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Sports Business Secrets

Sports Business Secrets

By Kevin Tarca
Hi, I’m Kevin Tarca, Founder of Kreation Talent Agency!

This podcast is designed to share secrets from experts in the sports business world to help you along your own path to success in this industry. You’ll hear from general managers of professional teams to CEOs of sports tech companies to agents, coaches, players and everything in between.

Join me in real time on my personal journey of growing my agency, traveling the world and battling through obstacles in this competitive industry!
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Episode 101: Co-Founder & CEO of Opendorse, Blake Lawrence

Sports Business Secrets

Episode 101: Co-Founder & CEO of Opendorse, Blake Lawrence

Sports Business Secrets

Episode 402: The Status of European Basketball
European basketball is one of my favorite things in the world. Despite my love, there are challenges and uncertainties looming. Today I discuss some of those uncertainties and summarize a recent report from the European Basketball Advisory Group. Check out the full report here: Check out the Sports Business Secrets Community here:
June 27, 2022
Episode 401: Jeremy Woo, NBA Draft Insider for Sports Illustrated
Today’s guest is Jeremy Woo, staff writer and NBA Draft Insider for Sports Illustrated! Now typically when Jeremy goes on a podcast, or any NBA Draft analyst for that matter, they are grilled with questions like, "who is going to be the number 1 pick?" or "which players hurt their draft stock the past week?" Today was a bit different. Of course we touch on some actual draft prospects later in the episode... But in my opinion, it's more beneficial for you to hear some of the behind the scenes action - in regards to both Jeremy's career journey and what goes on before the story hits the internet! Today we talked about: How Jeremy grew up and got into sports journalism His career progression throughout the years at Sports Illustrated How important gaining trust is when giving/getting information Differences between the Mock Draft & Best Available Board What characteristics he uses to evaluate talent on court Which off court characteristics help and hurt a player’s stock The debate between drafting the best available vs. the best fit How an NCAA run factors into a players evaluation and much more Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!
June 21, 2022
Episode 400: Celebrating Four Hundred!
Today's episode is a special one. Of course a celebration for 400 episodes is in store. But even more exciting is a new project that is live as of today! I have officially launched a digital home for Sports Business Secrets, and you could find it at! In addition, we're kicking off the 400 party by minting our first NFT! There are only 20 spots and each one is priced at less than a cup of coffee 😉☕️ Check it out here:
June 17, 2022
Episode 399: Well This Sounds Fun
Someone told me they could help me strengthen my podcast community, learn more about NFTs AND generate revenue... Well, that sounds fun! The sports and tech combo is happening quicker than I expected. Let's give it a try...
June 16, 2022
Episode 398: Andrew Petcash, Entrepreneur & Founder of The Petcash Post
Today’s guest is Andrew Petcash, former collegiate basketball player, entrepreneur & Founder of The Petcash Post, one of hottest newsletters on the market that breaks down the business of athletes, sports and NIL! You'll want to break out the notepad for all the knowledge Andrew shares... Today we talked about: How he went from 0 scholarship offers to 10 His decision between going pro in hoops to pro in something else College recruiting and where players get the most exposure How you can differentiate yourself in the recruiting process The NIL market and how it is changing recruiting A breakdown of a real NIL deal from The AIR App The business model & the future vision of his newsletter and much more
June 13, 2022
Episode 397: I’m Witnessing A Change
I can sense a shift in the structure of the talent management industry. In today’s episode I explain what I’m seeing.
June 10, 2022
Episode 396: Lilliana Antequera, Sr. Collegiate Marketing Manager, CELSIUS
Today’s guest is Lilliana Antequera, Sr. Collegiate Marketing Manager for CELSIUS! Lilliana has an extensive background in marketing in the consumer packaged goods space in addition to tech focused companies. Today she shared invaluable insight into the world of brand marketing, NIL and a sneak peek at some additional collegiate-focused projects at CELSIUS. Today we talked about…. her desire to be an astronaut before anything else how she got her first opportunity in marketing why it’s important to work face to face with consumers why it’s important to have authentic brand campaigns characteristics that have helped her along her career journey a 30k foot view of CELSIUS Collegiate Marketing and the products they make an exciting new announcement – CELSIUS University! The NIL space and what to expect in the coming months and much more Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!
June 09, 2022
Episode 395: Exactly What I'm Doing on June 6, 2022
These episodes are starting to sound redundant when I record them. But as they say, consistency breeds results! Here's what I'm up to today.
June 06, 2022
Episode 394: Daniel Sokolovsky, Head Coach of BKM Lučenec
Today’s guest is Daniel Sokolovsky, Head Coach of BKM Lučenec, a professional team in Slovakia. Daniel's career has taken him all over the globe. From being a collegiate player and volunteer coach in the states to an Assistant in many countries overseas; finally leading him to his first Head Coaching opportunity in Slovakia last season. Today we talked about…. his playing career and his path into coaching his fortunate seat selection on a flight to Vegas a unique role for his first pro coaching opportunity the differences between leagues in Russia, Germany, Israel & Slovakia his first head coaching opportunity. what he looks for when recruiting some advice for aspiring coaches and much more Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!
June 02, 2022
Episode 393: What Web3 & NFTs Mean For Sports
Web3, blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency. Sound complicated? Yes, but those things are here to stay. So let’s get acclimated and discuss why it’s important for the sports world!
May 31, 2022
Episode 392: The Structure of Overseas Basketball (Revisited)
Overseas basketball probably does not operate the way you think it does. Today I revisit the structure of domestic leagues and international competitions.
May 23, 2022
Episode 391: Sports Lawyer & Founder of ACD Agency, Chris Gulla
Today’s guest is Chris Gulla, a sports lawyer & Founder of ACD Agency! Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and minor in Economics from Wilkes University, where he played college basketball. He got his JD from Rutgers Law, where he spent time working for super agent, Leon Rose, who is now the President of the New York Knicks. During that time he also dove into his coaching career. He coached at Rutgers Camden and then Philadelphia University where he simultaneously started working with a law firm. Fast forward to 2019 and ACD Agency was born! Chris has not only spent nearly a decade becoming an expert litigation attorney, he has helped a countless number of players, clubs and agents with contract settlement agreements. He holds his NBPA, WNBPA and FIBA agent licenses, and they are just getting started! Today we talked about…. college hoops and how many more points he scored than me 🤣 the process of keeping basketball a part of his life the path to law school and choosing what to practice the transition into the coaching world what coaching, playing and managing all have in common differences between power agencies and boutique agencies difficulties that FIBA presents when working overseas how practicing law adds value to the recruiting process & much more! Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!
May 20, 2022
Episode 390: Professional Exposure Camps (Revisited)
In this revisited episode, I discuss everything you need to know about exposure camps. Some things have changed since I first published the episode, but the core insights remain the same. It's important to analyze each camp before you decide to invest your time and money.
May 17, 2022
Episode 389: Exactly What I'm Doing April 27th
I missed these episodes! Today I bring you up to speed on a KTA vision, current clients, new strategy, and what's on the calendar this week in Atlanta!
