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The Sports Town Podcast

The Sports Town Podcast

By JJ Peters
The Sports Town Podcast. No drama, no politics, and no arguing. Just 2 guys talking sports. A weekly podcast with JJ Peters and Michael Mentzer.
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STP 2.35, February 20 Edition
February 21, 2021
STP 2.34, reaction to Super Bowl 55, Daytona 500 preview, some UFC talk, and much more. JettMdk, Kyle Hoffman, and Micheal Mentzer join the pod.
 1. Sports update.  2. Daytona 500 preview with JettMdk.  3. UFC and NFL talk with Kyle Hoffman from the Pickle Podcast.  4. Super Bowl reaction with Micheal Mentzer.
February 13, 2021
STP 2.33, February 3 Edition.
 1. Sports Update.  2. NBA news.  3. The Cardinals make a blockbuster trade.  4. Matt Stafford to the Rams.  5. More Super Bowl talk.
February 05, 2021
STP 2.32, NFL champion weekend, UFC 257 results, Lions hire Dan Campbell, and more.
 1. Sports Update. 2. Lions hire Dan Campbell. 3. UFC 257 results. 4. College Hoops. 5. NFL Championship weekend and Super Bowl preview.
January 27, 2021
STP 2.31, UFC 257 preview, NFL Championship weekend, NHL scoreboard, and much more.
 1. Sports update. 2. Career Builders challenge day 1. 3. NFL Championship weekend. 4. NHL scoreboard. 5. UFC 257 preview.
January 22, 2021
STP 2.30, NFL divisional playoff highlights, UFC on ABC results, College basketball scoreboard, and more.
 1. Sports update. 2. NBA scoreboard. 3. UFC on ABC. 4. Top 25 college basketball scores. 5. NFL divisional playoffs highlights.
January 20, 2021
STP 2.29, James Harden gets dealt to Brooklyn, Divisional playoff preview, more golf talk, and much more.
 1. Sports Update. 2. golf talk. 3. Top 25 college basketball scoreboard. 4. NFL divisional playoffs preview. 5. James Harden gets delt to Brooklyn.
January 15, 2021
STP 2.28, CFP championship highlights, Super Wildcard weekend, NBA Scoreboard, and more.
 1. Sports update. 2. Super Wildcard NFL Weekend. 3. NBA Scoreboard. 4.  Hockey is back 5. CFP playoff championship game.
January 13, 2021
STP 2.27, College Football Awards night, NfL playoffs Preview, NBA scoreboard update, and much more.
 1. Sports update 2. NBA scoreboard. 3. Day 1 of the Tournament of Champions. 4. NFL playoffs Preview 5. College football Awards.
January 08, 2021
STP. 2.26, Devonta Smith wins the Heisman, Week 17 NFL highlights, NBA scores, Black Monday in the NFL, and more.
 1. Sports update. 2. NBA Scores. 3. Black Monday in the NFL. 4. Week 17 NFL Highlights. 5. Devonta Smith wins the Heisman.
January 06, 2021
STP 2.25, New Years Day.
 1. Sports update. 2. NBA scores. 3. College bowl games. 4. Week 17 NFL preview.
January 01, 2021
STP 2.24, Week 16 NFL highlights, Padres acquire Blake Snell from the Rays, Cubs Trade Yu Darvish to San Diego, and much more.
 1. sports update 2. going bowling week 2 3. Jake Paul vs Ben Askrin. 4. Padres acquire Blake Snell. 5. San Diego requires Yu Darvish from the Cubs. 6. Week 16 NFL highlights.
December 30, 2020
STP 2.23, Christmas day Special.
 1. Sports update. 2. Going bowling. 3. MLB free agent tracker. 4. NBA games and Christmas Day preview. 5. Vikings vs Saints preview.
December 25, 2020
STP 2.22, NBA is back, NFL week 15 highlights, reaction to the college football playoff and the bowl games and more.
 1. sports update. 2. Reaction to the college football playoff and the bowl games. 3. The NHL is coming back on January 13, 4. Week 15 NFL highlights. 5. The NBA is back.
December 23, 2020
STP 2.21, TNF highlights, Gordon Hayward out again, MLB free agency tracker, and much more.
 1. Sports update. 2. MLB free agency tracker. 3. Early national college football signing day. 4. Gordon Hayward out again. 5. UFC rankings. 6. TNF highlights.
December 18, 2020
STP 2.20, week 14 NFL highlights, Giannis signs the supermax with Milwaukee, Cleveland Indians changing nickname, UFC 256 highlights and much more.
 1. Sports update. 2. Reaction to the CFP ranking. 3. The NBA preseason is back. 4. UFC 256 highlights. 5. Giannis Antetokounmpo signs the supermax extension with the Bucks.  6.  The Cleveland Indians to change nickname. 7. week 14 NFL highlights.
December 16, 2020
STP 2.19, TNF preview, Harden needs 6 negative tests to be able to practice with the Rockets, LSU will not be able to participate in a bowl game this year, and much more.
 1. Sports update 2. MLB releases the All League team. 3. LSU football self imposes a 1 year ban. 4. James harden needs 6 straight negative test. 5. The MLB removing 40 minor league teams. 6. TNF preview.
December 11, 2020
STP 2.18, Week 13 NFL highlights, Ohio State vs Michigan game cancelled, Floyd Mayweather jr. will take on Youtuber Jake Paul, and much more
 1. Sports update. 2. College football weekend. 3. Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul. 4. College football over the weekend. 5. College basketball week 2. 6. Week 13 NFL highlights.
December 09, 2020
STP 2.17, Westbrook and Wall have been traded, Recap of the Ravens vs Steelers, MLB free agent tracker, and much more.
 1. NBA and NFL update. 2. First round of the OHL Classic. 3. MLB Free Agency tracker. 4. Ravens vs Steelers recap. 5. College Basketball week 2. 6. Westbrook and wall have been traded.
December 04, 2020
STP 2.16, Week 12 NFL highlights, reaction to the Tyson vs Jones fight, The first week of college basketball, and more.
 1. NFL Updates. 2. first week of college hoops. 3. Tyson vs Jones fight. 4. College football. 5. MLB free agent tracker. 6. Week 12 NFL Highlights.
December 02, 2020
STP 2.15, Thanksgiving special.
 1. NFL, MLB, and College football updates. 2. Braves sign RHP Charlie Morton to a 1 year deal. 3. More NBA free agency talk. 4. First Edition of the CFP ranking. 5. College hoops is back. 6. Thanksgiving football preview.
November 26, 2020
STP 2.14, Week 11 N highlights, college football update, NBA free agency tracker, UFC 255, and college basketball begins today.
 1. NFL injuries and COVID updates. 2. College basketball begins today. 3. UFC 255. 4. NBA free agency tracker. 5. College football weekend. 6. Week 11 NFL Highlights.
November 25, 2020
STP 2.13, The NBA Draft Special.
I will disscuss the 2020 NBA virtual draft. From picks 1 through 14.
November 19, 2020
STP Pod 2.12, Chris Paul to Phoenix, My NBA mock Draft, Week 10 NFL Highlights, DJ wins the Masters, And much more.
