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By Alex Fry
My name is Alex Fry, I'm going bald at the age of 28 and I love sports. Sport has always been a major part of my life and a few years ago I decided to create my own blog SportsbyFry, adding my own unique twist to trending topics, mainly covering the AFL, NBA and NFL. As my site continued to grow I launched my own podcast, that now provides you with audio recordings of my blog post, weekly fantasy updates from the AFL, NBA and NFL world and a ton more!

Enjoy! ✌️

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Sunday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 28th February (Ep. 213)
With technical difficulties solved, J-Lo sit down for our Sunday ritual to cover plenty of AFL Fantasy and NBA news! We drop some takeaways from the West Coast vs. Freo scratchy (2:10), address our strategy for keeper league drafts (9:05), discuss the idea of starting with Dangerfield, Tom Mitchell and much more. Then we drafted our NBA All-Star teams (33:56) before talking about Boogie Cousins, Russell Westbrook and which coaches on the hot seat (50:47). Enjoy! ✌️
February 28, 2021
Fantasy Fryday - 19th February (Ep. 212)
AFL Fantasy defenders lead off today's FF episode (1:05), before I do a lap around the NBA waiver wire (13:33) and identify some trade targets for fantasy coaches (19:35). Enjoy! ✌️
February 19, 2021
NBA Trade Candidates, Deck of DT and the NFL Quarterback Carousel (Ep. 211)
This mid-week SBF pod explores the NBA players most likely to be swapped before the trade deadline (1:23), looks at all 7 AFL Fantasy players I covered in the preseason Deck of DT (12:19) and unpacks the chaotic quarterback situation ahead as we enter the NFL offseason (23:56). Enjoy! ✌️
February 17, 2021
Sunday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 14th February (Ep. 210)
On this week's Sunday Sitdown, J-Lo and I ranked the top-8 championship contenders in the NBA (1:46), talked about why the San Antonio Spurs should always aim up (27:00) and explored the mid-priced madness landscape in the AFL Fantasy world (44:04). Enjoy! ✌️
February 14, 2021
Fantasy Fryday - 12th February (Ep. 209)
Today's Fantasy Fryday discusses Tom Brady's greatness (1:21), why it's time to add Hamidou Diallo and drop Steven Adams (3:00) and takes a look at 28 of the all-important AFL Fantasy midfielders (11:59).  Enjoy! ✌️
February 12, 2021
Sunday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 7th February (Ep. 208)
J-Lo joins me on a Sunday once again to make our NBA All-Star picks (2:14) and discuss why the Charlotte Hornets should aim up and the Orlando Magic should aim down (27:05). We then looked at some realistic goals for AFL teams in 2021 (48:09) and which non-finalists could make the jump into the top-8 this season (1:06:04). Enjoy! ✌️ SBF article:
February 7, 2021
Fantasy Fryday - 5th February (Ep. 207)
Another Fantasy Fryday looks at the fantasy ripple effects of Matthew Stafford joining the L.A. Rams (1:24), unpacks the ruck situation in AFL Fantasy (5:33) and features another trip around the NBA Fantasy waiver-wire (19:10). Enjoy! ✌️
February 5, 2021
Quickfire NBA Throughts, Super Bowl LV Preview and Realistic Goals for AFL Clubs in 2021 (Ep. 206)
I drop my quickfire thoughts (1:11) on Bradley Beal, Brooklyn's defence and Andre Drummond trade candidates, dive into why I'm still picking the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV (8:18) and share the realistic goals for a few AFL clubs from the latest SBF article (13:23). Enjoy! ✌️ SBF AFL article:
February 3, 2021
Sunday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 31st January (Ep. 205)
This MONSTER Sunday Sitdown with J-Lo to end January has it all! First, we broke down the Utah Jazz's 11-game winning streak (2:28), Boston's championship credentials (17:37) and why Atlanta excites me the most as a Bradley Beal trade destination (25:56). Of course, it wouldn't be a sitdown without AFL Fantasy talk - with both of us revealing our currents squads of 30 (45:38) before answering listener-submitted questions (1:03:28) and dropping our predictions for Super Bowl LV (1:12:40). Enjoy! ✌️
January 31, 2021
Fantasy Fryday - 30th January (Ep. 204)
Another instalment of Fantasy Fryday's unpacks the most popular AFL Fantasy forwards (1:07), looks at why you should add Wayne Ellington and drop Will Barton in your NBA Fantasy leagues (12:31) and with so much NFL wide uncertainty at the quarterback position, I give my two cents on why you can afford to wait when drafting a QB in 2021 (21:48) before exploring Matthew Stafford and Deshaun Watson's potential new homes (23:11). Enjoy! ✌️
January 30, 2021
Sunday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 24th January (Ep. 203)
Sitting down on a Sunday, J-Lo and I got together to talk about 20ish of the most owned players in AFL Fantasy (1:47), offered some buy low/sell high tactics for your NBA fantasy team (22:23), checked in on the 76ers, the Trailblazers and the NBA squads hovering around .500 (39:25) and closed out with a quick preview for the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend (53:18). Enjoy! ✌️
January 24, 2021
Fantasy Fryday - 22nd January (Ep. 202)
The first Fantasy Fryday of the year has arrived! Today's pod covers some important AFL Fantasy cash cows (1:23), features a trip around the waiver wire in the NBA (9:26) and looks at why Josh Allen should be picked in daily fantasy lineups (21:03) as I make some picks for this weekend's NFL's Conference Championship games. Enjoy! ✌️
January 22, 2021
Wednesday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 20th January (Ep. 201)
WE'RE BACK! SBF fans rejoice, J-Lo is back on the pod! In this episode, we went around the NBA discussing the relevant teams in the West (1:46) and the East (16:50) before diving into some award frontrunners (29:57. Then we had a WAY too early chat about the AFL Fantasy players who aren't on your radar that you need to be thinking about (32:55) Enjoy! ✌️
January 20, 2021
James Harden is a Brooklyn Net! (Ep. 200)
After a lengthy stint off the airwaves, the SBF podcast is back! This bite-sized episode breaks down all the news surrounding James Harden's trade to the Brooklyn Nets and the ripple effects it sends through the rest of the NBA. Enjoy! ✌️
January 14, 2021
Monday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 20th July (Ep. 199)
With another round of footy in the books, J-Lo and I took to the couch to discuss our AFL Fantasy teams (1:16) and how to approach the rest of the season with three trades a week. Of course, it wouldn't be a weekly sitdown without some NBA chatter (15:51) followed by the answers to questions submitted by the SBF fans (29:19)! Enjoy! ✌️
July 20, 2020
Monday Sitdown ft. J-Lo - 13th July (Ep. 198)
After a two-month hiatus, J-Lo is back to reacquaint himself with the SBF faithful! We talk all things fantasy footy (2:10), check-in on the AFL ladder (16:46) and discuss the contending teams in the race for the 2020 NBA championship (22:20). Enjoy! ✌️
July 13, 2020
The Adelaide Crows Crisis, AFL Fantasy Rookies & Jamal Crawford back in the NBA! (Ep. 197)
After dusting off the microphone, the SBF podcast is back with another quick hit episode! The Crows' crisis (1:36), relevant AFL Fantasy rookies (4:44) and the return of Jamal Crawford (13:31) all get a mention in today's episode as we gear up for another weekend of AFL and the pending return of the NBA. Enjoy! ✌️
July 10, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 28th April (Ep. 196)
What do a useless NFL Draft stat, Sydney Stack and NBA practice facilities all have in common? They all get some air time in the latest SBF FFF! Enjoy ✌️
April 28, 2020
All-NBA team picks & the top-5 AFL players of the 21st century ft. J-Lo (Ep. 195)
There's a realistic chance the NBA regular season is over, so J-Lo and I decided to make our All-NBA/Defense/Rookie team selections (2:52) before diving into our top-5 AFL players of the 21st century (27:18). Enjoy ✌
April 16, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 13th April (Ep. 194)
Today’s FFF focuses on a lot of NBA action, discussing a pair of troubled Jazz teammates, potential changes to the Draft, Chicago’s new GM and some Kobe Bryant history with an AFL Fantasy fix for fans in the back end of the episode. Enjoy ✌️
April 13, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 7th April (Ep. 193)