April 27, 2022
Episode 388: Jordan Confessore, Associate Commissioner MAAC (MBB)
Today’s guest is Jordan Confessore, the Associate Commissioner of Men's Basketball for the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference! The MAAC also happens to be the conference that my beloved Quinnipiac Bobcats' play in :) Jordan played basketball at Ithaca College where she got a degree in sports media. I first met Jordan when we both worked at a small sports marketing firm in Princeton, called the Gazelle Group. Shortly after we met, she started her journey at the MAAC and has taken over several roles over the past 10 years! Today we talked about…. not knowing what she wanted to do after college her transition from collegiate athlete to “the real world” all about the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference her roles over the past 10 years, what she does day to day some cool international projects they are working on an overview of the ESPN deal with the MAAC Saint Peters amazing Elite 8 run & what that means for the conference skill sets that translate well from athletes to the sports business world and much more! If you're looking to learn a bit more about what happens behind the scenes at the offices of athletic conferences, you've found the right place. Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!
April 23, 2022
Episode 387: April Showers Bring May Flowers
Sometimes you have to put your head down and focus on some big projects! Unfortunately that meant a short delay in content for the podcast. But it's all good now, after a short hiatus, we are back! Here is what I've been up to the past three weeks and some insight on what I'm looking forward to heading into the summer!
April 19, 2022
Episode 386: The Finances of NCAA March Madness
We all know the NCAA makes a tremendous amount of revenue from March Madness. But have you ever wondered HOW much? Today I dive into the most recent broadcast deal, including the exact value and length. I also discuss the amount of money conferences receive as a kickback for each schools performance. March Madness for the public. March Sadness for student athletes.
March 25, 2022
Episode 385: Founder & CEO of JRZY, Issa Hall
Today’s guest is Issa Hall, the Founder and CEO of JRZY! JRZY is an amazing new platform that empowers athletes with technology to leverage opportunities for themselves as competitors. I’ve been following JRZY the past year and the tools and resources they provide are tremendously valuable! Their original tool started as a marketplace that connects athletes to sponsorship opportunities (which they still have) but they have grown into so much more! Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game what type of law he currently practices law an overview of all the tools JRZYVERSE has what web3 and crypto is and how it can help athletes NFTs and trading card opportunities available the importance of a decentralized platforms & owning your audience how athletes can use group economics for deals why brands should tap into the entire JRZYVERSE and much more! Issa has made it his life mission to liberate athletes and trust me when I tell you he is well on his way to accomplishing that! Excited for you to hear what JRZY is doing to educate athletes on controlling their own content and creating and capitalizing on their own entrepreneurial hub.
March 22, 2022
Episode 384: Columbia University Assistant MBB Coach, Bruce Hamburger
Today’s guest is Bruce Hamburger, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Columbia University! Bruce has been coaching the game of basketball his entire career and has experience at many different levels. From being a Grad Assistant at the Division 3 level, to an Assistant on a Final Four team, to joining the staff for a WNBA team, and everything in between! Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game his early love for coaching versus  playing what he learned from his NCAA Final Four experience the transition from mens college coaching to the WNBA what he looks for when he's recruiting things that Ivy league players do differently the challenges when you're not having a winning season and much more This is episode is great for anyone who wants to learn more about getting a college scholarship and especially for those who are looking to break into the coaching industry!
March 15, 2022
Episode 383: College Selection to KTA Journey
Last month I had a really cool experience jumping on Anthony Uva's TV show! Here are the topics we covered on the show: - reasons why I decided to go to Quinnipiac University - a typical day in the life of a Division 1 basketball player - the path that led me to explore the European market - why and how I started Kreation Talent Agency - what I look for when I'm recruiting - how much money pros make overseas - NIL status and where I think it's headed - advice to students & parents for the college selection process
March 10, 2022
Episode 382: Edgar Vargas, Sports & Digital Marketing Expert
Today’s guest is Edgar Vargas, a Puerto Rico-based digital marketer with many years of marketing and brand building experience in sports, media & athletic administration! Edgar started his own broadcast project for all sports at his university when he was a student, which spring-boarded him into an amazing career in sports marketing and media. Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game the BSN (professional league in Puerto Rico) his sports business education company, WIN Sports how to value a sports franchise Genius Sports and his new role and much more His life mission is to promote the sports industry of Puerto Rico and Latin America through education, and he is making a profound impact already!
March 04, 2022
Episode 381: Skyler Beauchamp, Technical Recruiter & Basketball Consultant
Today’s guest is Skyler Beauchamp, Technical Recruiter & Basketball Consultant. As you know this season of the podcast is geared towards bringing the listeners not just knowledge for on the court… but knowledge that will add value to your life off the court. Lucky for us, today we get the best of both worlds! Skyler was acclimated to the scouting world the moment he stepped into college. Managing his college team and getting involved with USA basketball during his freshman year led him to start his own scouting service. He spent the past 5 years evaluating talent and helping professional teams identify good fits for the roster. Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game being exposed to a high level of hoops during college balancing school work and starting a scouting service what he looks for when evaluating what technical recruiting is and how he got the job the parallels between the corporate world & hoops and much more Sky also drops some knowledge on exactly what teams look for when selecting imports for their overseas rosters!
February 25, 2022
Episode 380: Milestone -- 50,000 Downloads!
Celebrating the small wins! This weekend we crossed the 50,000 downloads benchmark! The podcast is consistently listened to in 88 countries and counting. Is Sports Business Secrets the fastest growing podcast out there? I’m not sure. Is Sports Business Secrets just getting started? Absolutely. More often than not, very few people will believe in you until you’ve already done it or until a celebrity gives you a shoutout. So just keep showing up until it’s impossible for them to miss you. If you’ve listened to or shared any episode, THANK YOU!
February 22, 2022
Episode 379: Jason Esseboom, Founder of Joyned Capital
Today’s guest is Jason Esseboom, the Founder of Joyned Capital. As you know this season of the podcast is geared towards bringing the listeners not just knowledge for on the court… but knowledge that will add value to your life off the court. Jason realized early on that he was not going to be able to pay the bills forever by playing the game he loves. So he found a different path that combined his passion for the sport with the ability to make an impact… and simultaneously make a living. Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game his transition from playing soccer to “the real world” why it’s important to be an educated investor what investing means and how you can get involved the definition of cash flow and why you need to know it and much more In addition to running Joyned Capital he has a coaching business and an online course that I highly recommend. If you want to learn how you can make financial moves now that can prepare you for the rest of your life, you should invest in yourself and check out his resources.
February 17, 2022
Episode 378: Adam Finkelstein, ESPN National Recruiting Analyst
Today’s guest is Adam Finkelstein, National Recruiting Analyst for ESPN. Adam has experience in many different sectors of the basketball world; from the media side to coaching at both the collegiate and prep school levels… and obviously to evaluating talent all across the country. Today we talked about: how he grew up and got introduced to the game his transition after school to working in basketball full time how he created opportunities for himself as a young coach where the idea for NERR came from his roles and responsibilities at ESPN why rankings matter & when they don't really matter and most importantly… all about evaluating talent! And at the end we have the infamous Sports Business Secrets lightning round. This episode is going to be tremendously valuable for young players, parents & coaches.
February 15, 2022
Episode 377: David Nurse, NBA Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
Today’s guest is David Nurse, who is a man of many skills & many titles... David has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court for most of his career. His method was actually coined as training “athletes of the future” because of his ability to teach them how to tap into different mindsets and become unstoppable. He has written two bestselling books, runs a successful motivational coaching business and is a highly-sought-after speaker. You're not going to want to miss this high energy, knowledge packed episode! Today we talked about: His NBA dreams and playing overseas The challenges he battled as a pro His mindset during the transition from pro to “real life” Breaking a few world records How he became the Brooklyn Nets Shooting Coach How to shift your perspective & redefine success How to push through limitations to find your breakthrough & plenty more! I’m super lucky to call David a friend. And he’s done more to help me along my personal journey than I can even thank him for. I know you guys are going to enjoy this one!!
