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By John Baran
I have called upon people I know to talk about their experience in the workplace, to offer insight they can only offer us. We believe that more nature (biophilic design) has a great impact on the mental health and productivity in the Workplace. We support remote working to offer people "more time" something we all want and need. So follow me (John Baran) and Rolando Balli as we call upon all your senses getting you think deeper, trust what you should trust and change what your are inspired to change. I started this podcast is because I find people to be interesting and amazing!
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#3 Marc Nathan Vice President Client Strategy with Egan Nelson The most connected individual with the Tech Start up Community
Marc Nathan is an experienced leader in the technology startup community with a talent for connecting entrepreneurial business owners to customers, employees, investors and partners. He has assisted early-stage companies with business strategy, capital acquisition, customer development, and strategic partnerships. Welcome to GET SMART ABOUT PEOPLE & THE WORKPLACE!! GUEST -  MARC NATHAN Submit your GET SMART comment or fact by filling out this form #WORKFROMHOME #REMOTEWORKING #BIOPHILICDESIGN #NATURE #WORKINGOUTSIDE #GENERATIONS #EXCITEMENT#AUSTIN TECH START UP COMMUNITY #CAPITAL FACTORY #B2B CONNECTOR
August 16, 2021
#2 Chris Gillian Serial Entrepreneur Former Senior Director of Business Development at Capital Factory Austin Texas
Chris Gillian is one of the Co-Founders of Gazzang which was ultimately acquired by Cloudera. He recently held the positions of Director of Corporate Development and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Capital Factory here in Austin Texas. Currently he Cofounded Emerald Labs a offshore software development company based out of Pakistan and the US. Chris talks from his perspective about what a tech start up company means to him and what it means to people working together for a common goal that ultimately is long hours hunting that whale of a customer. He talks about how culture can offer a tradition of celebration which helps blow off steam and reduce stress. You will also learn a way to recruit new talent.  Chris is a great leader - mentor - innovator - and trend setter. You will come away with this with a smile on your face which is they way I end up every time I have the fortune of talking with Chris. So many Easter eggs that I know you will find interesting as well. Welcome to GET SMART ABOUT PEOPLE & THE WORKPLACE!! GUEST -  CHRIS GILLIAN #DESIGNYOUROFFICEUSINGNATURE #WORKFROMHOME #REMOTEWORKING #BIOPHILICDESIGN #NATURE #WORKINGOUTSIDE #GENERATIONS #EXCITEMENT #SHOWYOUREMPLOYEESYOUCARE
June 28, 2021
#1 Rolando Balli Former Dell Executive Who pioneered the work from home initiative at Dell. Mindy Garret Former Cisco Executive
This is a open conversation with Guest Rolando Balli and Mindy Garrett. Rolando pioneered the work from home initiative at Dell that was put into operation 10 years ago. Even now that he is not with Dell anymore he still receives praise for his work that at the time had very little data to support. We will get into the weeds on that effort and how he leveraged data that was not in the mainstream and was able to get buy in from upper management and turn Dell into one of the first "remote workforce" in the country. Rolando is also committed to Biophilic design which brings nature to the workplace. He also supports working outside in the fresh air.  Mindy a former Cisco executive recalls the excitement of working at one of the greatest Technology companies of all time. She will also talk about a recent start up company she Co-founded at the Capital Factory. She too supports working remotely and talks about the culture that made it great to show up to work every day. We will also talk about the different generations and how that plays into todays workplace There are a few Easter eggs that I know you will find interesting as well. Welcome to GET SMART ABOUT PEOPLE & THE WORKPLACE!! GUEST -  ROLANDO BALLI GUEST - MINDAY GARRETT #WORKFROMHOME #REMOTEWORKING #BIOPHILICDESIGN #NATURE #WORKINGOUTSIDE #GENERATIONS #EXCITEMENT
May 09, 2021