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The Sprig Podcast

The Sprig Podcast

By Sprig Oral Health Technologies
Your Source for the Most Relevant Topics in Pediatric Dentistry. Hosted by Dr. Jarod Johnson.
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Saving Smiles One Book at a Time with Carrie Wucinich, RDH
This week Dr. Jarod invited Carrie Wucinich, a dental hygienist and author of the children's book "Where the Sugar Bugs Live". Carrie has a passion for educating children on proper dental hygiene and she talks about some of the ways she has been able to assist communities in need, as well as offering some suggestions for outreach beyond the doors of your own dental practice. Check out her book here.
July 23, 2021
SDF: A Non-Aerosol Approach to Caries Management with Hayley Buckner, RDH of Elevate Oral Care
This week we've got Hayley Buckner of Elevate Oral Care discussing Silver Diamine Fluoride - it's many uses, tips for fool-proof application, reimbursement options, and contraindications. Want more details on the subjects covered in this episode? Check out the on-demand webinar and get 1CEU: The Silver Bullet to Prevention
July 9, 2021
Raise Your Case Acceptance with Tom Brown of Your Virtual Consult
We're back with another season of The Sprig Podcast! To kick it off Dr. Jarod invited Tom Brown of Your Virtual Consult to talk virtual consultations and how they can be utilized as a tool to bring more patients into your office. Schedule a Your Virtual Consult demo Check out our blog post for this episode
June 25, 2021
Allergens and Fluoride with Dr. David Epstein of Wonderful Dental
This week on The Sprig Podcast Dr. Jarod is joined by Dr. David Epstein to talk about his journey from practicing dentist to starting Wonderful Dental, a dental product company focused on healthy, good-tasting and affordable options. This will be the last episode of season 1 but fret not, we will return next year with season 2 as we continue to be your source for relevant topics in pediatric dentistry! Have a great holiday season and we will see you next year!
December 18, 2020
Impressions for Space Maintainers with Kevin Ohlendorf
On today's episode Dr. Jarod is joined by Kevin Ohlendorf from Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory to discuss all things space maintenance and how to ensure you get the most accurate result from your dental lab partners. Ohlendorf Appliance Lab's Website Ohlendorf Appliance Lab's YouTube Channel
December 11, 2020
Dental Photography with Dr. Payam Ataii
On today's episode Dr. Jarod is joined by Dr. Payam Ataii to discuss the "Four P's of Pediatric Dentistry": Pre-treatment, Photography, Prevention, and Parents. If you enjoy the content of this episode don't miss Dr. Ataii's upcoming webinar - sign up here.
December 4, 2020
OSHA Infection Control with Jessica Wilson of Hu-Friedy
Protecting patients and staff is one of our foremost duties, but are we taking all the steps we need to meet the established standards? On today's episode Dr. Jarod sits down with Jessica Wilson of Hu-Friedy to talk infection control and some steps every office should be taking to ensure compliance and safety. Hu-Friedy's Green Light Program
November 13, 2020
SEO with Darrell Evans of Yokel Local
As parents turn to the internet to find healthcare specialists the importance of your prominence in those searches is ever-increasing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting great placement, but how do you do it and where do you start? On today's episode Dr. Jarod is joined by Darrell Evans of Yokel Local to demystify the subject and offer some advice to put into action for your practice. Yokel Local
October 30, 2020
Marketing to Your Neighborhood with Laura Maly of Wonderist
If you build it they will come, right? If only it were so easy. On today's episode Dr. Jarod talks with Laura Maly of Wonderist, a dental marketing agency. She offers insight on how to use marketing and social media to drive your community to your practice, and how to stay competitive in your market. Check out Wonderist
October 16, 2020
Get More Online Reviews with Dr. Gina Dorfman of YAPI
We check online reviews for everything from hotels to shoes. Dentistry is no different, and you can bet parents are out there searching for the best pediatric dentist for their child. In today's episode Dr. Jarod sits down with Dr. Gina Dorfman of YAPI to talk about online reviews: Negative, positive, how to get them, how to respond to them, and ultimately how to leverage them as a marketing tool to bring in a constant flow of new patients.
