans after winning the draft lottery... Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. Twitter DJ SlowBoogie: SportsPlug Russ: Sterling:
May 20, 2022
OH-MY-TANI (NBA Playoffs, NFL Schedule)
Presented by Gratwick MLB LA Angels’ Ohtani goes off against Red Sox in two way performance. Chicago Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki owned the month of April. Pittsburgh Pirates go 0-28 w/o a win from their SP. Sets record. UFC Dainel ‘DC’ Cormier going into UFC HOF. UFC 274. Former Lightweight champ Charles Olivero stripped of title before fight. NFL NFL Schedule is out. Notable matchups. Bradys retirement in the booth for Fox. Bills - Sports Sushi field trip. NBA MVP Award Winner Jokic. GS v Memphis. Bucks v Celtics - Gianns drops 40. Heat v 76ers - Game 7? Mavs v Suns. Join the show live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord. 
May 13, 2022
The B in Ben Simmons must stand for… (Guest: Anthony Idi)
Presented by Gratwick. MLB Trevor Bauer 2 year suspension, fair? Dusty Baker gets 2000th win 1st black manager to ever do it (12th overall) NFL Draft recap, best/worst hauls. AJ Brown to Philly with a lot of Ms ($100Ms). Baker still a man w/o country.. or team (Did the Browns fuck up by not trading him sooner?) and with Seattle “out” of the QB market where does that leave him? Guest host/NBA insider Anthony Idi. Ben Simmons. Back surgery, mental block that triggers back injury. How do the Nets move forward and get ready for next year? NBA Heat v Sixers: Playoff kitchen too hot for James harden, again. Tyler Herro 6MOY. Celtics v Bucks: Celtics bounce back. Does Jaylen Brown deserves more recognition? Is the winner of the East playing in this series? Warriors v Grizzlies: Super Sayian Ja Morant goes off game 2 for 47. Off how close game 1 was, are the Grizzlies really like that? Super Splash Bros (Wet n Wild for russ) can they take the series? Suns v Mavs: Luka drops 45, 35 but not enough in both games what needs to happen or who needs to step up? Or is there nothing to be done? If Suns win series and advance is this the year that CP3 gets a ring?
May 07, 2022
NBA Playoffs?! Playoffs?!
Presented by Gratwick. Will a Kapernick comeback ever happen? T.O.s new league and first touchdown. USFL? Fly by night or here to stay? Hopefully they get these guys some pizza! Kyrie vs. Boston who ya got? NBA playoff series rundowns. NFL predraft peek. Sterling will be at the draft. Deebo wants out, Buffalo? Does anyone want Baker? Sports Sushi is a live, interactive show hosted by our resident sports experts in the Gratwick discord every Thursday night.
April 23, 2022
Play-Ins, Draft Targets and BillsMafia vs Cowboy Superfan Russ
Presented by Gratwick. The Dwayne Haskins tweet by Schefter creates an internal debate about whether it was wrong or just coldly honest. Russ and Sterling give their thoughts and picks on the NBA play in games. The topic of the night is the worst way to lose in sports. This spirals into an unprovoked Cowboy attack on BillsMafia. The call is answered and an N’if’L forward looking revenge career is laid out and ends will Jerry selling the team. Russ gives his Cowboys draft wish list. Sterling gives his Bills draft wish list. DJ Boogie gives his Saints draft wish list. Sports Sushi is a live, interactive show hosted in the Gratwick discord every Thursday night.
April 15, 2022
Taking A Blow Torch To The Lakers (Guest: David Croyle - Sports Investor, D1 Father)
Presented by Gratwick. Final Four recap means humble pie for SportsPlugRuss and a chapter marker on the UNC/Duke rivalry. NBA playoff talk brings a blow torch to the Lakers, some Mavs stanning and a rundown of biggest surprises and disappointments for the season. MLB season opener, so that happened. NFL talk welcomes Diggs into the Mafia for life, making sense of the Saints/Philly trade. Guest David Croyle joins the show to talk about the recruiting process he and his son went through and how covid affected that process for kids nationwide. Dave gives some unique insight into the NIL deals and how that benefits the student-athlete as well as his perspective on the whole thing as a parent. Dave is also a committed sports investor, he talks about how he finals his picks, biggest scores, craziest loss and what the best advice he received from a guy who puts millions of dollars at risk on single games. Join the show live every Thursday night in the Gratwick Discord.
