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Sri Vasudeva Speaks

Sri Vasudeva Speaks

By Sri Vasudeva
Welcome to our new podcast channel featuring inspirational messages and words of wisdom from Guru, Sri Vasudeva.
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Mere Baba Nityananda | 40 Days 2022
Enjoy this blissful chant, live with Sri Vasudeva and group from the Opening Satsang of the 40 Days 2022!
April 13, 2022
Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya | 40 Days 2022
Enjoy this blissful chant, live with Sri Vasudeva and group from the Opening Satsang of the 40 Days 2022!
April 12, 2022
Om Guru Jaya Guru Saccidananda Guru | 40 Days 2022
Enjoy this blissful chant, live with Sri Vasudeva and group from the Opening Satsang of the 40 Days 2022!
April 11, 2022
Practice of Detachment is Essential to Seekers | 24-03-2022
This practice of vairagya which means dispassion, simply means objectivity, not getting carried away, not being caught. And so the seeker has to be very careful about this engagement with the senses. So as a seeker, as you prepare for this 40 days, watch what you eat, watch what you drink, watch how you speak, watch how you engage with the senses, watch how you gossip, watch how the thoughts play. Because, don't be like a vessel when you begin fulling it, it has so many holes, that everything you put in it, goes away. No! Plug all the holes, that's vairagya, that your vessel may be more and more full without waste or depletion. #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #intellect #intelligence #discrimination #desire #detachment #practice #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar
March 24, 2022
Intellect - Primary Navigation Tool on the Journey | Inspiration | Sri Vasudeva
So in every moment you should try to be discriminatingly aware, intelligently aware, that you are not taken up with distractions, you are not carried away by emotions, you are not carried away by a scattered mind. No! You are centered in purpose. You are navigating this play with a vision and with a purpose to evolve in consciousness that you may be free, happy, loving and joyous. You need the intellect, you need an intellect operating in higher consciousness and you need the practice in daily life. #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #intellect #intelligence #navigation #tool #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar
March 23, 2022
Importance of a Strong Desire | 22-03-2022
So when you come into a 40 Day Meditation Sadhana, what is your desire? Are you going to have no desire? Desire is like a rudder on a ship, it gives direction. Are you going to enter these days without a desire for transformation? ...having a desire to achieve something is most important, those who have a strong desire to achieve, will! So are you going to begin this 40 Days sadhana with a strong desire for change and a reasonable desire? ...that desire should always be there to know, who am I? What am I? Where am I coming from? What are my next steps on this journey? How can I work through this play that I am involved in? That desire should constantly be before you! #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #magic #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar
March 22, 2022
The Powerful Practice of True Discipline | 21-03-2022
So let's keep that idea of discipline today. Discipline in the vision of what our purpose is, what we want to achieve. Discipline in thought because it is easy to have scattered thinking. Discipline in emotional being, not getting carried away by emotions you don't need and don't uplift. Discipline in co-creativity, being able to work with those around you in a seamless way that you don't need unnecessary instruction. Discipline in the meditative awareness, enjoying your inner self more than compulsion to talk. If you hold on to that discipline, surely transformation will happen. Don't let 40 Days go without a shift in consciousness. You have the opportunity in these 40 Days!  #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #magic #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar
March 21, 2022
Invite the Power & Presence of Kundalini Shakti | 20-03-2022
That is what this 40 Days is meant to do, take you deeper and deeper into a consciousness of her. Are you willing to make that step? Are you ready for that step? Is it in your karmic play at this moment, if it is you will feel that evolutionary drive. You will want to listen to me, you will want to get deeper into the practices and you will want to engage. All these pre-talks are to inspire you to come into the sadhana with me, the spiritual practice of meditation with me. #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #magic #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar 
March 20, 2022
The Magic of the 40 Days | 19-03-2022
I had found a God, the source of that energy inside of me. It seemed boundless. The God that I was looking for, hoping that somebody would guide me to this God, I experienced within my own being and that was phenomenal. I felt this source of power inside of me that was inexhaustible. If I began to sing, if I began to just be loving, if I began to serve with love, I could feel more of that energy surge from some where deep within my being. So I found God! ...this power made the 40 Days happen incredibly and the reason I am saying this is that every year that I do this 40 Days, the same magic happens to all those that are with me... so would you be open enough, responsible enough,  focused enough, dedicated enough that you can shift in consciousness? #sriVasudeva #meditationMaster #shaktipat #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #40Days2022 #inspiration #magic #energy #consciousness #awareness #transformSelf #blueStar
March 19, 2022
Take Responsibility for your Journey | 18-03-2022