February 12, 2022
Episode 376: The Rules Are Different Here!
This is the sports industry! The rules are different here. Today I give you 12 very fired up minutes of why this industry is difficult to navigate. But more importantly I discuss 3 ways that you'll be able to combat the difficult set of rules you're up against.
February 11, 2022
Episode 375: DeMarcus Berry, Head Coach of the Kaohsiung Steelers
Today’s guest is DeMarcus Berry, Head Coach for the Kaohsiung Steelers, a club from Taiwan's PLeague+. Lucky for me, he is also a Kreation Talent Agency client. DeMarcus has had an amazing journey from playing at the NAIA level, to playing in Australia, then to coaching in Australia. He’s done scouting for teams in New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, China and more. In 2018 he was a Special Assistant on staff for the Atlanta Hawks GLeague team, the Skyhawks. Before heading to Taiwan he was the Head Coach of a team in the TBL, the Tampa Bay Titans. In today's episode we talked about: His transition from playing to coaching How he got his scouting opportunities An overview of the PLeague and pro hoops in Taiwan His roles and responsibilities for Kaohsiung Excitement about the East Asia Super League Advice for aspiring coaches & much more!
February 08, 2022
Episode 374: Anthony Green Back To Australia!
KTA Client Anthony Green resigns in Adelaide, South Australia with the Norwood Flames!  Listen in for some more details on the process and decisions that were made in the off season. The NBL1 Season kicks off in April!
February 04, 2022
Episode 373: Francesco Nanni, Asst Coach for Scafati (Italy A2)
Today’s guest is Francesco Nanni, who is an assistant coach on Scafati in Italy’s SerieA2. Francesco grew up playing basketball in Italy. He has been coaching basketball since the age of 16 and got his opportunity to become a professional coach in the 2nd division of Italy in 2017 with a team called Forli. As you’ll hear in the podcast, assistant coaches overseas wear many hats, so he has been able to conduct a wide range of tasks the past three seasons. From from on-court player development to extensive video analysis, to opponent scouting reports and game plans and much more. We also talked about: an overview of the professional basketball leagues in Italy the process and certification requirements of becoming a coach his modern coaching philosophies and techniques some resources that he uses to become a better coach some of the challenges he faces And at the end we have the infamous Sports Business Secrets lightning round. Francesco one of the kindest people I’ve met and I love his curiosity and passion for what he does.
February 01, 2022
Episode 372: Three Ways to Upgrade Your Networking Routine
The biggest buzz word of the 21st century; networking! We all know networking is a big part of how we will find success. But when's the last time you asked yourself how to improve your networking routine?
January 30, 2022
Episode 371: Entrepreneur, Author & Former Pro Player - Art Morrison III
Today’s guest is Art Morrison III, who I'm lucky to call a close friend! Art is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. After having to move around to a handful of different high schools, he eventually earned a scholarship to play basketball at Caldwell University. Despite an up and down college career, he continued to persevere by procuring himself a contract overseas, and has since taken the business world by storm over the past decade! We get to hear about Art's upbringing & how he used his basketball experience as the cornerstone of his professional life, both on and off the court. He is not only making an impact in the community, but he is revolutionizing that Real Estate and Online Education space! Here are some of the topics we dove into: His early life and upbringing Overcoming adversity in high school, AAU & Prep School The steps he took to earn a college scholarship The strategy he used to get a professional contract in Portugal His transition from hoops to business Insight from his book, "Overcome" Tapping into the real estate game Creating an online educational platform
January 26, 2022
Episode 370: Hiring & Recruiting
People often get hired the same way that people get recognized, from their past success. And although there is merit to that, I think we should dig deeper. I believe too many companies & sports organizations overweigh their decisions based off past stats.
January 23, 2022
Episode 369: Head of Scouting for FC Barcelona, Ruben Alcaraz
Today we're joined by the Head of Scouting for FC Barcelona, Ruben Alcaraz! Ruben was the first guest for season 2 of the podcast, and he definitely did not disappoint! We get to hear about Rubens unique background before he got into the scouting and front office role… Like many of us, Ruben wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do early in his professional career, and so he simply took life one day at a time! He spent some time performing freestyle basketball tricks around Spain, he opened up a basketball shop (only for it to close down shortly after), and he even secured himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records! We also talked about: How he identifies talent as a scout The differences between scouting young players & pro players How he keeps himself organized during the season & much more! View full article here:
January 18, 2022
Episode 368: The New FIBA Agent Regulations (pt2)
Today we continue discussing changes to the FIBA Agent Regulations and how I think it will impact the industry.
January 14, 2022
Episode 367: The New FIBA Agent Regulations (pt1)
On January 1, 2022 FIBA decided to make changes to the Agent Regulations. Sadly, these changes came without consultation from FIBA Agents themselves. Today I dive into the first two big changes.
January 13, 2022
Episode 366: We Are Back!
Welcome to Season 2 of Sports Business Secrets! Today I recap the end of 2021, discuss some podcast upgrades & share this year's vision for KTA!
January 11, 2022
🎉🎊 Today is the 365th consecutive day of publishing a podcast episode! LFG! What a year. Today I talk about what I learned and what is next! 😎
October 14, 2021
Episode 364: Hello Again, Europe!
It has felt like a decade since I’ve been back in my element overseas, but lucky for me, we are back! I just landed in Europe and I’m hitting the ground running!! 😀😎🌎✌️
October 13, 2021
Episode 363: FIBA Agent, Gerard Colomé
Today we're joined by a fellow FIBA agent based in Spain, Gerard Colomé! Gerard knew he wanted to be involved in the sports business world earlier than most. He has experiences at both a big international agency and now a boutique firm. Tune in to hear more about Spain, FIBA inefficiencies, his trips to Africa & much more!
October 12, 2021
Episode 362: Start with Rubbish
Often times we are so worried about finding the best approach that we forget to take action. The quality of your work in the beginning will not be good… just keep improving.
October 11, 2021
Episode 361: Disputes Pt2 - FIBA BAT
Yesterday we talked about what types of disputes can arise. Today I break down the process of filing a claim and go behind the scenes of arbitration procedures.
October 10, 2021
Episode 360: Disputes Pt1 - When Agents Get Fired
Today I talk about what happens when there is a dispute between a player and an agent. Sometimes it’s handled professionally, but sometimes it gets ugly.
October 09, 2021
Episode 359: Exactly What I'm Doing on October 8th
KTA client updates, a few more college visits and a golf outing... This is exactly what I'm doing today.
October 08, 2021
Episode 358: Thoughts on a Fifty Piece
I don't care what level we are talking about, scoring 51 points is very difficult to do. This is more of a venting episode for me, mostly about why teams overlook good players. So thanks for listening lol.
October 07, 2021
Episode 357: KT's Sports Business Lightning Round
At the end of each episode with a guest, I throw in a surprise round of questions to get to know them better and make them think! Upon request, today I put myself through the round 😎
October 06, 2021
Episode 356: Djimon Henson signs in Georgia!