Another FFF spins around the sports world touching base on the AFL, NBA and NFL! How should you rank new HOFers Kobe, Timmy D and KG? Is Kyler Murray a must-have fantasy QB? Which two recent AFL retirees will be covered in tomorrow’s Compare the Pair? All that and more get discussed in today’s ep. Enjoy ✌️
April 7, 2020
The Best NBA Games to Rewatch From the 2019-20 Season (Ep. 192)
With the 2019-20 NBA season currently on hold, basketball fans find themselves lost and unsure what to watch. Look no further... No. 10 - Nets vs Timberwolves, 23rd Oct (1:40) No. 9 - Spurs vs. Rockets, 3rd Dec (2:33) No. 8 - Clippers vs. Celtics, 20th Nov (3:45) No. 7 - Trailblazers vs. Warriors, 20th Jan (4:57) No. 6 - Raptors vs. Mavericks, 22nd Dec (6:10) No. 5 - Celtics vs. Lakers, 23rd Feb (7:05) No. 4 - Hornets vs. Bulls, 23rd Nov (8:15) No. 3 - NBA All-Star Game, 16th Feb (9:22) No. 2 - Celtics vs. Rockets, 29th Feb (10:22) No. 1 - Lakers vs. Mavericks, 1st Nov (11:42) Link to the SBF article: Peace ✌️
April 3, 2020
NBA Awards & Coronvirus ft. J-Lo (Ep. 191)
Humpday means it's time for Jake and I to sit down again, this time discussing 'that virus' (0:59) and the realistic chance the 2020 season is over for a variety of sports. After that, we run through our picks for the 6 major NBA awards (8:52) based on the 60ish game sample size so far. Enjoy ✌
April 1, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 31st March (Ep. 190)
It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a FFF on IGTV, but if I’m going to be stuck inside for a while I may as well use my time effectively! On this ep, I tease some of the upcoming SBF projects, talk about the ultra-competitive NFC South after NFL Free Agency and explain why Geelong’s premiership window is coming to a close. Enjoy ✌️
March 31, 2020
AFL Fantasy Chatter + NBA Playoff Check-In ft. J-Lo (Ep. 189)
On today's SBF podcast J-Lo makes a triumphant return, joining for the first time in 2020 as we look at our AFL Fantasy sides (2:19) two weeks out from Round 1. We then dive into the AFL teams we expect to rise and fall this year (15:49) before glancing our eyes over the possible NBA playoff matchups (23:01) with 20 games left in the regular season. Enjoy ✌️
March 4, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 10th February (Ep. 188)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. How the Patriots can give Tom Brady a decent yet cheap receiver core (1:42) 2. 3 winners & 3 losers from the NBA Trade Deadline (5:22) 3. A glance at the relevant NBA buyout news (10:21) 4. UFC headlines ft. Jon Jones, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov (12:27) 5. Duke vs. UNC + a quick check-in with the best collegiate prospects for the 2020 NBA Draft (15:26) NBA Buyout Candidates: ✌️
February 10, 2020
Fantasy Fryday - 7th February (Ep. 187)
On today's SBF podcast I unpack a BUMPER NBA Trade Deadline covering all the moves from the past 48 hours (1:48) before addressing the players you should now add and/or drop (10:14). The NFL Fantasy season is in the rear vision mirror, but plenty of relevant names were on display in Super Bowl LIV (13:32), including the best two fantasy tight-ends, both of whom get some air time today. Finally, with a lot of the mainstream (vanilla) players residing in most AFL Fantasy teams (20:00), I discussed the top 20-25 dudes and gave my two cents on their potential in 2020. Enjoy! Peace ✌️
February 7, 2020
20 Neglected Players For Your 2020 AFL Fantasy Preseason Watchlist (Ep. 186)
On today's SBF podcast I look outside the box for some potential diamond's in the rough for your AFL Fantasy team. One key to fantasy success is finding the breakout players who no one else owns, so I made a list of 5 defenders (1:40), 7 midfielders (5:34), 3 ruckmen (11:40) and 5 forwards (14:31) who you might want to add to your watchlist with an ownership under 10% ✌️ SBF article link:
February 4, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 2nd February (Ep. 185)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Super Bowl LIV Preview (1:19) 2. My favourite Super Bowl bets (3:15) 3. Isaac Heeney & Max Gawn's injury updates (6:07) 4. Damian Lillard's historic hot streak (8:15) 5. The non-event that is the NBA trade deadline (10:52) Super Bowl LIV Preview: ✌️
February 2, 2020
Fantasy Fryday - 31st January (Ep. 184)
On today's SBF podcast the Fantasy Fryday instalments have returned! From a lacklustre NBA tradeline (1:20) to a pair of intriguing NFL Fantasy rookie quarterbacks (8:28) and the five AFL Fantasy players I've addressed in the Deck of DT thus far (14:06), the last FF of January has it all. Enjoy! Peace ✌️
January 30, 2020
RIP Kobe Bryant (Ep. 183)
I was one of the lucky Aussie's who got to watch Kobe Bryant play before he retired in 2016. It was a moment I'll never forget. Rest in Peace Kobe ✌️
January 27, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 11th January (Ep. 182)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. A star Swan goes down...again (1:14) 2. 49ers-Vikings & Ravens-Titans preview (2:56) 3. Chiefs-Texans & Packers-Seahawks preview (4:42) 4. With Joel Embiid going down, the Sixers are facing a crucial fortnight (7:15) 5. NBA All-Star update (10:02) ✌️
January 11, 2020
Fantasy Fryday - 10th January (Ep. 181)
On today's SBF podcast I take a look at the pressing injuries in the NBA world (1:48), providing updates on Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo and Blake Griffin while identifying the weekly ADD/DROP targets. There are four NFL teams with new head coaches and it's important to understand the fantasy implications (7:13) from the latest hirings. Finally, there's plenty of value in AFL Fanatsy (12:23) this year, so I point out one player I like at each position before turning my attention to the points factory that is the Western Bulldogs midfield (16:17). Enjoy! Peace ✌️
January 10, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 7th January (Ep. 180)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. 3 dark horses in the NBA MVP race (0:52) 2. Is this the end of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? (3:44) 3. It's Week 2 of the playoffs and my Super Bowl pick is wrong (7:09) 4. NBA Dunk Contest news (9:58) 5. Tua Tagovailoa declares for the NFL Draft (12:27) ✌️
January 7, 2020
Fantasy Fryday - 3rd January (Ep. 179)
On today's SBF podcast I'm kicking 2020 off with a bang, dropping the first instalment of Fantasy Fryday's. Covering everything relevant in the AFL (1:56), NFL (8:48) and NBA fantasy (14:42) world, I'm hoping to make this a weekly segment throughout the year. Enjoy! Peace ✌️ Cash Cows Watchlist: NFL Fantasy Awards:
January 3, 2020
Fry's Fast Five - 21st December (Ep. 178)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. What's at stake in Week 16 of the NFL season? (1:00) 2. The battle for the NFC East (2:49) 3. The NFL Coaching Carousel (4:52) 4. Bucks vs. Lakers (7:53) 5. Alex Rance's shock retirement (9:18) ✌️
December 21, 2019
The 18 Players That Will Dictate the NBA Trade Season (Ep. 177)
With trade restrictions lifted for players who signed deals over the summer, the NBA trade season can officially begin! Here are the 18 players who can expect to hear their names in the trade rumour machine the most before the February 6th deadline hits. ✌️ Link to the SBF article:
December 19, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 15th December (Ep. 176)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Chasing Peyton - How Tom Brady AND Drew Brees can make NFL history (1:08) 2. Who's in the mix to become a first time NBA All-Star? (2:19) 3. NFL Fantasy streaming picks for Week 15 (5:06) 4. The Kevin Love trade saga (7:53) 5. Around the AFL news cycle in under two minutes (11:13) ✌️
December 15, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 27th November (Ep. 175)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Checking in with LaMelo Ball & RJ Hampton in the NBL (1:04) 2. The NFL Coaches Hot Seat Power Rankings (3:30) 3. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are legit! (5:35) 4. Joel Embiid's 0 points vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo's 50 points (6:58) 5. Recapping the first 21 picks of the 2019 AFL Draft (9:45) ✌️ NFL Coaches Hot Seat Power Rankings:
November 27, 2019
The Best Case Scenario For Your AFL Club in the 2019 Draft (Ep. 174)