 1. DJ wins the Masters.  2. The NCAA Tournament moving one location.  3. Week 10 NFL Highlights.  4. My NBA Mock Draft.  5. Chris Paul to Phoenix.
November 18, 2020
Friday November 13 Edition, Day 1 of the Masters, TNF preview, The Thunder promote former assistant coach Mark Daigneault to head coach, and much more.
  1. OKC have a new coach.  2. Maction week 2 highlights.  3. TNF preview.  4. Westbrook wants out of Houston.  5. NL and AL Cy Young award winners.  6. Day 1 of the Masters.
November 13, 2020
Veterns day Special.
 1. 2020 NL and AL rookie of the year. 2. NFL updates. 3. Chase Elliot wins the NASCAR Cup. 4. Masters Preview. 5. Crazy college football weekend. 6. Week 6 NFL highlights.
November 11, 2020
November 6 Version
 1. Matt Stafford and Chris Jones have been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list. 2. Golf Talk. 3. There is a chance that the NBA could start the season before Christmas. 4. The MAC is back. 5. TNF preview.
November 06, 2020
season 2 Episode 8, Week 8 NFL Highlights, The NBA is still targeting a pre-Christmas start, The 49ers are in trouble, and much more.
 1. Golf talk. 2. The NBA targeting a pre-Christmas start. 3. 2 more players test positive for coronavirus. 4. The 49ers are in trouble. 5. Nascar highlights and news. 6. Predictions for the NL and AL awards. 7. Week 8 NFL highlights.
November 04, 2020
TNF preview,The Rockets find a replacement for D'antoni, Daryl Morey agrees to become the president of basketball of operations, White Sox hire Tony La Russa as manager, and much more.
  1. The Rockets find their replacement for Mike D'antoni.  2. NASCAR news and updates.  3. 76ers hire Daryl Morey as President of basketball operation. 4. White Sox hire Tony La Russa as new manager. 5. Wisconsin vs Nebraska game canceled. 6. TNF preview.
October 30, 2020
World Series game 6, Week 7 NFL highlights, Khabib subs Justin Gaethje, OBJ done for the year, and much more.
 1. Khabib subs Justin Gaethje. 2. OBJ out for the year. 3. Patrick Cantley captures the Zozo Championship. 4. Week 7 NFL highlights. 5. The NBA targeting a schedule that only has 72 games. 6. World Series game 6.
October 28, 2020
World Series game 2, pelicans hire Stan Van Gundy, Thursday night football highlights, the nba draft is going virtual, and much more.
 1. NBA Draft going virtual. 2. Bubba Wallace to drive number 23 for team 23X1 racing. 3. The Pelicans hire Stan Van Gundy as coach. 4. NFL new and updates. 5. Giants vs Eagles highlights. 6. World Series game 2.
October 23, 2020
World Series game 1, Week 6 NFL highlights, Tua time in Miami, Pacers find new head coach, and much more.
 1. Kyle Larson get reinstated by NASCAR. 2.  NBA free agency preview. 3. Week 6 NFL highlights. 4. Joey Legano steals a win at Kansas Speedway. 5. Tua time in Miami. 6. The Pacers have found their next head coach. 7. World Series game 1.
October 21, 2020
Lakers win their 17 tittle, Week 5 NFL Highlights, Dan Quinn get the axe from the Falcons, And much more.
 1. Dan Quinn gets the axe from the Falcons. 2. 2020 French Open update. 3. LCS highlights. 4. Busy College football weekend. 5. NFL week 5 NFL highlights. 6. Chase Elliot takes the checkered flag at Charlotte. 7. Lakers win their 17 tittle.
October 16, 2020
Chiefs add another weapon to their arsenal, Clippers hire Ty Lue as head Coach, Daryl Morey steps down as GM of the Houston Rockets, and more ALCS highlights.
 1. Atlanta Falcons shut down facilities after multiple players and staff tested positive for COVID-19. 2. ALCS highlights, 3. Melvin Gordon is charged with DUI. 4. Daryl Morey steps down as GM of the Houston Rockets. 5. Nick Saban test postive for COVID-19. 6. Clippers hire Ty Lue as head coach. 7. Chiefs add another weapon to their arsenal!
October 16, 2020
Tuesday Night Football Highlights, reaction the LCS so far, Jets release Le`veon Bell, Dustin Johnson test positive for COVID-19, and Much more.
 1. Jets release Le`veon Bell. 2. Head coaching vacancies in the NBA. 3. Reactions to the LCS so far. 4. The Florida football program has staff and players test positive for COVID-19. 5. Dustin Johnson test positive for COVID-19. 6. UFC 256? 7. Tuesday Night Football highlights.  
October 16, 2020
Friday, July 17, Edition.
 1. Lakers center Dwight Howard says he was snitched on. 2. 72 NFL players have test positive for the virus. 3. DeAaron Fox sprains his ankle.  4. The NFL sets up an injured list for COVID-19. 5. Zion Williamson leaves the bubble. 6. The Wizards will wear number 41 on their jerseys to honor the late Wes Unseld. 7. Memorial tournament highlights.
July 17, 2020
Thursday, July 16, Edition.
 1. 10 Umpires will skip the 2020 season. 2. Victor Oladipo contemplating playing in the bubble. 3. The NFL and NFLPA in a dispute? 4. NASACR race 2020. 5. Kenny Stills arrested and then released from prison. 6. The NBA adds another COVID test for players inside the campus environment. 7. Titans RB Derrick Henry gets paid. 
July 16, 2020
Wednesday, July 15, Edition.
 1. Richaun Holmes of the Kings leaves the bubble. 2. The Chiefs lock in Chris Jones with 4 year extension. 3. TBT tittle game. 4. The Atlanta Braves sign Yasiel Puig. 5. Harrison Barns test postive for COVID-19. 6. 76ers transitioning Ben Simmons to PF. 7. Myles Garrett becomes highest paid pass rusher in the league. 
July 15, 2020
Tuesday, July 14, Edition.
 1. Cardinals Jordan Hicks not playing in 2020. 2. Rojon Rondo out for 6 to 8 with broken thumb. 3. The Patriot League cancels fall sports. 4. The NFL releases new face shields. 5. Russell Westbrook test positive for coronavirus.  6. The PGA Tour will have no fans for the rest of 2019/2020 season. 7. JLO and A-ROD add athlete investors for their bid for the New York Mets.
July 14, 2020
Monday, July 13, Edition.
 1. Collin Morikawa wins the Workday Charity Open. 2. Yankees closer Aroldis Chapmen test positive for COVID-19. 3. Atlanta Braves wont change team name. 4. NASCAR and Formula 1 Highlights. 5. UFC 251. 6. Lin Dan wants to play in the China National games. 7. Redskins getting a new name?
July 13, 2020
Friday, July 10, Edition.
 1. Tiger Woods will return for the Memorial Tournament.  2. ACC shutting down fall sports until September 1. 3. NFL banes jersey swaps in 2020. 4. First round highlights of the Workday Charity Open. 5. Nets sign 2 replacement players. 6. Julian Edelaman responds to DeShaun Jackson comments. 7. Big 10 football will only play conference games in 2020.
