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Mind Body Business

Mind Body Business

By Deevo & Lisa Staff
We are in the midst of highly unfamiliar territory. Instead of adding to the hysteria, we are choosing to provide our tribe with thoughtful, insightful, slightly provocative content that instills hope, offers ideation and creation, serves as a catalyst for expansion and furthers to connect us as a community. We've gathered thought leaders, ripple makers, catalysts for change - to share their insights and expertise in a variety of topics centered around the pillars of Mind, Body, & Business. ALL designed to engage you and help you forge your way through this transformative period.
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Kathleen Gage | MBB Podcast #46
Kathleen is a vegan advocate who helps individuals and businesses alike transform their paradigms into the positive domain through a switch in lifestyle.
August 2, 2021
Daniel Mangena | MBB Podcast #45
Daniel Mangena is a (best-selling) author, public speaker, inspirator & motivator, and a completely self-made man on the path of helping others lead fulfilling, happy, and purposeful lives.   Daniel's Instagram:   Lisa's Instagram:   Deevo's Instagram:
July 29, 2021
Favorite Child Syndrome | MBB Podcast #44
What is favorite child syndrome? What does that mean for someone who is the favorite? What does it mean for their siblings? Find the answers in today's rendition of the Mind Body Business Podcast!
July 17, 2021
Jason Christoff | MBB Podcast #43
Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage coach, a thought leader, and an outspoken individual on the topic of COVID-19. Jason is interviewed across the world every month, appearing on various podcasts and radio shows, regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self-sabotage, losing weight, and how to rise up to your full potential.
July 10, 2021
If It's Difficult, More The Reason To Do It | MBB Podcast #42
What does it mean when something is difficult? Does it mean it is time to shy away, to block your eyes and wither in the corner? It's our perspective that challenges mold us into better human beings - they mold us into realizing our potential.   What the last podcast here (Dr. Kjell Tore Hovik): 
July 3, 2021
Dr. Kjell Tore Hovik | MBB Podcast #41
Dr. Kjell is a psychologist specializing in clinical neuropsychology. Kjell received his doctorate on emotional thought and behavior problems in youth with development disorders. He received the distinguished Ph.D. of the Year award for his thesis dissertation in 2017. Dr. Hovik, in conjunction with his distinguished colleague Dr. Jennifer Love, co-authored the book "When Crisis Strikes", covering how individuals can overcome tragic events that befall them.
June 25, 2021
Don't Apologize If You're Insincere | MBB Podcast #40
Are you SINCERELY apologizing? If not, then why are you even trying to reconcile the situation in such a way? Insincerity will breed resentment, and resentment will breed contempt. Be real under any and all circumstances.
June 19, 2021
Judy Mikovits | MBB Podcast #39
Judy Mikovits is a PHD research scientist who valiantly opposes restrictions and the enforcement of vaccines correlating to the COVID-19 debacle. She has been a recipient of immense hatred since bringing to light the glaring issues at hand in regards to the authoritarian and dystopian measures taken upon civilians across the planet.
June 19, 2021
FEAR: Don't Let It Drown You | MBB Podcast #38
Today Lisa & Deevo speak about FEAR: What's its' purpose, should you allow it to stop you? Should fear act as a guiding light?
June 11, 2021
Stefanie Stavola | MBB Podcast #37
Stefanie Stavola is a mompreneur, a 6-figure doTERRA specialist, a fashionista, and overall, one of the kindest human beings we've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Don't miss this one! Watch the last podcast here (Showing Up & Standing Out):
June 5, 2021
Showing Up And Standing Out | MBB Podcast #36
In this week's episode, Lisa and Deevo talk about showing up with purpose and standing out in a sea of a million people doing the same thing you are. So many times you are told to just "show up" but it's so much more than that. Check out this episode to learn some practical tips on how to do more than just show up online and actually stand out and be set apart.
May 29, 2021
Margy Feldhuhn | MBB Podcast #35
Margy Feldhuhn is a podcast specialist (the CEO of Interview Connections) who helps incredible people get their voice and message into the world through the medium of discussion. It is her goal to change the world through podcasting and open discussion - something she has already perpetuated immense success in.
May 25, 2021
Relationships - Don't Get Them Wrong! | MBB Podcast #34
Relationships - there is nothing more important if you wish for success in any area of life. News flash, the person buying your product is someone who has developed some degree of a positive relationship to your brand; should you willingly - or unknowingly - deteriorate said connection, it will be at your peril.
May 15, 2021
Michelle Schafer | MBB Podcast #33
Join us this week with our guest, Michelle Schafer, who is the creator and founder of Girl Power Alliance. Michelle is a Biblical Leadership Expert and the Founder and her drive is powered by Christ. She believes the world is served at the highest levels when women are empowered to pursue their God-given dreams and are bold in their faith.
May 8, 2021
Why We Podcast | MBB Podcast #32
Join us for this week's episode as we recorded at the Chateau Elan in Georgia to talk about what our podcast is all about and why we think you should listen!
April 30, 2021
Michelle Anhang | MBB Podcast #31
Michelle Anhang is a life coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her remarkable story speaks loudly to the person she has become; now, it is her goal to help those who have experienced similar tragedies to overcome them in a more timely fashion than she - Michelle's goal is to help build people into their best selves.  It was an honor to talk with her today. We sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoy this conversation just as much as we did
April 24, 2021
Start By Starting | MBB Podcast #30
Start by starting - what does that phrase entail?  Well, you'd think it's pretty straightforward, but we first need to make a clear distinction between these two things: motion and action.  Motion is the studying, planning, goal-orienting, and all of the pre-production stuff. It's important, you have to have some sort of a background before you jump right in.  And then, we have action - this is the pivotal parameter. Start by starting entails that you skip the pre-motion and jump right into the action phase. Motion doesn't bring you anywhere, it's like spinning your tires; although with action, the sky is the limit.  We're challenging you: take action. Take the next step - go and ACTUALLY start. Otherwise, your great ideas will one day die alongside you.