Ahead of this weeks AFL Draft here's how all 18 clubs can accomplish their best-case scenario! Adelaide Crows - 1:11 Brisbane Lions - 2:53 Carlton Blues - 4:11 Collingwood Magpies - 5:25 Essendon Bombers - 6:57 Fremantle Dockers - 8:09 Geelong Cats - 9:38 Gold Coast Suns - 11:21 Greater Western Sydney Giants - 12:40 Hawthorn Hawks - 14:00 Melbourne Demons - 15:16 North Melbourne Kangaroos - 17:03 Port Adelaide Power - 18:02 Richmond Tigers - 19:11 St Kilda Saints - 20:19 Sydney Swans - 21:31 West Coast Eagles - 22:30 Western Bulldogs - 23:46 Link to the SBF article:
November 25, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 24th November (Ep. 173)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. What to watch for in the first-round of the AFL Draft (0:26) 2. The L.A. Clippers could be about to tear the league open (3:58) 3. BIG changes could be coming to the NBA (5:30) 4. The NFL Fantasy players I like/hate in Sunday's games (8:58) 5. NFL Week 13's best games (12:05) ✌️
November 24, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 21st November (Ep. 172)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Ben Simmons made a real-life, genuine, legitimate NBA three-pointer (0:27) 2. Looking a HUGE Thursday Night clash between the Texans & the Colts (1:47) 3. Projected 2020 No. 1 pick James Wiseman learns his fate (3:29) 4. Duncan and Danger pledge their loyalty until 2024 (5:17) 5. A relatively deep dive on the NBA standings through 13-15 games (6:42) ✌️
November 21, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 6th November (Ep. 171)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. John Collins' suspension (0:29) 2. My top-3 NFL MVP candidates (1:57) 3. The end of the Panthers-Cam Newton era? (3:40) 4. NFL Fantasy news/targets (5:23) 5. College Basketball is back! (8:00) ✌️
November 6, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 29th October (Ep. 170)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. The 0-4 New Orleans Pelicans (0:26) 2. Who are the kings of the NFC? (2:14) 3. Round 1 of the 2020 AFL fixture (4:48) 4. Harley Bennell's comeback 3.0? (6:32) 5. 3 NBA Fantasy Waiver Wire Targets (7:54) ✌️
October 29, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 24th October (Ep. 169)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Kyrie's emotional and explosive Nets debut (0:48) 2. Are Zac Clarke's AFL days done after being delisted by the Dons? (2:13) 3. The good, the bad and the ugly ft. Markelle Fultz (3:31) 4. NFL Trade update - wide receivers on the move (5:10) 5. Dear NBA fans, you forgot about Dre (7:22) ✌️
October 24, 2019
2019-20 NBA Preview - Western Conference + Award Picks Part 2 (Ep. 168)
To celebrate the new NBA season getting underway, J-Lo and I FINALLY sit down and record our thoughts on all 15 teams in the East and make some award picks to close. Clippers - 0:36 Lakers - 3:32 Rockets - 6:56 Jazz - 10:09 Warriors - 13:03 Blazers - 17:40 Spurs - 19:51 Mavericks - 21:24 Pelicans - 24:05 Kings - 26:26 Timberwolves - 28:51 Thunder - 30:18 Suns - 31:51 Grizzlies - 35:56 Nuggets - 38:00 Coach of the Year - 41:54 Sixth Man - 43:57 Most Valuable Player - 45:41 ✌️
October 22, 2019
2019-20 NBA Preview - Eastern Conference + Award Picks Part 1 (Ep. 167)
To celebrate the new NBA season getting underway, J-Lo and I FINALLY sit down and record our thoughts on all 15 teams in the East and make some award picks to close.  Bucks - 1:37 Sixers - 3:21 Raptors - 5:58 Celtics - 8:25 Pacers - 11:22 Nets - 13:46 Heat - 16:00 Magic - 18:52 Pistons - 22:31 Hawks - 24:32 Bulls - 26:53 Knicks - 30:25 Wizards - 31:32 Cavs - 32:46 Hornets - 35:27 Defensive Player - 36:41 Most Improved - 38:26 Rookie of the Year - 39:53 ✌️
October 22, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 20th October (Ep. 166)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Previewing Week 7 in the NFL (0:28) 2. My favourite bets for Sunday's NFL games (3:42) 3. A quick insight into my NBA award picks (full preview pod tomorrow 👍) (5:38) 4. Bradley Beal gives Wizards fans something to cheer about (8:33) 5. NOLA, please don't break Zion Williamson! (9:46) ✌️
October 20, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 17th October (Ep. 165)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. How much should the Kings pay Buddy Hield? (0:32) 2. The deals that 'mattered' from the AFL Trade Period - article link below (2:58) 3. Father Time aka Vince Carter wants to play all 82 games this season! (5:02) 4. Chiefs vs. Broncos kicks off Week 7 in the NFL (6:39) 5. LeBron James sounds off on the continual Daryl Morey inspired issues with China (9:20) ✌️
October 17, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 9th October (Ep. 164)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Tim Kelly gets his wish (0:26) 2. Trade Me! The NFL deals that 'should' happen before the deadline (3:37) 3. Recapping Week 5 of NFL action (5:46) 4. MPJ debuts, Ben Simmons has range and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander looks NIIIICE (8:38) 5. Daryl Morey proves once again, we should all be off Twitter (10:46) ✌️
October 9, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 6th October (Ep. 163)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Brandon Ellis' Free Agency compensation (0:22) 2. Russell Wilson MVP candidacy is real (2:32) 3. My favourite Week 5 NFL bets (3:57) 4. Why I'm not a fan of Joe Daniher heading to Sydney (6:27) 5. This will be Jay Gruden's last week as the Redskins' head coach (8:19) ✌️
October 6, 2019
One Player From Every NBA Team to Monitor Over the 2019-20 Pre-Season (Ep. 162)
Meaningful basketball is back! Well, sort of. Earlier in the week, I wrote a piece zeroing in on one NBA player from all 30 teams to watch this preseason and this episode looks at a few of those selected players that are worth monitoring. ✌️ Read the entire article on the SBF site here:
October 4, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 3rd October (Ep. 161)
On today's Fry's Fast Five episode: 1. Tim Kelly confirming the AFL's worst-kept secret (0:33) 2. Vontaze Burfict's season-long suspension. Curtains for his NFL career? (3:28) 3. NBA preseason buzz surrounding the Pelicans and two questionable jump shots (4:41) 4. Tomorrow's NFC West showdown in Seattle (6:31) 5. Justin Longmuir rebuilding Fremantle's coaching staff/reputation/culture (7:58) ✌️
October 3, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 29th September (Ep. 160)
The 2019 AFL Grand FInal unfolded like a lot of us expected it would, with backyard cricket becoming a more appealing option early on in the third quarter. All the AFL GF wrap up and NFL Week 4 news can be found in this long weekend edition FFF. ✌️
September 29, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 26th September (Ep. 159)
With a healthy laptop back up and running I drop another FFF talking about the 2019 AFL Grand Final, the end of Melvin Gordon's holdout and Zion Williamson's place amongst the top 50 NBA players. ✌️
September 26, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 17th September (Ep. 158)
A pair of future Hall of Fame QB's set to undergo the knife, Woosha's succession plan and the Orlando Magic showing (expensive) faith in Markelle Fultz. All that and more in another bit-sized FFF ✌️
September 17, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 15th September (Ep. 157)
Another quick Sunday FFF covers your NFL fantasy Hunter Henry replacements, Toby Greene and Tom Hawkins se to miss next weekend's preliminary AFL finals and why the Browns can't afford to let a golden opportunity slip through their fingers in Week 2. ✌️
September 15, 2019
Thursday Sitdown - 12th September (Ep. 156)
J-Lo and I take to the couch to once again to preview Week 2 of the AFL Finals (1:55) & the NFL season (11:11), while checking in on our NFL Fantasy outfits and of course, the surging 6-0 Australian Boomers (23:50)! ✌️
September 12, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 9th September (Ep. 155)
A massive weekend of sport capped off with a Boomers win meant I had to sit down and record my thoughts. Week 1 of the AFL Finals went pretty much according to plan, Nick Foles & Tyreek Hill fantasy coaches are hurting, but Lamar Jackson & Austin Ekeler's owners are fired up after a Super NFL Sunday, oh yeah and Antonio Brown is now a Patriot. All that plus the loss of a footy icon gets airtime in another FFF. ✌️
September 9, 2019
Thursday Sitdown - 5th September (Ep. 154)
Better late than never! Before the AFL Finals kick-off tonight, J-Lo make our picks for Week 1 and discuss the month of footy ahead before diving into a mini preview for the 2019 NFL season (17:12). ✌️
