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By Alex Fry
MY name is Fry, I am going bald at the age of 25 and I love sports. For as long as I can remember sports have been a part of my life with the NBA and AFL taking most of my interest. That being said, I can often be found tuning into a variety of other sports, so I decided to start voicing my opinions.

Recently I have launched my very own podcast to discuss the happening in the sports world more often. Be sure to subscribe and leave any comments, questions or feedback as I continue to grow!

Peace ✌️

Alex Fry
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 18 Trades (Ep. 57)
There is still an entire quarter of the season left, so don't think that you are out of the race for a second. J-Lo and I discuss our trade plans as well as the trending AFL Fantasy topics from this week. ✌️
July 20, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 17 Wrap Up (Ep. 56)
New DPP's, three scores in the 150's, huge numbers all over the place. Round 17 had everything! ✌️
July 17, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 15th July (Ep. 55)
This weekend J-Lo and I recap our AFL Fantasy teams (1:44), make some AFL finals predictions (19:14) and talk NBA free agency (33:18) before wrapping up (49:42) a MASSIVE Sunday Sitdown. ✌️
July 15, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 17 Trades (Ep. 54)
J-Lo makes me search for some left of field names this week to crop into our video. Check out what our Round 17 trades look like as we discuss some of the weeks hottest fantasy topics. ✌️
July 13, 2018
Monday Sitdown - 9th July (Ep. 53)
A bit later than usual J-Lo break down another week in sport. We share our thoughts on more NBA Free Agency deals, discuss our AFL Fantasy teams and talk about all the trending topics from the World Cup to UFC 226 and everything else in between! ✌️
July 10, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Wrap Up (Ep. 52)
Even though I'm heading in the wrong direction, there's plenty to smile about for good Fantasy coaches. ✌️
July 9, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 16 Trades (Ep. 51)
J-Lo and I have a sneaky suspicion that storms are on the horizon... ✌️
July 6, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Wrap Up (Ep. 50)
Most of us were just happy to see a full 22 on our field, but there were plenty of highlights from Round 15. ✌️
July 2, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 1st July (Ep. 49)
Despite being sleep deprived from watching a bunch of footy this weekend, J-Lo and I toughed it out to talk about Paul George staying put, Kawhi and LeBron teaming up in Philly, Tom Mitchell's fantasy eruption and Freo's tanking expedition. ✌️
July 2, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 15 Trades (Ep. 48)
With the byes behind us, it's time to gear up for the run home! ✌️
June 29, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 14 Wrap Up (Ep. 47)
Finally, the byes are over! It nearly broke us, but we made it. Time to finish the season strong. ✌️
June 25, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 24th June (Ep. 46)
It's sitdown time. Michael Porter Jr, LeBron James, Josh Kelly and Romelu Lukaku all get a mention as we discuss the NBA Draft, NBA free agency, AFL Fantasy and the World Cup. ✌️
June 24, 2018
My 2018 NBA Draft Picks (Ep. 45)
With the NBA Draft under 24 hours away I give my takes on what each GM in the lottery SHOULD do at their spot and point out a few potential sleepers. ✌️
June 21, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 13 Wrap Up (Ep. 44)
Just six games to go and the byes are done. We can make it... ✌️
June 18, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 17th June (Ep. 43)
The Dockers, Kendrick Lamar, Kawhi Leonard and Josh Kelly all crack a mention in another Sunday Sitdown ✌
June 18, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 13 Trades (No. 42)
Tough times are still ahead but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jake and I take our time in talking Round 13 trade action and some other AFL Fantasy bits and pieces. ✌️
June 15, 2018
2018 FIFA World Cup Preview (Ep. 41)
Soccer (not football) has never been my strong suit. With the World Cup kicking off tomorrow I thought I had better make my picks and preview the action. ✌
June 14, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 Wrap Up (Ep. 40)
One down, two to go. With the first bye round in the rear vision mirror, a ton of coaches have their fingers crossed better times are ahead. ✌️
June 12, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 10th June (Ep. 39)
You know what time it is. Robbie Gray, Cavs trade scenarios and the upcoming NBA Draft dominates another Sunday Sitdown between Fry and J-Lo. ✌️
June 10, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 Trades (Ep. 38)
With carnage unfolding around us J Lo and I prepare ourselves for the first of 3 LONG bye rounds for our AFL Fantasy teams. ✌️