July 10, 2020
Thursday, July 9, Edition.
 1. Jimmy Johnson is back! 2. Taurean Prince not playing in Orlando. 3. M&t Bank Stadium will cut 81% capacity for home games in 2020. 4. MLB team to Memphis? 5. Silver is concerned about the bubble plan. 6. Amazon will no longer sell Washington Redskins apparel. 7. The Ivy League will postpone fall sports.
July 09, 2020
Wednesday, July 8, Edition.
 1. The NFLPA wants the season cancelled.  2. Bradley Beal foregoing the season resumption. 3. Louisville basketball shut down practice facilities. 4. Spencer Dinwidee opts out of the season restart. 5. Eagles Deshaun Jackson appologizes after racist post on social media. 6. Lamar Jackson cancels his annual event. 7. The 2020 Ryder Cup postponed.
July 08, 2020
Tuesday, July 7, Edition.
 1. The NHL will start the season on August 1. 2. Braves RF Nick Markakis will not take part in the 2020 season. 3. Jorge Masvidal signs new contract with the UFC. 4. The MLB releases the 2020 schedule. 5. North American groups want the Redskins to change name.  6. The ATP has a new ranking system. 7. Patrick Mahomes signs record extension.
July 07, 2020
Monday, July 6, Edition.
 1. The Big hand Sanitizer 400 highlights. 2. The Top High School prospect chooses Oklahoma. 3. Dodgers pitcher decides to pass on the 2020 season. 4. Recap of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. 5. Yankees pitcher Massahiro Tanaka released from hospital. 6. Cleveland Indians contemplating changing their names. 7. Masvidal will step in for Burns at UFC 251.
July 06, 2020
Friday, July, 3 Edition.
 1. The NFL cancels the supplemental draft. 2. Thabo Sefolosha skipping the leagues restart. 3. Kobe Bryant will be on the cover for NBA 2k 21 forever mamba edition. 4. The NHL is looking to Canada to finish the 2019/2020 postseason. 5. First round highlights of the Rocket Mortgage Classic. 6. Washington Redskins being pressured to change name. 7. The NBA contemplating a second bubble for bottom teams. 
July 03, 2020
Thursday, July 2, Edition.
 1. Chris Jones wants long term contract. 2. The NBA tells coaches that age wont prevent them from traveling to Orlando. 3. Silver says the leagues restart could be cancelled if the coronavirus spreads into the league. 4. Bill Cowher test positive for COVID-19. 5, Zion Williamson revealed as the cover athlete for NBA 2k 21 next gen consoles. 6. St. Louis Cardinals will play the Chicago White Sox at Dyersville Park. 7. The NFL cuts the preseason in half. 
July 02, 2020
Wednesday, July 1, Edition.
 1. Damian Lillard announced as the cover athlete for NBA 2k 21. 2. Jimmy Johnson will test  Indycar racing on July 8. 3. Nets Deandra Jordan will forgo the rest of the NBA season. 4. Rockies Ian Desmond becomes 4 MLB player to pass on the 2020 season. 5. 3 Pelicans players test postive for COVID-19. 6. Top CB prospect commits to UNC. 7. Minor league baseball cancels 2020 season. 
July 01, 2020
Tuesday, June 30, Edition.
 1. Lakers sign JR Smith. 2. Anthony Edwards signs with Klutch sports agency. 3. The NFL finning the Patriots. 4. Brooklyn Nets Wilson Chandler will forgo the the season restart. 5. Johnny Manziel says his football is probably over. 6. The NFLPA sends letters to the agents of active players. 7. 3 MLB players will skip the 2020 season.
June 30, 2020
Monday, June 29, Edition.
 1. Pocono organics 350 Highlights. 2. Nationals will play vs the Yankees to start the 2020 MLB season. 3. Cam Newton signs with Patriots. 4. Recap of the Travelers Championship. 5. UFC Fight Night; Poirier vs Hooker. 6. Under Armour terminates contract with UCLA. 7. NBA releases schedule for the 2019/2020 restart.
June 29, 2020
Friday, June 26, Edition.
 1. Jon Jones will holdout from UFC. 2. NFL Hall of Fame is canceled. 3. 3 Sacramento Kings players test positive for COVID-19. 4. Vince Carter call it a quits after 22 seasons. 5. Malcom Jenkins says football is nonessential business. 6. NFL expects to start training camp on time. 7. First round action of the travelers Championship.
June 26, 2020
Thursday, June 25 Edition.
 1. Malcom Brogdon contracts the coronavirus. 2. 3 Colorado Rockies players test positive for COVID-19. 3. Avery Bradley become 3 healthy NBA player to forgo the rest of the season. 4. Kamaru Usman changes camp for upcoming fight. 5. Tampa Bay Lightning have re-opened their training facilities. 6. Shaq Barret is still contemplating whether or not to sign franchise tender. 7. Brooks Koepka and Webb Simpson withdraw from the Travelers Championship. 
June 25, 2020
Wednesday, June 24, Edition.
 1. Nikola Jokic tested postive for COVID-19. 2. Eagles TE Dallas Goedart suckered punched. 3. Novak Djokovic contract the coronavirus. 4. Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford stepping down. 5. Tom Brady and teammates practicing despite the pandamic. 6. FBI rules says noose has been there since 2019. 7. The MLB will play a 60 game schedule. 
June 24, 2020
Tuesday, June 23, Edition.
 1. Geico 500 Highlights. 2. Jamal Adams wants to be traded to the Cowboys. 3. 40 MLB players test positive for COVID-19. 4. The NFL emergency plan for the virus. 5. The PGA Championship will go on without fans. 6. The MLBPA rejects the 60 game proposal by the league. 7. 2 healthy NBA players forging the seasons restart on July 30.   
June 23, 2020
Monday, June 22, Edition.
 1. Geico 500 postponed. 2. Certain NBA players worried about return to play in Orlando. 3. UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Volkov. 4. Recap of the RBC Heritage. 5. The Belmont Stakes. 6. MLBPA will delay vote for starting the season. 7. Dak Prescott signs franchise tender.
June 22, 2020
Friday, June 19, Edition.
 1. MLB players donating 1 million to minor leaguers. 2. Zion Williamson will not be required to answer questions of improper benefits. 3. The NBCA says finishing the season in Orlando could threaten jobs. 4. MLBPA union sends a 70 game proposal to the league. 5. Opening first round coverage of the RBC heritage. 6. Jamal Adams demands trade. 7. Dr. Fauci says football season should be played in bubble environment. 
June 19, 2020
Thursday, June 18, Edition.
 1. The NBA will not require players and coaches to wear masks. 2. The NBA`s safety plan in Orlando. 3. College football 6 week practice plan. 4. The Basketball Tournament reveals bracket. 5. Miami Dolphins CB Xavien Howard will not be punished by the NFL. 6. The U.S. Open for tennis will be played. 7. The MLB sends 60 game proposal to the players.
