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Gaming Community Establishment LLC

Gaming Community Establishment LLC

By Gaming Community Establishment LLC
Our podcasts are about special guests, video game news updates and information on our current and future events!

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First guest of GCEstablishment

Gaming Community Establishment LLC

First guest of GCEstablishment

Gaming Community Establishment LLC

Special I.E Coalition
Tune into our Season 3 opening! Instagram: GC_Establishment
March 7, 2020
Radio Announcement with GCE
We are going live tomorrow with iKon radio on AZ in the know show at 4:30PM Pacific Time. 5:30 if your in Arizona. Tune in by downloading the iKon radio app!
December 20, 2019
I.E Gamer and announcements
Hear this episode to stay up to date with us and CrispCarlos’ story!
December 9, 2019
Excelsior Charter School Tournament hosted by Us!
We’re hosting a video game tournament on January 10th at this school!
November 26, 2019
I.E Tournament Announcement
Listen in for the information about tomorrow’s tournament!
October 25, 2019
The Spotlight Of Avery
This episode features Avery, a student at CSUSB who tells us his story on why he games and what brought him into the gaming world.
September 18, 2019
Most and least brutal video games, and the Matrix 4?!
Tune in to this podcast for some nostalgia on the graphics of video games and more! Is blood bad or good? Is brutality in any video game good or not beneficial? Hear it all out here!
September 10, 2019
CosmicMoonshine lands top 7 at Animanga for Jump Force
Hear this epic podcast featuring CosmicMoonshine and to get an idea of how Animanga operates!
August 19, 2019
CrowZ410’s gaming and streaming story
With this podcast epidose, hear this upcoming prodigy on what makes him a gamer and his path to success.
August 9, 2019
Raffles & tournaments event announcements
Hear our announcements for our Las Vegas and San Bernardino Video Game Tournaments!
July 26, 2019
What makes a great video game?
Hear this episode to listen to what makes a great video game. That can vary for different people, so what are your reasons on to what makes a great video game?
July 16, 2019
GCE’s San Bernardino Tournament Update
WE ARE NOW FINALLY LOCAL! We will have our event at Zorba Lounge in San Bernardino, CA. Here some of the details on our updates! Enjoy!
July 6, 2019
Oversexualization in video games in the past, present and future. Females or males have it worse?
GC Establishment discusses oversexualization on video game culture and what video game companies are doing about this. Some are putting sexualization slowly to a halt while others are staying steady. What are your thoughts after hearing this episode?
June 13, 2019
GCE Features Behnessssaa! Listen in on her story and updates ✊🏼🎮
Tune into this episode featuring a special guest! Vanessa! I personally know this gamer and one of the most excited episodes I have podcasted. Add her on XBox and Instagram! Listen to her information, behnessssaa in the house!
May 27, 2019
An Upcoming Popular YouTuber: Ashton Mackey and His Gaming Experience Stories
This episode features Ashton Mackey! Tune in to hear his story on what brought him to gaming and hear us discuss the future of video games. DLCs no more?! Liability of lives concern?! Follow his YouTube as well.
May 14, 2019
One of the OGs of gaming came in tonight! Introducing Kenny!
Tune in to Kenny’s story on gaming and one of the candidates to join the GCE Team! His positive and high energy brings another hype for us gamers across the world 🎮💯
May 7, 2019
PSA about tomorrow 4/22/19 9:15pm! MK11 LIVE so Tune in 🎮
Anchor: GCE’s PSA for April 22 9:15pm! Listen in to this podcast to hear what nobody else is doing for Mortal Kombat 11 LIVE!
April 22, 2019
Futuristic gaming in our faces? & Devoshoho challenges Tiffany!?!
Gaming Community Establishment introduces Devoshoho!!! A Street Fighter Champion of his local street. Hear in to what he has to say about gaming and the industries.
April 10, 2019
A gamer and CSUSB Alumni who worked for SEGA, Kristian!
Tune in to hear about how a gamer who worked for SEGA, has an inside look on video games hands on and what the future holds. This episode presents, Kristian! Hear this CSUSB Alumni’s story 🎮
April 5, 2019
Exciting news! Tonight at 8 a live stream of an iconic video game will go on, listen in to find out!
Mortal Kombat 11 Beta Livestream? Who will host it, how, when and where?!
March 28, 2019
March Finale! 3rd episode host a honorable mention guest! Tune in 🎮🍿
Tune into this podcast with yet another special guest, Tiffany! Listen to her story on why and how she’s a gamer and she is challenging anyone in any fighting game. She seems tough, could you defeat her? Listen in for details!
March 26, 2019
Our 2nd special guest Nick Flowers tells us his path and story on why he games. Tune in 🎮💯
Nick is a Cal State Student who plays video games on the regular while being successful. Listen to this podcast and hear this unique story.
March 20, 2019
First guest of GCEstablishment
We had our first podcast with a special guest today! Tune in!
March 12, 2019