April 22, 2021
Dr. Ben Tapper | MBB Podcast #29
This week on the show, we are honored to have Dr. Ben Tapper join us to discuss the pandemic, holistic treatments and how we can work together and use our voices to stand up for what is right. You don't want to miss this episode!
April 16, 2021
Ego: Lisa and Deevo | MBB Podcast #28
Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, photographers, entrepreneurs, and deep thinkers. They are the hosts of the MBB Podcast.
April 12, 2021
Monica Parikh | MBB Podcast #27
Monica Parikh is the owner of the School of Love NYC. Her business centers around giving females the tools to build successful, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationships with their partners.
April 6, 2021
Mind Body Business - Living Shamanically with Rebekah Shaman
Rebekah is an urban plant medicine shaman, working with plant medicines to inspire conscious change. With over twenty years’ experience working with plant medicines, and using my experiences from both the Amazon and urban jungles, she enables people to start living ‘shamanically’ in a western world. She teach modern shamanic wisdom and offers practical tools to help people living in the urban jungle see the synchronicity and magic in the ordinariness, and reconnect them back to nature, and the natural cycles and rhythms of life.
February 5, 2021
Andrea Simon: How does one stay authentic, take risks and push past obstacles during chaos.
Andrea (Andi) Simon is a corporate anthropologist specializing in helping organizations, and the people in them, change. She is the founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants, an award-winning author, and successful podcast host.  Her new book, Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, is just out. It is written to help other women become the baddest that they can be.  In Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, Andi Simon tells the stories of 11 women from different industries who opened up the possibilities for their professional careers and personal lives by: 1. being authentic,  2. taking risks, and  3. pushing past the obstacles others placed before them.
January 18, 2021
Mind Body Business: Tim James Chemical Free Body Guy
Tim James is founder and CEO of, a mission-based organization that is passionate about helping everybody to ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first. Tim discovered a new way to view health and nutrition when he visited a world-renowned health institute that specialized in detoxing & nutrition with his best friend, who was being treated for cancer. Ever since, Tim has been striving for optimal health and has completely transformed his life and body, dropping nearly 40 lbs and successfully treating his own health problems! When Charles was considered cancer-free after 2 years, Chemical Free Body was born with the mission to share the power in taking responsibility for one’s own well-being! It's a transformational journey, and individuals have to dig deep to find what works. Tim shares his knowledge with thousands of people to help them transform themselves!
January 7, 2021
Mind Body Business: Alec Zeck
Alec Zeck, a speaker, writer, podcast host & conscious thought leader that promotes free thinking, unity, & medical freedom. We first discovered Alec back in April via Instagram and quickly fell in love with his honest straightforward data driven approach to researching a talking point and presenting it so anyone can understand. The post that really drew my attention was the one about the Law of One, he posted about on June 1, which posits that “all things, all life, all of creation is part of the One Original Thought (CREATOR). Having gone through a similar renaissance and awakening via another book (Conversations With God), it resonated with we wanted him on the show, and what daddy wants, daddy gets! Alec also holds some polarizing opinions about the point of life and has very pointed and intellectual opinions about the Covid virus. Instead of this turning into a pissing match adding to the polarization, we thought we would invite Alec on to shed some light on some of the language and hot topics we are hearing around corona today and learn what they are, the impact they have on our lives and what we can all do about it. Einstein said, free thinkers will always seem crazy to those who can’t beyond conventions. Never apologize for evolving beyond people's comfort zones. Rushed for time? Skip ahead to the parts that sound most interesting to you by clicking the time stamps below: 08:35  Are you a free thinker? 09:04  What type of person are you? 09:44  How can you have a position on this if you aren’t a doctor? Why would we listen to your opinion? How do we discern? 11:32  Are doctors and experts all in agreeance? How do you prove your position? 14:58  Are you a conspiracy theorist? 16:20  Evolve or repeat? 18:20  What narrative are you listening to? 19:10  Do industries make a profit off of the solutions? 21:11  Let’s talk 5G, the Spanish Flu and myths 27:59  The key elements to cleaning up 29:43  Making sense of Dr. Fauci and masks 32:00  Let’s talk about observational studies and censorship. How do you prove your point? 38:55  What people aren’t talking about, co morbidity and PCR tests 41:25  Why is the media not discussing lifestyle changes? 46:00  What’s a PCR test 101 and why is it the benchmark? 53:50  Why are schools shut down and censorship? 58:36  Disempowerment and disengaged? 59:30  The cascade of statistics 105:00 Leading causes of death. What does health look like? 108:00 Positive affirmations 109:25  Are we dependent on pharmaceutical products for survival? 110:15  Here comes the vaccine 116:32  Changing the narrative How To 119:50  Life imitating art and our infinite dance 123:30  Closing comments from the Oracle
December 8, 2020
Mind Body Business The 10-10-10 Customer Journey experience with Lisa and Deevo