June 18, 2020
Wednesday, June 17, Edition.
 1. UFC fighter Amanda Nunes contemplating retirement. 2. Nuggets Coach Mike Malone contracted COVID-19 in March. 3. Damien Lillard wants the season to return. 4. Kevin Durant buys 5% stake in Union soccer team. 5. Kyle Shannon receives massive extension form the 49ers. 6. NASCAR will allow 30,000 fans at the all star race in July. 7. Kyrie Irving wants to start his own basketball league.
June 17, 2020
Tuesday, June 16, Edition.
 1.  Lamar Jackson has accident at the beach. 2. Certain Lakers and other players are concerned about resuming the season. 3. The Buckeye Pledge. 4. Jorge Masviadal demands release from UFC. 5.  Multiple Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans players test positive for COVID-19. 6. NBAPA executive director says the NBA`s plan to return on July 30 is not in jeopardy. 7. Commissioner Rob Manfred is no longer optimistic about baseball season returning in 2020
June 16, 2020
Monday, June 15, Edition.
 1. Dixie Vodka 400 highlights. 2. NBA teams will start testing players for COVID-19 on June 23. 3. MLBPA tells league to start the season. 4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar`s son arrested. 5. NBA moving resume date. 6. Antonio Brown receives 2 year probation with burglary. 7. Recap of the Charles Swab Challenge.
June 15, 2020
Friday, June 12, Edition.
 1. The Basketball Tournament scheduled for July 4 through the 14. 2. Harry Glickmen passes away at 96. 3. Rogers Federer is out for the rest of the season. 4. Zion Williamson continues his lawsuit with Prime Sports. 5. The NHL enters stage 3 of plan to return to play. 6. Holy Holm vs Irene Alinda on August 1. 7. Opening round of the Charles Swab Challenge.  
June 12, 2020
Thursday, June 11, Edition.
 1. NBA will check team medical records. 2. NASCAR will allow fans in Florida and Alabama. 3. Khabib vs Gaethje will take place at UFC 253. 4. The Top 5 picks in the 2020 MLB draft. 5. USC will reinstate Reggie Bush. 6. Some NBA players are not certain that want to travel to Orlando. 7. Tyson Fury will fight both Joshua and Wilder.
June 11, 2020
Wednesday, June 10, Edition.
 1. CBS doing something differently for the Charles Swab Challenge. 2. Gronk donating to Blake High School. 3. UFC Fight Island. 4. Heisman Odds. 5. Atlanta Hawks GM believes the 2020/2021 NBA season will be condensed. 6. Twitter will stream The PGA Tour on Multicast. 7. The MLBPA sends another proposal to the league.   
June 10, 2020
Tuesday, June 9, Edition.
 1. Carl Crawford arrested on an assault. 2.  Kevin Durant not returning this season. 3. Lamarcus Aldridge out for the rest of the season. 4. Henry Cejudo would come back to fight Alexander Volkanovski. 5. Dalvin Cook will holdout for new contract. 6. Jurrell Casey upset with Titans. 7. The MLB proposes a 76 game schedule to the players association.
June 09, 2020
Monday, June 8, Edition.
 1. The Fold Of Honor QuickTrip 500 highlights. 2. Oakland A`s owner will pay minor league players throughout the season. 3.  UFC 250. 4. The NBA will decide playoff seeding on winning percentage. 5. Dan LeBatard vs Dana White. 6. The NBA could use sounds from 2k crowd. 7. Connor Mcgregor retires from fighting. 
June 08, 2020
Friday, June 5, Edition.
 1. NASCAR`s new updated schedule for 2020. 2. MLB brodcasters staying home this season. 3. Kevin Durant could be back? 4. NASCAR and INDYcar will not have fans on July 4 weekend. 5. UFC Fight Island. 6. The G-League cancelled. 7. The NBA board of governors approve of the season resuming on July 31 with 22 teams.
June 05, 2020
Thursday, June 4 Edition.
 1. Ryder Cup in Limbo. 2. Chris Archer is done for the season. 3. The NBA is contemplating alternatives for the higher seeds. 4. Luke Kuechly is considering becoming a pro scout. 5. The Collegiate Summer Baseball Invitational to be held this weekend. 6. The MLB reject 114 game proposal by the players. 7. The NBA is back!
June 04, 2020
Wednesday, June 3, Edition.
 1. Steve Ballmer believes it will be a long time before fans are allowed in NBA arenas. 2. Raiders Rookie WR Henry Ruggs injured in move. 3. Wizards legand Wes Unseld passes away. 4. Clemson WR Justin Ross out for the year. 5. Judge demands Zion he must answer questions about receiving improper benefits in college. 6. NFL training camps to stay home. 7. The NBA has set playoff date for the season return.
June 03, 2020
Tuesday, June 2 Edition.
  1. High school baseball and softball return in the state of Iowa.  2. David Price donating 1,000 dollars to all the minor league players in the dodgers farm team. 3. DeSean Jackson want players to be mic'd up this season. 4. Nationals will pay minor league players through June. 5. NBA governors asking the league to include all 30 teams. 6. The PGA Tour plans to have BMW championship with fans. 7. The MLB is considering proposing a plan with 50 games in 2020. 
June 02, 2020
Monday, June 1 Edition.
1. Ford 500 highlights. 2. THE NHL will test players daily, once the season returns. 3. Arizona Dimondbacks laying off certain employees. 4. The College football Hall Of Fame destroyed during the rioting. 5. Massachusetts will open all pro team facilities in the state. 6. UFC Las Vegas. 7. NBA governors would like to go straight to the playoffs.
June 01, 2020
Friday, May 29 Edition.
1.  The NFL extends agreement with EA Sports. 2. The John Deer Classic is canceled. 3. 2020 Basketball Hall Of Fame class enshrinement postponed. 4. Texas will allow fans at outdoor pro-events. 5. The Chiefs started negotiate with Patrick Mahomes about extension. 6. MLB players will counter new proposal sent by the league. 7. The NFL`s new rule changes.
May 29, 2020
Thursday, May 28 Edition.
 1.  XFL has multiple bidders. 2.  Charles Barkley is confident the NBA season will return. 3.  The NBA is not expected to announce when the season will return. 4.  UFC 250. 5.  Damian Lillard like the idea of play in tournament. 6. The NFL new proposed rule. 7. Phil Mickelson wants to schedule The Match annually.
May 28, 2020
Wednesday, May 27 Edition.
1. NHL News. 2. The MLB proposal to the players union. 3. NBAPA directer Michelle Roberts says players want to play. 4. Rams safety Taylor Rapp unique workout. 5.  Vince McMahon confirms he wont by back the XFL. 6. Damion Lillard not playing if the Trail Blazers do not have chance at playoffs. 7. Mark Cuban has a plan for the NBA season to return.
May 27, 2020
Tuesday, May 26 Edition.
1. Coca-Cola 600 post race discipline. 2. Japanese baseball will return on June 19. 3. Euro League cancels season. 4. UFC getting stricter when they return to Vegas. 5. Reggie Bush not a fan of college athletes getting paid. 6. Patrick Ewing returns home after testing positive for COVID-19. 7. The NFL is planning to have full stadiums by August and September.