So for me the excitement lies in that the power of the Universe lies within me, the God lies within me, all lies within me, and I am in this game, this sleep, this hide and seek. I need to wake up, I need to see the tools that I have. I need to take responsibility for my journey and I need to work hard. Look for guidance, certainly, because there are wise ones around us, but use that guidance to uncover that greatness that lies within us! That's what this 40 Days are about. #sriVasudeva #mahayogamaster #kundalini #mahayoga #satGuru #consciouness #responsibility #transformself #transformWorld #inspiration #wordsOfWisdom #40Days2022 #practices #blueStar
March 18, 2022
The Power of the Co-Creative Space | Inspiration & Meditation | 17-03-2022
When I sit here with you, I feel this amazing non-local presence. Non-local means beyond your body, your body is local. Can you capture that in the meditation? Can you experience that expansion of being that is present here in the hall, and by extension all those who are focused on us? Can you move beyond the boundaries of personality and body and can touch that expansive space, that non-local space? If you can, you will begin to experience, what we call, cosmic consciousness, where our consciousness will expand, connecting to a universe!  #sriVasudeva #mahayogaMaster #kundalini #shaktipat #satGuru #cocreative #meditation #peace #consciouness #bliss #love #nonLocal #expansive #energy #universal
March 17, 2022
Meditation is the Key, Use it! | 16-03-2022
The Universe is within you and its doors are open to you. How do you capture it? For me there is an excitement there, that if the Divine is inside of me, if the Universe is inside of me, if everything is inside of me, why can't I have it, why can't I see it, why can't I connect with it, why can't I relate to it? #sriVasudeva #40Days2022 #kundalini #mahayoga #meditation #inspiration #divinity #bliss #peace #love #harmony #love #mindfulness #spirituality #blueStar 
March 16, 2022
The Eve of the 40 Days - March 25th, 2019 - Sri Vasudeva
Tomorrow, we begin the sacred 40 Days observance. On the eve of this auspicious period, listen to Sri Vasudeva describing the magic that took place during his time of self-transformation in 1978.  Below is an excerpt: "During the period in 1978 it was so so magical, mind-blowing, magical. Never in my wildest dreams could I think that this energy could wrap a field; it was coming inside of me as I communicated with it , this Kundalini power, but I never thought it would wrap a space and create everything to perfection for the evolution of my Being." - Sri Vasudeva For more information and to register for the upcoming retreat featuring daily talks and interactive workshops with Sri Vasudeva, visit  
March 16, 2022
"Working in Harmony with Life" - March 22nd, 2019 - Sri Vasudeva
Welcome to our Morning Talk series with Sri Vasudeva. These talks are a part of the preparation for the upcoming 40 Days Meditation retreat, "Mastering your Meditation Practice." Below is an excerpt on having the best experience of the Divine play of life: "Life itself is continuously challenging us to act. Even in the Bhagavad Gita the Divine says through the Krishna that if I cease to act, everything will perish, that action is at the very basis of life itself; that if we cease to evolve,  or  align to the evolutionary principal, then, we suffer and life will push us to evolve... so the best thing to do is to observe the circumstances of life, it's telling you a story; try to decode the story to understand it, and to work in harmony with it and you will have the best experience of the Divine play." - Sri Vasudeva To register for the upcoming retreat featuring daily talks and workshops with Sri Vasudeva, visit 
March 22, 2019
"Selfishness & Selflessness" - March 1st, 2019 - Sri Vasudeva
Enjoy our morning inspiration with Sri Vasudeva. Below is an excerpt:  "When we get caught in individual Self it can be quite a challenging experience. Selfishness brings dissapointments and anger and frustration and pain. Selflesness changes the game and higher awarness in connectedness to a Divine source leads to less frustration becasue we feel empowered by something deeper.  " - Sri Vasudeva Enjoy our morning talks series with Sri Vasudeva, a perfect build up to our upcoming 40 Days Retreat, "Mastering your Meditation Practice." More information will be available soon. To receive these daily tracks, download the Anchor app onto your smart device and search "Blue Star" under the "people" tab.
March 01, 2019
"Co-creating with the Divine" - February 28th, 2019 - Sri Vasudeva
 Welcome to our morning talks series with Sri Vasudeva. Here is an excerpt from this morning: "It's extremely important to identify with the Divine. The more you do, the more expansive you feel, the more hopeful you feel, the more secure you feel, the more immortal you feel; and that's the place where you want to be because change is going to greet you every day, in every way." - Sri Vasudeva." - Sri Vasudeva These meditations will be a lead-up to the upcoming 40 Day meditation retreat, "Mastering your Meditation Practice." More information on the retreat to be posted soon. Do follow us in the Anchor app on your smart devices or computers by searching "Blue Star" under the "people" tab.
February 28, 2019
"The Power of Action" with Sri Vasudeva - February 26th, 2019
Welcome to our morning talks series with Sri Vasudeva. Here is an excerpt from this morning: "For a lot of us we are still habituated to negative action, our responses towards our universe can become negative. It's important that we observe that and see what that energy feels like when that happens because we will actually see the universe telling us, 'this is not the way.' But the moment we manifest more of the light, more of the positivity, we can actually feel an expansion in awareness and energy." - Sri Vasudeva These meditations will be a lead-up to the upcoming 40 Day meditation retreat, "Mastering your Meditation Practice" so do follow our channel for the latest tracks.
February 26, 2019