Lisa and Deevo discuss exceeding customer expectations in this weeks podcast by using the 10-10-10 Experience.  Recorded live from Chateau Elan in upstate Georgia, the drop some serious knowledge around how they retain lifetime customers. Pressed for time? Use the index below to jump to the highlights. 00:28 What keeps you coming back? 01:14 Poolside + Mimosas = Living the Life 01:33 What can you do to create loyalty? 03:09 Getting ghosted. Hellooooo?? 03:45 Deevo’s bougie rider 06:10 When does a client’s lifecycle end? 06:26 How to get free wine. 08:01 What can you do to create an experience? 09:00 The sun shines out of someone’s ass. 09:49 How to understand your client’s expectations? 11:40 Checking in with your client’s feedback. 12:01 People respond to people. 13:22 Why would your clients come back for more? 14:40 What makes your brand unique? 15:32 What is your value proposition? 16:32 The cradle to grave process. 17:10 Accessing your attitude and enthusiasm. 18:16 Interrupting cow. 18:42 Always trying to get the last word in. 19:03 Pathetic plea for Chateau Elan to sponsor us. 20:10 BTS
November 12, 2020
How Somatic Awareness and Intuition are the best life hacks with Vanessa Keating
On this week's episode of Mind Body Business Lisa and Deevo are joined by Vanessa Keating from Evolve Creative and chat about Somatic Awareness and Intuition, Life Hacks, the importance of a daily practice to support everything that we do, and finding optimism and opportunity in times of despair.   Rushed for time?     Skip ahead to the parts that sound most interesting to you by clicking the time stamps below:   00:48 Where were you at 19?  02:55 Wardrobe malfunction.  04:00 Sexual mics?  05:43 Is chaos a necessary evil?  08:56 What’s a qualitative system improvement engineer using holistic intuitive methods?  13:33 Tips to be effective in public speaking and find your inner power  17:51 Where are you holding tension?  29:10 Does everyone have a unique perspective?  33:00 Knowing yourself. An invitation to go internal.  36:09 How an internal crisis can trigger you. When the student is ready….  46:15 What should we be teaching children.  49:33 Education reframing.  1:00:33 Learning coping skills. Navigating through chaos  1:12:42 Three morsels to impart before the aliens beam you up
November 6, 2020
MBB Episode 20: Your NETWORK is your NETWORTH
Lisa and Deevo discuss how your community aka your network can be beneficial for a variety of reasons..."Networking" or as we prefer to call it Community Building, is not only about trading information, but serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits.   Continue watching to find out why community building should be at the core of your life.   Rushed for time? Skip ahead to the parts that sound most interesting to you by clicking the time stamps below:  00:11     Shameless plug 00:57     Did you throw out my business card? 01:28     Perpetual what? Say that again 01:48     What color is your stress sweat? 04:31     Are you in a self contained click? 06:04     Reading scriptures from the bible? 06:58     Who’s in the kitchen at a party? 07:13     When should you network? 08:40     Are you a connector? 10:44     What sets you apart? 11:30     Are you a lingerer? 13:10     No man is an island. Who said that? 14:00     Quoting Pinterest. 15:01     Deevo velcroed to people isn’t awkward at all. 17:00     You get cupcakes when you show up! 19:05     What is karma? 19:45     Diarrhea of kindness? 20:14     Detaching from outcome and showboating. 23:10     Dead bodies don’t rise??   Be sure to share in the comments your favorite take away!    Check out Lisa and Deevo's new venture and get to know them more at and on Instagram @lisastaffphoto and @fusionphotog     And then...write us a killer review!  We've logged over 400 hours into putting our first 28 episodes together and we have truly had some amazing guests doing some really cool stuff. We should be rewarded for all that hard work and need you to write us a killer review so our podcast can grow and we can stay together and not be faced with awkward choices on who you listen to.    Yours (metaphorically of course),  DEEVO & LISA
October 27, 2020
MBB Episode 19 Patty M Peterson, Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant
Patty Markham Peterson, former RN and mother, went through a shocking  trauma only to discover she possessed healing abilities and spiritual connections. She now uses these tools to inspire, guide and assist others to heal and live with greater joy.   Don't have time to watch the full show?  Skip to the best parts using the index below:   00:25 Who is Patty? 04:48 What is intuition? 08:45 What feels better? Interpreting our bodies signals 10:54 Are you a spark of divine? 13:10 What’s wrong with me? 14:10 Is your life predestined? 17:30 How can we increase our intuition? 18:52 Are you a naysayer? 20:17 Is there such thing as a bad decision? 23:23 Are traumas hidden in your body? 24:00 How many chances do you get? 26:00 How do you distinguish what your body is telling you? 29:00 Finding support outside of the paradigm 35:00 Working on cycles 36:45 Why is Lisa a slow learner? 37:00 Talking dimensions and frequencies 40:10 Deevo has moral obligations? 41:15 Beam me up! 43:15 How evolved are you? 54:28 Is it like a vampire? Inviting you in 55:15 A reading on Deevo’s energy. It’s a portal 57:15 Deevo has a toolkit? 1:01:25 On the struggle bus 1:03:45 Stepping into your power and losing your light
October 12, 2020
Cynthia Corsetti spills the tea on Executive coaches. Mind Body Business Podcast with Lisa & Deevo
Executive Coach, Cynthia Corsetti spills the tea on a business coach and why you need one if you have intentions to continue growing in your career. Give it a listen, you might just learn something. 5:55        Is your circle strong enough? 8:48        When am I ready for a coach? 10:22     How do you find the right fit? 11:00     Is anyone not coachable? 12:41     Coaching for Coaches 14:26     Success + Fulfillment is possible 18:40     Reflect, Rebuild, Rebrand 21:10     What is executive coaching 23:00     Looking under rocks 24:00     When are you ready? 29:10     Who uses a gratitude journal? 31:17     What’s a coach going to know about my business? 38:00     What’s the next level? 40:00     How do you sort out the magic from the muck? 48:40     What do you want the next decade to look like? 48:50     Shining the flashlight 50:00     When to pull the trigger 57:40     Giving away insight for free
September 25, 2020
When should you consider hiring a business coach or joining a mastermind?