September 5, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 2nd September (Ep. 153)
After a mini hiatus the SBF pod is back, recapping a bit of AFL Fantasy stuff as well as briefly touching on the upcoming NFL season. Enjoy! ✌️
September 2, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 22 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 152)
With lockout for the AFL Fantasy preliminary finals just around the corner I unpack team announcements for Round 22 before hitting some Q & A! ✌️
August 16, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 20 Wrap Up (Ep. 151)
The number 4 is becoming increasingly important as we gear up for the final fortnight of the 2019 AFL Fantasy season! ✌ SBF Round 21 Wrap Up:
August 13, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 21 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 150)
The AFL Fantasy gods were kind to us last night at the selection table (unless you're a Will Snelling and/or Grant Birchall owner!). You can find all the relevant news prior to lockout tonight as we gear up for the second week of fantasy finals! ✌️
August 8, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 20 Wrap Up (Ep. 149)
Some huge scores around the grounds have restored the faith for AFL Fantasy coaches. Unfortunately for some, as we gear up for the second weekend of finals action it's too little too late... ✌️
August 6, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Finals Primer + Round 20 Teams (Ep. 148)
36 games, eight trades and four weekends are all that separate us from now and the end of the 2019 AFL Fantasy season! The annual SBF Finals primer can help you navigate the final month of the season as I touch on the Round 20 teams and how to prepare for the last portion of the fantasy calendar. ✌ SBF Final Primer article:
August 2, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 31st July (Ep. 147)
Today five topics discussed on this episode of Fry's Fast Five: 1. The Blazers extending CJ McCollum (0:33) 2. Michael Thomas is now the highest paid WR in NFL history (1:41) 3. AJ Green's injury REALLY hurts the Bengals and his fantasy stock (2:43) 4. The Round 23 AFL fixtures are set (4:05) 5. Does Carmelo Anthony deserve a farewell tour? (5:52) ✌️
July 31, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 19 Wrap Up (Ep. 146)
The +5 and -5 players traded places this week as AFL Fantasy coaches were treated to a topsy-turvy Round 19 on the eve of the all important fantasy finals! ✌️
July 29, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 27th July (Ep. 145)
Happy Saturday! Today five topics discussed on this episode of Fry's Fast Five: 1. Why dropping Eddie Betts was the right call (0:49) 2. Which teams could win their first Super Bowl in 2019? (2:26) 3. Did Friday Night Footy tell us more about Collingwood or Richmond? (4:38) 4. NFL contract holdouts (6:47) 5. Russell Westbrook + James Harden = 🏆in Houston? I think I believe (8:46) ✌️ NFL article:
July 27, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 19 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 144)
We weren't hit by too much carnage at the selection table tonight, but there were still plenty of AFL Fantasy questions that need answering. All the relevant news ahead of Round 19 can be found right here in just over 16 minutes! ✌️
July 25, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 24th July (Ep. 143)
Today five topics discussed on this episode of Fry's Fast Five: 1. Tyler Boyd's new contract extension (0:36) 2. Rhylee West gets to make his AFL debut (1:58) 3. Zion Williamson's shoe deal with Jordan Brand (3:25) 4. Team USA's stars bailing (4:10) 5. The uncertain future of the Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal's looming extension (5:21) ✌️
July 24, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 18 Wrap Up (Ep. 142)
Is Hunter Clark legit? Should we give up on Patrick Cripps? Does Reilly O'Brien deserve the Fantasy ROY award? All that and more are discussed in another weekly SBF RWU. ✌️
July 23, 2019
Monday Sitdown - 22nd July (Ep. 141)
 24 hours behind schedule J-Lo and I talk about why we aren't believer in the Brisbane Lions' flag aspirations (3:28), how a mid-season trade period could work in the AFL (12:31), our different opinions on the Philadelphia 76ers heading into next season (17:16) then, of course, provide a frustrated recap of our AFL Fantasy teams from Round 18 (25:15) plus a whole lot more! ✌️
July 22, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 18 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 140)
Nat Fyfe's out, Will Snelling' s in and the rest of the Round 18 AFL teams have been named. Your weekly SBF AFL Fantasy pod covers all the relevant news from last night and includes the answers to your hot questions ahead of lockout tonight. ✌️
July 19, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 17 Wrap Up (Ep. 139)
Josh Dunkley and Stephen Coniglio made sure that Round 17 was a different experience for every AFL Fantasy coach... ✌️
July 16, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 14th July (Ep. 138)
With plenty to whinge about after a lacklustre AFL Fantasy weekend J-Lo and I dissect Round 17 and give our thoughts on the Chris Paul-Russell Westbrook deal before looking at the best team in each division with some NBA MVP chatter at the end to close out another sitdown. ✌️
July 14, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 17 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 137)
How to handle Josh Kelly's injury, Griffin Logue trade options and how I'm finally getting rid of Angus Brayshaw all get air time in another AFL Fantasy team selection chat ahead of Round 17 this weekend. ✌️
July 12, 2019
Thursday Sitdown - 11th July (Ep. 136)
Nearly two weeks into NBA Free Agency J-Lo and I sat down to talk about who were the big winners (3:30), why the Raptors are kind of screwed (23:57) and what Michael Jordan's end goal is (40:00). It wouldn't be a sitdown without AFL Fantasy talk though, so we chop up our thoughts (49:28) ahead of Round 17 while covering all the team announcements live! ✌️
July 11, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 16 Wrap Up (Ep. 135)
Round 16 was a testing time for AFL Fantasy coaches, but it's important to not let one bad week derail the final stretch of the season... ✌️
July 9, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 16 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 134)
Some injury issues surrounding popular AFL Fantasy players had coaches sweating ahead of tonight's team selection. Ahead of Round 16 I unpack all the relevant news and hot topics before answering some of your questions. ✌️
July 4, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 15 Wrap Up (Ep. 133)
With one month until the AFL Fantasy finals begin and two months until the season ends, those in contention for a meaningful rank will be out to nail their upcoming moves. ✌️
July 2, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 30th June (Ep. 132)
J-Lo and I discuss why Angus Brayshaw must go and Mabior Chol must come in with the rest of the AFL Fantasy buzz after Round 15 (1:11), before we dive into the upcoming NBA Free Agency extravaganza (12:14) and make out picks on where the big names will sign over the next few weeks (30:28). ✌️
June 30, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - How the Lakers Can Build A Winner Around LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Ep. 131)
A little bit longer than usual, but today's FFF looks at how the Lakers should attack the upcoming free agency period and instantly emerge as a title threat. ✌️ Check out the whole article on the SBF site:
June 29, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 15 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 130)
The last Thursday night game for the season is in the books, team selection has unfolded and Round 15 lockout is almost here! Make sure you catch up on the latest relevant news with some Q & A at the end before this weekend's AFL Fantasy action. ✌️
June 27, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 14 Wrap Up (Ep. 129)
Just because the bye rounds are over, doesn't mean our AFL Fantasy teams can coast to the finish line! I managed to improve my squad throughout the byes (glass half full), but there's still a lot of work to be done in the run home. ✌️