October 2, 2020
Tackling Challenging Anterior Restorations with Dr. Dusty Janssen
This week on the podcast, Dr. Dusty Janssen and Host Dr. Jarod Johnson discuss difficult cases with anterior crowns including cases with SDF,  pulpotomies, and more!
September 18, 2020
Residency Dos and Don'ts with Dr. Victoria Sullivan
In this continuation of Dr. Jarod's residency discussion with Dr. Victoria Sullivan they cover how to get the best experience possible during your years in residency.
September 4, 2020
How to Choose Which Pediatric Dental Residency is Right for Me with Dr. Victoria Sullivan
After completing your residency, you want to feel prepared and ready to serve your community using the latest techniques and materials. In this episode Dr. Jarod Johnson sits down with Dr. Victoria Sullivan to discuss how to choose your residency program and what to look for in the curriculum.
August 21, 2020
Functional Medicine with Dr. Purnima Hernandez, Part Two
In part two of this special two-part release, Dr. Johnson continues his conversation with Dr. Purnima Hernandez. This time, they turn their attention to how a lifestyle approach to health can help dentists with both their physical and mental health. They also discuss how, especially during these hectic times, it's important for us to be there for each other as friends and colleagues. Blog
August 7, 2020
Functional Medicine with Dr. Purnima Hernandez, Part One
In part one of this special two-part release, Dr. Johnson speaks with Dr. Purnima Hernandez about her experience with Functional Medicine and the ways that it has helped her expand her treatment philosophy as a dentist. Blog
August 7, 2020
Build Up Your Team, To Build Up Yourself with Dr. Andi Igowsky
In the challenging field of pediatric dentistry we all need to find what motivates us and how to channel that motivation to drive not only ourselves but also our team. Today's guest, Dr. Andi Igowsky, started her career by joining her sister's dental practice and together they have grown it into an incredible success story. Dr. Jarod talks with Andi about her path through pediatric dentistry, the ups and downs that have accompanied it and what keeps her motivated every day. Blog
July 31, 2020
Management and Leadership with Dr. Cathy Jameson, Part Two
On today's episode, Dr. Jarod Johnson continues his conversation with Dr. Cathy Jameson of Jameson Management, this time covering the three types of leadership you should execute in your dental practice. Blog Jameson Management
July 17, 2020
Management and Leadership with Dr. Cathy Jameson, Part One
Whether you are a dentist purchasing/opening a new dental office or an office manager running a busy practice, the pediatric dental team is the lifeblood of a pediatric dental office. On today's episode Dr. Jarod speaks with Dr. Cathy Jameson of Jameson Management about her advice for maximizing the potential of your dental team and what to look for when expanding that team. This is part one of a two part discussion, be sure to check back for the next episode soon! Blog Jameson Management
July 3, 2020
Cybersecurity with Tom Terronez of Medix Dental IT
Your dental office, like so many others, conducts many operations  online.  While an internet connection adds convenience, it also adds risk.  Cybersecurity specialist Tom Terronez joins Dr. Jarod Johnson to  discuss how to minimize risk and handle an internet security breach. For more information: Read the blog View the HIPAA guidelines on data security Get a free risk report from Medix
June 19, 2020
Infection Control with Dr. Hudson Garrett
One area of dentistry that has changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic is infection control.  On this episode of The Sprig Podcast, Dr. Jarod Johnson discusses new considerations for dental offices with Dr. Hudson Garrett, an international expert on infection prevention and control, infectious diseases, and patient safety.
June 5, 2020
Live AAPD Roundtable with Dr. Andi Igowsky and Dr. Jeff Fisher
On this special edition of The Sprig Podcast, Dr. Jarod is joined live at AAPD Nashvirtual by clinical expert Dr. Andi Igowsky and Sprig Co-Founder Dr. Jeff Fisher to discuss zirconia, MTA, mastering your technique, and much more!