As a business leader or entrepreneur, you might think you have everything figured out already and if you do, then ignore this post.  My money is on the fact that you NEVER, truly figure it all out, no matter how strong your business currently is. While all of us have our own talents, leadership skills are often something we have to learn along the way. If there was a way to fast track this, while simultaneously learning better management assets, do you think this would be helpful?  In this week’s podcast, Lisa and I ruminate on why I hired a business coach, joining a mastermind, and more leadership musings - plus find out how Lisa lost our LaCroix sponsorship (THANKS). Listen in. 1:32    Should you really be in a mastermind?  3:58    Are you a connector?  4:20    Does your brain ever stop?  4:28    Bullshit plug from Deevo’s agent  4:32    Vanity metrics  4:52    When should you shut up?  5:57    How many people does it take to build your  “house”?  5:20    Your  “must read” list  7:24    Are your friends all that you need?  8:00    Are your friend's weed-smoking soccer players? Side note: you should probably get better friends  8:41    Who do you want in your mastermind group?  10:00  Are you worth investing in?  10:40  Are you stagnating?  11:21  Hands up if you have commitment issues?  12:13  Finding a good fit  12:14 Is Seeing your own shit show holding you back?  14:42  Is Deevo the dumbest person in the room?  16:28  Who’s hanging out in the kitchen during a party?  18:13  Importance of vetting on both sides  20:42 Do you need to bring a coach onboard?  20:25 Looking at innards  24:00  When to make the hire  28:25 What do most successful people have?  30:00 Chasing rabbits  31:15  What’s being brought to the table?  35:00  Let’s talk about your style  37:00 Should I get a coach?  37:47  At a crossroads, are you?  39.35  Let’s talk about quality people  40:01  Drinking the Kool Aid  42.50  Ego is a …..  44:00 Careless or Caring Less?
September 18, 2020
The Rabbit Hole: Divorce: The Awkward Aftermath of Silence
When most couples think about divorce, they probably tend to mull over the obvious shit, the end of the marriage of course, if there are kids, who gets custody, financial bullshit, who gets the sofa and the blender, and of course the dog, who gets the dog?   00:29 Deevo is a plague on society 01:28 Lisa is not a quitter 03:08 Lisa is apparently weird 03:28 Teach us how to be divorced 04:10 Enduring and compromising is not the root to happiness 06:13 Are you loyal to yourself 07:36 Choosing teams… my god… is this high school 08:52 Roommates or lovers 10:08 Being trapped 11:13  Getting biblical with the refiner's fire 12:56  It’s shitty 14:00 Fun being the third wheel 15:18  The perks of ugly crying 16:26  Why did you get divorced? 16:52  Do people really change? 17:50  Are you trapped in a time machine 18:40  Deevo shits himself 19:23 Playing with cat turds 20:45 Getting rid of cancer OR You’re a disease Kevin! 21:51 New day, new me
September 11, 2020
MBB #15: Daan Gorter & Floris Moerkamp - Can Psychedelics Replace Pharmaceuticals?
A candid and raw discussion with Daan Gorter and Floris Moerkamp around the benefits of psychedelics and their efficacy.   Daan Gorter IG: @tribepreneurs   Floris Moerkamp IG: @skeptic.shaman
September 3, 2020
MBB #14: Katie McGee - What to do when you lose your medical insurance?!
In this episode, Lisa and Deevo hosted the amazing Katie McGee from the US Health Advisors. They discuss the changes and hardships business owners and individuals should expect in regards to health insurance as the country starts to reopen. They also touch on various alternatives to the Marketplace that can help alleviate high cost or having to choose to go without coverage.   (00:00:20) Lisa and Deevo - introduction (00:02:50) Katie McGee - Discussing the changes and hardships business owners and individuals should expect in regards to health insurance as the country starts to reopen.  Showing various alternatives to the Marketplace that can help alleviate high cost or having to choose to go without coverage. IG: @qcnetworkingqueen
August 5, 2020
MBB #13: Bea Cote- The invisible side of domestic violence: The Abusers
In this episode of the Mind  Body Business podcast, Lisa and  Deevo host a wonderful guest, the amazing Bea Cote. They will discuss the overlooked, unfunded work being done all over the globe with the only people who can stop abuse: the abusers. We will see it from the perspective of someone who has worked with men who abuse exclusively for 20 years, and she's tired but not quitting!
July 13, 2020
MBB #12: Katy Ryan- The power we posses to embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness
In this episode, Lisa and Deevo met with a skilled matchmaker, catalyst, and converter within the non-profit world, continually making introductions and connections that foster the betterment of our community - Katy Ryan of the 24 Hours of Booty. 24Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and engage communities to make an immediate impact on the lives of those affected by cancer. Tune in to listen to this amazing person talk about her business and her personal hurdles that connected her to the non-profits.   Speaker Line Up: (00:00:05) - Lisa and Deevo chat about how do we deal with conflicting perspectives yet still stay connected (@fusionphotog, @lisastaffphoto, @sproutconnectors) (00:15:10) - Katy Ryan - The power each of us possesses to embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness IG: @24_foundation
July 1, 2020
MBB #11: The Unshakable Men- Men need deep connections with other men
In this episode, Lisa and Deevo met with the fantastic duo from The Unshakable Men - Mike Sagun and Chris Wilson.  Mike and Chris are men’s coaches and they believe that men need to be open to vulnerability and emotional awareness. We discuss how to be able to recognize our thoughts, feelings, and different sensations in and on our bodies. How to expand our emotional capacity and take emotional reps impacts every part of our lives. We are better leaders when we give ourselves permission to experience an emotion fully. (00:00:20) Lisa and Deevo - The role of men and women in terms of development (00:10:40) Mike Sagun and Chris Wilson - How to help men become more vulnerable and become empowered by that   Speaker Line-Up: Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors and Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors IG: @sproutconnectors, @fusionphotog, @lisastaffphoto   Mike Sagun and Chris Wilson from The Unshakable man - men's coaches Website: IG: @theunshakableman
June 17, 2020
MBB #10: Gabrielle Gonzalez- How can a lack of information impact trauma healing
Join Lisa and Deevo in our 10th episode of Mind Body Business podcast where we host the inspirational and driven mental health facilitator and workshop developer - Gabrielle Gonzalez from the Mindful Revamp. Gabrielle will uncover her art of workshop development and how can we overcome trauma with just enough information. She will present some of her newly arts and mental health workshops. She will also be discussing the value of utilizing creative ventures in healing, as well as the gift of mindfulness. (00:01:24) Lisa and Deevo - How Social Media is shaping our fears and response to Coronavirus (00:14:30) Gabrielle Gonzalez - Mental Health Facilitator, Coordinator   Speaker Line-Up: Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors and Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors IG: @sproutconnectors, @fusionphotog, @lisastaffphoto   Gabrielle Gonzalez - Mental Health Therapist talks about how we can creatively get rid of everyday stress by understanding ourselves on a deeper level Website: IG: @mindful_revamp
May 29, 2020
MBB #9: Daan Gorter- Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs by lifting each other in a mastermind tribe
Lisa and Deevo had the honor to host a very special guest from The Netherlands - Daan Gorter from Tribepreneurs. Daan is an entrepreneur who, together with his business partner Reinier is making a huge difference for individuals willing to shift their businesses into the direction where only the sky can be the limit. At Tribepreneurs they create space for entrepreneurial growth through action and a strong support system. A tribe of like-minded business owners who challenge each other to grow. (00:02:00) Lisa and Deevo - Managing All the Hype, Hysteria, and Information of the Current Times (00:12:40) Daan Gorter - His Take on Managing the Hype and Sorting through the Clutter, Mastermind Concept for Business Development, Results of Self-Actualization, and the Potential Future that Lies Ahead of Us   Speaker Line-Up: Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors and Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors IG: @sproutconnectors, @fusionphotog, @lisastaffphoto   Daan Gorter of Tribepreneurs - Visionair, Founder, Firestarter, Space Holder. He believes anything is possible and combines the best of science, personal transformation and leadership, shamanism and entrepreneurship in the projects that he initiates and guides. A New Earth is happening. It already happened. It will happen. The time for The Great Change is NOW.   IG: @tribepreneurs, Website:
May 25, 2020
MBB #8: Tom Barnett- Most channels took down Tom’s content - we’re finding out why!