KTA Client Djimon Henson will be playing in the Georgian Superleague this season. Listen in for some more details on the transfer and the league!
October 05, 2021
Episode 355: The Stockdale Paradox
Faith will bring you through any battle. But it's important to not overlook the most brutal facts of your current situation. Today we learn from the highest ranking US military officer who was held captive during the Vietnam War.
October 04, 2021
Episode 354: CBA Topic -- Game Tickets & League Pass
We all have said the infamous line, "can you leave me some tickets?" Today I flipped open the CBA and learned exactly how many tickets NBA players get for each game! 
October 03, 2021
Episode 353: The Creators of Slappin' Glass, Dan Krikorian & Patrick Carney
Today we get to learn about the creators of one of the hottest podcasts on the market, Slappin' Glass! Patrick Carney & Dan Krikorian dive into their college hoops days, passions off the court, the humble beginnings of the podcast, their stellar guests & much more! They even disclose who would win in a game of 1 on 1 😜
October 02, 2021
Episode 352: Exactly What I'm Doing on October 1st!
Happy October! 13 days until we've reached episode 365. 92 days until the year 2022 🤯😳 This is exactly what I'm doing today...
October 01, 2021
Episode 351: The Core Three
When I get the opportunity to speak with athletes at any level, I make sure to include these 3 core topics...
September 30, 2021
Episode 350: Professional Player & Founder of Wevolv, Jori Davis
Today we’re joined by someone who is simultaneously playing professionally overseas & building her own company! Jori Davis is the Founder of Wevolv, a tool that is designed to strengthen the careers of athletes through education and community!
September 29, 2021
Episode 349: EFA - Promotional & Commercial Appearances
Today I go over section 15 of the EFA! This section outlines the requirements for promotional and commercial appearances during the season.
September 28, 2021
Episode 348: Be A Little More Selfish
You might be confused when I tell you to be a little bit more selfish today. But trust me, in the long run its better for everyone. Here’s why…
September 27, 2021
Episode 347: Donovan Smith Cyprus Contract
KTA client Donovan Smith will be playing in Cyprus this season. Listen in for some more details on the contract and the opportunity 🙌
September 26, 2021
Episode 346: Founder of Rookie Scale, Jon Chepkevich
Today we're joined by NBA draft & salary cap specialist, Jon Chepkevich! Jon breaks down how he evaluates prospects, how they use AI to project talent, the birth of Rookie Scale and much more!
September 25, 2021
Episode 345: Exactly What I'm Doing on September 24th
Sometimes a client update can be, "there is no update!" I know it seems nonsensical, but there is a reason. Knocking on doors & gearing up for some travel! This is exactly what I'm doing today...
September 24, 2021
Episode 344: Before Foz and After Foz
Dick Fosbury is considered one of the most influential athletes in the history of track & field. Why? Because he was good at something that no one did. Tune in for the rest of the story 😉
September 23, 2021
Episode 343: Founder & CEO of Eisman Digital, Aaron Eisman
Social media expert & digital marketing consultant, Aaron Eisman, joins us to talk about what he learned at the big agencies and why he transitioned into his own company! You'll learn what brings value to brands and how to upgrade your social media. You even get a sneak peak of his new book, "The Evolution of Sports Social Media."
September 22, 2021
Episode 342: Everyone Began Somewhere
At some point along your journey in the sports business world you will most likely be overwhelmed with how much you still have to learn. This is a friendly reminder that an expert in anything was once a beginner!
September 21, 2021
Episode 341: Iowa State MBB Assistant Coach, JR Blount
JR Blount, a Milwaukee native and former Loyola Chicago player, joined Iowa State's mens basketball staff earlier this year. Today he joins us to break down his pro experience, the D1 recruiting process, some non-negotiables before joining the Iowa State team, how he learns & more.
September 20, 2021
Episode 340: Smart Contracts
One inefficiency with overseas basketball is the payment system. How do we improve the transparency and simplify the execution of payments? Here’s a thought, just hear me out.
September 19, 2021
Episode 339: Mendham HS Varsity Coach, Bill Connolly
How many Varsity Basketball coaches do you know who have zero social media accounts? 🤔 Bill Connolly is entering his 3rd season at Mendham. We dive into his finance background, who he learns from & youth development thoughts!
September 18, 2021
Episode 338: Exactly What I'm Doing on September 17th
We are officially closer to October 1st than September 1st! 🤯 Today I talk about an update on a KTA client, re-evaluating the company strategy and looking ahead to the fall months. Same goals, new day!
September 17, 2021
Episode 337: CEO of East Asia Super League, Matt Beyer
Matt Beyer has one of the most fascinating stories in the world of sports business in the past decade, and today we're lucky to have him as a guest! Here is an outline of some of the topics we discuss: ☑️ his first few trips to China ☑️ being a translator for NBA players ☑️ passing the CBA Agent License exam ☑️ overview of the Chinese Basketball Association ☑️ raising money and developing the EASL ☑️ the future of sports in the Asian markets If you have any interest in sports business, pro hoops, the Asian markets or entrepreneurship... you should probably have a listen! The East Asia Super League is ready to turn the world of Asian basketball on its head!
September 16, 2021
Episode 336: Pay Your Damn Taxes!
Today’s episode is a friendly reminder to my pros who are currently playing overseas. I read an article this week that made me want to spread the word again…. please pay your taxes properly!
September 15, 2021
Episode 335: What's Your Future?
No matter what section of the “sports business” industry you are involved with, you should always keep an open mind. Today I share a story about Duncan Robinson that puts your future thoughts into perspective.
September 14, 2021
Episode 334: EFA - Player Health & Wellness
More Euroleague Framework Agreement! Today we’re talking about player health & wellness. A few important topics include on-court platform rules and updates and second medical opinions!
September 13, 2021
Episode 333: NBA Season Key Dates & Updates
Happy Sunday my friends! I needed to refresh the memory with the NBA calendar and check out the key dates for the upcoming season. And lucky for you, I'm sharing what I learned 🙃
September 12, 2021
Episode 332: Massive Brain Dump
I've been consumed by a lot of noise lately, making my brain go in circles. I decided a brain dump was a good idea. Here's what came out: - international summer league 🌍 - overseas inefficiencies 🧮 - documentary idea 🎥
September 11, 2021
Episode 331: Exactly What I'm Doing on September 10th
Your weekly dose of.... exactly what I'm doing! Sometimes these are weird for me to record. But it's been fun to give a public update of how I'm operating. They will be cool to listen to in 10 years! ⌛️⏳
September 10, 2021
Episode 330: Euroleague Health Protocols
Health Protocols have been updated and approved and will be enforced during the upcoming Euroleague and Eurocup seasons. I highlight the main points in this episode, but you can read the full document here:
September 09, 2021
Episode 329: NBA GLeague Affiliations and Updates
There has been a bit of restructuring in the G-League over the past two years, so today I go over the updated 2021-2022 affiliations.
September 08, 2021
Episode 328: CBA Topic - Player Moving Expenses
And we’re back to talking about another random section of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Today’s topic = Player Moving Expenses.
September 07, 2021
Episode 327: Career Advice from Igor Rakočević
I recently read a letter that Igor Rakočević wrote to his younger self. It is gold. You can listen to some highlights in today's episode, but I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.