May 26, 2020
Memorial Day Special
1. Coca-Cola 600 highlights. 2. Seahawks sign Carlos Hyde. 3. Pro sports team can return in New York. 4. 2 legend basketball coaches pass away. 5. NBA talking with Disney about returning to the season. 6. MLB players union to propose scale payments for the 2020 season. 7. Champions For Charity Match.
May 25, 2020
Friday, May 22 Edition.
1. Josh Gordon is hoping to be reinstated from the NFL soon. 2. Denny Hamlin wins at Darlington. 3. Zion Williamson aks judge to void marketing agreement. 4. Louisville will be the first school in the ACC to host volunteer workouts for athletes. 5. Adam Scoot will not return to the PGA Tour till July. 6. LeBron James holding for teammates. 7.  The coronavirus could cost college football 4 billion dollars.
May 22, 2020
Thursday, May 21 Edition.
1. The Champions For Charity Match will have a 1 hole challenge on the 5 hole. 2. Vince McMahon trying to purchase the XFL again. 3. Tom Glavine thinks it the players fault if the MLB season is not played. 4. The NCCAA allowing volunteer workouts fo fall sports. 5. Zion Williamson could star in a movie. 6. Ryan Fitzpatrick is Tua`s biggest cheerleader, but still wants to play. 7. The NBA guidelines for the players return.
May 21, 2020
Wednesday, May 20 Edition.
1. The BIg3 League has canceled the 2020 season. 2. Micheal Thomas and Devante Parker have instagram feud. 3. Arizona Diamondbacks Starling Marte Wife passes away. 4. The Pennsylvania governor not happy with Big Ben. 5. Khabib`s father is in critical condition. 6. Horace Grant fire back at MJ. 7. The NFL new Rooney policy 
May 20, 2020
Tuesday, May 19 Edition.
1. Jazz forward Bojan Bogdonovich out for the reminder of the year. 2. US Open cancel qualifying round. 3. MLB virtual draft. 4. LA Chargers considered signing Cam Newton. 5. NFL testing new face masks for upcoming season. 6. Fan poll show Jordan is better then Lebron. 7. New York, California, and Texas allowing sports to return.
May 19, 2020
Monday, May 18 Edition.
1. Chris Paul wants basketball to return badly. 2. Taylor-Made Driving Relief Event. 3. UFC fight night. 4. David Robinson says Dennis Rodman was destructive to the Spurs. 5. NASCAR in Darlington. 6. Ed Oliver arrested. 7. The final 2 episodes of The Last Dance.
May 18, 2020
Friday the May 15 Edition.
1.  Justin Thomas will be on the cover of PGA Tour 2k 21. 2. Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon lawsuits are heating up! 3. Panthers David Tepper believes some fans will be able to games in the fall. 4. Eric Dickerson says Rams new uniforms are soft. 5. Blake Snell says risk is too high to play with 50/50 spilt with owners. 6. NASCAR returning this Sunday at Darlington. 7. Quinton Dunbar and DeAndra Baker charged with multiple warrants. 
May 15, 2020
May 14, Sports are on the Horizon.
1. Rans unveil Uniforms. 2. Mike Pouncy is good to go for 2020. 3. NBA felling optimistic about returning. 4. UFC fight night. 5. NCAA will allow states to make final about college sports in the fall. 6. PGA. 7. Sports are returning in Florida.
May 14, 2020
Wednesday, May 13 Edition.
1. WBC 2021 cancelled. 2. China is not planning on airing NBA games. 3. Dana White says that Khabib Gaethje will square off on fight island. 4. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the favorite to win the NFL league MVP according to Ceasers. 5.  Pro sports can come back in Arizona. 6. NFL teams agree to raise the debt Limits. 7. The league is allowing the players union to vote on whether this season should return.
May 13, 2020
Tuesday, May 12 The Action Packed Episode.
1. The NPB hopes to return in June. 2. NBA extends the CBA to September. 3. Tony Ferguson has major injury. 4. Brett Favre denies that he took money from the Mississippi welfare system. 5.  Tua Tagovailoa signes rookie contract. 6. Zack Evens commits to TCU. 7. MLBPA and Owners approve league proposal to start in July.
May 12, 2020
Monday May 11, The Recap Of The 12 Minute Busy Weekend.
1. Ryan Newman wins eNASCAR iracing series event and Kyle Larson returns to racing. 2. NAIA announces women`s flag football league in 2021. 3. NCAA fall sports might not happen. 4. Power 5 conferences leaving the NCAA? 5. The Last Dance part 5 and 6. 6. MLBn will propose on Monday about starting the season in July. 7. UFC 249
May 11, 2020
Friday May 8 Premium Edition, The 2020 NFL Schedule, UFC 249 Preliminary, Champions For Charity Match Is Set For May 24th, And Much More.
1. Indy Car returning. 2. Earl Thomas wife arrested. 3. Kansas basketball has been charged with multiple violations. 4. Cam Newton is open to be a backup. 5. UFC 249 preliminary. 6. Champions For Charity Match is set for May 24. 7. 2020 NFL schedule released.
May 08, 2020
Thursday May 7 Edition, The MLB Has A Proposal To Start The Season In July, James Franklin Thinks Football Can Be Played This Fall With Certain Teams, Charles Barkley and MJ Don`t Talk Anymore.
1.  Olivier Sarr transfers to UK. 2. Telvin Smith pleads not guilty for having sex with a minor. 3.  Charles Barkley and Micheal Jordan do not talk anymore. 4.  Jadeveon Clowney not Seattle in 2020. 5.  James Franklin thinks college football can be played this season with certain teams. 6. Patrick Ewing admits his 2 Olympic gold medals and his championship rings were stolen. 7. The MLB has a proposal to start the season in July.
May 07, 2020
Wednesday May 6 Edition, Could Kevin Durant Return?, Jets Sign Veteran RB Frank Gore, Brett Favre Mentioned IN Embezzlement Scandal?, And Much More.
1.  Rafael Nadal thinks season should be scrapped. 2. PGA Tour having strict guidelines. 3. Jets sign Frank Gore. 4. Marshawn Lynch wants to return to the Seahawks. 5. Brett Favre mentioned in embezzlement scandal? 6. KBO highlites. 7. Kevin Durant returning?
May 06, 2020
Monday May 5 Edition, Hard Rock Stadium having Fans In The Stands This Fall?, Miami Dolphins Legend Head Coach Don Shula Passes Away at 90, William Byron Wins eNASCAR Iracing Event In Virtual Dover.
1. William Bryon wins eNASCAR iraceing event in Virtual Dover. 2. The University of Louisville has been charged by the NCAA. 3. Miami Dolphins legend head coach Don Shula passes away at the age of 90. 4. Two strong men going to the boxing ring? 5. The NFL schedule. 6. KBO starting season. 7. Hard Rock Stadium having fans in the stands this fall?
May 05, 2020
On Monday May 4 Edition, The Last Dance Part 5 And 6, 2 NASCAR Sites Will Host Senior Graduations, Cowboys Sign Former Bengals QB Andy Dalton, And Much More.