This week, Lisa and Deevo met a renaissance man, a fellow from far away Australia, Tom Barnett, who has written and recorded a lot of conflictual subjects around anti vaccinations, 5G, education, political power and so many other topics. We literally couldn’t decide what to ask first. Tune in for some controversial aspects and enjoy Tom’s fabulous accent. (00:00:20) Lisa and Deevo - Do you need a PhD to be considered an expert? (00:09:50) Tom Barnett - talking anti-vaccination, 5G, nanotechnology (00:15:00) Tom talks about the controversial video he made   Speaker Line-Up: Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors and Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors - Do you need a PhD to be considered an expert? A candid discussion with Lisa and Deevo around what makes someone a subject matter expert in their field without qualifying credentials   Tom Barnett from Global Biodynamic talking anti-vaccination, 5G, nanotechnology, and why you should investigate before you make a decision IG: FB: Tom Barnett
May 17, 2020
MBB #6: Jessica Da Silva and Ben Dueck- Couples, Relationships, Bosses, Employees, How do we all WORK FROM HOME?
Today Lisa and I are about to dig deep into relationships and business. We have two fantastic guests on, Jessica Da Silva - a relationship coach and Ben Dueck from Cantera leadership. We’ll discuss methods on how not to kill your partner as well as how to stay organized and be a great leader/employee during quarantine. Join us for some valuable tips and tricks. Mind Body Business Livecast Week #6 Speaker Line-Up:   Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors and Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors discuss challenges photographers are facing right now; the shift of strategies; what the future holds and why it's critical that you get one thing right during the pandemic - RELATIONSHIPS.   And while we're on relationships, Jessica Da Silva, a relationship repair coach will talk about the Issues Couples Who Live Together are Currently Facing. How not to kill your partner during the pandemic? IG: @thejessicadasilva Fb: Jessica Da Silva, M.S.   Ben Dueck from Cantera Leadership comes on to tell us a little bit about Leadership During Times of Crisis & Change. Learn about four things that people need from their leaders to feel engaged and connected to the organization. IG: @cantera.leadership Fb: Cantera Leaderaship   (0:20:00) Lisa and Deevo - Challenges Photographers are Facing Right Now (0:17:15) Jessica Da Silva - Issues Couples Who Live Together are Currently Facing (0:27:16) Ben Dueck - Leadership During Times of Crisis & Change (0:40:30) Check out what are the 4 things you need to have to be successful
May 1, 2020
MBB #5: Christine Lang and Amy Steinmetz - How to easily grow your own crops plus a live spiritual reading
Our two fantastic guests we have on today will absolutely WOW you! Our first guest is Amy Steinmetz from the Simple Newtrition. She will tell us her secret on how to succeed in gardening. You don’t have to be an expert to grow your own crops and Amy will teach us how. After that, we have our favourite Body Whisperer - Christine Lang who will do some spiritual reading on one of our listeners. It’s gonna get interesting, so stay tuned! Week #5 Speaker Line-Up Deevo Tindall of Fusion Photography Studios & Sprout Connectors & Lisa Staff of Lisa Staff Photography & Sprout Connectors talk about moderating on social media. How to stay transparent with your followers and still keep your intimacy and private life to yourself?! Amy Steinmetz, The Plant Lady will introduce her aeroponic fruit, veg & herb towers Christine Lang, The Body Whisperer talks about how to use your intuition and inner guidance to manifest a better life (00:00:20) Lisa and Deevo: Moderator/Social Media (00:11:00) The Plant Lady: Aeroponic Fruit, Veg & Herb Towers (00:28:00) The Body Whisperer: Using Intuition and Inner Guidance to Manifest a Better Life (00:54:00) Check out how Christine Lang does a spiritual reading LIVE on our show
April 24, 2020
MBB #4: Joe Hawley, Ex. NFL All Pro Lineman
Ex NFL Lineman, Joe Hawley quit the NFL after 8 years, gave away all his possessions, pimped out a van, and hit the road for two years traveling across the US. In the process, he tells us how he found himself, and what he's doing now to live his best life, by sharing his "toolkit for success" in this week's episode.
April 20, 2020
MBB #3: Dr. Joshua Leichtberg Controversial talk about COVID-19 - is it really just a mild respiratory illness?
