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No Notes!
A light overview of Josh's trip to Seattle and a discussion about Trevor Bauer, load management, and fireworks safety. Josh -- Twitter and Instagram Damien -- Twitter Links: Josh's Trip to Seattle -- What Happened in Seattle?! (3 Guys in 3 Cities)  Graphic details, photos emerge in restraining order filed against Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer  Mickey Callaway banned until at least end of 2022 season, fired by Los Angeles Angels 
July 07, 2021
480 is THE Mason-Dixon Line
Josh (@joshflagner) and Damien (@damienbowman) talk about education in Northeast Ohio, which suburbs are the top, how Damien ended up in Brunswick Hills and of course March Madness.
March 25, 2021
LeBron’s Vaccine Privacy and Cleveland’s Greatest Ball Hitter
Josh (@joshflagner) and Damien (@damienbowman) talk about LeBron's decision to keep his vaccination choice to himself.
March 11, 2021
Bump n' Grind
Josh and Damien talk about the Daytona 500, NASCAR's general place in society and the next name for the Cleveland Indians.
February 16, 2021
Yes, We're Really That Old
Josh and Damien talk about baseball, college football and the stock market -- because they're old and angry men.
January 30, 2021
You Are a Stingy Bastard
Josh (@joshflagner) and Damien (@damienbowman) are back and unscripted.  Topics: Has the playoff ruined college football for most fans? Vaccinated health workers will be among 22,000 fans in attendance for Super Bowl LV Fenix (Twitter App for Android) Garth Brook Documentary (Netflix)
January 22, 2021
Should the NBA Move its Pivot Foot
Damien (@damienbowman) and Josh (@joshflagner) have a long discussion about the NBA's new COVID protocols, baseball's Spring Training and the Browns victorious playoff game.  Trust us, we're excited.
January 13, 2021
Pete Carrolls Don't Grow On Trees
Josh (@joshflagner) and Damien (@damienbowman) are excited for the Browns' first playoff game in almost 20 years, but aren't thrilled with how the NFL has handled pandemic scheduling. There's also a short conversation about Urban Meyer and Monday's National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio State.
January 07, 2021
Baker Apologies and the Cleveland Baseball MacBook Pros
Josh (@JoshFlagner) and Damien (@DamienBowman) are back to talk about the Browns Monday Night 45-42 loss to the Ravens and the Cleveland Indians impending name change. Subscribe to our super infrequent newsletter at
December 16, 2020
Your Voice Needs to be Heard This November - National Kidney Foundation
One in every three adults in the U.S. are at risk for #kidneydisease. Health policy is too important to watch happen without your voice being heard. Visit or to make your voting plan today! Contact Josh if you have any questions.
September 25, 2020
We're Back and Better Than Ever
Josh and Damien are back (finally) to talk about how wrong they were about the Browns and discuss the Big Ten's return to play and the impact of COVID-19 on sports.
September 19, 2020
SportsHax 9 | The Hall of Fame Case for Julian Edelman
Josh (@JoshFlagner) makes the Pro Football Hall of Fame case for the Patriots’ Julian Edelman. Send Us Your Feedback! E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:
February 07, 2019
SportsHax 8 | Tom Brady and the Patriots are LeBron James
Josh (@joshflagner) laments on the success of Tom Brady, the Patriots and LeBron James. Send Us Your Feedback! E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:
February 05, 2019
Ask Me Anything: Josh and Damien
Josh (@JoshFlagner) and Damien (@DamienBowman) have an impromptu ask me anything about a variety of topics. More Than a Fan History Should TVs talking heads reveal their biases and can they be fair after? Does Damien enjoy firing people? Indians biggest problem — the fans or the Dolan’s? People: Hayden Grove (@H_Grove) Stephanie Metzger (@SMetzgerWKYC)... Continue reading →
November 08, 2018
2018 College Football Roundtable: It’s Time To Get Serious About This Season
Mitch did his answers for this week's round table via audio. To listen to everyone else's answers, go to
October 17, 2018
Four Questions: Josh Talks Tiger, the Browns, the Cavs and MLB Playoffs
Josh (@JoshFlagner) talks about the return to victory for Tiger Woods and the Cleveland Browns, sets his expectations for the Cleveland Cavaliers and a quick preview of MLB’s playoffs. Tiger Woods has been playing professionally since 1996, and just won his first tournament in five years after injury and domestic issues. Why is he still... Continue reading →
September 28, 2018
Four (Six) Questions: Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Browns and Ohio State’s Potential
Damien (@damienbowman) and Josh (@JoshFlagner) talk about the prospect of Dan Gilbert leaving Cleveland, how well (or poorly) the Browns played in Week 1 and what’s the ceiling for this year’s Ohio State football team. Four Questions: What surprised you most about the Browns in Week 1? (quick thoughts) Have you adjusted your season expectations... Continue reading →
September 14, 2018
Four Questions: Josh Previews the 2018 Cleveland Browns
Josh (@JoshFlagner) answers four questions about the 2018 Cleveland Browns before the season begins this Sunday at home versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. What will the Browns record be after January 30th? Which teams will they have beaten? Will Hue Jackson be the Browns coach at the end of the season? If not, when will he... Continue reading →
September 08, 2018
SportsHax 2 | It Hasn’t Been a Good Year
A discussion about the Cavs slow start led to an analysis of how social media has positively affected all the major sports except for football. The guys talked about why social media has elevated the bad things in football but largely allowed NBA players to publicly repair their image after incidents. Ryan ushered in a... Continue reading →
October 27, 2017
SportsHax 1 | Dan Gilbert Isn’t Tall Enough to be Satan
Live from Medina Cigar and Tobacco, where we don’t know anything, welcome to the first SportsHax podcast. Josh Flagner (@railbirdj) leads Damien Bowman (@damienbowman), Ryan Thompson (@rthompak13) and Jake Altman (@shakeandjake7) through a myriad of current sports and believe it or not, sports media topics. Topics: Halls of Fame Barry Bonds, The Dream Team and... Continue reading →
August 09, 2017