June 26, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 23rd June (Ep. 128)
Finally, there are no more blue dots littering our AFL Fantasy sides! With Round 14 in the books and finding ourselves smack bang in the middle of the NBA Draft and free agency, there's plenty for J-Lo and I to discuss on another Sunday Sitdown. ✌️
June 23, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 14 Team Chat/Hot Topics with NBA Draft Chatter (Ep. 127)
Two big upgrades, the return of Dan Hannebery and what we should do with Rocky all get a mention this week; with the last of the AFL Fantasy bye rounds upon us. I go through all the relevant team selection buzz, plus drop my two cents on the NBA Draft before I go order a Darius Garland jersey. ✌️
June 21, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 13 Wrap Up (Ep. 126)
Round 13 didn't go according to plan for the Large Fry's & Coke. Here's hoping I can end the byes with my reputation still intact. ✌️
June 19, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 16th June (Ep. 125)
The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions, Josh Dunkley and Josh Kelly are fantasy stars and Anthony Davis is a Laker! With the second AFL Fantasy bye round behind us, J-Lo and I unpack out scores from Round 13 before diving in to all the relevant NBA news touching on AD, the upcoming Draft and how the Finals reshaped the offseason. ✌️
June 17, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 12 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 124)
All your AFL Fantasy team selection questions are answered with my two cents for Round 13 trade ideas can all be found in the latest epidosde. Good luck this weekend, we're going to need it... ✌️
June 14, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 12 Wrap Up (Ep. 123)
One down, two to go. How's your AFL Fantasy team shaping up after the first bye round? ✌️
June 11, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 11 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 122)
The lineup's are set for the first of three bye rounds in the AFL Fantasy world. Before lockout I discussed how team selection unfolded last night, put my 2 cents in on some hot topics for coaches and answered a few of your pressing questions. ✌️
June 6, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 11 Wrap Up (Ep. 121)
A troubling Round 11 is in the rear vision mirror now as AFL Fantasy coaches turn their attention to nine trades and 54 scores over the next three weeks. Are you ready for the bye rounds? ✌️
June 5, 2019
Monday Sitdown - 3rd June (Ep. 120)
The AFL Fantasy bye rounds, Golden State's health woes, Luke Shuey's stellar form and Freo taking big scalps on the road all get a mention in this week's long-weekend edition of the Monday Sitdown with J-Lo. ✌️
June 3, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 11 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 119)
Rocky's cooked, Matt Crouch is still MIA and popular youngsters Jay Lockhart and Mitchell Hinge are out for Round 11. What else unfolded after team selection on Thursday night for AFL Fantasy coaches? ✌️
May 31, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 5 Burning Questions For the 2019 NBA Finals (Ep. 118)
Ahead of the 2019 NBA Finals I spend five minutes chatting about the big questions that will dictate the Raptors/Warriors matchup ✌️ Read the SBF 2019 NBA Finals preview here:
May 30, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 10 Wrap Up (Ep. 117)
The bye rounds are almost here, more DPP's are on the horizon and panic is starting to set in. Before we look ahead let's recap and action packed Round 10 ✌️
May 28, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 26th May (Ep. 116)
Two members of the 2,100 club talk about the Raptors historic run to an NBA Finals berth, why Khris Middleton should stay in Milwaukee and recap our AFL Fantasy teams with some Q & A as the byes edge nearer. ✌️
May 26, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 10 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 115)
Williams is hurt, Danger's out and cash cows like Hayes, Atley, Constable and Garner were dropped (don't even get me started on Matt Crouch/Stephen Coniglio)! There's plenty to talk about after a testing night at the selection table for AFL Fantasy coaches... ✌️
May 23, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 9 Wrap Up (Ep. 114)
Lachie Whitfield wasn't the only player who had a day out in Round 9. Plenty of big scores and plenty of dud rookies are the popular talking points as the byes edge nearer.  ✌️
May 22, 2019
Monday Sitdown - 20th May (Ep. 113)
Late, but worth the wait. On a belated Monday Sitdown this week, J-Lo and I discuss a potential Bucks-Warriors finals matchup, Lachie Whitfield's day out and go around the ground for our AFL Fantasy teams in Round 9. ✌️
May 21, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 9 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 112)
We finally got some 'fresh meat' but it wasn't the players we were expecting. Coupled with popular names being ruled out and/or surrounded by doubt there are plenty of matters to discuss after Round 9 team selection with some added Q&A to finish off the episode! ✌️
May 16, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - Top 5 NFL Fantasy Rookies 15th May (Ep. 111)
The return of Fry's Fast Five takes a look at the top-5 NFL rookies from a fantasy perspective as mini camps kick into full gear ✌️ Check out all the relevant NFL Fantasy rooks here:
May 15, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 8 Wrap Up (Ep. 110)
Selection dilemma's, injury woes and a lack of reliable, cheap rookies are the talking points after Round 8. How's your AFL Fantasy team sitting one third of the way through the season? ✌️
May 13, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 12th May (Ep. 109)
Just two chipper AFL Fantasy coaches sitting down having a chat before an early bedtime to ensure they wake up in time for two epic NBA Playoff Game 7's ✌️
May 12, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 8 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 108)
Patrick Dangerfield and Lachie Whitfield are the two main talking points, but Round 8 team selection gave us plenty to ponder before lockout. Here my takes on a few hot topics, plus the answers to your Twitter/Instagram questions! ✌️
May 9, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 7 Wrap Up (Ep. 107)
Round 7 was NOT kind to the AFL Fantasy community. From Thursday night team announcements right up until the end of the weekend, fans around the globe were trying to spread duct tape over the holes in their teams with some coaches were more successful than others ✌️
May 6, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 5th May (Ep. 106)
Denver/Portland's 4 OT epic, Elliot Yeo, Richmond's woes, Kyrie Irving & Kawhi Leonard's free agency and Patrick Dangerfield all get some air time on this weekend's Sunday Sitdown ✌️
May 5, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 7 Team Chat/Hot Topics (Ep. 105)
How do we handle the Lachie Whitfield dilema? Should you pick Noah Answerth or Isaac Cumming? And what the HELL do we do with Charlie Constable? All that and more is covered in the new SBF AFL Fantasy chat after the Round 7 teams were announced ✌️
May 2, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 6 Wrap Up (Ep. 104)
A quarter of the AFL Fantasy season is in the books and things are about to get interesting... ✌️
April 29, 2019
Sunday Sitdown - 28th April (Ep. 103)
The Sunday Sitdown is BACK! J-Lo and I hit the couch to chat about Round 6 in the AFL, go over our Fantasy scores from the weekend and preview the  NBA Playoff Conference Semi-Finals ✌️
April 28, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 5 Wrap Up (Ep. 102)
A little bit later than usual the Round 5 Wrap Up is live covering new dual-position players (DPPs), two more partial lockouts and a handful of fresh cash cows as coaches face a quick turn around this week! ✌️
April 24, 2019
One Minute Stints on the NBA Playoffs & AFL Fantasy Round 5 News (Ep. 101)
Finally I get around to recording my thoughts on the first two games in each NBA Playoff series (1:38), before diving into the relevant AFL Fantasy news ahead of Round 5 (10:37) ✌️
April 19, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 - Round 4 Wrap Up (Ep. 100)
One month of AFL Fantasy is in the books and as we put an ugly round behind us, there are still testing times ahead.
