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#4 Decluttering and the Kondo Craze

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Hi! I am Stacey Jata! I am a cultivator of people and a believer in human potential. I believe that every person has gifts, talents and purpose just waiting to be released! I help people listen to the faint callings of their heart, and turn up the volume!
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More places to listen

#12 Life With Bobby Brennan: Cherish Every Part Because it is the Best Part
Bobby Brennan joins me for a cup of coffee to share about family and his Catholic faith. We discuss parenting from a vantage point of an empty nest, college, and raising girls. Additionally, he opens up about his faith journey and how he evolved over the course of his lifetime plus, he provides us with three concise tips for living an unmuted life.  Bobby is a devoted husband to Kristen and father of 2 grown children, Tara and Whitney.  Residing in Montgomery County, Bobby focuses his energy on his Church and the Conroe Noon Lions Club.  Links to Mentioned Resources: Made This Way Fr. Mike Schmitz Theology of the Body Catholic Answers Raising Children God's Way
September 20, 2019
#11 Life is Good with Robert Walker
Life is good with Robert Walker. Husband, son, father, and business owner, Robert is always looking to add value to the community around him. We have worked side by side on various service projects and it was fun to get to know him a little better. We talk about family, business, and being a person of character and how to live a good life.
July 24, 2019
#10 Dayna Adewuya: Something Good Has to Come Out of This!
On this episode of The Unmuted Life, my friend, Dayna Adewuya, will be joining us! She is mother, wife, mentor, and international business woman! Her story of perseverence, enhanced by the ability to navigate tough situations, and her grasp of business and relationships is intriguing. Dayna's many layers presents an intelligent and capable woman who posesses unique superpowers that she shares in the world. Not afraid to share her thoughts, time, or talent, Dayna is ablaze with purpose. She is not afraid to embrace change and reinvent herself along the way. If you visit with her long enough, you will hear her mantra, "Something good has to come out of this!" from how she met her husband, to overcoming precarious struggles, she has faced her challenges with the belief that something good was coming!
June 20, 2019
#9 Thriving in the Chaos #Momming with Michelle Simon
Welcome to the 3rd installment of my focus on moms series.  On this episode, you will meet Michelle Simon, an extraordinary mom of seven children, whose ages range from teenager to 3-years old. Michelle is one real mama! She handles life with grace, keeps it real, rolls with the punches and is an inspiration to those around her.  With a few laughs and lots of conversation, we discuss the ins and outs of having  a family of 9 (like, how much milk they drink and what do you drive?) to her parenting style evolution, what she as learned along the way and how her Catholic Faith has played a role as a parent. Get episodes to your inbox subscribe here: Read more here.
May 28, 2019
#8 Unmuted Moment #Momming
As part of May's Mom Series, listen in as Kimberly Robinson shares tips for moms! Her insight as a mom of 7 is priceless!
May 15, 2019
#7 Podcasting with my Mama! Mother's Day Edition
   With a little prodding, I finally got my mom to agree to join me on The Unmuted Life for a special Mother's Day edition!  Together we talk about #momming, business, a few flashbacks down memory lane and more. She is my hero and guidepost. I am glad you will get to meet her! 
May 7, 2019
#6 Chasing Dreams to Build a Joyful Life with Interior Designer, Michelle Harper
On this episode of The Unmuted Life, we welcome Interior Designer, Michelle Harper. She shares an inspirational story of courage and transition as she took the bold step of leaving her cushy corporate job to pursue her dream and passion of becoming an interior designer.  She also shares tips on designing our own joyful spaces.  Look forward to:  Entrepreneurial Tips for Moms  3 Keys to Living an Unmuted Life  9 Suggestions to Bring Joy into Your Home Book mentioned: "One Beautiful Dream" by Jen Fulwiler Connect with Michelle Harper of Right Next Door Designs Website Facebook Instagram Pinterest Thank you for following the show. A like, follow, heart, or star let's me know to keep on keeping on! Show support here: Follow The Unmuted Life Facebook New Release Coloring Book "The Butterfly Dancing Princess"
April 3, 2019
#5 Taking a Leap of Faith with Kathryn Vernon
On this Episode of The Unmuted Life, you'll discover why I am a pirate podcaster and the event that made me into a pirate!  We will also be hearing from Kathryn Vernon on taking a Leap of Faith.  She will share about her mission trip to South Africa and a few tips for those who would like to embark on their own mission trip.  Kathryn Vernon's Blog The Unmuted Life Blog Follow Stacey Jata, Unmuted on Facebook
March 20, 2019
#4 Decluttering and the Kondo Craze
Goodbye clutter, hello peace of mind! During this episode, I jump on the Kondo bandwagon and talk of sparking joy, my 50% rule, Peter Walsh and other cluttery things! Move over junk-- we have a life to live! FB @staceyjataunmuted
February 22, 2019
#3 Pearls of Wisdom from Carolyn Gray- Author and Personal Development Strategist
Today, I get to introduce you to a great friend and mentor of mine, Carolyn Gray. With over 30 years experience in human resources and leadership, she inspires others daily as a personal development strategist, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. But mostly, she is my friend and she lights up a room when she walks in. Facebook Today's Guest: Carolyn Gray- Zircon Consulting
January 22, 2019
Happy New Year 2019! What about those Fanny Packs?
Our out of the gate episode of 2019 gabs about what is trending in 2019, the word of the year, and living a life unmuted, despite the haters! Follow Along: FB @staceyjataunmuted or IG StaceyJata
January 3, 2019
An Unmuted Moment: Faith
October 5, 2018
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