May 29, 2020
Pediatric Dentistry Roundtable with Dr. Andi Igowsky and Dr. Sean Whalen
On today's podcast, Dr. Jarod brings in two pediatric dentists, Dr. Andi Igowsky of Just Kids Dental in Sheboygan, WI and Dr. Sean Whalen of Children's Dentistry in Westminster, CO, for a round table discussion of some hot topics in pediatric dentistry. The conversation ranges from subjects like SDF and the Hall Technique to zirconia crowns and adapting to new technologies.
May 18, 2020
The Uses of Teledentistry with Dr. Vilas Sastry of
Teledentistry has been in practice for well over five years.  It has been used to help reduce emergency room visits, opioid prescriptions, improve access to care.  The current crisis has increased the need for dentists to provide care from a remote setting.  Dentists have a great opportunity to provide quality care in the future now that insurance companies are reimbursing for teledentistry. In today's episode Dr. Johnson talks with founder of, Dr. Vilas Sastry, about ways you can incorporate teledentistry into your every day practice. Blog
May 6, 2020
Bringing Back Your Team with Paul Edwards of CEDR
There are many questions dentists have regarding rehiring the dental team after an unexpected break. Many employees are excited to get back to taking care of our patients. There are also some unknowns for employers as they may not have gone through a rehiring process. On today's episode, Dr. Johnson talks with Paul Edwards of CEDR Solutions about what new regulations doctors should be aware of and steps to take as they work to bring back their team. Blog Post ADA Guidelines Employer Coronavirus Guide HR Base Camp
April 29, 2020
Takin' Care of Business with Cathy Jameson of Jameson Management
Dentists are eager to open their office and start takin’ care of business but there are many considerations that dentists must keep in mind before seeing patients again. On today's episode Dr. Cathy Jameson of Jameson Management joins Dr. Jarod to discuss actions dentists can be taking right now to prepare themselves to hit the ground running when the time comes.
April 15, 2020
Financial Opportunities for Dental Offices with Paul Donnelly, CPA
As stay-at-home orders are extended nationwide, there is undoubtedly a financial impact on all of our offices as we continue to navigate this outbreak. Recently congress passed the CARES Act, which has made grants and low interest loans available for individuals and small business owners. On today's episode, we talk with Paul Donnelly, CPA about the financial options available to dentists and what steps offices should be taking to utilize these newly available resources. ·        EIDL Guide ·        PPP Fact Sheet ·        US Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Small Business Guide ·        ADA Coronavirus Center for Dentists
April 8, 2020
COVID-19 and Teledentistry with Tom Terronez of Medix Dental IT
As many dentists close or highly cut-back services, patients missing out on routine care will undoubtedly be impacted. There are many ways teledentistry can be used by pediatric dentists to improve access to care and continue to offer some limited services during this challenging time. On today's episode Dr. Johnson speaks with Tom Terronez of Medix Dental IT about some of the options available to dentists and ways to ensure you protect patient data and remain HIPAA compliant.
March 25, 2020
COVID-19 and Closing Your Practice with Dr. Vik Tiku
On March 16th, 2020 the American Dental Association recommended that dentists stop providing elective care. This is due to the safety of the general public around concerns of the spread of COVID-19, also commonly referred to as the coronavirus. On today's episode we talk with Dr. Vik Tiku, a pediatric dentist based out of San Luis Obispo, CA about his experience temporarily closing his practice and actions he is taking to deal with the situation. ADA Guidelines: CDC Guidelines:
March 20, 2020
COVID-19 and Your Team with Paul Edwards of CEDR
COVID-19 is rapidly affecting all of us, and it's impact stretches far beyond the medical implications. On today's podcast Dr. Jarod Johnson speaks with Paul Edwards of CEDR about what you need to be aware of when deciding next steps for your team, and advice for handling some workplace scenarios that you are likely to experience as a result of this outbreak. Links from the Episode: ADA: CDC: CEDR Guide: CEDR Webinar: Facebook Group:
March 18, 2020