April 17, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 11th April (Ep. 99)
How Anfernee Simons changed the West playoff landscape, Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade bow out plus all the latest AFL Fantasy news with Round 4 teams revealed ✌️
April 11, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 – Round 3 Wrap Up (Ep. 98)
Lachie Whitfield, Travis Boak and Rory Sloane owners are flying high, while the news isn't as positive for coaches who own Seb Ross, Josh Dunkley and Tom Rockliff... ✌️ My Team: 1:41 Fry's Favourite Five: 8:11 Fry's Frustrating Five: 10:56 Trade Tactics: 13:55 Waiver Wire Watch: 20:26 My Moves: 23:00
April 8, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 4th April (Ep. 97)
Talking about Ja Morant to Phoenix in my first NBA Mock and how my Round 3 AFL Fantasy trades unfolded before partial lockout ✌️
April 4, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 3rd April (Ep. 96)
Reilly O’Brien isn’t worth the risk, KD is on the edge of a suspension and Russell Westbrook pros far outweigh the cons. All that and more on another FFF ✌️
April 3, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 30th March (Ep. 95)
Welcoming the weekend with March Madness coverage, NBA chatter and an AFL Fantasy vent ✌️
March 30, 2019
NBA Playoff/All-NBA Races ft. J-Lo (Ep. 94)
For the first time in a long time, J-Lo is back on the podcast! We break down potential NBA Playoff matchups, pick our All-NBA sides and then dive into a little bit of AFL Fantasy talk, including our trade thinking for Round 2 ✌️ West Playoffs: 3:58 East Playoffs: 20:11 All-NBA: 34:57 AFL Fantasy trades: 51:05
March 27, 2019
AFL Fantasy 2019 – Round 1 Wrap Up (Ep. 93)
The Large Fry's & Coke didn't set the world on fire in Round 1, but the AFL Fantasy season is a marathon not a sprint. After a points fueled first weekend here's the first round wrap-up of the 2019 season!
March 25, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 22nd March (Ep. 92)
The Large Fry’s & Coke are revealed to start the AFL Fantasy season plus a teaser surrounding the NBA playoffs ✌️
March 22, 2019
Lockout Week AFL Fantasy Q&A (Ep. 91)
On the eve of a new AFL Fantasy season it's time for some Q&A! Tom Liberatore, Noah Balta, Tom Rockliff, James Worpel, Dom Sheed and more are discussed as we prepare for the first fantasy lockout of 2019.  Good luck for the season ahead! ✌️
March 20, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 19th March (EP. 90)
The AFL season is only a few sleeps away! I’m not doing a mega season preview, but I want to go on record for some of my award picks and who I think will take out the flag, with the quick addition of my NCAA Tournament predictions. Be sure to hit me up with any AFL Fantasy questions you have before I record tomorrow’s podcast as well ✌️
March 19, 2019
My 2019 AFL Fantasy Rookie Selections + Large Fry's & Coke 4.0 (Ep. 89)
My AFL Fantasy team is nearly ready for Round 1 and so are my rookie selections! Working through the defense (2:28), midfield (7:55), ruck (12:10) and forward (14:02) lines here's my thinking behind some of the cash cow picks along with a reveal of the Large Fry's & Coke 4.0 (20:25). ✌️
March 17, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 14th March (Ep. 88)
Quick update on my AFL Fantasy stuff in the works with a look at the projected first-round matchups in the NBA Playoffs with one month to go in the regular season ✌️
March 14, 2019
Fry's Fast Five - 11th March (Ep. 87)
A wide range of topics are talked about today with the JLT Series, Angus Brayshaw, the Warriors struggles and Antonio Brown all getting a mention ✌️
March 11, 2019
JLT 1 Rookie Update + Q&A (Ep. 86)
An look at some AFL Fantasy cash cow defenders (2:12), midfielders (8:17), rucks (15:03) and forwards (16:41) before answering all of your relevant questions (21:05) ✌
March 6, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 27th February (Ep. 85)
The JLT Series is nearly here, the Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs, the MVP race is heating up and Le' Veon Bell landing spots. Just another news day for your FFF. ✌️
February 27, 2019
AFL Fantasy Mid-Priced Mayhem + Q&A (Ep. 84)
Your preseason guide to the popular AFL Fantasy players in the $400K-$600K price bracket (1:45), before I answer your questions (15:29). ✌️ Mid-Price Mayhem Article:
February 21, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 18th February (Ep. 83)
Technical difficulties held me back recording the video I wanted over the weekend, but I didn’t let that stop me from sharing my AFL Fantasy thoughts on the Large Fry’s & Coke 2.0 ✌️
February 18, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 14th February ♥️
Given the day I had to give a special V-Day shoutout to the SBF faithful before discussing some of the trending NFL topics making the rounds at the moment ✌️
February 14, 2019
Recapping the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline (Ep. 81)
With the NBA Trade Deadline expiring I touch on the Anthony Davis saga (1:12), before breaking down a handful of the biggest deals (3:31) in the final 48 hours of action ✌️
February 8, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 6th December (Ep. 80)
Tobias Harris got traded, the NBA Deadline keeps inching closer and the AFLX Draft was actually worth watching ✌️
February 6, 2019
Fry’s Fast Five - 1st February (Ep. 79)
Kristaps Porzingis got traded and the NBA All-Star Reserves have been announced, so what better time to share my thoughts in under 5 minutes ✌️
February 1, 2019
Anthony Davis Wants Out + The Large Fry's & Coke 1.0 (Ep. 78)
Anthony Davis has gone public with his trade request, so I break down the chances of him heading to L.A. before the deadline (1:30) and discuss some neglected AFL Fantasy players for your pre-season watchlist (14:30). Finally, I unveil the January edition of the Large Fry's & Coke (22:18) with some interesting picks in my first AFL Fantasy side.
January 30, 2019
16 Players That Will Define The 2019 NBA Trade Deadline (Ep. 77)
With the NBA trade deadline only three weeks away I sift through the rumour mill to find the 16 players who will impact trade moves ahead of deadline day on the 7th of Feb (apologies if the audio is slightly choppy/electronic) ✌️
January 17, 2019
Deck Of DT + Potential NBA Trade Targets (Ep. 76)
I'm back! The first SBF pod of the year covers a bit of my DT Talk commitments (2:25) and explores the NBA Trade market (5:12)with potential Kevin Love moves, the Wizards and finding affordable help for Anthony Davis. ✌️
January 9, 2019
Fantasy Fryday 30th Nov + First Time NBA All-Stars (Ep. 75)
All the AFL (1:07), NFL (4:23) and NBA (11:20) fantasy information you need for a busy weekend plus I talk about a few potential first time NBA All-Stars (17:53) and give my two cents on the Kareem Hunt situation (22:43). ✌️
December 1, 2018
Fantasy Fryday + NBA Check In (Ep. 74)
The relevant AFL, NFL and NBA fantasy news (00:59) for a busy weekend plus a brief check on the NBA standings (22:51) that includes a muddled Western Conference ✌️
November 24, 2018
Fantasy Fryday - 9th November (Ep. 73)
Today's FF takes a look at some underrated pass catchers, small-time injuries to big-time NBA stars and a Bengal who might be on the verge of being shut down. ✌️
November 9, 2018
Quickfire Week 9 NFL Takeaways, Jamal Murray's big night and College ball is back! (Ep. 72)
With Week 9 of NFL action in the books, I spend a few minutes recapping the major storylines with an update on my surging fantasy team. There's plenty of NBA news to talk about including the epic Celtics vs. Nuggets game last night and with college basketball back in our lives I touch on Duke's star freshman as well. ✌️
November 7, 2018
Week 8 NFL Fantasy advice and the early NBA MVP race (Ep. 71)
Even though I didn't get a video up, I still wanted to give my two cents on the NFL Fantasy scene in Week 8. Plus, my first edition of the NBA MVP ladder features some interesting names... ✌️
October 28, 2018
Freo's trade period, Blake drops 50 + NFL Trade Deadline and Week 8 buzz (Ep. 70)
Once again after WAYYY too long the SBF podcast is back up and running. After quickly sharing my thoughts on Freo's offseason moves to date (1:24) I break down a bunch of NBA stuff including the new-look Raptors, Trae Young, Blake Griffin's 50-point outing, the Lakers-Rockets brawl and Denver's born-again defense (6:35), before touching on the NFL trade deadline and some must-watch games in Week 8 (16.49). I'm back! ✌️
October 25, 2018
Week 4 NFL Picks (Ep. 69)
A little later than anticipated check out how my Week 4 NFL picks panned out! ✌️
October 1, 2018
AFL Grand Final Preview and the NBA is Back! (Ep. 68)
Before bouncedown it's only right I give my prediction or the 2018 AFL grandy. I don't know what I'm more excited for, that game or the fact that NBA (albeit preseason) is back!