This week we talk about current state affairs with David Miller. Tune in for some real information about what to expect.   Lisa and I also host Dr.Joshua Leichtberg from Consciousness Network to talk about one of the most interesting topics today - COVID-19. Should we stop quarantining to be able to build this herd immunity? Is it really this serious? Show Lineup:  (00:58) Lisa and Deevo: Five Social Media Trends you Need to Know Today  (18:20) David Miller: Economic Pulse and Economy Watch  (47:05) Dr. Josuha Leichtberg, Consciousness Network: Staying Safe and Healthy During the Pandemic
April 8, 2020
MBB #2: Leah McCarthy, Dave Miller, Candace Blair
Today's Guests:   (2:36) Leah McCarthy @DowntownCateringCompany (12:00) Q/A with Leah McCarthy (19:54) David Miller @AuctusAdvisors (39:54) Q/A David Miller (55:30) Candace Blair @SoulFireSocial ( 1:12:00) Q/A with Candace Blair  Candace Blair @SoulFireSocial   We are in the midst of highly unfamiliar territory. We are also at a crossroads of a segmented global society that is traversing in alternative directions on didactic lines. I personally feel we all have a responsibility to inject hope, optimism, and light and serve as a beacon no matter how small, for others to embrace. Our lives are filled with opportunities to expand each and every day, to create a better version of ourselves every moment possible. This doesn't happen by accident.  We have active roles to play to expand, elevate, and evolve. Instead of adding to the hysteria, we are choosing to provide our tribe with thoughtful, insightful, slightly provocative content that instills hope, offers ideation and creation, and serves as a catalyst for expansion to further connect us as a community. Through this collective consciousness, this gathering of spirits, we will compound the effect. We've gathered thought leaders, ripple makers, catalysts for change - to share their insights and expertise in a variety of topics centered around the pillars of Mind, Body, & Business and varying modalities that support that and designed to engage you and help you forge your way through this transformative period.
April 5, 2020
#WFH Virtual Summit: Real Life WFH Tips
JOIN US WEEKLY at 9:00 AM (EDT) We've gathered thought leaders from our community to share their insights and expertise in a variety of topics ranging from business to spiritual, holistic, social media and more. Nowhere else can you get so much valuable information all at one time - AND IT'S FREE! Join us for the #WFH Virtual Summit each week. Candid, Raw, Authentic, Motivational, Insightful and ACTION ORIENTED,  so you can implement their advice NOW to live your best life during this transitional period. We will make it through this... we will get there faster TOGETHER!
March 25, 2020
MBB #1: Mosco Bogdan Italian photographer on the streets of Tuscany during the COVID19 quarantine
Live interview with Italian photographer Bogdan who s under quarantine in Tuscany. He gives a first hand account of the chaos and insanity going on in Italy right now due to the corona virus.
March 21, 2020
Should you hire an outside digital marketing agency or hire within?
Should you hire an outside agency versus keeping it in house for your digital marketing? For most companies, the individual in charge of digital marketing is usually just one person? There is more to digital marketing than just social media Digital marketing allows small business to have a competitive advantage with a much smaller advertising budget Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. It costs roughly $4000/per employee to hire someone, this does not include salary, benefits, hr, taxes, etc. Who knows how long that person will last Getting someone up to speed on strategy does not include costs of all the materials, software, platforms, to manage effectively What kind of tools do you need - how much time do you spend researching everything to find what works for you? Hire experts, team over individual, stay in your lane
February 17, 2020
Transparency... when used in a social context, implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning a "transparent" object is one that can be seen through. Transparency includes openness around everything we do - full disclosure let's be honest about being honest. Most of us are not as transparent as the term implies I love honesty but am I always honest - FUCK NO I tell people all manner of "white lies" every day. We spin situations to secure gain and avoid loss. We know there are some people who will use our honesty against us. Do we always know all of our own motives as we act in transparency? Money's power over us that compromises our authenticity? Are we being authentic in this podcast? The fact is, very few people can truthfully and accurately say that every opinion they state is pure and free of motives for self-gain. Strategy to our transparency in of itself but is that really transparent about the motivation behind it
February 17, 2020
When is the right time to fire your client?
How do you know when a client is a good fit? You are willing to put aside time to work on a project for them You feel compelled by the cause and are passionate about the impact it is making. You are fueled by every conversation. Every time you speak with them you are motivated and energized, and feel even more creative. You think of ways to help them at all times of the day You are on the same wavelength about a lot of topics and are willing to go the extra mile for them, even though it’s not part of your mandate How do you know when a client is no longer a good fit? You feel completely drained after interactions with them You work overtime trying to please but zero acknowledgement of this or apparent appreciation It no longer feels like a partnership but more a knee jerk response to everything you do with them Every conversation is about them and completely one-sided, in fact you begin to wonder, did they even hear what I said?
February 16, 2020
Every bride and groom should listen to this advice before booking anyone
Often times bride and grooms, are in such haste and excitement to book their wedding vendors that they sometimes use antiquated or ill-conceived advice when selecting their vendors. Using checklists have their purpose, but the reality of it is, that brides and grooms should really think about what matters most to them on their wedding day. After all, this is YOUR day, not anyone else's and it should compliment you, and serve you in the best way possible.  Our podcast today addresses some critical questions and ideation you should consider before booking anyone/anything.  Enjoy and as always, we would love any feedback you have.
