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Sacred Body Podcast w/ Stacey Ramsower

Sacred Body Podcast w/ Stacey Ramsower

By Stacey Ramsower
“Only by discovering and loving the goddess lost within our rejected body can we hear our own authentic voice.”
― Marion Woodman

An ongoing conversation about the sacred nature of embodiment and the path toward deeper fulfillment. Entry points include birth, sex, food, self-expression and spirituality.

**Intro / Outro music: "Too Bright" by Robert Thoth
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Accessing Our Human Potential Through The Body w/ Bill Green

Sacred Body Podcast w/ Stacey Ramsower

Accessing Our Human Potential Through The Body w/ Bill Green

Sacred Body Podcast w/ Stacey Ramsower

The Power of Ayurveda for Women w/ Sunny Rose Healy
Connect with Sunny at
August 1, 2021
Empowering Our Daughters by Healing Ourselves w/ Jessica Connolly from Moon Daughters
Jessica and I discuss her business, Moon Daughters, and how the experience of attending and supporting births as a doula, giving birth herself, and raising four daughters led her to trust her Feminine Wisdom and create tools for others to do so. Find Jessica and her amazing education and community platform at Find access to Sacred Ground and Sex and Motherhood here. 
July 18, 2021
Blood, Loss, and Reclaiming POWER with Samantha Zipporah
Samantha's journey to fertility and conception awareness, advocacy and education.  The significance of ovulation on our mental, emotional and physical health. The difference between conception and implantation and why that matters. The roots of the myth that fertility is a disease to be medically managed. Samantha's personal birth story and its impact on her present work in the world. Some details about her new book, "Please Bleed!" and the radical educational approach of skill sharing. Sex & Motherhood Digital Course: Sacred Ground:
March 18, 2021
Reclaiming Grief and Finding Purpose with Roshni Kavate
The Artistry of Ancestral Healing The Gift of Grief Finding Purpose in Our Pain Birth, Loss, and Postpartum Tending
March 15, 2021
The Creative Act w/ Molly Caro May
Join me and writer, teacher, author and mother, Molly Caro May as we dive into the complex and creative reality of birth, embodiment and ancestral inheritance. In this episode Molly and I discuss: Her experience of belonging and diversity driven by growing up in four different countries. The human need / drive to tell stories. The creativity implicit in pregnancy and birth.  The myth of the "Universal Female experience" and the archetypal energy of the birthing body. Racism in birth. Keeping the creative flame alive.
November 21, 2020
Post Traumatic Growth in Sex, Love and Society w/ Rachael Maddox
Join me and Rachael Maddox as we dive deep into the nitty gritty of our humanity: What is beyond individual healing? How do we mature as a collective? Culture, belonging and the trauma of orphaned ancestors. Sex and self-trust. Embodied consent and expanding our possibilities for pleasure.
September 28, 2020
Women's Empowerment Through Total Pelvic Health
Join me and Pelvic Physical Therapist, Brit Harmon, as we dive into some juicy topics: Feminine and the unique wisdom in women’s reproductive cycles Pelvic Physical Therapy and full-spectrum health Taboos of women’s health, and reproductive health in particular Supporting fertility outcomes through education as well as language The connection between shame, body awareness and pelvic health The role of our individual birth experience on our longterm health and self-trust The culture of birth and the implications of so many stigmas attached to homebirth Sex, boundaries and healthy birth outcomes Find Brit: Watch "The Performance"
September 14, 2020
Trauma Healing in the Age of Feels with Ralph de la Rosa
Ralph de la Rosa is an internationally-published author, psychotherapist and meditation teacher. In this episode we discuss: His new book, "Don't Tell Me to Relax: Emotional Resilience in the Age of Rage, Feels and Freak Outs" Common misconceptions about healing The commodification of Yoga and the oversimplification of its message How to work with emotions in a functional way The myth of Kali and the significance of anger Moving out of addiction and into connection Anti-racism work, Black Lives Matter and social reform Growing up in a Mexican household and being a "white-passing" male Spiritual Bowie Memes
August 31, 2020
The Sacred Window - Ayurvedic Postpartum Care and Cultural Revolution