September 06, 2021
Episode 326: Lessons From The Stockholm Harbor
I want to tell you a story... that took place 400 years ago... about a ship... in a harbor. Guess you'll have to listen if you're curious 🤷‍♂️🙃
September 05, 2021
Episode 325: New Agent Fee Structure & Consequences
One of the biggest changes in the EFA was the change in payment structure for agent commissions. Today is the ultimate deep dive on what the new rule means, a breakdown of how it looks contractually and how this will affect the overall industry.
September 04, 2021
Episode 324: Exactly What I'm Doing September 3rd
A KTA client is off to Europe tonight, international training camps & exhibitions are beginning, and some interesting conversations have been sparked from a recent interview. This is exactly what I'm doing today...
September 03, 2021
Episode 323: Macalester College Men's Basketball Head Coach, Abe Woldeslassie
Today we're joined by Macalester College Head Coach, Abe Woldeslassie! Abe is entering his 4th season leading his alma mater! Today you'll learn about his journey from playing to coaching, how he got his first opportunity, the differences between D3 and D1, the core team values at Macalester and much more!
September 02, 2021
Episode 322: Overseas First Timer?
A question I was asked in an interview recently was, "what is the main suggestion you would give to a player who's about to experience the international market for the first time?" Well, you know the drill by now. Here is my answer... 
September 01, 2021
Episode 321: So, How Do You Sign Top Players?
During a conversation with a potential intern, I was asked yet another great question about the recruiting process. After mentioning the ultimate goal of signing highly ranked players, here is the question he hit me with: "So, how do you actually do that?"
August 31, 2021
Episode 320: Bishop McGuinness HS Boys Basketball Coach, Josh Thompson
Today we’re joined by Bishop McGuiness Boys Varsity Coach, Josh Thompson! In this episode we talk about Josh’s coaching journey, his NCAA tournament experience, his AAU program, how he’s built a culture at Bishop & much more!
August 30, 2021
Episode 319: Aspiring Agent Q&A
Last week someone from our Sports Agent Community asked me a great question regarding early growth and social media involvement. Tune in to hear the exact question and my in depth answer based on personal experience.
August 29, 2021
Episode 318: Professional Basketball Coach, Matt Jones
Today we’re joined by professional basketball coach, Matt Jones! Matt has coached from NAIA to professionally overseas, and everything in between. Today we learn about the Albanian league, his Israeli experience and what’s on the horizon!
August 28, 2021
Episode 317: Exactly What I'm Doing on August 27th
Repetition & persistence. Even when results aren't visible yet! Still knocking on doors. Consulting opportunities on the horizon. Online agent course. This is exactly what I'm doing today. P.S. 4 dozen days away from 365 😎
August 27, 2021
Episode 316: BYU Just Changed The Game!
✔️BYU Football ✔️Name, Image, Likeness ✔️Athletes getting paid ✔️Walk-on heaven You should probably just listen 😊
August 26, 2021
Episode 315: JP Stevens HS Varsity Coach, Chris Garcia
Today we're lucky to have another MHS alumni on the pod! We are joined by former teammate and very good friend of mine, Chris Garcia! Chris is the boys Varsity Basketball Coach at JP Stevens HS in NJ, and Co-Director of the NJ Panthers AAU organization. We talk about his start in football, his love for hoops, why he never stops learning and much more.
August 25, 2021
Episode 314: New FIBA Agent Regulations!
FIBA has decided to revise their Agent Regulations. Being fully transparent here, I'm not necessarily impressed and have many questions. Here's an overview of the new rules and my concerns...
August 24, 2021
Episode 313: EFA - Travel, Hotels & Days & Off
More Euroleague Framework Agreement! Today we’re talking about the guidelines for team travel, accommodations and days off.
August 23, 2021
Episode 312: Can I Pick Your Brain?
"Can I pick your brain?" This phrase is used a lot. And there's nothing wrong with it. But make sure you are aware of the context before trying to extract knowledge!
August 22, 2021
Episode 311: EFA - Contract Negotiation
Back to the Euroleague Framework Agreement! Today we’re talking contract negotiations, tiered salary categories and a new format for agent commissions.
August 21, 2021
Episode 310: Exactly What I'm Doing on August 20th
KTA updates, international transfer obstacles and why I’m heading to Jersey City this afternoon! Here is exactly what I’m doing today…
August 20, 2021
Episode 309: EFA - Euroleague Minimum Salaries
Today we’re talking money! 💶💰 There is now a minimum gross salary for any player with a full season contract. Today I explain the scale and how players can qualify.
August 19, 2021
Episode 308: EFA - Types of Contracts
Continuing the deep dive of the Euroleague Framework Agreement. Moving forward, the relationship between players and clubs will be regulated by 4 different types of contracts. Today I tell you all about them.
August 18, 2021
Episode 307: The Euroleague Framework Agreement (EFA)
Euroleague Basketball and ELPA recently announced the completion of a historic agreement, the Euroleague Framework Agreement! The goal is to regulate the relationships between EuroLeague, clubs and players. Today I give you the overview and break down some of the topics.
August 17, 2021
Episode 306: Summer Routine Reset
Morning routines can be a huge asset to having a productive day. But it's also important to revisit and revamp your routines. If you don't it's easy to get complacent. Here is a little revamp of my routines.
August 16, 2021
Episode 305: NBA Minimum Salary
A player’s minimum salary is determined by how much NBA experience he has. Here’s a quick update on minimum salaries for the 2021-2022 NBA season.
August 15, 2021
Episode 304: Announcement Culture
As a society, we have an ever-growing need to announce everything we’re doing (myself included). Sports play a big role in this.
August 14, 2021
Episode 303: Exactly What I’m Doing on August 13th
Just landed back in NJ a few hours ago. What a week in Vegas! Another KTA client signed his next contract overseas and we’re building momentum! Here is exactly what I’m doing today…
August 13, 2021
Episode 302: Be Grateful
We need to be grateful for every part of the process. Because both the ups and the downs serve a purpose.
August 12, 2021
Episode 301: President & Founder of In A Heartbeat, Mike Papale
Mike Papale, former college basketball coach and current high school basketball coach survived sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 17. In his memoir, A Big Heart, he uses his story to inspire readers and help heart disease patients live a long and normal life. The official book release is September 1, but it is available now for pre-release on Amazon.
August 11, 2021
Episode 300: Three Hundred Days Straight
Alright people, we have finally reached episode 300! That is 300 days straight! Today I talk about more lessons I’ve learned, the most downloaded episodes and briefly discuss the future vision of the pod.
August 10, 2021
Episode 299: Montgomery HS Varsity Coach and AD, Kris Grundy
Beyond excited to have Montgomery High School Athletic Director & Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Kris Grundy on the pod today! Coach Grundy put his trust in me to be his starting PG as a sophomore, and today we talk NJ hoops, public vs private, team culture and much more!
August 09, 2021
Episode 298: NBA Summer League and Why It's Important
Today is the first day of games here in Vegas! So I figured it would be fitting to discuss the format of the games and a few reasons why the summer league is so important for various stakeholders.
August 08, 2021
Episode 297: If I Was a Top 10 Recruit...
There’s a lot that goes into a college selection for basketball players. For some people the choice is easier than others. If I was a top recruit these days, here is exactly how I’d break down my selection…
August 07, 2021
Episode 296: Exactly What I'm Doing on August 6th
Off to Las Vegas! It's been 2 years since the NBA had Summer League... but we are back!