February 14, 2020
Success is relative and is an inside job
Instagram success is relative and is an inside job Success is relative and deeply personal. My idea of success is going to be significantly different than anyone else’s because it is based on my context, experiences and judgements and that’s the way it should be. BUT Due to our predilection for vicariously living through other people's lives we have become accustomed to what social media, television, and media manipulates us to define success. Society has Warped our Perception. From early childhood, we have learned from the collective amalgamation of humanity what it means to be successful. Whether it’s working in the right type of job, or the proper way to act, dress, speak - these ideas have been pushed on us daily and relentlessly. Social media sharpens that perspective even further and engrains in our minds that success is based on the nicest car The biggest house The most expensive clothes And on and on around material possessions - anything short of that is FAILURE. If you google “what does it mean to be successful” the immediate results depict and define success from the billionaires perspective, the actress in hollywood or the sports agent of some professional athlete, so this quickly becomes our barometer and our litmus for success, and to be frank with you - this is just skewed. Success is personal, it varies from individual to individual and is an inside job. So how do we draw all that in for today’s episode about instagram? Well much like life, we have been taught that Instagram success means we have to have massive followings, huge number of likes and monstrous accounts to are considered “influential” or successful. But we have a different take on success on IG. Yes IG is making it harder and harder to stand out, but that is also an offshoot of everybody trying harder and harder to stand out and in a sea of people trying to stand out, most of them all look the same. So how do you become successful? Develop your own style and be strategic about your content Finding your niche is important Stay in your lane It’s all about community The cascade fountain is always running
February 4, 2020
The Wolfpack: Whitney Walters, CEO, Lady Boss and all-around bad ass human!
Whitney has de-bunked every myth of the gender "American Dream", that women struggle in a man's world.  Even though self-prophecied, she was gifted "bad genes" she still finds time to create, sustain, and succeed as the first female in a male-dominated industry (construction) to act as owner and CEO. Whitney is a corporate America executive, living out her passion by finding time to create an alternative lifestyle brand ideally geared towards women. She has overcome many of my life's failures and obstacles, while climbing mountains. She uses the climb as a metaphor for life and is inspriing others through her actions to do the same. She is first female to play on an all boys football team in the state of Tennessee, back in 1989. The First female executive in a 60 year old construction company and youngest to ownership.  Awarded Silcon Valley Woman of influence in 2016, top 20 under 40 in my perspective industry. She travels over 250+ days a year, and still finds ways to maintain relationships that add value to her life and enable to her to connect.
September 20, 2019
24 Hours of Booty
Meet Executive Director, Katy Ryan from 24 Hours of Booty, in Charlotte NC. 24 Foundation’s mission is to inspire and engage communities to make an immediate impact on the lives of those affected by cancer. For us, that means more than funding research and goes beyond finding a cure. To 24 Foundation, that means investing in services that untangle the maze of appointments, tests, and treatments after diagnosis, and funding programs to increase the quality of life for survivors decades into the future. Founded in 2002 by one man riding a bike for 24 hours, 24 Foundation’s signature annual events now serve as celebrations of survivorship, the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, and the spirit that our participants live with every day. Event participants commit to cycling or walking as much or as little as they’d like within 24 hours. It isn’t a race. Miles don’t matter. It’s an experience, celebration, and triumph. United by the common vision of cancer navigation and survivorship for all, 24 Foundation has raised more than $21 million to date to support our mission. Katy is an avid athlete, passionate community advocate and fundraiser, in that order. A native of Alaska, she studied neuroscience and psychology at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Following her first (and only) job in corporate America, Katy jumped feet-first into the non-profit sector where she’s worked in fundraising, partnerships and community relations for more than 18 years. Prior to joining 24 Foundation, Katy served as the Vice President of the Alexander Children’s Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Alexander Youth Network. In that role, Katy managed major gifts, special events, and donor stewardship. She was also responsible for oversight of the agency’s grant seeking efforts as well as their robust volunteer program, which engages more than 1,200 individuals and corporations each year. Katy has also served as Senior Development Director at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte; Vice President of Partnerships and Development at Girls on the Run International; Director of Business and Alumni Relations at Wake Forest University and Associate Director of Development at UNC-Chapel Hill. She lives at Lake Twitty, NC, with her husband Steven and her three step-daughters, Amanda, Rebecca and Samantha.
September 7, 2019
Carolina Real: Jorge Milares
Our City needs to do its part to foster economic mobility and development. We need to assist families who suffer from generational poverty while also cultivating entrepreneurship and job development. That means connecting our residents to existing resources and providing those that aren’t offered but that are desperately needed. We need to provide families living in poverty with: Career Skills assessments. Education and Vocational Training. Workforce development (Resume workshops, interview roleplays, etc.). Ongoing career guidance Credit improvement programs Homeownership counseling and courses Financial literacy courses and ongoing guidance Long-term planning by teaching them how to save for their retirement and their children’s college funds By financially investing in these families and helping them escape generational poverty, we are placing them on a long-term path to homeownership, job stability, and changing the trajectory of their family for generations to come. We also need to support our business community by: Providing more city contracts to local business owners.  Cultivating entrepreneurship by connecting people to existing resources to build and manage local businesses.  Being proactive about the way we attract successful companies to Charlotte. In doing so, we create incremental job opportunities for the residents of our city and provide a boost to our local economy.  ​ The City has already taken a significant first step in proposing the Office of Equity, Mobility, and Immigrant Integration. Now, we must hold them accountable to become an economically equitable city that is no longer 50 out of 50 in the US.
August 9, 2019
Carolina Real: Urban Craft Apothecary
Urban Craft Apothecary (UCA): The place to find remedies, elixirs, skincare, body and beauty items made with nature in mind.  Hand crafted in small batches with no artificial ingredients. Every effort is made to keep our ingredients, and our packaging, environmentally conscious, fertility friendly and best of all, at affordable prices. 
August 8, 2019
Be an original
A short concise and candid essay on the concept of being an original.
July 27, 2019
You get what you pay for. What you invest in your life is what you can expect in return.
Some of my personal meanderings on a law of creation and the law of returns it can be restated more simply and you get what you pay for what you invest in yourself you can always expect in return
February 24, 2019
What kind of photographer am I?
I was recently asked in a client interview what style and what type of photographer I was I struggled to respond but after marinating on it here is my official response
February 20, 2019
Episode 34: Circumstances
Circumstances can break us or launch us. Ultimately it depends on how we react to the circumstances of life that are presented to us every day.