I sit down with Christine Devlin Eck and Ashlee Sakaishi Wilson of the Center for Sacred Window Studies to discuss: Christine's experience of being "blindsided" by new motherhood The significance of postpartum care and the cultural breakdown of caregiving to new parents Providing care to non-traditional and non-conforming families Anti-racism work in birthwork Spirituality and health Learn more about the Center for Sacred Window Studies and the upcoming Fall Cohort here.
August 17, 2020
Kink, BDSM and Intimate Fulfillment w/ Katherine Friedman
Join me in this WONDERFUL conversation with sex therapist and educator, Katherine Friedman, aka @stumptownsextherapy What are kink and BDSM?  What is attachment theory and what does it have to do with sex?  How can a sense of PLAY transform your experience of your erotic edge?  How do we talk to young people about sex?  How do we talk to our partners in order to have the partnerships we truly crave?
January 20, 2020
It's Never Too Late to Heal w/ Mia Kalef
Mia Kalef is a healer and thought-leader in the world of pre- and perinatal psychology and pre-birth healing. Her books, "The Secret Life of Babies," and, "It's Never Too Late" have had a huge influence on my own work, personally and professionally. In this episode we discuss: Womb gestation and pre-birth imprints Addiction and ancestral healing Pregnancy and birth as crucial periods of development and healing
January 13, 2020
Embody-work w/ Pam Samuelson
Body-autonomy and gynecological care Social and cultural "norms" and healing practices Boundaries and consent How to know your body's YES and NO
January 6, 2020
Forging a Feminine Path w/ Kimberly Johnson
In this conversation, Kimberly and I discuss the evolution of our work in the world based on our willingness to listen to what is needed and adapt to what is possible. Kimberly continues to evolve and create, bringing deeply healing work to the realms of birth, sex, intimacy and the postpartum time. Listen in - this is a good one!
December 16, 2019
The Pleasure of Active Participation w/ Sera Bonds
Sera Bonds is a mother, wife, activist, mentor and leader based in Austin, TX. She founded Circle of Health International and now offers coaching and mentorship as well as co-leading "Waking Giants," an organization bringing activism to your doorstep. In this episode, Sera and I discuss: Motherhood + Activism Allyship + Accountability Personal Responsibility + Pleasure You can find Sera on Instagram @serabonds and follow Waking Giants @forthegoodfight
December 9, 2019
Taking Back Birth w/ Maryn Green
Join me for this lively conversation with Maryn Green from Indie Birth about personal authority, female empowerment and honoring your sacred AND scientific rebel. You can find out more about Maryn and Indie Birth at 
November 25, 2019
Food and Emotional Nourishment
Food is an essential building block of not only our physical body, but our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. Food is our initiation into culture and belonging as nourishing pieces of our identity. Food shapes (literally and figuratively) our relationship to our body. How we learned to relate to food informs how we relate to others and physically engage a sense of self worth every single day. In this episode (originally a webinar,) I discuss food from a spiritual perspective and offer insights as well as practices to encourage you to engage more deeply your own relationship with food, self-worth and belonging. If you are interested in ancestral and ritual practice, you will especially enjoy this class. *If you are interested in my Goddess Cleanse, purchase at the link below and use code NOURISH at checkout for 50% off! Good through the end of November. Class never expires.
November 18, 2019
Living Your Innate Wisdom w/ Rachelle Garcia-Seliga
In this episode we hear from mother, wife, midwife and educator Rachelle Garcia-Seliga. We discuss knowing and creating from your life purpose, cultivating healthy community and the dedication and effort required to live one's truth in today's world. You can find out more about Rachelle and her Innate Postpartum Care training at *Early bird pricing for 2020 online training extended to Nov. 18, 2019!*
November 11, 2019
Coming Home To Yourself w/ Lindsay Ashmun
Lindsay Ashmun is a somatic sorceress offering movement, yoga and fitness training in and around NYC. In this episode, Lindsay and I discuss embodiment as a lifestyle, a spiritual pursuit and a vocation. We sift through our experiences of seeking, experiential learning, the commodification of yoga, and the real pleasure of teaching from embodied wisdom. Lindsay is masterful and I highly recommend a listen for all movement / yoga / fitness teachers. Find Lindsay on Instagram at: @groundcontrolnyc