September 28, 2018
AFL Finals/Offseason Update + NFL Week 3 Picks (Ep. 67)
With both prelims in the rear vision mirror, I touch on how West Coast and Collingwood became the last two standing before delving into some offseason AFL updates. Finally, I give out my Week 3 NFL picks and offer some last minute fantasy football advice ✌️
September 23, 2018
2 Week NFL Takeaways and Jimmy Butler Wants to Be Traded (Ep. 66)
After way too long on the sidelines the SBF podcast is back! Today's episode focuses on the first two weeks of the NFL season and the whole Jimmy Butler saga. More episodes on the way! ✌
September 20, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Grand Final Preview (Ep. 65)
22 down, one to go. Did you make the big dance? ✌️
August 24, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 21 Trades (Ep. 64)
With Mum and Dad visiting me in Toronto my SBF episodes are a bit behind at the moment. However, here's the ep from Friday before lockout struck for Round 21. ✌️
August 11, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 20 Wrap Up (Ep. 63)
Week one of finals is in the books and fingers crossed you're still in the hunt for a flag! Catch the entire Round 20 wrap up after an epic weekend! ✌️
August 7, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 20 Trades (Ep. 62)
With just a few hours to go until the AFL Fantasy Finals are underway J-Lo and I chat trades and all the relevant Round 20 news. ✌️
August 3, 2018
Monday Sitdown - 30th July (Ep. 61)
With the AFL Fantasy finals upon us, J-Lo and I sit down to discuss our season-best performances before talking about Round 19 in the AFL, NFL training camps and NBA coaches on the hot seat. ✌️
July 31, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 19 Wrap Up (Ep. 60)
Hitting my stride as I head into finals, it's time to break down all the numbers from another high scoring Round 19. ✌️
July 30, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 19 Trades (Ep. 59)
Check out J-Lo and my trades for Round 19 with our AFL Fantasy sides as we discuss the hot topics and other relevant fantasy news. ✌️
July 27, 2018
Mixed Bag: NBA, AFL + NFL - 24th July (Ep. 58)
What do Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Cripps and Greg Olsen have in common? They all make an appearance in today's mixed bag! ✌️
July 25, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 18 Trades (Ep. 57)
There is still an entire quarter of the season left, so don't think that you are out of the race for a second. J-Lo and I discuss our trade plans as well as the trending AFL Fantasy topics from this week. ✌️
July 20, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 17 Wrap Up (Ep. 56)
New DPP's, three scores in the 150's, huge numbers all over the place. Round 17 had everything! ✌️
July 17, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 15th July (Ep. 55)
This weekend J-Lo and I recap our AFL Fantasy teams (1:44), make some AFL finals predictions (19:14) and talk NBA free agency (33:18) before wrapping up (49:42) a MASSIVE Sunday Sitdown. ✌️
July 15, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 17 Trades (Ep. 54)
J-Lo makes me search for some left of field names this week to crop into our video. Check out what our Round 17 trades look like as we discuss some of the weeks hottest fantasy topics. ✌️
July 13, 2018
Monday Sitdown - 9th July (Ep. 53)
A bit later than usual J-Lo break down another week in sport. We share our thoughts on more NBA Free Agency deals, discuss our AFL Fantasy teams and talk about all the trending topics from the World Cup to UFC 226 and everything else in between! ✌️
July 10, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Wrap Up (Ep. 52)
Even though I'm heading in the wrong direction, there's plenty to smile about for good Fantasy coaches. ✌️
July 9, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Trades (Ep. 51)
J-Lo and I have a sneaky suspicion that storms are on the horizon... ✌️
July 6, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Wrap Up (Ep. 50)
Most of us were just happy to see a full 22 on our field, but there were plenty of highlights from Round 15. ✌️
July 2, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 1st July (Ep. 49)
Despite being sleep deprived from watching a bunch of footy this weekend, J-Lo and I toughed it out to talk about Paul George staying put, Kawhi and LeBron teaming up in Philly, Tom Mitchell's fantasy eruption and Freo's tanking expedition. ✌️
July 2, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Trades (Ep. 48)
With the byes behind us, it's time to gear up for the run home! ✌️
June 29, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 14 Wrap Up (Ep. 47)
Finally, the byes are over! It nearly broke us, but we made it. Time to finish the season strong. ✌️
June 25, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 24th June (Ep. 46)
It's sitdown time. Michael Porter Jr, LeBron James, Josh Kelly and Romelu Lukaku all get a mention as we discuss the NBA Draft, NBA free agency, AFL Fantasy and the World Cup. ✌️
June 24, 2018
My 2018 NBA Draft Picks (Ep. 45)
With the NBA Draft under 24 hours away I give my takes on what each GM in the lottery SHOULD do at their spot and point out a few potential sleepers. ✌️
June 21, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 13 Wrap Up (Ep. 44)
Just six games to go and the byes are done. We can make it... ✌️
June 18, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 17th June (Ep. 43)
The Dockers, Kendrick Lamar, Kawhi Leonard and Josh Kelly all crack a mention in another Sunday Sitdown ✌
June 18, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 13 Trades (No. 42)
Tough times are still ahead but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jake and I take our time in talking Round 13 trade action and some other AFL Fantasy bits and pieces. ✌️
June 15, 2018
2018 FIFA World Cup Preview (Ep. 41)
Soccer (not football) has never been my strong suit. With the World Cup kicking off tomorrow I thought I had better make my picks and preview the action. ✌
June 14, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 Wrap Up (Ep. 40)
One down, two to go. With the first bye round in the rear vision mirror, a ton of coaches have their fingers crossed better times are ahead. ✌️
June 12, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 10th June (Ep. 39)
You know what time it is. Robbie Gray, Cavs trade scenarios and the upcoming NBA Draft dominates another Sunday Sitdown between Fry and J-Lo. ✌️
June 10, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 Trades (Ep. 38)
With carnage unfolding around us J Lo and I prepare ourselves for the first of 3 LONG bye rounds for our AFL Fantasy teams. ✌️
June 8, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 11 Wrap Up (Ep. 37)
We've nearly made it halfway through the season, now the real fun and games begin! ✌️
June 4, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 3rd June (Ep. 36)
After a one-week absence, J Lo and I are back touching on the AFL (1:23, Tom Rockliff's egg (8:46), Cleveland's Game 2 chances (16:10) and the NBA Draft (26:43). ✌️
June 3, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 11 Trades (Ep. 35)
With the byes nearly upon us, this week's trades are extra important. Find out what J Lo and I are cooking up ahead of Round 11. ✌️
June 1, 2018
The Ultimate 2018 NBA Finals Preview (Ep. 34)
With Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals less than 24 hours away, I give you the only preview you need before Cavs/Warriors IV ✌️
May 31, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Wrap Up (Ep. 33)
A day later than usual, I wrapped up everything you need to know from Round 10 in the AFL. ✌️
May 29, 2018
2018 NBA Draft Player Comparisons (Ep. 32)
With Draft Day under a month away I compared 11 prospects to past and present greats. ✌️
May 27, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Trades (Ep. 31)
Not even Sam Murray's shock omission could halt operation 'get Jack Macrae'. ✌️
May 25, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 9 Wrap Up (Ep. 30)
Finally, it looks like the Large Fry's & Coke are coming together. ✌️
May 21, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 20th May (Ep. 29)