January 29, 2019
Episode 32 Transparency Project: Stories of Transgenders in NC
 In reflection of the ongoing political tension for transgender rights, such as the House Bill 2 controversy in North Carolina, and the President’s Executive Order to no longer accept transgender recruits into the U.S. Military, the interest for a production in support of the trans community has been expressed to the founder of JTR Presents. Therefore, the brand is arranging a collaboration between the trans and creative communities to address this issue. JTR Presents is producing an exhibition, currently titled “The Transparency Project” to empower trans by using the Arts as a platform for them to tell their individual, and collective, stories and regain their own agency. The hope for this is to grant the community the power and platform to tell their own story in their own way using the Arts.
January 24, 2019
Episode 31
Charlotte's Top Wedding DJ shares some inside scoop on growing up; living in the QC and how he views his DJ skills.
January 20, 2019
Episode 30: Jardiniere Events Hilton Head SC
This week on Carolina REAL we sit down with Terry and Dakotah from Jardiniere Events in Hilton Head SC and discuss their operation, how they met and what makes them tick and some behind the scenes on their floral and event business
January 14, 2019
Episode 29: Jorge Millares Queen City Unity
Miami transplant, Jorge Millares shares his story and why he founded one of the fastest growing non-profits in Charlotte, Queen City Unity.
January 9, 2019
Episode 28: Kristin Sherry Career Coach and Counselor
Interview with Kristin Sherry, author and career counselor for adults and college students. The first all-in-one book of its kind, YouMap(R) Find Yourself. Blaze Your Path. Show the World! provides you with a real-world tested step-by-step process to achieve career clarity and execute a winning job search.  Kristin Sherry's proven career coaching process is placed in your hands along with the expertise of career services professionals Patricia Edwards, Kerri Twigg, Kamara Toffolo, Lisa Jones, and Donna Serdula, author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies.  Discover the four pillars of career satisfaction, determine your next best career move, and confidently explain your value in your networking conversations, cover letters, resume, LinkedIn profile, and job interviews!
December 27, 2018
Episode 27: Ripple Maker Business Executive Coach: Gary Frey
Gary Frey loves helping coachable CEOs and their management teams scale up their businesses. His career path has focused on situations requiring leadership in new market development, turnarounds, start-overs, or a fresh approach to sales, marketing, brand development, and/or elevating the customer experience across a number of industries. He has served as president of four successful companies, including, a business news portal which he helped transform from a three-person organization to a $100 million company. He has held executive positions in two Fortune 100 companies, Bank of America and First Union.
December 21, 2018
Charlotte REAL: Flower Diva Carrie Struble
Charlotte's 20- year veteran Carrie Cassidy Struble, owner and head honcho at Flower Diva, shares her story on how she got to Charlotte, how she runs her business and what she has planned next in the QC.
December 12, 2018
Serendipitous momentum
Musings on second marriages and serendipitous connectivity
November 25, 2018
Episode 24: Project Outpour Mobile Showers for the homeless
CEO, Lauren Jenkins of Project Outpour joins the show to talk about her philanthropy and charity organization, Project Outpour, which provides mobile showers for Charlotte's rising homeless population. we exist to fight a simple yet significant issue in Charlotte – the lack of access to showers and toilets for men and women who are moving through homelessness by putting a mobile shower unit on our streets. why? it’s simple. dignity matters and is a very real desire of every single person, regardless of circumstance.
October 4, 2018
Episode 23: Should you hire a photographer that has never photographed at your venue
A candid​ discussion between Lisa Staff Photography and Deevo Fusion Photography whether or not a client should hire a photographer that has never photographed at their venue.
September 20, 2018
Episode 21: Impermanence
Everything in life has an ending and it also has a beginning
September 12, 2018
Is photography still prestigious?
With the availability and advance of digital cameras cell phones and the amazing quality that they can render does a photographer today still have the Presti‘s that professional photographers held 50 years ago?
September 7, 2018
Industry Insider: Brigette Oger Craft Cakes Clt
One on One interview with Craft Cakes Charlotte Owner, Brigette Oger discussing how she got into the biz, what she brings to the table and WHY she is doing what she does.
August 29, 2018
Not Needing Anything
Not “needing” anyone or anything leads to self freedom.
August 28, 2018
Living vicariously through others
Just some personal musings on judgments and the entrapments of observing and passing contemplation about other people’s misery
August 26, 2018
Art Institute of Charlotte Interview
Interview with Art Institute of Charlotte student Sherinnia Younger with Lisa Staff (LisaStaffPhoto) and Deevo (Fusion Photog)
August 22, 2018
Dealing with Rejection
Lisa and Deevo discussed the concept of dealing with client rejection.
August 16, 2018
Lisa and Deevo debating the merits of cell phones at weddings
Join Lisa Staff Photo (LisaStaffPhoto) and Deevo (FusionPhotog) as they debate the merits of cell phones at weddings on their weekly IG Live Cast.
July 25, 2018
Episode 13
How I got started and some other ramblings
July 8, 2018
Self Love
Through pain and misery our greatest lessons are learned
April 27, 2018
Apr 27, 2018
April 27, 2018
Don’t hug skeletons
April 20, 2018
You can’t be everything to everyone
Don’t hug skeletons
April 20, 2018
It’s critical to build and maintain relationships
April 19, 2018
April 13, 2018
A model for debate
Discussion with Mai - Lis from People of CLT and a recent controversial photo I posted on Instagram
March 23, 2018
How far do you go on social media for your self expression?
March 23, 2018
Why photography should be considered a “luxury” item
Why hiring a professional photographer should be considered a luxury item and not a necessity
March 22, 2018
Viewing context through another’s lens.
March 20, 2018
Conflict resolution
How I learned from a recent experience to use conflict and contrasts in order to grow
March 19, 2018
Aha moments
Some ramblings about why Photography is so important to me and why connecting with humans and creating these a-ha moments in other peoples lives matter so much to me
March 18, 2018