September 16, 2019
Sex Magick and Sex Realness w/ Lynn Wolfbrandt
Lynn Wolfbrandt is an empowerment and sexuality coach offering one-on-one coaching and virtual group courses.  In this episode, Lynn and I discuss the fundamental role of sexuality in human empowerment and interpersonal communication, as well as our experiences navigating the innumerable pitfalls of today's cultural norms and standards keeping us from our power and our pleasure.  Listen in - we had SO much fun recording this convo. Find Lynn online at: Instagram: @sacral.empowerment
September 9, 2019
Healing Lineage Through Birth Work w/ Davinah Simmons
Davinah Simmons (Rooted Birth Doula) is a full-spectrum birth worker, educator and advocate in Seattle, WA.  In this episode, we discuss birth work as a vocation, birth as an access point for ancestral healing, racial disparities and personal accountability within the healing community and self-care for care providers and activists.  Find Dav online at: @rootedbirthdoula
September 2, 2019
Accessing Our Human Potential Through The Body w/ Bill Green
Bill Green is a husband, father, educator and Structural Integration practitioner in Houston, TX. In this episode, Bill and I discuss the role of bodywork - in particular Structural Integration - in individual and collective healing. Topics covered include finding our life's work, the commitment required in order to heal, stages of healing, and the role of birth in our experience of Self and Other in the world. This is a very special episode.
August 26, 2019
Getting to the Root of Women's Health w/ Maggie Flood
Maggie Flood is a licensed acupuncturist and Sexological Bodyworker operating out of Southern California. Her work is about empowering pelvic, sexual and reproductive health through holistic medicine and facilitated embodiment. In this episode, Maggie and I discuss the pitfalls of hormonal birth control and the Western approach to female reproductive health and wellness, the intersections of mind-body-spirit when it comes to sexuality, and the fundamental need to address attachment / relational trauma in order to heal our physical bodies. You can find Maggie online at: Instagram: @sacral_spaces
August 12, 2019
How to Heal: Food, Sex and Self-Expression with Sarah Pachelli
I spent the afternoon interviewing my peer and soul-sister, Sarah Pachelli yesterday, and came away with some sweet downloads:  food, sex and pleasure are basic human needs. How we relate to our basic needs is our primary indicator of our self-worth and overall health.  HOW we relate to ANYTHING determines whether it will be toxic or medicinal. the way to know if something is "right" for you is to be with the feeling of pleasure before, during and after your interaction. the quality of your digestion is the precursor for the quality of your discernment. your gut literally shines the light so you can see clearly where you're going, what you're doing and what's needed. "not knowing" in your front-brain, but knowing in your gut is very feminine, very primal, very soul-based wisdom, and it is, unfortunately, a skill that most of us are cultivating. women, food, sex, pleasure and fulfillment ARE not only the sources of life, but the meaning of life Find Sarah on Instagram (@sarahpachelli) and Facebook (Sarah Pachelli) or through her website (
July 29, 2019
Healing Through the Feminine - Sex, Body Memory, and Self-trust w/ Blaire Lindsay
Our wisdom lives in our physical bodies, and so does our trauma. How do we use both to heal rather than harm ourselves? What role does spirituality play? Join me as I discuss frankly sex, trauma, and the circuitous healing path of the feminine with my dear friend and educator, Blaire Lindsay.
July 15, 2019
Emergent Feminine w/ Katie Silcox
Finding and trusting  one's path The role of "teacher" The impact of masculine dominant practice The complex gifts of Tantra Lineage of Love Free Trial: Ayurveda School Info: Free Divine Feminine Ayurveda Mini-Course:
July 8, 2019
The Artistry of Birth and Postpartum w/ Bang-Han Kim
Art as a healing path The transformation inherent to birth  The womb as a vessel for memory, ancestral healing and creativity Creativity, healing and sex postpartum IG: @banghankim
July 1, 2019
Non-dual Parenting with Isani Cayetano
Isani Cayetano - husband, father, musician - sheds light on partnership-style marriage, fertility and parenting, as well as the need for a community-based model of support during the postpartum time.
June 24, 2019