June 8, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 11 Wrap Up (Ep. 37)
We've nearly made it halfway through the season, now the real fun and games begin! ✌️
June 4, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 3rd June (Ep. 36)
After a one-week absence, J Lo and I are back touching on the AFL (1:23, Tom Rockliff's egg (8:46), Cleveland's Game 2 chances (16:10) and the NBA Draft (26:43). ✌️
June 3, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 11 Trades (Ep. 35)
With the byes nearly upon us, this week's trades are extra important. Find out what J Lo and I are cooking up ahead of Round 11. ✌️
June 1, 2018
The Ultimate 2018 NBA Finals Preview (Ep. 34)
With Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals less than 24 hours away, I give you the only preview you need before Cavs/Warriors IV ✌️
May 31, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Wrap Up (Ep. 33)
A day later than usual, I wrapped up everything you need to know from Round 10 in the AFL. ✌️
May 29, 2018
2018 NBA Draft Player Comparisons (Ep. 32)
With Draft Day under a month away I compared 11 prospects to past and present greats. ✌️
May 27, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 10 Trades (Ep. 31)
Not even Sam Murray's shock omission could halt operation 'get Jack Macrae'. ✌️
May 25, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 9 Wrap Up (Ep. 30)
Finally, it looks like the Large Fry's & Coke are coming together. ✌️
May 21, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 20th May (Ep. 29)
J-Lo and I chat about our AFL Fantasy teams (2:27), the high flying Eagles (7:19), NBA Playoff action (17:03) and who the Suns should take at No. 1 (33:50) on this weekends sitdown. ✌️
May 20, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 9 Trades (Ep. 28)
With Round 9 lockout just hours away J Lo and I made our AFL Fantasy trades for the weekend ahead. ✌️
May 18, 2018
Facebook Live: 2018 NBA Draft Lottery Results (Ep. 28)
Last night during the NBA Draft Lottery I went live on FB to discuss the results while looking ahead to the Cavs vs. Celtics Game 2. ✌️
May 17, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 8 Wrap Up (Ep. 26)
I've finally gone up in the rankings, so maybe, just maybe I've turned the corner? ✌️
May 14, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 13th May (Ep. 25)
Sunday means it's time to talk about the NBA Conference Finals (3:11), Draft lottery (15:13) and recap Round 8 in the AFL (27:42) with J Lo. ✌️
May 13, 2018
AFL Fantasy Round 8 Trades (Ep. 24)
For the first time, Jake and I record our trade thoughts with the AFL Fantasy lockout for Round 8 just around the corner. ✌️
May 11, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 7 Wrap Up (Ep. 23)
A weird week leaves me in an interesting position after Round 7. It's time to wrap up just how the weekend unfolded. ✌️
May 6, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 6th May (Ep. 22)
J-Lo and I discuss our AFL Fantasy teams (1:36) before dissecting how the WA teams are doing (11:12) and talking everything NBA Playoffs (15:45) ✌️
May 6, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 6 Wrap Up (Ep. 21)
Choosing Danger over Macrae last week will haunt me for months. I'm back wrapping up everything Round 6 whilst taking a look at next weekend. ✌️
May 2, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 5 Wrap Up (Ep. 20)
It's official, I've reached rock bottom. With my AFL Fantasy team spiralling downwards, let me at least try to help you fix yours. There were some positives from a massive Round 5 and I'll address them along with some trade targets while looking at next weekend. ✌️
April 26, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 22nd April (Ep. 19)
The standings are set so Jake and I need to project some NBA Draft picks (2:22). We also talked about our top ten in NBA (shoutout to Lil Dicky) and future MVP's (11:40) before checking in with Freo/West Coast with our Fantasy scores for Round 5 (18:32) and giving a few birthday wishes out (41:10). ✌️
April 22, 2018
2017-18 NBA End of Season Awards (Ep. 18)
The formal awards night is still a month away but I decided to hand out some trophies anyway. ✌️
April 21, 2018
End of Season Report Cards: NBA West Conference Pod (Ep. 17)
Better late than never! On the eve of the playoffs last week I handed out my end of season grades to each team in the Western Conference. ✌️ Dallas (1:17), Denver (3:33), Golden State (7:11), Houston (8:53), L.A. Clippers (10:17), Los Angeles Lakers (12:01), Memphis (14:15), Minnesota (16:11), New Orleans (18:51), OKC (21:16), Phoenix (23:16), Portland (25:44), Sacramento (27:58), San Antonio (30:05), Utah (31:46)
April 19, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 4 Wrap Up (Ep. 16)