1. 2 NASCAR race tracks will host senior graduations. 2. Cowboys Signs Bengals QB Andy Dalton 3. The NFL will release its schedule for 2020 next week. 4. The NBA could delay the start of the 2020/2021 season. 5. The NBA postpones draft lottery and combine. 6. Chicago Bears decline Mitchell Trubisky player option. 7. The Last Dance part 5 and 6.
May 04, 2020
Fridays May 1 Edition, NASCAR Will Come Back On May 17th In Darlington, LeBron James Reveals A Virtual Graduation For Seniors, Andy Dalton Gets Released By The Bengals, And Much More.
1. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey talked about season opener. 2. Andy Dalton gets released by the Bengals. 3. Little League World Series is canceled. 4. Minor League Baseball is likely not going to happen this year. 5. LeBron James will have a virtual graduation for seniors. 6. A fan pays 800,000 to be with Tom Brady. 7. NASCAR will return on May 17th in Darlington.
May 01, 2020
Thursday April 30th Edition, Roger Goodell Will Go Without Pay, Yadier Molina Is Open To Play With Another Team, Brett Farve Says That Aaron Rodgers Will Play With Another Team Before He Retires.
1. Senior PGA Tour championship Moves  to August. 2. Brett Farve says Aaron Rodgers will not play with Packers for the rest of his carrer. 3. Manny Ramirez wants to return to baseball? 4. Baseball Hall of Fame is canceled this year. 5. Yadier Molina is open to play with another team. 6. Isiah Thomas says MJ was the 4th best player he ever played against. 7. Roger Goodell will not take a salary. 
April 30, 2020
Wednesday April 29th Edition of the show, MLB Will Now Accepts Ticket Refunds, The NCAA is Looking Into Giving Athletes Endorsements, The LA Lakers In Touch With The City Of LA, And Much More.
1. Coca-Cola 600 plans to race on May 24. 2. Tom Brady did not violate league rules. 3.  LA Lakers in touch with city officials. 4. NBA hall of famer Shaq will cover funeral expenses for the Dexter Rentz family. 5. NCAA looking into giving athletes endorsements. 6. NHL update. 7. MLB will now accept ticket refunds. 
April 29, 2020
On Tuesday April 28th Edition, NBA Will Not Allow Players Into Practice Facilities Until May 8, The Ball Brother Sign With Roc Nation, and Swiss Army Knife Taysom Hill Resigns With The saints
1.  MLB players and owners having some tension. 2. The Ball brothers sign with Roc Nation. 3. Aaron Gordon calls out Dwayne Wade. 4.  State of Washington re-opening golf courses on May 5. 5. Swiss Army Knife Taysom Hill resigns with Saints. 6.  Former Tulane basketball players attorney says he shot in self-defense. 7. NBA not allowing players to return to practice facilities until May 8. 
April 28, 2020
Monday April 27th Edition, The Last Dance Part 3 and 4, NBA allowing Some Teams To Train In Some Practice Facilities, Alex Bowman Win NASCAR Iracing Series in Virtual Talladega, And Much More.
1. Alex Bowman wins NASCAR iracing series in virtual Telladega. 2. Saints looking into signing Jameis Winston. 3. NFL Draft has record viewership. 4. Louisville football commit Dexter Rentz dies in shooting. 5. NBA allowing some teams to go train at certain facilities.  6. Big Papi defends the Red Sox. 7. The Last Dance part 3 and 4.
April 27, 2020
Friday April 24th Edition, The Quarantined 2020 NFL Draft.
1. Cincinnati Bengals draft pick. 2. Washington Redskins draft pick. 3. Detroit Lions pick. 4. SEC dominates round 1 of the draft.  5. WR class deep in 2020. 6. Best available for day 2 7. Packers stun everybody.
April 24, 2020
On Thursday April 23rd Edition, Champions For Charity Match, Justin Gaethje Is Ready To Fight Tony Ferguson, A-ROD AND JLO Want To Buy The Mets, And Much More.
1. Rory Mcllroy dosent want to play Ryder Cup without any fans. 2. New Orleans Saint canceling off-season programs. 3. The MLB suspended Red Sox relay operator. 4. A-Rod and JLO want to buy the Mets. 5. Chris Paul want 3 to 4 weeks to get for the NBA season. 6. Justin Gaethje is ready to fight Tony Ferguson. 7. Champions For Charity Match. 
April 23, 2020
2020 NFL Mock Draft Podcast
Me and Micheal Mentzer predict the NFL Draft tomorrow. 
April 23, 2020
Wednesday April 22 edition, Bucs Trade For Gronk, Lamar Jackson Will Be the Madden 21 Cover Athlete, Green And Durant`s Beef, And Much More.
1. Chargers have new look. 2. Former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck Sue`s founder Vince McMahon. 3. Green and Durant`s beef. 4. Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins had no relationship with Bill O`Brien. 5. Lamar Jackson will be on the cover of Madden 21. 6. South Dakota will hold race on Saturday night. 7. Bucs trade for Gronk.
April 22, 2020
On Tuesday April 21 Edition of The Show, NASCAR Could Return To Texas And Florida, Tua Tagovailoa Scores 13 On His Wonderlic Test, Ryder Cup Considering An Event Without Any Fans, And Much More.
1. Ryder Cup considering an event without any spectators. 2. New England Patriots tweak their uniforms. 3. Miami Marlins CEO Derick Jeter renounce`s his 5 Million dollar salary. 4. John Elway talks about mock virtual draft. 5. Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa scored a 13 on his wonderlic test. 6. The Louisville Slugger closes its factory amid COVID-19 outbreak. 7. NASCAR could return to Texas and Florida.
April 21, 2020
Monday April 20th Edition, ESPN Airs The Documentary series The LAST DANCE, The Jags Shopping Leonard Fournette, William Bryon Wins Second Straight Iracing Event, And Much More.
1. Williams Bryon wins second straight iracing event. 2. Mekhi Becton has a failed drug tests. 3. Jags shopping Leonard Fornette. 4. UFC fighter Tony Ferguson makes weights. 5. NBA players agree to withhold their income on May 15th. 6. Community comes together to support Div 111 coach. 7. ESPN airs the documentary series The Last Dance.
April 20, 2020
Fridays April 17th Edition, Top Basketball Prospect Skips College And Goes Directly To The NBA G-League, Florida Governor Leaves The Door Open For Live Sporting Events, And Much More.
1. NFL Draft one week away. 2. Florida governor leaves door open for live sporting events. 3. Basketball Horse competition semi finals and championship round. 4. Jay Glazer gets lots of criticism. 5. Von Miller Test positive for COVID-19. 6 Shaq says the 2000 to 20002 Lakers could beat the 90's Bulls. 7. Top Basketball prospect skips college and goes directly to the NBA G-League.
April 17, 2020
On Thursday April 16th Edition of the show, Dr. Fauci Thinks Sports Can Return But without Fans, First NFL Player To Test Positive For COVID-19, Will Browns Trade Star WR OBJ?, And Much More.