August 06, 2021
Episode 295: A Taste of My Own Medicine
Most of these episodes stem from a learning experience that I went through. This week I had to have a taste of my own medicine...
August 05, 2021
Episode 294: Hump Day Motivation
Everyone needs a little motivation every now and then. So here is a quick segment that I needed to pump myself up with this morning. Hopefully it helps you too 🤓👍
August 04, 2021
Episode 293: Behind The Scenes of an International Transfer
Of course everyone sees the SIGNING announcements on instagram and twitter... but what really happens after a contract is signed? Today I share some thoughts on the not-so-sexy behind the scenes process of what actually happens.
August 03, 2021
Episode 292: Don't Just Listen To Me
Sometimes I like to double down on topics that I'm passionate about. But I also realize it's good to hear from different voices. Today I share a clip from The Players Podcast, where Kyle Hines and Shane Larkin give some advice to aspiring pros.
August 02, 2021
Episode 291: Top Secrets for Business Travel
A lot of us are back on the road for business travel. Here are a few recommendations that will allow you to travel like a boss. 👌
August 01, 2021
Episode 290: Global Front Office Differences
I’ve noticed a few differences the past several years between the front offices in the states and overseas. Here’s what I’ve seen…
July 31, 2021
Episode 289: Exactly What I'm Doing on July 30th
Your weekly KTA updates. Battling through some frustrations. Knocking on doors. Gearing up for Vegas. This is exactly what I’m doing today.
July 30, 2021
Episode 288: Must Read: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
I've recommended this book before. And I'll do it again. You can create a life of passion, purpose and peace by finding what makes you HAPPY. But just like in the sports industry, it’s not always the “sexy titles” that give you happiness.
July 29, 2021
Episode 287: Another NBPA Legal Update
More value coming in hot from the NBPA! The agreement to extend last season’s Two-Way modifications to cover the 2021-22 Season has been approved.
July 28, 2021
Episode 286: Young Players & Agent Selection
Former Euroleague player Axel Hervelle wrote a great article talking about the importance of young players selecting their agents. Today I talk more about this topic and share some of his advice.
July 27, 2021
Episode 285: CBA Topic -- Off Season Leagues
Today I talk about Article XXIII of the CBA, which includes the regulations for all off season events and the rules summer leagues have to follow to get sanctioned.
July 26, 2021
Episode 284: Are You Interested or Committed?
There is a big difference between being interested and being committed. I encourage you to ask yourself this question today...
July 25, 2021
Episode 283: Las Vegas Exposure Camps
There are many exposure camps going on during the upcoming NBA Summer League in Vegas. Today I share a few details on the ones that I know well. If you are a player or you just want to network with basketball people. Check them out!
July 24, 2021
Episode 282: Exactly What I’m Doing on July 23rd
Your weekly KTA updates. Behind the scenes of a contract situation, prepping for NBA summer league and another wedding weekend. This is exactly what I’m doing today…
July 23, 2021
Episode 281: Why Coach DeMarcus Berry Will Be Successful
Today you’ll hear about DeMarcus Berry's career journey from playing to coaching. And more specifically why he will be successful not just as a coach, but in life! #KTAfam
July 22, 2021
Episode 280: If You Want To Be An Agent...
If you are an aspiring agent, don’t do this…. Today I tell a quick story how one aspiring agent has no idea that he is off to a terrible start.
July 21, 2021
Episode 279: A Phone Call with An Aspiring Pro
This week I had a phone call with someone who was trying to help an aspiring pro get a contract. I walked them through a recruiting summary step by step over the phone. And let them know the career projections. Here is how the conversation went...
July 20, 2021
Episode 278: CBA Topic -- Player Conduct continued...
Today I finish discussing Section VI of the CBA, Player Conduct.
July 19, 2021
Episode 277: CBA Topic -- Player Conduct
The CBA is nearly 600 pages long. Every time I open it up I learn something new. Today I talk specifically about Section VI, which covers player conduct and the consequences for those who do not uphold the services required by their contracts.
July 18, 2021
Episode 276: We’ve Passed 30k Downloads!
We’ve officially passed 30,000 downloads and climbing! Here are a few more things I’ve learned along the way.
July 17, 2021
Episode 275: Exactly What I’m Doing on July 16th
The overseas free agency market is picking up speed and teams are making moves. A few KTA clients have already signed contracts for next season and more to come! Here is exactly what I’m doing today.
July 16, 2021
Episode 274: How Agent Commission Really Works
I’ve discussed the differences between NBPA and FIBA agents before. Today I dive a little deeper into how an agent gets paid commissions.
July 15, 2021
Episode 273: DJ McCall Signs in Spain (Albacete)!
KTA client DJ McCall signs with Albacete in Spain for his rookie season overseas. In today's episode I talk a bit more about the league (LEB Plata) and why we believe its a great fit.
July 14, 2021
Episode 272: Help Me Help You
When players reach out I genuinely try to answer everyone and point them in the right direction. Today I talk about three mistakes players make when reaching out to me.
July 13, 2021
Episode 271: Your Friendly Summer Reminder
Today is your friendly summer reminder of some frustrations in the overseas market and how you can battle through them. The curtain is peeled back, this is the reality of professional hoops!
July 12, 2021
Episode 270: Why I've Been Going to HS Events
I switched up the strategy a bit this year. Going to NBA events is still important, but today I dive into why I've been spending more time watching high school events this summer.
July 11, 2021
Episode 269: Four Things I Wish I Did In College
Hindsight is always 20/20, right? Looking back now, here are four things that I wish I did when I was in college.
July 10, 2021
Episode 268: Exactly What I'm Doing on July 9th
On the road again! Atlantic City, coach meetings, and then continuing down south! Here is exactly what I'm doing today.
July 09, 2021
Episode 267: Marketing Outrageously
Sometimes you need to think outside the box to differentiate yourself from others. That includes marketing ideas that are outrageous.
July 08, 2021
Episode 266: Patience for Empowerment
No matter how long it takes to get where you're trying to go, there is one ingredient in the "success formula" that is imperative. Tune in today to find out what that is.
July 07, 2021
Episode 265: Will Smith, GM of Norwood Flames
Today we talk with Will Smith, GM of the Norwood Flames in Australia's NBL1. Will gives us a breakdown of the Australian pro market, the style of play in the league and how he wants to improve Australian hoops!
July 06, 2021
Episode 264: A Few Things NCAA Players Should Focus On
I chatted with a few college players last week about the overseas market and what it would take to get to the next level. Here is what I told them.
July 05, 2021
Episode 263: AJ Mitnick, Head Coach of Inter Aliyah Club
Today we talk w/ AJ Mitnick, newly appointed Head Coach of Inter Aliyah Club in Israel! 🇮🇱 AJ breaks down the Israeli pro market, both 1st and 2nd divisions. We also learn what coaches have to sacrifice in order to get where they want to be!
July 04, 2021
Episode 262: Exactly What I'm Doing on July 3rd
KTA client updates, tapping into NIL and catching a college friend's wedding! Here is exactly what I am doing today.
July 03, 2021
Episode 261: Syracuse Legend & Owner of ED23 Hoops, Eric Devendorf
Today we're joined by Syracuse legend, Eric Devendorf! Eric has experience playing and coaching at the highest levels around the world, but has transitioned into his next journey: impacting lives on and off the court! Topics we discuss: - high school dream team at Oak Hill - his recruitment to Syracuse - playing professionally around the world - coaching w/ Jim Boeheim and Mike Davis - founding ED23 hoops - and much more
July 02, 2021
Episode 260: Show Athletes The Money!