J-Lo and I chat about our AFL Fantasy teams (2:27), the high flying Eagles (7:19), NBA Playoff action (17:03) and who the Suns should take at No. 1 (33:50) on this weekends sitdown. ✌️
May 20, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 9 Trades (Ep. 28)
With Round 9 lockout just hours away J Lo and I made our AFL Fantasy trades for the weekend ahead. ✌️
May 18, 2018
Facebook Live: 2018 NBA Draft Lottery Results (Ep. 28)
Last night during the NBA Draft Lottery I went live on FB to discuss the results while looking ahead to the Cavs vs. Celtics Game 2. ✌️
May 17, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 8 Wrap Up (Ep. 26)
I've finally gone up in the rankings, so maybe, just maybe I've turned the corner? ✌️
May 14, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 13th May (Ep. 25)
Sunday means it's time to talk about the NBA Conference Finals (3:11), Draft lottery (15:13) and recap Round 8 in the AFL (27:42) with J Lo. ✌️
May 13, 2018
AFL Fantasy Round 8 Trades (Ep. 24)
For the first time, Jake and I record our trade thoughts with the AFL Fantasy lockout for Round 8 just around the corner. ✌️
May 11, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 7 Wrap Up (Ep. 23)
A weird week leaves me in an interesting position after Round 7. It's time to wrap up just how the weekend unfolded. ✌️
May 6, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 6th May (Ep. 22)
J-Lo and I discuss our AFL Fantasy teams (1:36) before dissecting how the WA teams are doing (11:12) and talking everything NBA Playoffs (15:45) ✌️
May 6, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 6 Wrap Up (Ep. 21)
Choosing Danger over Macrae last week will haunt me for months. I'm back wrapping up everything Round 6 whilst taking a look at next weekend. ✌️
May 2, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 5 Wrap Up (Ep. 20)
It's official, I've reached rock bottom. With my AFL Fantasy team spiralling downwards, let me at least try to help you fix yours. There were some positives from a massive Round 5 and I'll address them along with some trade targets while looking at next weekend. ✌️
April 26, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 22nd April (Ep. 19)
The standings are set so Jake and I need to project some NBA Draft picks (2:22). We also talked about our top ten in NBA (shoutout to Lil Dicky) and future MVP's (11:40) before checking in with Freo/West Coast with our Fantasy scores for Round 5 (18:32) and giving a few birthday wishes out (41:10). ✌️
April 22, 2018
2017-18 NBA End of Season Awards (Ep. 18)
The formal awards night is still a month away but I decided to hand out some trophies anyway. ✌️
April 21, 2018
End of Season Report Cards: NBA West Conference Pod (Ep. 17)
Better late than never! On the eve of the playoffs last week I handed out my end of season grades to each team in the Western Conference. ✌️ Dallas (1:17), Denver (3:33), Golden State (7:11), Houston (8:53), L.A. Clippers (10:17), Los Angeles Lakers (12:01), Memphis (14:15), Minnesota (16:11), New Orleans (18:51), OKC (21:16), Phoenix (23:16), Portland (25:44), Sacramento (27:58), San Antonio (30:05), Utah (31:46)
April 19, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 4 Wrap Up (Ep. 16)
Good God. After a stinker of a round, I break down where it all went wrong for the Large Fry's & Coke (0:44), give out leaguewide +3's (4:17) and -3's (5:15), look at trade targets (6:36) and blokes to get rid of (8:42) before looking ahead to Round 5 (10:49). ✌️
April 16, 2018
Saturday Sitdown/NBA Playoff Preview - 14th April (Ep. 15)
With the NBA Playoffs tipping off today, Jake and I decided to do a sitdown on Saturday and preview the postseason. We spoke about each first-round series in depth, gave Russell Westbrook some love and made our picks for who will win the NBA Finals. ✌️
April 14, 2018
End of Season Report Cards: NBA East Conference (Ep. 14)
With the NBA regular season in the rear vision mirror, it's time to hand out some grades for the teams in the East. ✌️ Atlanta (1:38), Boston (4:02), Brooklyn (6:28), Charlotte (8:37), Chicago (10:01), Cleveland (11:33), Detroit (13:06), Indiana (13:59), Miami (15:21), Milwaukee (17:16), New York (18:27), Orlando (20:29), Philadelphia (22:06), Toronto (23:40), Washington (25:02)
April 13, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 8th April (Ep. 13)
The Eagles (2:09) and Dockers (6:11) are 2-1! Of course, we need to check in with Jake's Nuggets (13:04) while addressing the 'Kyrie Irving injury' (22:31) and Conor McGregor (37:43) thing as well on another Sunday Sitdown. ✌️
April 9, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 3 Wrap Up (Ep. 12)
Another round wrap-up sees me check in with my rabble of a team (1:34), give some praise in the form of +3's (6:11) and of course dish out -3's (8:08) then talk about potential trade moves (9:37) and what we can expect next weekend (12:13). ✌️
April 8, 2018
Compare The Pair - Chris Bosh and Chris Webber (Ep. 11)
In my first Compare the Pair video, I settle the debate for who is better; Chris Bosh or Chris Webber? I break their basketball careers down into 5 categories (Postseason Success, Offense, Defense, Best Moment, Awards, Legacy/Impact) and then give my answer. Comment your winner and your suggestions for future CTP podcasts ✌️
April 7, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 2 Wrap Up (Ep. 10)
With another week of AFL footy done and dusted, I break down Round 2 from an AFL Fantasy perspective, looking at how my team went (1:56) and touch on all the relevant news (7:17) as we prepare for Round 3. ✌️
April 2, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 1st April (Ep. 9)
Jake and I sit down a bit under the weather to talk about our trip to the Nuggets/Raptors game (1:52), check in with the Cavs (4:51), talk about the biggest disappointments and surprises from the 2017-18 season (7:40), discuss how Freo (16:11) and the Eagles (19:55) went in Round 2 before recapping last night's Final Four (23:14). ✌️
April 2, 2018
Breaking down the 2018 Final Four (Ep. 8)
With the 2018 Final Four just a few hours away I broke down how Michigan (2:37), Loyola-Chicago (5:16), Villanova (9:40) and Kansas (11:57) made it to San Antonio and made my picks (14:49) for tonight's games an Monday's National Championship! ✌️
March 31, 2018
How not to tank in the NBA and crowning the 2017-18 MVP runner up (Ep. 7)
An all NBA episode featuring how to screw up tanking 101 (1:24), a West playoff team in danger (5:42) who will finish runner-up to James Harden in the MVP voting (7:23) plus my shoutouts/birthday well wishes. ✌️
March 29, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 25th March (Ep. 6)
Episode two in the Sunday Sitdown chronicles! Jake and I sit down and discuss the developments in the NBA playoff race (1:29), whether Kyrie Irving or Steph Curry's injury means more (13:59), a different view on how the Lakers should approach this offseason (19:49), check in on March Madness (30:43), dissect Round 1 of AFL action (33:40) and finish with some exciting news and a few shout outs (50:49) ✌️
March 25, 2018
Mixed Bag - NBA, March Madness, AFL and the weekend ahead (Ep. 5)
Recapping the past few days of sport checking in on the NBA playoff race, the Sweet 16 and Round 1 of the AFL. ✌️
March 23, 2018
AFL 2018 Season + Fantasy Preview (Ep. 4)
Just days out from another season I go over what you can expect and reveal my AFL Fantasy team for Round 1. ✌️
March 21, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 18th March (Ep. 3)
The first edition in the weekly SBF Sunday Sitdown! With the help of my new co-host Jake, we discuss the NBA award and playoff races over the final stretch of the regular season, touch on March Madness reviewing our broken brackets and look forward to the 2018 AFL season getting underway.
March 18, 2018
My 2018 NCAA Tournament Predictions (Ep. 2)
With March Madness underway I made my picks for the NCAA Tournament. Through ESPN's 'create a bracket' I dissect each region and pick the eventual champs of 2018! Apologies for a few technical glitches in the audio/video ??
March 15, 2018
SportsbyFry Launch
SportsbyFry is officially now available in podcast form! More episodes to follow in the near future.
March 14, 2018