1. Wilder speaks up about his fight against Fury. 2. Browns Unveil New Uniforms. 3. Chinese Basketball league delays restart. 4. First NFL Player to test positive for COVID-19 5. Could Browns Star WR OBJ be traded? 6. Mike Trout pokes hole in baseball`s idea of a quarantined season. 7. Dr. Fauci thinks sports can return but without fans. 
April 16, 2020
The 6 topic 10 minute episode.
1. Kyle Larson get fired by Team Ganassi racing team. 2. NBA announces 25 day proposal. 3. Joe Burrow will play with any team that drafts him. 4. Dana White wants to host UFC 250 on May 9th. 5. Presscott could be traded to Miami? 6. How some schools are handling the senior class about spring sports.
April 15, 2020
April 14th bonus episode, Christian McCaffrey Gets A Massive Payday, Can Donovan Mitchell And Rudy Gobert Set Their Differences Aside?, and Former Journeymen QB Tavares Jackson Passed Away On Monday,
1. The MLB considers a season overseas ! 2. Colts unveil new secondary logo. 3. Donovon Mitchell and Rudy Gobert relationship fractured. 4. Karl Anthony-Towns’ mother passes away due to COVID-19 complications. 5. CPB president says they are planning to have the College Football Playoffs on time. 6. Former Seahawks and Vikings quarterback Tavares Jackson dies of a car crash on Monday. 7. Christian McCaffrey get massive payday.
April 14, 2020
On April 13th Edition, Fans Desperately Settle For A Horse Tournament, Another Legend Quarterback Rejects ESPN, Devin Booker Tops Teammate DeAndra Ayton In 2k esports, And Much More.
1. The New York Yankees are still the most valuable team in baseball. 2. Dale Earnhardt finishes 3rd this weekend in his first Indy Car iRacing event! 3. New Orleans QB Drew Brees to join NBC after retiring from football. 4. Devin Booker defeats Teammate DeAndra Ayton in NBA players 2k tourney. 5. XFL is not planning on returning in 20201 because of the virus. 6. 5th Ranked High School Basketball prospect Ziaire Williams commits to Stanford 7. NBA players play horse competition on Sunday Night.
April 13, 2020
On April 10 Edition Of The Show Will Talk About, Disney And Barry Alvarez Play Villains, 2K esports Continues To Thrive, And Much More.
 1. The University of Wisconsin will not be giving seniors an extra year of eligibility. 2. CBPL`s Rakiteen monkeys will use Robot mannequins dressed as fans at the start of the season. 3. The LA Rams are late delivering paychecks to former players. 4.Rams trade WR Brandon cooks to the Texans. 5. Highlighted NBA players 2K tourney round 2 6.NBA players will still receive contracts despite shutdown. 7. UFC 249 fight canceled.
April 10, 2020
April 9th: NBA Players Felling A Little horse, Tom Brady Opens Up On The Howard Stern Show, KG Is Hostile At The Thought Of His Jersey Being Retired By The Timberwolves, And Much More.
1. Mike Leach makes headlines again. 2. Atlanta Falcons unveil new uniforms. 3. Sporting goods companies adapt! 4. CFL season to start in July? 5. KG has no interest in his jersey getting by the Timberwolves. 6. Tom Brady opens up on the Howard Stern show. 7. NBA players felling a little horse.
April 09, 2020
4/8/20 The MLB Eyeing May Return, Dana White Buys Private Island for UFC Fights, Obi Toppin Wins The Wooden Award, And Much More.
1. Obi Toppin wins Wooden award. 2. Bucs unveil new uniforms. 3. Dana White buys private island for UFC fights. 4. Former Eagles legend Timmy Brown passes away. 5. Boxing trying to get a big fight in soon. 6. Wrestlemania 36  7. The MLB eyeing May return.
April 08, 2020
4/7/20 Antonio Brown Signs New Agent, The PGA Tour Rescheduling The Masters to November, Bubba Wallace Rage Quits During iNASCAR Race, And Much More.
1. Bubba Wallace rage quits. 2. Dana White says UFC 249 will take place somewhere around this Earth. 3. PGA Tour rescheduling Masters to November. 4. The NBA working on rapid tests solution. 5. The NFL will hold the Draft virtual. 6. Louisville star Forward Jordan Nwora will enter NBA Draft. 7. Antonio Brown signs agent.
April 07, 2020
4/6/20 2020 Basketball Hall Of Fame Class, College Football Might Be Postponed Until The 2021 Season, NFL Kicking Legend Tom Dempsey Passes Away On Sunday, And Much More.
1. Top graduate in CBB, chooses Louisville. 2. President Trump believes that by August or September stadiums and arenas will be filled again with fans. 3. Highlights of day 1 and 2 of NBA players 2k tourney. 4. The NFL will broadcast games on Nickelodeon this upcoming season. 5. Rumors of College football being postponed until the spring of 2021. 6. The NFL community mourns the loss of legendary kicker Tom Dompsey. 7. The Basketball Hall Of Fame Class. 
April 06, 2020
4/3/20 Derick Henry Signs Franchise Tender With The Titans, LeMelo Ball Close To Buying Aussie Basketball Team, Tua`s Hip Good To Go, And Much More
1. Tua`s hip good to go. 2. Izzo under fire. 3. LeMelo Ball close to buying Aussie basketball team. 4. They release the Wooden Award Finalists. 5. Steven A. Smith attacks his own burner account. 6. Khabib tells ESPN he is still willing to fight. 7. Henry signs franchise tender with Titans.
April 03, 2020
4/2/20 The NFL Expanding The Playoffs To 14 Teams, Antonio Brown Works Out With Lamar Jackson And Marquis Brown, British Open Canceled?, And Much More
1.  British Open Canceled. 2. Gronk will participate in the NASCAR iracing series this weekend. 3. Bucs WR Chris Godwin gives his 12 jersey to Brady. 4. Khabib backs out of fight vs Furguson. 5. Antonio Brown works out with Lamar Jackson and Marquis Brown. 6.ESPN re-airs classic 2016 NBA Finals. 7. NFL expanding to a 14 team playoff.
April 02, 2020
4/1/20 The NFL Is Planning To Start The Season On Time, 16 NBA Players Will Represent Their Own Teams In A 2k Tounament, CBA Delays restart, And Much More.
 1. Bengals cut Dre Kirkpatrick. 2.  ESPN will release series on Micheal Jordan and the historic Bulls on April 19th. 3. 16 NBA players Playing a 2k tournament on ESPN. 4. Wimbledon is canceled. 5. All Lakers players all free from COVID-19. 6. China Delays restart of Basketball season. 7. The NFL planning to start season on time.
April 01, 2020
3/31/20 NCAA allowing Spring Athletes Another Year Of Eligibility, Tom Brady Pitches Himself To The Bucs, Tiger And Phil Part 2, And Much More.
1. Marcus Smart free of COVID-19. 2. Phil Mickleson working on Phil vs Tiger rematch. 3. CFL postpones Training camp. 4. Not all sports being hit by COVID-19 5. Tom Brady pitches himself to the Bucs. 6. The NBA considering different scenarios. 7. NCAA allowing one year of eligibility for spring athletes.