We are officially in a new era of college athletics. Starting today student athletes can officially monetize their name, image and likeness! I am not an expert (no one is yet), but in today's episode I share some my thoughts on the topic!
July 01, 2021
Episode 259: The Power of Assumptions
We all fall into the trap of making assumptions. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad. Either way they can be powerful.
June 30, 2021
Episode 258: NBA All Star Game Player Compensation
Believe it or not, there is prize money awarded to NBA All Star participants. Today I break down the cash compensation for each competition.
June 29, 2021
Episode 257: Three Ways To Make Friends
Sometimes we all need to make new friends in the industry. But its not always easy to find the right people. Here are three ways that you can surround yourself with good people.
June 28, 2021
Episode 256: A Few Challenges I'm Battling
The purpose of my podcast is to educate others (as I learn myself). That also includes being real with the challenges of the sports business industry. Here are a few challenges I'm battling...
June 27, 2021
Episode 255: Exactly What I'm Doing on June 26th
More international movement and back on the road this weekend for some live high school hoops. Here is exactly what I'm doing today...
June 26, 2021
Episode 254: Boki Nachbar, Managing Director of ELPA
Today we're joined by former NBA Draft pick and current Managing Director of the Euroleague Players Association, Boki Nachbar! Tune in to hear about the mission of the association, the benefits they provide players, and the exciting upcoming projects!
June 25, 2021
Episode 253: Advice to Incoming High School Players
Here are 5 pieces of advice I would give to incoming high school players. Specifically players who aspire to play in college.
June 24, 2021
Episode 252: Ionut Georgescu, GM of CSO Voluntari
Today we are joined by GM of CSO Voluntari, Ionut Georgescu! Tune in to hear about the Romanian basketball market, how Voluntari recruits, the scouting collaboration with Real Betis and much more!
June 23, 2021
Episode 251: KTA Internship Opportunity!
🚨PSA! KTA is looking for interns. Instead of creating a word document and putting it online, I figured it would be easier to explain via audio. Tune in to hear exactly what we're looking for!
June 22, 2021
Episode 250: Standard FIBA Player Agent Contract
If you're wondering what's inside a standard FIBA contract between player and agent, today is your lucky day!
June 21, 2021
Episode 249: Why Coach Evann Baker Will Be Successful
Today you’ll hear about Evann Baker's career journey from playing to coaching. And more specifically why he will be successful not just as a coach, but in life! #KTAfam
June 20, 2021
Episode 248: Exactly What I'm Doing on June 19th
We are backkkk! Heading into summer full speed ahead. Yesterday I finalized a contract for a KTA client. Today I'll join hundreds of college coaches at the Hun School in NJ for some live high school hoops. Here is exactly what I'm doing today...
June 19, 2021
Episode 247: Question from a Listener
I received an awesome question from a listener this week. Rafa from Spain asked me what I do to prepare for road trips. In today’s episode I break it all down!
June 18, 2021
Episode 246: A Recent Trend In The Coaching Market
I've noticed a few recent trends in the coaching industry. This includes college, high school and pro coaching markets all around the world.
June 17, 2021
Episode 245: Celsius to Fahrenheit Hack
Every once in a while I go on a random travel tangent. Today I share a trick that I use every time I travel internationally. If you get confused by the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, tune in!
June 16, 2021
Episode 244: How I Decide Where I Travel
Sometimes I plan travel months in advance. And sometimes I book a flight the day before travel. Here's a bit more insight on how I decided on determine my travel plans.
June 15, 2021
Episode 243: We Don’t Need To Be Friends
It’s easy to forget that this is a business. I didn’t come into the business to make friends. If it ends up that way, great! Your friends are there to tell you how great you are and what you want to hear. I’m here to tell you what you need to hear.
June 14, 2021
Episode 242: A Few Memorable Moments
A light Sunday episode talking about some of the memorable moments so far.
June 13, 2021
Episode 241: All About Coach Representation
KTA is officially representing coaches! In this episode I break down what that really looks like.
June 12, 2021
Episode 240: Some Additional Agent Resources
Here are a few more recommendations and resources for aspiring agents.
June 11, 2021
Episode 239: Exactly What I'm Doing on June 10th
Wrapping up the trip to Tampa... heading to Miami... lots to balance this week! Here is exactly what I am doing today...
June 10, 2021
Episode 238: What Motivates Me?
Yesterday I talked about organized chaos. Today I talk about what motivates me to power through the obstacles. It's important to stop and ask yourself why you do what you do every once in awhile.
June 09, 2021
Episode 237: Organized Chaos
Sometimes life throws many things at you at once. You can get frustrated. Or you can battle through. I call this organized chaos.
June 08, 2021
Episode 236: We’ve Passed 25,000 Downloads!
We’ve officially passed 25,000 downloads of Sports Business Secrets! So cool. Not sure what that really means… but I do know that people tune in from 78 countries around the world to hear me talk about my journey. And for that I’m grateful! 🙏
June 07, 2021
Episode 235: Tampa Bay Pro Combine
I spent the last three days at the newest pre-draft combine down in Florida. Today’s episode is a recap of the event plus a few guys that I thought played well.
June 06, 2021
Episode 234: Three Ways to Differentiate Yourself in an Interview
I talked about how to prepare for a coaching interview earlier in the week. Here are three recommendations to differentiate yourself during any interview process.
June 05, 2021
Episode 233: An International Negotiation Experience
Happy Friday my friends! Every contract negotiation I am involved with allows me to get better at my job. I learn from every single situation. I told you I'd fill you in on the details of one of those experiences, so as promised, here you go.
June 04, 2021
Episode 232: The European Basketball Advisory Group!
Let's go! As I grow my agency and continue to represent professional basketball players, I'm pumped to introduce you to The European Basketball Advisory Group! This is a non-profit initiative with the aim to increase the overall professionalism in the sport of basketball in Europe. We will serve as the connectors between basketball and business.
June 03, 2021
Episode 231: Embrace "I Don't Know"
There are so many things in this world that we as humans don't know. Even if you are an expert in your field, there are still things you can learn. When you don't know something, embrace it! Here's what I mean...
June 02, 2021
Episode 230: Five Steps for Applying to a Coaching Position
Applying for a coaching position is not an easy task. Especially with the oversaturated market of coaches looking to climb the ladder! Today I break that process down into 5 steps.
June 01, 2021
Episode 229: FIBA Europe Head of National Federations & Youth Sports, Radmila Turner
Today were joined by a director from FIBA Europe, Radmila Turner! Radmila dives into the resources that FIBA provides for current players, the purpose of the TIMEOUT program, and some exciting new projects coming out soon!
May 31, 2021
Episode 228: Exactly What I'm Doing May 30th
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Today we have the Euroleague Championship and many other leagues overseas will finish up shortly. I'm also gearing up for a two week road trip!! Here is exactly what I'm doing today.
May 30, 2021
Episode 227: CEO of Slan Sports Management, Matt Slan
Today we hear from Founder & CEO of Slan Sports Management, Matt Slan! Matt started his agency over a decade ago and currently represents both players and coaches around the world!