Good God. After a stinker of a round, I break down where it all went wrong for the Large Fry's & Coke (0:44), give out leaguewide +3's (4:17) and -3's (5:15), look at trade targets (6:36) and blokes to get rid of (8:42) before looking ahead to Round 5 (10:49). ✌️
April 16, 2018
Saturday Sitdown/NBA Playoff Preview - 14th April (Ep. 15)
With the NBA Playoffs tipping off today, Jake and I decided to do a sitdown on Saturday and preview the postseason. We spoke about each first-round series in depth, gave Russell Westbrook some love and made our picks for who will win the NBA Finals. ✌️
April 14, 2018
End of Season Report Cards: NBA East Conference (Ep. 14)
With the NBA regular season in the rear vision mirror, it's time to hand out some grades for the teams in the East. ✌️ Atlanta (1:38), Boston (4:02), Brooklyn (6:28), Charlotte (8:37), Chicago (10:01), Cleveland (11:33), Detroit (13:06), Indiana (13:59), Miami (15:21), Milwaukee (17:16), New York (18:27), Orlando (20:29), Philadelphia (22:06), Toronto (23:40), Washington (25:02)
April 13, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 8th April (Ep. 13)
The Eagles (2:09) and Dockers (6:11) are 2-1! Of course, we need to check in with Jake's Nuggets (13:04) while addressing the 'Kyrie Irving injury' (22:31) and Conor McGregor (37:43) thing as well on another Sunday Sitdown. ✌️
April 9, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 3 Wrap Up (Ep. 12)
Another round wrap-up sees me check in with my rabble of a team (1:34), give some praise in the form of +3's (6:11) and of course dish out -3's (8:08) then talk about potential trade moves (9:37) and what we can expect next weekend (12:13). ✌️
April 8, 2018
Compare The Pair - Chris Bosh and Chris Webber (Ep. 11)
In my first Compare the Pair video, I settle the debate for who is better; Chris Bosh or Chris Webber? I break their basketball careers down into 5 categories (Postseason Success, Offense, Defense, Best Moment, Awards, Legacy/Impact) and then give my answer. Comment your winner and your suggestions for future CTP podcasts ✌️
April 7, 2018
AFL Fantasy 2018 - Round 2 Wrap Up (Ep. 10)
With another week of AFL footy done and dusted, I break down Round 2 from an AFL Fantasy perspective, looking at how my team went (1:56) and touch on all the relevant news (7:17) as we prepare for Round 3. ✌️
April 2, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 1st April (Ep. 9)
Jake and I sit down a bit under the weather to talk about our trip to the Nuggets/Raptors game (1:52), check in with the Cavs (4:51), talk about the biggest disappointments and surprises from the 2017-18 season (7:40), discuss how Freo (16:11) and the Eagles (19:55) went in Round 2 before recapping last night's Final Four (23:14). ✌️
April 2, 2018
Breaking down the 2018 Final Four (Ep. 8)
With the 2018 Final Four just a few hours away I broke down how Michigan (2:37), Loyola-Chicago (5:16), Villanova (9:40) and Kansas (11:57) made it to San Antonio and made my picks (14:49) for tonight's games an Monday's National Championship! ✌️
March 31, 2018
How not to tank in the NBA and crowning the 2017-18 MVP runner up (Ep. 7)
An all NBA episode featuring how to screw up tanking 101 (1:24), a West playoff team in danger (5:42) who will finish runner-up to James Harden in the MVP voting (7:23) plus my shoutouts/birthday well wishes. ✌️
March 29, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 25th March (Ep. 6)
Episode two in the Sunday Sitdown chronicles! Jake and I sit down and discuss the developments in the NBA playoff race (1:29), whether Kyrie Irving or Steph Curry's injury means more (13:59), a different view on how the Lakers should approach this offseason (19:49), check in on March Madness (30:43), dissect Round 1 of AFL action (33:40) and finish with some exciting news and a few shout outs (50:49) ✌️
March 25, 2018
Mixed Bag - NBA, March Madness, AFL and the weekend ahead (Ep. 5)
Recapping the past few days of sport checking in on the NBA playoff race, the Sweet 16 and Round 1 of the AFL. ✌️
March 23, 2018
AFL 2018 Season + Fantasy Preview (Ep. 4)
Just days out from another season I go over what you can expect and reveal my AFL Fantasy team for Round 1. ✌️
March 21, 2018
Sunday Sitdown - 18th March (Ep. 3)
The first edition in the weekly SBF Sunday Sitdown! With the help of my new co-host Jake, we discuss the NBA award and playoff races over the final stretch of the regular season, touch on March Madness reviewing our broken brackets and look forward to the 2018 AFL season getting underway.
March 18, 2018
My 2018 NCAA Tournament Predictions (Ep. 2)
With March Madness underway I made my picks for the NCAA Tournament. Through ESPN's 'create a bracket' I dissect each region and pick the eventual champs of 2018! Apologies for a few technical glitches in the audio/video ??
March 15, 2018
SportsbyFry Launch
SportsbyFry is officially now available in podcast form! More episodes to follow in the near future.
March 14, 2018
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