March 31, 2020
3/30/20 Clayton Kershaw Thinks its Too Risky To Play World Series In December, Who WIll Sign Cam Newton?, Former And Currant NFL stars Play Madden Tournament, And Much More
1. High School Athletes miss out on Recruiting Opportunities. 2. Fox Sports Hosts the Inaugural esports Madden NFL Invitational. 3. Who will sign Cam Newton? 4. Tommy Hill wins NASCAR 2nd iRacing event. 5.Mike Tyson tells Deontay Wilder to grow up. 6. Knicks and Rangers owner James Dolan tests positive for COVID-19. 7. Clayton Kershaw says that playing World Series in December is too risky.
March 30, 2020
3/27/20 Bruce Ariens Not Interested In Signing Brown, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Suing Amazon, MLB And MLBPA Come To An Agreement For Pay During Shutdown, And Much More.
1. The NFL draft will still go on. 2. Indy 500 postpones. 3. Lamar Jackson Suing Amazon. 4. NBA announces 20% salary pay cuts for 100 employees. 5. Fred ''Curly" Neil, dies at 77. 6. MLB and MLBPA come to an agreement. 7. Bruce Ariens does not want to sign Brown.
March 27, 2020
3/26/20 Prescott And The Cowboys Finally Talking About a Contract, What NFL Team Will Sign Winston, Mark Cuban Hope For Mid-May Return, And Much More
1. Karl Anthony-Towns Mother sick from CoVID-19. 2. Mark Cuban hopes for Mid-May return. 3. What NFL team signs Winston? 4. Obi Toppin declares for the NBA draft. 5. Real Madrid soccer player could face jail time for breaking quaratine order. 6. Ferguson vs Khabib moving venues. 7. Prescott and Cowboys finally talking about new contract.
March 26, 2020
3/25/20 Obi Toppin Named CBB Player Of The Year, Panther Release Cam Newton, Clippers Have New Home In Inglewood, And Much More
1. Mets Pitcher will Noah Syndergaard will undergo Tommy John Surgery. 2. Dallas Cowboys center Travis Fredrick retires suddenly. 3. Panther release Cam Newton. 4. Clippers have new home in Inglewood, CA. 5. Fury vs Wilder part 3 postponed. 6. McGregor wants Ireland on lockdown. 7. Obi Toppin named CBB player of the year.
March 25, 2020
3/24/20 2020 Summer Olympics Being Postponed, The LA Rams Unveil New Logo And Uniforms, Peyton Manning Declines Monday Night Football, And Much More
1. Peyton Manning declines Monday Night Football. 2. NBA will pay players salaries until April 1st. 3. LA Rams unveil new logo and uniforms. 4. College Football season be scratched. 5. XFL star QB PJ Walker signs with Panthers. 6. Astros legal team points out flaws in lawsuit  by fans. 7. 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed. 
March 24, 2020
3/23/20 NFL draft Moves Out of Vegas, Houston Rockets Forward PJ Tucker Opens Shoe store, Who Replaces Brady In New England, And Much More
1. Denny Hemlin wins the virtual race at Homestead. 2. Who replaces Brady. 3. Houston Rockets Forward PJ Tucker opens show store. 4. Blue Jays President want exhibition games before regular season starts. 5. Gronk Debuts on WWE. 6. Conner Mcgregor has one more fight till rematch with Khabib. 7. NFL draft moves out of Vegas.
March 23, 2020
3/20/20 Eagles Steal Darius Slay From The Lions, Big3 League Planning Under House Quarantine Tournament, Todd Gurley Is Released, And Much More
1. Gurley is released. 2.Big3 League planning under house quarantine tourney. 3.Red Sox pitcher undergoes Tommy John surgery. 4. Broncos release Joe Flacco. 5.  Could the Olympics be held off until 2021. 6. Coronavirus plagues the NBA. 7. Eagles steal CB Darius Slay from the Lions.
March 20, 2020
3/19/20 Foles Gets Traded To The Bears, ESPN Runs A BPI NCAA Tournament Simulation, MLB Might Cancel The 2020 Draft, And Much More
1.  MLB might cancel the draft. 2. The 2020 Iditarod Dog Sled Race. 3. OKC Thunder players and staff test negative for COVID-19 4. BPI NCAA Tournament simulation 5. CB Chris Harris signs with Chargers. 6. The Cornavirus is Disney`s kryptonite! 7. Foles gets traded.
March 19, 2020
3/18/20 Brady Signs With Tampa Bay, Where Does The NBA Season Go From Here, NFL Free Agency, and Much More
1. The MLB is postponing their season till May. 2. Former League and Finals MVP Kevin Durant test positive for COVID-19. 3.Where does the NBA season go from here 4. The PGA Tour cancels all events through May 10. 5. NFL Free Agency. 6. NFL Draft 7. Tom Brady signs with Tampa Bay
March 18, 2020
3/17 Hopkins gets traded, NBA season Might Not Return Till June, Bills trade for diggs, and much more.
1. NBA season Might not return till June. 2. The Kentucky Derby is the latest Sporting event to be Postponed. 3. Kevin Durant not returning at all this season. 4. Can We survive with no live sporting events for at least 8 more weeks? 5. Cowboys franchise tag Prescott. 6.Bills trade for Diggs. 7. Hopkins gets traded.
March 17, 2020
3/16/20 The New CBA Rules, Tannehill Resigns With The Titans , and Rick Pitino Is Hired By Iona
1. Titans resign Tannehill 2. Rick Pitino is hired by Iona 3. The UFC still going forward with future events 4. Will the MLB season start on time? 5. The Ravens steal All-Pro Calais Campbell! 6. Pistons Forward Christian Wood becomes third NBA Player to Test positive for COVID-19 7. NFL players agree to new CBA Rules
March 16, 2020
Friday the 13th Edition: Gronk Signs w/the WWE & the Coronavirus is Clearing the Calendar
We discuss Gronk's new deal with the WWE, and how the Coronavirus is affecting the NFL, XFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, & the NCAA BBall Tournament!
March 13, 2020
3/12/20 The NBA MVP Race, NFLPA Elects President, and More Rumors About Tom Brady`s future
1. 2K NFL football video game coming back 2. More rumors about Tom Brady 3. Cavaliers give multi-yeal deal to Bickerstaff 4. Ivy League cancels Men and Women basketball tournament 5.  The Athletic mistakenly reports about Barry Bonds 6. The NBA MVP race 7. NFLPA elects President
March 13, 2020
3/11 Battle of LA, Dallas Overspends, Cy Young Winner to Miss Opening Day & More
1st Podcast Episode 3/11/20 Welcome to the 7/11 sports podcast! Your top 7 sports stories of the day in just 11 minutes! 1.Brooklyn Nets and head coach Kenny Atkinson agree to part ways.  2. Bills sign former Redskins and Panthers CB Josh Norman to a 1 year deal. 3. Virus will delay Japan baseball league
March 13, 2020