May 29, 2021
Episode 226: An Update from the NBPA
The NBPA is best. Here’s a little sneak peak into the value they provide NBPA certified agents!
May 28, 2021
Episode 225: Professional Basketball Coach, David Gale
Today we hear from professional basketball coach, David Gale! We talk about his playing days at Loyola Chicago to all of his stops in the NBA to his most recent experience leading a team in the first division of Lithuania!
May 27, 2021
Episode 224: One Thing European Basketball Is Missing
There are many differences between professional basketball cultures around the world. Today I talk about one major thing that is missing from a coaching perspective in Europe.
May 26, 2021
Episode 223: Professional Basketball Coach, KJ Smith
Today we chat with Coach KJ Smith! He teaches us about the basketball culture in Brazil, the types of players in the first division, his new role with the Fraser Valley Bandits and much more. 
May 25, 2021
Episode 222: Pathway to the Top
What does it take to get to the top? A mix of skills, hard work, luck and surrounding yourself with the right crew. I'm working on a new project, here are some thoughts on it.
May 24, 2021
Episode 221: CEO of One Motive Sports, Drew Kelso
Today we bring on another agent, who also happens to be the CEO of his company. Drew started OMS in 2018 and currently represents about 50 players around the world! We discuss the talent in JUCO & NAIA's, agency business models, showcase events & more!
May 23, 2021
Episode 220: Be Like Amelia Earhart
First step to success = stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat. Most importantly, doing that even if the odds are stacked against you! This is why you should be more like Amelia Earhart...
May 22, 2021
Episode 219: Professional Basketball Coach, Mate Jakab
Today we head over to Hungary to chat with professional basketball coach & scout, Mate Jakab! You'll learn about the style of play in their professional leagues, which imports have succeeded there, and more about Mate's coaching journey!
May 21, 2021
Episode 218: Exactly What I'm Doing on May 20th
Another trip up to North Jersey! Today is a brand partnerships & marketing focused day mixed with a few overseas contract situations. Exciting weekend coming up! Here is exactly what I'm working on today.
May 20, 2021
Episode 217: Crazy Can Be Good
Not every can see the same vision you see. You're crazy... until you're not.
May 19, 2021
Episode 216: Fleming College Interim Head Coach, Menelik Fernandes
Today we talk with Menelik Fernandes, who is a Canadian college basketball coach. We discuss the differences between College and University sports, the balance between entrepreneurship and coaching, and what changes he hopes to see in Canadian hoops moving forward!
May 18, 2021
Episode 215: The Art of Negotiating
The only way to get better at negotiating is through experience. Trust me, I've learned the hard way! Today I'll talk about a few key principles that I've learned about negotiating contracts as an agent.
May 17, 2021
Episode 214: Name, Image, Likeness Update
We are 45 days away from college athletes being allowed to monetize their name, image and likeness! 
May 16, 2021
Episode 213: Player Profiles and A Project I Outsourced
Yesterday I talked all about the demand side. Today I'll dive into the supply side. You'll hear exactly what I include in my player profiles, including the move that I made to get them done quicker!
May 15, 2021
Episode 212: How Overseas Teams Find Coaches & Players
So how do teams overseas find and sign their coaches and players? Today I share three conversations I've had with clubs this week.
May 14, 2021
Episode 211: You Can't Get Something For Nothing
Today’s discussion stems from the book, “Outwitting the Devil,” by Napoleon Hill. Those who try to receive something without putting in the work, will end up with nothing.
May 13, 2021
Episode 210: Exactly What I'm Doing on May 12th
On the road again! A quick trip to NYC. Here’s exactly what I’m doing today.
May 12, 2021
Episode 209: A Current Agency Challenge
In the past, the main role of an agent was to procure and negotiate contracts. In 2021 the list of benefits that players expect is a dramatically longer list. Here is a current challenge that I am facing as a boutique agency...
May 11, 2021
Episode 208: My Dream Client
Every agent has a different strategy. Here are some specific characteristics that I’m searching for when looking for future clients.
May 10, 2021
Episode 207: Why I Haven't Joined Another Agency
A handful of people have recently asked me why I haven’t joined another agency. Well here’s your answer (and it’s probably different than you think)!
May 09, 2021
Episode 206: Why D.J. McCall Will Be Successful
Another KTA Client Highlight! Today you’ll hear about D.J. McCall's career from college until today. I talk about the recruiting process before he joined KTA and then touch on why he will be successful not just on the court, but in life!
May 08, 2021
Episode 205: IMG Academy Basketball Coach, Billy Clapper
Today we head down to sunny Florida to chat with Coach Billy Clapper! Billy talks about transitioning from coaching at the college level to landing at IMG Academy in Florida. He is also the GM of Sideline Cancer, who is gearing up for the 2021 TBT event!
May 07, 2021
Episode 204: Exactly What I'm Doing on May 6th
European playoffs, client profile prep, coaching representation? Here is exactly what I'm doing today.
May 06, 2021
Episode 203: The Power of Storytelling
The ability to tell stories is more impactful than you might think. Today I share a rarely told story from a trip to Croatia 🇭🇷 and also explain the reason you should tell more stories yourself!
May 05, 2021
Episode 202: Founder of PointAdvising, Carlon Brown
Today were joined by the one and only Carlon Brown! We talk about his transition from college to being a pro, the grind in the G-League, how he “flipped the switch” overseas and much more. If you’re looking for a guy who has experienced it all and need someone to keep it real with you, look no further! Carlon is the Founder of PointAdvising and currently the Head Coach of Glendale Prep in Arizona.
May 04, 2021
Episode 201: How To Gain Access
One of the biggest challenges in the sports business word is gaining access to resources and decision makers. Today I share two ways to gain that access!
May 03, 2021
Episode 200: Two Hundred Days In A Row!
Alright people, we have finally reached episode 200! That is 200 days straight, I’m pumped! Today I talk about some of the things I’ve learned, the most downloaded episodes and, as always, what is on the agenda for KTA!
May 02, 2021
Episode 199: Filip Sunterlic, GM of Crvena Zvezda
Today we venture over to one of my favorite cities in the world, Belgrade, Serbia! Filip Sunterlic is the GM of Euroleague and ABA team, Crvena Zvezda. Buckle up for a long one, as Filip shares insight on his journey from player to marketing director to GM. 
May 01, 2021
Episode 198: FAQ Volume 5
Volume 5 of “Agent FAQs” 📝 where do you start without film? 📝 can you apply for a sports agent job? 📝 where to find other sports jobs?
April 30, 2021
Episode 197: Shoutout to the NBPA
Quick shoutout to the NBPA! Today I talk about what the NBPA is and why they add tremendous value to players (and agents).
April 29, 2021
Episode 196: Your Chance to Roast Me
One of the worst things that can happen when building a business is people telling you that youre doing a good job 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love the support! But today I’m asking you to roast me! What have I done a bad job with? How can I improve?
April 28, 2021
Episode 195: Exactly What I'm Doing On April 27th
Back on the east coast in New Jersey! Here is exactly what I'm doing today as we wrap up April and head into May...
April 27, 2021
Episode 194: Head Coach of Blair Academy, Joe Mantegna
Today we get to hear from Blair Academy’s Boys Head Basketball Coach, Joe Mantegna! We talk about his decision to gravitate towards high school coaching versus college, his international experience, the upcoming AfroBasket games with the South Sudanese national