April 09, 2022
Josh Allen Rule and What Athlete Can Date Your Daughter
Another raw and uncensored episode of Sports Sushi presented by Gratwick. A full serving of fresh sports talk includes the Josh Allen rule marks the arrival of a new king of the NFL. A quick run down of the final four matchups and will UNC put the dirt on Coach K’s career? The main topic of the night is who in sports would you not want dating your daughter and who would you love to see with your daughter? Britney Grinier is going to be without the D for a while. Paul George is back and he’s been missed, does this make the Clippers a contender? What about Kawhi Leonard will he be back? This discussion takes a pivot into an unofficial Kawhi roast! From one roast to another, the legacy of James Harden doesn’t look so good as time marches on. NBA MVP is a two horse race between the Joker and the Jolly Green Giant. The Dallas Mavericks are building a complete team our guys are proud to watch. What should we expect from Pat Mahomes without Tyreek Hill? The show ends with a heartfelt conversation about Bruce Arians and what its meant to our hosts to see this man be a champion for black players and coaches. Our guys are impressed and proud of the way he stepped aside and made sure Todd Bowles is setup to be successful, and in true Sports Sushi fashion, they just hope the TB on the sidelines doesn’t fuck it up for the city of TB and the TB on the field. Join Sports Sushi live every Thursday night in the Gratwick Discord where your raw and uncensored sports takes are always welcome.  
April 01, 2022
Talking Bout The U (FIU Brawl) With Former Hurricane Tyrone Byrd
Presented by Gratwick. Sports Sushi fresh and raw takes are served up on the run around the leagues but the highlight of the show is guests Tyrone Byrd (Former Hurricane LT) and Hurricane superfan Florida Del. An honest cowboys fan take mixed in? Sterling isn’t buying the Dolphins or the legion of Zoom. Talking Bout The U Tyrone Byrd shares he’s jounrey from countryboy to division one recruit at Miami during the heydays of The U swagger. Coker showing up to his high school in a caddilac with 22 inch rims. When it first hit him that this wasn’t high school football. The aha moment that led to his wake up call. Advice for current athletes and recruits. Finally, the backstory and lead up to the 2006 Miami vs FIU brawl. Florida Del ads a hilarious level of context to the story that rivals the warren report. The show ends with a look at where Miami U is now and what the future holders for the current team. Listen or hang out with the Sports Sushi crew every Thursday night live in the Gratwick Discord. 
March 25, 2022
Where Is The Line Between Heckling and Harassment?
Presented by Gratwick. NBA power rankings and a debate about what’s wrong with James Harden? Naomi Osaka was triggered by a heckler this week and it leads the guys to ask, has heckling gone too far or is it part of the game? Where is the line?  Tom Brady is back and we have a Sports Sushi exclusive regarding the reason why he came back so fast. Deshawn Watson cleared of charges and already on the move before we could publish this episode.Baker’s Goodbye? Teddy B and Mitchy biscuits have new teams. The AFC West is stacked now. Bills Offseason Moves/Von Miller’s big bag. Cowboys Offseason Moves/ Coopers trade, Gregory’s fake out, AB to the Cowboys?? Special guests for next weeks episode. Listen or join the show live every Thursday night in the Gratwick discord server.
March 19, 2022
The Pilot Episode - Meet Our Roster
Presented by Gratwick. The pilot episode. Sterling, SportsPlug Russ and Boogie introduce themselves and their favorite teams before diving into the ben Simmons return to Philadelphia.  A run down of the NBA MVP race spirals into an intervention for Russell Westbrook. Is he washed, disinterested or distracted? How in the world did Calvin Ridley not have a lacky? What the hell happened with this Russell Wilson trade and will Seattle make the haul pay off? Back in my day Carson Wentz was a coach killer, now they just kick him around like he’s Jeff George. A look at the combine leads to one big question, if speed kills, who does it kill? Your opponent or the team with the obsession? Listen or join the show live in our Gratwick discord server 
March 11, 2022